Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 11, 1973 · Page 2
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 2

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1973
Page 2
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"S 1 - - NeN^provjdence New Home For Graettinger Newlyweds Jwrw tr. hone ar. St 1 * Prcn--~ deaee &rt Mr trie Mrs. LxiMe Dear 5srJ&, x».-7Jtc Dec. $k ISTi. ir nr. yis^rrir trsresntiry as 3es3e-l Lucie rax Cacret, The bride is a* fa-rnw Bbx- dx Lyar Jts :e&±%. taatrnur uf Mr. «ic Mrs_ Tr-ant jacioset :if Graesinser arid the irriasgrxc: as. sot ef Mr- ssit Mrs. Wtyas SBTMX af OntmaTgfrr. Tie- rer*- iriar' mti per? rc-ised iv •Q. Beitr, c c ts: with tr- rRTgi3IH:rT-r af ILUi trii »-r..Ci rxnr- par znt;T -.-f. K 'lA-l'r .lT. -GL TJ5TS ere «'e-> i*Hnr verir littered 1' Ireir 5.e:S .ti tie i)rjaarr«:nr_ Trie? *trs parents nf ire rciaple ans 're Wot/d, Carol Hiyyitt £6**w tritH s jnt-ia:ar ='.Ti5.. Mr. t:i: Mrs, M: j;cii-ii. tin hr-ibisr -ior: '* r-i.-i~rj-.-iir. Jtri. Urs; .Vijf. ire .'-tr. Mrs )w=.TrT Lrit...a.-t:.. tre z>? ibe- error J raptiS— a. *.px :5 >r-.-s- The urnr* w =_s pv:. i? Sect her parsnu arc =•?xrt*S Ki si* alar 17 *er fairer. Her grcwr was designed -of peas ir *as V'eris* ia-:e -wrEfc errvrre b:«rbt* fes.rszr.iag hagi re-dlXe y'C tcStKlp S )**T«i. riieauc pete St- S-CM bardersd tae A—iros sain aad ars* tried chaps! trair- Ber amekc htaflpafrgfe of Yes_s* .are re.: a :_-ruiar i*l. af Safciiii. rryix. Lias iris. Sibe car- rifci * 3 .s.cabfc of ij£hr biae ;o— pans. baby's breast and* r:<s*s «E2.-*: * wrse Dar-tiess ros*. A 7T BOOING THE BLITHE were •la."; <* start as raiii of hariar, *-_ir G.*ras;, Saatnre Trici tar rilwird. Tae? vtr? tzziTtc ir aai cnaiei r-tlvt: jr, r.:or - ^Sfflgsi gcaras vat .aag •jtrris-d nossgEj -i of 3i^n biae *id parr pacii aac aat?'s Best ratn Jat &»Tst wii H-oes-r H.»e, Efern? Jaaofe&oe trd litre ?«6 -L &ae s-e.-T-ris is grascii^ s«a_ Tre jyVifgr ^ioec wis E- tir&i E i ftrif: js. cites of rvyhi »4i5£ raSeid srin srii' t >J .i-t-i pexis. His bccccciratrt irs^ t Dtehfess rose. Tre gnaansrotg. >rcr* ixiT^anisrzS <£ iagiE isiat Usiers were Sec •Jss -oteec, . I>.rjr S»sg one NanB£B K> ESTHESV1LLE DAILY XEWS. THUiS., JAN. >>, Pqg'e 2 Carol Erickson, Randy Blass Wed. Living in Estherville 3 /r. a/ic/ Lonnie Smith GOING FAST! THE BEAUTIFUL WINTER ISSUE. . . I0WAN MAGAZINE featuring a . . . 4-PAGE SPRI ON ESTHERVIILE'SJ WINTER i SPORTS FESTIVAL! HURRY! SUPPLY! ! Housing Plan I On Program At Wa-Tan-Ye SEIS3CAL SE1X.CT30NS ir- •"Trie '«sarSoar" aid -'Tie -JOT^S ?T 2 T 5 T." J^r. sjai Mrs. Kees xn£ Saani Parks E: ti» organ Mrs. Jtwo &eB, scRrer of tbe- sriafc, wars s iiiH; isui -dress as; the briaegrooBE 's ewebsr isa ciio5 «rj a fctiBjs 3sr -Ti. Beet iac *r:tfe ras* parsages. Pers -ncaL aTtanoasii .'or tiK- Dria= n-er-i 5»Jrs. 3ab J&sobsei: a_riQ Ji ^rs. Craig jjxc'zu. Fo ^cm -j -iT lbs »r%E>cc?', gaerss »r.-r grwuc is * r««e?- •D.-:c i: -A=- c-hurt .r fellowship Hall. Mr. aac Mrs. Cerier Gjer- -oe were hosis wiii JiKtr Hali aid -JO>OB Bersleff artrnding ?be ^»=53 took, Caise wa3 cc aad s*rTfc!: trv Mrs. ?vorniaD OLs.oc an3 Mrs. r .o'j;n Saig. Gtesns were serr- ec coflfee bj- Mrs. Carl Scremec aad Mrs. Join Smith and punch by Mr. aoc Mrs. Sonsaa her&cc Gifts were sneoded fa;- Carla Sar*. Soer2?x Fry aic Be^;.- BrowTu Fe/p Olsons On 25th Year TEHBH - It", aac Mrs. Diw. I'ls-cc »?r& Maoris at oper j cis sus s-Sri I-'JS ~c~js:r~jz. ~x I Vi 'a-Tar-"i"t i- j, rfeKiag T^-s-aa;. , ever .rjT a; Hxtl. j Mrs. Harris:: Barnes., pres:- j 6KT . of ire i»^rf £ rir-rc^rs ! ss plans for sotijircciias: of -f-. r -jf aoas* Sxi&j-, D&c SL for tneir wfeii_-ig ariT.ri ers^rv. Ap- proximaeiy ^1 frieoite aao rela- rh=s &a*aasd affair, wfcicb was hos^ics: cj- iheir ciUcrs^i: lir. arc Mrs. Terr; Gts-cc of 4-PAGE SPREAD ! ^^^S 'rr^:^ ap- poJKTjer.: "»"=-s rriaie of a ri'jer- Ireiirg ;-e-'~r.:ri=-£ for '"la-Taa-Ye of Dii.-arr. H.-arers. Mar? ?eier- ~or. an: Maricc 0r>'ls. Has^esses for ire -i Ejeirlters soi t »c ^jesis ai -£?nii3g were Lzer^ ?ar- axi-: Jo;. « Yau :5.. ?lar.s fee ire »%: sieeiiag i> c.->2£- a suerii a^i'i >'C. fcr J&T- 2-i i _r ihe Srii -re ?. Q »~ of ire Garasiac Ha*l. Mrs. Irene Os- ocrae aas Mrs. Crrisune Hecrer »1J » rji*!es.s-irs. Moorberg 25th T£1H?.I1. — Ar. cc »er. ro^se wiii i>e reli S^ia;., Jai. 24, rnxjcsr- ing Mr. ard Mrs. Joe Moor- ber§ a", ireir - >:r. w &ddir^ saaj- verS-arj. Hosis t>~ ijeir"lj- dret, Narcr;. an; Briar, for the affair In ifae ftvasi <£ }<fr. aaij Mrs. Gey Eitk fr;«c i to 5 A12 frieais are iEviie: ur auerai Special guests were Mrs. iter Beet of Calif piT'l? wrx. rac Mn- ei as trie:.- rraii' of iiooor, aai Myr; Ot&oo, »t»i afcS serrec %s tesi rar a: iteir we:ddlrj£. A f3ora.l sj-rsagmss: rcss-rs ces3i* rec i-te 5 *r»'iagiai<Je lyra sac Be~>-. Sippai poach *» Mrs. Ariere lArs-oc aai Mrs Beraarc Sie.irriarr presiafes a ire coffee s^r<:ii^- ••sac Potluck IS LIMITED! DAILY NEWS Ti_FLEH- — The Semp*r / i3£- ,1s Ose "ill 1 JO3C its pxirek £E.er3aticr&". I>irrer x. Sssaaay, Jar_ li, a: 6:50- p.r_. ir. ine La- iheraa Church parlors. S »S1 »e ire axaisl Men's Nighs whec njeaoers sring ti *Lr rusheads aic .^ie£-. coaples.. Tre prugrarri wHi be giver: by Edaarfi Piers ne, lie foreigr- ezct&nge sradeai frocc tat Se- Tfaeriaofc, wbo is saendkig lie Terril scbto! this year. PINCHED NERVES Every case af piDched aerv«s presezas iis cws -jsig-je probieca depending on iae locatiaij sad eueasheaess c£ involveniesE. fc one ca*e fregaeis pair. tsrcFjgh the &caJ.p ans bead may be toe CKE- szzniirtg s}~mpxen. fc some punftrt" discrtfers of tie heart, suznach, bewei, or bladster are fouBasL Otters nay aeveiop paass is tie chest, aedfc, bact, shaiitiers, legs, or abdosoes, dizziness, visual disorders, joint pair^, nats-cie spasms or paral>sis. Cases it par.'rhe-c nerves aerrian; _ j —. ..^ -— ^jT&zisn: are i-il-izirjg proper roetbocis ibat reach tie CAISE of iae candhuac . . . re.-ejj. s.c »rie ii^eriipi ir- wer lie s ;»Tngrfgns .Tte Key tc yoer heal 12. prccdeE: nia;» ae a >ie!^r&-Sparia. ;-cniiiix irai cas be correciEd fcp- arirteqati^ir' Cfaircgjinictk: cane. WlttEY CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE 406 V/. CENTRAL AVENUE - £STHr^V?LLE - PHONE 712-362-3455 ««r/ Vr.«. Mvro/i Linn Rustad, Linn Wed In Wallingford TESB3L - Citrri: ABE Ericfi- s -ai. aatggBfr af Mr. sua Mri- C r>nr. Erirsfcsar. T*rriL be- casi* lie bridi- of S*a5y Bliss, sec. Mr. Baai Mrs- Sonnsa Bias.s df EsdK-rrilje. BE3 Dec. la, a: J-Jt; p_E. M*gr. CktHrar S.oe*- jsr aCTiriaiac si lie dsable-riqg «rsoan? be!3 s: Su ^asepfc Ciiboli-r Cruirrt i- M2fcrd. The •tiitr w-as appcffiH&a wits red paaase-rciis. Mrs.. Gil ben Teldharrier. nr- gtresL. plavj'&c ibe traiiricnai HermKE Birhcer as re s;arE •-w^dciqr Prayfr." Ga"EN £N MABBL4GE by her iatxer, rbe bride was saired is a WTHIB whs fjccr-l-aaga gems, insssriag as empire waisi and fall sleevsi.. raffdec aiiae wrists, sad iKtciiine. Biiaesnane and pearl trin a^-raaieD the waisi- line. The in-o-iier veil was anacb- ed io red re] rat ribbon aas her Dcddace was a gifi from the gTCMsc The bridal boagaei was c£ red carnations., red star flowers and boliy wiir. red ribban sxreaiDers. AaeaiSag the bride were Mrs. Mar-rin Pacison as maid af hoa- or auQ KareE Ericksoc, sister of tie bride, as .iunior bridesmaid. They wore red velvet g&xns a «snisd by while boleros. Each carries a red and white carnation baaguet. Personal attendant was Lois Keagie. Assisting wii fiowers was Mrs. Wayne Moore. Leaxne Bosta:., d2 .isgh£er c£ Mrs. Low e!il Bastad. Esthe rrHl e. bfrsaase tie bribe of M>TOO Llrr. of Esthervilie ir, a heid I>er.. >v ir; ire '''ailirjgfcri L'.lherar Charch. Tre bribe£TD:.rr,, s-itr. tf Mr. arid !irs. SoLao: Lmr. T>ss Mcines. is a p»hysics iartructc-r at Estiervfile High School. Tae Kev. Wesley Brodis aif> cJated and masic was provided sy Ptul Petersen, jfeUSggforci, orgarist wiifc tershe Linn as se-ioist. GO"A?K FC« THE BRIDE an: her adeodams bad beea Di £e o, Seriese Lair, EsthervEje, acted as persooai aaseEi3ant. Tre bridal dress was styled with en> broidsred -I 'rgaaiz.a 'acrfic* "'ih a sfein of wbiie s.aiirj la ernpire lire. Her veil ws.s reidbv abe-ad- pie c-e of s»ir5ed satin rugiljgtes»i with crystal beading.. Sne ;:arrie.i i bnja'jet of .veil tur, lavei- wric oe: stieciS an; whj Her atteridar:ts were Jer- Gceoe, M^jitata as serrc 5T da. t-crjpie, Haadal Lias and Johc B .^.52d, sertTed as ushers. •Guests were rec*h« after tbe crrer..x> in ire chcrch par- .irs- Diane Linr_ sister <3f the e-r.i'egroi'rr:. preSarCJe^c ai tre tjii-, register. Mate B^stad, Da- Mat he as-tc arid Julie Carran "ere ir. charge csf display af HOSTS FOR THE reception were Mr. and Mrs. GaryGunder- sx, Superior. A cake, which had teen made by Mrs. Ircna Smith, Lstheiriiie, VOLS served fay Mrs. Smixr> and Delaine Bustad, Wal• IkKjord. C<^fe« was poared b? H 'tien Mat^gasor; aas IWE^aa He- r_rr. Vijuiingfo-ro. arid piinch Mar;.' Zoders-oo, Essierviiie. A relist Cbarlscej, Esiben was ir. charge of service. 'A'ai- »ere Citidy Lundgren, Sharx. Hustad. rlaihleer Kieis-et, s'-Tii-:. '«'a..rsfe-ri The l.ete:- c -i lir-tje csf tre there:, assisted ir. trie ?eitthe-- tiy lie hixic*r with Jea^ Ca: ra Petersen, :-xh of EstiervLie. as bridesmaids. .Arry ? Estherville, was Ce>wer giri. Tneir dresses feaarired iaTeuder crepe bccii-es set ir. pr-rpte siins eif trusred -.-eivet. EAC: trarried a sirueie v-eilc*** reise.. BEST MAN BOB the occasix was Lee WiHia-iif <^ 3*s Moiaes with Ste--e He-mas, fenra Cirj. and Dave Wtoi. Cedar Bapiels, a; grc-ansneo. Brxhers af tre tr.- ae *i .-ed wedding -ip to Geeir- Itzae wher ibe 5ride -groc »ne, a seceod 3k <aifcrj6ia ir, the U.S. Arscy, wiii be laiarg afTlcers sraixdai- tiere. He is a grradaate of l^TO froosUruversity of Sonfe- eix icwa wt -r. 5 B. A, i- edbesrite. Tre bride is a 1 fT 1 gradaate of Estrerv_-.e Hjgs Serieol and has beet, errtipi er.e-d a; assacaite lea crier fe -r roerjrs ..i, v retarded stLieerts.. MARVIN PATTBON served as best can and Alan Kent was the junior groomsman. The men in the wedding partv' wore white jackets, belled black trousers and red shirts with white ties. Each wore a red carnation bout- onrjere. Guests were ushered by Chuck Erickson and Chris Blass, brother of the bridegroom. For her daughter's wedding, Mrs. Erickson chose a navy blue street-length dress and wore a red and white carnation corsage. Mrs. Blass wore a pink dress with a white carnation corsage. Honored guest at the service was Raphael Huss, grandfather of the bride. A RECEPTION was held immediately fol lowing the ceremony, is the church parlors. Dining room hosts were Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Ericteao and Mr. and Mrs. Doc Ericisecu April Kent presided at the guest book. The irre*-tiered wedding cake was served by Mrs. Veriia Gei- hatis aiid Mrs. Chris 31ass, Mrs. K&rers Ken ptr^red e-effee and Lois Keagle dipped panch. Assisting with the gifts were Mrs. "A'iasKE Larsoss, Mrs. Kal rergascic aad Kaxfcy Alvesta.d. rt'aitresses »*re Conaie Gtson, i-jtaaa Bal:er, Mary- Hoppe and Barbara flraft. Kitchen helpers »ere Mrs. Darial Deterinax, Mrs. Leeoard Zieeierich, Mrs. Darre.. Maeetbe»s, Mrs. Bill Zii- tericb ar<i Mrs. Bee Bitar. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Blass ate of the Terril Communic Estheniile. School and is aaendine office -* or ter ~a'«'e;tas e clerical classes at EXC OE the nsw Mr5 - B: ~ is -- os Emmetsburg campus. The bridegroom is a 1J71 graduate of Estherville High School, 100k stud;.- ai HCC and at present is farming and associated with Blass Appliances in THE L0CKH0RNS blue, krii pant s_.: an: weddinr trie v- CTBha. ire" temple is 1: Men, you buy fre Chicken be Colonel buy: the dessert ONEIDA* DELUXE STAINLESS 6-PIECE PLACE SETTING $499 CONSUMES PR?C£ CX)MMUNfTY* STAINLESS 6 -PIECE PLACE SETTING $C99 1 FREE Pie with eoch Dinner Box 3 FREE Pies with eoch Thrift Box 5 FREE Pies with eoch Bucket or Barrel Every cay th is week the CoioneJ wilt treat you to dessert with any purchase of his finger 3.*cfcirr good Kentucky Fned Cr cken. The more you bay. the sweeter the deal. Offer good thru Janjcry 14th. Visit the Colonel flry O JT aor-8 -Oue Ribs) fctftudty fried ^kid(€Ms l^OO^Ej^RAL^ESTHK V\U£^- _PHONE 362-5351 CONSUMER P-StCE I ! e^ECEPLACE SETTING consists of: 2 Teaspoons Soup Spoon, D,nner Knife, Dinner Fork an d SaS. Christensen JcmcIoi»s ii£jE!^l^^ ther v5lle, Iowa

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