The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on April 20, 1972 · Page 8
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 8

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1972
Page 8
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LEGAL NOTICES City Council Council Meeting March 2, 1972 The city council met In regular monthly session with all members being present ' except Councilman Glllls Ha- verdlnk. The minutes of the last stated meeting were read and approved. The monthly bills and reports were approved as presented. Roger Mledema was employed as a member to the police department. The appointment of James Doornlnk as a member to the Board of the Planning and Zoning Commission was approved. The city attorney was directed to proceed with preparing a resolution of necessity for Improving certain streets. Resolutions were adopted authorizing the Issuance of street, sewer and water Improvement bonds. The city clerk was Instructed to prepare an estimate of levy relative to fire equipment bonds. On motion meeting adjourned. ATTEST: Don E. Schreur, City Clerk Robert M. Dunlop, Mayor Council Meeting March 23, 1972 The City Council met In regular semi-monthly session with all members being present. The minutes of the last stated meeting were approved as presented. The Sioux County Capital was designated as the official newspaper for printing legal matters. Resolutions were adopted providing for the Issuance of fire equipment bonds and directing the advertisement for sale of fire station bonds. Revisions to the rural member and mutual aid charge policy were approved. A license to collect garbage and/or refuse was issued to Orange City Sanitation. Financial assistance was approved for Christmas decorations and in the preparation of plans for hospital expansion and Improvements. An amendment to the ordinance regulating and controlling dogs was adopted. Councilman Glllis Haverdlnk was appointed as a delegate to the Sioux County Emergency Service Committee. On motion meeting adjourned. ATTEST: Don E. Schreur, City Clerk Robert M. Dunlop, Mayor Council Meeting April 6, 1972 The City Council met In regular monthly session with all members being present. The minutes of the last stated meeting were approved as presented. The monthly bills and reports were approved. Arthur Vogel was re-appointed as a member to the Board of the Planning & ZoningCom- mission. A plumbers license was issued to Haarsma Bros. Plumbing & Heating. A resolution was adopted endorsing the Pride of the Dutch Betterment Committee. The purchase of additional street markers was authorized. On motion meeting adjourned. ATTEST: Don E. Schreur, City Clerk Robert M. Dunlop, Mayor WARRANTS ISSUED MARCH 1972 General Government supplies, misc. H. C. Moret, treas. fee, 35.00 Postmaster, office supplies, 88.40 Anthony Aberson, extra policing, 66.89 Alvln Van Berkum, extra policing, 76.55 Roger Miedema, policing, 55.50 John Zuetenhorst, extra policing, 18.96 Ray Van Pelt, extra policing, 30.34 Joe Van Ommeren, extra policing, 20.86 Stanley Van Otterloo, snow removal labor, 14.31 Joe Heida, snow removal labor, 6.60 Marlin Wlchers, snow removal labor, 33.33 La Vern Wichers, street labor, 6.26 Peter Krulzenga, snow removal laaor, 32.85 Elmer Relnders, snow removal labor, 48.49 Harry Van Wyk, Jr., labor, 176.16 Anthony Bomgaars, street labor, 103.19 Central Telephone Co., services, 147.90 Coast to Coast Store, supplies, 1.35 Da Mar Impl. Inc., equip, rep., 18.00 Robert M. Dunlop, office rent, 20.00 Alfred Dykstra, misc. exp., 2.25 William Faber, trash hauling & misc. exp., 15.75 Harris Janitor Supply Co., .\ojjlLss, 70.35 la. Muni-Finance Officer's Ass"n, dues, 35.00 Kepp Construction Co., buildings & additions, 5,483.00 Muni-Utilities, lite, water, 713.65 Neal's Shoe Store, exp., 13.25 Orange City Builders Supply, supplies, 2,47 Punt-Cambler Mtr. Co., equip, rep. <fc oil, 348.99 Don E. Schreur, zoning enforcement officer's fee & mtg. & travel exp., 127.65 Robert E. Schweser, Co., consultant fees, 1,250.00 Share Corporation, supplies, 59.31 Sioux County Capital, proceedings, claims & financial reports, 305.88 Sioux City Towel Service, towel service, 5.00 Sioux Valley Radio Engr. Co., radio repair, 26,75 Truesdale Oil Co., supplies, 8.74 Vogel Paint & Wax Co., Inc., sprayer supplies, 41.10 Donald Engeltjes, snow removal labor, 20.30 Northwestern State Bank, federal w/h, 493.00 Treasurer, State of la., state w/h, 112.05 la. Employment Security Commission, social security, 606.10 la. Public Employees Retr. Sys., IPERS, 377.91 Ad-Visor, office supplies, 14.25 Auto Service Garage, equip, rep., 2.00 Bergan Welding Supply, supplies, 30.65 De Groot Electric &Refrig., boiler repair, 8,75 Farmers Coop Oil Association, gas, 156.20 Harry's Radio & TV, radio exp., 29.05 Helman Inc., dept. supplies, 8.50 Hubers-Van Engelenhoven Doornlnk, mayor's bond, 20.00 Koch Brothers, office supplies, 3.00 Kreykes Hardware, supplies, .12 Northwest Implement Co., equip, rep., 59.79 ' Orange City Plumbing, equip, rep., 16.40 Orange Motor Company, car maint., 6.90 Phillips "6'6" Hi-Way Service, gas for mowers, 7.72 Rons Motor Sales, gas, 278.05 Sieg Company, equip, rep,, 14,30 Sioux Veterinary Clinic, misc. exp., 5.00 Standard Parts Company, supplies &. equip, rep., 16.96 C. J. Stegink, radio rep. ' & maint., 18.95 Ter Horst Oil Company, standby fuel, 146.21 Tolman Welding & Mfg., equip, rep., 7.46 Iowa Public Service, gas, 287.66 Payroll Account, 1,849.42 Anthony Aberson, extra policing & misc. exp., 62.78 Alvin Van Berkum, extra policing, 67.07 Roger Miedema, policing, 103.29 Bylsma Blacksmith Shop, equip, rep., 9.50 Haarsma Bros, Plbg, & Htg., library construction, 2, 817.00 Kepp Construction Co., library construction, 3,609.00 Klay & Bastemeyer, legal fees, 100.60 Maurice-Orange City Comm. School, misc. exp., 42.24 Hubers-Van Engelenhoven Ins. Agency, insurance, 364.26 Robert M. Dunlop, mtg. & travel expense, 62.13 Thomas H. Weeks, engineering fees, 8,646.41 Lundell Construction Co,, sewer improvements, 50, 283.03 Alton Savings Bank & Lincoln Contracting Corp., street improvements, 27,229.07 Payroll Account, 1,856.27 "WARRANTS ISSUED MARCH 1972 Municipal Utilities Lu Ann Dykstra, 74.27 — Payroll Account, 1,880.15 Postmaster, office supplies, 88.40 Don E. Schreur, misc. gen. exp., 160.59 United Parcel Service, misc. gen. exp., 4.90 Northwestern State Bank, federal w/h, 911.50 Treasurer, State of Iowa, state wA, 203.10 Iowa Employment Security Commission, social security, 789.17 Iowa Public Employees Retr. Sys, IPERS, 509.30 Vernon Manufacturing Co., plant operation, 78.75 George Winburn, deposit refund, 20.00 Neals Shoe Store, misc. gen. exp., 4.50 Muni-Utilities, water, lite & sewer Rental, 40.06 Light Fund, light & Power, 1,001.70 Cherokee Bottling Co., Inc., misc. gen. exp., 2.00 Da Mar Implement Inc., street lite extension, 192.82 Village Drug Store, office supplies, 2.56 Sioux County Capital, office sup. & exp., 89.62 E & J Gift & Variety, mlsc, gen. exp., 29.82 Coast to Coast, transportation exp. & plant operation, 19.71 A & M Laundry, misc. gen. exp., 11.22 Al's Floor Covering, new building ext., 114.63 Punt-Cambler Mtr. Co., Transportation exp., 262.90 Business & Industry Magazine, Delco Funding, 6.18 Phillips "66" Service, transportation exp., 104.02 True Valu Hardware, new bldg. ext., 38.91 Orange City Builders Sup., upkeep bldgs & grds, 452.95 Standard Parts Company, fc*J -^;'HJ Apollo Orange City didn't get off the ground last Thursday beca se o,ttu crtd weather. About 30 5th and 6th grade M-CC boys have a Rocket J 1 * J*,™p' a ™ Bach, as their sponsor. This was their second time °"t °" «>e pad^ e £r«£j«£ The boys meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school_^ mate *«« '«« Those helping at the launch pad 1 to r, Ben Lee, Mr. Bach, Tim van uer weiu , Tim Mick, Dan Lubbers, Brad Tesch and Wayne Van Gelder. transportation exp., 17.06 Central Telephone Co., office sup. Si exp., 94.61 Farmers Coop Oil Ass'n, transportation exp., 10.26 Visser Brothers, additions & improvements, 16.80 Russell's Ready Mix, Inc., misc. gen. exp.,.27.50 De Haan Electric Co., additions & improvements, 51.58 Alton Vink, misc. exp., 22.26 Orange City Plumbing additions & Improvements & plant operation, 379.27 McKesson Chemical, chemicals, 317.50 Rons Motor Sales, transportation exp., 3.48 Roggen &Ford, outside services, 150.00 Harry's Radio & TV, transportation exp., 39.30 Phillips "66" Hl-WaySer- vice, transportation exp., 13.08 Iowa Public Service Co., gas, 76.13 Larry Zeutenhorst, deposit refund, 20.00 Missouri Basin Municipal Power Agency, dues & agency contract dues, 1,098.24 Bureau of Reclamation, purchased power, 10,060.90 Iowa Electric Supply Co., additions & improvements, 372.08 Vogel & Van De Brake, upkeep bldgs. & grds. & plant operation, 114.50 GENERAL GOVERNMENT RECEIPTS March 1972 General 3,310.22 Street 24,957.95 Public Safety .... 8,280.00 Sanitation 45.060.40 Muni-Enterprises . . 8,210.38 Recreation 4,810.00 Debt Service .... 14,580.00 Road Use 8,221.10 Street Lighting .... 3,165.00 Trust & Agency . . . 1,440.00 Total 122,035.05 ATTEST: /s/ Don E. Schreur, City Clerk /s/ Robert M. Dunlop, Mayor Utilities Municipal Utilities March 9, 1972 The Board of Trustees of the Orange City Municipal Utilities met In regular monthly session with all members being present. The minutes of the last stated meeting were read and approved. The monthly bills and reports were approved as presented. The manager presented a project construction report. On motion meeting adjourned. ATTEST: Don E. Schreur,Secretary Merlyn Kraal, Chairman 8—THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, April 20, 1972 Vogel Paint & Wax Co., upkeep bldgs. & grds., 106,64 Hach Chemical Co., chemicals, 11.50 Pecaut Equipment Co., additions & improvements, 104.13 Watertower Paint & Rep. Co., main. maintenance, 615.00 Kepp Construction, line extension, 21.63 A.B. Dick Products, office sup. & exp., 26.50 Curtis Industries, Inc., line tools & equip., 19.81 Harris Janitor Sup. Co., mlsc. gen. exp., 36.88 J. I. Holcomb Mfg. Co., mlsc. gen. exp., 68.66 Missouri Basin Systems Group, dues, 363,12 Walker's Ditching, mlsc. gen. exp., 50.46 Sleg Company, upkeep bldgs. & grds., 25.93 Jims Shop, mlsc. gen. exp,, 5.40 Treasurer, State of Iowa, sales tax, 909.11 John O. Nix, deposit refund, 20.00 Tolman Welding & Mfg., plant operation, 120,00 Mario Fedders, mlsc. gen. exp., 32,50 Iowa Public Service, gas, 43.98 Payroll Account.415.27 Payroll Account, 823.42 Pecaut Equipment Co., buildings & Improvements, 104.13 Klay & Bastemeyer, mlsc, exp., 30.00 Nlc Cleveringa, meter extension, 100,00 De Vries, Interior, additions & improvements, 131,84 F.H. Hall, misc. gen, exp., 9.20 Payroll Account, 2,002.97 Lu Ann Dykstra, misc. labor, 105.20 All-Amerlcan Transport, Inc., additions & Improvements, 11.51 John Zeuntenhorst, mlsc, gen. exp., 35.00 Alfred Dykstra, misc. gen, exp,, 14,00 Northwest Iowa Vocational School, misc, gen. exp,, 20.00 Newkirk news Mr. and Mrs. John C. Blom were pleasantly .surprised Saturday evening on the occasion of their 35th wedding anniversary. The event was planned by their children. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Van Rooyen of Mon- ttvedeo, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Paul Strand of Boyd, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Sylvestor Van Rooyen of Lake Wilson, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Glouwe of Slayton, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. John Blankers of Holland, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blom, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blom, Jr., of Alton, Mr. and Mrs. Rich Behrensof Primghar, Mr. and Mrs, Bill Frerk of Sutherland, Mrs. Cornie Blom, Miss Debbie Harmelink of Orange City, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Diekevers of Enid, Oklahoma, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Vander Zwaag, Sherry and Sandy and John and Craig Blom. The group enjoyed a 5:30 dinner at Lange' cafe in Paul- Una and for lunch a beautifully decorated 2 tiered wedding cake in yellow and white was served. Many gifts were received by the honored couple. Unable to attend were Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Van Rooyen of Denver,Colo.,Mr.andMrs. Jim Potter of Rochester, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Vaas and Heather of Greeley, Colorado and Kelly Dlekevers and Shelly Vander Zwaag. Mr. and Mrs. Conley Van Heuvelen of Orange City and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Vander Pol and Cara attended the Reformed Church in Morningside Sunday morning where Mr. and Mrs. Harvey D. Vander Pol, Todd and Heather were received by transfer of membership. Afterward they were all guests at the Harvey D. Vander Pol home in Sioux City for dinner. They also celebrated the first birthday of Heather Vander Pol. Mrs. Ray Wright and Mrs. Grant Nelson of Emmettsburg were Sunday afternoon to Monday guests at the home of Mrs. Arle Kuyper. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Dleke- vers and Kelly of Enid, Okla- home arrived here Thursday evening and returned to Oklahoma again on Monday. Thursday afternoon Mrs. Reuben Grotenhuls and Mrs. Harry Vander Pol were guests at the home of Mrs. Jeanne Luymes in Orange City. Mr. Scott Lammers, Mrs. and Mrs. Franklin De Graaf, and Mrs. Frank De Graaf were dinner guests at the Arthur Vander Pol home. Those from here attending the funeral services for Mrs. Albert slothouber Thursday morning at Trinity church in Orange City were Mr. and Mrs. Everett Boone and Pam, Mrs. Herman Langstraat, Mrs. James Cleveringa, Mrs. John Lyftgot, Mrs. Wllbert Vande Berg, Mrs. Jake Vande Hoef, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Vande Hoef. Maurice news Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Mouw and Mrs. Robert Mouw and Gina were Sunday guests at the Collin Peterson home in Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van Kley and Mrs. FrankDe Graaf were Friday evening callers at the Ronald Schneider home in George to see their new baby, Sasha. Mr. and Mrs. John Lyftgot, Jay and Mark and Miss Ruth Vande Berg of Sioux Center were Sunday afternoon guests at the Peter Blom home In Orange City for a baby shower for Mr. and Mrs. Leon Roggen, Jr. Research . Institute of America, office supply & exp., 48.00 Sioux Electric Cooperative, pumping & heating west branch, 153.90 L & K Clothing, misc. gen. exp., 30.90 Hubers-Van Engelenhoven Ins. Agency, insurance, 444.47 Robert Lucas, misc, gen. exp., 33.60 David Carman, deposit refund, 20,00 Postmaster, postage for billing, 92.00 Bruce Mouw, deposit refund, 20.00 Payroll Account, 838.41 Allen Roos, misc. gen. exp., 97.61 S & L Clothing, mlsc, gen, exp., 4.08 Municipal Utilities Receipts March 1972 Light 36,865.63 Water 9,227,54 HUD Fund 101,068,74 Sewer Rental . . . 2,965.50 Main Sewer 200.00 Meter Deposit 80.00 TOTAL 150,407.41 ATTEST: /s/ Don E. Schreur, Secretary /s/ Merlyn Kraal, Chairman Mr. and Mrs. John Kots and Mr. and Mrs. Don Van Horssen attended the De Vries-Westergaard wedding at the 1st Ref. Church in Ireton Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray De Jong took Mrs. Rob Vande Broek to Sioux Falls Wed. to be with her husband in the hospital and they went to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smeenk at Harrisburg also calling on Mrs. Reuben Kragt at Rock Valley. Mr. and Mrs. ArtRozeboom of Sioux Center were Sun. evening guests in the Ray De Jong home. Guests In the Rev. Van Koeverlng home on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Visser of Hudsonville and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Visser of Holland, Mich. Barbara Holtdorf was home from BrooWngs for the weekend and Mark Jansma from Ames. The Larry Kots family of Le Mars were supper guests of Mrs. Ben Boone Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bill De Jager of Buena Park Calif, were dinner guests Monday in the Al De Jager home. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Van Steenwyk of Sheldon were at the Schat home Sunday. Mr. Gerrlt Rlphagen returned home from Floyd Valley hospital where he had surgery. Henry Mouw had surgery in St. l^ukes hospital in Sioux City and he's convalescing at the home of his daughter Mrs. Clarence Dykstra at Bigelow. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mast of Forest Grove, Mich, are spending a couple weeks in the Rev. Van Koeveringhome. Lowl Hem Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Mouw and family spent Sunday in Council Bluffs visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Terry Mouw. Miss Peggy Mouw from Iowa State University In Ames was also visiting there. Mr. and Mrs. John Vellinga from Sheldon were Sunday afternoon callers in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vellinga, Saturday afternoon guests in the home of Mrs. John Ekdom were Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ekdom and family of Pipestone, Minn. Sunday evening guests were Mr. and Mrs. Neal Ekdom of Ireton. The effect of drugs on white rats was the expej ment of Tim Zeutenhorst at the M-OC Science Fa? (Editors note: I'm glad they weren't in my hous Mrs. Albert Sprlk attended a CaMnette Rally in Sioux Center last Thursday evening and was then an overnight guest in the Bernle Nibble- link home. Mrs. Bernard Wobbel daughter, Carolyn, \vhoj siting here from Gn, ids were Tuesday coffee guests in the I Mrs. John Vermeer. There is a great difference betv the estate a man LEAVES and estate his family RECEIVES. ] mize estate shrinkage thr, proper insurance estate phn: See DON VAN DER WEIDEJ Phone 787-4500 or 737-2309| Orange City New York Life Insurance Compan^ Idle Insurance - Group Insurance - Annuities Health Insurance - Pension Plans LAWN SEED! Lawn Seed Mixture $4.00 per 5# bag Lawn Seed Mixture $37.50 per |,.50#Jbag ... „,. Lawn Bluegrass Seed per pound Farmer's Mutual Cooperative Assl Orange City, Iowa. >ur Ford Te lot the Dlu! Mr. and Mrs. Ben Te Gro- tenhuls of Orange City visited In the John Kots home on Sun. evening. The Tops Club entertained the Ireton and Alton clubs on Mondy evening at a special meeting. Mrs. Knutson was guest speaker. The Saturday Card Club went to the Waeside In Le Mars for supper this past Saturday and then all played cards at the Holtdorf home. Mrs, Dave Kluls Invited a few ladles with small children to her home for a birthday party for her daughter Carrie on Friday morning. ^^^r- Special Ford Galaxie 500's-quiet plus free vinyl roof, free power brakes. Just order yours with extras like special paint, deluxe wheel covers, woodgrained instrument panel, tinted glass, even air conditioning, and more . . . we'll throw in both the vinyl roof and power front disc brakes at no extra cost! LOANS $50 to $5,000 Payments Can Be Arranged On Monthly Terms "Loans Payable On A Tblriy-slx Months Basis" Also larger loans available for financing of trucks and autoa at reasonable ratea. Household goods, autos, livestock accepted as securities. A-C Loan & Finance Co,, Inc. 27 Central Ave. S.W. Le Mars, Iowa Phone 548-4103 Ford Wagons-quiet plus 3-Way Magic Doorgate America's most popular wagons range from big, luxurious Squires to two new Pinto mini-wagons! Ford LTD- quiet plus lu You'd sweaf . more expense Automatic tranj power steermj brakes, standard? Rons Motor Sales 405 8th st, SW Orange City, Iowa

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