Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 12, 1973 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1973
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

Has Been Involved Since Junior College ESTHERVILLE tt-ULY NEWS, FRl, JAN. 12, 1973 Page 4 Roger Jepsen Steps Out of 11-Year Political Career V—«» -M- <<rw-> vmi know." he aske DES MOKES. tow <AP>- Li. Gov. Roger Jepsesa has srepfwd down frotv, the «««Bjd -hipht>s; elective office in Jew* tmc oui of a politic*! c*r*e.r that snaiv ned more tins 11 ye&n.. Jejsses's last JVYUX *. year* that emdec whfiE hi zurncc nvcr tin? pr-esxSco;? fl» li ^w Sfir- ate to i-/t. <k*. Arthur \wu! Tbarsday wvrv ^J.iaafi fcjv an ce*?\5EE£ cvToTjif; wtx if Tim pn&tf-cas Gc\. Kotwm 51*? «nc his fiissre w ate thf p»rMr'$ pe« a»ayi irarr Ray. •T« iiwc vtr? dfftpc? ir<. voCrec ir pcCiti: * s.iri .--f I wts t jcaior in c-cOese*. >inM 1 if." sti; 7 >«e«vr.. 44. a.rin.c IT, ir.K-r* jew. 'Ti* hftii re*.:::; rill? e**r? ntr? offK* a: tru ii? SP &.-*»' ---fiE £ max wiKse life has hw so d«?ii? east-toss wi» tow* jwilfiJEs fiirarw hitastf-K suddsnl? from the nniJtKval arena" •'Bfrausf Yvc pn; somr fcvrtl- inp business vsnturtw- poinp." he Jensen'* wnrdf r.irmblpc air. more ran id!? a* he reached fx his bripfosst ami evtrarwd several brwhu-t* issufcc b? Apr;- dustria. Electronics nf Bt-tier*- dor;'. "ir whn -r Tvt iw«SKC heavK? .*" Thumbinf thraupl the- .'itsiji -rj.. th< :Je .uT.enan: povema- f.irplfciTr- ec tha; tm fjedp: mc fine ht* dcvfc)nna£ what ft£ f«:';$ tr£ t.v- Mtinp «-VJ «* ? 4 - tori* jnjefcrr One ii *m. hs swi. cantinai}- 1? jn;:asi:ri:s mMSrire ir sL^r- •mtoKS x ?ar?.. 7* OStrtapt of ore r*£ r ri:rn ur. rn:;^r ^rr Cvsr £^cx a: * Itrpt kifli of :\\rr. cxiijo n »«is i •Si .^i't' itsffersse* is .Anrciur Agridbsa-ia} pro>ecs PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE FOK THE KCKTH OF DECEM3EK GEXF3AL Fl"Xlv Cifetrens Pers - -:^ PCTIIC Fees SsOcirg Percais Po-iioe C-ocr; Flnfs 54 -T..>." Pokie* Court Costs 4{l ."'> Polic* Ccmrt Bcexfc 1*. Hen: at* MirsicipsJ Prog>ertj' S».C"C Parking Meter Ftrse, 215.25 Diegai Parkirsg Fine i ".;>} Interest 140.00 Misceliaoecus 51.61 TOTALS s 1.52S.61 STREET FIND Taxes s 3,922.37 Misceilaneixis 5?2-72 TOTAL s 4,515.09 SEWER RENTAL FUND: Sewer Disposal Receipts s 10,49'7.22 Securitj Redeemed 5,000.00 TOTAL s 15,497.22 SANTTATION FL'NTh Garbage Bags (W) § 2.4S4.22 Garbage Bags (R) 39S.56 Taxes 3,024.55 Garbage Collection 1,995.95 Sewer Taps 290.00 Milk Tests 60.00 Landfill Receipts 9.09.50 Miscellaneous 1,721 .49 TOTAL s 10,884.05 RECREATION FL'NTh Taxes s 2,420.57 Miscellaneous 2.70 TOTAL s 2,423.27 PUBLIC SAFETY FUND: Taxes s S, 257.23 Fire Maintenance Sfi.00 Miscellaneous 7SS.25 TOTAL 8 9,120.51 LIGHT FUND: Residential Sales $ Commercial Sales 3l.6o9.43 Power 35,6Ki.6l PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE DSTRICT COCr.T OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN .AND FOR EMMET CCOiTY IN THE MATTE?. OF THE ESTATE OF f T a r. v'» i. iip£.ier. Dersa~cC- PP.'SATEl VI. V.'ii NOTICE OF PROBATE ~-<7 «TLL A.VD F'XR. rOr-CT-S THERETO OF A = ?OCCTiE?CT OF EXECVTOE. J, C N I-Tjrz IN THE ESTATE OF Fnnirg K Wilder Deceajeii: You are 'aeceiiv acufjiC oar. or the 3rc iav -if I:inuar7 I.ITI. the iii7. wil; inci tasta^rtrnr. a? Fraakie .A. Wilder ittv , .;ia.b«t bearing date a" tile 4nri ia;« December, L3H9 mcCocui^U ian- ed May 13, 1.17 V. June Li L.VL March i 11172 and /une 24. was adminad OJ ijr 'ioatB JJ -te above named •r i un; md thai E. Fitzgibbrais -vas ipnmnuBi ecuiar of said estate. Notice :a ftjrther given Jnar.jny action -j-> set iaiOe iaid v'.H nuat be brought n ihe iiHU"K irjiii-r of said croiiuy ••vtthwi me siax' from Lhe date if -lie reci/id jiitv- lication ra* this lotice, ir •.ber.=t- aftar 3e forever .larr.'sd. Notice is further ^iien lut all persons indebted :o iai.-s 'state are requested ,o maVif? m- mediate payment ;<» :h* JTSI-J*-- signed, and creditors hai-ira? claims against said estate file them with the clerk of above named district court, provided by iaw. duly amY-mtv* ticaied, for allo »»an «r: and" less ac filed ivithln ii.v nrmswM. frotri the second poMteati'/n < tfcis nocice Tunless othenviw *U iowed cw pe-dj auc-n ciaim ^t*4l tfaereafter lae fcrav^r baiv»^*. Dated this Srf day of JMiua"-.' 1 &73. Leo E. FiugibixriS Exfcc utor of said Es&nt E&therville, kma Fitzgibbons Bros. Attorneys for said Exfecuv^; Estherville, Io»a Dau- of second publication 19 day of January, 1973. (Jan. 12, 19, 1973) 2>r. SAie* rix PeatC'Jfs ScT'i.'-i-^isIf Mitsrisi TOTAL WATEF. FL"ST>. Sai* of Star Sales Tax Sal* c£ MsseriaJ Miscsiiaae-eus A fcteres; 'Astsr Taps TOTAL TR 1ST i AG Taxes Withholding TOTAL S ELEC. LIGHT BOND RETIREMENT: laterfs: GC Securities - S 610.94 Transfers 5,645.00 Securities Redeemed 3S.S5-5.00 TOTAL S 45,110.94 METER DEPOSIT FUND: Receipts from Deposits S 3-30.00 TOTAL S 350.00 PAYROLL FUND: Receipts -S 54,625.13 TOTAL S 54,625.13 ."3.5. 2.S1&.54 i. 3'7S. 53 22^.23 y.361.5-6 S13>,C'11.92 S 2i>.94S,46 661.44? 1,342.65 1,644.45 110.00 S 33,706.96 NCY FUND: S 3.15&.69 3.9S2.63 .141.32 MUNICIPAL ENTERPRISE: Taxes * TOTAL -S ROAD USE: Gas Tax Refund S TOTAL S 3,6*1.71 3,641.71 7,396.77 7,396.77 PARKING METER FUND: Parking Meter Receipts S 1,273.65 Parking Meter Fines 215.75 TOTAL S 1,489.40 SEWER REVENUE: Transfer -S 850.00 Interest 71.25 TOTAL S 921.25 DEBT SERVICE: Taxes S 2,172.46 TOTAL $ 2,172.46 m:\TSVZ SHARING TRUST: De-rxss -5 35,65-5.00 TOTAL S 3-5.6Si.00 COMPUTER FVNT>. 3=--. De-josi I 6V>49.§2 TOTAL $ 6l,i»49.§2 57 ATE OF 30 WA S£ E3CWZ7 C :*L"NTY L C'.aatJs Ga-rrisat. "jar .ailr fc^r T *g tic tgKK'iiBS-.i Tic? Cjeri: i:>? zin Z 2C Esraerrf-it, iswi. ?iv~. a ^rut wit wrrfT: us. TSUSBZ f*an: ziti ?t-'.:i\r?ii n tie FJSEHK* Ter5airrjiiiar. zxui 1'Ls: at? of I»— 'Jamil*?? IVi. Zzjm-£ Z&?~r~hic. Zir; Tuf.-r iiiiiiiiimiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiimiiiiiiiiHiii JJAILY NEWS .-ttiieji -'"Manas? tfaroagfcFriaay," i-j^aByt: jxriut'aafcj iiuaag.vt, *xclud- nir FsarTB^r? —2 aac YeteraaE lay. z&'j-jat jiosiagfr pztid sr Earties "J -iJfc- itw*. >uii.iitt»t tut EsttftrrLit Isilv t »vi Ivrasaar. of li £id- ivniwca ?Tmlaaine C.'.ir>.. IV K. "rli J».. Eacter-jJ-it., il'i's*. i3iti*.'.r"xjtuui rH »t: TIT? of £*- *\jrr'i ant- '^swscngs?, tea* «%d 57 .«! Ijr 1 aiiunlm &i 4*1 lor * .-nonihufc n iVsa,'. 2s» meX xt. HmmAB vw?&xrns£ vjwc&h: 355.;S« ,«sr tyaum I—I I'lV. ;»l ii Willatnit. 5-uu'J«*sr; ^iw-*i*;; "Miu^.uuir WaiifljgiiBj '-fctitiv \U<iVix-X iCv^-x Aflitr- t«>ng 'l*»tv*uir Usirtyi 5>*-rfi2, t >ieiitts:i.t ifenaijgr lyyttjc sfcaf- JO*vi >-r*t >t A^Vjt 'jOtU'JC, ~r?-V\A t-UW;OCLi'JK. yttJMt WW! ti« it illil Ilf»t- maL'. n «»*i«. tae-? M *? t>tpiti­ ed up at a* l»«»i Cffie*. i* a wi'lea AH S»»S S » sewer syswnn bm ressnss human was» T ." is* cc-^inai state cf ,".T£p)f ja^es aiaii a little ws»r" thmagii "»he use of es>- .lojwer, is also cfwrator of ^ bc >.iTK >.ss ATK 3 tax pcimir^ s*rv- i;t it-. Pi£i*r5>e.rt asi piars to re- ttrr. t?ws* rroiects. Tbere*s a very visible sense of relief to Jepsen's demeanor now. "All of a sudden," he said, "I see ail of this Iowa politics in a different perspective" as an outsider. .He recalled that newsmen asked him to comment on Ray's State of tfee State address deliv­ ered before both houses of the legislature Tuesday. "I wouldn't do it," Jepsen said. "I told tbem, •Hey, r *m not part of it now.' " Not being part of the political mainstream means "that my family are the real winners," he said. Jepsen explained that being the family of a lieutenant governor and party leader is a very hard task, indeed. But Jepsen was, for a time, willing to tackle the highest job in state government— the governorship— if the voters would let him have it. paign before the .Aug. 1, 1972, primary election. He said Iowa Republicans were shocked by his announcement that he would seek Ray's job. "They said, 'It isn't fair to run against your own governor.' And that's what they (Ray's campaign Do you know," he asked, "that my name wasn't included in the 1969 legislative telephone directory? While I was lieutenant governor, mail to me from the governor's office didn't go through the normal Statebouse delivery system," he said. "They sent most mail to me Jepsen pulled out of the cam- what was effective. organizers'* really pushed. That's at my home in Davenport, ad- Food Prices Continue to Spiral WASHINGTON .A? > — L«d "ay t>f-ii as* jerk, saperrarket feed pr -iT-*? ar* exjec-iec to ke»e? £lir>brg thrvxgt. n-.t6-l*73 6es- Niivr. *dtesr.isn^ti<c nswes juntas nsilljaas of farm acnes bici to w -crtc. iaeiad^g earlier reductkns ir. the isxr^r: oc" land re^uire-d to be j£e for feed grairss and ccnoc ths- Ajgxiculture Deparur.«n: raLs permiia-d fanners to increase "ops by at leas: 3t> miiiice: seres from 1972, But -Agriculture Secretary Earl L. Baa toid a news cor>- fereece Tmrsday thai the latest actico— canceljatJon of "set- aside" land requirements for IST 'o wheat—wil"; have little effect ce retail feed prices in the next sLv months. Eariser this weeK Don Paarlberg, ISDA director of economies, said retail food prices would keep risii^ at last year's annual rate of 4.5 per cent through mid- 1973. "My own opinion is that the actions taken the last couple of days will not substantially alter that picture," Butz said- Beef production he said, cannot be stepped up ir. the next four or five months any faster than already- planned. "It's in the chute and ir's coming through," 3ucz said. Further, Butz said, current Wants New Travel Laws Guarding Iowa Officials DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Rep. George Knoke. K-Councii Bluffs, wants precautions written into the law to guard against the state's top elective officials being wiped out in an airplane or car crash. He introduced a bill in the Iowa House Thursday which he said would accomplish thai purpose. The oil; would prohibit the governor and lieutenant governor from traveling together in the same airplane or car. It also would forbid any more than two members of the State Executive Council traveling together in the same plane or car. Knoke also seeks to prevent the top candidates of any political party from being killed in an airplane or automobile accident during election cam­ paigns. The bill would prohibit candidates for governor and lieutenant governor from the same political parry traveling together in the same auto or plane "from the time of their acceptance of the nomination by their party until the completion of the canvass of votes for governor and lieutenant governor by the General Assembly." Caucus Time DES MOINES, Iowa (AP>The Iowa Senate Rules Committee will study the general concept of having the Senate Journal show how much time the two parties spend in secret meetings. The Senate voted Thursday 31-to-12 in favor of the study. TOTAL RESERVES ON LC A_\ AXB SECURITIES ACCOUNTS 154,953.70 154,953.70 1*70.52 l ,9&* f 070.52 i2,S-'7,145.16 'J: SiS 97 Si 's ,:ce .«5 .is Hins -CE, Vice Eguiry capiiaL, yxzC Commas Etoek -loitl jar vtiufe 0>a shares BMihorizfa!; 2!/.iD.' CNa shares axssaatlans 2-510, Surplus Undivici&d profits TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVES, AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS MEMORANTJA Average of total deposits far tot IS tauwaaj.- days ending witii cali fete Average of tonal loans for iht 13 aiisiob?- days ending with all datfc We James A CurrelL Prfcsidejn, sac luLixn C. President and Cashier, of the aboit-iEaiibi aaair. it* i.Vifcsar_;y s»ear thai this report of caadiaos is true anr wxTtvu VJ '-ht iitsi of air Knowiedge and belief. Jamfcs A. Curyt-X) Prfesidant D. C. Hiitt.i-.ii Vice Prfctjostn «ad Cashier CORRECT - ATTEST.: Koben Carrell I). C. Hinsch James Currell Claries R. Currell Directors. State of Iowa, Count? of Eirimet, ss: SM orn to and subscribed before me this 9th day of January, 1973, tad I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. ii} tammissioD expires September, 1976. K. A. Reinhardt, Notary' Public. SEAL CJan. 12, 1&73) high feed prices may- slow down ar. expansion in hog production this year. The decision to put more wheat land back to work, prompted by White House concern over food prices, also will allow farmers to graze livestock on acres taken from production. USDA officials said the new acreage is expected to help ease the price increase somewhat in the last half of 1973. Retail meat prices, meanwhile, continue to spiral. Surveys by The Associated Press earlier this month, for example, showed consumers across the country were paying 10 to 30 cents a pound more for various cuts of beef than a year earlier. Prices of live animals are at record peaks. Choice-grade steers at Omaha, Neb., a key market, have been running near the peak of about $40 per hundredweight set last summer. The on-hoof price also has been translated into higher wholesale prices. Butz, who says farmers deserve higher incomes from the marketplace, insists food prices actually are low in relation to family take-home pay. "The plain fact is that the average American looks at the cost of food as his index of the cost of living," Butz said. "I think that's quite unfair. This is a small part of the cost of living." Jepsen added, "What nobody understood was that, in this state, the governor and lieutenant governor run separately— he wasn't 'my governor.' " Although Jepsen denies he has any interest in returning to public office, he made it clear that, "I still have political friends around the country and a solid base here in Iowa." To what purpose, he wouldn't say. The simmering differences between Jepsen and Ray broke into the open when Ray backed full majority rights for 18-year olds and Jepsen last term backed granting full rights at 19. When the final votes were taken, Jepsen's preference prevailed. "He lost. And he lost bad," Jepsen said of Ray. Jepsen said be feels Raj' and his staff made their dislike of Jepsen evident in little things. dressed not to Lt. Gov. Roger Jepsen, but to 'Mr. Roger Jepsen,' even though 1 was in Des Moines. "I had to call my wife in Davenport every morning and ask, 'What mail did I get from the governor's office?' " Ray has "the uncanny ability to make people feel sorry for him," Jepsen said, and 'thaf s his biggest political asset.' " Jepsen, on the other hand, sees himself as a decision-maker, a politician who "takes a stand." "fin not a nice guy," he added. Jepsen was born in Cedar Falls two days before Christmas in 1928, attended the University of Northern Iowa and graduated from Arizona State University. He has been a branch manager for Connecticut General Life Insurance Co. in Davenport for several years. PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE Consolidated Report- of Condition of "The Etnmet County State Bank" of Estherville in the State of Iowa and Domestic Subsidiaries at the close of business on December 29, 1972. ASSETS Cash and due from banks (including 138.59 unposted debits) 2,079,790.46 U. S. Treasury securities 4,674,175.01 Obligations of other U.S. Government agencies and corporations 1,100,000.00 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 2,995,897.00 Other securities 1,289 ,000 .00 Federal funds sold and securities purchased under agreements to resell 600 ,000 .00 Other loans 9,449,297.86 Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises 145,086.82 Other assets 53,796.01 TOTAL ASSETS 22,387,045.16 L LABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, ard corporations 7,550,407.06 Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 11,636,638.62 Deswsrss of United Staa &s Gore mm ess t 103,174.39 Dsp'-isia jaf States asd poEitic&I s-abdiviskiriS S3S.657.S4 C*rrj?li*c isc aMlaers* checks, etc. 64,775.87 TOTAL DEPOSITS 42*. 19-3,655.2* A . Tttal asrsad fepossxs S s, 137,541.55 \i Tool lirir asc sarizgs oepasss 812,055, S1L65 Cfcaer ii=.b£sD£:: 138,367.74 TOTAL LlARnmES 20,332,020.&4 RESERVES ON LOANS ANO SECURITIES Bfc&ert* fc«r has & OE j.c&sej as i&ass .5*1 up pursaam v:- las* rati Xevaaafc Service ml iaes? SGT. STRIPES... FOREVER by Bill Howritto THE BORN LOSER by Art Sonsom y- ISi&Ui WINTHROP by Dick Covolli TLSNE IN NATURE WHB4 vveLL 6HCW SOU : V^ULDNT-HAVE IT IF ! HADN'T HEART? rr V/ITH OWN EAE<S. THE BADGE GUYS y —|il H |p^p I WOiPER WHAT rr wowx> BE UKE TO «EAP A BUSINESS IMSTEAC OF THE POUCB FORCE ? by Bowen & Schwarz IT WfTH MY LUCK SHE'D PBOBABiY LOOK JUST UKE "An* I'll eat up my vegetables an* take my baths an' pick up my toys an* stay out of troubte with tha neighbors an* . . -Junior left a note. Ksayshe's left noma and aorw to hasp dean up the mess in Washington!™

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