Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 20, 1960 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1960
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE 20, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Hospital Note* IT, JOSIPM't _, „ SfftGtCAL Mrs. Blenna M. Godar, 722 Central John 0. Ewing, « Sullivan John C. Gray, Rt. 3, Jerseyville Mrs. Irene Shrout. Cottage Hills Miss Lynn Logsdon, 238 Oaktey. East Alton Earl L McNear, Rt. 2. Godfrey Mrs. Mary S. Lorsbach, Hardln Mrs. Rosemarle Brown, 4024 Aberdeen James C. Fertile, 204 Cardot, East Alton Mrs. Bernlce Hedger, Rt. 1, East Alton Mrs. Fnuntella Smith, Bethalto Thomas J. Heltzman, 1718 Oakwood Mrs. Ruth G. Blodget, 315 Serlng Thomas Duggan, 518 Mather MEDICAL Mrs. Alice Simpson, 1036 Belle Mrs. Faye Schwab, Rt. 1, Shipman Mrs. Antonla M. Torrez, 305 Me- Clure Mrs. Peggy Carter, 1232 E. 7th Allen A. Barnerd, Godfrey Mrs. Irene Scott. Jerseyvllle Michael A. Hayes, West Alton, Mo. Robert A. Johnson, Rt. 1. Alton Jess 0. Bennett, 304 McClure DISMISSALS Mrs. Anna Baker, Rt. 1, Alton Miss Katherine Barrett, 1221 W. 9th Mrs. Roberta Cooper. 401 Ohio, East Alton Miss Mary K. Donner, Rt. 1, Edwardsville Ingram, 30 Sulll- Randall L. Mouiton, Bunker Hill Mrs. Mary R. Wachtel, 1725 Rodgers DISMISSALS Miss Linda C. Jennings, Cottage Hills Mra. Patricia R. Courto, School. East Alton Hoy Morrison, Rt. 1, Moro 209 Explore Cathoun Youth. 16, on Trip With University Archaeologist An Alton High School senior'* i Interest in the study of people, James L. Cottrell, 309 Broad-i customs and life of ancient way. East Alton DISMISSALS Darrell D. Weir, Lincoln Addi-| tton ; times, paid off for him last week when he was invited to accompany a Northwewtern University Miss Kay Anne Smith, Cottage I professor and four students on Hills Ian archaeology expedition In Mrs. Sara S. Van Marel. Cottage JCalhoun County. Hills James Bradley VoHs. 627 Cher ry, East Alton Mrs. Doris Jean Brooks, Cottage Hills James C. Overath, Godfrey Mrs. Onie L. Clymer, 110 Henry. East Alton Leslie E. Pope, Godfrey Dennis Earl Wooldrldge, 239 Bellwood, East Alton Fostcrltnrg The youth, John Jay O'Donovan, 16. son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen H. Cook of 1923 Orchard Ave.. was the only high school student in the party. Young O'Donovan, after reading In the Telegraph a few weeks ago of the planned expe ditlon. wrote to Professor Stew art Struever at -Northwestern and expressed his interest In archaeology. In a few days the boy received FOSTERBURG - - The closing j a letter from fne professor in- Honewood Youth Injure* Leg At Scout Catnp ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS- Rich- flrrt Paynlk. 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Paynlk. 275 West- Ington July 21 Miss Davidson.| wood Dr.. incurred a deep lar- who graduated from the Cur-1 Cation to his left leg when he rollton Community Unit Hlghl fp11 from « «•»<* "' Camp \Va>-School this year.' is receiving ! rpn '-"'i" Saturday, the highest honor which can bp( Richard is serving as assist- 'bestowed upon a home econom- Carrollton Girt to Get State Degree CARROLLTON - Miss Diane Davidson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Davidson, will receive her state homemakers deg»?e in the Future Hotwmak- er's of America organisation at Fast Bay Camp at Lake Bloom lies student. She will ma.lor in I home economics this fall at the 'Illinois State Normal University- I To Go (o Huwall ; CARROLLTON -~ Dr. and Mrs. P. A. Dailey, accompanied b.v Mr. and Mrs. OJln Stead iof Springfield, formerly of this ant field sports director and Is In charge of the archery range at the camp. He returned to carrtp Sunday after being treated at St. Joseph's Hospital. Rosewood Heights Notes ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS- Miss Fiora Schenk and Mrs. Carl Merkel. St. Louis, were week- program for the Baptist dailyj vltlng nim to ^ n tne group at JOHN O'DONOVAN Mrs. Edith van Charles A. Mathis, 1305 Ferguson, Wood River Mrs. Marlene Merkl*, 1504 E. 4th vacation Bible school was held Friday evening. The Presbyterian vacation Bible school will continue througji this week from 9 to 11:30 a.m. each day. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Werts have returned from two weeks in Buffalo. Minn,, where they visited their son and daughter-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Werts and daughter. Sandy. They were ac- Hardin. Mrs. Mary Pankey. 39 Prospect eompanled by their granddaugh- Mrs. June Postori. 680 Lorena, i te 'j Cat AV Werts. Wood River Members of the expedition; (; ran j te (;j tv <;j r j were quartered last week at the " a " d ™ 8 ' their research near Hardin and Kampsvllle. Young O'Donovan said one of the most interesting discoveries during the expedition was the skeleton of an Indian baby fully clothed. The dress was covered with pearls, he said. Another expedition is planned Calhoun by in the Griswola and Burned Seriously EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. (ARl-An eight-year-old girl suffered second degree burns over 70 per cent of her body Sunday when her cloth- city, will leave July 2 by boati enc j guests at the home of Mrs. jfor the Hawaiian Islands for itJRo«e Waggoner, 759 Rosed«l<? i two-week vacation. Kn route to j Ave. the coast Mr. and Mrs. Stead attend the National Educa- A . . Association meeting in Losj HOSPWOOd V lOlet Angeles and also the Chief State | ^ School Officers Conference ini Nviety to Meet is^.^^j*^™- ; gamzation. ^.^ Jn exh , bjts by memb ers at Hospital Notes ! the 12;30 p m Wednesday meet- CARROLLTON - Mr. andi, ng o{ , he Rosewood African Mrs. Richard Vice of Carrollton i Vlolet Sodetv a , thc home of are the parents of a daughter! Mrs H)]da Ecc , es Gerson ave . bom Friday at Boyd Memorial | nue Godfrey. Sales Listed By Hemphffl The Marry F. Hrmphill Agwwy today armounred last weeks real estate sales made by their apency. Mr. and Mrs. Clara J. Snyder on 2924 Edgwvood sold their home to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse T. Cunningham. The brii'k six room home of Mr. and Mrs. Willis R. Early at 632 Elfgen St. was sold to Mr. and Mrs. William E. Anderson. Mrs. Rose Ann Davis bought thr four-room homo at 610 North Third street, Wood River, from Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McKay. Charhlll Co., Inc., sold the framu jhonip at 203 Delmar to Mr. and Mrs. Willis E. Henderson. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell W. Blair bought the homr at 208 Allen St. in Alton from Charhlll. In Rosewood Heights Mr. and Mrs. Everett Peyton sold their four room home at 36 Sullivan to Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Vidakovick, The five-room home al 440 Call- j fornia owned by Mr. and Mrs. | Warren J. Laird, was sold to Mr and Mrs. Vernon W, Drewes. In Bethalto Mr. and Mrs. Char les A. Campbell sold their four room home to Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Claussen. Thr house Is lo i rated on-336 Corbin St. Morocco plans H triple super i phosphate plant at Sufi. Charge* Filed Agiintt 2WoorlRiverMotorist8 WOOD RIVER - Wlllard Gfclfo Wilson of 1015 Madison Av*., was charged by police Sunday with illegal parking and HowanJ Heffner of 300 Tlpton w«s eharg ed with careless driving after a minor collision on Central avenue. The Wilson car was parked on Central In a no parking zone when it was struck in the rear by the Heffner auto police said. Both parties are to appear before Magistrate J. T. Lancaster tonight. Grafton Graftnn Notes GRAFTON - Miss Freda Frelman was an overnight guest of Mrs. R. Luck In Alton and accompanied Mrs. Luck. Mr. and Mrs. R. Bradshaw, Mrs. Eva McKee nd Mrs. L. Roloff to St. Louis Wednesday evening where (tfttWjBO «W of "Meit Mt to at tarts* iHN Municipal Opei'B. Bill Bftiltft ...MM MtiGpfpp wn* pluyment wnn C. «T. BGKlMMlf Mid Co. tfl Altflfl MM HHMMM hts (Julio there tnts wcwt, VACATION AND HOLIDAY SILVER DOLLAR DRV OLEAMM SPECIAL THIS WEEK tot i. 2012 State St. 226 I. Km 43* N. Wood MMT Avo. was playing with. Terry Lynn Artcrbridge. daught er of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ar ,, _,,.„.. .„ ^ The Rev. and Mrs. Robert j p oun dation in July and theiterbridRc. WHS given emergency Mrs.Delphia Peirick 257 Dooley Golike Jr. and family arc help-; archaeologist will accom .treatment at St. Klixi.betlV* Ho.s Mrs. Audrv- Stahlhber. 08 W. ing with camp work at Oak: flnv , ho „,.„,„* •„,.„, ,„ r .,. n , lltt> Pi , v T ii ifor surgery. Entering as medical !;. n , patients Friday were M ss Ger- , d trude Arnold, Greenfield, and| A dessert luncheon will pre- ipany the group. pital in Granite City. 111.,'and Hi'ls Bible Fellowship near Be-1 M r. Cook, father of the youth. < transferred to Cardinal Glennon Mrs. Barbara Schalhing, 555 mi , djli Minn " a1 P resent - Th ® y ;is manager of the Reese Drug'Memorial Hospital for Children-in California, East Alton will then assist his brother, the S)ore at Montice ,| o S | lop p in g St . Louis . she was reported in Mrs. Ethel Williams. 63 Sullivan: Rev. and Mrs. Delbert Golike, in their camp near Hayden, Colo. The Golikes are on fur-' lough from the Central African; Center in Godfrey. 'critical condition. ST. ANTHONY'S ADMISSIONS Louis Davis. 319 Ritlge ; Republic where they have serv- Mrs. Anna Rebecca Balster, No. !ed one term as missionaries. 4 Shordell Dr., Godfrey Miss Mary Evers, 3637 Western Mrs. Edith Marie Montgomery, 1921 College DISCHARGES Mrs. Mamie Foulds, Springs Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fay anrl sons spent Friday through Sun- cc , 0 56? S ' Wood River Mrs. June Halloran, Pherson JERSEY COMMUNITY MEDICAL day with his parents, Mr. andj Mrs. Joseph Fay, of Carthage, j Mineral ^jji : Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lockhart of Salem. Ore., who 840 Me- ed in this vicinity after visiting friends and rela-i tives in California and Kansas,! have been visiting her uncle andj aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Har-i South African Railways has ordered $7,500,000 worth of electrical equipment from British firms, Pretoria reports. 1636 Main St. Miss Georgia Sandifer, Jersey- ris They , eft today by plane Mrs. John Ursch, Jerseyville for tneir home DISMISSALS Dennis Probst, Jerseyville Richard Rogers. Fieldon James Fuller, Hardin Paul Lacy, Fieldon Ida Wilkins, Hardin ALTON MEMORIAL MEDICAL Edward Maupin, 814 Spruce Mrs. Flossie Wheeler, Woodburn Elmer Campbell, 931 Union Roy Arnold, Woodburn Heber Brannon, East Alton William Glassmeyer, Moro Patricia Fleshman, 232 19th Nelson Fleshman, 232 19th Eldon Evans, Bethalto 1 Mrs. Leonard Shoberg, Wood- j burn : Charles Mackelden, 2202 Hol-j land • Mrs. Beatrice Juhlin, Wood River Mrs. Bertha Fowler. Rt. 2, Godfrey SURGICAL William Gissal. 2612 Judson ' , Herman Copeland, Wow Clayton Hall, Rt. 2. Godfrey Mrs. Rosemary Wilson, 2510 N. Rodgers Lellie Buel, 302 Allen Milo Gibbs, Cottage Hills Nancy Jo Brooks, Granite City Otto Freand, Brussels Mrs. Diana Stotler, 1509 Jersey DISMISSALS Michael Drake, Godfrey Michael Cope, Fieldon Donald Bunyan, 32 E. Delmar Mrs. Norma Rae, East Alton Francis Wicker. 2613 Walnut Charles Levi, Bethalto Mrs. Mahle Gill, Brighton Charles Comhs, fi26 Leonard ' Mrs. Virginia'Hawkins, Wood River Mrs. Eli/aheth Riley, B08 Porter Miss Bonnie Brainard. Grafton Robert Flye, Wood River ' Mrs. Mary Ballard, Wood River Miss Maxine Applegate, 2611 Walnut Mrs. Doris Goodrich. Herrin Mrs. Beverly Ann Snider, 1205 Central Mrs. Patricia Cox, 1309 E.. Fourth Mrs. Shirley Weiss, Roxana ! Wayne Aldrich, 2434 Bloomer Vanda Jones, East Alton ; Andy Harrison, 1629 Greenwood, Robert Tanner. Jerseyville 1 Mrs. Emma Millen, 3306 College Mrs. Verna Mae Hernandez, 516 Shelly Everett McGlasson, 3103 Clay Mrs. Nellie Traband, Wood Riv- j er Charles Birkenmayer, Brighton Albert Unterbrink, East Alton Mrs. Lorena Kessinger, Jerseyville Mrs. Rose Youngblood, Bethalto Mrs. Tillie Sandbach, Wood River Elmer Kraut, Hardin Mrs. Wilma Harpole, 1637 Langdon WDliam Ayers, East Alton Wm. Gratian, 2439 Maxey Mrs. Norma Lorch. Godfrey Edgar Tohill, Wood River Mrs. Hilda Kidwell. 455 Bluff Mrs. Lela Johnson, Edwardsville Mrs. Mary Curtis, Wood River Mrs. Gertrude Behrhorgt, Edwardsville W. ft. TOWNIHIP MEDICAL Miss Judith K Moore, 502 State Janey Ann Ancell, 603 Olmstead Aiton Mrs. Florence A. Young, 3407 East College Miss Nancy J. Hatcher, 547^, Mildred George E. Skundrich, 67 Lorena, Mrs. Edith M. Smith, 526 Bow-j man, East Alton , ; James J. Allsman, 512 William*! SMART GALS TAKE IT EASY AT... COIN OPERATED LAUNDRY COLLEGE ft MAIN ST, All Top-Load, Agitator Type Washers . . . High-Speed Dryers. Do Your Wholr Wash In Less Than an Hour. OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY—7 DAYS A WEEK Mrs. Destie Montgomery of Venice. Dismissed from the hospital Icede the business session. ed Saturday were Julian Brake- Friday were Mrs. Carrie Isritig- bill of Carrollton, Edward Hav- hausen of Kane and Mrs. Lillian elka of Eldred and George Lane Wllhelmy of Carrollton. Dismiss-'Jr., of Peoi'ia. Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort PASTEETH, k pleasant ulknllM (nun-acid) powder, holds false teeth more firmly To ent and talk in more comfort, just sprinkle » little PAS- TEETH on vour plates No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. ChMU "plate odor" (denture breath) CM fAPTEETH at any drug OOUBMT. •Sff SHORTS SLIM JIMS Ship 'N Shore BLOUSES FOR LARGER WOMEN V> to 40 32 to 38 38 to 44 PEDAL PUSHERS SKIRTS w '" t *' vlps to Ifl Cotton I'rlnt DRESSES T ° sl/p 53 LEADERS 710 E. Broodwoy Sine* 1915 • CASH • CHARGE • LAY-AWAY OSTERTAG tn Barnes ioti MEN WOMEN CHILDREN There are attractive, well-mad* frames for every member of your family in Ostertag's vast collection ... featuring the moat advanced of contemporary fashions. Our Fashion Stylist, Kay Parker, is available at all Ostertag stores to help you and your family in the choice of exceptionally flattering frames. Just phone HOward 2*2532 100 N.Euclid 632 N. Grand 918 S. 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