Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on June 25, 1948 · Page 3
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 25, 1948
Page 3
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1 gTtlDAY, JUNE 25, 1948 DISPATCH DEM^DCRAT, URIAH, CALIFORNIA PAGE THREE, m 10. 20. SO. 40. 61) YEARS AGO , INSTRUMENTS RECORDED TEN YEARS AGO " July 1, 1938 •>' The Grand Jurys report submitted to Superior Judge W. D. L. Held Wednesday afternoon urges ujnmediate solution of the problems presented by tlie situation at the county jail and discussed the situation at the county hospifel. The county is now at a considerable expense from maintaining prisoners serving sentences of 30 days or over, who afe kept in the Sonoma county jail. The jury submitted a plan for enlarging the jail. . ; William Jlllis, 58-year-old em- , ? ploy'e of the Uriion Lumber Com- ':jpahy,. was crushed to death Wed- i^jOniESday afternoon when caught by rolling log on the log deck. /Seabiscuit ^yas declared out of racing for all time Wednesday k'^j-wHen he suffered a strained ten- 'f^: plon at Suffolk Downs just before f I his race with War Admiral. Mart Hurt of Covelo is attracting attention because of the demonstration of progressive farming he is giving on his ranch where heavy rains have damaged a large acreagei of barley. Mr. Hurt cut the crop for hay, cleared the ground and went in with tractors, plows, harrows and planters, putting in corn, and a splendid field of corn is ready for cultivation. He plans to feed 150 head of cattle with the ensilage and hay and market them as soon as they are ready. - • Floyd Bowman, powderman- for the Rdckport Redwood Company, and Arnold Johnson each suffered the loss of an arm in two entirely unrelated accidents X dynamite charge exploded prematurely in Bowman's hand, shattering his arm below the elbow. Johnson was climbing over some cars that were being unloaded and was thrown from a moving car near the Union Lumber Company and lost an arm under the wheels of the moving car. Dr. T. B. Ricks, for the past 25 years manager of the Eden Valley ranch, has resigned to accept ,8 position of responsibility witli the Pacific Lumber Company at Icptia. Rollin Williams, who has been connected with the Eden Valley ranch for many years, has been made foreman and Dr. Ricks will be retained by the Henshaw .-^flnvestment Company in an ad• visory capacity. Applications are being made by the board of supervisors for P.W.A. funds for construction of a new jail and erection of the Willits Memorial buildmg. to wife'No. 1. When cskcd if the woraairfwas his wife, von Emmel said shq was and turning ^to -the woman s.Vid, ''f haven't seen you for a Ibng time: How are you?" When ' taken to another room where he came, face to faca with' wife No. 2, ihe gasped and said, "I'l have to see my attorney." Von Emmel formerly conducted picture shows at Willits and Fort Bragg. ' John Allen Scott 'bf Willits died Tuesday from Injuries received Sunday;,when he roiled down a rock slide while with a party running • boiandariiesi Examination showed that all his ribs' were fractured and his skull Was crushed. , Irmulco has the honor of owning the largest American flag in Mendocino county. .Employees• of trustees of the Point Arena high school have been authorized to go ahead and build a school building. J. C. Halliday has donated a goca 2 -aGre lot on .which to build, which entitles him to n place of honor in the future liistory of the school,j. The trustees will meet this month and call an election to raise the money for the building. The Anti-Saloon League'of the state is holding a series of meetings in the Southern Methodist church at Ukiali with ministers from Oakland and Fresno, in charge. The Hopland baseball team, claiming to, be the champions, challenges any team of amateurs oh the coast. ' •W^iat proved to be a serious fire started at the mouth of the Noyo flames could be controlled nine flat cars, a large tank and a section' of the railroad were consumed. The property destroyed was owned by the Union Lumber Company. the. damp took up a collecMon atid river last Saturday. Before the bought a handsome bunting flag, 18x28 feet, which is flown .from a flagpole in front of the store. 'H. B. Muir pulled the rope at the flagraising ceremonies and a choir under the diVectioh pf Mrs. Bert Shimmin sang The Star Spangled Banner.-, Redwood Valley is preparing for a- monster Fourth of July celebration. J. ,E. Williamson, principal of the Hopland high school, has resigned to accept the principalship of the Middletown school. Mr., and Mrs. H. B. Scott of Point Arena celebrated their golden wedding anriiversary June 26 with approximately 25P guests present. * Letters addressed to Tom Hill, P. D. Hubbard, Mrs. Emma Gray Sutton, Henry Weiok and Frank Wilson were on the "advertised" list. . : The attention of 'Ulciaharis Is being directed to a century' plant in the yard of'the Fox home n East Clay street. Which is in the process of blooming. TWENTY YEARS AGO June 30, 1928 A fishing boat, afire in Noyo harbor, was dynamited and sunk to save it fr,om destructipn. The fire started when Emil Brg, the owner started the motor while a can of gasoline was sitting near. This was the second boat lost by fit-e, within the past wfek.' .The C. C. Scott home a't Willits was damaged by fire and smoke June 27; damage.$350. Harry Sake, a Ukiah Japanese, was arr'ested Saturday night by Officers McCabe and Weselsky while on his way to the Indian rancijeria in the Talmage section. His car contained several quarts oi; wine intended for Indian customer^ and he was fined $500 in Justice Hoffman's court. Orville Frost of,* Potter Valley left this week for his Trinity county mine. The Potter Valley Irrigation ,JPistrict survey work is under way. The work of putting stone facing on the -courthouse annex began this week. Willis Horstman, employed at the Rockport mill, committed sui- V cide Sunday by shooting himself through ttie abdomen. Mr. and Mrs. Grover Neep of Ukiah escaped serious injury Saturday night when their car collided with a N.W.P. train on the Lake county road • as they were returning from a dance in Lake county. Mrs. Lyda Reed Lear, born in Ukiah September 14, 1874, died at Reno June 28 and her body was brought to Ukiah for funeral services from the Cleland Mortuary, with Elbert Holland officiating.. The 1927 grape shipments from Mendocino had a total market value of $556,366. There were 891 carloads. ' Point Arena reported a cargo of booze wns unloaded the first of the week at Siple creek. Tracks worn in the pasture grass indicate that several trips were made.. FORTY YEARS AGO July 3, 1908 ' The new building at the Mendocino State Hospital for the care of convalescent female . patients has been finished this week and 35 patients transferred to new quarters. Col. A. V. LaMotte, superintendent of the N.W.P. fish hatchery, reports that he still-has more than 1,000,000 young trout in the hatchery troughs although he has placed over half a million in various stireams. A boxing match will be held in the York & Cleland hall tomorrow night under the auspices of the Ukiah Athletic Club. Grover Neep, champion of Sonoma county, will referee the main event. J. Matt Stevenson who lived in Ukiah many years? ago, died recently at Anderson,i South Carolina. . T. H. Beggs, owner of the City Meat Market at Mendocino, is building a new shop, complete with cold, storage and ice pjant. He will install an ice machine with a capacity of 500 pounds daily. • Without a dissenting vote the FIFTY YEARS AGO July I. 1898 The Boonville correspondent reports that a party of hunters, consisting of C. L. McGimsey, N. B. McGim,sey and .E. C. Ra^'les of Boonville and J. W. Slattery of Ukiah have just returned from an outing In Bald Hills. The game law is not out yet and the boys report no luck at all, except a pair, of horns seen in thir wagon. The Laytonville school closed July 25 and Miss Arnold, the teacher, went to Ukiah for her vacation. P. B. Westerman of Round valley has announced himself a candidate for county auditor. He has been a resident of the county for 26 years and always a staunch Democrat. George Brereton of Christine was in Ukiah Thursday to urge the supervisors to build a' road from Christine to Comptche, for the benefit of the farmers. " Ernest Talkington, 13-year-old son of J. C. Talkington of Laytonville, is recovering from a broken leg received.when a horse fell with him. Ike EUedge and May Burke of Anderson valley'Were matiled in Ukiah Wednesday. The Sunday Examiner contained pictures of the most prom.inent telephone girls in the "state, and the picture of iiliss Minnie Smith of Ukiah was among them. N. P. Rogers, Dan Southard, A. Davidson, Tom Cook, D. L Cox, William Fulwider and M. Rucker, prominent wool men of Willits attended the wool sale here this week. In . the voting contest for the Goddess of Liberty at Mendocino last week*Daisy Seavy got 2183 votes and Carry Bowman 2174. H. B. Hickey, the Albion lumberman, is at the Grand this week. Henry Dean, the; Ukiah blacksmith, has a new steam-powered hay baler that will, bale 20 tons per day, either in large or small bales. ' ' JUNE 8, 1948 DEEDS " '. William Tnileyet ux to E -H Maize et ux, land in Willits. Ernc!!t'Gurr et.ux to And <ew Soott et ux. Land in TISN, RV.yf. Ethel Rowley to Arthur Rowloj', Land in T13W,'R14W. Tom Ehrmon ct ux to Hevmfr.i Hanson ct ux. Land in T12N. •ni-v^. , _ . . I Herman Hanson et ux tif C W Hartmari et ux. Land in T13N, :inw. DEEDS OF TRUST William Talley et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee for EH Maize et ux. Land in Daugherty's Addn,! V/illits. • . I Grover Willbughby et ux to) Harry Falk Jr et al, trustees for John Gibson, land in Daugherty's Addrl, Willits. Arthur Burton Rowley et ifx to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee for The First Natl Bk of Cloverdale,' Land inT13N, R14W. MORTGAGES Dobert Wallace to The Morris Plan Co of Calif, tractor & dozer. George Ingerson to. R L Reaves, roofing equipment. Arthur Rowley et ux to The j First Natl Bk of Cloverdale,-tracv tor and accessories. LEASE • .- . R L Hampson et ux to Richfield Oil Corp, Land in Ukiah. ' ASSIGN. NOTE & DEED TRUST Letta Zimmerman to Lowell Clark. : ' ABSTRACTS, OF JUDGMENTS R J Ramsey, pltf, vs. A C Booth et al, dfdts, am't of judgment $181.01; costs $14.50. Crofts & Anderson, pltf, vs. Adams & Avant et al, dfdt, amt of judgment $548.60 damages, $3.28 interest & $13. costs less credit $29.88., ^ : ! NOTICE NON-REPONSIBILITY Austin Gain et ux to Mrs Helen Reeves,. Land in Cunningham & Thomas Subn. NOTICE OF TAX LIEN United States 'vs Al Keen, withholding tax $1,096.88 plus 5% penalty $65.66. American Legion Auxiliary insfoills Officers "BILLOFRIGHr OPPOSITION SEEN • Jordan Predicts Suit To Keep Measure Off Ballot ^ News From Covelo THIRTY YEARS AGO June 28, 1918 H. von Emmel, well known in Vkiah, Willits and Fort Bragg, was arrested Tuesday in San Francisco on bigamy charges. He was ar-' rested at the Ferry building after meeting arranged by the police [between him and one of.his wives. |the story ^ is that von Emmel "breezed blithely in" and was t;reeted by the police who led him CO'VELO, June 22. — Robert Gravier spent Thursday to Monday in the Lewis Hurt home in San Jose. His business- was to attend the senior ball with Miss Mary Lou Hurt. Richai-d Gravier visited the doctor on Monday with a very painfully infected toe.-'The trouble was caused .Jsy a hangnail'. Mrs. Beatrice Lovell and Mrs. Jack Allen will be hostess to the Federated Missionar-y Society, Thursday, June 24. The meeting will be- at the home of Mrs. Lovell. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest DeFord are expected back from the Methodist annual conference m Stockton, Sunday evening, June 20. Janet DeLauder is visiting in the home of- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hagne. Janet is the daughter of Mrs. Hagne's sister of Eureka. The Elmer Goforth family are preparing to move to Williams where they have an 8-room home and a thriving , business. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Henderson have bought the Goforth home in Covelo and will move into it as soon as the Goforths move. Miss Lois Gray is visiting in the home of her patents, Air. and Mrs. Will Gray. Miss Gray taught in the Santa Rosa school iaft year. Mrs. Mary Jean Bird arrived home Tuesday after a short visit in Oakland at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bird. "Mrs. May Perry is glad to be out again after a few y^eeks of staying home with a bad bum. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wilson enjoyed a 2-week visit from their son Donald, who returned to his work in San Francisco Sunday afternoon. , . . Mrs. Eleanor Willingham of San Diego is in Covelo visiting her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. WiUingham. Ralph McCombs went to San Francisco Friday to see his doctor. Little Mable Stillwell left Friday for her mother's home in Ogden, Utah. She is expected to arrive in Ogden on Sunday. Mrs. Virgiiiia McNair is inl.ake- side Hospital. Mrs. Mable McCombs is taking care of Mrs. McNair's small son, Gremmie. Luella Thomson was taken to the Lakeside Hospital Thursday. ARIZONA VISTORS HERE Mrs. Leo. T. Stack of Prejcott, Ariz. ,and her children, Ann Eve and Tom Pat, spent the weekend in the home o'f Mrs. B. N. Batterton on south highway. She learned while here that Mr. and Mrs. J. Stottera of Prescott, the blind couple who so successfully raise and train seeing-eye dogs, are former Ukiahans and will soon be here to visit Mr. and Mrs. George Hansen. Henry Hovland, knawn along the coast as Henry, the whaler, was found drowned in a bathtub at Eureka. Fucker Agency Opens Temporary Quarters Temporary offices of the Mendo-Lake 'x'ucker Sales, have been opened at Oak and Clay streets, Ukiah, by John J. Caylor, sales and service agent for the two counties. The offices are on the lot where Mr. Caylor will soon build a garage building for his agency. The first of the new cars is expected to be on display here earl^ in July. BUY - SELL - TRADE THROUGH THE CLASSIFIED COLUMNS JUNE 9, 1948 DEEDS Jarl Lindfors, ex'r of will of Jac Henrdicks, dec'd, to Waino J. Jacobson et ux, Lahdin . T18N, R17&18W. Byron Davis et ux to Henry Luoma et ux. Land in Fort Bragg. Rose Memorial Park Assn, Inc, to Edith Rawles, lot in cemetery. Same to Esther Mahler, Lot in cemetery. Same to Elsie Korby, Lot in cemetery. Same to Andes Hiskia Korvela, Lot in cemetery. Same to Olga Korvela, Lot m cemetery. . Same to Eleanor West, Lot ih cemetery. E H Maize et ux to S E Satchwell et ux. Land in Little Lake Land Co Tract No.l. George Biggar et ux to Wm Hodges et ux. Land in Rd Val Ind Res. Hilda Strom to Jacob Eld et ux. Land in Luce Subdn. ORDER CONFIRMING SALE Estate of Jac Hendricks, dec'd. Confirms sale to Waino Jacobson et ux, land in T18N, R17&18W. MORTGAGES Rockport Redwd Co, mtgee, & Anthony Garcia, mtgr, mtges sawmill & eqpmt on land* in T22N, R17W. Harry - BuUis et ux to Redwd Emp Prod Cred Ass'n, poultry on Harry Bullis ranch nr Ft Bragg. Ralph Scott to F O Scott et ux, land in T18N, R17W. AGREEMENT John Drhfell et ux to E P Sailor, Laud m Ukiah Val, includes farm equipment & crops. ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT C J Prunty dba Business Men's Ass'n, pltf, vs Arthur La Duke et al, dfdts. . RECONVEYANCES Mendo Co Title Co to W O Randall et ux. Mendo Co Title Co to LeRoy Corbeau et .ux.- F O Albertson et al to Byrpn Davis et ux. ,F O Albertson et al to Clara Preston. RELEASE OF MORTGAGE Earl Wolff to George Jones et ux. NOTICE OF INTENDED SALE Silas M Said et al to Virgil L WalleV et al, furnishings, eqpmt, etc, at "Track Inn", Boonville, sale to be made at offices Burke & Rawles, Ukiah, June 18 10 a.m. S M Said et al to Virgil L Waller et al, liquor license used at Track Inn, same time & place as above. CERTIF AMT CONTRIBUTIONS Dept of Empl to Hprold Vincent, unemployment insurance. John McCafluni Rites Friday Moirriing At 10 Funeral services for John A. McCallum will be held from the Eversole Mortuary Friday morning, June 25, at 10 o'clock. Dr. Richard A. Van der Las of the Presbyterian church will officiate and interment will be in the Point Arena Odd Fellows Cemetery at 2 o'clock. He was a charter member of the Fort Bragg lodge, F.&A.M., which will have charge of the graveside services. Mr McCallum passed away in Ukiah Wednesday, June 23, at the age of 78. He was a native of Pciint Arena and a former merchant of Greenwood. Surviving members of his family are his daughter, Mrs. Helen SandkuUa, and son, Donold McCallum, both of Ukiah, and Dan McCallum, a brotlier, of Point Arena. TAKING OFFICE on June 16, Mrs. Alice Dougherty, front row left, is the new president, replacing Mis. Lillian De Keno, front row right. Seated next to Mrs. Dougherty is Mis. Jane Isnaid, district president and beside her is Mrs. Charlotte King, first vice president. MIDDLE ROW, left lo right: Mrs. Anna Moore, troasuier; Mrs. Bess Eversole, executive committee; Mrs. Roberta Nix. sorgnant-at-arms; Mrs. Marjorie Sanchez, marshal: Mrs. Opal Wessels, musician; Mrs. Elise Figone, historiarf. TOP ROW, left lo right: Mrs. Frema Mathews, executive commillce; Mrs. Patricia Miller, secretary; Mrs. .Bessey Scott, executive committee; Mrs. Kyra Edwards, chaplain. Kidnapping, Assault, Robbery Yarn Bows To Deputy White's Quiz Program STUDYING MUSIC IN ILLINOIS Hilmer Finne, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Finne of Redwood Valley, is taking a 2-week summer course in music at Northwestern Ufiiversity, Evanston, Illinois, af- fe^ which he will go to Philadel- pbia.for a week of special instruction. He left here June 21. BUD SHUSTER IMPROVING Bud Shuster, brother of Mrs. Ray Williams of Ukiah, was reported improving last weekend by Dr. Smalley of Willits where he is under treatment for a broken back and internal injm-ies received when a tree fell op him Jnue 14. In Willits last week, Chief Criminal Deputy William White of Ukiah cleared up an assault, kid­ naping and robbery, and secured a 3-page confession from the "victim," being ably assisted by Chief of Police Griffin of Willits. Maynard McGraw of Berkeley was the "victim" and it started when McGraw's friend, Richard Leach, also of Berkeley, went to Chief Griffin and reported that MoGraw had disappeared, saying he feared the young man was the victim of amnesia, as he had been [•studying hard. Late in the afternoon McGraw appeared and reported how he had been assaulted, kidnaped and robbed. When White took over the investigation he told him he had taken his car to a service station for gas and left it there while he cashed a check at the abnk. When he returned he went to the rest room and as he came out a man stuck some object against his ribs and he was told to go through a hole in the fence. Down an alley about 100 feet he came to a Ford in which a man was seated at the wheel. When he got into the car he was slugged and the next thing he Icnew was when he "came to" two miles north of "vVillits, minus two $50 bills and two $20 bills. McGraw was taken to Dr. Babcock for examination of a wound on his head and what the doctor found did not coincide with the time element arid after protracted questioning he spilled the beans. Leach and. two elderly ladies had bargained with ' McGraw to take them to Vancouver, Washington, and each had given him $20. McGraw had ii landlady in Berkeley who had ideas about board and room rent and didn't care much about trips to Vancouver taken by other people, so she got McGraw's money. After failing to negotiate a loan that would finance the trip McGraw decided to lay the matter on the knees of the gods, so the party took off. After he bought gas at Willits and cashed his $3 check he still was 64 cents short of-the ' SACRAMENTO, June 19 — <WNS>—Irogol action to prevent the so-called "bill of rights" proposition fi-om appearing on the No- I vember ballot was predicted here , tcdoy as Secretary of State Frank Jordan nnnounted the proponents ; of the measure had officially filed sufficient signatures to qualify for i the general election ballot. I The measure, sponsored by Wil! lis Allen pnd Roy Allen, originat- j (>r.s of the Hum 'n Eggs oldL. age I pension movement , in pre-war years, provides for a two per cent gross income tax on, all business, pc-n.sions of $100 a month for al) persons over 60 years of age, le- ^'alizod gambling, greyhound racing, removal of the state ban on sale of colored olemargarine, and se\'ori'l other non-related subjects. Observers predict taxpayers' i suits will be filed to prevent actual placing of the proposal on the ballot. Jordan said the filing the 111,859 signatures from Los Angeles county put the measure over the top with a total of 207,710 signers throughout the state. Only 204,072 are needed to place -m initiative measure on the ballot. The petitions were circulated in 42 counties, with no signers obtained in Mendocino county, according to official figures on file here. Lake Pillsbury Fishing Reported Improving Fishing in Pillsbury Lake has improved greatly with the good weather, according to Gus Kapranos, operator of Lake Pillsbury Resort, who was in Ukiah Friday. The road'to the lake is in splendid cor"^=*ion, he said, and tourist travel is ... :"y. Fishermen who have been fortunate enough to Come .on good days have taken trout from 12 inches to four and a half pounds. The Kapranos have just completed .five modern cottages at the resort, with knotty pine interiors, modern plumbing and housekeeping equipment. Their building program includes five moi'e to be finished as materials become available. gas bill and he took a walk up the highway to think that one over. Two miles out he sat down and cogitated until the inspiration came to fake the kidnapping and robbery yarn. He then hit himself on the head with a rock and "staggered back" into town. JUNE 10, 1948 DEEDS Florence Thorp -to M V Rogers et al. Land in Sec 24, T20N, R14W. Robert Scherick et ux to Hollow Tree Lmbr Co, Land in Sec 31, T23N, R17W. • Merville Tripp et ux to Domingo Ugarte, Land in Sec 10, T18N, R l3'v^^ H R Kister et ux to Merville Tripp et ux. Land in Cochrane Sub. Roy Hurt et ux to John Toth et ux, Land in Cochrane Sub. Wade Olsen et ux to W H Brunner et ux. Land in Sec 10, T16N, R17W. W D Brewer et ux to Elsie Pauline Crowell, Land in T18N, R 17W. George Biggar et ux to Estle Beard et al. Land in Rd Val Ind Res. H R Cannon et ux to M R Amerman, Land in Sec 30 T22N, R16W. Ernest Pageet ux to The Co of Mendo, Land in Sec 1, T22N, R 13W. TWO NOTMLE MILESTONES California is celebrating 100 years of progress. The Goiuen Gate Bridge is celebrating its 11th anniversary. • How great the difference in time! And yet hovv^ vitally important have these past 11 years been in the history of California! It has been the period of the greatest growth in population and in industrial and commercial development ever witnessed by an American state. • No one will deny how significantly the Golden Gate Bridge has proven its value, in war and peace, both for public convenience and vital necessity. •Yet we arc apt to forget, as time marches on and the Bridge becomes more and more of value to the State, the courage and pioneering spirit of those who fought to make possible this world famous structure. San Franciscans, yes, but also men from other parts of the District... Taxpayers, engineers, bankers and investors all played their leading parts. • And, lest we forget, the public whose patronage has made the Bridge an outstanding success. facts ABOUT THE BRIDGE • Since the Bridge was opened the District has met ever)' obligation as it has Become due'. During that tinne there has never been a deficit nor has the District been compelled to levy an assessment on the taxpayers of the District at any time. The original bonded indebtedness of $35,000,000 has been reduced at the present to $3 3,600,000. Another $400,000 in bonds -will become due and will be redeemed on July 1,1948. To date the Bridge District has also paid out a total of $15,000,000 in interest on these bonds. At the same time the Board has made allocations of sufficient monies of the bond sinking fiind to insure the annual payment of maturities on non-callable bonds through July 1,1953. , . Golden Gate Bridge

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