The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on March 30, 1972 · Page 5
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 5

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1972
Page 5
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i.« winners Tf In . the Plnewood Deroy neiu night were 1-r, Mark De Jong, Delwln Peuse Van Den winners In the Pinewood Derby were bottom i.r Husty Slders, Mike Van Peursem, Brian Mulder, ll row, Delwln Peuse, KurtlsKoehn, Mark De Jong. Not is David Boote. \ee Schools Hews , Spaldtng Spring Ban- ill be held on April h the Spaldlng Gym with Ubeginning at 6:00. This •enturelsbeingsponsor- I the Spaldlng Advisory Id and the Knights of Coi- ning to Father Koll- purpose of this , is to form a closer I between parents, stu- ahd school.- We hope ' ,ole the FAMILY OF DING attitude and to help realize the Impor- of Spaldlng in their i Banquet will be held for parents and stu- , Bernard 'Beanie' r, coach of Heelan High Sioux City," Father to say, "Is to be the peaker." Mr. Cooper »ken to many audiences lic parents, their and their schools. lersaid, finally, that the "Is a means of re- irtng parents In a tangi- that the sacrifices are making for their (ran are most worth- it n lis Den Ouden of Ft. Me ray, Canada, spent a few Nth Mrs. Levering, the [Brouwer and Earl Vore les, ', and Mrs. Bill Bleeker I'd Ellen spent Sunday with WidMrs. Terry Maassen '-"id Mrs. Randy Rulsch i« City are visiting his s and her folks at Orange Wngthe Spring Break " -Be, ff. and Mrs. Perry Jager '»" Campbell, Kentucky Aiding the weekend ! >"« mother stopped to Item on her way home •wii., and came home pern, : »»Hd Mrs. Wesley Holt^W In Ames Friday to t daughter, Kristl who Floyd Valley Instrumental and vocal students attended the annual Northwestern Iowa High School Contest at Northwestern College In Orange City last Saturday and did an outstanding job of representing their school and community. Floyd Valley had the most entries of any school with, 76 musicians competing. Of these 76, 44 (26 soloists and 8 ensembles) received first division ratings for an impressive 58% receiving these superior ratings. Thirty-two received second 'division ratings and one received a third rating. Instrumental entries received 1st division, rating: SOLOS: Nita Bloemendaal, Emily Kroon, 'Nita^'Bloemeh-" daal, AdriHuygens, Barb Vander Maten, Barb Hanson, Linda Vander Maten, Nita Bloemendaal, Joan Raak, Bob Rensink, Doug Becker, Nola Diekevers, Lila Van Es, Tom Becker and Helen Boersma. ENSEMBLES: Flute Trio, Wind Duet B,- Wind Duet C, Wind Trio, Mixed Clarinet Quartet A, Clarinet Quartet B, Wind Quartet and Brass Sextet B. Vocal entries receiving first division ratings: SOLOS: Barb Vander Maten, Barb Schneider, Steve Hofmeyer, Steve Konz, John Schneider, Bob Van Gelder, Juanita Van Es, Helen Boersma, Rachel Vander Ploeg, and Nolan Palsma. ENSEMBLES: Madrigal, Girls Trio A, Boys Quartet A, Boys Quartet A, Boys Double Quartet A, Girls Sextet B, Vocal Duet A, Vocal Duet C, Vocal Duet and Mixed Double Quartet. Congratulations to Mr. Moen and Mr. Schieffer for the impressive job. Karen R. Jke Record DEEDS FILED Gerben P. Mars &wf to Larry G. De Groot L 2. Blk 17, South Addn, OC $1. M. Marguerite Phlnney & hs to Henrietta Hoksbergen L 10 In Aud Subd &. Rplt of Blk 1, Davidson's Addn, Hull $1. Jean Carol Muyskens & hs to Harriet HarmellnkSW-' SEi & E| SEi SWl 24-95-44 $1. Roger Miller & wf to Joan Van Maanen etal 2/3 Int In Pt W-i 6-96-47 $1. Joan Van Maanen etal to Roger Miller 2/3 Int In Pt Wi 6-96-47 $1 Theodore Roskam, Extr to John H. Oldenkamp &wf NW-i NEi NEi 8-97-43 $5250. Lorenz A. Mouw, Extr to John R. Vander Schaaf & wf L. 1, Blk 34, South Addn. OC$1. Norman Gunnlnk, Admr to Clifford Van Schepen 1/2 Int In Pt Ls 1, 2, & 3, Blk 8, Hull $6500. John J. Warntjes & wf to John H. Warntjes & wf W^ NWi & NEJ- NW{ 6-96-44 $1. Fayette L. Hamilton & wf to Fred J. Blom, Sr. Pt Ls 1 & 2, Blk 10,, Alton $1. Gladys Brutlag, Admr to Edward W, Boerhave E| SW|& Pt SEi NWi 9-97-43 $49. 291.50 Gladys Brutlag etal to Edward W. Boerhave Pt SE^ NW^ 9-97-43 $1. Austin Roetman & wf to P. Donald Mouw S? Ls 3 & 4, Blk 8, OC $10. Sam Wynla & wftoJohnWy- nla & $16,000. Ronald L.Groeneweg&wfto August A. Smlt & wf Ls 41, 42, 43 & Pt L 44, Blk 2, Koolker's Addn, Hull $1. John Oosterhuls & wf to Adolph Bllek & wf Pt L 2 In Subd & Plat of E{ SE^ 26-9745, Hull $1. NEW CASES FILED Probate 9998 Nellie Vonk, deceased DC 13971 Bowers Clothing vs James Kracke (Law) DC 13972 Bowers Clothing vs Mark VelHnga (Law) NEW AUTOS Harvard Allen Punt, Maurice, Plymouth. Larry Dean Dlrksen, Ireton, Plymouth. Siouxland Harvestores, Inc, Orange City, Chev. Henry C. Bartels, Sioux Center, Ford. •.,. Elmer Vander Hamm,. Ireton, Chev,' Marjorle Hofland, Orange City, Chev. Herman Vander Vllet, Hull, Ford. Gerrit J. Scholten, Boyden, Olds. Albert W. Van Beek, Rock Valley, Chev. Paul Bauer, Sioux Center, Mercury. James Woudstra, Orange City, Buick. Lyle Arlin Vande Kamp,: Sioux Center, Pontiac. Edward B. Keizer, Alton, Mercury. wf NE^ SE^ 22-95-46 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kuiken observed their 64th wedding anniversary Sunday, March 26 but will have a family gathering In the church Friday even- .._,,., p ing. They expect the Orvllle | WE DOING Kuiken family to come from Hutcheson. The rest live in this area except Stanley. NEW TRUCKS Walter Groeneweg, Rock Valley, Chev. Sioux Vets Clinic, Orange City, Ford. Sioux Preme Pkg Co, Sioux Center, Chev. Edward Koele, Hull, International. David H. Scholten, Sioux Center, Chev. Dr. Edwin L. Boote, Hull, Chev. Hope Haven School, Rock Valley, Chv. Alvln Oldenkamp, Sheldon, Chev. Dennis Van Zee, Orange City, Chev. Mr. and Mrs. John Kots spent Wednesday with Lon Halbersma at Edgerton who had a birthday that day. •••-uBiiier Kristiwhn Mr - and Mrs ' Harry ^ Wlzed ttewfoSS Jong of Orange City spent » onVuesday Her ^""sday afternoon with Mrs. ^grandmotherwere Anna Mutlenburg. time. Wdren Rev. David TerBeest of Hull had charge of the service Larry and here Sunday evening while wuir A Were home Rfi v, Van Koevering was in B£BM f r> andMrs - Morningside. The services on hi ? lofNewYork Maunday Thursday evening »me f 0r their fathers wm b e In charge of the Wo- "''iSch n 25 S) fUneial mandGulld - Van oist of spent a couple rs ' Abe Lev ' apd Mrs - Bob She Mr. and Mrs. Al Hancock, Craig and Curt attended the funeral of Mr. Hancock's mother, Mrs. A.S. Hancock at Chlckasha, Oklahoma on Monday. Mrs. Hancock passed Prost Yra»er awa y on Fridav for K pro- Mr, Cornie Van Surksum of Alton) Mrs. Henrietta Klein •""•nation c / ttended of Boyden, Mr, and Mrs.Hen- ifjn Ch r . ^^ at toe ry Bloemendaal and Mrs. Wl 1 Borcw l " CFal e f °r Ham Van Klompenberg visi- ' IJittw R,,,*?? were **«» Wi^ relatives at Chand- w'Sr Bof chers l er , Leota and Edgerton, Minn. • er< ' last Thursday. Eugene Dennis Van Berkel, 22, Sioux Center, Iowa; Velda Jane Nyhof, 21, Sioux Center, Iowa. Robert G. Plumkett, 22,San Diego, California; Judy Beth Vande Berg, 27, San Diego, California. Marlin Conrad De Noble, 19 Hills. Minnesota; Judith A. De Kam, 19, Rock Valley, Iowa. , 0 Dennis Wayne Lingle, 18, Hull, Iowa; Sharon Jean Breuer, 15, Hull, Iowa. local Hem Mr. and Mrs. John Hoogewerf and son, Gerrit John, of Orland Park, Illinois Will be spending the Easter weekend visiting in the home of his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Veenstra. Mr. andMrs.C.E.VanZan- ten and family will be spending the Easter weekend visiting with the Don Verhage's at Waupon, Wisconsin. Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Van Pelt of Maurice visited with Mrs Jeanette Van Stryland last Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard De jong of California are visi- {ing in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. De Jong. ^— — : = : '• C^Ty WWAGOES 1O OUT OF 12 DISTRICT WINNERS IN 1971 IOWA MASTER CORN GROWERS CONTEST WIN WITH XL's. It's a landslide! Look at those results. 10 of 12 district winners with DeKalb. The Master Champion Corn Grower won with XL-72a, and the Contour Champion with XL-64. Ol 143 completed local yield winners, 56 won with DeKalb hybrids. The Iowa Masters is a tough, meaningful, impartial yield competition sponsored by the •Iowa Crop Improvement Association. A most impressive record compiled by DEKALB XL's ... the hybrids for you. Go with a winner. Depend on. DeKalb. 3-Area 200 bushel club members were honored at Iowa State Memorial Union, Ames, where they received recognition for their excellent 1971 yields. Left to right: Robert Fahnlander, Allen Swanson, Morgan Mugge all of Royal, Iowa, and John McKay, district mgr., N. W. Iowa. Dekalb Wins fop 3 Places in N.W. Iowa 1st Place Allen Swanson, Royal 168.32 XL 44 & XL-45a 2nd Place Henry Mastbergen, Sheldon, 167.19 XL-44 3rd Place Allen Kuehl, Hartley, 163.17 XL-45a ,', ' •?'' M , />' *.-" f < -1 m& : '---J ..-.,* 1j$$ fi^ ; i $&s* it p W8&-" IP p p Jfe M Hi P ft p"' Kfpi "AI '','::',-^ft ttitrlctlwln " :•£ 1M.32 bu. p«r .v;-': •;« with xL-4 l^r & XL-45a 2 3 \ ""i"'' DUtrlct 2 winner (Nitric! 3 winner 1 ntr Alvin Banwart, Weil Bend Truman HvmMSttg, Nortliwood f SZKj WIU.XH4 .lllixV^ 1 j 4 1 \ , - c 6 „.«.*»« W O hi.trirt <i win M r Uwrn MkCabfl, CCK.^* ^^^\ DUtnci s winmr IOQI«IUI tMractv \ y*-'V 'I "iTVIs^Wicr. wm,XLM4 > 5*;;^ | . withxK* • X The winning ticket for these 10. ..and hundreds of other farmers across Iowa... proved to be DeKalb XL's. As you can see, all 10 winning yields were outstanding. For the first time, yields went over 200 bushels, and all three were made by DEKALB XL's. s . ^^pp*-- 7 a 9 * Witrkt 7 winner ** Wrtrtctiwtnnw :L_P li W * •*SHE 1 Jamn RMMy, Utaxw^l 1 Din Dewier, Scinbon towiwid Ke»w, Bdrl ."•fflsa-" r "Maawa-- IM «aa iBi i 1 , ] ..- •" DhMctllfriniwr V ' 11 Wrtrkt 11 winner "^JmJxlSl!.""* \ P.H U«»ininn, Van M*tor """ «'«• 1 • |7f-f7k«. p-rMr, . ./ wtthXL^C ' / // / .••.'•*• - W • *.-£ Dekafb Tops Iowa Yield Contests. . . . IOWA M4J0VS YIELD CHAMPION ' lOWA MASTERS CONTOUR CHAMPION IRSTTIME IN HISTORY YIELDS WERE OVER 200 BUSHELS. ••- — -- ACHIEVED IN 72 ALL WITH DEKALB. \l FIRST ANDSECOND PLACE DISTRICT WINNERS IOWA CHAMPION FOR NATIONAL CORN GROWERS ASSN. CONTEST DEKALB WON 56 LOCAL CONTESTS OUTOF 143 IN IOWA TOP3 PLACES IN DISTRICT NO. 1 IN N.W. IOWA See Your DEKALB Dealer Now! Milton Bogaard Orange City Jack Borchers Hawarden Cornie Br-oek Sioux Center Dale Bunkers Granville Lester Dorhout Hawarden Wm. Humme Boyden Ireton Produce Ireton Arie Schimmel Sioux Center Henry Soodsma Hull Wendell Toenjes Le Mars Dowie Vander Pol Alton DEKALB DEPEND ON DEKALB HYBRIDS MORE FARMERS PLANT THAN ANY OTHER BRAND The high performance hybrids for this area •DEKALB' is » refliilivecl Recommended For This Area XL-24 XU5a XL-22B XL-347 XL22 XU4 XL-44 XL-66 THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, March 30, 1978-^5

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