Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 22, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1957
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Junior Editors Quiz an DRAGONS MAKEfRIENOS T\<mm Herald, CarroN, km* Monday, July 22, 19S7 QUESTION: Art th«r* dragon* allva today? ANSWER: Yes indeed, although modern dragons art not quit* IIlee those of legend. Storybook dragons, which never really existed, lived in eaves, breathed fire, devoured maidens and fought brave knights. Modern dragons, for such they are called, are the great lizards on the island of Komodo, in Indonesia. They are tho largest of a family of reptiles that include chameleons and the little lizerds that live in gardens in some parts of the country. These dragon lizards of Komodo grow ten to twelve feet long, weigh over 200 pounds. Their tails can strike a serious blow, but they're not nearly as fierce as they look. FOR YOU TO DO: Look in pet shops for chameleons, or in gardens for little lizards. Also color this picture, making the dragon lizard brown, paste it on cardboard, cut out around the edge, and fold on dotted line to stand up. (Linda Jean Meyer of Salamanca, N. Y., wins a $10 prize for this question. What's yours? Violet Moore Higgins; AP Newsfea- tures. Tmoorrow: Who was the real Robinson Crusoe?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Lefs word H this way: 'Lost—wallet with papers and currency. Finder keep papers and return currency which has great sentimental value to ownerl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroitk That 'cum laude' you got whan you graduated doesn't mean much to these fish, son—you've still got to wait on theml" H you are planning a Dutch treat evening, be sure to make that clear when you invite each j couple. It is all right to invite oth- j ers to go Dutch if,you just don't] leave the impression that you are People differ In their ability to sin. A long-armed fisherman is usually a bigger liar than a short- armed one. giving the party. However, a Dutch treat evening — even though you think it up and make the arrangements- does not repay hospitality. TIZZY By Kate Osann 'If Dennis Watley doesn't ask me to the dance I'll die—unless someone else asks me!" SWEETIE PIE n By Nadine Seltzer OUT OU* WAY "Hey, why don't you snow Mom how week?" you pulled her bow last Animal Fair Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Tibetan ox 4 Male cats 8 Crustacean 12 Age 18 Exchange premium 14 In this place 15 Feminine appellation 16 Related to 18 Damper 20 Sheen 21 Ventilate 22 Egg-shaped 24 Antitoxins 26 Worry 27 Golf teacher 30 Quickly 32 Sea nymph 34 Amatory 35 Custom 36 Worm 37 Hybrid animal 30 Cravats 40 Plateau 41 Household animal 42 Beef cattle 45 Hair gadgets 49 Holy land 51 Recent 52 Landed 53 Actress, Lamarr 54 Beverage 55 Where fish, live (pi.) 56 Love god 57 „Pox»like DOWN 1 Affirmatives 2 Italian rivet 3 Australian marsupials Story glass 4 Hoglike animal 5 Curved molding 6 Looking 7 Drunkard 8 Cool 9 Nevada city 10 Metric measures 11 Couches 17 Marbles 19 panda 28 Change of (legal) 24 Graf —— 25 Makes mistakes 86 Center attention 27 Remorseful 41 Hunts game ones 42 Health resorts 28 Chinese %taple 43 Story 29 Poems 44 Pen name of 31 Race officials Charles Lamb 33 Burrowing animal 38 More openwork 40 Encounters 46 Unfasten 47 Stagger 48 Oscillate 50 Definite article w BY EDGAR MARTIN BY J. R. WILLIAMS 1 r OOW'T LET HIM RA22 SOU, AAA/ HE'S BGEM LD*FIM6 IWTH' SHADE TILL. HE THOUGHT WE WERE COMIN6 OOT" THEKJ HE RUSHES IN THERE TO PULLTHAT S'Ad/ LOOK, HE M&MT SWEATIM* A BIT/ OUR BOARDING MOUSS wtth MAJOR HOOPLl WHO'dTfHAT &uTLE(? IS AS FRISMD-I {THAT WAS A !5lDE,-«PLITTIN<S croke \ ME rUuEb,DECO><. INS HIS Nl85 < TOM6 FOREST PRIMEVAL -~ IT RECOILED LIKE A R05TY1 MUSKET THlMK , /HE'D RMD , ANOLOOvMLS [CLUB PAL COINS 6?LVTLBR otvry ll»J A PALACE 1ST IrTHB STICKS'^ -AMD HERE W& ACE, SLEEPS % , ON WAFFLB)- IROSJS' LY TO US AS IFVJE HAD PORCUPINE ^UILLS/^ BuTiafesS IFMOWT- PRISED HIM VJlTH A 1 HOUSEFUL OP US COMMON PEOPLE HE'D ee SUTLER- IMS ^EXTVJEEK IN A LUMSSC CAMP/, J. / 1WT V Sit* SsWtti. h*.TJ» *(| V 5 tu. C!». AMD (SO TO SLEEP- BUGS BUNNY High THIS 5CARECWOW WILL KEEP THE BIRDS OUT OF MY GARDEN! AND wove* WILL KEEP MASS OUT! HAAM... U/LAx J5 HIT br Wanttr t'taJ FicMlt tit. T.M flag. U* Fit Oft. PRISCILLA'S POP Thafs Our Girl BY AL VERMEER ALLEY OOP On Her Way BY V. T. HAMLIN MORTY MEEKLE Playing It Safe BY DICK CAVALLI WHAT WA5 ALL THAT FOR? YOU STRUCK OUT/ I ALWAYS RUN 'EM OUT. YOU NEVER CAN TELL IP 1M7 bj MIA fcnrlM, Int. T.M. ««f Kit. P»l OH, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Wrong Place AMP THE WAY HE LIPS 1 TWE LYRICS r5 TH MOST' Jill, 1 BY MERRILL BLOSSER I'D SETTER KEEP HIM IW A SCRAP BOOK) THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Billy Is Busy HAVEAWVTRDUBLE^GRACIOUS.WO/ THOUSH BILLV WHILE I WAS GOME, J UKE TO DROVE ME CRAZY /VWS. MARTIN? X WITH AN ESSAY HE'S BEEN WORKING ON| BY WILSON SCRUCGS CAPTAIN EASY THANK* THERE* W0 •uft &GlSffl&ltfiZ WMOOflH CASH It) TIM '"Sftfi^W^i £* Vie 1 P0 SAME W0TMBRL NR. SCARB0 ISN'T THE WAN I THOUGHT HE WA*'. Tailing H»r Story I HAVE A.HUNCH HS ISN'T, THE* WAN M»T PEOPLE THINK HEJ51 SUT PROVING IT»»V ' "THBR WATTBRl BY LESLIE TURNER YOUR FATHER? BUT I /I Dip. WW FATHER, TH0USHT YPU .CAME/ WA5WK WAKKHSW! TO 9MHIH ABOUT I HAD REASON TO A DIK. MARKHAIA / <J THINK THEY WERfr FROS\ ALABAMA i ^ THE »«MR WANI

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