The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on April 6, 1972 · Page 3
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 3

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1972
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Ht RlTAGE HOUSE nronge City, lowo ******* NEWS ******* . MrS Bruce Houl- i">h/rler oak visited K Hill on Sunday |ri Mrs. Hill was a i .in the Jack Van. jT»t noon. !„ K.'De Jong en- L'L.' dinner at the a home. . liiiecimi Group from Ian neformed 1, Sioux Center had 1 Easter Service lillernoon. visitors for Mr. and Mrs. ;;Tchildren, Bill, ' 0(1 and Sue .from B.nd Robert John Lei from Alton. Lemstra's visitors week were Mr. and wlce Kllnger and son Ipenver, Mrs. Agnes l (rom Monroe, S. Dak., • Mrs Simon Heemstra Lanapolls, Indiana, Irence De Groot from I Gertrude Siemonsma ie r and supper guest Ijj siemonsma home land then attended the (service with them at Jormed Church there. Leonard Berkenpas 1 (, er on Saturday in, Mr. and Mrs. Law- |ie'monsma from Shel- I Mr, and Mrs. Geo. I l rom Hartley also •Y, P, De Jong from fenter called on Mrs, JColenbrander onMon- |raoon. I Alice Blom was an I dinner guest at the (her sister and family i Roggens on Sunday. idy Ruisch from Iowa lied with her earlier 1 Mrs. Elmer Neuen- ler from Remsen .his mother Mrs. JNeuenwchwander on lilternoon, Albert Slothoubers sfortheweekwereMr. rs. Walter Ver Hoef |, and Mrs. Bernie Ver i Sioux Center, Mr. Is, Sam Ver Hoef from alley and Mr. and Mrs. ISlothouber from Boy- JHenry Schlesser from e called on Miss Sadie Ion Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. RichStachour from Sibley, and Casper and Neal Van Citters from Reno, Nevada called on Mrs. Margaret Van Pelt on Wednesday. Mrs. Simon Slim and Carrie Rttsema from St. Anne, 111. visited Mrs. Ella Vande Grlend Tuesday. Mrs. Mary Hentges visitors were Mrs. Anna Vortherms from Alton,Miss Lois Vorth- erms from Hospers. Mr, and Mrs. Merlin Foreman and 3 children from Des Molnes and Mr. and Mrs. Leland Foreman from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas called on the Browers on Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Van Peursem, Mrs. Nelvie Salie and daughter from Woodstock, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Paul Spark from Missouri Valley and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Van Peursem from Minneapolis visited Mr. Martin Van Peur- sem on Thursday. Mr. Van Peursem accompanied his grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Van Peursem from Buffalo Center to .the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rozeboom at Rock Valley on Sunday afternoon. Callers in the home of Mrs. Albert Sprik last Wed. morning were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Westerman from Sheldon and their grandson, Randy Brouwer from Lakewood, Calif., who is a student at Dordt College. Mrs. Charlie Eggink and two daughters from Allendorf were visitors on Saturday in the John Stander home. Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Kosters from Holland, Mich, were guests Sat. afternoon in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ravestein. Easter Sunday dinner guests in the Norman Plender home were Mrs, Elizabeth Plender and Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn Plender and family. Sunday evening coffee guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hoekstra were Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Vander Stoep and family and Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn Plender and family. lulova fficial limepiece I JL. rf///jffi$\ and you same match less I°« into the creation l in °si accurate, | at| . mechanical 1 ever created ["^g purposes Tinier. Honored to sponsor Dr 'dTe?ioumed Aimers that will he Official «ce at DUTCHMEN RELAYS taking place ". 1978 Northwestern Field Four 'Pect'al Bulova Timer display in °wr window now! 11 Gelder Jewelry *' Bdnk Oranm* CAtw Oranjre Citv News of yesterday 10 YEARS AGO 25 YEARS AGO Christian school moves into new wing, adds 9th grade. Recent development at the Or- w»ee City Christian school Point to the possibility O f a Christian High school being organized In Orange City within the next few years. The M-OC school board is now busy attempting to locate a replacement for school superintendent George Lorber who recently announced his resignation effective July 1. Rivers and streams, over flowing from the run-off of one of the heaviest snow accumulations on record, left a path of destruction throughout Sioux county last week. County engineer Orvllle Dorschner reported Monday that six county bridges were completely washed out, an equal number were badly damaged and many others received lesser damage in varying degrees. Mr. and Mrs. John De Blauw announce the engagement of their daughter, Laura, to James A. Vermeer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted M. Vermeer of Sioux Center. 15 YEARS AGO Snow. . .snow. . . that was the story when the Northwestern college choir returned from their SPRING tour late Friday night. The choir was snowbound in Norton, Kansas, from 4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon until 2:00 p.m. Tuesday. They were well cared for in Norton, however and found friendly accomodations. Prof. Van Wyk said they had enough to eat in Norton although the supply of hamburgers was exhausted early. Rev. Charles Boonstra, pastor of the Trinity Reformed church in Orange City, an- counced to the church congregation Sunday that he has accepted a call from the First Reformed church in Rochester, New York. 20 YEARS AGO lAccording to announcement by Bob Vis, he has sold his cafe in the old hotel building to Russell Vander Brake, well known Orange City man, who will reopen the cafe later this week, after some remodeling and redecorating. The Town Council has purchased a parlor grand piano from Howard Jelgerhuls for $300. This is a good instrument and has been placed on the Town Hall stage. The Orange City baseball stock went up several notches with the announcement that William Martin of the University of Iowa will pitch for the local team 'this summer. Mr. Martin, who is a senior medical student at the University, will assist Dr. Wm. Doornlnk with his practice during the summer months. Mrs. Gerrlt Kroeze announces the engagement of her daughter, Jackie, to Albert M. De Haan, son pf Mr. and Mrs. Henry De Haan. This marriage will take place in June. Dick Roetman of the Sioux Motor Co. this week bought 16 new baseball uniforms for the Orange City Junior League baseball team. The total outlay for the outfits came to around $350. Mr. and Mrs, Ted Heemstra announce the engagement of their daughter, Elynor, to Jack Vander Wilt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Vander Wilt. Norman Boonstra of Chicago is the new bookkeeper at Gambler's. 30 YEARS AGO While not anticipating trouble for Orange City officers, our fellow citizen, Wm. F. Rieckhoff, evidently is sold on the proposition that a gun in the hand of an officer is worth two in his desk, and acting on that Mr. Rieckhoff presented the town of Orange City with a new Colt 45 cal. Special Revolver. Dr. William Doornink bought the Slothouber estate house on East Third St., Saturday for the sum of $1760. He plans eventually to re model the place into a hospital. The present hospital building will then be made into apartments. Babes who were christened at the American Ref. church Sunday were Nicholas Bouma, Jr., Victor John De Jong, Paul Douglas Van Wechel, Mary Louise Korver, Linda Elizabeth Te Paske, Walter Dean, George and Betty Kleinhessel- ink. 35 YEARS AGO Today Gerrlt Raak of the Cambier Motor Company drove a new "Covered Wagon" house trailer into the storage room of the garage and the action brought the first commercial frailer to Orange City for sale. The trailer can be fitted on to the back of any ordinary car. It has many of the comforts of home, padded seats that become two beds, built in stove, and fixtures, electric light, toilet, etc. Tim Rens, West Branch farmer lost 385 little chicks Friday night. The high wind blew out the fire in the brooder stove chilling the chicks. District court The Foreign Will of Florence P. Jameson was admitted to Probate with G. Norton Jameson named Executor. Final Reports have been filed In the following estates and they are now closed and their Executors discharged: Charles D. Mulder Estate, LeRoy M. Perlot Estate, John A. Visser, Estate, John J. Schmidt Estate, and Rudy J. Plagge Estate. The Estate of William Vander Streek paid the sum of $870.63 in full payment of Inheritance Tax. The State of Iowa had filed Information against Emil Wilier charging him with Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Intoxicants. Bond was set in the amount of $300.00 and he was bound over to the District Court. Richard M. Phelps pleaded guilty to the charge of OMVUI. He was sentenced by Judge Don Pendleton to pay a fine of $300.00 and costs and his drivers license is to be suspended for 120 days. The Grand Jury indicted Marion J. Rus with the crime pf Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Intoxicants, committed on Jan. 6, 1972. Bail bond was set at $350.00 and date hearing will be held in District Court. The Estate of Harold Larson paid the sum of $3199.26 Inheritance Tax. . Burghardt Supply Inc. filed suit against George Goslinga and Alwin Van Roekel. Plaintiff asks for Judgment In the local Nem Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Vande Aarde entertained last Tuesday evening at the Dutch Mill Inn in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Staal, David and Steve missionaries from Kuwait, Arabian Gulf. Other guests were Dr. and Mrs. Lyle Vander Werff, and family. Terry Ritsma from St. Anne, Illinois and Mrs. Sam Salm from St. Anne, 111. were here for the funeral of Marinus Vander Grlend of Sioux Center. While here they stayed at the home of Mrs. Jake Vander Grlend, Sr. and Harry Kroeze. Mrs. Charles L. De Vries attended ft bridal shower held at the Anthony Ver Hoeven home in Ireton on March 28. Miss Linda Stewart of Vermillion, So. Dak, was the bride elect. She ' will become the bride of Tom Van Bruggen, son of Dr. T. Van Bruggen of Vermillion in May. Mr. 1 and Mrs. Harvey Vander Pol, Todd and Heather of Sioux City visited at the Arie Jasper home and celebrated the third birthday of Todd. Mrs. Arie Jasper was pleasantly surprised on Friday the 24th for her birthday which was the 25th. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vander Plaats and family of Sioux Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Tutje and children of Sioux Falls, Harvey Vander Pol and family of Sioux City Arden Jasper of Sioux City and Mona at home. Judge and Mrs. Martin Van Oosterhout attended the funeral of Mrs. Hiram C. Houghton at Red Oak, la. last week. Miss Evonne Vander Burgt of Hull was an Easter Sunday dinner guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis N.J. Wielenga. amount of $3,264.67 with interest and costs, said amount representing balance due plaintiff on an open account. DIRECT DISTANCE DIALING for Orange City Effective: April 9,1972 Central Telephone Company proudly announces the completion of an equipment addition that will enable Orange City telephone customers to Direct Distance Dial their long distance calls. Cost of this addition will exceed $15,000.00. Customers are urged to use Direct Distance Dialing for all station to .stations calls. Calls that are Direct Dialed cost less. USE DIRECT DISTANCE DIALING IT'S FAST AND EASY AS A-B-C 1. FOR A STATION TO STATION LONG DISTANCE CALL A--Dial 10 B--Dial the Area Code (If other than your own) C--Dial the telephone Number 2. For all Other calls Person to Person, Collect, Credit Card, 3rd number or Pay Station, Dial (0) Operator 3, TO REACH INFORMATION IN A DISTANT CITY (THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE) A--Dial 10 B--Dlal the Area Code (if other than your own) C--Dial 555-1212 CENTEL I SYSTEM central telephone company A helicopter makes a dramatic rescue lifting a victim of a Holland flood to safety in "THE LITTLE ARK." The movie dramatizes the suspenseful adventures of two Dutch children in the search for their foster father following the disastrous 1953 flood in Holland. The movie is being shown in Alton at The Palace Theatre today (Thursday, Friday and Saturday.) Attending the funeral of their cousin, Gerhard Scholten at Boyden on Monday were Mrs. Lou Wielenga, Mrs. Homer De Boer and Miss Anna Scholten. Karla Faher from Escondido, California has been visiting with relatives and friends in the Orange City and Sioux Center area this past week. 104 CENTRAL AVENUE, SW., ORANGE CITY, IOWA AN OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER of Sioux County, Iowa and the official paper for the City of Orange City. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, payable annually in advance, $5 per year in Sioux and adjoining counties, $6.50 per year elsewhere. SECOND CLASS POSTAGE PAID ORANGE CITY, IOWA .51041 PUBLISHED Thursdays, continuing a 97 year tradition of community newspaper service. REPRESENTED in the national advertising field by weekly Newspaper Representatives. 37th Year - No. 19 - April 6, 1972 Why did tnotntny open checking account? That's an BAff question! She says money she carries in her purse "just seems to disappear" — but she KNOWS where it goes when she writes a check. She saves time and steps by letting her checks do her running around for her when it's bill paying time. She doesn't have to worry about the risk of losing money during the bustle of shopping. She saves money on bargains because she and dad keep enough in the account so she can write a check on the spot. She always knows '•when I paid how much for what... and what's left." , . . and a checking account costs so little at the Northwestern State Bank: ONLY $2,06 every three months as a service charge -- NO CHARGE for checks, deposits or check book folders. (Although you can order personalized checks for a nominal amount.) Now WE get to ask a question: Why dontyw tryit? Call on us whenever we can be of service in any of these ways Savings Accounts — Home Improvement Loans -- Travel Checks Checking Accounts -- Personal Loans — Safe Deposit Business Loans -- Farm Loans -<• Auto Loans Northwestern Sfafe Bank Office at Maurice ORANGE CITY A FULL SERVICE BANK Member F,DJ,C, THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday. April 6. 1972-3

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