Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 23, 1957 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1957
Page 9
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Junior Editors Quit on ROBINSON CRUSOE Timet Herald, Carroll, Iowa f\ Tuesday, July 23, 1957 y The thing that keeps an ambl tious man from going places fast is the traffic. If you are invited to a reception rive before you do. after a church wedding, take your Thoughtful guests make sure time driving there. You want to \ the wedding party has time to get let the bride and groom and their to the reception and get ready to attendants and their families ar-' greet the guests. QUESTION: Who was the real Robinson Crusoe? ANSWER: You may have read the famous story of Robinson Crusoe who was east away on a desert island and mad* himialf quit* comfortable. But did you know that it was based on an advanture that actually happened to a Scotchman, Alexander Selkirk, 250 years ago? As a mate on a British ship, Selkirk quarreled with the captain and was set ashore on Juan Fernandez island off the coast of Chile. Soon regretting his decision, he had to stay-on for four years. To get food he learned to outrun goats on the island. Also he ate turtles and shellfish and made clothes from the goat skins. He never did find a Man Friday, as described in the story, but finally got back to civilization aboard another ship. FOR YOU TO DO: You can color this picture of Robinson Crusoe and his parrot, paste on cardboard, cut out, and make it start- 1 by folding on dotted lines. And if you never have read "Robin*' •>• soe" by Daniel De Foe, get it from a library and do so now, . > your father read It to you. (You may win $10 by submitting a good question to Violet Moore Higgins, AP NeWsfeatures, through this newspaper. Tomorrow: Why are the cat's whiskers so special?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Not too big a piece, Mrs. Higgins—one with about four candles, pleasel" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith tt > MA tor**, tat 7-23 "Sure It was good advice his teacher gave him to read all summer I tut he could cut the lawn—he might be getting too smart I" TIZZY By Kate Osann \ \ \ \ \ \ o<^*~ "Personally I'd rather learn the Mambol" OUT OUR, WAY WILLIAMS SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "a if&ag. 7-33 T.M. tef. 04. Ht ON. ft 1*96 by NU Unto*, ta. "Oh, we had a little argument about who liked who the most!' Actress Answer to ACROSS 1 Actress, Anna —— 7 She is a performer 13 Nautical term 14 Pass by 15 Closer 16 Masquerade costume 17 Organ of hearing 18 Fountain drinks 20 Century (ab.) 21 License 23 Principal 26 Color 27 Pieces out SI Ancient Irish capital 32 Funeral fire 33 Above 34 Dismounted 36 Encounter 36 Dance step 30 Hostelrlee 40 Beginner 43 Exclamation 46 Having weapons 47 Blood money SQ Meal 92 Son of Cush (Bib.) 54 Thirty (Ft.) 56 Split 56 Classified 67 Son of Zeus (myth.) DOWK 1 County in Utah 3 On the oetm 3 She is a rising 4 Pronoun 5 Not stale 6 Raid 7 Serene 8 Shut 0 Male sheep 10 Heroic 11 Hireling 12 Gaseous element 10 Arid 21 Maps 22 Mend 23 Type of bomb 24 Rant 25 Indian I Previous c7 Puzzle HSU 28 Oven* 20 Ireland 30 Hardens 3*" Separated 37 Limb 38 Strong odor 41 Savor , 43 Wiles 44 Demigod 45 Mimlcker 47 Stuff 48 Wander 49 Poems SI Social insect 42 Roman official 53 Sea (Fr.) IT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE* Conspiracy BY SOGAR MARTIN OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . »MAJOR HOOfH Wfc 1 WPS Gi^S DOWN EASIER. * l^ffi2WS8SA7¥ LL l BASOOTVOU CLOBBERED WITH LASTNISHT 7*~^ AVJ CTCE-THE-CHILI MAM NEVER <sA\m you Mis RECIPE, DIO HE ?-~iVe SEEM BUTLER! FIND THIS DUCKLlMG ALA [ROBESPIERRE SOUCHELEVAsiT LITERALLY COOKED TO THE- .<OUEErt*6 TASTE.'-~ I WAS / HlMSELF, CHEF TO QUEEH HAS- , RUMPH/ SOME TO TAKE; A , ^NltfS AT OLD ZOES FIRE-EATERS SPECfAL/ _ DOT •SWELL* FEATHERS, Mil T >r "I* W TM e«g Ml >rt(W YOUDIDrYT F0R-3|?f SET SOMETHING ?f BUGS BUNNY Added Service PRISCILLA'S POP Call of the Wild BY AL VERMES* ALLEY OOP Quick and Puxxllng BY V. T. HAMLlM MY GOODNESS, THAT WAS A QUICK TRIP... .THIS CERTAINDC POE6NT LOOK LIKE ANV PART OF MOO I EVER SAW.' MORTY MEEKLE I'M GLAD k YOU'RE AMBITIOUS, ) MORTY, BUT DON'T / CARRY IT TOO FAR/ Middle Man BY DICK CAVALLI IT'S GRANP TO HAVE MONEY. POSITION/ INTELLIGENCE/ SUCCESS AND GOOD LOOKS, BUT IP YOU CANT HAVE yyr EVERYTHING.. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I TLHNK' TME TALK 1 HAD WITH FRECKLES ABOUT THRtFTlNEff SAMK 1 m Plain to See f, ' LARD AND I LOBED MY CAR AMD CHANGED "ME OIL OURSELVES / BY MERRILL BLOSSER THE STORY OP MARTHA WAYNI r SURE VOU WAWT TO SEETHE EWTCK?" ME BELLOWS LIKE A BULL BREATHBSj FIRS LIKE A DRASON*- ^ Personal Visit CKAV, WHAT C©1 YOU WANT TO SEE ME ABOUT?! BY WILSON SCRUGGS VOU MEAN YttfRSTWE E0nOR7 afhaeaMB* CAPTAIN EASY A Word of the Reporter BY LESLIE TURNER MY AUkif RBCOdNIZBfJ HIM KBCBNUV! SH6 S-AtO HE WA» STARTUP TOO, AVID HU»«P Off 1 . A POUC6 CAPTAIN NAM6D JOCK WHITTLE $A1D THBV QR6W UP TOGBTHSR HBfcBi AND THAT SCAH60 COUIOMT HAVt BeiN IM ALABAMA m ATTHATTW6 WBVBR HEARD. OF THAT MAMS ON THE WKCU OHi CASBiBl^ TURK) AROyNOl

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