Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on July 2, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 2, 1948
Page 4
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- DISPATCH DEMOCRAT; UKIAM .' CALIFORNIA" FRroAY. JULY 2. 1948 Elizabeth Mazzotti, Clement A. Galli Announce Altar Date To Be July 25 Elizabeth Gloria Mazzotti and OloriSe&t A. Galli, whose engage- ATi^K^iat 2; p.m. on Sunday, •^^tltfr Adriilrt'shai-key wHlI d'd- •• mlhwter , t|iclr rtinrriage vows In thb tofts for Which Elizabeth haS (!bosj »o >a formfil Vveddlng g6wn' bi cycajntwhlte afid will \wie a flti- gfifl^yell. Her Sister, iMrs.' • " Pa 'a *f«pn (Armida Mazzotti) of SMi TOuno will be her bridesm 'aia'." AWoUfie'r. sister, Mrs. T., E.' Coy" (Annte''Mazzotti) and her husbatid' otf^it Bragg will be among the Idp relatives and friends invited to' Ijhb wedding and. reception wl)iQfi|.will follow. ;'i'h0 bride-to-be is the youngest dau^JiVor of Mr. and Mrs. Pio^ Mazzoiti of Observatory avenu'e,' wifio'ife early settlers in the valley, i'jilrs. Mazzotti tecalls her cljildh^iod In Italy, which slie left at'';ife, age of six. Their three, dj^ugmei's were.borrt in tikiah ajid attended local schools. Mr. Maz- zollJiJJs 'employed by the city. Employed Here Stfjtte Elizabeth's graduation frorn. hifih school she has been employed irf the telephone company oiiice. Her maternal grandparentn are Mr. and Mrs. John Ceccarelli of Talmage. The groom-elect is the son of Mr, and Mrs. E. G. Galli who purchased, the Lido hotel two and a half-years ago and with whom he is associated in its management. He was born in San Francisco and was attending high school there whep'he went into the navy in l84D and served in the south Pa- cfflc. When he was discharged in October, 1947, he came to Uliiah. He has one sister, Mrs. Robert IJ. Satterwhite \yho, with her husband, came to live in Ukiah in December from tlielr former home In Texas. Their grandparents on bdtH" Hides live in Italy. For his weddlfrig attendant, Clement has named Marino Palmieri of- San Fi 'nncisco, a close friend since his j eat^ier School days. "' Reeeplion To Follow j^,>eceptioh willJfollow immedi- ateiy lifter the church riles iii the muniiijial ilubijouse where the young people will greet their friends, cut their Wedding ' calce and'then leave on a honeymoon to an undisclosed destination. When they.'rettirn they will thalcb iheir new home in Ukiah. ' Shower Compliments ' Mary Barrett, Piercy The,wedding hfext month of Miss Mary Barrett o£ Piercy and Darrel Switlienbank of Garberville, was complimented Jlme 18 by a bridal shower given by the Sunday schocl teachers of Piercy at the Piercy school house, with Mrs. C. C. Kiwc as officiating hostess. "IJheroom was festively detor- ite^ with roSes ^nd ferns, and the bea^utifuliy decofiated table Set for Among those present were the bride-to-be's future mother-in-law, Mrj. Leo Swithenbanli and daugh- teriMarilyn, Mrs. Lillian Hurlbutt, Mrs. Lucille Clinltscales, Mrs. Alan Coiburn and daughter, all of Gar/^e^ville, and many Piercy guests. The young 'couple, who will be married on July 18, expect to miflie their home in Garberville. Salinas Wedding ' itSfSlitai 'kj .Waflifig ^^f 'tCiitt«iafe #>le interest to mony here who are rela- tiyk'Of tlh&jbndeQ^jvtis jiMt of- Ntincy Scott In SaWnas th. JUne 22 li &m:nfi.t ^a «W; ents^ Mr., and M»'s. Russell Scott, slie'beqame the bride'of Winiam Erdbacher, son of Mrs. Lestfer Swenson of 'Kmg City. : ,M r s Richard .J acobson, of. Ukiah, sister, of the bride, was matron.of honor, Shirley Kay of Martinez,, bridesmaid, and llttW Lynn Scott, niece of the bride was flower,girl .Lynn ,;,s the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Burr Scptt of Salinas. , "',' " , ' T •The,, briiJe's parents , are well known in Ukiah where they come frequentty to .their ,ranch,isoutii b£ the municipal airport. Mr- Soott city attorney of Sa-i Unas plans to bring his family to siiend the Fourth of July weekend here, where his mother, Mrs. Phoebe Scott, lives. Other local relatives are the bride's aunts, Mrs. A. D. Scott and Mrs. Charley Wilgus. Her cousins here are Mrs. H. D. Roberts, Mrs. Mabet Hirsch, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas, and Dr. and Mts. R. A. Milne. The newlyweds will live in Salinas v/here Mr. Erdbacher is associated with the wholesale produce industry. WOMEN'S SOCIAL AND CLUB NEWS Kid Patty Cramel Shower Given For Miss Joyce Caya A bridal shower Which complimented Joyce Caya, whose wedding date with Jamt-?, GaraVenta is July 17, was a garden party Monday night in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Witherow on Jones street. Mrs. Witherow's daughter, Janet Lowe and Pauline Smith were joint hostesses, and in addition to other gifts, the bride elect Will have 18 hand^emmed and initialed dish towels which were made by tfie guests at the party. Each put her own initials on the towel put her own initials on the towel. Gifts were presented in a large hamper. • Games were played aTter a dessert buffet had bean served, which included cake and strawberries on ice cream andlftmbhadfe'.' PrWe winners were Donna Ward and Mrs. John Ashfor(J. Others there were the Misses Nancy Ford, Cora Beth Anderson, Beverley Caya, the bride-to-be's sister; Mrs. Wal- tiar Caya, her mother, ^md'Mrs. August Garaventa, mothiet of the gifbom elect. Also Mrs, WitHerow, and MesdameS James Smith, Robert Wilsori,' Jbe IFrassinello; Rod-' ney Pacini, John Griffin and Harry D. Roberts. Mrs. Albert Garzini and Mrs. William Brumback were invited but unable to attend. BOONVILLE PARENTS On June 17, a baby daughter was born to Mr. and. Mrs. Kenneth Smith of Boohville in Healdsburg hospital. The attending physician was Dr. D. J. L. Nielsen. Recent Bride And Groom Cornelia Bebfek6h loflge; msnfi- bers WdS 'o^qftf m&a fhey 'l ?iMiSm «i«ra The party, .which fallowed a briet fa'u 'eihess7 -me^t^i--Was' alsb thi oc'e&lorl'.for 'a" jblrthdiB':^" c^^- bifatloiij,wlth a "cdke aiid lighted caiitlles 'for Mi-s.' Mat'y 'Sapplng- fiWd, Birthdays df' all m&nberS fof^ the iil'st'h&lf'tff Ihe,year were also commemorated • " Sulistliufe- ofllcef^,','for^ tlie evening weire ters.' EVelyh'• Kbch, 'tor past' noble grand; Mrs. June Brtish for. noble grand; Mrs. Rose dlbs'pn; for; vice .noVle 'g'rana;' Mrs; ''t^ifei-e- sai'.DavihB, right supporter to'the viije noDlfe griii,d Wnd.Mrs. Christine 'Miller,: leit'Jli^pbi'ter tothe vice noble grand. Mrs, Grace Burner was tiijppinted '; publicity Chairman to relieve Mrs. Grover c. Nerp. •;. • Table and lodge hall decorations were in rose -and green with the tables attractive with snapdragons iind,sweet peaS. There wete/danc- Ing dolls, all day sUckers, ahd paper' hats to wear for the games. Jolene Metzler won. the bubble gum contest and'Mts; Beulah McCoy was trlumiJhant in niUsibfil chairs. Those who filled to answer questions selected, f rpm; a punch- board, were required to pair forfeits. • " . ' .' Mrs. Mildred Metzler,,.Mrs. Margaret Burges^r'Mrs.' Edna Harpe and Jolene Metzler were the ocm- mittee responsible : for the gala evening entMainment. Members Were again reminded of the food sale to be held in front of Penney's'^ore oii Saturday at 1 p.m. Donations may be made to Mrs. Sappingfteld, chfilrman of the food sale committee" which also includes Mrs; Bertha Lynch, Mrs. Noitea Hayden, Mrs. Clarissa Da-i vina/and Mrs. Pauline Goforth. All who took part in the memorial services -for Mrs. Gertrude Orcuit were thanked toy the membership. Redwo6d Vblley (&ran ^6 Has Social Evening. REDWOOD 'VALLEY, June 26 —Theeveriing was largely social, when Redftfood Valley Grange held ''its. -regular meethig on.Frir day night vrith Mostier John *Oakes: in the-chair.' TW O hieW members were accepted into" the order, Beverley Hansohn and Wanda flaun, and ten new candidates' names were placed before the membership for consideration. King pedro was played ai'id Dave Berry won. high score. Fred Flnne took h.oniij tl\e booby priie._ For refresfiintents, tables were d^s- brated in feii'raihbrer roses whlfch wSte also \ise(i ^roughout the hall. The committee included Mr. and Mrs. Finne, Mr. and Mrs. ^A. O. Boyd, Mrs. "Tom Jameson,^., and Mrs. Bert Lane. MR. Alffto MR13. JAKIGS HOtA.AKD. who are piclured at ti^ altu in the .Prscbyiierian cl;Kirch-on June Ht will return from ft^C^bda- ihtitMirtn^in'iHid-Julir ioib«(iupr b home on Clay itreel. The.bride. Iris Armbrister. is the daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. W>t). ArmbzUtm «{ KnoxviUat Tenn. Her husband is the ion of the kte Charlas K. Holland, pioneer settlers here. j —Crawford photo Gamp St; Alberts In The Redwoods Opens Jiihe 25 )Vith 37 Happy Lads With scrubbed ^'faces and* the light 'Of adveriturenn'their eyes; 37 boys from San foahclsob and other bay biteS a*ri«iSd. "EfidSifJflShinfe, .^vJimm'ihfe, tiiking and at Luncheon-Bridge i Enjoyed By Sixty One of the nicest lunchebn bridge parties of the summer Was given by Mrs. P. B. Westerman and Mrs. II. H. Ingels who were cohostesses in the Potter Valley lioma of >Mn. bi«*Is «n rriday. Th* hons* wall ^leenriMd in a variety of summer blossoms wfth 'PaiA ScfisMW rifles .pr«U6m>naliiiig and luncheon was served to 60 6n cardtabW.- ' * ' FiftcWib tables' <yf i^tlttact weire bi^aniMfd after luncheon and the following ' were prize winners: Mi%: HiiBh "1>rd«»6tt,' Mrs. Stella Rae, 'Mrs.'8arm'it«y'and tWrs. ChA- lotte Cdilifts; '• MR. AMTD MRS. ARTHUR MATSON (Mabelean Lucchssi) who were married in the Methodist church on May 20. are now at home in Fort Bragg where the groom is associated in businesswithltis father, E. A. Matson. The bride is the daughter of Mr.. M "i. «. C. Lucchesi of Redwood Valley. ; : ;*-i.J>hMo by. Walnut Village Lunch j Room To Open July jl Lyle and Ireiie Braae N C'III opfen S lunch yffofn at their WalnUt Village, 16 rfiiles east 6t the Forks on Highway 20, Thursday, July 1. It will be known 'as the Walnut Village Lunch Room and will sei-ve breakfast, lunch aha Hinher. Mi-, and Mrs. Braab .have opi­ ated Walnut Village fpr the pa:st two years, 'they 'are prepared 'to cdter tb- smefll' lUJlchefoVi parties.. BUILT.!^ OIHLS GO yiSITINd Mr. and JlrS.ftiehheth Goodman and' tiaoghter, Rita' LBu,' who have been visiting in the home of IAT. and Mrs. Rbbert Builta of 616 North Pine street, left Thursd&y evening for their home in Huntir^g- ton Park. With them were the two Builta girls, Mildred and Iris, who will make an extended visit. Mrs. Goodman and Mrs. Builta are sisters. Mr. Goodman JiVed in Ukiah and attended local schools. He is the son of Mrs; Ella Variderliofek wlio now Jives iri'Ontario! '; noon by bus at the Albertinumi- enroute to GShip.'St.fAibejft in the redwoods which opened June 26. They were: greeted^ biy- Sr. Mathew and others of the Domihi- can order arid giveii - their ^Jurich tJefore being put on the train for Wiliits and Camp 'St, AlHert"'t)en ween Wlllits arid {he xioast. Grouped; around the ^^us' they ', wefe ,j grinniftg-with;excitement >yhen the Joufnal. cafnerarrian cariie .bj^ aha took fhfeir pictures with'the fddJ senior seminariahs "froth St.^ Paft- rick's Seminary in Menlo Parte •Who will be their couhcillbrs. ' Nardie arid Ralph Saxon, broth- •fei-fe, seven and mine, frbm'' San Francisco, • "have rievef '.fished, btit they're gDirig toit ri^hf — 'they have diT Hies in their,^PocketS aiid they loojted With pi'ty'rft' sbmebhe W 'ho mehtibried •<vrtrrtis.- , Miic6 fcslrroll, 11-,.aiid'his brother, 10, who are from Alameda, know all about Camp St. Albert. They -were there last year and had a fine time. 'Tlieir favorite recreation is swimming. Truman B. Johnson, ntae, of Siin ttancisco, went to Forrest KnoUs last year, but he's counting OTI a lot of fun at Camp Si. Albert, lafter-dark Campflres. Francis Upton, bi Santa Rosa likes io sleep outdoors and he's, brought his sleeping bag^, One bdy intends to practice up on boxing ;and'hopes there will be some good jtmior talent, u^ there tot SparWrii niatcheS. AnbtWis goihgto'^vatdh ont for sktinks and iaftle^nakes '(there'are flo' ratliesnaltes in tlje redwoods). ^ • • • • ' While they revealed -all these iplSns David ReSch, 14, of the AI- bfettlnum Tvatohed from the convent porch thinking of what he'll diO when he gbes'with 60" Alber- tinum students on July 1. David, whose home is in Napa, Is practi- caiiy' a veteran, for h^'s been up there every season for five jfeat^ sad he likes to help the Coiinell- lors ;^ith the younger "boys. •• Seminarian Ernest Spao'her from •'St. Patrick's is head councillor ;and his aides are James Poggi;' Williaih Boyle and Joseph Mllaiii. They hoped the pictures taken and the interview With their young charges will be published in Life wagazihe. bion Nine Swamps Legion €kb, 154 i'ighting mad after their l-run loss to 2 (J -3D Club, the Libhs Softball ^crew blanked the Arneri?an Legion li5-l in the Ctiy'ball park last night. i ^ , ,, , . Pitche'r Frenchie Sanchez's ancient pitching arm got a renewed lease on life,--holding the Legionnaires to four hits. ']F9ggy"„Pttp5 sen trained his eye.; on the isaTI v/ell .ehpygh to get tour hits" out oi five''times at bat. Hqmers by Foggy" :and '"'Ai*''Aritbii""fcbdnt 'ea, fe^!~.ll^wA•'•'w*i.ii ,4t ,i•'•ii,tt•^ii^• tHii•d'baie. J , . ., j^. cer, MaSsghfeiil*^ Sha uttpsen \yere allWst ^Mngf t.'dcl?fe^^%b m tHfe" o6Mldin^V6'l •CHfeeveP,' 0ietierlt'*dx26hfe«v:' "jlf "' ,'*;: MOVES TO HEALDSBURG ; Mrs. (Srace Hertz, who has lived. > , , . in Ukiah for lb years, moved to' >V?f^^^. ^-^l'- S r»' tHenPi-iefta Returffsi ly ^.^ loiter. .^{iores^ 'He.ritiett'ia,' of,' t lie AlDbrtmum;' who hadj expec^^^^ to spend the summer at social Service stiMlesMSUKKrigrSlty o^SJh^Ffttn- elsc^,,.^pged^h^,, pjjms; becjuse of convent "^liffnirs' anii "returned Ti^esd^y to the.sclipol qn., Churph street', (oi!|^wtijtjh slie is dii-ecto'r.''.' / , '' ''.„,'.'" Healdsburg three weks ago and is living with her daughter, Mrs. Marion Garayalde there. She was back here last week visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. W. German of Talmage road. She also lias a son, Wayne Heitz, living in Healdsburg. siiedlier advance social stiidies.ih a';St. .Loiii^'cbllelj'e. 'B,; ,'E, Frtese, lier fpth'ei;, who .l ^yeV the! A^r, bpi-tlniim,' has 'jiist. retui-ned from, a'visit Of six weeks to his daughter,' Mrs. Alice Beck of Hayfork, near WeavervUle. Events of Aquatk Races of My 4tli ^/Topflight swimmers of La'Ke, Sonoma arid. MehdpCino iciliijnties Will gather at the miihiciparpool, Sunday at 2 o'clock, to settle the r948 Junior Swimming and Diving Championships o f Mendocino courity. ...All eyes will be focused on the gtj-^ard freestyle and backstroke evf!,h,t. for /girls, a? Of, .these, ;r.^(:es ,ijvill settle many aijguinehit?, I^i/ei-j t,He^. .speed arid, skill, .jji, ^iara HIair,"Bever]ey Caya','*#lliria 'aMefii, ,. Sharon, Shephard,,,, P^t. 9 ,r ^wl ewiriming. poyfeye^r w.^ .Ibeen: ^epatp .^y.ei;', t.he.jbl^'j -tf pke; race ^.iji 'whicji''J^^ .ytiere v,a;rs, vlJk :«ntries if> ^ JthSi.H events/gohe^ifled: fpr, |het/3ayb39j.e ii|P>^\fiest ; ,,in thejgiFlS.iiSaoes, bt(ti f lr ,ewsrl «s^eaTi!t be (sjtpect^d-rto^ ^ bpx ^'rt^i^iS^n wheji We i Santa 9?isq .4eleg9t .ipn,,clA?h!aAtWith our boy^in,;t'h,f.,Short flpf^ .Jpnj^ «^e^j ,.'?"he ,,n"?.V»oe j-sces^ ,?h0wjd ijil»r, vide ririfiny, thrills,, as .these, yowpg- sters; h§ye been; triiintng tbprd;. In gills' -,section,i,^avpi#es, ;.ore jpnet Ilust, Shirley Riffew|ne.^.fl,nd ft»t.,Sibbett of Redwood Valley., , pyR0PA3E,;KEUt,AB-;HO.MB(j-- " *rhe" ;'6'roviBr''; McG'i'mseyS' ' Wli 'd h'ave been Hying'on ISouth-'Stat^ Street have "bovight a hopie "at Cora and Walniit 'sfrd 'cts to A^Bich they will move. The dwelling was purchased' from Gus Keller, ' • Clubs Federation , Votes On Policies Mrs. J. C. Bradbury Of .Geres, president, presided over the Summer Conference of California Fedr eration of Women's clubs,. June 23-24, in the'~Clnremont hotel in Berkeley. Plans were formulated for the coming year, a generous budget presented-by Mrs. C. H. Oneal of South Pasadena, chairman-of trustees, was accepted and each chairman outlined the future work of her deaprtment. The following motions were passed: 1.—From the Indian Welfare department, .presented by Mrs. George de la Motte, of San ipiego, chairman—that C.5 .W.C. ^0 on record as sponsoring the Save the Children Federation with the . recommendation that attention be given the needs of Navajo children and pledging publicity of this need in the clubs. i. —^FromSan Lliis Obispo county, presented by Mrs. Botho^ Kohlwack,-'of Paso Robles, presi-' deiit—that C.F.W.C. go on record favoring maintenance of Ontario Kpt Springs as a treatment center similar'to Waim Springs for poliomyelitis. 3.—rFjTorh the War Veteran Service, deparbfirient, presented by Mrs. AVigustus Dunaway, of Oakland, chalriiianrftKat C.F.W.C. • reiterates its stand favoring iimhediate coiistructiori of hdrrie for wbineri veterans. at Youhtville and urges (hat letters be sent to each mem- bef'of thetioard of public works requesting that sufficient funds be released imm-ediately from funds already allocated by the State Legislature to draw i up plans for the binlding •• of such home. : Mrs. Punaway repcirted over $22,000 already contribiited to Hostess House, more than, $4000 of which.was .given by the,Junior' membership. Mrs. Runaway, urged the completion of the project. Mi». Sc;ott. J. Campbeljl. of , L QS Angeles, chairman federati<;n extension reported 2912,new„mem-i bers !n California for the general federation of womea's eliib'si' ,/ EILERS ON FIRING I.INE MortjEilers of .tlie-l^almage.Gi'un Qub won^the Laie.county.!^^^ Gl^ss 'A at--Lairip^ori fieldi Lalce'-, tioft, Suriclay/ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Farnsworth Celebrate Silver Wedding Anniversary Philo Bride-Elect dHARMlAM WARD, dau^hler of. : Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ward of Philo will go to the altar in Sep- Hitibti with Sitnon Blaltner; sttti Mrs. Erltert Alatin^r. «lso of Philo, where the youn$ cbuple will make their home. . Local People On Flight To Visit Italian Points Several family groups returning to visit relatives in .Italy, will be among a group of 24 northern ^alifopnia Italiari-Airiei'icahs. leaving San i'fancisco Internatiorial airport on a t.W.A. Co'nsteliatibh Sunday afternoon, June 27, fpr Rome.. The party will fly (6 I^W *rorl5; where, on .Tuesday they will loard jmbthef Trans-World Airline Ibnstellatiori lor the flight to. the Italian capital' ^ , , The passenger list includes Mjr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Aggi of 'Coyote Valley, Mr. and Mrs. Robert ViaT rengo of Calpella and Mr. arid Mrs. Joe Bbsscb, of Dakiari'd. 'I'he Via- rerigbs arid'BoSScos, Wlio left Italy 37-years ago when both cotiples were newlyweds, are returning "for the^first titrie.', . ' . , ' Others oh,th'e T.'T /in .A. flight are Mr. and Mrs.' Atiaino Mb^i and {?forma 'Mogrii of .'WIllio\ys; jfoe Colombo, . fiakersfifeld; Mr.; a ^d Mi's, Marco , Marerico.. and 'C6rlo Marbncb ot MduHtairi View, and a group of 14 from San Francisco. Mr. and'Mrs. Kennpth F.. Farns- wdrth of 605 West Mill rfreet,.had a "Silver wedding anniversafy ,on June 26 and their daughter,, Betty,- inspired thq party at wMlch their friends gathered to 6ele- brate in:the Farnsworth home; The Fflrnsworthg were married 25 years ago on- Ryer island,, near Rio Vista, in an informal ceremony in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meyers. -Mr. Farnswoith, who. has been with Standard Service Stations, .• Int., for more than 26 years, and Who retired in mid-spring, wfis Sta^ tloned in San Francisco and Santa Rosa before they came to Ukiah ten years ago. • ' They have two children, Betty and Michael. The party- guests on Saturday night enjoyed a game of whoopee and at midnight a buftet supper was served from the table where a wedding calce was centie'red. A gift pf a charmiiig round' silver sauce bowl, with handles arid a separate plalie, was prtsSrited from the guests to the honotefeS.^^ Those preserft iiicluded Mnfaiid Mfs. Ray Crider, Mr. attd Mrit. Jaities-Lindsey,-Mr. and Mrs. Hoe Jahn, Mr .and Mfs. Ted; Bai **ri Mr. arid Mrs. Vernbh Bbulwrt and Mr. arid Mrs. Richard- -Mazi- zoni, Betty and Mike j^^rhsworthi Mrs. King Hottest To ^ Legion AuxinaryJ&roujpi Mrs. Mark King was 'hostess"'& past presidents of Ariiefi£an''lj^^ gion Auxiliary whfcH liel3'a Pas't Piresidents' Parley eriTfiesdat -:*ve- ning, June 22. Members took their sewing and a triystery • :t)ackagil, brought by-MrSi Berriice Faas iwtis won by Mrs. King. • Mrs. Pjiuderice- Lavlletta, ,waii wished a happy trip and ^yacatiQn for, her leavetaking Friday; bii^ji visit to her ri»other:and fanr>|lyij.iB .Missouri. , , :,^:-iSM. Others present were Mesdames Jane Isnard, Bessey Sco^ti EijpA Figone, and Mirmie Sweei)y. ^ M TS; SCott the next hb^te6?:;i>^J July 27 and 'the riieeting .wtn.Ag a garden party. ' Refreshments of sandwicjK^^, fruit salad, olives, picVies Ofltid coffee - were served.- Mrs.. ltin« decorated with, roses ^ «nd-.sniih- dragons and a. loyely. rose centctt^ piece was. .placed on a ,lace cloth on^ the •refreshment table, ti .' ..... Tfcey tak« iht S H W- M ^.^these Hwdftm - satile helicopte)?<aiifipyer ijpar-ftift^^' ^' ^ powsr-j>atroli])^B.s Helicopters 'csnaffls -' f&i-detaile'dmspection ofinBulatorftAttd 4-*" 611* hi^-line troiilJWshooters' fo find^ " equipment...Idndittaomally^nfccfe^*^^^^ ^ line breaks or make routine checks of transmission facilities much more effi- deatly'lhah on foot 0lr8ki8.Fol: thel^er- sihle areas.... or datt'atffO £lilleff»Xt 'hT^ along the line to spot possible break* fiau^ bjristotms or faiiling trefes. li ^S «|in"l?4."anaE^i5iet>»^^ ke^|r aell,cs ^ter8 :i >HBy..^^^ ttbe«d ^ w ttqjiWiAfte •ystem to etorve Kbrihern imd Centtal CaMirnia'a growingMeeda. voiijsVad lalseB arid '74 geri^a^g plants cornea the ^lectiieity.i^ sijbplj^,thiB vast network. HkSj^ planteiSra.on the way, jpjirijfig P. G. and E>8 poiii-war power- parade coatiog^ver 9400i00W)a Work never stbpavti our pow6t^-buiidingprogrtiih OF MOOWW; OUR CURRNT CONtnuCTWN •|«OCMM--*ri«,.iMl*;-«| «rO«irSAN-J40FTMISNlW vmk wiuM sasnm ypO,musSTHANA3rEAR ijgiflEJ PACIFIC : 6 A* AWP |tECT *:r :c ;c0:^P4i*)^ >

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