Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on July 2, 1948 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
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Friday, July 2, 1948
Page 5
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1 Willits News Notes I WILUTS, June 26 .-T -With less polished l-Cdwood tray and Q poi 'iii X than a week before the lid blows • sonal invitation to be firoesnt at' ' oft of' thfe'twenty-secbn* annual the biggest of the bip Fi'ontler ro<}e(J,''the-cWizehs: of Willif? are Days: Upon her returh Lillian-will sliunning '-iiOClal doings • and con-. find that the fun-is not over, for ce«ti'flt'''<J'on'the big days, July she will wear a becoming costume, 3; 4; Stores'are cooperating 100% courtesy of the fire dppaUment, by assls'tirig in all ways possible Will reign' over the''rodeos, 'ride and with their voluntary schedule with attendants'in ah honored spot of closing on July 3 from 12 to ? in the-parades, and as'th« queens and reopening: at 2 to remain open, of old, will find that h6r'private urftil 9' With these hours in effect, p6rs<ir(pel may' Witness the parade,' customers may see the show/and then finish their weekend shopping Saturday. The firemen have spent many hours of thought and much manual labor on the celebration, and it is bound to be gobdr-Don't let them, and yourself down. Even if that beard life belongs to. her public; 'There- 1 fore, her escort to the dance has alrea4y been marshaled;' the h6n- or falls to Freddie Francisco, San Francisco coluihnist who recently accepted ari invitation to be honorary fire chief during the two days, and to participate in the annual water fight between thejl Fort Bragg ' and WiUtts fire de- ,j youtve pultivated so tenderly is partments. If all gdeS as sceduUd just 9 downy 5 o'clock shadow; he will be met at the'city limits even if your levis refuse to meet around your waist. ;'Up-;froiri -Santa Cruz' and back to' theli-'^old -stbrnpiiig;' grounds, IM Willits,-'. .are Mr. and Mrs. Bert '^eedlfW^^^ they visited '^ierids • and' relatives;• including Boh'fHaskett,' their nephew. They are htiiisegUeSts of Mr. and • Mrs. Bill Morgan of Bife Trail, Mrs. t'KJleed and M!rs. Morgan' being iters., .:V,-':.. „, Scou,is.OB,Hike .y);illits Boy Scouts (Troop 42 took a;;nattire 'hike Wednesday -night, tiieir^ purposes being to learn and identify' wild flov/ers, trees and' other plants and to enjoy them^Ives.. After a hike up Outlet creefe,, north of Willits they en- jOye^ a: couple ,oX hours of swim- raing at Big Tree. A couiioll 'fire at the. home of. Dick Goldsbury concluded the evening but not the hike, for the boys slept'but' and cookied their own breakfast. , Other activities Included the, district scouters meeting Of Sonpina and, Meijddcinp counties. Those! attending. the dinner meeting in Santa Sosa from Willits were Hairy Kister and Ted Matson. While' there they^ discussed the long.'orange program recently adopted.,,The next district meeting. wiU be held July 13 at Camp Noyo. 'The- Home town of President Truman was one of ;the many places visited by the Jack Elliotts who-are on- an extended motor tjip to Washington, D;G.| and New Yprk... Cards inform friends that they are having a •wonderful time, I but did^'n^'t enjoy, .the tbrnadoes L-wey epcpuntered. They also are • 3ceJ >orted' \o have seen the presi-. dent, his wife and liis daughter. • An eastern jir^siti^p.ihWJllitsf Mirs. LolpcBurgeSs' Of Sana Boint," Idahp^ j§ st)eridih| heir time' Visiting het (ftthterjsWard- Yotlng, ahd-)ier sister, .Mrs.' 'Annabell -ATSker.'.>;> -'' - Coaxing the filsh-'t6'«takd'a look • at that jw^drm'' In Dlatnotid liaKte, Oreifoh,vote'thfe'Ray E^ris. : T,h5'- >)di!5trict. convention -'Off northern 'iljalljofriia 20-30 olubs wili-berKeldvin Willits oh July'.25.; Mris^'( AnnabeU' • GuhdersoH • hos<!essy{o -:iai group - of- ladies Wed>- nesdi&y:.;aight; during ;Which' time they, enjoyed fruit-'and gelatin salaid, sandwich loaves and coffee. Those". Comprising; the: party were Meddames';i Marie ... HtiUj; HeleSi Ruby; Margaret Gunderson,. I'heU ma Hatiny RuthE'' Winsbyy t«upa Ross, ;Mt^ •••liji Browitff4iid<'Mf&. Reefl. .'..'.vi ••'.••;.;-'>:•• • On Thursday night at her;hori>,e on' Perili'.street, Mpst Pearl' Bean seirved]. ^fkC)-, hot fudge sundaes and <^ffee .;:to. ,,Mesdames. UUje Frost, Ja §le •Wiliiarns; Bthe! Ruelie, Jean Zahelfe;* Huth'-Weber; Bene Hill, and/Gei-tcude Zaneila. 'Highly aimusiiig' games rounded out the evening. -f.':: '.. ... •; Metipdia ^ The': fn'ontbly meeting' of the Methodist; iWbrneri was held Jdne 23 in fhie ipticiSl halV. After routine business*.•was: taken care of,: with presideiitiJJEaith Wallcer presiding, afr^playlet'lr.on Beulah Resi Home was give'ri'.'-The society then'voted $50::-to; the vifdrthy- cause. Mrs. Grace Williams; who is moving-to Marin ;countyin the near future, was'preseritedwith a gift from the joj;ifety by Mrs.' Verna Gorbett. Mrs. Williams in her usual gracious manner thanked the ladles and'invited* them all to visit her. A \^*ite'elephant sale; Under the direction of Mrs. Duncan WEIS then held aiid Was' a financial'- success. TheVtonrunittee served refreshments of lemon pie and ccffee. The i ionjiatiori : of a Frjenaship circle and singing pfjiiest Be The Tie That.Binds, with dedication to Mrs. Williams concluded- the meeting.'f,; , ., . by the department and escorted into ttown With scfeainlng 'Sirens. WILLITS; June 30.—Preparations are rapidly' cbming to a close, aha the blowup'on the 3rd and 4thi, should be heard to all points of -Mendocino county, and beyond. '.Touching the match to the wicK was the election of Miss ; sent to Kelseyville, the parishion- iPuteha8e -,;o« theyWlllites Gab Cotopsny. ,was ,*6' have" ben, cotn- pleted'on'June^^a./by Albert Wil^ lianis.'*'His lack.otjnoney failed to faze the prospective • huyei:, '\vho. believes thfit: if you , cion't havg cash^ just,'wj:ite,,a..check.;,Conse­ quently, WiUiamsrwas turned, over to the sheriffIs'ofEice for -investiga- tloh. ••'".'••::„:'..;•'•.. •;• ',';.•, A day's labor-each ,was done by Williarh ^Vepterby: and Wallace Field when-they •were fOiind guilty of being''drunk .'iand disorderly •' -Mr. and Mrs.;C. C:[Free of San. Diego '.are airiong'the outroMo'wm- ers Visitlng^ friends'and'relati'v^es and; staying .• to • see thfe show. 'They 'are; with their .daugihter. and son- in-law, th^Harry.-Kisters. , ' ' Jery DeMerritt of the San Francisco Call-Bulletin stopped to see the. Kaufmans while enroute to his ranch on the Eel river near Garberville. .Cityblerkcind police judge; Alan Sacry, has served a Short term as mayor, and ''bfeeri 'given 'many erroneous titles; but' recently in' a letter 'from" the dirisctor of this de- partmSht • oif mental ' hygiene he was addressed'as judge of 'the Superior court. " -^i Mr. and Mrs. Pretz Heney and family from; Fortiiha flew^down in'their new' Stirisbn Sunday. •Virhile here they visited the 'Wilbur Pullens juid' •w'ere Mnf^cted -v^^^ the rOdeb fever '^so will' teturn," Idr the Fourth. . Odd Fellows held their regular monthly .potluck dinner last Friday.-'.. . "-^' ?brno .drange met at Quadrio park Sunday for a dinner jointly held wit^ .XJkiah, „ Laytonyille • and F6rt?'Bra'gg''<jranges. ""As is cus- :tbma'ry <,'S 'tfcfe;: ihoMs furnished the liot ^fth'es, 'the'Quests the salads or .de.sseS^,r-iha:iaU.had a hearty meal and ath Enjoyable time. U'iA'fayeWell'pirty was the key- iiote-^Ofi'S ''cohifehied business and 'Social" mefetin^ held recently' by •the- B.P'.W;' of rW}llits>.ftThbs& hoh-lj oreff'- arid 'i^resented''' •with " gifts were the: dluB'S:'delegate and al- ternate5''Aliila A3bee and Jimella H^ckendorf; Wh'6 leave Thursday ibrthe'national cOnvention-iii Fort Worth. The-dance comnxittee reV ported: 'on- the =pre-Fourth dance and ftartie ito'the conclusion that f roin' '• the •<:• financial angle the danbes %rfe not all they used to be. :HoWeyer,''the^ floor, music and fun Were •••'evein'' better. Committee for serving the dutch lunch were Mesdames Rene Redd, Helen Bald^*^in and SkiprCase.- - • The Willits Cub scouts and den mothers met reeently at the W.I.C. hali' arid from there made a regular baraVSn'to the five dens. The purpose of the journey was the inspection of their projects, ranging from wigWams, to huts and forts. It was all climaxed at the home 'of "George paskara wberd the group held a 'weiner roast: With • the promised initiatory run of the Highway post office vehicle, came a problem, There is hot suflficient clearance for the vehicle •>t6: drive in: behindr the post office; .consequently the council: has ertJEol-'ced the Old city-ordinance of no parking :on either side of ' Wood street' from • Myxin to School streets; A'new paint job on the curb will be forthcbming to remind citizens. Mr. and'Mrs.' Lee Wise are back from' th^ir vacation'in Missouri. While there: they visited- Mri. Wise's sister attd' returned virith her niece •who'- is' hoiy ' vacationing with them. >••:>':•:.' ••• :"•' . Rev.' and Mrs; Haggarty haVe left Wllljts for their new parsonage in Kelseyville. Originally the destination was assigned during the annual Methodist church conference in Stockton, their plans were interrupted last week when Rev. Haggarty received word from the district superintendent that he was to remain in Willits until further notice. Although it meant retrieving some articles already lively until the wee hours. Those bf •the department jsresent were SPirS Chief and Mrs. Robert Al- ;cott, Assistant Chief and Mrs. IJOyd. Ellibtt, the honorees,' the "Don Camerons and Gharlle ,Hauns, (and' Marvin Glo'Ver, Phil ijam- inoQd, Mr and Mrs. Bill Pullen, ^r, and Mt-s. Gordon Hill, Mr. •and -Mrs. Jack Crocker,, Mr, and •Mrs," Ed baskaom, Mr. and Mrs. Gerry, Collier,' Mr. and, Mrs. H; li. Donaldson, Mr. and-Mrs. Ken iGarretti' Mr, and Mrs.: 'LouJis Za- neUa, George Chase and Carly Strawbridge. ' Three young men were intrd- 'duced to their parents at the Howard Memorial hospital this week, bobert Elbert, seven pounds, two and one-half ounces, met Mr. and Mrs; William Bradley of Layton- Ville on June 23. On the same date 8-pounder Ernie Albert looked inoni and dad, Mr. and Mrs, James ftardaway of Willits, over. Two Idays later David Lee; five pounds, bight ounces, met Mr. and Mrs. feillie Parker of LaytonviUe. Not to be outodhe by other or- Igahizations going western, the •Willits Rotary club donned levis, boots and other paraphernalia for Itheir weekly meeting last Monday. ^Those that appeared in modern tiress or clean shaven were held account before a kangaroo court, [in keeping with the western theme. Frontier Days chairman, Louis Zanella, spoke giving the large .crqwd,. a. brief resi,mie of things accomplished. Fired by the fever of the Fourth, the organi?a- tipn donated generously to prize irioneys to be awarded at the rodeo. . Jack Irvin Brooks of Fort Bragg appeared before Judge Fred !Foprd eft?. June'26 to face'charges bf rebk- less driving! With bodily injury'and driving a riidtor Vehifcle'^fter'his license had been revoked. His companion is in the hospital and he is $100 poorer. . • < -'Vale Specht, who recently-in- jlire'd his hand' when a load'of lumber shifted, is again under medical care. The accident occurred while driving between Fort Ross and Jenner-by-the-Sea. When he stepped out of the cab, a pickup driven by Charles John hit Specht. The accident was witnessed ty Bud Rideout who was with Specht. A laundry truck driver drove him 'to Jenner and froni there to the Sebastopol hospital he went by ambulance. His. in juries include a broken shoulder blade and a cracked vertebra. He returned to Wiilits Thursday -Rrhen his wife rode down with Fred Bobbitt in the Little Lake Garage ambulance ai^d .-brought him hpme. •< « LEFT TO RIGHT/Carl Daubeii«cfc> Dick* Matednl/Hal Bnuiiwr ahd Superior Judge Lilburn Gibson at the'Sitrbie Gl«ib dinnlsi^^ June 24, at Dr. Hansen's'cabin on Blue Ltikei^'whexe the scepter of authoritr •passes from'Maziorii to Brunnex,:newly el«et«d guardian of the gieeh'goose, •'- ..'•;::*-'^"'•'"'',', •:•'>'' HOPLAND,' June 30,—-(Special) —Mr. and Mrs;,. EJlis: Fenley arid son Johji :bf San JOse were 'werft- end- guests -of'the famiry'of M^i Fehley*s sisfbr; Mrs. 'Harlan TSticW ols.'Johh is reiiiainlhg over the Fourth virith his aunt and liricle'. Douglas Hooker of Hopland and Bob Norse of Ukiah left Saturday on a' motor trip to Sioux City/ Iowa, and Tilden.'Nebraska, whith will take a' rnentU tO cpiripletei A sister of 'Mr; Norse acconipariled them. V • ' ' Frarik Shieber,' principal' of the Hopland grammar' school, 'is ' ift Areata for six' Weeks, •: attending summer school. Mri. Shieber and daughter Donna and Mrs. Shxeber's sister are having a vacation, including a visit to pake Tahoe. , '• Mr. arid Mrs. T. A. Subbbtln and sOri 'Victor of Burlingame 'W'ere guests of Mr. and MrSv Floyd Gibson at' their ranch in' •Mcboivt'el valley last weekend.' "' ' ,, ° Mrs. Louise Siarcfc-is yisitltig her son-in-laW and daughter, Mr. and Mrs; Van Harpe at Upper Lake. ' Mr. and Mrs. Lea-Cooper'and children of S'anta ROsa "spent-* few days -with her' p 'arehtSi -Mr. and Mrs; BiU Field of Hopland; ;> . Mose Metzler, Who ac'coihpariied Harlan Nichols on one of his fish rescue trips, tells enthuiastically of the work Mi«. Nichols-is doing. To date Nicholas has taken something like 17,000 fish from the small streams and deposited them in the river. Continuation of> this work will make this county a fisherman's paradise. Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Cai:l Rock will be sorry to learn that Mr. Rock is still at Fort Miley hospital, where he has been con- find since three Weeks ago. During his absnce their daughter is assisting Mrs. Rock with the fountain business. Mr. and ,Mrs. Jack Bliss spent the weeknd'with Mrs.. Rock. — i The grammar school iJuildlrig is resplendent with a new'paint job, inside and out. An art and gift shop has been opened in Hopland by Mrs. Betty Yocum, carrying a full line of needlework accessories, greeting cards for all occasions, stationery, late books, a stock of lovely gifts, and a line of 1948 Christmas greeting cards. Married Here Satiir'doy Lillian Kroh as Sweetheart of the ers v/ere pleased. Their joy was j Frontier Days Celebration. Though short lived, as the Rev., and Mrs. <• she may'be a sweetheart in title, Haggarty left Thursday mOming. I Miss Kroh has been treated as if she were £f queen. At this date. The Don Cameron family moving to Santa Rosa. Charles Lillian is enjoying a 3-day ex- 1 HaUn has moved out of the city pense-pai<3 ^trip .to San Francisco limits to the valley. Both are fire- where she'may be found at the men, so a combined party was giv- Manx Hotel. She, and her sister,; en Saturday night by a group in flew down from Ukiah Monday. Leaks hall. A dinner of beans, Dressed in western attire, she met' green' salad, condiments, toasted [ Hftd was interviewed by Mayor | french bread and cold drinks Robinson and during the meef'ng started the evening off in high sl\e presented him with a hlghi> , siUrits, Games and glancing kept it JANET POMEHENRE of San Francisco and Donald J. SoUei of Ukiah exchanged wadding vows on Saturday afternoon, June 26, in the office of Justice William Van Dyke who performed the marriage rites. The ceremony took place in the pretence of William Rush and James Maber. friends of the young couple who will make their home here where the groom is associated with the' Best Fooods sales organization. • • :'E:EDW00ii3 VALE^EY;-:Jurie^^ .i^Ike-Butke iiafe km his' rahoh^tb Sibh'ri Drivbll-• of • tKfe'Oiivis 'liane •iWitich nbrt^''6f'Ukiah. iThe'Bftvkes ^1; move''i6:XrtdyH -where v^tHey Waye "'piiirch'^s'ed '-a 'jibmfe.'; 'Olie Bdrke- ' prbjiierty-•':is" tlie* i^'arich known to 'old-timers aS 'the' 'Al Ford faricH.'lt contains about 240 acres. Mr. Biirke h'as' rtiaflfe-miany irtiproveni^ts on the 'place since puj-chaslrigf ' it; frpm • the ' Gllletts Who no'iy live in'Ukiah:'The'house Martha,Brown wpre Mr. and Mrs. R. Naitmfinn 'and' ph'ildreri 'of Oakland, a .sistei:" bf 'Kirs: BifdWri, lilrs; L. Schinidt and husband .and Mifes RUth Schmidt''; arid frle'rid, 'jkMfi Shalik»fl,',alt:Satl( ^''^"r; and' Mi"*.^'Ctirl'Pedei'Spil':of tKe -city were -'also'gueStb-" at'the •^bWrihbhtbj'^'^ >„. A =;A - c;.i:;i ;r :,:-'' '•••-Mr; arid' Mf^;"#16i^>'Ilbbetts6n ai'fe " rejbiciiig over, the'^'birth-'"<)i tv/toi' bOys horii to ihehi Wedries^ day at HbwSrd Mfeinorial HbS-^ pital, Df; R; 6abcbck attending. Thl^ hayd! beeri'ri'ateed Geai^ GwilnV Mrs.'Rot'ertson will be remembered aS Carol Sadler^ siriB formerly ijved in Re'dwbbd •'Valley and Caipella; Mr. Robertson is a clerk at Montgomery' Wai^d store in Ukiah.'Their home is now in Coyote valley. Mr. and ^ Mrs. John Morrison and daughter Carol of San Fran- 'ciscp. •'i;re visiting In the Frank Schoehleitner Hpme. They are here for a week and while here their tenth wedding anniversary wa^' observed, and Carpi's ninth birthday. Mrs. Morrison is a daughter pf Mr. and Mrs. J. Pokorney whp frequently visit here. Also visiting the Schpenleitners are Mr. and Mrs. C. Sjalm Pf San Franciscp.' ' < Mr. and Mrs; Charles KoUerer and twp children of San Franciscp spent the weekend with the Frank Browns.' Mr, and Mrs. Lee Trowbridge and Mr. and Mrs. R. Haslem en- Joyed a' day pf fishing at Fprt Bragg. > The ladies pf the C.S.S.A. will meet Thursday afternoon, July 1. It will be a no-hostess moeting. Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Leech of Pasadena and Dr. Leech's sister, Mrs. A, E. Anderson of Hollywood, were weekend guests at the Sam Leech home. ' REDWpdfe VALLEY, .'juhe 30. —Mr.' j; Gherlone;' who fiat's been in failing health for several months, wa^ taken to San Francisco the-latterpart of the week to enter, the Lane Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Mitten returned the latter part of last week from a delightful trip to the mid- dlewest. They visited Mr. Mitten's relatives in lOwa' arid many points of interest. On'their return liomb they'will yisit in Los Angelfes.' Mr. and Mrs! George Parley of Chicp were in, the Valley the first pf the week.They were enrdute to Garberville where th£y were going on business. The Parleys sold their home at Laughlin about a year and ^ half ago, to,Frank Bednar; Mrs; Edna Hiritpn bf Jamestpwn is visiting. fpr a fortnight at the J. Led^ord home. Mrs. Hinton is a sister'of Mr. Ledford. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woods of Ukiah spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Nels Nelson, including calls on other Redwood Valley friends. Lucille Bednar was in Santa Rosa Tuesday. HOG-KILLING WILDCAT Bud Bowman, county hunter, 'took his three hunting dogs into the Bell Springs section last week to take 'u? the trail of a hog-killing wildcat and while there received, word that his home at Laytonville had burned. He got three eats, but believes the hog- killer is still at large. LEFT TO RIGHT. District Attbirriey James E. Btneh, Attorney General Frederick ,Howsor and Sheriff B. G. Btoeddiis at Dr. J. H. Hancen's cabin oh Blue Lakes, June' 24, forget the more' ierious business of slot machine racketeers in the delight of satUfying the inner •pHIlio, .'June 26.—rlnitiation of Margai'et, Powell iritb the Rebekah loilge •was pos 'tpbrieil 'until somfe time'in the .a'ufuinri, wheri mere carididptes will be initiated. Plans were also m^de fer a jpint installation by Rebekah and Odd Fel- Ipw Ipdges some time in July. Refreshments of cake and jello were served by the refreshment committee. Mrs. Bill Maddux motored to Ukiah Thursday., A fight party was'given'by Mr.' and Mrs. Bill lyTaddux Wednesday night at their. .attractive hOrhe near Philo, to listen to the Louis- Walcott fight. As this was postponed the guests enjoyed cards arid later, refreshments of fried chicken, macaroni salad and other good' things. Those who, attended the party were Mr. and'Mrs. Homer : Marthix,'"Mr, and ,Mrs. Bill Dightnian, Mr. and Mrs. No'rris Pinoli, Mrs. Aldah ilpteU, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Maddux, Simon Blattner, Mr. and Mrs. Bob GlUi- land and the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Maddux. Unable to attend were Mr. and Mrs. Donald MacKintosh and Miss Charmian Ward. , Mrs. Johnson of Ukiah. is visiting her 'granddaughter, Mary Ruddpck, and other relatives in the vaUey this week. She is ithe guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. D'. Ruddock of PhUo. Miss Ruth Geltner bf Ukiaih attended lodge here Tuesday night, accompanying her aunt, Mrs; Tom Ruddock. Miss Geitner, who recently became past grand here, is always welcomed. Ernest Hanson is still in the hospital' from injuries received in a truck accident near Petaluma last week. Ha is ri lumber truck dWVdr for the Indian Creek mUl near Philo. • ; •l^he- last meeting of the Farm Center year was held Wednesday night at the high school. There was a mpment pf silent prayer in fnempry pf Vernon Rawles, one of the niost active and vital members ^f J:he Farhi^ Center, and one whb corttHbuted tb its' welfMre 'fbr yfeiifi ;'Th^ business 'ipe '?Mrig''''!^^^ f9ii6i »'e^'' by a' pblluck sujliiier.' Tli'f n'brxl P^rriiCeriter mditirig'Wilffce held iri'^Septeriiber; •"•'•'"'' " "Miss MbseMry' '-bf SigriM' Hidge is we'&ti;nfe Ei':diaj rndhd; arinotiricirig her erigagenierit td Hairy Pratheir,of Yorkvljle. MiSs 'McAUis'ter,' who giradual'ed fi'biri"'the local. High''"schopr this JUp.e, is''f}ie'daughter of Mrs, McAllister 'of•'• Signal 'Ridge, kaf'i -y Wathier is tfee^'Spri. of Mrs.' Gjiliy Pffzhugh '' and' 'the- ' late •. H^rol I^^ather of Ydrk^iUe. 'The v'allby exfends their 'cph'gtatUlafibnS" to the ybuhg Coiiplb. ' 'Mrs;' Wflyiie • 'Powell 'of BboH- vnie 'was th'e ^libsl' of'horior fit''g baby 'sh'o'^Ver 'Held iThursd'ay 'rilght at-'the' hbriie' of 'Mrs.'Jbhri''¥eter'- sbh "of ''Ph'ild; »5(intj;'''gifti^':'A*i^et-'e heBp'W I'ri'a 'jiirifc trimrii'ed 'p 'a^'e 'r cdHtaih'ed'ahd"they'all firdved tP bg uisefUl arid thijiughiul 'gins. Fdl- Ic^wing'the epe ^rig pf the"packages a gphie; uEilrig the name bf the giiesfbthbiior; 'was'ijlayed in which either boys' br girls' names .^e049MiM «^«'Jbe>fl^fR| in the na^?;,jA iPJJ^fi pf;«opky cut-, tors was w'pn liy Mrs.' Marion Clow Knd *dnsblatibn"w6s'Claimed by Mrs,'.Anna'Brpwn.: Those ipres- ent wei-e Josephine Gowan, Betty Burris, Margaret Powell, Alta Van Zandt, Annie Reilly, EHza Clow, Olive Dutrp, Grace Blattner, Ann-Marie'Gowah, Alice Gewan, Lillian McKinney, Angela Prather, Ruth Dightman, Elinor Clow, Oharmlan Ward, Anna Brown, Mrs Mprrell, Millie Brown, Elizabeth Gowan, josie Gowan, Alice Gowan, Lillian McKinney, June Childers, Mildred Peterson and the hpstesses, Lpuise Peterspn, Olive Dutro and Louise BrO\vn. Canapes, punch and cake were served. Those whp sent gifts, but cpuld npt attend, were Marguerite Gowan and Thelma Celliri|s. Miss' Charmian Ward, accpm- panied by her nephew, Gregory' Burns, and Miss Sarah Weiner of San Francisco mptored to Fort, Bragg Tuesday. • Mrs. Stuart and her grandson karry of Oakland motored to Philp last weekend where they visited the Harry Stuarts pf Philbrppks milJ. Mrs. Stuart returned heme Monday, leaving Harry, who Will spend the next twp mpnths with his father and family. The Stuarts are the fomier pperators of. Eve 'n Harry's Donut Shop in Boon- vilie. A picnic was given by members of the Willis and Adams family Thursday night at the Indian Creek lodge. Relatives who gathered reported a very pleasant occasion. Damon Lewis, who has a sum- iner heme near Philo, is in Her- rlck Memorial Hospital with broken ribs and knee injuries following a' motor accident in Berkeley. Mr. Lewis lives at 1431 Oxford street, Berkeley. He collided with Louise McClellan of Walnut Creek and Mrs, McClellan was killed. According to San Francisco newspapers traffic was tied up ier an hour as a result pf the accident. PHILO, Jurie 29.—Rev. Kidd, the new pastor for Boonville and Philo Methodist churches, conducted his first seryices here Sunday. Mornirig services wilf ^be held at BobriYine"'4t "ri "'o'clock '"and'eve- riiitig^e^«t^ di'lPhilo: at 8.;''Rev. RlidiJl' has beteri p'as'tiir Ibf the Point A'rbha"' ciiur'ch for' S' g 'dbd "hfiafiy' years, und is. an able and y/cU- liked minisfer.'He, al'st? had charge Of the Manchester arid' Elk-Methodist churches; Diirihg the war he became woU kiiown through his work with the coakt guards in that area;' '•* •; ' Mrs; Ellii 'Hess ' feturried 'frorii the Lett'crtri'ari 'Hospital in San Fr'ahciscd this v/eek' and is nOw c'dhValesding' frbrri 'hW recent operation. This •week her son Harold,;,;is the-San- Francisco hospital fojf-eifJSriijnation. He suffered from ^^iwarial % f eVfcr Whicli i sf dP j]p^_g^f'^P '5s^. ,.;a.nd.,lias,..never. SAN" rRANOIBCO 'S a-'OfroW^ Bti^f-'H 'mi'^- In.tbdlUb BUfObt of >via.'v;„ #ie,Huli-bHbi,; iA .U> Chpioe^f Outsjde-In^ide Ropms —s WITH BATH :— Single $2.80 up: Double $3,Sb up —: WITHOUT BATH s— Single $2.00 — Double $2.50 Lem Shibley corinple: ered from an at- ,tack of pneumonia earlier in the , year.'It is hoped that he will soon be home. Miss Ruth Geitner of Ukiaji spent a week of her vacation in the valley visiting friends and • relatives. She was the guest of her ' aunt and family, the T. D. Rud­ docks pf Philo; • . ' • Paul Gowan, oldest spn pf Edward Gowanj is spending a few weeks of his summer vacation ' with his grandmother, Mrs. Eliza- ' beth Gowan of Philo. Visiting at Highland Ranch this week is Mra Amy Coffin of Oakland. Mrs. Coffin is the mother of Mrs. Edward Gowan of Oakland. The Winter Salsigs of Philo :, iiave as their guests this week Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Salsig of Berkb- " ley, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Salsig pf Fprtuna, and Mr. and :Mrs. Budd Salsig frpm the east, and their graridqhildren. This is .a real family reuniori, as the three broth- prs and their parents have not been together for several years. . . Mrs. Floyd McKlriney, who has > been in Napa for several days, returned this week to her honie in Philo. She-was accompanied on • the trip by lier mother, Mrs. Mary Rigdon of Philp. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Austin/e;t „ ^ Fprt Bragg were valley visilprs fpr a few hpurs Tuesday, enroute tp Healdsburg tP attend the fii'- nerol o^ Perry's mother, Mi:s. Clara- Austlnj whp passed away Satur- ' day. Mrs. Perry Austin is the. former Doima Ward. . • • ' All who attended the spring style shpw, presented by the Style Shpp last" spring, will be interested to learn that Mr. Gudnason, owner of, Califprnia, ih" ppending a few menths in Europe. ;.iiss Ward s)i the Styj^ Shop re- celved:i''ca'rid iWiS, week from Ice- ••<' land, Mr.'pudnason's iHpriie. ; LANKERSNIM HOTEL 65 Fifth St. (Near Market) San Fraaidsco, Calii. ; ABSOLUTELY FIREPnOOF. 3S0 BOOMS OF COkiFOHT |N THE HEART OF 3. F. SHOPPING AND THEATER";'^ DISTRICT: Modern Rates SINGLE ... from $1.7S up"' DOUBLE ... from ,^2,20 up., Isit... jfy J06 Mars^ l?dmpered Farmers It, tlip ,fplks in pi|r,l9Vli.,Kere less ,tp }etant, tbpy 'jl ire^^Jly burned ,wp. over tMt mUffi^fy, f ir- cfijated artitle on "panjpered fefm- era/', (describing tliem as Jiying off Ote fat of t^ land, iw?ytl||ng| ifjt ,"p^i?p^rtd.',',,tf jiptt?i: oltJaday difn^twenty yen^i ago it's because he's worked hard to improve the quality and quantity of his production. Take Bert Childers, for example Bert is up at four In the morning, to get the milkinc finished—and ploughing or harvesting, depen ^'ns on the season, until sundown. In tlie evening he finally relaxes witll , the missus over « moderate, gltit ^'l''* of beer. And the farmer today's not only temperate in his habits, like Bert's evening glass of beer..., but lohf' ant in his opinions. So hell •prob^^, „, ably say of that article, "somebody got the facts wrong," and just let it go at that. Copyright, 19iS, United Statct Bremri Foundation

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