Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 20, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1960
Page 2
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JUNE 20,1960 30 End 2-Week Stay In U.S. Bomb Shelter CHANCE OF SHOWERS PITTSBURGH (AP) - Thirty men, women and children are hack home after a two-week stay in a 12 by 20 foot bomb shcft«r. The volunteers walked out of the experimental shelter Sunday and officials of the American Institute for Research, which i-on- ducted thp test, were plwwd with the results. "Even in our most optimistic : mompnt, WP did not envision the hitjh degree of adjustment and thei CHAMBfcRSBLJHG, Pa. (AP> — j scarcity of problems which actual-j R C p. Douglas H. Elliott (ft-Pa), ly occurred," said Dr. ,Tame» VV. Altman, projpct director. The experiment was designed I to test, psychologically and socio- ; logically, human reaction to shel- Rep. Elliott Kills Self At Cabin CHAMBKRSBL'HG, Pa. Rep. Douglas H. Elliott 39. committed suidde Sunday by carbon monoxide poisoning less than two months after being sworn in office to fill the unexpired term of the late Richard Simpson. Cooter weather Is expected tonight te the northern tier of states between the Pacttlc and the Great Lakes while little change of temperature is expected elsewhere. There will be showers in the northern and central Plains, the Missis* sippi valley and the western Lakes area. Scattered showers are forecast for Florida and South Carolina. (AP Wfrephoto Map.) A passerby found his body near the pxhHtist pipe of his car a few yards from his summer cabin bordering H lake near this south central Pennsylvania communitv. A r< J»J » A rr • WentherFarecasW™:™™ Candidates Are Turning ; Allon and vlclnllv _ Sunny . "f *~s ..__, ., . . *..,._. ..._, whats EO! Attention to Farmers 'and continued warm today. High ; a round change 90. Clear with little In temperature tonight. lev conditions for the Office of (Civil Defense Mobilization, j Laura Ellis, 72, oldest of the volunteers, was conducting Sunday School services when thei group was told to leave. \^ T skin was t]rnppd ovpr h , B Asked why shp volunteered, thej hM1 ,, and fhf , 1>nd of the. exhnust haired grandmother repllpd: \ p ^ have a lot of curiosity nnd! ' might as well know! .»«»- j»>'^ Sairt . 1th 7 f <T<! a , ,„.,„.,„ __,„„ „, „ single-edge razor blade and two, ^M^r^nnowski. 7, the;^° "«* «-!«. on Elliott's' Jfcr THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hie tanner, his problems, and Ms vote continued to hold the at* tenttori today of the men who want to be president. fin a busy weekend, two Democrats and one Republican toured! Sympathy For Ike Is Short Term By JAMBS MARLOW Associated Press Newt* Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) - President Eisenhower will return home to a sympathetic nation after the Far Eastern disasters which overtook him. But it is a sympathy bound to get lost in an uproar. "Die uproar is the coming presidential campaign in which one of the issues will be Eisenhower himself on the question of his leadership or the lack of it It already has been made an issue by the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. John F. Kennedy. The Massachusetts senator attacked the Eisenhower administration last week and called for new leadership, as some other Demo-j crats also have done. The humiliations inilicted on the farmlands of North and South Dakota. The Republican, Vice!,., h * Low in low 70s. Tuesday, In; creasing cloudiness and continu- j ed warm with chance of showers. President Richard M. Nixon, stayed on today and promised to unveil his farm program. i A third Democratic candidate, Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Tex- 1 as. flew to thp farm states of t«rwa | and Npbraska Sunday, seeking ! support at the Democratic N>»! tional Convention. 1 The Democratic candidates in youngest of the group, said: just missed playing outside." ,. ilxxly. Mr had no money in liis •wallet. Her father, Zygmunt, 49, took j Coroner John P. Mages'ruled two weeks vacation from his job at Westlnghouse Electric Corp. to tho congressman died of "carbon monoxide poisoning self-admin- take part in the test with his wifpi istprwl " land two children. Rep. James E. Van Xandt (R! The first thing Paul Marion ,Tr..|Pai said "everybody is stunned." JIO, said as he left the shelter!Ho said Elliott was "one of the Illinois — Temperatures wil)! wag . "Where's my daddy?" : bright young men of the Republi- average near normal. Normal j Mrs. Marion, who had Paul Jr Jean party in Pennsylvania." Extended Forecast Supreme Court Decision Against Race Injunction WASHINGTON (AP)-The Su- premo Court today struck down injunctions which halted Civil flights CommisBfon hearings inj the .Smith on Negro voting rights. Thp high court's vote was 7-2, with dissents by Justices Dougta* and Block. Chipf Justice Warren delivered thp majority dpctsion. The dodsion threw out an injunction f-,.sued by a special three- judge federal court in Shreveport, La. The special court ruled last October that 1 7 registrars In several Louisiana parishes did not havp to appear at a commission hearing on complaints by 67 Ne- goes they had been denied voting rights. Traditional rights of the registrars WPTP violated, the special Rockefeller To Tour For GOP ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP>-Oov. Nelson A. Rockefeller said today he would conduct a nationwide tour in behalf of the Republican party candidates In the November election. The Republican governor did not immediately set a date for the tour. He told a news conference he would campaign "not only for the V by commis"sTon7iilesi national candidates" but for sen- which dn not include prior infor- 1 aforial and congressional candi- marion on thp nature of the com-i" a ' PS ' plaints and do not permit, , , , , . . Rockefeller said he had not been make the campaign of witnesses. i'°" r b >' the GOP National Conv .. . , tf, i frontation and cross-examination (invited to '» ' , ,. llniir hv fh highs 80-85 in south. Normal north, 84-90 lows 59-64 I the Dnkotas were Sens. John F. | Kennedy of Massachusetts and 'Stuart Symington of Missouri. . They urged North Dakotans to vote for Democratic Rep. Quentin Burdlck In the special Senate election June 28. Nixon campaigned for Republican Gov. John E. Davis. Outline Views : All three presidential candi-; dates, however, did not miss ani opportunity to outline their own! views on national issues. . Defense and agriculture wcvej the big topics. In Sioux Falls. S.D..J Kennedy called for a 2&-billion-1 dollar increase In defense spending. "The only real question," he told the South Dakota American Legion, "is—which chance, wnich gamble, do we lake—our money or our survival?" Nixon, addressing the same group later, said he was satisfied with the defense picture. 'If we have a surprise attack," he said, "we have enough strength to knock them out." north, 62-70 in south. Only minor day to day changes in south, locally warmer In north portion Tuesday, followed by little cooler Wednesday or Thursday and warmer late in the week. Precipitation up to two inches In' northwestern Illinois with showers and thunderstorms in northern sections Tuesday and Wednesday and southern sections Wednesday and- Thursday. | n and a daughter. Kathleen, with j since May 7 when he was sworn " her, said: "The first few days fhejj,, Klliott had not missed a House vote. He had not yet moved his 1 in children were under strain. Both of mine were homesick. Some nights they had tears In their eyes. But finally they got adjusted." wife and three children to Wash- i ington. BEAU! V QVEEN CHICAGO—Pat Thompson of Chicago, chosen as Miss Illinois to compete in the Hiss Universe contest, Is crowned by last year's Miss Illinois, Arlene Kaye, between games of Yankee - White Sox doubleheader in Chicago Sunday. (AP Wirephoto.) The special court held that the!" litte ° hllt raifl law which created the commission i thp - v would tako was constitutional. But it said the! " r ' )lnn to tour commission's rules of procedure were not authorized by Congress. Warren's 33-page opinion said that "the purely investigative nature of the commission's proceed-, ings, the burden that the claimed i« hpip campaigns rights would place upon those pro-1 feedings, and the traditional pro-; Rjijlfl cedure of investigating agencies in I *-*" ' w/ general, leads us to conlude that! ^-, TV'• J the commission's rules of proce-, f* OT \r IflOW dure comport with the require-! ments of due process." for i? country and I plan not only to campaign for the national candidates, but for the senatorial and congressional candidates and to give them every sttpport that I can in he said. IDICU. ] fl ' The group had no newspapers, CfllCrtgO ,l*i«*4etm* 4*M t**+tttft£r f"*?n«*«««« nM*4 ' • television or radios. Games and cards offered the only recreation. | International Fair Meeting on United Fund | Swin $ laled 01 i i i e T \ c\f\ I F° r $ oa P B° x Scheduled tor July 20 Eisenhower were personal and na-! in a round of informal speeches, tional. In Tokyo rioting mobs forced cancellation of his trip to Japan; Sunday in American-occupied Okinawa the rioting of anti-American mobs caused the President to re- .turn to streets. the airport by back "llie presidential campaign will be even more turbulent if between now and election day next November the Russians anri Chinese Communists create new crises or new ways to embarrass the United States. Until cancer pushed Secretary of State John Foster Dull** out of the picture early in 1959 and Symington continually said that there was a farm recession under the Eisenhower administration. Kennedy urged retaining "the concept of parity as the goal and basis for pricing policies." Nixon said he would detail his ifarm program at a speech in Minot, N.D., tonight. Johnson, meeting with Demo- Bus Rider Saves Lives Of Couple DECATUR, Ala. (AP) - A Scottsboro, Ala., couple may owe their lives to a stranger from Illi- , . V^CLDll w i5 VUUIIKV^l l/lumul ill nois who was passing on a bus., |fln , w h ,, but , el , s ^ r j ir l ::L5' lt !L\S clear that" aggression wi Raul Sees Base As Obsolete HAVANA (AP) — Raul Castro declared today Cuba will take no action against the U.S. Guantanamo naval base in eastern Cuba. "Some day it will be returned to us," said Prime Minister Fidel Castro's younger brother in a post- Monday, July 20 is the date sedatives of business, industry, set for a mee ti n g to discuss the labor and various organizations ! Derby Racers Alton Junior Chamber of Com- don of Scoltsboro were along U.S. :n near here Sunday | irivingj will not "If after the discussion it ap- Greater Alton Assn. of;pears the group wishes to carry merce w Fund for a chance to get together for a| a] | ^ ovs of color and a babble of foreign,the Greater Alton-Wood Riveri discussion, with any further ac- tongues, Chicago opened its see-1area. The meeting will be held'tion to be determined by the ond annual International Trade! in Abrl Hall on Last Broadway• group present. Fair today. The 16-day bazaar isjat 7:30 p.m. expected to draw more than 600,-i 000 visitors. It is laid out on mile-long Navy Pier, scene of the first exposition. That one was held last summer and proved so successful that the Chicago Assn. of Commerce and Industry decided to make it an annual event. Twenty-one nations, and in a swim for Alton Soap Box Derby. The swim will be held at Commerce and the Wood River I the project further, a steering Township Chamber of Com-; committee will be elected to merce are calling the meeting in : proceed with the project and it response to requests of several'will be the responsibility of this groups including labor organize-j steering committee to call any tions, the announcement said. further meetings," the announce- Edward N. Palen of Alton and menf added. Edgar R. Kelly ol Wood River. The date in Friday's article in ,,^'i presidents of their respective the Telegraph was listed incor- when tho right front tire 'if their car blew out. The car went .out of control, broke two concrete posts along the road and plunged into backwaters of the Tennessee River. II landed in about 10 feet of water 25 feet from shore. Mrs. George Powell of Decatur, fishing nearby, saw the accident and flagged down an approaching bus. I The Greyhound-bus driver, E.3. of Nashville, Tenn., called come from us." Castro, who is lumbia, will display their wares; from today through July 5. The minister of! h . rsttf ^ "W 8 attendance is ie- :e) . ( . )ey saj(| ]n vkw flf fhf , said neither organiza-. rectly. The date is July 20. at tion has taken any stand for or'~:"0 p.m. at Abel Hall, 2821 E. against a United Fund. Howev- Broadway. Camp Warren Levis Saturday beginning at 2 p.m. The Jaycees will provide hot dogs and soda for each boy. Richard Martin, chairman of the derby, said most of the boys entered have their cars practically completed. He said inspection of the cars will begin within a week or two. The race is slated for July 10 and the trial run July 3. Both the trial run and the race will be ritn on College avenue in front | of Alton Senior High School. Of Employe Fourteen members of Illinois Bell Telephone Co. management and members of Local 399 of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Illinois Bell employes, built a retaining wall Saturday at i the home of Mrs. Jeanette Schaffner, 2311 Tibbit St. Mrs. Schaffner is the widow of Carl Schaffner Sr., who was an Illinois Bell employe for more than 40 years. The retaining wall was built at the back of the lot at the Schaffner home. 90 And Still Selling SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) — After working at different jobs, Miss Martha A. Young entered the insurance business back in 1900. Now, at the age of 90, she is still in the same field. "I don't solicit insurance now. I just renew policies/' Miss Young explains. "It keeps me occupied and up on tilings." , ., crats in Des Moines and Omaha, | over thp puhljc address Sy9tcm stressed thdt the presidency j for n swimmer. j Cuba's armed forces, told a youth rally that the Guantanaino base was obsolete in terms of modern warfare and would serve no useful purpose in any future conflict. Castro said the invincibility of American imperialism is a myth rapidly being destroyed by the Cuban revolution. This imperialism, he said, was represented by ja "scabby, lice-ridden eagle, whose talons are worn by plunder committed against our peo-! pie." stricted to commercial buyers and ; others professionally concerned with world trade. The public is invited after thai. ny retmests for an exploratory fee) respon . isibiiity of the two chambers to The idea behind the 1960 fair isj to create more trade outlets in this country for goods of foreign nations and to publicize opportuni- cooperate in giving the repre- Only 9.8 per cent of Indian women, even in Calcutta, are literate, a report showed. ties for American investments in those countries. i America, the Near East, Nigeria Attendant hoopla includes char- and Vietnam, ter of the Prinses Irene, i 460-f Entertainment —-to be staged foot Dutch luxury liner, which. | 0 n a "Festival Island" and in on berthed beside the pier, will serve'••international Theater" — will needed a man of experience. Highway patrolman B. G. "I believe the world needs men j F(ul | knpr si)id Kpn M ue iier, 24, of who have a little gray in their|Broadview. 111., volunteered. then killed him, Eisenhower for (not. years bad been accused of lacking leadership. With Dulles gone, this changed. hair," he said in Des Moines. Johnson, 51, hns the gray, Kennedy, 43 and the front runner, does Eisenhower then began to assert himself in foreign affairs more actively or at least more openly. This was recognized and commented upon. Some of the decisions he made after Dulles' leath DISCIIHS The prospects of Johnson and Nixon were discussed by two Democratic senators Sunday on separate radio interviews. Sen. Mike Mansfield of Montana described Johnson as a long shot for the nomination. Mansfield is a Johnson supporter. were to go to the summit; to in-j Spa Pat M cNamara of Michi- vite Premier Nikita Khrushchev here; and to make several good- gan, a Kennedy supporter, said Johnson "talks too much compro- will tours of his own-his H-na-| mise for , ne ^^ of a wor | d we tion journey to and Asia; his Europe, Africa Latin-American Faulkner said Brandon, (54, told him he was pushing his wife out a car window when Mueller grabbed her and pulled her to safety. He then helped Brandon out of the water. No one was injured. While the bus waited at the station here for Mueller to change into dry clothes Powell drove up with Mueller's bus ticket. It apparently floated out of his shirt iwcket while he was in the water. While the Cuban revolution i as a hos * jilali !>' ce " ter for - xhilli - include everything from P.insum i tors and their guests. can-can performers to Japdiios" Also, the trade fair people nre classical dancers, sending a Miss International The countries to be repivsentv-d Rains in prestige," Castro de-j dared, "the eagle loses feathers. I If it once flew high, now it flies low and tomorrow it will drag itself along the ground." Shouts of approval greeted Castro's diatribe against the United States. surrender after police had surrounded the structure. He tied to escape through a basement window and was shot once in the chest by patrolman Edwin Wiegers. The two men had robbed the j veys of world markets. They will j j Bridge and Structural Iron Work- Trade Fair Sue Snyderb of Car-i u , national pavilions are: pentersvine, 111.,— on an airborne, Austria, Belgium. Denmark, journey designed to set a record j Germany. Ghana, Greece, Hong for the speediest around-the-world j Kong. India, Indonesia, Iran. Is- flight by commercial carrier. Shej rae ], Japan, Korea, Lithuania. Mo- will attempt to fly Chicago-to-Chicago in around 63 hours. She takes off Tuesday. A second Chicago World Marketing Conference will bring 10 U.S. Department of Commerce experts together to report on sur- rocco. Norway, Poland, United Arab Republic, Spain, Sweden and Yugoslavia. "FOUR SEASONS" Casual Furniture Enjoy Now . Pay Laterll Nothing Added /or Easy Budget Plans! PARK FREE AT REAR ENTRANCE 627 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois Redwood and Aluminum Folding Bar-B-Que Set With 2 Benches Table 5' Long 28" Wide Benches 11" Wide Set 29>9S Complttt Jacoby s Completely Air Conditioned Faulkner found the ticket in theiers Union Local 392. The second live in today." water. ; man escaped. ? Mueller continued his trip toj^ jBartow. Fla., where he said he attempt to summarize potential!-1 . ties for greater trade in Australia, I New Zealand. Mexico, Central Mansfield had kind words for i will attend a brother's wedding. trip; and finally the ill-starred i Njxon He said any journey to the Far East. | would haw no morc than a 50.50! Ex-Convict Killed If everything had gone as Ei- ^anee against him. Nixon "would i Another Service from Citizens . . . WHERE YOU GET MORE IN SERVICES! senhower apparently assumed it be better equipped than some peo- ; At East St. 1 .Oil is STEDRPS ft FOSTER fit a would—bringing more peace the world after a series in foreign policy troubles, Mansfield 1 1 said. peace inipjp wou id anticipate" to handle: PA ~ r ™ P , nnit . ,., (AP , A Of trium- fnrp \ on TV1 |i rv ironhlps Mansfield | '. . IAIU1S ' j , .{, T'? jex-convict was shot and killed by one of 14 police officers who But McNamara said Nixon phal journeys to the far corn«rs of the earth—his leadership would hardly have been a campaign is- -changes so much on all these important issues—if I knew where he stood today I wouldn't know that he would be there tomorrow." sue. Perhaps if Dulles had lived none of the disasters would have happened. He might have been snrewd enough to have understood me angry mood in Tokyo and Okinawa and have kept them of the trapped him in a vacant building shortly after he and an accomplice robbed a union safe Saturday. .. .... , ™ i Police Sgt. Fred Sanders chased in other political news, Eleanor J Roosevelt said on a television m- abamtom-d house terview that although former . , ™_.... : _,._. ,., o -rC u i f»bout 10 minutes after the rob- BEFORE YOU GO. .GET President Harry S. Truman pub-. licly supports Symington, he real President's, itinerary, particularly |, y f avo rs Johnson. after the episode of the U2 spyj [n Npw York Truman denied plane, the summit collapse, «indj tn i s _ Khrushchev's humiliating car.cel- ..j nevw desert a man d ur jng lauon of Eisenhower's trip to Rus- a campaign." he said. "I don't Bia- know where she got this" BIT perhaps the administration 's mishandling of the spy plaoe incident would never have hap pened. either, it Dulles had been alive. Dulieb might have been so much cn top of his job that he would have prevented the plane's flight to coon before the summit conference. The Democrats are nol likely to let Eisenhower b Asian experience out of public i l>ery Williams ignored an order to They wouldn't te able to, even il thty wanted to, U there is more ehpnfj in japan aud particularly U twt country Joies Jajiau hath as an ail> sad a raUttouy bane At tU* writing no c«e w rashj Mougb to predict pjwitiv«iy wtii happen in VACATION AND HOLIDAY SILVER DOLLAR DRY GLEANING SPECIAL THIS WEEK Saigon i» buying Vietnam'* fir*] fOt f. 2012 Sltft St. II* I. ll» 4)* N. *M4 Itor Have your watch restored to its original beauty and accuracy. All work guaranteed. Free estimate!. low, low Price/ REPUBLIC National Bank TRAVII.BN* CHICK* 316 Belle M. HO 2-Mi 2 CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 325 Smith Av«. Cl 4*3141 l*t HOUIS: t a.m. to 4:30 Frktoy tv«ikm u«HI ? D.M. 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