Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 20, 1960 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1960
Page 9
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MONDAY, JUNE 20,1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH msmmm You Ye the Doctor By Jotepfc D. Wuieiwif, M. D. TIM moit Important tuft tot Inyont on • tfitt la: It tm't hew moon yo« takt off but much fMftt you Imp to cut oufthe rfeh foatft. But he should make awe, also, that he docs not inctMN the quantities of foods with a low* , er calorie count, f* these pa- oft that ominta. Th« fftrean tients, a catorie-ottnttfif Book* who has to km wtlfht (MM* '« »» often helpful. Up three: to keep his wttfht off, not tor Oet a calorie* counter. Occasionally, a patient who is supposed to hi on • diet comes into the office showing me how much weight he lost. "Look here, Doc, two weeks ago my belt used to be in this notch. Now T can pull It way over to here," and he shown me that his belt can be tightened two notches further. Still, when I come to place him on the scales, 1 may find lhat he has actually gained two or three pounds. When you ask this person it he ever bothered to get on the scale since he was last in your office he says, no, he didn't think it was necessary. This approach, of course, deserves nothing but a sharp rebuke. The purpose of dieting is to take weight off. For this, you need a scale. Tip four: Without a scale, all is lost. Dieting is serious business. Overweight leads to disability and death from high blood pressure, heart "disease, and diabetes. , net tar of A month, but for* •ver. , On* e«n only Hugh at new** paper and .matfuine articles that promote sensational weight toss through tome food- faddist approach. Let the reader beware when the article it titled, "fresh Sauerkraut Juice Diet for Youthful Figures," or the equally nonsensical "I Lost Thirty-Six Pounds By New Malted Orange-Peel Diet." In these spectacular diets, the patient may lose thirty-slx pounds in three days but will gain forty back in the next week. The first tip for dieters, then is persistence. Don't Emphaslte Speed Unless a person Is troubled by diabetes or high blood pressure or heart failure, It is not necessary to emphasize speed in dieting. Some persons, of course, have no intention of really losing weight. They, arc quite smug and satisfied with themselves as they are. They regard themselves as being more attractive if their face is round with fat and not lined with a few natural wrinkles. These people consider any attempt to take weight off as a threat to their security. And, for them, dieting is only a conversation piece. They want to read about dieting, talk about dieting, but they never want to diet. Suitable motivation may come only with illness. Once they get sick, they may become frightened. Then, and only then, will they be truly motivated to reduce. Some people say, "I can't understand why I don't lose weight, Doctor. I never eat breakfast." The fact of the matter is that, for most persons, skipping breakfast is a good way of getting fat, because it encourages nibbling all day long and, what is even worse, raiding the icebox before supper. Breakfast usually amounts to only about 200 calories and this is exceeded if one has a piece of cake and a glass of milk at bedtime or a brownie after lunch. Don't Cut Meals The second tip, then, is don't cut out any meals. Remember that four s.mall meals of 250-300 caloriesseach will only amount to a 1000 or 1200 calories a day.;;A jtWge, full course din ner : a'f rtlglit can come to close to 3060 calories. If you don't eat during the day, you may be so hungry at night as to devour all this and more. Other patients say, "I can't understand why I haven't lost weight these last few weeks because I have cut out the rich foods." In these cases, the dieting has failed because the patient has turned to larger quantities of less highly caloric foods. It's much as if one spends five pennies instead' of one nickel. You may have cut out the desserts but you take an extra helping of peas or a larger portion of meat. This is not to say that the person on a diet doesn't have OotmetM tHipuoawDftt ejv mi* portant hut so Is health! TTHs leacia u» to tue ^uesfion of massage and exercise. Massage Is a nice thing, tt is restful, relaxing, and often makes a person feel as good as if, let us say, he has a martini. It Is a pleasant way to live If one can afford it, but it has nothing to do with dieting or losing weight from the standpoint of weight reduction, it is likely that the effort involved In massage is more beneficial to the giver than to the receiver. As for exercise, a person has to walk thirty-six miles to lose one pound. This is not to say that one should avoid exercise. Dieting plus exercise will enable a person to lose more weight than dieting alone. But exercise, as a sole method of weight reduction Is usually of little value. Dirt pills and medicines to curb the appetite are often of little value if the patient lacks motivation. The reason that so many different tablets and liquids are available Is that none of them is of universal value. In certain cases, they may be ogical Invettifationa and for land acquisition and dVtttofMiienl of Buy StV At Carbondale SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP)-Cov. Stratton has released $397,090 for the purchase of property needed for classrooms and offices at Southern Illinois University. The governor alao announced Friday the release of $33,433 as the state's share for work com pleted to date on a sewage treat' mem and disposal plant in Car* bondate. At the sarie time, Stratton released $182,300 for the purchase of 290H acres of farm property to replace present farm property being used for campus purposes at Illinois State Normal Univer sity. Other released Included; $50,000 tor field surveys, geo- the Fox River valley. 123,900 for land acquisition and development of Spring Lake conservation area in Tacewell County. $4,300 for a lighting system and for surfacing and construction of VACATION AND HOLIDAY SILVER DOLLAR DRY CLEANING SPECIAL THIS WEEK 909 E. Broadway 2012 Stare St. 226 E. Elm 436 N. Wood River Ave. dangerous, so your physician had better be consulted. If your physician has given you a diet recently, follow It much as you would prayers In a prayer book. Don't improvise. ' O I960 N. Y. Herald Tribune, Inc. FAMOUS CLEANERS ft DYERS 1221 Milton Rood HOward 5-4323 SPECIAL! JUNE 20 thru JUNE 25 At BRIGHTON - The Rev. W. Kfnnard Lacy, pastor of the Presbyterian Chorch, Is serving on the staff of Alton Presbytery's Senior High Youth Conference at Blackburn College a runway extension at Carmi Municipal Airport, Carml. this week, Tnvte 7<juft§ people from the BMphluii ChuKh attend* ing the %nich began Sunday and wtll end June 29, are Joanna Hale, Sharon Rothe, and Tom Schmoeller. Teaotet ft Hwpltal FBQUpCr&Unf at Hospital « ' Wntonl plans to teach at Palmyra next) year. She was visited Sunday afternoon by Mr. and Mrt. Carl Collins and family and Miss Alma Roettgers. Miss Roettgers BRIGHTON - Mrs. Alberta Wilton, a sixth grade teacher land Mrs. Collins are sisters of here for the past two years, is I Mrs. Wilton. Buys: t CM OeM • OmMOeM 9 t AMlejwi 118 P1ASA ST. ALTON Telegraph Want Adi "CLICK" Beautifully Clianid and Prtsiid • 1-DayCltaninf On Rtquiit • 2-Day Laundry Sarvici SAVE 10% TAX PLUS A Special Price Reduction! 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