Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on June 18, 1948 · Page 6
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 6

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1948
Page 6
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DISPATCH DEMOCRAT, TJKIAH, CALIFORNIA FRIDAY, - 3Um 18, 1948 Ukiah Cadets Will Campa^^bispo'^ , Twenty-two cadets, from Ukiah Uiilpn High School's unit of,the California Cadet Corps have registered, to attend the annual cadet encampment at Camp San Luis Qbispo, June 24-July 6, Lieut. Col. Charlie A. Royston, acting director of the cadet corps, announced today. Cadets from Ukiah who will attend encampment are Lloyd J. BookSi James R. Hamilton, Wilbur W. Gassaway, Lyle G. Tuttle, Douglas Warren Grant, Wilford Charles Hall, Douglas Arthur Portloclc, Byron Gene Rainwater, Norman L. SteVens, J. T. Center, Oliver Fred Conrey, Glendon Eugene Dale, Jarnes Walton Day, Billy Ray Knox. Richard Angelo Mazzanti, "Don Alan Perrine, Billy Dorie Stom- baii'gh, James William 'Tingley, Jamies Larry Williams, Leroy Orline Yaple, Leo Lawrence . Phillips and Edward Arthur Richey. Lake Pilisbury Rest Camp Closes Tuesday The Hamilton Field rest camp on Lake Pilisbury wlU be closed June 23, after having been in operation since June, 1940. Closing is necessitated by lacif of funds. Capt. B. A. Kruzensk, who has been in charge, will leave pbout July 1 for another assignment at Anchorage, Alaska. During their stay, camp members did a lot of good work, opening up roads in the vicinity and the location is being turned over to the forestry department for use as a public camp. 10 Teenagers In Fatal . Crash On Cahto Mt. ''Ten teenagers were invol\%d in a fatal highway accident Tuesday evening on Lookout road, which resulted in the instant death of John Oiler, 10 years old, and James Oiler, 13,; Melvin Stevens, 14, was cut about the head, William toiler escaped with leg bruises.' Others involved in we accident were Maurice Oiler, 16, driver of the vehicle, Robert oner, 12, William Oiler, 6, Robert Stevens, 13, Truman Stevens, 15, anSt Ray Stevens, 9. jaiat* OUar was th« aon of.' Mr. .end Mr». William C. OU«r,t hhd John was the son of Mir. and Mrs. Georg^ Oiler.; Pfkrents of ail the boys InTolred in ih*^ ac- {sldehl are employees of thaMart ^ sawmill. .Rouble funeral services wiUi be held Friday afternoon at 2 O'clock at Laylonville, with i^e Aiiker Mortuary of Willits in eharge. The accident took place oA a 20 per cent grade on Cahto .inoun- lEsjij^'soon after the party !of boys had visited the Cahto, lookout station where they had Registered and left at 5:15 Tuesday evening. Deguty , Coroner William :Whit6 welit to the point Tuesday evening and 'was told by Maurice Oiler, the .driver, that the truck jumped j out of second gear and he was unable to get it back and thpt .the bca&es failed to hold: Maurice told the- others to jump, but that only Robert Oiler followed his advice. They were traveling at about 30 miles per hour when the driver tried to bank the truck, which climbed the bank and hit a log, twni/ig completely over and landing on its wheels.' In rolling, the body of the truck passed over the heads of the two Oiler boys, chishing their skulls. .-.Other members of the :party, went .bE(ck to the lookout station and to the Ben Mast mill, £i short distance away, for help. '.Tlie truck involved had ' been purchased by Maurice Oiler the, day before the accident. He had done, some wprk on it Tuesday before the decision was made to if»k«, the' trip up tO; the forestry lookout,: where they arrived at abc>ut-5 o'.clock. ; ' • . .• The-;bodies of the boys,. killed were taken in charge by the Anker Mdrtuary of Willits. The injured Tjtr^ taken to the Howard Memo- iri'ai^Hospltal at WiUits where they were treated by Di-. babcook and dlseliarged Wednesday. ,. After, a report was circulated in UJciah that the boys were on a fi;6y:;Scout trip, Kenneth Hicken- t?pttdim, scout, field executive, eiiecjted with scout lenders iri iay- tbnvlUe and determined that the p^rty was not on a scouting trip. Visfj+or Attends Sunday j^raduation Ceremony •';^J9; Ann Brenner of Hopland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank BrienTier, spent the weekend in the lionie of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phelan of 337 Cypress street and ^it^ded with them the graduation ot thplr daughter Jean Marie from the Albertinum. Also weekend gueSts in the Phelan home were Mr. and Mrs. .Albert Owen of San Francisco, and their two children, Virginia Ann and Albert, Jr., who are Jean Marie's cousins. Where Truck Driver Died Saturday Morning METHODIST SOCIETV WILL • " 'HOLD RUMMAGE SALE ' Women of the WSCS of the Methodist church are ready to open a rummBge sale in the church parlors and on the porch tomorrow. The sale is sponsored for missionary funds and is under the chairmanship of Mrs. J, H. Hansen, assisted by Medames C. A. Van Voast, W. K(90ver and others of the society of which Mrs. Bert Hinds is president, v~- - • — —/ AUCTION Horse Sale SUNDAY June 20 Fortuna, California 12 00 Noo^i • OPEN CONSIGNMENT Lots of oGod Horses Expected Humboldt Livestock .., Auction Yard ip.O. Box 313 Fortuna Thoren Fravels Visiting While TKey House-hunt Mr, and Mrs. Thoren Fravel and their ;three children are staying with Mr. Fravel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Fravel, on South highway while ttiey house-hunt. They moved away from the municipal airport when Mr. Fravel resigned as manager to take a position with Beall Transportation Company with his headquarters in Ukiah. ' ' He pilots a plane for the firm which has a mill at Hayfork, 60 miles out of Redding and operates a truck line on the Redwood highway. Fravel was an Army Air Corps pilot during the war and flew, a B29 in the South Paciftc war theater. Mrs. Fravel and the children visited her parents in iSanta Rosa last month and returned to the home of the senioi^ Fravels last week. • Bribery Probe —(Continued from Page 1)— GrlfEln as "Snipe" Griffin he had known for 15 years and had last seen in 1940 at Santa Anita. Both denied any subsequent contact. Following the meeting Sheriff Broaddus announced that the prosecution of Grange, Gray and GriSPln would be through the regular legal channels unless circumstances arise which would make a complete investigation of the matter by the Mendocino County Grand Jury advisable. District Attorney Busch and Sheriff Broaddus were in .complete accord on that procedure. Grange, Gray and Griffin are charged with conspiracy to violate the gambling laws of the state and Grange will be tried on three counts of bribingoB public official. June 25 has been set for them to appear in Justice court for setting the date for their preliminary hearings on these charges. Grange is accused by the sheriff of giving himself and deputy protection money, ostensibly accepted but given identification marks and locked in the sheriff's safe as attempted bribery evidence. The purported bribery attempt, Broaddus said, resulted In the springing of a-trap, set with the knowledge of Sheriff H. P. Gleason of Alameda county, president of the California Sheriffs Association, and of Governor Warren's crime commission. , During meetings leading up to the bribery charges. Sheriff Broaddus said. Grange asserted that he "had connections with 'the Sacramento office' and that everything would be alright with 'the attorney general's office'." The account revealed by the Mendocino sheriff thereafter follows the pattern similar to reported slot machine rackets and payoff operations in Santa Cruz and Kern counties, only with more detail. Sheriff Broaddus identified Grange as a former bookkeeper for Tony Stralla on the gambling ships Rex and Lux. He said Mrs. Louis Stralla, one of Grange's partners In Lane's Flat resort. Is a sister-in-law of Tony Stralla. Newconters Caught in 0Wn Deatti Trap On Highway Claiide Rich 22 his vfite. Irene, Gerald Rich,; 17, and his wife Juanita, 16, and "Thomas Hronis, 15, newcomers to this section frorri Richmond,:were caught in a death trap of their own makin'g Tuesday morning and as a result Gerald Rich Is Iti the Ukiah ,General Hospital with the chances of surviving hjs Injuries considered small. Enroute from Richmond to their new home on the Orr Springs road with the last load of their household furhishihgs, their car caught fire approximately a mile and a half; north of Hopland at about 1:15; Tuesday mornirig, according to the investigation made by'High­ way Patrolman Sam Shortridge. Attached to the car was a trailer filled With bedding. This was unhooked from the burning car and moved' out of tiie danger-zone arid parkied across the east lane of the higiiway, with the bitch at the edge of the;conbrete.' The burning car .was nfear the : center line of the highway. With the east lane, almost completely blbcked the car was consumed without any known effort beitig made to secure aid, although a iim suppressioh crew's headquarters is on the west 'Side of the hlghWayi:' almost opposite ; the spot. • Some .time after the car was burned a mattress was taken from the trailer and placed on the.high­ way north of-the trailer. On this Claude Rich and Thomas Hronis went to sleep. Mrs. Irene Rich clirribed into the.tfailer and Ger-, aid ..Rich' and liis wife Juanita went south on' ts.e highway to flag northbound traffic," it is said. The supposition, is that they left that post and returned to the burned car. This was the situation encountered by Robert Myers and Jolm Tulley of Ukiah as they rounded a slight curve south of the wreck. According to Myers' statement to Shortridge he had met a southbound truck and the driver and Myers both dimmed their light, so that Myers failed to see that the highway was blocked until too late to stop. Myers' car hit the-trailer and swung it around Into the remains of the burned car which rolled about 70 feet to the east side of the highway. In conversation with Gerald Rich Thursday, Patrolman Shortridge was *old that Rich and his wife, Juanita, had returned to the burned car and were using a flashlight to flag southbound traffic, which was another peculiar phase of the situa,tion, since the southbound lane of traffic was open. They were struck by the trailer after the Myers car had sent it spinning into the burned wreck. Mr; Tulley was knocked unconscious and Robert Myers was cut about the head. The Ukiah ambulance brought Gerald and Juanita Rich to the hospital. and the other injured were brought iti by Shortridge." Men long- accustomed to traffic snarls declare that, the death' trap set by these people was beyond anything ever encountered and it is a miracle that there wasn't a harvest of death; LAWRENCE EARL HAHMT of Philo lost his lifo early Saturday morning in the wrecked cab of his lumber, truck when the load shifted forward and pinned him against the steering wheel where he suffocated. "Freezing" of the brakes on tliei brand-new truck iif believed the cause. -^Journal engraving Mendocino county has approximately 150 acres of walnut trees. f/ NOW AVAJLABLE ^ OLYMPIC HOTEL t muw & mi ST.. m nim^ • ALL OUTSIDE ROOMS TILE BATH-SHOWER GARAGE IN HOTEL, FREE RADIO PHONE Truck Driver Killed On Boonville Road Lawrence Earl Hahn, 30-year- old tnjck driver for the H. E. Philbrook sawmill at Philo, suffocated in the wrecked cab of his truck on the highway three- fourths of a mile west of the Fred Rawles ranch. In Anderson valley early Saturday morning, the exact time of the accident being unknown. -Jack Cox, .another truck driver came - upon the stalled , truck at about 3 o'clock Saturday morning. He found Hahn dead and notified Mr. Philbrook. . Highway Patrolman Sam. Shortridge wa.s sent out from' investigate the accident.. Renb Bartolomie took care of the .investigation for Coroner B;. G, Broaddus. c • The reports show that the'.ae.-» cident which cost Hahn his life occurred where the road makes a sharp dip and the assumption is that Hahn set his 'brakes on "the heavily loaded lumber trufck, causing the cable to snap. He'x^as hauling 8000 feet of lumber, whfch shifted forward and liftmg the cab from the frame' of the truck shoved it forward, pinning Hahn against the steering wheeel which was bent forward against the dashboard. The paved road showed skid marks eight feet long. According to Bartolomie, ' the windows of the cab were broken, the main gear -was shifted into third and the Brownie auxiliary gear was shifted into compound. Bartolomie's examination found that the cable had been in good condition. •.. The body of Hahn was brought to'Ukiah by the Eversole .Mortuary where Dr. J. H. Hansen made the :examination which determined that the man had died from suffocation, while held against the dashboard by the shifted luiriber. The (truck was a new: Ford and had .started on Us first trip, • Hahn and his wife and -four children had come', to Philo about three weeks ago from Modesto. He was a native o£ th^ state of Texas and is survived also by;his mother, Mrs. Annabelle Hahn of Modesto. The body was prepared for burial and taken to Modesto by the Eversole Mortuary where funeral services will be -held: from the Shannon Chapel,with Wednesday the tentative-date.-.J, - . • Rotarians Treat Jr. Patrol Boys Junior Tsaffic Patrol members were treated to a beans and weiner feed at the hiunicipal park on Wednesday evening of last week with their sponsors, the Ukiah Rotary Club, arranging for the treat, and the White Cottage preparing the beans. The boys swam in the municipal pool and played soft ball and otherwise passed the time in favorite activities from 4 to 8 o'clock. The patrol has now been organized three months and has made a fine record. The member- shiji numbers 42. > ', Members of the police depart-' ment who attended the picnic Were Chief 'Vlarerigo, Sergeant Griffis and Officers Simpson, Moore and Thomas. On Thursday the boys called on Chief Viarengo at police headquarters and presented him, with a desk set. RENO LICENSES ISSUED At Reno, June 9, Everett Adams of Willits and Elvira Errico of San Francisco; John Alcorn of Willits and Patricia Mae Garfelpt Eureka. ., > • Plan Bike Parade In Ukiah June 26 • Many bioycl.e the Ukiah vicinity are planning to participate in the big parade being sponsored here Saturday,' June 26, by Montgomery Ward & Co. ' Prizes will be: awarded: for the best and most originally decorated bicycles. Mr. Lunden,; Ward's .store manager in Xnciah, is. providing several valuable merchandise prizes rfor the parade winners.: AU prizes will soon be on display in the show windows at the local store. Entrants will be required to register, but there will be no fee. Every cyclist in the parade ,wlH receive a set of colorful wheel discs and a list of safety rules. Any bicycle rider, young or old, may enter the parade by flUing: out an entry blank at the sporting goods c6unters in the Montgomery Ward store. Three prominent local citizens will be chosen as parade judges, Lunden said. The supervisors at their June 10 session accepted the offer of Mrs. Amelia Norfolk of right-of-way for limprovement of . the Talmage- Hopland road. ddvertUtmmt From \54iereIsit...2J^ Joe Marsh\ How to Live Longer Someone asked Pappy Miller last week how he stayed so spry at ninety. Pappy told him: "Well, sir—when I work, I work hard. When I set, I set loose. When I think, I go to sleep." According to Doc HoIUster, that formula isn't far amiss. "Hard work,'' says Doc, "never wore out vnyone before liis time, providing he knew how and when to relax." Doc himself works overtime, with his daytime patients at the office, and his evening calls. And when he gets home he takes it easy with a mellow glass of beer and chats with the missus until it's tim^ to go to bed. From where I sit, relaxing is a fine art—especially in these tense, fast-moving times. And there's nothing like a temperate glass of beer—enjoyed with pleasant company—to restore that easy frame of mind that one, needs after a hard day's work. Copyrighl, 1948, Uniled S'ates Brewers Foundation Elks Initiate 27 Into Membership FJks Club climaxeti its series of first bii-thday events Witha' din- ner'ln House ..of Garner for 175 members and guests Monday night,' which was followed iby initiation rites in the lodge hall. Officers of Sant&Rpsa lodge No. 646 B.P,0,E.> presided at the.initi­ ation'ceremony : where 27 candidates :-were; received ^into the lodge and fo'ut affiliates. The Santa Ro sans came to: Ukiah in';a chartered bus,' •'*• ... '. •'• Don CJuayle, district > ^rand ex^ alted ruler atfd Earl vWilliams, president of'the .California .State Elks association:, were' amongr the out-ofitown- officials who were en-: tertalned by Exalted-. Ruler Ed Jennings,.oEEicers and members of the Ukiah lodge. - J^ew members initiated into the club are: .' Waldo M. Perkins, B.. E ;. Maul-' dm, E. .L. Albertson, Anthony Massero,: John D. Manning,,James K. Bichardson, Wilson: J. McKee, James Ti Rafferty, Robert O; Boyd; Clay P.. Anderson, Archer. Moyer, Frajiik M. Crane; Donald W, Hudtloff, Joseph M. Harlan,': John;W. Tulley, Harold Kelly, .John E. Douglass, A. E. Qaraventa; James, B-,: Bradshawi William S.. Openshaw, P6ter ;A. Prati, TFred ^ W; Orr; Robert.: L. Moore,, iSam F, Doyle, Lee H. White; GRAYS HAVE DAUGHTER Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gray became the parents of a. daiighter bom June 10 In Ukiah General hospital. They :have named: her Donna Denice. Dr.. Nicholas Zibltnoff was tho: attending physician. • Mario'Vcnturi, Donald H, Hoover, Norman R. Miller, Albert Greenberg, Ri E; McGill and Webb L. Harpc. VISIT in MJtssotmit Lorn^i and tiene^.Klrkj'left .Saturday morning^l<Si* .a'visit wjthi relatives ih Misuari.-Th'ey wil rfieet their cotis'ins, • Harriett aft^ Nancy Hopper, iniValleJb and accompany the little' /girls .to Bates City, Mo. ^They y)H ; travel by Greyhound ancV will .be,:gone about a month.' Loma and/ Gene ore the children of Mr. and:Mrs..ft<Jy Kirk of Ukiah. ',' ' .'X Instruments Recorded Lutherans Moving Intd Parish Hall Sunday, June. 20, .will mark the firslf. service to, be held m Parish Hall being constructed by Faith Lutheran church, beginning afU o'clock; i • , 'Official dedication of the building -will take , place. after • it' has been fully completed. The public is cordially invited to attend this first sei 'Vice, Parish Hall, to :be used . temporarily as a - church, is located on Park boulavard, south of Memorial Park. This service will mark;thc end of. pastoral services rendered to the congregation by their present pastor, Louis C.:.Marling, student of theology at Concordia Seminary^.St.: J^ouis. .After spending, the summer' an,assistant'to the , nastor in . Redwood , City, he wil Ireturn to complete his final year jp pteparation: for the ministry. Pastor Marting has. served Faith congregation sincie last December. The. resident pastor will be Mr. Martin .Rus^eiMt, A c,-ill ,Was extended to .liim by !Faith congregation. Mr. 'R^ussert was graduated from Conoprdia Seminary on June 4. He will begin his^ worlc as -pastor o£ Faith congregation during the first part of July. Gloria and Betty Pacini left Monday.for Eugene, Oregon,', for a few w.eeks vacation; Gloria; who taught iihe music department of the pedwood Valley school, will enter San Jose State'College after her visit to Oregon, for the summer session. • JUNE 4, 1949 PATENT . USAto Roland Rlchter, land in T22N R14W. DEEDS ' Sam Williams,to C N Snyder et ux, land in Ukiah. Belle Bevans to Hazel Woolley, land in T17N RllW. . Leslie Bishop et al to Mary Cuthbertson, land ih T13N R16W, four undivided 1/14 of all real property described. • O O Barker et ux to Marlon Hamiltonj land in T5S R3E. . S E Satchwell et uxto Dan Sanders ct ux, land In lot 17 of Little Lake Land Go's Tract No 1. Ehseo ''I '^enturi et ux-to Eliseo' "Venturi etux, land In lots 107, 108 •yokayo rancho. D N Munson et ux to Clement Galli, landm Munson's 2nd'subdn. i Joe Valdez et ux to Joseph Keaster et ux, land in T20N R14W. Walter Mack et ux to Wilbur Mack, land m Willits. * Lee Kremer et ux to W FMoore etux, land in T18N R18W. : Clyde Rifle et al to Laura Russell, land in T22N R12W. liaura Russell to Prank Brown et ux, land in T22N R12W. D N Munson et ux to James Howard et ux, land in lot 7, Munson's snd subdn. ESTAB FACT OF DEATH Estab fact of death of Paul Mahler, deed, said Paul Mahler died 4/19/48. I DECREE QUIETING TITLE Laura Russell vs DC Smith admin est of O A Dmgman, deed, et al, land In T22N R12W. DEEDS OF TRUST ' Wilbur Mack et ux to Corp Am, trustee and Bk Am, land in lots 5, 6, Old Town of Willits. W F Mdore et ux to B F Clink et al, trustee and Lee Kremer et ux, T18N R18W. •Tames Howard et ux to Corp Am, trustee, and Bk Am, land in lot 7, Munson's snd subdn. James Howard et ux fo Mendo Go Title Co, trustee',and D N Munson et :uXi land m lot 7i:Mun- sons' 2nd subdn.. MORTGAGE ; ' Edwin Bennett et ux to Rdv/d"^ Emp Prod Cr Assn, livestock and crops of 1948-49-50r§i located on Bennett ranch near Potter Valley post office. : ' RECONVEYANCE Corp Am to Sam Williams, deed of trust. . , . ABANDONMENT OF HMSTD Walter Mack et ux, • land in WiUits. / CERTIFICATE OF AMOUOT Nellie Dean to St Calif, total amount $9.98.- CAMPAIGN STATEMENT Sam Erickson, candidate for nomination of supervisor, 2nd dist,' amount.$934,65. . land in 'riS-lHlJ Bl,4^.''- 'Northern'Woo^'Pi -ta^^^^^ ton Wisok et'ubc, land in, TlSN R13-14W. - ' ' DECLARATION Ol" HMSTD Bertha Casteel, land Jn' Willits.- MOltTGAGES . " . '^:'-'', ' '• V E Reed et al to Bk Am, crane, magneto equipment, o T.' E J Petersen et ux toi fik Am, personal property used .in connection with.shingle milL ,. Charels Garrett to Bk Am, chain saw. SATISFACTION OF MTGE Benjamin • Clihk'<et' ux to Guy Thorne et ux, mortgage.';., RECONVEYANCE Corp Am: to Laura ; Gomes vir, deed of trust. ... ' REQUEST FOR NftTIQES. Wallace Hyman'c-tali',notices of default and sale urii^er; piortgage ot chattels or personal property ,^ recorded. > , • • BILL OF SALE ' ' Northern Wood'Prod Go to Norton Wisok et ux, property located on land in Willits.' : i • . JUNE 5, 1948 DEEDS Guy Thome et ux to Benjamin CJlnk et ux, land In T18N R17W. , William Harmon to Elmer Powell etux, land in LaytonviUe. H J June et ux to Jack June, JUNE 7. 1948 . DEEDS John Matson, et ux to Walter Matson et ux, lahdih.TlSN R17W. vFort Bragg Union Eiem School Dist' to Fort, Bragg Girange, land in T19N R17W. Harry Wells etux-toR E Crabtree, lahd in T22N R14W. I Freda Filben 'to Hgrry Vinson, land in Ukiah. G O Barker et ux to ' George Schneider, land in T22N R16W. Fred Nassie tp Raymond Travers et ux, land; In Ukiah. ' • Mew • Quong - et vir; to Guido Simonini et ux, land lii Fort Bragg. John Anderson to W A Stockton et ux, land in T<16N"R17W. . Jimmie More etux-to Palle Anderson et ux, land- in T16N. ttl7W. Palle Anderson etrux' to Rosalind' Consigner! et.\ vir,. lapd in T16N R17W. . ^ '" E ADunslng et ux to'i^epthel Ray,; land in MeCowen'g Sub Add. Qeo Cbilders; et. Ux to :. Gaston Roumas et ux, land In Ukiah. Paul ux.:to vSdward Abarr et \x^, land"ini.TI9N R17W; Edward Abarr: et'ux to: Walter Earp et ux,. land in T19N R17W. Edw Bolton at ux-to. Helen De Balto, land.iri T18N'RI7-18W. DEEDS OF TRUST • • Marvin Anderson et al,to Tho as Cleland et al, trustees for Jud- aon ROse-et al, alhd -in T13N •R12W. Raymond Travers ,et;ux to Mendo Co; Title Co,^trustee for Fred Nassie, land inllkiahi : ,.• W A Stocktoh at' .'MendSI ^I Co;Title .Co, trustee for John An- • derson, land. in T16N- R17W. Onn Garnett «t'al to Corp Am, trustee for Bk Am,, land In T16N R12W. J R Brush et ux-to.-Gorp Am, trustee for Bk. Am, landf in ;Ukiah. Henry Brungeset-UXl'to Mendo Co Title, Co, trustee for Alice' McLennan, land inUkiah North Add. Lloyd Near et ux' to Bk Am, livestock and crops on land ta Potter Valley. liom ^j EXPLORE THE WEST

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