Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 23, 1957 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1957
Page 10
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Part of Store Loot- Find $62,379 Hidden In Box NEW YORK UPi - Two stock [June 29. clerks Monday found $62,379 hidden in a box of Japanese wooden spoons at S. Klein's Department Store. The money was part of $74,109 in receipts reported missing The cash was discovered on a storeroom shelf near the cashier's cage. The receipts had been stolen from the cage. * The missing money was found by John E. Carlon. 19, and Carlos Hernandez, 27. People who insist on diving into strange streams should always carry a spare neck. Now is the time to buy a new 4 -DOOR SEDAN * {choose one to suit your taste and purse) With these roomy Studebakers and Packards you enjoy comfort and convenience, the easy entry and exit, that only a 4 -door sedan provides ... yet you pay no more than you would for many 2-door models of competitive make. Choose from the V -8 President Classic with its many price-included extras such as 4 -barrel carburetor and finned air-cooled brakes—most effective on the road...the luxurious Packard with its built-in supercharger and smooth boulevard ride... the Commander V -8 or Champion Six with big car performance at small car price. And no matter which you choose you can be certain that you are getting modem styling that will stay up to date for years to come . . . operating economy second to none . ., and the lowest depreciation factor in the automotive industry. See your deajer today. For the best car values ever.. * MTN Studebaker-Packard V W / CORPORATION WILLIAMWILH CARROLL MOTOR CO. HltfAY 30 WEST - CARROLL, IOWA HAROLD KIINAPFIL SINGS "LIVE" Gogl Grant, whose voice was used in "The Helen Morgan Story.' Rets a chance to sing "live" In "The Big Beat." Gogl, whose real name is Audrey Brown, says the man who dreamed up her screen name doesn't know what it means, either. Irked Writer Pulls Out Of Slaying Case Compromise Goes to House Floor— School Bill Faces Uncertain Fate By MARTHA COLE WASHINGTON MB — A compromise 1',4-billion-dollar school construction bill headed (or . an uncertain fate on the House floor today, j "If we clori't get a bill this year, we won't get any," Rep. Kelley (D-Pa), author of the compromise, told a reporter. "This is the second try." The House defeated a similar measure last year 224-194 after first tacking on an antisegrega- tioh amendment. Wire To Ike Twelve Democratic members of the House Education Committee sent a telegram to President Eisenhower urging him to make "an extraordinary appeal forthwith" to Republican House members on behalf of the measure. i The Democrats said they were confident that "a solid majority" of Democrats would support the bill as they did last year. "The. pending bill contains all the main features which you rec- 10 Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa Tuesday, July 23, 1957 ommended in your message last January," the telegram said. "It is apparent that a shift of only a handful of Republican votes willi mean success this year." 1 Another appeal came from representatives of 21 national organizations, who requested Eisenhower to give "unqualified and publicly stated support" to the pending measure. Issues Listed Issues involved in the school aid controversy include economy, opposition to putting the federal government into a new spending field, disagreement on whether there is danger of federal control, and segregation. Last year the House adopted an amendment by Rep. Powell <D- NY) which would have denied federal . aid to school districts practicing racial segregation in the classrooms. Then the House killed the bill. "I think we can defeat the Powell amendment," Kelley said. "They remember what happened last year." Rep. Wainwright (R-NY) has said he will reoffer the "Powell' amendment. Powell has been re cuperating from a collapse. Eisenhower has been urging Congress since 1953 to enact some sort of legislation to help the»| states catch up on a backlog of classroom shortages. This year's bill, hailed as a. bi partisan compromise, would, authorize a five-year program of 300 million dollars a year in grants to the states, to be matched by them on a 50-50 basis. « Half the money would be distributed on the basis of school age population and half on the basis of financial needs. The U. S. Office of Education has compiled a table based on data submitted by the states showing that at the beginning of the last school year 159,000 additional classrooms were needed. public opinion in every state in the union," added Monday night what he termed "a prophecy:" "By the time Ohio wakes up to how the people feel about this case, they will be darned glad to have someone help them out of the mess they are in." The .author indicated he would . take to the printed page as his COLUMBUS, Ohio W-An irri- next step to give'his supporters tated Erie Stanley Gardner, whose !» the f acts 0 f this case as we see hopes of getting a lie detector test 1 them." Presumably he meant an for Dr. Samuel Sheppard were; art j c i e j n Argosy Magazine, shattered by Ohio s governor, says! Referring to an investigation of he is going to drop all further ef- \ wedler in Florida to be conducted forts to aid the convicted wife- by Samuel R. Gerber, Cuyahoga slayer and "get the - - • - out of j county coroner, Gardner declared: here." | "i doubt if Wedler can be Visibly irked by the decision of judged accurately by a prejudiced Gov. C. William O'Neill to cancel j mind, this (investigation) will be a proposed lie test for Sheppard. i like the trial of "Alice in Wonder- the mystery story writer declared: land" where the jury gave the on his arrival here Monday. j verdict and then heard the evi- "We are just going to pick up the pieces and go back to making a living. We are just going to get dence." Surprised By Action At Daytona Beach, Fla., mean- the - - - - out of here and we are j while, Gerber, on his way to De not coming back unless pressure: land, expressed surprise at the from readers of the "Court of Last; "Court of Last Resort's" with- Resort" is so great that we must." I drawal in the case He said Gard- Gardner and other members of" er Save no indication of abandon­ ee "court" received permission I '"8 th . e case when the two met at from O'Neill Friday to administer | Columbus' airport earlier in the the lie test to the 33-year-old osteo- evening, when their paths crossed, path, convicted of the July 4, 1954. J " He told me he was having fun, bludgeon-murder of his pregnant j Gerber said, wife Marilyn in their Bay Village' Gerber and his aides are mves- home. | tigating Wedler's statements, the coroner told newsmen, "because O'Neill authorized the test after Donald J. Wedler. 23, held in Deland, Fla., on a burglary charge. we feel Gardner and the 'Court of Last Resort' are responsible fori UNSINKABLE . . . One ferry that won't sink Is the Burgh Island Ferry In Devon, England. Passengers ride on a covered platform built on stilts attached to tractor-style "caterpillar' wheels, which ride along the sea floor. The engine is set on the platform with the passengers and operates the tracks by means of chains. The ferry runs from the resort spot of Bigbury-On-Sea out to Brugh Island- but keeps its "feet" on the ground. TV^'i • Dursiary tna T 'iSO much publicity, we want the C |U -| admitted slaying a woman under! Cj of clePvelanayto be on recordi tllO Mbeck Of ShlTrd^se reSembll " g th e , as being anxious to know whether Omoho at DedhaiTI sneppara case. t hi s fellow (Wedler) has anything! to do with it." Reversed Decision Monday, however, O'Neill reversed his decision and cancelled the lie test after the "court" informed him that Wedler's statement may be "just plain deception." Bristling over the latest development, Gardner emphasized at a news conference that he will "absolutely not" see the governor. "I have no intention of seeing Gov. O'Neill without an invitation," he said, and then added: "However, I would like to talk unofficially with a member of his staff to explain our position and belief in the matter." Gardner said he felt the "Court of Last Resort" motives were misinterpreted in its investigation of the Sheppard murder. The "court", sponsored by Argosy Magazine, is an unofficial group of crime experts who seek to determine the innocence of persons they believe wrongly convicted of crimes. He said of his and the "court's" preliminary ' investigation into the Wedler "confession" that "I made no inconsistent or conflicting statements in my report to Gov. O'Neill . ... We have no desire to see Dr. Sheppard turned loose. We have no ax to grind. Many persons have pooh-poohed us (the "court") as a commercial enterprise, but I can assure you our interest in the matter is to see that justice is done." Gardner also asserted that unless a lie test is given Sheppard, Robert Olerichs Of Carnarvon on Eastern Vacation (Time* Herald Newt Servtee) Carnarvon — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Olerich and son Steven, left Thursday for Fort Wayne, Ind., and New Jersey to visit relatives for a few weeks. . Mrs. Jake R. Janssen attended a meeting of the G.L.F-W. Club at Mrs. Laura Maynard's home in Carroll Thursday afternoon. For Her Vacation (Time* Herald »w» Serviced DEDHAM - Ella Irlbeck R. N. of Omaha came Saturday for a month's vacation in the home of her mother, Mrs. Bernadine Irlbeck and other relatives. ner guests Thursday in the Nelly Toovey home. weekend with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jacobsen, Goodyeorond Union Settle For 15 Cents CLEVELAND UP) — A 15-cent-ah- hour pay raise—described t by a union leader as "the best* since 1946" in the rubber industry—was agreed upon by the United Rubber Workers and Goodyear Tire .& Rubber Co. Monday 'night, two hours before a midnight strike deadline. The settlement provides for immediate across-the-board raises of MVi cents an hour for 24,000 Goodyear employes in 11 cities, including Lincoln, Neb The other half, cent pays for an improvement in the night-shift differential. With the newly negotiated raise, straight time hourly earnings will average, companvwide, $2.54 1 A,'a ' union spokesman said. * The agreement concluded three weeks of bargaining in a wage re- opener of a contract signed last February and expiring April 15, 1959. It is expected to set a pattern in the rubber industry. The United Rubber Workers currently are negotiating with the other major rubber companies and are free to strike at midnight July 30 if settlement has not been reached. Ford Soles Pass $3 Billion Mark to Set 6-Months Record DETROIT liB-Ford Motor Co.'s sales hit a record peak in the first six months of 1957. President Henry Ford II said Monday that sales totaled $3,009,500,000, passing the three-billion- dollar mark in a six-month period for the first time. The figure represented an increase of 27 per cent over sales during the first six months of last year. ENTERTAINS 4-H GROUP (Timet Herald Newt Service) WILLEY—Earl Kennebck,, leader of the Willey Rockets 4-H Club, entertained club members at a _ . • .. ., wiener roast on the Kennebeck he will not under any circum- farm Thursday night following a stances seek an interview with the prisoner. No Interest In Him "I wouldn't see Sheppard even if I were invited,' the crime writer said. "I have no interest in him." Gardner, who earlier Monday said O'Neill's action placed Ohio's justice "on trial before the bar of regular meeting of the club at his home. Linus Venteicher reported on 4-H camp last month at Boone and David "Heithoff spoke on "Fitting Beef Calves for Show." W. H. Brown, county extension director, discussed record books and preparations for the,Four-County Fair at Coon Rapids July 28 to August 1. Cool Air and Rain Bring Relief to Sweltering East By The Associated Press The season's longest heat wave appeared breaking Tuesday as cool air and rain brought relief to sweltering millions in the Eastern .half of the nation. The refreshing cool air and showers spread across wide areas of the Midwest and extended from Minnesota across the Northern Great Lakes region into New England. A high pressuro system centered in southern Canada north of the Great Lakes offered hope of relief, to the sun-baked Eastern states as it farjned coo}, dry air into the Northeast. Showers and thunderstorms were reported in many areas near the boundary between the cool, dry air and the hot, sultry mass covering the mid-Mississippi Valley and the mid-Atlantic states. Thunderstorms appeared only to increase humidity in most of the hog belt in the mid-Atlantic coastal areas Monday as temperatures again climbed to 100 degrees or higher for the second straight day. Rain was ended in drought- stricken southern New England, the southeastern • part of New York State and in southeastern Pennsylvania. In Massachusetts, woodlands were ordewd closed because of the dangerpu* fire situation. The state also approved rain~making attempts in some areas as a means of easing the two-month drought, Although cooler air broke the four-day heat wave- in. southeast* ern New York State Monday, no immediate general rain was Indicated. Crop losses ware i eatimat* ed in the millions of dollars. i BACK FROM ROCHESTER (Timet Herald Newt Servlee) STAR - Mr. and Mrs. William «• . .. nf . . , „ , , Kul * spent last week at Rochest- Mrs. Elizabeth Pfister of Harlan • er, where Mr. Kult had a checkup and Mrs. DeEtta Nye, were din- and treatment. Bill Rice Family End Visit at Vail, Return to Seattle (Timet Herald Newt 8errlee) VAIL — Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rics and family, returned to Seattle, Wash, after a visit here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Zimmer at Vail and Mr. and Mrs. Myron Rice at Denison. Mrs. Les Crane accompanied Dorothy Monson and her mother, Mrs. M. Monson, Wednesday to Madison, Wis., where they visited Mrs. Crane's sister, Sr. Mary Clare. Wilmer Wiese and Mrs. Floyd Crampton were in Omaha Tuesday to see their nephew, Dick Wiese, who was seriously injured in a bicycle accident. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wiese, formerly of Vail. Visitors Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hurst were. Mr. arid Mrs. Ralph Mechura and Mr. and Mrs. E. Hesket, Redfield, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Herb Dickey and family, Jefferson, and Mr. and Mrs. Dewayne Godwin and family of Linden. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Burg and family of Denver, Colo., were callers in Vail Thursday morning. They were returning from a vacation trip. The Burgs formerly lived on a farm south of Vail. Mr. and Mrs. Mart O'Connell re- Little Dixie Christensen went to j lurned to lnei , r home in siou x Audubon Friday to spend the! Falls < s - D - following a visit here ' at the J. W. and Tom O'Connell homes. Mr. and Mrs. Marty Gubbel and family of Sioux City, visited Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Siegner. No matter what time you take your vacation it's always' followed by a fall. A New High in Performance! ANEW PHILLIPS <5ff Higher octane I Higher powerl A gasoline that brings out the best in today's mora powerful automobiles., %illips Phillips 66 keeps pace with the octane and power re- quirementa of the new auper-cars by bringing you its new FLITE-FUEL, blended for super-performance! Not only new cars, but older cars, too, will benefit from the remarkable performance qualities of new FLITE-FUBL. FLITB-FUBL is blended for local driving conditions. It's the only gasoline containing added Di-isopropyl. It gives your oar smooth power and long mileage. Fill up with new FLITE-FUBL at your Phillips 66 Dealer's and discover a new high in performance! PHILUPS PBTRWiBUM COMPANY WAYNE'S "66" SERVICE 24-Hr. Truck Stop ' West on Hiohwsy 30 WHITE'S "66" SERVICE Ploy* (Turk) White Wohlnf — Creating — Accessories 3 Block* Burke Hotel on Hwy. 90

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