Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 10, 1973 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1973
Page 3
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Abominable Snowman Evidence Found in Himalayan Valley KETMANDU, Nepal (AP) — An American expedition camped at 12,500 feet in the snow of a Himalayan valley discovered ape-like footprints close to one of the tents, and Sherpa guides identified them as those of the Abominable Snowman. The prints, almost nine inches long and nearly five inches wide with a rounded heel, were found Dec. 20 by Dr. Howard Emery, 34, a Los Angeles physician and zoologist, and Ted Cronin, 27, an ornithologist from Wilmington, Del. Zoologist Jeffrey A. McNeely, 28, of Los Angeles, a Peace Give Carson Preference In Ratings NEW YORK (AP) - Jack Paar, the shy, retiring lord of the late hour, beat his old NBC "Tonight" show in the ratings here, but lost in Los Angeles during his debut on the ABC Television network. The Angelenos apparently preferred Johnny Carson by a wide margin Monday night, despite the big publicity buildup ABC gave Paar's new one week- a month "Tonite" show, show. However, the statistical tale of the two cities, compiled by the A.C. Nielsen ratings people, aren't the last word. They don't necessarily indicate the way things will go from here on in. The real corporate sweats will begin when NBC and ABC executives sift through the national ratings and share-of-audience samples for all this week to see how the Paar-Carson battle is shaping up. But here is how the New York and Los Angeles ratings, supplied by NBC sources, looked after Paar's return to the tube Monday night: — In New York, Paar and his cohost, Peggy Cass, logged an over-all rating of 9.8, which meant their efforts were seen in an estimated 600,000 homes; Carson got a 6.4 rating, which meant he was' seen in an estimated 390,000 homes. — In less-densely populated Los Angeles, Carson logged a 10.3 rating- 350,000 homes and Paar a 5.2 rating, which put him in an estimated 175,000 homes. Paar was visibly nervous when he walked on the stage of ABC's 58th Street studio here to pick up where he left off after departing NBC's "Tonight" show in 1962. "Well, you're very kind," he told the audience as it applauded his opening gags enthusiastically. "I'm so scared. But I'll get over that quick. But here we all are on the great ship Titanic." He noted that "there's a lot of talk in the industry about competition with NBC, which is pretty foolish. You'd think that in a country of 210 million people, surely there's room for two of us — me and Ed McMahon." Two Accidents Damage Four Cars in City Two accidents were investigated by Estherville police Tuesday but no injuries were reported. An Estherville woman, Gloria Anna Broschant, was charged with failing to yield the right of way in a two-car accident at the intersection of North Seventh St. and Fourth Ave. N. The accident happened! about 8:05 Tuesday morning. According to police, Dana Edward Lund of Estherville, was traveling west on Fourth Ave. N. when the 1972 Ford he was driving was struck in the left side by a 1971 Ford driven by Broschant. Damage resulted to the left side of the Lund ear and to the front end and right front fender of the Broschant car. An accident involving two cars occurred at the intersection of 16th St. and First Ave. N. about 9:25 Tuesday morning, according to police. Randy Steven Pomeroy of Estherville was traveling south on North 16th St. and Roger Lee Sabin of Estherville was driving west on First Ave. N. when the two cars collided at the intersection. Damage resulted to the left front door of the Pomeroy car and to the right fender of the Sabin vehicle. Corps volunteer based in Thailand, made three plaster easts of tiie prints and deposited them with the American Embassy in Katmandu. McNeely said he and the others followed the tracks in six inches of fresh snow for just over half a mile before they disappeared in a thicket. "The first toe was the largest one, positioned somewhat lower on the foot than the other four," he reported. He said the prints resembled those of a mountain gorilla found among the peaks of central Africa. McNeely said in a report to the Nepalese Foreign Ministry: "They seem to be the tracks of a primate. However, the footprints are considerably larger than those of any monkey and are much wider in relation to the length than are tracks of monkeys. "It seems quite clear that the tracks belong to an animal which is still unknown to science." However, McNeely said he didn't think there was anything new about the footprints. "Many others had already discovered them," he said, "so it does not give any new evidence for the discovery of Yeti," the name given to the creature by the Sherpas. He said the team will make no special efforts to find the animal. Yeti was introduced to the world as the Abominable Snowman in 1951 by British journalist Eric Shipton. Wallingford Hospitalized After Fall Breaks Hip Mrs. Elsie Gunderson is hospitalized at Spirit Lake with a broken hip from a fall. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Egeland and family plan to leave Thursday for Alaska where he will be stationed. Mr. and Mrs, Lester Handeland, their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Handeiand and Amy Sue, returned home Tuesday from a visit with their son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Handei­ and, Durango, Colo. They were skiing in the area. Mrs. I. G. Ness returned home after a visit with her children at Waterloo, Omaha and Oskaloosa. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tindall returned home from their vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii. They went in company with the Minnesota Teachers Assn. Mrs. Tindall teaches in P'airmont. Kathy and Steven Skattebo visited their sister, Mary, at Fort Dodge last week. Kathy also vis- tied her grandfather, Floyd Eaton, Graettinger, and in the E. K. Skattebo home. Mrs. Curt Jass and Kevin drove to Fort Dodge Tuesday to meet Mr. and Mrs. Norman Egeland who came via bus from a visit with their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Keck, Elkhart, Ind. The World at o Glance ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, WED., JAN. 10, 1973 Page 3 See No Major Tax Reform Bad with Good No To Divorce FREE KANSAS CITY (AP) - The dean of the University of Missouri School of Journalism Tuesday criticized President Nixon's silence last month following the resumption of bombing in North Vietnam. Roy Fisher spoke to federal officials attending a 2-day government communications conference here. He called credibility the most priceless attribute of reporters, government officials and public information officers. And he said such officers must distribute the bad news with the good to maintain this credibility. Fisher said the vacuum created by the President's silence was filled by the voices of his critics—therefore that silence became the President's own worst enemy. He said neither the President nor government officials can play a game of word catch-up if they fail to fill the void with their own statements. Fisher said newsmen must also bear a heavy responsibility to be objective first. He said a good journalist could explain and interpret, but his first job is to report facts. "It is a humble role," Fisher continued, "one that recognizes that the journalist is only the carrier of the message and not the message itself. He is neither judge nor preacher; he is the simple servant of the readers or the listeners or the viewers." Eight Missing SAIGON (AP) - The U. S. Command announced today the loss of another fighter-bomber over North Vietnam and a helicopter in South Vietnam just below the demilitarized zone. It said all eight Americans aboard the two aircraft were missing. This raised to 35 the number of U.S. aircraft the Command has reported lost in Indochina since Dec. 18, when the two- week aerial blitz on Hanoi and Haiphong was launched. The U.S. Command in <Jaj ^ly oommu- ' niques has reporte.d M total- of 107 Americans kiUjtfd, .captured or missing in these* crashes, the costliest air losses of the war. While the bombing halt above the 20th parallel continued, the U.S. Command reported continuing heavy B52 and fighter- bomber strikes in the four provinces of the North Vietna- ,mese panhandle. Third Meeting PARIS (AP) - Henry A. Kissinger and Le Due Tho scheduled the third meeting of their current round of peace negotiations this afternoon in a suburban villa owned by the French Communist party. They conferred for a total of 1 0 V'j hours Monday and Tuesday. Although the atmosphere appeared to relax somewhat yesterday, there was no indication that the obstacles to agreement were being cleared away. 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They said Monday that the Supreme Court of the Russian Republic ruled recently that his marriage to Natalya Reshetovs- kaya is still valid. They were married in 1940. There was speculation that the action was designed to keep the novelist from joining his common-law wife, Natalya Svetlova, in Moscow. Under Soviet law if he were free to remarry he would have the right to a permit to live in Moscow, where Miss Svetlova and the couple's two sons reside. WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Russell B. Long, chairman of the tax-writing Finance Committee, says he expects the 93rd Congress to pass no major tax-reform legislation. Long said in an interview thai expectations of some mem- burs of Congress that tax reform could raise $15 billion to $20 billion in revenue are highly inflated. He said it would be much more realistic to forecast Uiat his committee and its House counterpart, Ways and Means, might find loopholes that could be closed to raise SI billion to ij>2 billion. "And," he went on, "I am willing to predict that if we vote to increase taxes on somebody by that amount, there will be a majority who will want to cut taxes for someone else by at least St billion more than we raise from tax reform. "That is exactly what hap­ pened the last time we had a big tax-reform bill, in 1969. We ended up giving more tax relief than we gained in new revenue. "I would not be surprised if we wound up with a bill that President Nixon felt he had to veto." Rep. Wilbur D. Mills, D-Ark., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, predicted earlier that any tax reform passed this year probably would not result in a big tax cut or in significantly increased revenues. Long, a Louisiana Democrat, said the biggest and most important subject his panel will deal witli in this Congress is nut taxes but some form of national health-care plan. However, Finance cannot act on any major legislation until Ways and Means writes a bill, gets it through tho House, and sends it to Uie Senate. Mills has said that his group FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY -- THRIFT STAMPS WITH EVERY PURCHASE ESTHERVILLE DRUG PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS OPEN 9 TO 6 DAILY -- SUNDAYS 10 TO 12 -- THURSDAYS 9 TO 9 WEDNESDAY THRU SATURDAY SPECIALS! UtiANTITY RIGHTS KESEKVKU COLOR FILM Kodak CXI 26-12 LYSOL SPRAY DISINFECTANT $1.98 List 14-0z. Aercso Secret I j.; r o y DEODORANT $1.59 LIST 8-0z. Size $|I9 'j i I I e 11 c 9 • 9 h t Guar d ANTI-PERSPIRANT 69c LIST 3.2-Oz. Size Worthmore buffered ASPIRIN 100's WET ONES MOIST T0WELETTES IN POPUP DISPENSER Alberto VO-5 CREME RINSE 16-0z. Size PICK UP YOUR FREE ALMANAC will start with tax reform this session. Long said that, if Mills succeeds in getting a tax bill through the House by summer, the Finance Committee will try to come up with its own bill tills year. He said areas in which the r e \ e n u e laws might be tightened include inheritance taxes, capital-gains levies on inherited property, foundations and charitable contributions. Other senators say that one of the most promising tax-reform areas is the minimum tax enacted in 1969 to try to require wealthy persons to pay some income tax even though all their income is sheltered in various tax preferences. Florida's Bomb Bombed Birds ST. PETEHS15UKG, t'la. (AP) — The swallows return to Capistrano March 9, the buzzards fly to Hinckley, Ohio, March 15 and the robins head for St. Petersburg when the berry bushes ferment. They are flocking to this Florida west coast city to nip the juicy scarlet berries of Uie holly bush. The warm January sun ferments the ripe berries. The robins gorge themselves, then fly blind, wobbling on branches, staggering, doing ground loops. Audubon Society leader Mrs. H. 11. 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