Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 20, 1960 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1960
Page 15
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MONDAY, JUNE 20, i960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TOP POP 9 RECEIVES GIFTS Donald Osborne, 49 Sullivan Dr. (right), was selected as "Top Pop" on basis of letter written by his step-son, Leroy Killian (center). The Downtown Business Men's Association sponsored the contest to find the Top Pop In the eyes of their youngsters. Allen A. Barnera, chairman of the promotion committee of the DBMA, presents the winner with the prizes.—Staff Photo. Wffl Study Effects of Pest Control WASHINGTON, By Science Service — The effects on America's wildlife of chemical used to control agricultural pests will be Investigated by a special committee appointed by the National Academy of Sciences- National Research Council. The new Committee on Pest Control - Wildlife Relationships is a response to a growing concern among conversationists that some of the more recent chemicals controls, while advancing both agriculture production and public health, may be harmful to desirable wildlife. The Committee seeks to establish a sound program for effective plant protection without causing permanent damage to useful animals. Among its functions will be to provide guidance and technical advice toward that goal; to evaluate both the direct and indirect effects of various pest control operations on both plants and animals; to stimulate new research and encourage current research now in progress to get the necessary information for sound guiding principales; and to foster cooperation among the various agencies and institutions with a legitimate concern in the areas of pest control and wildlife conservation. In the past, persons respon sible for pest-control programs have tended to minimize the harmful effects of chemicals used for this purpose on animal life. In some instances, conservationists have exaggerated the damage to wildlife and ignored the benefits they have contributed to both farmer and consumer. Dr. Detlev W. Bronk, president of the National Academy of Sciences, expressed the hope that the Committee might achieve harmony and understand, ing between the two groups in "this increasingly important and somewhat controversial field ol agriculture." News of Stocks Selected Issues Show Strength BUSY DESPITE STRIKE NEW YORK JP — Producer Cheryl Crawford has been going ahead with plans for new shows this fall despite the labor troubles that darkened Broadway She has four new plays and two new musicals planned. Her favorite entry seems to be a stage musical version of "Hold Back the Dawn." from a movie made in 1941 about an American school teacher waiting with some Europeans below the Mexican border for an opportune time to enter the United States. Main interest on this now centers on the fact that the songs are some recently discovered among unpublished compositions by the late Jerome Kern. By ED MORSE AP Business News Writer NEW YORK (AP)—Strengtn in airlines and a few selected issues softened the decline today of an irregularly lower stock market. Trading slowed late this afternoon after an active morning. Volume for the day was ed at 3,900,000 shares compared with 3,290,000 Friday. Many pivotal issues dropped from fractions to about a point. Wider moves to the plus or minus side were made by some of the more volatile or higher-priced stocks. United and Delta Air Lanes kept gains exceeding 2 points. American and Eastern Airlines were ahead well over a point. The air carriers were helped by news oi a fare boost International Business Machines dropped about 9 points. General Foods was down more than 2 and Eastman Kodak more than 3. Gains of about 2 points were posted for Standard Killsman and Collins Radio. Nafi and Universal Match were about 2 points lower. Down around a point were such stocks as U.S. Steel, Douglas Air craft, Merck, Schering, and Radio Corp., the latter following news that the firm is planning to cal an issue of convertible debentures Fractional losses were shown by Bethlehem, Ford, American Motors, Sears Roebuck, Caterpillar Boeing, Anaconda, Union Carbide General Electric, and Standard Oil (New Jersey). Northern Pacific and Oliver Corp. were about a point higher U.S. government bonds were steady but a shade under their best at the close. The corporate market showed a tendency toward the downside after a mixed opening. Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS (AP)—Eggs and live poultry: Eggs, wholesale grades, large extras 70-80 per cent A 29^-30 50-60 per cent A 29-29^, mediums 27-27'2, small 21-22, standards 26 1 ,»-27 1 2. country run 25-26 dirtie and checks 21-22; consumer grade AA large 31-33, A large 29-31, A medium 26-29, A small 20-22, B large 26-28. Fowl, heavy 17-18, light 5 Ib and over 14-15, light under 5 Ib 9-12; fryers and broilers, com mercial whites and crosses 18V4 old roosters 9-11. ly OIL MAYO AP BnnlnoM News Writer CHICAGO (AP) - Selling ores- sure mounted slowly today in [rain futures and in the early ali- ernoon losses of major fractions to more than a cent were posted n all pits. Rye, a lightly trade commodity, ed the setbacks most of the day on word that a Great Lakes vessel had arrived with a cargo of the grain from Canada. Hedging weakened wheat and corn as offerings found the market soft. Advises said arrivals of] new crop wheat at some South- vestern terminals over the weekend were heavy- However, harvesting operations had been halted in some localities because of soaking rainfall. Cash corn receipts of 560 cars were the heaviest «n several weeks and brought out some liquidation along with the normal hedging. Oats eased with corn. Carlot receipts were estimated at wheat 20 cars, corn 560, oats 45, rye 6, barley 28 and soybeans 34. CHICAGO (AP) — No wheat or soybean sales. Conr No. L yellow 1.20; No. 3 yellow 1.19. Oafs No. 2 heavy white 74V4; No. 1 extra heavy white 75%. Soybean oil 8%b-%a. Barley: malting choice ' 1.15 • 1.25n; feed 91-1.02n. The nursing staffs of some Irish hospitals got a pay raise in April, expected to be back-dated to December, 1959. Only Talk TAMPA, Fla. iP— A census taker learned the secret of housewife accused by neighobrs of entertaining a clandestine lover. He had been told that a mat : voice was heard in the house wife's home at night. As the cens us. taker was about to leave th housewife's home, a masoulin voice boomed from the kitchen "Breakfast is ready, honey. 1 "My parakeet," explained t h woman. OWN YOUR SHARE OF AMERICAN BUSINESS NEVER RELY ON TIPS AND RUMORS. GET ALL THE FACTS AND FIGURES. Swing tot 28 Yoara , COOK ^ Co; fuowi & Snuvn JOHN E. GKEENWOOD •Ul OfHOi » OPfM lAtURIXAY MOftMlNQI News of Grains Selling Pressure Mounts Slowly The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Eart St. Lonli Boy BJM) (MUD) M» M> (MBS) ft* Rt •JMNfc CUM) IIN 10 ftWft im to WUM tin to N, S; U* Hill*; Weil N Lombardo N: oordon D. oorton |y OortM; N N: Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N: • N; S Man oft O« World N B. MortM P. L«wU 3t. D. Gordon N D Gordon N: W N: Richard ~ Richard Richard Richard I N; MullO Music Emphatlt Muilo D. Oordon (• I* S; Gordon D. Gordon Amoi. Andy Ktntiton Trie World Tonight 3; B. m Jenktnt jenklnt CAST ST. LOUB, ffl. (AP)-A fia«t St. LouJi boy ». Mississippi Rfvtr slough Sunday. His 16-yenf-old brothw tried but fluiso to KSBBB luffi* TiW flCtflfl MR. ^^ FWWMO TTIWH^ He, Ms brother, Wiffle, and four other youths tad swum across Hn 50-foot-wide atoogh and were on their way cried tot M9 WBBi J^^_ *^^^jgt^^u^ ns oratm* tack when Howard Tdeiriph Want Adi "CUCT" N: Muite Music D. Gordon •* ii stun Off N: Law . Protres. St. If. N; Jenktnt B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins Champ B. Bout N 9- Muile N: R. Shop Record Shop N; R. Shop Record Shop N CHICAGO (AP)— High Low Prev. Close Close Wheat Jiy Sep Dec Mar May Corn Jly Sep Dec Mar May Oats Jiy Sep Dec Mar Rye Jiy Sep Dec Mar May 1.83% 1.82% 1.82% 1.83% 1.86% 1.85% 1.85% 1.86% l.92Vt 1.91% 1-91% 1 1.96% 1.957s 1.95% 196% 1.95% 1.95 1.95 1.95% 1.18% 1.17& 1.17K 1.18V* 1.17% 1.16% 1.17 1.17% 1.12% 1.12% 1.12% 1.12% 1.16% 1.15% 1.16 1.16% 1.18 1.18 1.18 .70% .71% .74% .76 .70% .70% .73% .75 7 / 8 .70% .70% .74 .75% .71 .71% .74% .76% 1.21% 1.19% 1.19% 1.27% 1.22% 1.21% 1.21% 1.23% 1.25% 1.24% 1.24% 1.25% 1.26% 1.26 1.26 1.26% — — 1.26% 1.27 Soybeans Jly 2.10% 2.09% 2.09% 2.11 Sep 2.10V4 2.09% 2.09% 2.10% Nov 2.08% 2.07% 2.07% 2.09 Jan 2.12% 2.11% 2.11% 2.12 7 / 8 Mar 2.15% 2.14% 2.14% 2.15% Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI. (AP)-(USDA)—Hogs 13,$00; bulk 1-2. 180-230 Ib barrows and gilts 17.75-18.00; early bulk mixed grade 1-3 and 2-3 180-240 Ib 17.0075; 1-3 lots largely 17.25 up; few lots 2-3 240-270 Ib 16.50-17.25; some 1-3 240 Ib 17.50; mixed grade 150-170 Ib 13.75-16.75; 120140 Ib 13.25-15.50; 1-3 sows 400 Ib down 14.50-15.50; sows over 400 Ib 13.25-140.00; boars over 250 Ib 10.50-75; ligher boars 11.50-75, few to 12.00. Cattle 7,500; calves 500; several loads and lots mostly good steers 25.00-25; load good 775 Ib stock steers 25.00; few good and choice heifers uid mixed yearlings 23.0025.50; utility and commercial 16.50 17.25; canner and cutter cows 13.00-16.50; utility and commer cial bulls 18.50-20.00; good and choice vealers 23.00-26.00, few to 27.00; standard and good 19.00 23.00; few good and choice slaughter calves 20.00-24.00. Sheep 1,300; choice and prime 90-100 Ib spring slaughter lambs 22.00-50; small lots mostly prime 23.00; good and choice spring lambs 20.00-21.50; utility and good 15.00-19.50; few lots shorn slaughter lambs, 1 and 2 pelt, 17.0019.00, including large lot at 19,00; utility and good old crop lambs 15.00-16.50; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 3.50-5.50. 7 2 Selected Stocks Following are today's 1:30 p.m. quotations oi V2 New York Stock Exchange issues research has indicated are widely held in the Alton area, as supplied to the Alton Evening Telegraph by Newhard, Cook & Co., from its Alton branch office. (The New York Exchange closes daily at 2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these are not the closing quotations): 10 i 11 MemorlM J. Buck N; MemorlM Nj Buck MemorlM J.'^Buck M MemorlM: N " " Record Shop S: R. Shop Record Shop N: R. Shop Record Shop N: R. Shop Record Shop TUESDAY . i 6*5 7 :!S 3 « :S S 9 : S M To! n r, :JS "121 I M 5 5 " O.n •• .:M U .« ~n rK IE H. Gunther Opener N; Wllllamt N " O. Wllllami H. Gunther N: Pun Clockwatcher N Votel FanB " N; Gunther N; Farm N; W H. Gunther T. Dalley Rex Oavli » N; Dalley Clockwatcher N T. Dalley " World N N; Dalley Hex Davtt H. Gunther T. Dalley Clockwatcher N; Gunther N: Dalley " H, Gunther Dalley: N " N; Wilson ExerciMi N Ed wiiion Unity: Hymni clockwatcher O. cantrell " H. Christian " N; wiuon B'fatt dub N: Godfrey Ed Wilson j; j; A. Godfrey N; Wilson N: Dalley N; Party Ed Wilson T. Dalley Houseparty N: Dalley G. Moore •• •• Dalley: N Crosby-Clooney N N: Farm N P'house Pty. vogel Farm J. McCormlck '• The World Helen Trent " " •• " 2 Next Door N' Party N; Witt Whispering Sta. P'house Party D. Witt Ma Perkins •• N; Witt Dr Malone •• " Witt; N Mrs. Burton N' Burke D. Witt Rt. to Hap'neM J Burke " " Pat Buttram •• » N: Witt G. Wllilama Witt; N N; Burke D. Gordon N: Buck J. Burke " " J. Buck •• •• N; Gordon " " •• Gordon: N " " N; Burke N: Gordon N: Buck J. Burke D. Gordon J. Buck » •• N; Gordon ' " Burke; N Gordon: N Buck: W tTVlip •r 1 with John N. Jones fi ;& l ! 8 — —~ ---c-c- —"•^^y ~-*= — -=s= — =w— ' KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD (NBC) 5, KETC 9, KPLR li. MONDAY EVENING 6:00— (2) Quick Draw McGraw (4) (5) News Reports (9) Compass Rose 6:10— (4) CBS News: Edwards (5) Sports: Bob Ingham (9) Sing Hi Sing Low 6:25— (5) Spotlight with Nancy 6:30— (2) Cheyenne (4) Kate Smith Show (5) Riverboat (9)Commonwealth of Nations (11) Wild Bill Hickok One-Day Record In Dog Complaints The number of complaints about dogs received by the police Saturday is believed to have set a new high record for one day. Five reports were made of persons being bitten by dogs, three of nuisance situations caused by dogs. Persons listed as suffering dog bites included a mail-carrier, Charles Cannedy of 412 E. 8th O. Newtome N; Newtome G. Newtome N: Newtome G. Newsome N; Newtome O. Newtome N: Newtome G. Newtome N; Newtome O. Newtome N: Newtome O. Newtome N: Newtome G. Newtome N: Davit G. Davit N; Davit G. Davit N; Davit G. Davit N; Davit G. Davit N: Davit G. Davit N: Davit G. Davit N; Jenklnt B. Jenknnt N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenklnt N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard 7:00— (4) The Texan (9) Jazz Meets the Classics (11) Bold Journey 7:30— (2) Bourbon Street Beat (4) Father Knows Best (5) Wells Fargo (9) Looking at Modern Art (11) Movie 8 : 00— ( 4) Danny Thomas Show (5) Peter Gunn (9) Wings to Austria 8 : 30— (2) Adventures in Paradise (4) Ann Sothern Show (5) Goodyear Theatre (9) Heritage 9:00— (4) Hennesey (5) Emmy Awards (9) Big Picture 9:25— (2) Ted Mack's Amateurs (4) June Allyson Show (9) Sociology Ql) Expose 9:35— (11) Expose 10:00-(2) Manhunt (4) News: Spencer Allen (5) This Man Dawson (11) Movie 10:10— (4) Weather: Fontaine 10:15— (4) Eye on St. Louis 10:30— (2) Movie (4) Movie (5) News, Sports Weather 10:45-(5i Jack Paar Show N: Day Bob Day N; Day Bob Day N; Day S; Day N; Day Bob Day N Bob oar » M N; Walter H. Walter Tello Quit R. Bento* N: Bentm R. Bentoa •• » •t M N; Time Ct^. Time M. GalnM N Farm-Mat. A. Grace Club New* N: Day Bob Day •• H B. Counter N; Palen J.,Palen n H N; Palm J. Palen • * ft N: Palen J. Palen 9:00— (2) Jack LaLanne Show (4) Red Rowe (5) Dough-Re-Mi 9:30— (2) Romper Room . (4) On the Go (5) Play Your Hunch 10:00-(4) I Love Lucy (5) Price Is Right (Color 10:30— (2) Topper (4) December Bride (5) Concentration 11:00— (2) Mr. and Mrs. North (4) Love of Life (5) Truth or Consequence 11:15— (11) Morning Chapel 11:20-111) News: Daust ll:30-(2) Coffee Break (4) Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You (Col (11) Short Story 11:45— (4) Restless Gun (4) News: Max Roby Weather: Fontaine (5) Charlotte Petem (11) Woman's Touch 12:05— (4) I Married Joan 12:30-(2) Love That Bob! (4) As The World Turns 1:00— (2) About Faces 14) For Better or Worse (5) Queen for a Day (11) Movie 1:30— (21 Susie (4) House Party (5) Loretta Young Theate 2:00— (2) Day in Court (4) Millionaire (5i Young Dr. Malone (11) Movie 2:30— (2) Gale Storm Show (4) Verdict Is Yours (5i From These Roots Meat Item Sold A* Advertised. Mlitd Rib and Loin. Ctnttr Cut CHOPS First Cuts, Ib. 89o MayroM. A.C. ROLL SAUSAGE 2^69° Hunter. A.C. Large aize. Bologna. . By piece Hunter. A.C. By piece 39c Braunschweiger "> 39c Lb. St.; Anthony Hayward Hender- n : 30—(ID Bedtime Stories son, 19, of 1308 Belle St.; and H:55—(4t Donald Mandorce of 1017 Diamond St. AT&T 89' a , Gen. Motors 44'/g, 12:00—(5) 12:05-(5l 12:10—(2) Granite City Steel 35, OHn Math. 12:20—(2) Chem. 44H, Owens-Ill. 113 l /». 12:35—(5) Shell Oil 33%, Sinclair Oil 38, 12:50-(2) Socony 35%, Std. Oil, (Ind.) Std. Oil, (N.J.) 40%, U.S. Steel 1:05—(4) 1:10-(4) Movie (11) News Night Court News I Spy Weather Report Daily Word Late News Roundup Give Us This Day 81 < a , Sears 57V4- We are pleased to announce the opening of an office to better serve the Alton area. EDWARD D. JONES & CO. NOT York Stock K*eb»nf » Metropolitan Building 307 Henry St. Alton, 111. Telephone HOward 54015 JOHN J. MALONEY TUESDAY, JUNE 21 5:40—(4) Give Us This Day News: Tom Brooks Town 'n Country P.S. 4: V.'riting and 5:45— (41 B:00-(4) 6:3&-(4) Speech (5) 8:00-(2) (4) 8:15— (2) (4) Morning St. Louis Today Camera Two News: Grover Cartoon Time Capt. Kangaroo 3:00—(2) (41 Brighter Day (5» Fibber McGee & MoJl> 3:15—(4i Secret Storm 3:30-(21 Who Do You Trust? (4) Edge of Night (5) Buckskin 3:45—(ll) Capt. U's Showboat 4:00— (21 American Bandstand (4) SS Popeye (5i Our Miss Brooks 4:30— (41 Movie (5) Life of Riley 5:00— <2i Rocky and His Friends- t5> Wrangler's Club: First 15 mmuU'h in color (Hi Sgl. Preston 5:30— (2i News: Hayward (11) Suspenseville 5:40—(21 Weather: Hayward 5;4»-(2) Porky and His Pali (5) Huntley-Brmkley News (U> Three Stooges For All Your Home Improvements Aluminum Windows • Aluminum Doora • Carport* • Patio Coven • Vertical Blinds • Roofing • Asbesto* Siding • Aluminum Siding • Venetian Blinds RUSSELL HOME IMPROVEMENT •11 Milton fend I>bo»HO&.5M»—HO6-S&89 COUNTRY CLUB '" Gal ICE CREAM Spotlight Instant Coffee Sandwich or Wiener Buns"*. 8-oz. Jar 'or 8'« Package of 12't Breakfast Rolls. Kroger Salad Dressing . 39c 35c Kroger Mayonnaise Kroger Strawberry Preserves . Qt. Jar 49e 3 19 01. Jan Dixie Pride. Regular or Buttermilk Biscuits . . . 16 oz. Jar Kroger 25c Chili with Beans '»?. SI 50 Extra Top Valut Stamps «Hck«r attached to Cak« LITE DELITE CAKE . 59° Country Club Country dub B«tfSttw 2 Kroger Ohili without Bum 3 15Vi-o*. If Can» • U.S. No. 1—20-lb. average Watermelons , . Royal "——• irml frrnitonn Peaohes . • . 2 Church Label. Jumbo 27 Trlt Is A Mature Sweet Flavorful Melon CANTALOUPES 4 for 89e

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