Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 11, 1973 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1973
Page 6
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Official Publication ESTHER VTLLE DAILY SEWS. THURS., JAN. 11, 1973 Page 6 Just advising, nor drumming up business By Abigail Van Boren e im a> mil M TI>— 1. r. *m S«M- MC DEAR AS3Y A woman who * as married far 46 rears wrsee £ irmr swrr abrot bow hard her hosbaad was to fiw wx± She asfced yoc whetrjer she should choose diporoe or •made sac she signed herself "Sabered FJWPETI ~ Yor told her divorce was preferable Are yoo raauied tt i drpnroe .^wy<er. Abby* NOSY DELAB N-Cl?Y. N». An yoa ounM to a wnrtrrtilrer? DEAR ABBY: I have bees married for nearly a year a £ IBIS: gsj who has lots to offer, bat I want oat Baddy aad I were married because we rhoagijt I »£s pregnant Ft tarasd oat I wasn't. At Srst I was happy. Thee I started to miss going out wxb other JETS aad having fua. Before I ax married I had kits of boy friends aad now I sniss a£ thai. Baddy hasn't tsistreated me. and I really do like him, tea I dacl lose hwn sad I cast see staying married to am tew a* I dast lore for the rest of my life. I talked to KIT pastor said be told me to "grew op." w4w± was BO help at all What ! reaEy wan is 2 divorce, in an what grounds' Aad bow shook} I break the news to Bate?* I hate to just waft oat. WANTS OUT DEAB WANTS: If BIMT doese't te* what's on ierei with MB — aad right new: N« ""•Sot gwy with tots to offer" wowM want to stay married t* a ggi who doesa't tore horn and vasts MIL TVi* b a matter far both «f TH to decide. He may be as glad to get rid of ywa as yoa are to get rid of him. DEAB ABSY: Because roc appear tc be an intelligent ww&as who has managed to combine a successful marriage aad faisSy with a career. I am hoping you can offer sae sos&e eaacOTcagfgrieni- I am a 24-year-old. reasonably imeSigent woman. My husband is a young profession^] mas who is presently establishing himself is basiaess. We have a beaarifnj baby. 6 months old. I have two years of coQeee credes aad want to return to get my degree. Wbes the baby is a year old I plan to take a tight coarse to begin with, aod will be away from hosae only three mornings a week. My husband is 103 per cent far it. bat my parents think I am crazy. My mother teOs roe if I go back to college it will be the nnnatit-c cf my marriage. My father feels a woman shoedd be alb-wed to go to coBege only m order to find a rich bosbani after which she sbooid stay borne aod have a baby every year. I don't feel that I am in aay way jeapardmag my marriage In fact, 1 thick ttn "protecttag T * tt After afl, how mary hncbarvk wbo are getting ahead in the worid want to rome borne to w^-es who can't talk about anything except toilet training aad the price of ground chuck? I know I'm doing the right thing. All I need is some encouragement from you. BACK TO COLLEGE DEAB BACK: Yoo hare it Voir parrsti may meaa welL, bat they're til the beam. COYFIDEVTIAL TO "JUST .ASKING" IN CLEVELAND: Yes, I carry on my person two cards. One indicating that immediately upon my death, my eyes shall go to someone who eaa nse them, the other, my kidneys. No •utter what esse I leare behind, these. I think, will be the DEAR ABBY: Six weeks ago [a week before she married my son" my daughter in law said she would like to call me by my first name since I was more like a friend than a mother. I said. ""Fine. Whatever makes you comfortable." The first time she called me "Nellie" it hit rne wrong. I realized it really wasn't fine with me. I love her like a daughter, not like a friend, and I didn't feel comfortable being called ""Nellie" by my daughter in law. I would rather she call me "Mom" or Mother Smith" or even "Mrs Smith" as she did before. I have an idea she and my son cooked up this idea because he feels more corrfortable calling her parents by their first name* rather than '"Mom and Dad." Have yoo any suggestions'' I want to resolve this before any more time passes. NAME PROBLEM IN ILLINOIS DEAR PROBLEM: TeO your daughter in las that yon dwn't feel comfortable being caBed "XelBe." and would she Kind calling yon "Mother Smith," "Mother NelBe." or something with which yon both (eel comfortable. DEAE ABBY: My almost-15-year-oIrt daughter and her l£-year-old boy friend have the habit of lying down side by sade on car very narrow coach while watching televiEJon. They don't get embarrassed when her daddy or I walk in and find them ibis way. In some respects I may be old fashioned, but I think soise things can go a little too far. 2nd I don't like to see my daughter and her boy friend is that position. If they are that close in oar home. I wonder how close they set when they are out on a date. I don't like to be a sopare mother. Abby. bat don't yoa Think I should ask them to please sit up when they're watching TV? WANTS TO DO RIGHT DEAR WANTS: The position yoo describe is toe dose for comfort. Tell year daughter that she shonld kee» both feet oa the floor. And that goes for her boy friend, too. DEAB ABBY: What do you tfaask of my fiance's r? I hare been engaged to her son for two years, aad she still refuses to meet me because she is being "loyal" to bis ex-wife. Thanks for your optmoe. LOU IN LONG BEACH DEAR LOU: Mack eh are aaksiwi to ate. Did yoa hi any way ter SM'S arswra? If not, his mother is grocery yoa saaald consider yaanetf tacky yoa dent have la any date with her. CONFIDENTIAL TO "TORN DAUGHTER IN HIGHLAND PARK*': I can understand why yonr mother is bitter about your father, from whom she is separated, bat she had no right to forbid yoa to hrrite bun to yonr home. Tefl year mother yoa will let her know ahead of time father wifl be there sa she won't ma into him. Emmet County Supervisors Approve S35,000 Transfer of Funds DeMsaber IX 15*7: "Hie Board SJCJ a: the Call <£ dae Grata? Aoc-tor wit!; Nielsen sbssas. •Cte inatMC ctf Chr istexsses, set- -m3 £d ijj KosH*.. ire 3os.-= *p- ;r<n *3 tne transfer of 53-a. >>;. freer r^ie Ejcieretw fcrtj t-re . -canr The 3oard scianisiaa*:? ci- re rtei tre C*iiimar c£ ths 3oard and cte Casrat? Aaaxor to sigr a deed retcrtiha; SaU title a? Gilbert EcgS&rc and Arris Tjrsjirti cr. istf gravf: r-n osri.r.'-2)e»s as * Z&Ttti of iirc is NT - of Se-c- :>3= -4- Tcwnsr c rSN. "iarj?e 32 *ea d ihe P.M.. ccr- 5. 1.' acre* raor? or •~x. — >oticr. Board acjsaraec tc- trs Ca-- of r."<e Cwrij AodsLor. T. L_ .'-ceiBsor Cra.rrrgft- W. Ifer>=Iscc D &re ~tier U'L 1?7T T*is Beard ir>e: a: the Ca^i of *.*» Coixr.r? Aodiior wife NK;.S*S assecL. Os TTKCJOC of Rous*, seconaed fey "*h;tereias*, the 3oard passed a Hesc'.jiion amerding the fc-j- ;c«»ir!g bjigets: Count? Treasurer froar. $3S,^.» $43.55'-: Ccwnr; Recorder frora 417,6S«fl.{iCi to $l *.S5 «S .<:»0; Coant?- .Attoraey froEr^ ^J^SKi.Oj to Sla.GMJ&C'. OB j&otkc: of Chriscens*n. sec- ondec b? Hoiise, the Board ap- prwed the fcilcwing field drain rile t* Tre £zr,r>es C -c«ar : ;;- 3<nrd of Sapervisors hereb? graats pers3iS5kc to the East Side CeEie-ter? Associarion to place a fx:: arair. tile to rac naraJ- J «: to trte COSES ? road, in the pres#r>t r»d ditch, trees the oid present r*~leter? rc »nhap- rrx-v^mti;! feet to a soit- ituc •.•.."_-.-: ir Se:t. : cc TWK, Trie * j^ts^se CK ' bxh suterial sre iar^:c jsed is iriStaJiZK the t-i-e . JX. srail :«e paid bj the East Sitfe CetDeter? Asso- :'iati .T_ T^ie Ce miter? Assoriatian must pa? for ail fatarc- mais- te."a.nre ar. the sbtn-e :2e line. The Cemeter? Asscciaticmalso agrees w re:orate and pa; for an? damaee that sheetd occur to the tSe I "n aae tc any fsj- lare road ;-or.str->:"ticr. b? Eja- met C-ounty. Ted Jomscr- Cra:rman Emmet CoaK? Board of PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIIG NOTICE sue Nine NOTICE OFSCHCOL ELECTiON PL"BLIC NOTICE is beret? gi »ec to the qoaiified voters of the EsEherrflle C-oar-jntciitj- Schoc>] District, is trie Counties of EirjT /et and DackLnson, State of Iowa, mat a special school eiec^ lion has been call est! and ordered to be held in and for said Cos> muriit? School District ce the Sth da?- of February. 1JCS, whereat there wili be subm. r ned to the voters of said Schcioi District, to be b? therr -..ara-a upon, the following proposition, LO -wit: Shall trie Estherviiie Cornman tt> Sr^>ool Distrtct. in the Counties of Emmet and Dicki'soc State -it Io»a. is- bonds in the am our. t if Hundred Fift? five Thocsarjd DcCars y.ij. : /:~ for trie purpose of building and furnishing an ad- ditioaal junior high school building in and for said School District? The polls for said election M ill be open from twelve o'clock Noon until eight o 'clock P.M. of said day. For said election the whole of said Communit? Sebco. District is consolidated into and will constitute one voting precinct and the polling place will be in the Emmet Count?"Courthouselo­ cated at 609 First Avenue North in the Cirv of Esthervilie, kwa, at which time and place ail of the qualified voters of said Schooi District are hereb? notified to appear. This notice is given by order of the Board of Directors of said Community School District and the Emmet Count?' Commissioner of Elections pursuant 10 the provisions of Chapter 296, Code of Iowa, 1971, as amended, and to a sufficient petition with the requisite signatures in accordance therewith. Dated at Esthervilie, Iowa, this 3rd day of January* 19 "3. Be try Jean Be ?Tioids Secretary, Board of Directors V.. Daniel son Emmet Count? Commissioner of Ejections (Jan. 4, 11, IS, 25. 1973' NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Notice is hereb?' given of trie incorporation of Esther* ille Sand and Grave:, inc.. under the provisions of Chapter 496.-. Code of low a 197L Said corporation commenced on the 29ih da? of December, 1972, and its duration is perpetaai. The purpose of this corporation as stated in its Articles of Incorporation is to engage in and to do an? lawful ac. concerning an? aad ail lawful businesses for which corporations ma? be organized under said Chapter. The .-urooer of shares wciCB it is a^tharized to issue is One Tnousand Shares iJj'fy of On* Hundred Dotiars''.SlOt-.'.'O'- par vai^e ccc.mor. suck. Trie address uT its registered office -s lil-l T.-.rc Avenue 5 o £ 11, Esireriiije, Emmet Caanr?, kwa, and its registered agent at socr address is Stanie? Fagre. Tne names and addresses of its directors as designated in its Articies of incorporation are: Siix-e? Fagre 1515 North Sixth Street, Estheniie, kwa 51334 Lois Fagre 1515 North Sixth Street, Esther, ii^e. Iowa 51334 ESTEEEVrLLE SAND AND GRAVEL, INC. 3?-: STANLEY FAGRE, President ATTEST: Lois Fagre, Secretary IJan. 11. 1ST3) Notice ii Narries of Persons .Appearing tc be Owners of Abandoned Propertj" Information cor/ceming the amount or description of the personal propen? and ihe name and address i the holder ma?' oe obtained 2? an? perscr.s. pos- sessne an ir.teresi ir. the personal pro;*rt? b? addressing ar ingij..r? to the State Treasurer. If p.-erf of claim is not pre­ setted by the owner to the holder and i the owner's right to receive the properr? is not estab- Itshec to the holder's satisfaction within six~.-five .55^ ca ?s from the date of the second pub- it's ned notice, the abandoned pro- pert? will be p.acec no later than eighty-five .i5 s days after stjch p'jt-l icaticci ir. me custod? of the State Treasurer to whom all further claims must thereafter X directed. MAURICE E BARINGER Treasurer State of Iowa Ph. .515'' 251-5540 EMMET COUNTY Ac cola, bar Biraun, C. M_ Carter, Harold O. Case, Ed M. Cochran, Donald Ccoper. Alfred Craft. Verland Eickhoff. J. >». Freshwaters, J. G. Fr?e Mfg. Co. Guzman. Ciaro Hassenbucah, L L Keeuund. Kenneth W. House, H. V. Jensen. K. C., Esthervilie. Ir>»a La is son. Ruth. Mancuso, Joseph J., D Co. I si 3N, Parris Island. S.C. Marfeld, J. K. Marshall, Mrs. Emma, 1C'9 Centra! Ave., Esthervilie, Iowa McCieary, Joe McGanen, Theodore R?an, Daniel Smith, Roger Venderhorn, Richard "I'OSS , M?Ton, Chevedan, Iowa Willis. D. R. ;Jan. 4. li, 1973' Sspemsors CB rrwtijB of CSsristtsssea. seconded b? R«ise, the foiifc»win£ ResoliKion «as passeid. to be effective cc Janatar? L 1973. RESOUTIOX '""HEREAS. the Court? of Emmet, of the State of kwa. has placed the following stop signs as set for m Sections 32i^252 th-oagr. rf *e 15*2 Code of So»-sa"KER £AS- the legal Vocatkc of ea ch stop sign is giver as follows: Farm to Market Haste 10S1 shall now stop for Roxate 11C*4 at tne S - Cor. Sec- 22, THKiN. Ti\s shall oe a Fon:rwa? Stop. rarrr. to Market R<scte 1315 shall step at fowa 2 5 at "»'..• Cor. Sec. 35-99-31. thence east sra ^i ae a through roate. and all approach roads shall stop. Farm to Market Route 1K<5 from S« Cor. Sec 34-9S-34 Nc-rth to '«'..• Cor. Sec. 15-9S- 54 shall be a through route, and all apprcach roads shall stop- Farm to Market Roate IKC freer. Rcute i6 South to SW Cor. Sec. 33-95-31 shall be a through road, arid all approach roads shall stop. Stcip Signs are also located at trie following locations: NVk Cor. Sec. 13-99-31 from the South SW Cor. Sec. 2»-9 >-3l from tne East S"A Cor. Sec. 10-95-34 from the East Route 34) Addition NE Cor. Sec. 1&-9S-J4 froos the *ne*t .."Rosae M> Addidoes. TO THE EMMET COUNTY BOARD OF SUPER VISORS This will certify that the popa- iati.-r of Ezrancs Coerory is 14.- i<f-9 h? the official cesssss rflST* and that the iast ialid assessed valuatirc of Emmet Gcoory certified by the Emanet C-CSESC ? Assessor was S4*.Is*.i54.0fL These valoe* are for ase of the Supers isors in desenaini^ pa?" t.-acWt of cosnr? officers and deputies and ersitje Emmet Coarsr? Aaditor. Treasurer. Re-corder and Clerk of District Court to 5.3.3 '>:>.i >i | based <m popaiatior. arid $4. SSC..<iO based OB assessed \ al oe, mai'ing a total saiar? of S7.S5&.i«C-. The Count? Anar- rie? and Sheriff pa? bill is based or population brackets aril?' en- riiiing the Attorne? to $7,330.00 and Sheriff 3f»Ct.£<s annually plus $7>';,'Xi housing allowance. First depur?' of s.herffi' may receive S5 per cent of sheriff s salary onl?, no percentage of the housing allowance. Depones of other principals are entitled to Si per cent of officers salaries. Respectfully submitted M. Danielson Emmet County Auditor After receiving and considering the above certificate, Christensen. seconded by Whiiehoase, introduced the following resolu- tioc and mon-ed its adoption: WHEREAS Emmet Count?' has a certified taxable value of $46,136,234.00 and population of 14,- and FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS Buy* NOW ... on our big annual tform wkh SALE and onjoy bright new FURNITURE and FLOOR COVERINGS throughout thm BRAND NEW YEAR . .. 1973. TRADE! TRADE! Ww'rw o//ow/ng tho top TRADE-IN DOLLAR for your OLD FURNITURE, oven at our LOW, LOW SALE PRICES. Com* in. A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOU! F. .iidstron liraiftrt • FREE DELIVERY • Phono 936-1557 - Spirit Lake The ftashingjoo Monument has 898 steps. NOW APPEARING HIGHLANDER CLUB ESTHERVILIE, IOWA The JOHNNY MOORE SHOW five SEASONED PROFESSIONALS fEAWItiNG THE LATEST IN - COUNTRY - POP - COMEDY - WEDNESDAY THRU SATURDAY - ^ apft, the CoKxvry Aaditor is here- o? directed begiming Jamary L 197J. to pay the Emmet Count? Auditor. Clerk of District Court, Treasurer aad Recorder monthly a: the rate of S7,S3fl. 00 annually, and the Gone? Attorney at the rate of S7.S$0,C«0 annually and the Sheriff month!?- at the rate of $8,500.00 annually, plus a $750.00 annual housing allowance. On motion Board adjourned until January 2, 1973. T. L. Johnson Chairman M. Danielson Auditor (Jan. 1L 1973) PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE EMMET COUNTY AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION EDUCATION FUND January L 19*2. to December 3L 1972 RECEIPTS- Balance on band January L 1972 * 7,280.48 Treasurer - Count? Extension Fund 20,139.74 300.00 toonr? Other income TOTAL RECEIPTS S27.720.22 DISBURSEMENTS: Salary- Gene Raliestad (x) June Steinborn ix) Richard Haack Cx> Io»a State University— Ca Share Trainee (x) Elizabeth Parsons Sharon E Gordon Sandra S. Haack Shirley A. Limberg Barbara Slingerland U. S. Social Security Commission S 3,700.00 1,850.00 L&50.00 165.34 4,920.00 215.25 21.00 7.00 80.50 272.67 (employer's snare la. Public EanpVoyees' Retirement System (employer's shared Travel: Gene Rullestad June Ste inborn Richard Haack - ; Bob Baschke-CcMnr?' share G«) Trainee Iowa State Univ. — County share Area Specialists Communications: Postmaster—postage Northwestern Bell—Telephone Office Supplies: Koch Bros,, calendar fillers Yates Stationers—miscellaneous supplies Marshall Printing- accu books and vouchers ... hi. State Umh-.-bulletins, film, envelopes Esthervilie Drug— miscellaneous office supplies - ~ Ki C Office Equip. — copier paper i ballpoints . Typewriter Exchange—miscellaneous office supplies A. B. Dick Products — Mimeo supplies and paper Advanced Systems, Inc. — Photocopier paper Supc of Documents— USDA bulletins Spencer Printing— Co. share Area Newsletter masters Emmet Co. State Bank—Trust a-c checks Midwest Carbon— Carbon paper and ballpoints Rexal! Drug— miscellaneous IBM— ribbons Modern Business Equip.— Co. share Newsletter paper Ail-American Transport— Freight on envelopes Lyon Co. Reporter— Co. share Area Brochure .. Equipment and Repairs: Yates Stationers— Service on typewriter - Advanced Sytems— Service on The rroof ax Sears—tools Peepies Camera—Service on projector Esthervilie Drug— Projector bulb IBM—Typewriter and pad Recber, Inc.—batteries R & C Supply - Sharpener H. A. Holmin, Inc.— Portable Public Address System Olson Electric— repair extension cord Bre? J s Radio—Service on tape recorder Project Activity: L. M. Christensen Co., sewing lesson material ESU— films and lesson materials Stub's, Spencer— In-Service meeting expense ... Gardston Hotel—Meeting rooms rental Red Owl— Foods lesson materials Mrs. Wilfred Brown—Sewing lesson poster .... Electric Motor Serv.— Pasture plot equipment serviced Brajton Chemical— Dutch Elm Disease treatment Mrs. Dorothy Neppl— Chaperone 4-H Citizenship trip American Inc. Life ms.—4-H camp insurance ... Ingham Lutheran Camp— Field Day rental Stall's Farm Store— 4-H eartags Sheltren's — Pasture plot equipment repair la. Retail Federation— Consumer Ed. material . Spencer Printing— Co. share Bays' 4-H material A. Wedebrand—Meeting room services (4-^ .... Forest Farms Store— Horse Project charts Red Owl, Spirit Lake— Co. share foods lesson ... Publications: Fairmont Bail?- Sentinel Journal of Extension Dome's Ag Service Esthervilie Daily News U.S. News 4 World Report Univ. of Minnesota— Reference bulletins Family Health EU— Ag Oiemical reference books M, Bohlsen— Home Ec resource material .Armstrong Journal Drovers Journal Home Ec Forecast Changing Times Consumer Reports Insurance, Legal Nonces and Bonds: Armstrong Journal, Publishing financial statement Larson Agency—General liability ins EvUle Daily News, financial statement S. election notice Timmins Agency— Ins. on photography equipment 49.OO Farmers Elev. Muu Ins,—Treasurer's bond 15.00 TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS .. S19.T55.63 BALANCE DEC. 31. 1972 « 7,964.59 (x> This amount does not include state and federal funds paid direct!} 10 field staff as salary. STATE OF IOWA ss EMMET COUNTY L Donald Umdy, Chairman, and L LeRoy G Hansen, Treasurer of the Emmet County Agricultural Extension Council, being duly sworn on oath, state to the best of our knowledge and belief, that the items iiM iiaied io the foregoing Financial Report are a true and correct statement of the receipts and expenditures of the Emmet County Agricaltnral Fartewsinw Education Fund. Skmed Donald L. Lundy, Chairman Signed Leroy G. Hansen, Treasurer Snfcscrifaed aad sworn to before me on this 29th day of December, 1972. Florence LeMasffr Notary Pnfclic SEAL (Jan. U, 1973) 172.20 935.95 519.02 74L43 132.44 720.00 158.90 644.71 1Z27 76.11 37.03 113.23 9.03 55.03 28.01 323.47 65.53 10.00 16.75 7.40 13.04 13.95 36.55 35.90 7.00 76.80 4.30 134.31 5.2S 3.30 2.99 4SS.S5 5.00 14.50 1S7.35 1 .25 6.70 9.00 117.72 6.20 79.70 S.S7 2.50 11.C* 25.0C: 3.57 20.00 7L84 75.00 24.30 S.63 10.00 3.90 5.29 17.95 7.00 17.50 29.70 12.00 L50 3.00 6.00 2.50 4.00 11.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 68.93 40.00 54.25 I 1

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