The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on April 13, 1972 · Page 7
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 7

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1972
Page 7
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the preservation of our I fa of utmost concern to all of and WHEREAS, the job of keeping our AM and streams unpolluted Is more icult all of the time; and WHEREAS, our countryside Is be- more and more littered with of all kinds; and WHEREAS, It will take the concerted : t of each and every one of us to Ltain pure rivers and streams and tiered land throughtout our entire on; now THEREFORE, I, Robert M. Dunlop, or of the City of Orange City, hereby proclaim the week of April April 23, 1972, as National Earth e k and do call upon all citizens, inesses, industries, and organiza- is to join with me in an effort to ser ve the beauties of our nation to keep our countryside and rivers streams free of all kinds of litter pollution. HI WITNESS WHEREOF, I have eunto set my hand and cause to be xe d the official seal of the City Orange City on this 12th day of 11, 1972. Robert M. Dunlop, Mayor wkirk ws Mrs. Lester Van- lof Chicago are spen- Eew days here visiting [wilbert Vande Berg Wiersma homes. id Mrs. Kenneth Van't and Doug were dinner guests at the Van't Hul home in Illy. award De Boer, di- wiMr. Earl De Jong, at large left by plane morning from Sioux t, Paul, Minn, where ded the Miss Amer- rymen's annual meet- nd Mrs, Arthur Van- and family were Sun- supper guests at of Mrs. G. Vander Hospers, along with fry Baltzer. dinner guests at the 'ander Polhomewere Crook of DesMoines, orge Eason of Alton, Robert Mouw and Mrs, Lester Vande Chicago were Monday «ts at the John 'home along with Mr. . Herm Kluls of ty, Mr. and Mrs. Vande Berg, Gloria *«• Mr. and Mrs. wrsrna and family ! »d Mrs. Gary Wier- Joy, Melodalres quartet jeCarmel Reformed Way evening. Afar, and Mrs. Lloyd W were guests at '» Vande Berg home Ce nter and Mr. and "" Cleveringa and lrs -Stanley DeHaan } *»» guests at the ' an ' Hot home near Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Top of Denver spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday at the parental Clifford Top home. On Saturday evening the following had supper together: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vander Wilt, Daryl, Peter and Lila, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Vander Wilt and Kim, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Vander Zwaag, Crystal and Kevin, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Top, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Top, Robert, Loren, and David. Mrs. John Lyftogt, Mrs. Harold Van Zandbergen and Mrs. Lloyd Van Roekel attended a bridal shower for Miss Ruth Vande Berg Wed- nqsday : evening at the.; town, '' Center. " Mr. and Mrs. John Schuller of Alton were Sunday evening guests at the Marlon Menning home and attended church services here. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Franken of Sioux -Center and Mrs. Anna Vander Schaaf of Hospers were Sunday evening guests at the Ring Klein- hesselink home and attended church service s with them. Sunday dinner and afternoon guests at the Larry Bloemendaal home for the birthdays of Mrs. Larry Bloemendaal and daughter Paula and for the baptism of their daughter, Donna Rae, were Mrs. Arle Bloemendaal, Mr. and Mrs. Brad Van Rooyen and Melissa, Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Top and Julie of Orange City, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cleveringa and Carolyn of Sioux Center, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bomgaars of Boyden and Mr. and Mrs. Aldon Menning and family. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Huisman and family spent Saturday and Sunday at the parental Richard Koldenhovenhome at Alden, la. Mrs. Ring Kleinhesselink and Coralie attended a miscellaneous bridal shower for Miss Allyson Dykstra Saturday afternoon at the Terry Dykstra home near Alton. «^',j nd Mrs ' AU3 ert Hoffs of Sheldon and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Grotenhuis of Hospers were Sunday afternoon guests at the Harry Vander Pol home. The Rev. and Mrs. Cornle Vande Hoef and Judy and Jake New Era, Mich., spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the homes of Mrs. Jake Vande HOME AND FARM BUILDING CENTER Sunday dlniwr guests at the Don Adklns home were Mrs, W.H, Adklns, Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Ver steeg of Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. Merman Vander Maten and Michael of Kana» wha, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis De Bruin of Hospers, Mr, and Mrs. Paul Adklns and Chris of Orange City and Mr. Lowell Van Zyl. Mrs. G. Vander Schaaf and Mrs. Jerry Raak of Hospers were guests at the Arthur vander Pol home Friday evening after the music concert at the Newklrk School. Last Sunday dinner guests at the John Wiersma home were Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wiersma and Joy, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert. Wiersma, Denise, LaRoy and John Wayne. Alter dinner Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Wiersma and Mlchele of Le Mars came and Michele's 3rd birthday was celebrated. Mrs. Lou Cleveringa of Orange City will be spending a month at the home of her daughter and family, the Al Wiekamps. Friday evening callers were Mrs. Hilbert Jager and Tammy and Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cleveringa, Ronda and Randy. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Langstraat, Gail and Glna, daughters of the Rodney Langstraats spent last Saturday at New Ulm, Minn., visiting the Verlin Goerings. The Misses Coralie Klein- hesselink and Barbara Schneider, accompanied by Miss Wanda Moss sang a duet at the Sunday evening services at the First Reformed Church at Sheldon. Sunday afternoon guests at the Peter Van Kley home to help him celebrate his birthday were Mrs. Will Hormeyer of Hospers, Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Kleinhesselink, Mr. and Mrs. Gt. Schneider and John, Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Hofmeyer, Peggy and Billy, Mr. Tom Smith, and Mrs. Lloyd Grotenhuis, Evan and Pam. Sunday dinner guests at the John C. Blom home were Mrs. Cornie Blom of Orange City, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blom.Sr., Miss Debbie Harmellnk and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Vander Zwaag, Sherry, Sandy and Shelly. The birthdays of Mrs. Cornie Blom and Shelly Vander £waag which are Wedne&- day, April' were celebrated. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bomgaars, Jody and Michael of Gilmore City were weekend guests at the parental Henry Bomgaars home at Newklrk and the William Van Wyhe home at Hull. Sunday evening supper guests at the home of the Henry Bomgaars were Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bomgaars and family of Gilmore City, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Westerveld and Shelly of Boyden, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Van Klompenberg and Mrs. Muriel Powell, Julie and Jeff of Orange City. Mr. and Mrs. John Lyftogt spent the weekend at Bloomington, Minn., visiting at the Bennett Lyftogt home and Mrs. R. Moosbrugger home. Their son Mark stayed at home and was a Sunday dinner guests at the Earl De Jong home. Sunday morning breakfast guests at the Lloyd Van't Hof home were the RCYF and their sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Audley Dolphin and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Verdoorn. Assisting the Van't Hofs were Mr. and Mrs. Marion Menning. Sunday guests at the Austin Roetman home were Mr. and Mrs. Stan Sybesma and three children of Spirit Lake. Miss Cheryl Vande Drost of Paullina and Danny, Greg and Laura Kuyper. E FA RM BUILDJ NGS „ POLE FRAMED FARM BUILDINGS - POSTS & FENCING Quality lumber at a competitive price. Carpenter crew available, | 0ri "er's Mutual Co-op Assn. LUMBERYARD ••*«*«,*« Mr, and Mrs. Jake De Leeuw of Boyden and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar De Leeuw and family of Ellsworth, Minn., were Sunday dinner guests at the Lloyd Van't Hof home. Sunday dinner guests at the Harvey Vander Pol home were Mr. and Mrs. Harvey D. Vander Pol, Todd and Heather of Sioux City, Mr. and Mrs. Conley Van Heuvelen of Orange City and Mrs. Robert Mouw and Gina. That afternoon Todd's 3rd birthday was celebrated with Mrs. Frank De Graff also as a guest. Sunday evening after church guests at the Lloyd Van Roekel home were Mrs. Henry Vande Berg and Ardith, Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Vande Berg and family of Sioux Center, Mrs. John Zoet and Brian of Hull and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Van Zandbergen and family. Greeta Vande Hoef has arrived in Belguim and will remain there for a tour of duty. Her address is as follows: Greeta J. Vande Hoef Sp/4-478-62-12G7 SSG/TTMC SHAPE APO New York 09055 A gathering was held at the Glenn Merley home neat Sheldon on Thursday evening for Dr. Kenneth Van Zyl of Minnville, Ore. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Vergil Smith of Boyden, Mrs. M.G. Jacobson of Arlington, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Keasling, Kim, Kellym and Darin of Northfield, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Fokken, Craig and Robin of Storm Lake, Mrs. Mike Moriarity and Dan Mr. and Mrs. John Merley, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Merley and Chad of Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald De Graff of Alton, and Mrs. Frank De Graff of Newklrk. local Hem Dinner guests Sun. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Mouw were their children, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mool- broek and 'sort 'Christopher from Cottage Grove, Minn., Dr. and Mrs. Glen Van Reo- kel, Christine, Rhonda and David from Le Mars, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Van Roekel and George Van Roekel. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Van Roekel visited at theWllbertDyk- stra home at Sheldon Sun. afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Van Pelt visited with her mother, Mrs. William Ver Hoef at Archer, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Klein- hessellnk visited Sunday afternoon at the Henry Reuvers home at Boyden. Maurice news Guests for the Easter holiday in the R. Schat home were Phyllis from Lake Mills and the Ralph Schat family of Rapid City. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stallbaum flew to Orlando, Florida to attend the funeral of an uncle. The Harvey Miller family have moved Into town. John Van Peursem Is 4 patiend In the Orange City hospital awaiting surgery. Mrs. Anna Muilenburg went to Tucson, Arizona Wednesday -to visit with the Peter De Jong and Garrett De Jong families. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jager left by bus on the "7th to visit in the Krikke home In Calif. They stopped off at Greeley, Colo., to visit with Mrs. Rose Koob and children. Robert Vande Broek is in the Veteran's hospital in Sioux Falls for tests. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Prins and Diana of Sheldon were Sunday supper guests in the Howard Ruisch home. Evening guests were Mr. and Mrs. Roger Den Herder of Sioux Center. Mr, and Mrs. Dave Kuiken observed their 25th wedding anniversary with an open house at the church Friday evening. Friday evening guests in the Don Van Horssen home for the birthday of Tom De Vrles, Lynn Van Horssen, Mrs. Dan Van Horssen and Gary Van Horssen were the families and also grandpa Wm. Van Horssen. Callers in the Don Van Horssen home were Don Nle- fert, Ancil Neifert, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rowland all of Knoxvllle and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bush of Newton. The Alfred De Vrles, Don Van Horssen families and their guests were all Sunday dinner guests In the Gary Van Horssen home In Orange City. After the program In the school Saturday evening, Mr. dn'd Mrs. John Kots, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kots and two children were guests In the Don Van Horssen home to observe Mrs. Van Horssen's birthday. Mrs, G. Mackwirst, and Mr. William Spijker from The Hague, Netherlands arrived In the Simon Spyker home for a few days visit. They had spent 2 months in Florida. William is his brother and Mrs. G. Mackwirst Is a cousin. From here they will go to the east coast and then on home. 2CS BELIEVE /f's the PERFECT TIME TRADE For a new Oldsmobile or a G.M.C. pickup or a good used car like the following. 1971 FORD Super Van, 11,000 miles V-8 Engine, automatic transmission 1970 CHEVY |-ton pickup, radio, heater, custom cab 1969 OLDSMOBILE 98 Luxury Holiday Sedan, loaded, vinyl top, factory air conditioning 1968 OLDSMOBILE 98 Luxury Sedan, loaded, vinyl top, factory air conditioning 1968 OLDSMOBILE Custom Delta 88 Holiday Sedan, power steering and brakes, vinyl top Several older models to choose from. Orange Motor Co, Your Oldsmobile Dealer 1 block south of Courthouse ORANGE CITY ' " Dr. L. De Koster to speak in 0. C. Dr. Lester De Koster, Editor-in-Chief of THE BAN* NER, will be a guest speaker at a public meeting to be held In the. Calvary Christian Reformed Church of Orange City starting at 8;00 P.m. on Tuesday, April 18. Dr. De Koster's topic will be "Look to the Rock". THE BANNER Is the official weekly publication of the Christian Reformed Church. Dr. De Koster has been editor since 1969. Services held for Mrs. Slothouber Funeral services will be held today (Thursday) for Mrs. Albert Slothouber, 85, at Trinity Reformed church at 10:00 a.m. She died Monday, April 10, at the Heritage House after a lingering illness. She was born at Boyden on October 17, 1886 and married Albert Slothouber Febr. 16, 1916. Survived by three daughters; Mrs. Everett (Annetta) Boone, Sheldon, Mrs. William (Alberta) Langstraat and Mrs. Ralph (Genevieve) Mouw; twelve grandchildren; fourteen great grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Minnie Hills, Portland, Oregon, Mrs. Albert Kooy, Mount Vernon, Washington; three brothers, Gerrit Grooters, Fort Dodge, Ben Grooters, Boyden and Albert Grooters. Rev. Donald Lenderink will officiate at the service. Pallbearers, Wayne Langstraat, Harlan Boone, Ed Harskamp, Ron Zylstra, Edwin Mouw and Roger Langstraat. Burial will be in the Middleburg cemetery under the Van Etten Funeral Home, Prior to assuming his parent position, Dr. De Koster was Director of Libraries at Calvin College and Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A native of Zeeland, Michigan, he holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and is the author of several books. Everyone in the area is encouraged to attend. local New* Mr. and Mrs. Jim VanGorp, Jr. and Danny were Sun, evening supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meendering at Sibley. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Van Es visited Sun. afternoon at the Robert Roos home at Ponca, Nebr. John Lode of Sheldon visited at the John Van Eshome Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Van Es and son of Ladelia, Missouri called at the John Van Es home Thursday afternoon. Irwin De Jong son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom I. De Jong returned last Wed. from a 6 weeks stai at Zuni and Rehoboth, New Mexico. He worked at the Missions as a volunteer, doing carpenter and construction work. He also visited his sister, Marla who is a teacher at Zuni New Mexico. Services held for F. Vander Wilt Funeral services were held Friday, April 7, for Frank Vander Wilt at the First Reformed Church with Rev. R. Van Heukelom and Rev. A. Elssens officiating. He died April 4 at the Sioux City hospital. He was born June 22, 1900, at Middleburg, was married to Eva Van Oort on January 28, 1930. They farmed north of Orange City until moving Into town in 1957. He Is survived by his widow; son, Gary; daughters, Mrs. Bill (Anna) Boote, Mrs. James (Marvell) Van Klom- penburg of Sioux City, Mrs. Robert (Hermina) Le Polnte of Wayne, Nebr.; 10 grandchildren; brother, Dr. Dick Vander Wilt of Sibley; sisters, Mrs. Henry Rowenhorst and Mrs. Gerrit B. Koerselman of Hull. Burial was at West Lawn Cemetary. Pallbearers were Willard Rowenhorst, Merlyn Rowenhorst, Donley Rowenhorst, John Visser,BenKoer- selman and Bernard Bomgaars. It seems to me these days that people who admit they're wrong get a lot further than people who prove they're right. HEARING AID WEARERS Better service for your hearing aid means better hearing for you Be sure to visit our next Beltone Service Center Attending Vesper Services Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Van Pelt were Mr. and Mrs. John J. Van Roekel and son'Mike of Sioux Center and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bierma and son, Jerry, of Orange City. They were coffee guests at the Ray Van Pelt home afterwards. At the Village Hotel 10 a.m. until noon Wed., April 19 HEARING AID CENTER Donald E. Hoffman 521 Grand Ave. Spencer, Iowa Phone 262-1766 Our Auto-Banking Service makes banking easy.., Just reach out your hand! Make deposits or withdrawals (cash checks, too) directly from your car seat. What could possibly be more convenient than our Auto-Banking Service? No parking problems for you. Just drive right up to our drive-in teller's window. 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