The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on March 30, 1972 · Page 11
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 11

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1972
Page 11
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"l MARCH With toe end of March almost here we hope it goes out like the bulletin board • ihP second grade room at M-OC. Hazel Moss and David Hofland are looking for- I to green grass and flowers. tetter to the Editor I Editors s frustrated, upset, an- I maybe one per cent Larch 18 I attended a |ch In Hawarden, Iowa, I Stuart Crane, a pro- I ol economics at Bob I University. Dr. Crane Hblical fundamentalist „„! Birch Society dis- I have no quarrel _ose points. Ifte John Birchers in the «ol this letter, let me lam not a "wild-eyed, 1" professor. Yes, I }lthe University of South I tat so does a fellow jfessor who disagrees ly opinion on Dr. Cra- Isories, But, as I was I1 left the meeting frus- f upset and angry. That eningltrled to analyze (elfngs, and my con- js follow. •probably more than 95 Tin agreement with Dr. I What bothers me is |s audience seemed to ing In agreement with le through the same 95 : and just continued llhrough the remaining [i cent, I do not believe misled his aud- •I believe he is con- lof the truth of what [s, But I don't believe face should be so e cite a few examples ; my agreement with | agree that Darwin's i the survival of the i been distorted and , I believed that ever heard of Dr. However, I learned the Orange City, jubllc school system — f the school system that pe condemns. Dr. | contends the school Is playing into the line Communist con- i by doing a poor job e. •ee that the federal int should be decen- 1 held that opinion gree that Social Se|s morally questionable Irlstlan society for the W "haves" are comity God to provide for jstlan andnon-Chris- we-nots." It should [necessary to set up Security System that ibe "haves" to give. |i Social Security may •""'I in a non-Chris- e with his theory Wlllve capitalism. Himself helped re- allh ln competl - llallsm through one a l* recordings I Us- 'recently. However, I * a corollary: Com- M P«alism will work a , so <;lety where the ood's command. e their neighbors. do ' <*pltal punish. I el? ne polnted to a C ««lety that cut off ° f thleves as s a brand and to thi <^ out that the t have to take lr horses" of lynch- , jostle Paul, capital »h efe one I live in a *• c rane can fer '^wiSS express mine. But questions arise: Why wasn't there a question and answer session somewhere in the six-hour lecture? Why were no tape recorders allowed? I know Dr. Crane's explanation but I'm not satisfied with it. Why was no one given an opportunity to challenge Dr. Crane in front of his audience? I believe Dr. Crane is afraid someone will raise a valid question that might sway his audience against him although Dr. Crane Is a superb debater and apparently has an answer ready for nearly any question raised. Why wasn't any documentation for Dr. Crane's Communist conspiracy theory presented? Why isn't the documentation even available? Shouldn't anyone who says that the American newspapers are Communist controlled be able to produce evidence other than his suspicions and innuendoes? I attempted to send for a transcript of one of his speeches (which are also available on tape) so I could analyze it. Instead of a transcript or an explanation for the absence of one, I received a brochure'informing me that could purchase the tapes for $20. My request for,information concerning a transcript was completely ignored. Could it be that Dr. Crane doesn't want his speeches to be analyzed? Why does Dr. Crane expound the Ten Commandments but overlook their purpose as explained in the New Testament? In the summary of the Ten Commandments we are told to love God and to love our neighbors. Thekey word id loce. The Bible makes It clear that the Christian is not saved by his mere obedience to the law, but the law manifests the guilt and sin of every Christian and non-Christian. But the love of God is demonstrated through the law for although the law shows every man is a sinner, God's love has made it possible for every sinner to be forgiven and saved through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ—even the murderers such as the Apostle Paul (see Romans 3:20-21). Throughout the New Testament we are told that the objective of the Ten commandments is to show the guiltiness of every man and to demonstrate God's forgiveness and love (see Timothy 1:15 and read the entire New Testament). In building his case Dr. Crane cites the Old Testament laws for capital punishment: "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." This statement is clarified in the New Testament (see Exodus 21:21 and Matthew 5: 38-48). I wonder if Dr. Crane and those that endorse his theories eat pork chops? That, too, is forbidden by the Old 'Testament commandments (see Deuteronomy 14: 7-8 and Leviticus ll;4-7, 27). What happened to Dr. Crane's lesson on logic? He correctly pointed out that you can prove anything if you begin with a false premise. Then he goes on and passes along "facts" whose premises are questionable if not false. Two final questions which explain the purpose of this letter: Why did Dr. Crane's audience seem so willing to accept all that he said without challenge? Dr. Crane is brilliant. He may be a genius. He is an outstanding orator. But no man, Including myself, has all the answers, nor are all of man's suspicions true although it seems to me that Dr, Crane's theory is full of suspicions. Why did Dr. Crane's disciples that I talked to allow themselves to be so convinced of his Communist conspiracy theories when not one of them (that I ' had talked to) had seen any evidence? One of them even patted my hand and assured me, "Don't wor- ry, boy, he's got all the evidence." I understand that a Hawarden couple's daughter had been radicalized and hippified at the University of Iowa. Further, I understand that Dr. Crane led her to Christ. I can only say, "Praise the Lord," but let's make sure we continue to worship God and not Dr. Stuart Crane. I already know that the Crane disciples will accuse me of playing right into the hands of the Communists by challenging Crane's suspicions. God help me if I'm wrong, and may God forgive you if you are not right. Roger L. Van Ommeren Vermillion, S.D. CLUB ACTIVITIES CLOVER TEENS The monthly meeting of the Cloverteens 4-H Club was held on March 4 at the Maurice school. Roll call was answered by 19 members and one leader. The roll was Called to name a sewing danger. One visitor was present. The pledge to the U.S. flag was led by Kathy Hubers. The pledge to the 4-H flag was led by Bonnie Hatman. For business we decided to have the juniors have their own demonstrations because they cannot understand when the older member give demonstrations, so at each meeting the junior members will give demonstrations just to the other juniors. We selected a president, vice- president, and a secretary for the juniors which are as follows: President, Debbie Groen; Vice-President, Regina De Jager; and Secretary, Carol Koopmans. Their new leader is Mrs. Ronald De Jager. An illustrated talk was given by Mary Buckley on darts. Paullette Van Roekel gave a demonstration on fabrics. A demonstration was given by Kathy Van Peursem and Louann Hawkins on zippers. Carol Koopmans gave a demonstration on hair bands. A delicious lunch was served by Regina De Jager and Paulette Van Roekel. Reporter, Barb Van Peursem. •••l),m'i it'll mi' you haven't heard <>! tin- c"in \liortage!" NATURAL HERB Creamgel Cleanser Dissolves even mascara on contact, gently, with- out detergent. Washes away dead flaky skin to make skin fresh, So rich in NATURE'S HERBS and PROTEINS it leaves even dry skin baby soft. Hypo-allen- genic. More effective than soaps or creams- and NATURALLY GEN- TLE 13 oz. $2.25. Village Drug ORANGE CITY, IOWA Area basketball players honored Orange City Bowling Ass*n. Monday League-Standings as of March 27, 1972. Wins 1-Clark Real Estate 159 2-N.Y. Life Insurance 149 3-John's Upholstering 136 4-Siouxland Harvestore 132 5-Hulsman Gravel 123 6-Ron's Deep Rock 112 7-Well's Blue Bunny 112 8-O.C. Builders 110 9-Alton Premium Feed 110, 10-Punt-Cambier 97 High Series—Larry Bloemendaal; 621; High Games—Larry Bloemendaal: 245; Lynn Sorenson—210, 201, Darryl Turnwall--209; Henry Huisman—203; Dave Hulsart— 201; Don Post--200. Tuesday League-Standings as of March 28, 1972. Wins 1-Moor Mans 166 2-Woudstra Market 148 3-Coast to Coast 148 4-Sloux Abstract 146 5-Al's Floor Covering 128 6-Bowling Alley 124 7-Farm Bureau Ins. 107 8-De Haan Electric 99 9-N.W. State Bank 98 10-Mouw's Super Valu 76 High Series: Pete Jeltema-582 High Games: Pete Jeltema- 216; Con Katje-212; Earl Clark-201, 211; Arlyn Katje- 210; Mert Vande Broek-206 Harlan Van Roekel-202 Thursday League-Standings as of March 23, 1972. Wins 1-Vogel Finishes 176 2-Russell's Ready Mix 130 3-R & R Performance 124 4-Orange Motors 115 5-Silent Sioux 93 6-Kreykes True Value 82 High Game—Rich Vande Woude—195; High Series— Dwaine Vander Vegte—525. With a 46 point lead and only 40 possible points to go, Vogel Finishes have clinched the Championship in this league. WOMEN'S LEAGUE Wins Total Woudstra 3 74| Super Valu 1 71 'Bowling Alley 1 71 7-Up 4 67 NW Bank 3 61 Haarsma 4 57{ K-Products 4 56 Vogel 3 54 De Vries 1 53 Kraai 0 51 Koscot 1 48 Hubers 3 48 Van Gelder 0 43 Wells 0 34 High Game—Fritz Haarsma- 197; High Series—Lois Jeltema—491. local New Morris Post from Salt Lake City, Utah, came to visit his mother, Mrs. Eva Post, this past weekend. On Sunday, her dinner guests were Mr. and Mrs. Cornie Haspals and Gary from Sanborn, Mr. and Mrs. John Post and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Selmon from Boyden. Guests in the home of Beth De Leeuw on Sunday evening to enjoyed a Hymn Sing, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Paul De Leeuw were Mrs. Bertha Jonker, Mrs. Stella Noteboom, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bruxvoort, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smit, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Dykstra, Mr. and Mrs. John Vermeer and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wobbema. Named honorable mention of the northwest area of Iowa by the Sioux City Journal were several high school basketball players of the immediate area. Honored were forwards Jay De Zeeuw, Boyden-Hull; Mark Van Roekel, Floyd Valley. Centers named were Ron Pedersen, Rock Valley; Wayne Horkey, Granville Spa- Iding; Dan Brenneman, Hull Western Christian; Lance Shafer, Paulllna. Guards included were Jerry Reuvers, Boyden-Hull; Mark Schipper, Floyd Valley; Tom Van Rooyan, Maurice- Orange City; John Hibbing, Paulllna. Red Raiders Soccer season begins The Northwestern College Red Raiders, as, a member of the Northern States Soccer Conference, will begin its 1972 spring season on April 6th when five of its team members will participate in the All-Star Game at Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa, at 7:30 P.M. The NSSC is split into two divisions, East and West. There are four teams in each division: East: Northwestern, Dordt, Morningside, and Westmar; West: Augustana, U of S.D., Dakota-Wesleyan,and S.W. Minnesota State. The Red Raider team is coached by Bruce Murphy and with the return of the majority of the team members, the team hopes to advance to the final playoffs this season. The addition of a few new members and a new 4-2-4 system of playing will definitely give the Raiders a good chance for the division title. Members of the team this year are: Tom Vander Broek, Tony McAllister, Mick Luate, Yomi Duro Kongi, KermitVan Roekel, Jack Swart, Tim Staal, Tom Vander Horst, Gordon Vanderschaaf, Rog Haug, Ed Spurr, Doug Moret, T. J. Burns, Dave Fjare, Keith Allen, RogVandendorpel, Tom Smith and Keith Geense. SCHEDULE April 6 All Star Game Dordt 7:30 P.M. April 8 Westmar at Northwestern 10:30 A.M. April 15 Dordt at Northwestern 10:30 A.M. April 22 Northwestern at Normingside 2:00 P.M. April 28 Northwestern at Dordt 8:00 P.M. April 29 Northwestern at Westmar 2:00 P.M. May 6 Morningside at Northwestern 10:30 A.M. Wilma .Klopfenstein from Des Moines isspendingaweek here visiting with relatives and friends. Jeff Klopfenstein who attends the Iowa State University at Ames will be arriving on Thursday to also spend the Easter weekend here. I'm going to Lumps. There we not enough of ux T.V. men to charter a plane xo we are getting together with the plumbers!" NOTICE The Orange City Dog Ordinance is now in effect. No dog is allowed to run at large between March 15 and November 15, THIS ORDINANCE WfU M ENKWD! Tt* complete ordinance Is on file aj the City Clerk's Offlce, Mayor and City Council Several area high school basketball players have been designated honorable mention by the Des Moines Register who named all state teams. Those named were guards Tom Van Rooyan, M-OC; Marv Schipper, Floyd Valley; (Alton); Dave Bomgaars, Sioux Center; John Hibbing, Paul- Una; Dave Langel, Gehlen (Le Mars); Jerry Ruevers, Boyden-Hull. Forwards or centers named were Dan Brenneman, Western Christian (Hull); Harlan Broek, Unity Christian (Orange City); Jay De Zeeuw, Boyden-Hull; Daryl Hoogeveen, West Lyon (Inwood); Wayne Horkey, Spalding (Granville); Ron Pederson, Rock Valley; Lance Shafer, Paulllna and Mark Van Roekel, Floyd Valley (Alton). Conference to be held in the Ozarks Eight Northwestern students will participate in the Phi Kappa Delta National Forensic Society Conference to be held In the lodge of the Four Seasons at Lake of the Ozarks, Southeast of St. Louis, Missouri, March 30, 31 and April 1. • Dr. Theora England, director of theater at Northwestern, is the advisor for the event. Participating in Ori- gianl Orator are: Ronald Wright, Paullina, Iowa and Mary Branch, Homewood,Illinois; After Dinner Speaking: Jim Johnson, Orange City and, Michael Gray, Buffalo Center; Interpretation: Peggy Johnson, Orange City and Mark Tazelaar, Lakewood, Colo. Bosch to play in Iowa Senior All-Star Game Gregg Bosch, Northwestern 6'3", 190 Ib forward was selected to compete In the sixth annual Iowa Senior Ail-Star Basketball Game, April 1 In Cedar Rapids. Bosch, who was the only senior on Northwestern's starting five, gave the team the needed leadership. Topping the Northwestern career scoring record set by Rick Vander Berg, who Is presently head coach at Unity Christian In Orange City, Bosch averages 20 points per game. Although his career points have not been totaled as yet, it will probably be over 1500. Vander Berg's record i was 1280 set In 1968. Although Bosch Injured his knee In the Loras play-off game In the District 15 championships, he did play In the Kansas City Tournament with seemingly no 111 effects. Bill Prochaska of Upper Iowa will coach the college team which includes: Loras, Dan Brietbach, Mark Miller; Wartburg, Dave Platte; Ambrose, Bob De Danker; Dubuque, Pat Melloy; Northwestern, Gregg Bosch; Parsons, Gregg De Ath; Simpson, Dennis Engel; and Buena Vista, Dan Coker. The thrill worth while is the one that comes out of yourself. "Foreign aid, Senor?' Finger Food Feasts...Teen Blast Teens are more convivial than .people. Assemble more than two . . . and there's a party afoot. Next time there's a teen blast at your house, provide the youngsters with fondue fare. They'll love the informal fun of dunk cookery. Doughnuts are a teen favorite, and that's just what you do the dunking with. Chunks of fresh doughnuts are speared on a fork, dipped into a hot Chocolate Sauce or hot Raspberry Sauce. Both are a snap to make, goofproof for the inexperienced cook. The chocolate mixture just requires chocolate pieces, butter, milk, corn syrup and vanilla. Prepare the sauce in the top of a double boiler, heat in a fondue pot over Sterno flame at serving time. Use sterno solid canned heat or liquid, depending on what your fondue units require. The canned heat is safe, smokeless, odorless. The liquid fuel burns with a clean blue flame and has a pleasant light lemon scent. When youngsters are cooking safety is always a factor, and the Sterno liquid is non-toxic and has a spillproof safety cap. The mellow Raspberry Sauce is easy to make, too. It combines raspberry jam and jelly, orange juice and grated orange rind and you can make this right in the fondue pot. Since Dunkin' Doughnuts can get a bit messy, especially with teens or younger children in evidence, provide the guests with packets of pre- moistened towelettes for easy handwashing. Wash 'n Dri comes in handy individual packets and the towelette cleans hands in seconds and dries in seconds. Dunkin' Doughnuts Chocolate Sauce: 1 jumbo package or 2 regular packages (2 cups) semi-sweet chocolate pieces V4 cup butter or margarine % cup milk J /i cup light corn syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla Melt chocolate and butter in top of double boiler. Stir in milk, corn syrup and vanilla; stir until smooth. At serving time, heat in small fondue saucepan over low Sterno flame. Spear pieces of doughnuts on fondue forks and dunk in sauce. YIELD: iy 2 cups. Raspberry Sauce: 1 cup raspberry jam 1 cup raspberry jelly '/i cup orange juice 1 teaspoon grated orange rind Mix together all ingredients in a small fondue saucepan over Sterno flame. Heat and stir until smooth. Spear pieces of doughnuts on fondue forks and dunk in sauce. YIELD: 2V4 cups. SPRING TIRE SALE On all Phillips tires CHKK ALL OUR VALUES (Prices too low to print) While the supply lasts ... drive in NOW! Use your Phillips 66 credit card (6 months interest FREE) 12 oz, therm tumblers 190, with fill of gas Phillips "66' Hi-Way Service Phone 737-3232 Orange City THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, March 30, 1972—11

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