The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on March 30, 1972 · Page 8
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 8

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1972
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filed. The 1971 in filed. for final quarter of report of the County Sheriff for the 4th to advertise for bids for at the close of business for I 9 / 71 * ?972 at 2:00 o'clock P.M. at the Courthouse. January 25th, 1972 The Board of Supervisors of Sioux County, Iowa met pursuant to adjournment at 10:00 o'clock A.M. Board members present were Henry J. Wissink, Alden Walraven, Bernard L. Smith and Clarence Jonker. Minutes of January 11th were read and on motion and vote stand approved as read. Moved by Walraven and seconded by Jonker to have HenrvJ. Wissink as Chairman of the Board to fill_out une,:- pired term of Gerrlt J. Brands for the year 1972. Motion ""Meivin Von Arb was appointed as a member of the Soldiers' Relief Commission this date assuming unexplred term of Renold Schatt who resigned this date. As January 25th at 10:00 A.M. was date set to have all four newspapers who filed for the County Piling, submit the r bona-fide list of subacribers with affadavitsjattached, the four applications and bona-fide list of subacrlbers were carefully checked and a short recess by the Polishers and editors of the four newspapers was held after which the four came up with the following agreement The Board adopted this agreement to have the Sloia County Capital, Sioux Center News, Alton Democrat, and Hawarden Independent be awarded the County printing for the year 1972 a 75^ basis of payment so that same equals the payment IN THE MATTER OF THE'DEATH OF GERRIT J. BRANDS, COUNTY SUPERVISOR RESOLUTION WHEREAS, it has come to our knowledge that the Grim Reaoer Death has again visited our official family and taken froTour mWst a beloved member of the Board of Supervisors, members of said Board and the other"cou^ty"offlc'lals"have' assembled in special session to lament this great loss to our County and especially his family, and vote on the agreement on of the three papers. On motion was a unanimous vote in favor. Motion carried. Moved by Smith and seconded by Walraven to appoint Clarence Jonker as member of the County Welfare Board to serve one vear starting January 2nd 1972. Other members the of the Board are Henry J. Wissink, Chairman, and Mrs. Ruth RESOLVED, by all the County Officials here assembled that In the sudden death of Gerrit J.'Brands, the CounS of Sioux has lost one of Its most faithful, efficient, hWst and upright officers and citizens; his family a lovely and faithful father and husband whose memory will be cherished as long as all knew him live, and be It further. RESOLVED that we extend our sincere heartfelt sympathy to his dear ones and his many friends, and commend them to the blessed Emmanuel who alone is able to sustain us in all ° Ur BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all the County Officials attend the last sad rites In a body; that the Courthouse be closed on the day of (he funeral as a mark of respect of our love and of his faithful services among us, and that a copy of these resolutions be presented to the family, published In proceedings and spread on the minutes of the Board. Dated this 21st day of January, 1972. The report of the County Recorder for the last quarter of 197! in the amount of 53,238.50 was received and ordered 1 S ' The report of the Clerk of District Court for last quarter of 1971 in the amount of $7,198.13 was received and ordered ANNUAL REPORT OF STANLEY L. DE HAAN, For the Period from Jan. 1, 1971, to Dec. 31, 1971, inclusive STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS BY FUNDS COUNTY AUMTOR* STATEMENT FUNDS Alden Walraven, Supervisor Henry J. Wissink, Supervisor Clarence Jonker, Supervisor Bernard L. Smith,Supervisor M. J. Van Wyk, County Auditor TREASURER OF SIOUX COUNTY, IOWA General Court . . Non. Co. Brd of Educ. Board of Education Conservation Agriculture Extension Assessor Vocational School Poor State Institutions County Mental Health soldiers Relief Co. Home Building Co. Library Basic School \ Local Health Secondary noad Sanitary Land Fill Bangs Bovine T. B. Domestic Animal 4-H Fairgrounds School Districts Fines School Library Corporations Townships City Specials Soldiers Bonus Homestead Credit Agrtc Land Credit Advance Tax , Auto License Use Tax TOTAL Net balance on hand Dec. 31, 1971 Orange City, Iowa, Jan. 4, 1972. I M J. Van Wyk, Auditor of Sioux County, Iowa, do hereby cert fv that the statement given above, correctly shows the condldion of "he funds In the hands of Stanley L.De Haan Treasurer of said County, at the close of business December 31, 1971. as shown by accounts In my office^ ^ ^ ^ ^ County Auditor. 180,103.41 20,365.71 557.94 15,173.85 1312.38 231.23 Time Certificates Time Certificates Co, Home Bldg. 520,000.00 27,758.52 547,758.62 Total A 520,0 1,533.59 229,126.06 51,509.89 50,731.44 5,830.70 27,758.52 404.30 6,107.75 1,579.17 300,127.46 17,593.73 2,223.08 12,210.89 13,614.82 902.96 42,804.14 32,106.81 1,762.96 17,912.15 2,327.80 7,394.93 25.00 60.98 1,259.27 34.62 243,603.50 25,248.21 1,312,808.30 1,321,808.30 Orange City, Iowa, January 4 1972 BALANCE IN DEPOSITORIES AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS December 31, 1970 "j NAME OF BANK Alton Savings Farmers Savings Hospers Savings Farmers State First State Hospers Savings Iowa State Security Savings Northwestern State Northwestern State Northwestern State (auto) Valley State First National Net Ami. on Deposit Cash Items--Llsted Total Assets TOWN Deposits In Transit i Alton Boyden Granvllle Hawarden Hawarden Hospers Hull Ireton Maurice Orange City Orange Clly Rock Valley Sioux Center In Banks at Close of Business Above Time Certificates Cashiers' Checks Certificates Outstanding 18,886.57 20,655.02 10,232,34 23,461.65 22,270.53 22,121.36 21,325.94 20,030,20 11,353.44 289,881.62 208.11 268,894.71 43.00 23,556.63 21,630.88 TreJ NelBd U,| zo,t 10,2 ad a,ii 22,1 2I,J| W d 2(1,1 23,5 21,[.| rid 541,1 1,321,! I County Treasurer of Sioux County, Iowa, do hereby certify that the foregoing sli •re'ctlv shows the balance In depositories at the close of business December 31, 1911, Signed Stanley L, D.I County 1 correctly shows I On motion 1st, 1972. and vote the Board adjourned to February Attest: M. J. Van Wyk, County Auditor Henry J. Wissink, Chairman February 1st, 1972 c- 0; O ^ C •= £ General State Revenue Unapportion Soldiers' Compensation No. 2 Korea 13.75 Agri. Land Credits 1,334.88 Conservation 1,513.91 Automobile License 190,135.16 M i- C Replacement Tax Homestead Credit Fund 123.48 Military Service Credits USP Tax 10,341.07 General County 167,781.67 Court Expense 9,639.70 Poor 84,794.71 State Institution 206,553.63 County Mental Health 82,879.42 Cow Replac. Ser. Road Maintenance 180,476.69 Basic Local Health 763.56 School 2,117,41 County Board Education 10,240.70 Non-Co. Board of Educ. 170.83 School Library 2,116.51 Soldiers' Relief 13,280.29 County Assessor 7,674,07 Vocational School 4,549.88 Domestic Animal 12,390.82 Bovine Tuberculosis 12,270.89 Bane's Disease 4,384.72 Teachers' Insitute Sanitary Land Fill P.P. Exempt Replac. Tx City Special Assessments 33,025.48 Corporation Funds 32,104.70 School District Funds 59,537.58 Township Funds 470.11 County Library 551.07 Countv Fair 749.96 Fines 20,039.76 County Home Bldg. 26,311.3,9 County Agrl. Extension Education 113.06 Mobile Home Juvenile City Assessment Expense Old Age and Surv, Ins. Cf\ Af) Advance Tax 50.43 Total 1,184,507.29 Net balance on hand ~c. '3 u 01 23,301.86 25.00 230,437.85 36,714.59 808,553.42 28,234.35 375,126.58 26,853.27 184,813.83 310,979.07 61,291.51 458,007.16 66,279.46 164,514.02 11,073.29 1,438,422.35 11,713.74 90,582.63 140,418.15 8,300.23 2,193.15 10,122.65 61,331.96 140,602.79 3,059.75 5,544.86 150.00 17,593.73 349,180.35 83,047.32 799,974.64 4,174,656.08 22,838.43 18,157.62 7,653.00 30,202.05 1,447.13 21,193.97 28,437.21 10,253,029.05 t, ,0 GJ -TJ of "— I Q o o 23,301.86 38.75 231,772.73 38,228.50 998,688.58 28,234.35 375,250.06 26,853.27 195,154.90 478,760.74 70,931.21 542. 80}. 87 272,833.09 247,393.44 11,073.29 1,618,899.04 12,477.30 92,700.04 150,658.85 8,471.06 4,309.66 23,408.94 69,006.03 145,152.67 15,450.57 12,270.89 9,929.38 150.00 17,593.73 349.180.35 116,072.80 832,079.34 23,308.54 18,708.69 8,402.96 56,241.81 27,758.52 21,307.03 28,437.21 50.43 11,437,536.34 VI "c 0) E W 5; <fl 'S 23,301.86 13.75 230,513.46 36,916.12 755,085.08 28,234.35 375,189.08 26,853.27 169,906.69 298,657.33 50,565.50 313,675.81 221,323.20 196,662.00 11,073.29 1,318,771.58 10,898.13 86,592.29 135,485.00 7,913.12 2,546.70 17,578.24 60,737.03 143,619,08 1,835.75 60.00 7,706.50 150.00 349,180.35 108,677.82 814,167.19 4,191,389.52 20,980.74 18,304,39 7,500.00 24,135.00 21,075.80 28,437.21 15.81 10,115,728.04 co rH a; i-T O CO c . rt fi gs 25.00 1,259.27 1,312.38 243,603.50 60.98 25,248.21 180,103.41 20,365.71 229,126.06 ' 51,509.89 50,731.44 300,127.46 1,579.17 6,107.75 15,173.85 557.94 1,762.96 5,830.70 8,269.00 1,533.59 13,614.82 12,210.89 2,223.08 17,593.73 7,394.98 17,912.15 42,804.14 2,327.80 404.30 902.96 32,106.81 27,758.52 231.23 34.62 1,321,808.30 — w J. g> m 01 ^ W S S 1 an SSIn £ o' 3SI fo lv (. Be W! pe 818.72 an Is 6,524.10 N 1,816.05 ... fi 6,316.94' v c 340.00 f( 17,507.40 ii 846.10 s 4,737.40 S 1 3.00 E 10.92 I 1,092.09 t 4.00 z 380.50 \ \ i 1 The Board of Supervisors of Sioux County, Iowa met pursuant to adjournment at 10:00 o'clock A.M., Chairman Henry J. Wissink presiding. Members present were Alden Walraven, Clarence Jonker, Bernard L. Smith, and Henry J. Wissink. Minutes of January 25th, 1972 were read and on motion and vote stand approved as read. County Auditor was ordered to advertise for a lumber piling letting to be held February 29th, 1972 at 10:00 o'clock A.M. Moved, seconded and carried to pay Town of Orange City for half the cost of Deputy Sheriff Hoekstra's uniform as the of City and County uniforms were about the same. Board allowed $125.00 to be paid to City of Orange City, Iowa. On motion and vote, Will Wlnterfeld of Rock Valley, Iowa reappointed to County Conservation Commission for a period of 5 years from January 2nd, 1972. Moved and seconded to hire Lela Knutson as stenographer and bookkeeper in County Engineer's office to start February 1st, 1972. MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT mined and does hereby determine that it Is In the t terests of the City of Hawarden, Iowa that the] Management Agreement above referred to be entered NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED i City Council of the City of Hawarden, Iowa that theli and Clerk be and they are hereby authorized anddli) to enter into the Management Agreement herein to, a copy of which Is attached to this Resolution. Passed and approved this 15th day of November,! Harlan W. Hummel, Mayor ATTEST: Don A. Leafstedt, City Clerk On motion and vote the Board adjourned to Fet| 8th, 1972. Attest: M. J. Van Wyk, County Auditor Henry J. Wl Chairman February 811 ANNU-Vl REPORT OF STANLEY L. DE HAAN, TREASURER OF SIOUX COUNTY, IOWA FOR THE PERID FROM January 1, 1971 to December 31, 1971 inclusive "Use" tax (Motor Vehicle; 184,813.83 Homestead Credits 374,918.89 Military Service Credits ................ 26,853.27 Agricultural Land Credits 230,437.85 Other Receipts (Education) 33,758.09 Transfers from funds under Code Sec, 24.21 & gen. bus. RF.CE1PTS On hand Jan RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS AMOUNT 1, 1971 1,184,507.29 From Current taxes 197U tax list (Not including Dog Tax) 0,298,613.87 From delinquent taxes 1969 and prior years (Not including Dog Tax) 50,466.94 Penalty, interest and costs Current 6,684.96 Penalty, interest and costs Delinquent , , 1,272.13 Non Co. Bd of Educ 1,846.67 From city special assessment (paving, sewer, etc.) 83,047.32 Dog license from Auditor • 3,035.75 From cigarette license 525,00 From beer license 150,00 Refund to Co. Funds • • • 64,319.83 Rent or Sale of R. E P^lrVdfi Basic School Tax al'lliSO Interest d<3,Sbl,HU MC Replace: . I!....... i!.. 28 234.35 From sale of automobile numbers and licenses,. . 808,55^.42 2700 Per Prop Replace 34 n'i?5'oo Fines and forfeitures from Clerk .n'nln ^ Fines and forfeitures from other sources , . 19,787,17 Cow Replacement ^Zo'?? Franchise Tax «MHJ Secondary Road Assessments , 85J,79J.9b From care of patients in state institutions 4,152.86 County Home Bldg ,o'«!oHo County Home Patients '^,Ho From sale of produce at County Home 53,475.62 From sale of bridge & rd. material Const 6,720.90 Moving Permits 775.00 From sale of Supplies 2f nn Fees from county auditor ...,„ 1,171.00 Fees from county treasurer.; 2 ?' 2 pl"oc Fees from county recorder 'inono Fees from clerk of the district court 21> oncoA Sheriff's fees from sheriff 37b.80 8--THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, March 30, 1972 332,719.63 Total to be Accounted for 11,437,536.34 DISBURSEMENTS AMOUNT This Agreement made and executed this 15th dav of November 1971, by and between the City of Hawarden, Iowa, first party, hereinafter called "City" and Board of Supervisors of Sioux County, Iowa, second party, hereinafter called "Board". L , . WHEREAS, the City has acquired property to be used for a boat landing and river access and has determined that desires to be relieved from the care and maintenance of said property described as, to-wit: Lots One (1), Tow (2), Three (3), Four (4), Five (5) Six (6), Seven (7), Eight (8), Nine (9), Ten (10), Eleven (11), Twelve (12), Thirteen (13), Fourteen (14) and Fifteen (15), Block One (1), River Addition to Calliope, now Hawarden, Iowa, WHEREAS, the Board of Interested and desirous In undertaking the improvement, maintenance and care of said property; and WHEREAS, both of the parties hereto believe that It would be In the best Interest of the people of the City of Hawarden, Iowa and the area of Sioux County that the care, maintenance and improvements of said property be transferred by the City to the Board; and WHEREAS, a portion of the property above described was formerly owned by Clarence Carr, now deceased, a long time Hawarden businessman, and the City Is desirous of calling this "Carr Landing", asking the Board to'honor this; and WHEREAS, the Park Board of the City has approved this Management Agreement. NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to the Code of Iowa and in consideration of the mutual promises of the parties hereto, It is agreed as follows: 1. The Board shall undertake the care, Improvement and maintenance of the above described land to be used as a boat landing with access to the Sioux River for a period of twenty- five years from date hereof. 2. The Board agrees to care for and maintain said property In substantially the same manner as state parks are cared for, maintained and managed by the Board. 3. Nothing in this Agreement shall obligate or bind either party to the expenditure of funds in excess of funds available to each party. 4. Nothing In this Agreement shall deny the right of the public to enter upon and use the property above described for any lawful purpose whatsoever. 5. This Agreement may be terminated upon 30 days' written notice to the other party should it be determined that the other party is failing to comply with the terms of the Agreement, or upon mutual consent of both parties hereto. This Agreement entered into under the authority of the City Council of Hawarden, Iowa on the 15th day of November, 1971, all as shown in the minutes thereof. The Board of Supervisors of Sioux County, lovl pursuant to adjournment at 10:00 o'clock A.M., CM Henry J. Wissink presiding. Members present were Walraven, Clarence Jonker, Bernard L. Smith, and J. Wissink. Minutes of February 1st, 1972 were read motion and vote stand approved as read. Automatic voting machine representative, Mr. Burj with the Board this date and explained to theBol working of the machine. County Auditor was authorized to pay for sped* of record in the Treasurer's office on Lot 9, Block 9, Iowa to make room for other structures. Error on the tax roll from the Assessor where De sisters were taxed In error. An addition on assessmi was ordered corrected in Center Township. „ The remainder of the day was spent allowing presented by the County Auditor. On motion and vote the Board adjourned to Februai 1972. Attest: M. J. Van Wyk, County Auditor Henry J. ^ Chairman February 151 State treasurer's receipts Soldiers' Bonus 13.75 County auditor's warrants 2,451,788.53 City specials (pav., sewer, etc.) 108,609,37 Orders on county treasurer by mayor of cities and towns 814,167.19 Orders on county treas. by presidents of school districts , , , , . . 4,191,389.52 Orders by President of Agrl, Extension Council .. . 21,075,80 Township clerks' receipts 20,980.74 Sight drafts for automobile licenses (3%)..,,,.. 755,085,08 Receipts for "Use Tax" remitted for Treasurer , , 169,906,69 Agri. Land Credits Disbursed 230,513,46 Homestead Credit apportioned 375,189,08 Military Service Credits apportioned , , 26,853,27 Advance Tax Payments apportioned 15,81 Non-County Brd of Education 7,913.12 Vocational School 143,619.08 County Library 18,304,39 Non-Co. Basic School 86,592.29 M-C Replacement 28,234,35 Cow Assess. Replacement , 11,073.29 P. P. Exempt Replacement 349,18046 Transfer to funds under Code Sec. 24.21 & gen. bus 305,222.88 Total Disbursements 10,115,728,04 Balance on hand at close of bus. Dec, 31, 1971 , , 1,381,808,30 Total Accounted for • • • « Hi^BM'36,34 Orange City, Iowa, Jan. 4, 1972 I, Stanley L. De Haan, Treasurer** Sioux County, Iowa, do hereby certify that the report given above is a correct summary of the business transacted by me as said treasurer during the period therein specified. Stanley L. De Haan County Treasurer CITY OF HAWARDEN, IOWA By Harlan W. Hummel, Mayor ATTEST: Don A. Leafstedt, City Clerk This agreement entered into under the authority of a Resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Sioux County, Iowa on the 15th day of November, 1971, alias shown In the minutes thereof, BOARD OF SUPERVISORS SIOUX COUNTY, IOWA By Gerrit J, Brands, Chairman RESOLUTION NO. 807 WHEREAS, the City Council recently acquired property In Hawarden, Iowa adjacent to the Sioux River to be developed and used as a boat landing with access to the Sioux River; and WHEREAS, the Sioux County Conservation Board, acting through the Board of Supervisors of Sioux County, Iowa has agreed to undertake the care, Improvement and maintenance of said property as a boat landing with river access- and ' WHEREAS, the Cfu Council has determined that it will be for^e best interdPb to permit the Sioux County Conservation Board to provide the care, maintenance and Improvements of said property; and . WHEREAS, the Park Board of the City of Hawarden Iowa has approved this arrangement; and •»«»«, WHEREAS, notice that the Council proposed to enter Into a Management Agreement for" this purpose has been given pursuant to Iowa Code Section 368.35 the Affidavit ° f P ^ulol°? of whlch notlce ls on me here n; and WHEREAS, this being the time for hearing on said matter pursuant to the official notice given, the Council has The Board of Supervisors of Sioux County, Io« pursuant to adjournment at 10:00 o'clock A.M., Ch Henry J. Wissink presiding. Members present wen Walraven, Clarence Jonker, Bernard L. Smith, and! Wissink. Minutes of February 8th, 1972 were read motion and vote stand approved as read. Bernard L. Smith was appointed by the Board I on the Civil Defense Board, Mr. Marineau appeared before the Board rei application as Civil Defense director. Moved by Jonker and seconded by Walraven top Model 40 Little Giant Dragline for a net difference of - trading In old link belt speeder. Delivered price, $3 see contract for final details. RESOLUTION WHEREAS: The Lyon County Board of Supervisors de change FM & FAS route 9 in Lyon Counl due to the elimination of an old bridge Rock River and the building of a bridge North line of Section 35-98-46. NOW THEREFORE: BE IT RESOLVED: That the B Supervisors of Lyon County, Iowa, on day of January, 1972, request the Io» Highway Commission to make the folloflli Ifications in the farm-to-market (F-M. system, and that the Commission reqi DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION ERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION, I applicable changes in the Federal Aid (F.A.S.) 1. DELETE: A mile of road from thefl er of Section 33-93-46 to Corner of Section 33-98-w. 2. DELETE: A mile of road from the*' er of Section 34-98-46 to Corner of Section 34-98-46. 3. DELETE: A section of road from tn" er of Section 35-98-46 to 4,488 feet north of the sw of Section 35-98-46. 4. DELETE: A section of road from| a feet south of the N\V " Section 35-98-46 then east" feet 5. DELETE: A section of road from 1,886 feet east of the M of Section 35-98-46 then » \'C 792 feet, 6. ADD; A mile of road from the . Section 28-98-46 to the Section 28-98-46. ( 7. ADD; A mile of road from the Section 87-98-47 to the SB i Section 27-98-46. c 8. ADD; A section of road from the b>> Section 26-98-46 then east i Ira H, Kllnkenborg, Chairman, Board oi w Lyon County, Iowa I, Dwaine A. Berg, Auditor in and for Lyon Co do hereby certify the above and foregoing to >« exact copy of a resolution passed and approved u> of Supervisors of Lyon County, Iowa, at its me the 10th day of January; 1972, CC9FAT \\ Dwaine A. Berg, USEAL)) County Auditor Sioux County Approval - G. J. Brands ^f Chairman, Board of Supervisors. Sioux County, Iowa (Continued on-page 9)

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