Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on July 2, 1948 · Page 1
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 2, 1948
Page 1
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CONFAB ENDEinUDDENLY Att'l General Geh ImportantJnformation In Uklah Attorney General Fred N. Howser departed from Ukiah tor southern California Friday afternoon after a final conference with Mendocino county enforcement officers. Without expanding on the results of his parley, Howser termed the information he received at the last conference as "highly important and highly interesting." At the conclusion of the confab, District Attornsy Busch said the evidence; presented so far was in- sufficiet^t to warrant criminal proceedings against any member ol Howser's staff. Meantime, it was disclosed Gov­ ernor/Warren's' crime commission is investigating reports from six or more other California counties involving purported payoffs by ganiblers. Warfare Is Returned Open warfare was resumed between Howser and Warren Oiney, | III, attorney for Governor Warr ren's Commission on Organized Crime, Latest in a series of clashes he- i tween the two officials over the ' Mendocino slot machine scandal ; occurred when Howser read and i answered a letter written by Olney ] regarding undercover agent Wiley H. Caddell. | The letter had been addressed to Howser. District Attorney Busch \ and Sheriff Broaddus each re- • ceived a copy ' Olney reiterated earlier charges | that Caddell had failed to tell the i truth when he appeared before the crime commission on June 13 in Los Angeles. His reasons, together with Howser's answers in parenthesis, follow: Caddell did not inform t^e cpmr mision of his acquaintance and dealings with Paul McCarty, Ukiah slot machine operator. ("I'm sure we will report that McCarty absolutely refutes thisi") Caddell didn't tell the nature of his activities in Ukiah on the occasion of his visit in April. ("We'll refute this too." He didn't explain his dealings and relations with James Mulligan, a former Los Angeles cop. ("There is no evidence yet that this Mulligan is someone who may be acquainted . with Caddell. . . The only thing that points to Mulligan is the fact that he ^as seen on one occasion in this county."7 Caddell'did not explain the extent of his dealings and acquaintance with Willie Griffin, Lane's Redwood Flat slot raachipe op- ei-ator. ("We have no knowledge of this.") Olney also suggested that Sheriff Broaddus be left ajone to develop evidence in the - case, to which Howser added; "I know Olney would be just as eager to, investigate something about hini as I am about me. I don't intend to let anybody run me out of any place v/here I have jurisdiction to make a full investigation." Mencloqino CounTy't Roneer Newspaper DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT OFFICE: 164 East .^tandley St. Published for 78 yie&rs' ^ Weekly Pigerf of JMenclcci|io Coun^ New* - OtyivRunU and Coimty NewB EYom^^^ ' ' I'SecUottof Mendo'cm^ ~ DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT: Phone* Ukiah Number O—N— B VOLUME LXXDC UKIAH, MENDOCINO COUNTY,' CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, JULY 2, 1948 NUMBER 39 Next Rotary President NEW ILL PROVES ^^^^^^^^ t tl <'•«;* .fi»»»,>'\', -GALL elcct, Ukiah Rotary Club, who will eucceed President Don Ward on Tuesday, July 6. Mr. Balyeat is manager of the Ukiah Penney store. He is advanced from first vic3^ president. — • Two Fined $160 Each For Drunk Driving Ernest Neese was arrested early in the evening of Juno 23 by Officers Griffis and Thomas in the 500 block.of .South State street, examined by a physician and pronounced too intoxicated to drive a car. The following day he wa.-i fined $160 by Police Judge Pauli. L. S. Pic'ftle was arrested at State and Scott streets by Griffis and Weselsky after they had followed his zig-zag course for a couple of blocks. He was similarly processed. NEW TOLL BOARDS BEINGJSTALLED Mid-August To See Current Improvement Completed Installation of three additional sections of switchbpard and asr sociated central office equipment in the Ukidh telephone exchange will result in material improvement in telephone service for this community, says J. B. Brennan local telephone manager. Equipinent now being Installed consists of two additional positions of toll switchboard plus one added position to the'local switch bdard. The new facilities are expected to bo ready for service about the middle of August. The Ukiah of- ' fice v/ill then have a total of nine sections of toll switchboard and five sections of local board for faster handling of Ukiah's local and long distance traffic. • Brennan said the added equipment will also enable the company to complete service orders of most persons whose applications have been held up for lack of central office equipment. Most of the new customers, he said, would be provided with party line service in order to accommodate the maximum number of waiting applicants. City Anticipates Water Shortage Over Within 30 Days: A 48-l}our pumpjhg test on the city's new well determine^, this week that the volume is good, for 1300 gallons pet- minute and the council expects, ^vithin 30-days, to have the pipes laid and the new water supply flowing; into city mainj. ^ Meanwhile, the water ihortags is not actually' acute, but care in. the use of water is adyised by City Manager A, R. Sprec&elsen, •ntil the navr supply\is'ava>l>ible. !e advisss propsrty owners lo /ater their lawns in the morning, ather than evening whan the peak oad can pull the volume down lo I dangerous level. In the tost which was completed this week, the well pumped 1500 ;o 1600 gallons par minute.' On a iustained test it,held up at 1400 gallons and the water level rose to DM feet at that load and was rising slowly above that level while -he test pump' was in operation. On that test Sp?eckelsph and City Engineer Gus Wallach determined that a 1300-gallon pump will be purchased and Spreckelsen hopes to get, tlie pipe laiS within 10 days to two weeks Pump installation • v/iXl take ' another 10 days tp two'weeks, he. Said. Meanwhile, a saimple of water from the new well has been sent to the State Bureau of Sailitary Engineering for analysis, and before the new well water is put into city mains-he will have their report. ^ - . The.threat of a Water shortage, which has worried the city council for the past two months, seems now to^have been ayerte^jt users will usfe ' sehsilile conservation measures for the n^xt 30 days, Spreckelsen said. , • i Curre|if jrh'lrovem^ At Telephone Office Cd rn iva I Beg i ns Two - Day Fiesf q Get out: the flags and bunting and be prepared to' fling ^ them to the breezes of Saturday morning, July 3, else the i boyS/from the American IjCgion will be around to remind you i£ is tlie first day of Ukiah's observance of the Birthday of Independence. It is the I^- BEiS|ILY1,'49 Will;8e Four-Lane Highway, Each Lane 12 Feet Wide >?|^'r 'THEiRiaH'T of this pictyxe can be seen three new sections of '||fhe local ekt;iiaHge of the Telephone & Telegraph Company >which are beitiig ^installed and will ba ready for service ths middle v6f'August, enablipg the company to service a great many new cus- J:^qnleis now on .the-waiting lis^^^ MRS. MENDOSA IS ILL Mrs. A. J. iVIendosa of Fort Bragg is in St. Mary's hospital in San Francisco and her family is hoping that she will soon be able to come home. She is the wife of the proprietor of Mendoza's Genei-al Merchandise store in the coast city. Chamber Plans 4 Pays of Fiesta In the first major celebration since before the war, Ukiah will stage a 4-day fiesta on October 7, 8, 9, 10, a California Centennial extravaganza matching the best efforts of the old rodeo days and the most recent pow-wows. This decision was reached t City Will Install Play Equipment New playground equipment for the city park will be installed im-: mediately, the city council assured the city recreation commission last night. The equipment ordered months ago, arrived here some time ago, but the city has had no one avail^ible to install it. Urged by Mrs. Ernest Lauteren, recreation commission chairman, to get it into the park so that the load on the swimming pool will be diminished, the council authorized City Manager A R Spreckel­ sen to hire outside help tp get it up immediately. , " The pool is so crowded since hot weather began tljat some parents have offered to help install the equipment themselves, she told the council. In connection with the pool. City Recreation Director Dick Rittger was authorized to call tne city ambulance in case of accident and to check any accident case first witti Dr. J. H. Hansen, city physician. California intrastate truck rates are to be increased by approximately 5 per cent on August 1, from the plant to be built by the company north of this city up Ackerman creek and thence to a connection on the west with -the Fort Bragg highway near the junction of the Navarro river and its north fork; It will be used for: the transportation of timber and cord wood, tfie latter being the principal raw- material used by Masonite in the manufacture of hardboard. Owners of other-timber land to be tapped by the new road will use it on a toll basis to truck out saw logs. Chief among these are the Standish and Hickey Company and the Union Lumber Company. The access road is the first construction step in the execution of the west coast expansion program announced by Masonite last March. It included the purchase of more thali 50,000 acres of redwood timber, known in northern California as the Albion tract, from the Southern Pacific Land Company, purchase of a factory site of more than 100 acres near Ukiah and negotiation of right-of-ways for the truck road. Completion of the entire-project will require the expenditure of several million dollars. Mr. Wohlenberg sai(J the company's engineering staff is well advanced on designing the Ukiah plant buildings and that orders for machinery and equipment will be placed at an early date. in To provide access to its red-; wood timber reserve in the ,western part of Mendocin6 county; Masonite Corporation today award-: ed a contract for construction of a 37-miIe. private truck road to Utah Construction Company of San Francisco. E., T. F. Wphlen-. berg, Masoiiite's general manager here, said the ;Work is to be' start'- ed iniraediately.v •-•>••.. :^ The 2-lari^' ro&ci; Hviii '(ij^fid, ^jvChlet \PblJce:f''^^ .The. persistence v of [•'so. many peopie .who, try. ^o begt. the fire department, to tjie fire-is one- of our:- major.'traffic hazards. The praciice, has grpwnv.with our increase, in population'spd ihe law of;ayeragewwill ultimately ,tojng issued a warhlng and in order "that there may be nq mistake in what the law 'says - about the inatter we are gi\^irig -thev section of..the statutes.coiietir.^ sutli.capers: Folio wing: Fire' Vehicles :"No' mPtppyeKicle. "except - an authorized emergency vehicle or • a duly'"'aiitis'9riz6d meniberof a fire department.' shall follow 'withih 36o.fe4t any vfehicle of, a fire' department; which is. responding • to • 4h emergency or ' fire call;";. . ;. ; i;ire Chief Ai Bechtol has appealed to the give the department tiiree minutes after an altirm is sounded befPre taking up the chase. ' Three minutes is a small enbugli margin, of safety, Willits Reatiy F0r Roundup Top Flight Rodeo Stars Assembling For Old West Fiesta ' .WILLIT^S,.June 3 .6;— Pre-Frontier ; Days- 'celebration, .activity started ilbubbilng; to • earne^^ »here this \yeek as sponsoring Fire Department menibers unlimbered plans for the 2-day shindig. A gala street dance will kick-off blow:out activities July ' 2 and Tjihe .usual western atlnpsphere will 'ijrevail at rodeo headquarters as.'.riflers and entries are signed for: rOdeos to take place .bii'July 3, 4; ' ' Parades will commence- at 1:30 on both July 3, 4, \^ith the lines of march passing- through the main section of the city to the rodeo grounds where thrilling rough- and-tumble riding, roping, bulldogging and track events Will start immediatsly after the parades. Colorful dances will be staged on both nightsin the park pavilion with Ralph Rawson and. his popular- orcjtiestra furnishing the Prp.spects for the widening of State street were bVightehed last '• week with announcement owners north of Smith,street tliat tliey' had:, signed contracts AVith the state for -the necessary portion of their Iront yards on both sides the street to increase the width'to 64 feet. Property along the route from State street tp; the northern city limits will be purchased wherever necessary to meet the state's survey for four laiies of traffic of 12, feet each, witK^ght feet for parking space. •.- • ' . .HJfehv^&y': Commissioner: w ;alter' Sandelin, of Ukiah says the com- rnissipn's'iplan^^ art to brealc groiind for'tlie realignmeh-t not later than July 1, 1949. Payinents to property owneirs are based; pn the assessed valuation, and the understanding is that .pgymfent for .the property ac-' quired- is tpade as buildings, are. moved bkck and the land.Released tp, thevS |at^. Eflprts kre sign all c'pnti'Scts. ori fh'i^ bksis and avoid -the necessity, fpr condemnation • preceediiigs. i lyith the widening-of the street, •which is a part of the: Redwood highway ,will'go niany of the rhag- nificent shade trees and fine lawns which' have been the joy and pride of residents of that section n 'erth ;>f the bupltiess district. Some of the homes will be left with practically no front yards unless the buildings are jnoved back. Then it wpuld take years. tP approximate the splendid lawns and flpw- ers which shall have geen sacrificed. but sufticent to._save your life if ;n,usic on July 3 and Dude Martin you are a cPnfirmed fire truck chaser. li will give the fire boys a sporting chance, whicii is all they ask. . - " . HAMIL-TON SAID liMPROVING The condition of Highv/ay Patrolman Fred Hamilton of Willits, who was injured several weeks ago when forced 'Off tlie highway north of Willits, is reported improving at the Howard Memorial Hospital, but that he will not be able to return to duty before August 1. E. Raymond. Cato, chief of the highway patrol, visited Hamilton last -week., to ascertain the extent of his injuries. Beginning of Crime invesrigation/ Thursday night of last week at a special meeting of the directors of the Ukiah Chamber of Commerce, which has undertaken the ground work with the Centennial committee to handle the details. The dates were picked with an eye to avoiding conflict with other affairs—the District fair at Ukiah and the County fair at Boonville, which are of earlier dates. Attractions for the 4-day period will include a Pioneers' Homecoming Day which should attract a large number of persons from many sections of the state. There will be three days of open air exhibitions, a Vintage festival and an Arts festival. The program is being outlined to pack each hour with excitement and activities The chamber of commerce directors believe that this is the time to revive the spirit which in the past had gained for Ukiah the reputation for bigger and better blow-outs. They believe we have personal reasons for jubilation and that the people of the adjacent communities will give us their wholehearted support. With the California Centennial Celebration to provide the motif, they are laying plans for a fiesta of a magnitude; something to touch off a series of annual affairs of similar size. Highlighting the plans is the nightly shotving of the Cavalcade of California, a historical pageant with over 3p0 local people ^in the, cast. ' i The Brothers of the Brush and the Sisters of the Swish will be the style-setting lads and lassies, with beard of the middle 80' and Nineteenth century .styles, and his widely known music-makers supplying music for dancers July 4. Once again the Shell Oil Company will present their display of fireworks, this year the night of July 3. Willits and Fort Bragg fire department v/ater-fighting teams get their annual drenchings in a battle at 6:30 on the evening of July 3. Winners of the whiskerino contest will be judged and presented with prizes at the dance, also on July 3. Frontier Days color gradually sweeps over the community, all of which will be climaxed before the show with the setting of the-. "Boot Hill" Special and ancient stage coaches and the hanging of colorful flags over city streets to herald the impending celebration. LEFT TO RIGHT, District Attorney James E. Busch, Sheriff B. G. Broaddus and Allorney General Howser as they met in Ukiah on June 24 to investigate the alleged machine payoff racket in Mendocino county in which a Hows«r «id mms inyplv^cli •—jQurnal photo Oakland Men Are Fined $175 Each , • ^. One of the most severe fines on record for violation of state abalone regulations has been assessed two Oakland meri, apprehended by .a fish and game warden recently near Point Arena; For,possession of. 51 abalone, 42 of which were undersized, and 22 out of the shell, Raymond P. Duarte and Robert S. Monzo, both of 131 Broadway, Oakland, were |,iined $175 each by Judge Moun- govan' of Point Arena. Arrest was made by Warden Jack McKerlie. A bag and possession limit of five red abalone has been in effect since last fall, according to the division of fish and game. No other type of abalone is found in abundance on the northern' California coast. Miriiiie Trimeloni Funeral Tuesday Fiineral services for Mrs. Domenica (Minnie) Trimeloni will be held Tuesday morning, June 29, at 10 o'clock with requiem high mass from St. Mary's- Catholic church. A Rosary wiU be Said Monday evening at 8 o'clock at the Eversole Mortuary. Mrs, Trimeloni died suddenly Saturday morning of a heart' attack at her home at 19 Lewis street. Shfe was a native of Italy who.came to America in 1903 and' had been a resident of this community for 42 years. The widow of the late Pietro Trimeloni, she was the mother of Pete, Frank and Lewis Trimeloni of Ukiah; Joe and Victor Trimeloni of .Albany, dnd Mrs. Lucille Mathiew of Richmond and Mrs. Katherine Dwyer of Santa Rosa. She is survived by eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Bribery Preliminary Will Be Held July 21 Fred Grange of Lane's Flat will appear in the court of Justice W. S. 'Van Dyke on Wednesday, July 21, at 2 p'clpck fpr his preliininary hearing • on charges . of bribing a public pfficial and.cpnspiracy to violate state gambling laws. Robert Gray of Hollow Tree and W. A. Griffin of Grundy's Resort will appear for their preliminary hearing the following day. Gra>' and Griffin are charged with conspiring to violate the gambling laws. .gion's responsibility to see that thteccjlors arp prominent­ ly'smd-properly displayed all over town. ; - '.•7''.'V . The:\flr5t niiijor attractipr^jYill. be thfe; strfeei cBrnival of Saturday evening. In the,hands of-the;UkIah BreakfastVCJlub this has rail .tfe' eartnairks of ^a'big affair, especially when, considered from the stands ppint of inducements offer.pd young and old -who pre to take part in the frolic. ! Sunday afternoon the American, Legion .wlli present the History, of the .Flag, with ^ling Davis-and " members' of the Bpy Scputs build-' ing the flag irpm sectipns made several ypars agp by Charles Lewis and ^et up at the'last celebration" here then. .V- ,..,...3-,.:., The Hopland and Ukiah bands will gi-ve- a ijoncert which willbe concluded'^t 2:30; at, which, time the swlri^ming meet will begin. Uklah Athletic Association' and Lion$ Club have: put a- lot, ^of- effort Intp' this event,, which will be the flrst Mendocino County Junior. Swimming Championship.^, and have set up a prograni of events ' that • will last for> three hoiire. • ' More thati 75 'young sy^immers hava ..entered the nieet-to ;establish , county wide champiohsiup ratings^ ptficlals will be from the tiibriis.Club,' and: Leonard Nix^.and Victor Jpiies are chairmen. .... At ;7. p'clpck' the Ukiah Fire DeRartiTi6ht,-.;at Schppl and:|^ta4!^- ley steeeis,;?\*|ll' give,an exhibition Pf ,the' eflectiy^ness of their equij?- meht in tbrb-wlng water . The evening will begin with an aquatic sho,^. by the Olympic Club of; San Francisco. This will bejgin at 8 o'clock and continue for- an hotir and a half. , . . At 10 o'clock will be the fireworks display, in charge of the fire departnient at the municipal golf course, -which will be the first fireworks seen here since before the war. Later in the evening the Art department will be called on to save a blazing building from the ravages of flames—with cpn- siderable m'onkeyshines and hilarity. There WUI be ropm and facilities for those who bring their lunches, and picnic' at the park; M. L. DeKeno, commander of the Ukiah Post of American Legion asks for full cooperation in the matter of displaying the colors and hopes that flags \^ill not be confined to the streets and business houses, biit that all homes display them. Get them cut early on Saturday the 3rd, so the people may know that we are commemoi-ating the Fourth. , No Jump In Milk Prices JOINS AUTO SUPPLY HOUSE SUTHERLAND RECOVERED Bob Sutherland, injured in a recent motor accident, is back at work this week in the watch repair department of the H. D. Roberts Jewelry store, Kenneth Famsworth, superintendent of Standard Oil service stations, has resigned and is associated with Dick Mazzoni as field man for the Redwood Auto Supply Company. Parnsworth has been with the Standard Oil for 26 years, and is succeeded by Robert Taylor,, formerly of the bay distritt. iMilk prices, which were' ta-rise 1 cent a quart July 1, will remain at present levejs. / .,.. This was announced Thursday by the state bureau of milk; control;- The bureau said the automatic pricing formula, basing the price of bottled milk on the cost of canned and powdered milk, has been temporarily abandoned. Opp<M «d-By Consumers At a series of 27 hearings, one of which was held in Ukiah the first of June, bureau officials said, consumers unanimously opposed the price boost. A large majority qf mll|k producers also opposed, an increase because it would be harmful, tp the market. W. D. Wopdbum, head of the milk contrbj bureau, recently stated the price incrczie was not called for by market conditions. Last April be reported there was a surplus of milk and the price should go down except for the shortage of alfalfa hay and other dairy feeds. The I cent increase in the price Pf bottled milk was called for by the automatic :formula because the price of canned, powdered and other manufactured milk rose due to heavy buying for shipment to Europe under the Marshall plan. Need B *|t «r CondUions The milk control bureau stated the formula will be abandoned only until milk marketing conditions HTQ mpre stable,

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