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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
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Friday, June 25, 1948
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WeHknown Ukiah Woman Collapsed At Ball Game Mrs. Gertrude Orcutt, \yife ot Fred Orcutt of the South highway, collapsed at the baseball game Saturday afternoon at TfUtTi<)^e and was pronounced den'd' wl-ien the ambulance arrived with hor at the Uklah General Hospital. • , In the death of Mrs. Orcutt th)^ community has lost one of its best known residents, the RebekuTi lodge one of its most faithful members, and local baseball players and fans will miss theii' most consistent and faithful rooter. Cheerfulness was one of the chief attributes of Mrs.. Orcutt, faithfulness to duty was imbedded in her character and baseball was her chief enjoyment. With her the home team was always right and potential winner of every cpntesV. A friend of long standing offers the following tribute to her: "Mrs. Orcutt's happy manner and charming personality had made her a favorite with everyone, and she had brightened the lives of all with whom she came in contact. "She was never too tired or too busy to visit the sick, and was always willing and ready to help where she was needed." Funeral services from the Lance & Zimmerman Uklah Chapel were held Wednesday afte.rnoon, June 23, at 2 o'clock. Dr. Richard Van der of the Presbyterian church will officiate and the rites of the Hebekahs will be conducted by the Uklah lodge. Initi^nment at Eureka will follow. Members of the Ukiah .and Talmage baseball teams were honorary pallbearers. M!VS. Orcutt was a native of Humboldt county and with her husband^ came to Ukiah 14 years ago. Mendocino County'* Pioneei^ News^iopep ' DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT OFB^CE: 16* East Standley St. Published for 78 Years - Weekly Digest of Mendocino County Ney/s •City, Rural and County NewaFrom Every Section of Mendocino County DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT: Phone Uldah Number VOLUME LXXIX jCJKIAH, MENDOCINO'COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 1948". NUMBER 38 COLUMNIST TAKES Freddie Francisco To Lead Willits Water Battle the 4th Many Areas Felt Quake X WILLITS, June =:;.~(Special)— Freddie Francisco, gadfly Hearst- ling, has accepted an Invitation to be dunked in Willits in the coming Fourth of July celebration. He will also accept Fire Chief Bob Alcott's helmet to .wear as honorary fire chief diirme the festivities which will require. him to take part in the water fight betw«fen Willits and Fort Brugg firemen. An invitation from the WlUits Fire Department was acc^ted by telegram Wednesday in which th^ columnist, wl)o sticks pins in reputations and recently won no little ill will when he trounced soce distinguished names in Lake county, said: 'Wouldn't miss your blow out for anything. Turning-down Del |(onte, Livermore and others juit to be drenched in Willits. Make reseivalions for four et local hotel, flop house or if nothing else avail- ablCi the city jail. Regards. Freddie Francisco." ' Tn his letter of invitation. Fire Chief Alcott assured the newspaperman that, expecting him to be less rugged than Willits woodsmen, arrangements had been made with local utilities to have tepid the liquid pari of the celebratipri' would be imported from. Kentucky. Francisco will be escorted into towri from the city limits. with sirens screaining as loud as some of the headlines he achieves, It will be his duty to escoit the Sweetheart of the Rodeo to dances and other celebration functions while he wear's Chief Alcott's helmet. -From numerous sections of Mendocino county, people i-eported feeling the earthquake that shook Ukiah people awake at 3:3,6 on Friday morning. Perry Byerly, U., S. seismologist. University of California, in Berkeley reported the shock lasted five minufes. ' * Out at the U. S. Observatory in South TJkiEh, I.. F. Caouette, director, had been looking at the stars and had just entered the trailer in which he lives while his home is being constructed. The quake shook the trailer and I'e, j j hurried to his instruments and Students Commendcd found it recorded on the seismograph but was unable to determine the density and extent of it until his recording was submitted to U. S. seismologists in San Francisco. The Mendocino county quake coincided with one reported in China, where ^ 1000 people lost their lives; and''a few hours later Byerly reported a major shock in the region of the Solomon islands. Considerable Intere^ has betn taken in the Friday morning shake-up since two national ixiaga- zines have reports this month from seismologists that California is due for a major earthquake somewhere along the San Andreas fault •(vhich runs from the Lower California peninsula, to Cape Mendocino. ' Howser In Ukiah To Probe Graft Charges Attorriey General Howser' and a'ides arrived in ykiah Thursday morning.-.for ' a.icflnf^rence. with District Attorney James K Busch and. Sheriff B. G. Broaddusf coh- cerning recent bribery.charges dis-, closed by Broaddus in the slot machine'racket in this county, a conference which may result in calling into session''the Mendocino County Grand Jury for the; investigation . of whfch Mr. bowser spoke in his ^recent 'request for information gathered by the sheriff and deputies before the raids of June 13. , •: Accompanying the attorney general are Walter H. X.ehtz, . chief enforcement officer; Geotge Griffin and George' Ritchie, , special agents; Ken • E. Lynch; assistant attorney general, and .two stenographers. . • • • ; • '' . '' ' . The sheriff ani^' distfjct attorney have agreed to cooperate with'Mr.< Howser. Sheriff. Biroaddu§ wants the investigatibri tq.go to the grand' jury and is thought to be unwilling to divulge, title .information which he has gathered to any other' source than a grand jury investigation. " : District Attorney. Busch ha^ said that the informatipn will be .igiven the attorney general, either directly, at a meeting at, which Howser will be present, agents of the governor's crime .cpnjmission, or at a Graiid Jury session. y,/ ' Busch has; sai<i that on the President of DJA.S GESCOUT RATIFIED JAMES E. BUSCH, district attorney at Mendocino county, was elected^^prESident of the California District Attorneys' Association . at their annual convention. water for the water fight. He was also given to understand strength , of the Investieatipn'to that aside from the viater figiit, {date there is insullicjent'.evidence State Hospital Patient Sought Jack Hamilton, a volunteer pa" ^ient at the Meiidocino State Hospital i^nd on probation of five years from the Mendocino county Superior court, escaped from the hospital grounds some time Saturday and was stili being sought at noon Monday. Hamilton was in trouble because of fictitious checks and Superior Judge Gibson gave him the choice of entering the state hospital for one year as part of the provision of his 5-year probation. a brother of Dr. Charles Hamilton of Berkeley and called his brother at about 9:20 that evening from Guernevllle, presumably, (1)S name of 'the town not beinf w»'ll understood. Dr. Hamilton notified the hospital, who in turn notified the Sonoma county authorities. • The escapee is a dental technician, 25 years of age, and had gone under the alias, Mike Regan. Cummings Man Slept At Wheel; Crashed Virgil Remore of Cummings was given a citation for driving without a license after he slept at the wheel of his car and hit the left bank of the highway on a curve south of Underwood Park on the afternoon of Juna 20. Sgt. S. W. Caldwell of Lakeport, substituting for Patrolman Fred Hemilton, investigated the accident, issued the ticket and took the injured man to Panther gprings for treatment. In Poster Contests Edv/in Gates and Mary Mitchells were the winners, respectively, of the first and second prizes for posters depicting themes for entrance signs for Ukiah, sponsored by the Ukiah Breakfast Club. The winners are students of the Ukiah high school. • Howard Firstbrook was first and Patricia Pollack second among ele- nientary pupils who entered the contest from that school, and with the winners from the high school were given sfiecial commendation by the Breakfast Club at a meeting last week." Art classes at the elementary school are under the direction of Bill Martinez and at the high school Miss Norma Sober is the art teacher. The posters by the winners have been presented to the city council for consideration. Lions Turn To House Building For July ' 4 Celebration A Lions Club committee composed of Leonard Nix, Vic Jones, Warren Fowler, Al Antoni and Louis Loosley fared forth Sunday morning at the break o' day and in the neighborhood of the Antoni Truck Lines depot on Thomas street there were more sounds of the hammer and saw than heard in building Solomon's temple. Al Antoni's scrap pile furnished the materials. When their task was finished they had built a liouse, 8x9 feet, comi-iete in every exterior detail to the tarpaper roof, and their handiwork will figure largely in the Fourth of July program, in a special demonstration by the Ukiah Fire Department, which is to be called out some time during the evening to save it from flames. As the fire will be of pseudo- incendiary origin it will not be possible to let the public in on the secret of when it will take place, but it will be in the evening, probably during the fireworks display. GOES TO SUMMER CAMP David Wright, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Wright of 130 North Dora street, leaves June 3 for Piexotto, Columbia Park Boys Club of San Francisco summer camp, where he will spend three weeks. His parents will drive him to the camp which is in Mendocino Woodlands, against any of Howser's 9gents to justify, an indictment,-/ • Arraignment -Fridiiy" Fred,Crange"bf Lane!'? Flat, Robert G5 -Ayi',of';Hpllo'v «''Trfe ',aod W. A-. Griilin of G 'rQn 'dy's Resqrt, the three men arrested arid charged with conspiracy!'to violate the gambling laws, .aire' to .appear for arraignment Friday afternooii in the court of Justice W. S. Van Dyke, When the date of the preliminary hearing will be set. They are at liberty on' i^lOOO bail each. Grange is also charged • with bribing a public pffibial. Amusemenr ^nly Slots Notillegali Says Yiareiicjo The slot machines by which customers in some local bars relieve the tedium 'of ptib-cra*ling,'. are not illegal; says Police Chief John Viarengo. The difference between the local variety,arid those brbiight in by the county In the how famous Broaddus Raid of Sunday, June 43, is that the nickels don't come out here .T -th^ are pa(^ldck- ed and exist "fdr amusement only." In other words, the machines don't expel any;' coirig when' the player wins, s^s the so-called "one- atmed 'bandits" do. Just what inducement is:mad& to the customer to play the machines.,which are called "free-play devices'' is not clear to Chief Viarengo, wlio yiky/s them with some suspicion, he' said Thursday. . v "We' siispect soma^ are paying pff over. the bar,''he told the Journal, "but we have no proof." The city would hiVe to hire plalii- ctothesmen to go In and play the machines to find ^ out whether or not this is being doiie, he said. All owners of such . machines have been warned; they are. legal until they, do and, violate the state gambling laws. "We know where all the machines in the city are located end we watch , thenj," Viareri^o'. said. "There are iione In festaiirants or other locations where juveniles' can play them." Sirice rthe June l3 raid and the piiblicity which attended it, some tavern owners in the city have put theirs out of sight. Some have been kno^Yn to warn customers they are to be played for amusement only. Each machine is licensed by the city as an amusement device. There are no pi^nchboards in Ukiah, says Viarengo, who cleared them out after he took office about a ^ea^ ago, as illegal gambling devices under state law. Busch Named Head Of D.A. Association ;District Attorney' James E. Busch of Ukiah was elected president of the California District At- torrieys Association during the Calls For Trained badfei-shjp For 3700, Scouts In 1953 • Ttie proposed' long range program: of. the. Sonoma-Mendocino AreajiBoy Scouts of America, was t-xplained ,• Friday , evening to scout leaders frorri many points in the ooimty ai the Palace Hotel for) • a dinner meeting "at v/hich Calvin McCray of X«s Angeles, regipnall leader, was scheduled tn present .the. program. . Cireumsta'nces prevented Mr. McGray from reaching Ukiah and Gordon:'Day, 'Santa scout executive; spoke .in Mr, McCray's stead.-'. . , Scouting in Mendocino county has., had. a rapid and healthy growth during the past few. years and'has' reached the "point where the need is for more trained leaders. .This growth shows that the Highway P.O. Inauguration New Mail Truck r Open House Here On July First "rtiursday, July .1, is the inaugural trip of the Highway Postoffice, and the neW- mail truck, manned by a driver and two postal clerks will be stationed in front of the Ukiah postoffice on that day, where Mrs. Ruby Cunningham, postmaster, will welcome the public to inspect this modern version of the old stage coach. It will be he're from 1:50 p.i.v until 2:15. On July 2 its. regular i->ins will begin. Persons who'have expressed interest in first day covers are expected to dispatch tlieir letters on that day where the cachet wjll be stomped in. Willits or San Francisco. Such'letters should b;; handed to an employe ini the postof­ fice in time to be included in the ir'"-l ••".-> Fair Board Approves Grounds Master Plan . Dii'ectors of the-Twelfth •District-Agricultural Association jit their meeting of Tuesday night adopted the master plan as drawn by the state board of architecture for grounds and buildings; voted to buy an additional 13 acices of land adjoining the groimds on the Saf ford Raps County Jail Meals Served To , Prisoners Unfit' For Dogs, He Says A stormy session is, reported to have followed the visit of the ijoard of supervisors to the jail and county .hospital last Friday when they held a special meeting jind "ori the invitation of Sheriff Beverley Broaddus, visited the jail The Highway Postoffice wUl' """.^ .sampled the prisoners' meals boys want scouting. Day said, leave San Francisco at 5:30 .a.mAjl ^}^l,^^P^r}^°'^^-^-^^^^°^^ which puts It squarely ijp to their and arrive in Ukiah at 11:02 a.iri. P'"^^^ that con- ,l^Aav„ r^^^Lxri ^^n,^ i„JL^t i^^j i nn'-thh^,,^^ *„ i.riilit- ... I ditions in the Jail atcTevolting find elders to provide the type of leadership that will keep alive the interest now evident. northbound to Willits. On tne re- i turn trip It will leave "H^lllts at 1 p.m. and reach Ukiah, bound The proposed, long-range pro- for San'Francisco, at 2:12 p.m. gram sets up a plan predicated | There may be some adjustment of upon -budget,, increases that will provide adequately for additional •general supervision .as: the - need closing session of,the association's ;«"ses. The,, 19,48 area statistics convention at Blairden. Plumas-;Shows 2118 boys' enrolled in 77 county, Friday, June 18., Mr. Busch had served the association during the past year as secretary. District Attorney ' E d m d n d Br,6wn pt San FranciiSco was elected vice president, and Prosecutor' Dpn; Keller of San i Diego' was elected •secfet^ry.'""^"' The association approved ' resolution asking Its legislative corhi'nittee to work out plans for submission to the next legislature cnlling .for an increase in the salaried of county prosecutors. It also approved "a resolution to the legislature providing for pajTnent of expenses of district attorne.ys and their assistants to conferences called by the 'attorney general. Guard Enlistees Are Draft Exempt Captain W. H. Smith says that eiillstment sin the local^ unit of National Guard look promising, arid anyone wiphjng to join may, do so immediately by contacting him between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. 6t tile Busy &ee, phone 402; Sgt, Ashford between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.' at the chamber of commerce, phone 77, or M/Sgt. Carlisle, army recruiting service. Captain Smith points out that President Truman gave' the go- ahead signal for. .National Guard recruiting by announcing that he will • not sign the draft act imrne- diateily. A provision of the act exempts men who join active reserves before the measure becomes a la'W. Beginning July 18 there will be encampment at San Luis Obispo, which all guardsmen will attend and be,paid for. Those interested in joining should do so immediately, he says. There are still many ratings available, among them carpenters, bridge carpenters, demolition, trac. tor drivers, truck drivers, hammer- jack, operators and other useful occupatiotis. Ratings are from private to staff sergeant. Rosary and Graveside Rites For G. L Dotta PATROLMAN BADLY INJURED (Highway Patrolman Fred Hamilton is still confined to the Howard Memorial Hospital at Willits from injuries received when forced off the' highway while answer- irig a call to the fatal accident on Lookout road west of Laytonville June 15. The last report is that casts are being maide for .braces to enable him to sit up, A rosary will be said for Clemente "Penny" Dotta at th« EvSr- sole Mortuary at 8 o'clock Saturday evening, June 26, and graveside rites will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Catholic femetery. Mr. Dotta had been a resident of this section for the past 24 years and' had been employed at the Ivan Crawfoi'd ranch. He is survived by three cousins, Leopoldo and Elizabeth Barsetti of Ukiah and Amelia Corrip of Santa Rosa; two nieces, Sophia and Maria Dotta of Santa Rosa. QUALIFIES FOR LICENSE Albert C. Valentini, 214 Clara avenue, and J. L. Williams, 215-A South Main street, have qualified for a painting and excaving contractor's license, respectively, the contractors state license board has announced. units, with three executives, or an iiv(trage df 26 units to each ex- leautive. The operating budget was $26,070. The objective , for 10,49 Is 92, l^nitS with ;a menjbership of 2436, four, executives .and a" budget of The plan includes the year 1953 when; a membership of 3707 is expected, necessitating six executives and a budget of $49,861. Almbst everyone present asked a question or expressed an opinion on the current situation and regarding the long-range program. A motion that the program be adopted,carried without dissent.' The questions indicated the interest the leaders feelin the work, to which they give their time and efforts. It was agreed that scouting is a refuge for boys prone to delinquency and for this reason should be given all the financial support required to • provide' the tools • with Which trained leaders can best disch&rge their obligations. ' ^ Tom Poulos, Who was in.^charge of the last Tefinaricing job in this, district, gave the • meeting 'some valuable tips on how he succeeded in his campaign for funds. No home with boys of scout age can be Indifferent to the benefits offered by the scouting program, he said, and it needs only the right approach to the parents to obtain their support, financially and otherwise, 'Superior Judge Lilburn Gibson was a guest and before leaving to keep another appointment commended Kenrieth Hickenbottom, Ukiah field executive, for the help given In juvenile -matters under Judge Gibson's jurisdiction. traveling time when the service has been put -into operatiori, Mrs. Cunningham said. The route is officially,known as the Eureka^San Francisco run and will replace the , old star his dogs, are better hoiised and better fed than ,the 20 young men in the jail, who were served a meal unfit for human consumption. Meals for the jail are plrepaJed by the county hospital." The bread was; moldy, he said, and the milk was sovir. Meat was spoiled arid the potatoes which he tasted iriad^ hiiri ill. "If we're going to arrest .-law offenders,, and route .which .carried: mi&il by bus. ij^oid them -in jail,;weVe got. to It will make one fc 'Jp dailyexceot Itake de'cerit cai^e'bf theg?,** Saflord on Sundays and holidays robseryed said'. Construction of a jaU, for by the postal dep"ar.tment.:. .; I which bonds wprp ^HT th- Driver Hurt Narrows Lodge On Blue Lakes Opens Narrows Lodge on Blue Lakes anrioimce their opening Saturday evening, June 20, Ethel' and Gordon Muma, owriers. > Narrows Lodge is the latest addition to the, Blue Lakes attractions. It Is situated on the west side of the lakes; and can be reached by taking the right-hand road at the summit, or by the Blue Lakes Lodge route. The owners announce stucco cabins, fine beds, showers with isitUngJsy the wiridow. hot and cold water, electric heat, ' " — — dining room, cocktail lounge, and food prepared by Eddie, the chef, formerly with Dan's Rainbow Room in San Francisco. Ernest Hansen in Seriods Condition A+ S.F. Hospital Ernest Hansen of Phllo, truck driver, injured Tuesday mortiing when his lumber truck and trailer struck a utility pole near Petaluma, was reported in serious condition at Franklin hospital, San Francisco. Mr. Hansen, who suffered a broken leg, cuts, bruises and shock, was transferred from the Petaluma General- HPspital upon advice of his physician. The crash occurred on Highway 101 at the south end of Denman fiat, just north of Petaluma. The tru^k went out of control when the steering mechanism .Jroze as Hansen attempted to' veer left after entering. the divided stretch of highway. , When he saw.the pole ahead of him, Hansen threw himself to the floor of the cab, allowing - the forward-shifting lumber of his double load to pass above him.. The cab was demolished as the tons of lumber scattered over the road. Hansen had picked up the load near his. home. north, arid requested, of the state board that the j present half-intle race track be retained. Everett Cox reported on his visit' to Sacramento for the purpose of discussing the change-»,rp- posed by the board, reducing the race course to three-eighths mile. He wds told that the state was ready to ; let contracts for* grading and landscaping and that to ch &nge the iriaster plan to permit retention of the, haU-mile track would delay all the work two years, until they got around .to drawing new plans. Hequ«sl» for booth space at the Auguct fair have, been quite numerous with prospects for many n\ore, Mt».^W. C. Peteri, secretary; reported. Fort Bragg. Laytpnyille. Redwood Valter. Potter Valley and Ukiah Granges have taken'spaces, as have Farm Centers from Boonville, Willits, Covelo, Hopland, Redwood Valley and Potter Valley. The Sacramento meeting was attended by Walter Sandelih, Nor- riiari Buhn, Stanley Watson arid Mr. Cox, With' Earl Hampton of the divisipn of architecture present. They .Were again told; that a change of the' plans'would put the , , , . - - ~ .Ukiah grounds at :the bottom of ;yhich. bonds 5were.„ voted by the the list aiid that it would .be>'rpany ' people about 10 years agp and for moons'' Bef (irje ;,we ,wouldb6.reach- which. there .:is:a furid of -$80.000 'fa'til^SreliS^. nc^o — At^the sariie time, the board urged the Weal directors to buy the additional land, and the impression was gained that if the land- is bpUglit the present track can. be retained: In the final setup. It was suggeeied that we go along with the state board, acquire the land and wait to see if, the plans are not alterpd to include the half- mile track, ' '. George P. Anderson attended the meeting and again advocated retention of the present track. With the falling oil' of parl-mutuel receipts it is expected that the act will be repealed and that when that comes about fairs will return to ^the. old method of county fair rjioirig. Mr. Anderson believes that a fair circuit cari be organized of Redwood Empire towns wheti they 'are thrown onto their own resources and racing be conducted by the circuit., . Boy Plus BB Gun Perils Residents Pot-shots taken at objects in homes on Oak Park avenue have been the subject of two complaints placed at' the police headquarters this week, indicating, that some boy, or boys, had been careless with BB gims. / Mrs. J. R. Thomas told the headquarters that a shot came through a door of her apartments and broke a vase and she was of the belief that the "marksman" had shot at a ifiowerpot on the porch. The shot just missed a woman who was set;.aside .in the c<Wnty treasury has been too long delayed, Safford said.. •,' ..' The food, such as'it was, was not eripiigh for the 20 prisoners in the jail oh Friday, Safford said. Moreover, it Is the same .food that is being served at the county hospital. , • He said he has since been in- fovm^d 'that immediate improvement was made in the quality of the food served; to prisoners after the Friday visit, but he intends to visit the jail whenever he is in town- and Jind out, for himself if .the i'mprovemerit is riidte than a temporary gesture. The board adopted a resolution at the Friday session authorizing Broaddus to work county prisoners outside iiifi courthouse building on county: prpperty and at the radio tower. .Bite nprth of Ukiah under supervision of: the. sheriff.' Broaddus told the board it wpuld relieve the tensipns that exist among men crowded Into Inadequate quarters and with nothing to occupy them during their incarceration. Asked if the heated argument heard in the supervisors' chambers after the jail and hospital vidlt concerned conditions found there, Safford said,'"we talked it over." Water Hesources Conference Called Goeffrey Bell told the police that a shot had made a hole in a window at his home on the same boulveard and asked if similar, complaints had been turned in by other residents of the' district. Eagles To Hold Picnic Fraternal Order Eagles will hold its annual picnic this Syn- day at C.S.E.A. grounds at Talmage. All Eagles, their families and guests are invited. An admission fee will be charged for adults, children free. The order will furnish meat, coffee, bread, beyerages and lots of enlerlain- menl. There will be games for children and adults. The Eagles Auxiliary is planning a bingo game. HOLLINGSWORTH RESIGNS Curtis Hollngsworth of Laytonville has resigned as deputy sheriff to enter the logging business. Hplllngsworth was chief of Willits police at the time the force resigned two years ago. TWO UKIAHANS GRADUATE Aihong the graduates from 'the University of Oregon were Eugene Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Davis of Grove avenue, and Ralph Hogan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hogaii of Highland court. "V. M. Moir, manager of the North Coast District, California State Chamber of Commerce, has arranged a meeting with the board of supervisors on Thursday, July 15, at their rooms in the courthouse, beginning at 2:30 in the afteriioon, to confer on Mendocino county water resources. This riieeting will be open to the public, and it Is requested that there be present representatives from farm, civic and labor groups and members of city governments. Mpir will bring with him engineers so that those attending can be given all possible information. Primary consideration will be given to results of the investigations of the Russian and Eel rivers and the supervisors will be asked to name a water council to determine what plan will be best for the localities involved in the water and flood control problems to be solved City Asking Bids State Ball Park July 21 is the date set by the city couhcil to open tjids on the ball park on South State street which they have been authorized by the voters of Ukiah to sell to the highest bidder. The ball park property Is being advertised for sale iti three parcels, (and in one piece), with a 50- fdot right-of-way l)€ing retained at the irear' by the city^for an entrance, ; to' the city electric sub- statiori behind the present bleachers. , : The three lots being advertised front on State street'and' run through to the rear of the property; RETURN FROM COAST Mr. and Mrs. PaUl L. Hansen of 512 West Mill street returned Friday from a fevf days' vac'aUon on the coast. Their children, Sheiyl and Kenneth, were with them and Mrs. Hansen's neplifew, Tommy McFarland... Authorities are still looking fo^ Joseph Melton of Oakland who escaped June 16 from the Willits city jail by climbing through a trap dpor in the roof. Leroy Woodhead Dead Committal services for Leroy Woodhead of Little River were held Thursday afternoon in Rose Memorial Park ,Fort Bragg, with Father Gleason officitaing and the Robert Cain Funeral Home in charge. ' Mr. Woodhead, a prominent resident of the coast for many years, died at his home Tuesday morning of a heart attack. He was born at Branscomb, September 18, 1890, and his family 'were for a long time residents of Jackson valley. At one time he was In business at Point Arena and later entered the employ of the Union Lumber Company as special agent. MARTELLS WRITE HOME Mrs. AddJe Pickle of Coyote Valley has received word from her daughter • (Marjorle) and son- in-law, Mr. and Mrs.- M. J. Mar- teU in Key West, Florida, that he will bs transferred to another navy post in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They have been in the Florida city for about a year.

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