The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1896
Page 8
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ALtH^A,-10WA, Teas As Wei/i fc , ^ ^ Coffees. 'We wish to inform the Public that we have put in a full line of Chase & Sanborn's Celebrated Teas And from now on are in a position to furnish Teas of the same superior quality as the Coffees, we have furnished in the past. To those who have used their Coffees we need say nothing further, lo those who have not, we would say, try CHASE <fe SANBORN'S Teas and Coffees and you will be convinced of their merits. Yours, ""fr -^Walker Bros. Telephone -17. He is Given a Hearty Welcome Home from Dea Moines by His Old Neighbors* Grand Reception and Banquet Tendered Him in Jefferson Mall—Death of an Old Settler of Plum Creek Twp. BAMS, ABSTRACTS, LANDS, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS. Ambrose A. Call, President. D. H. Hutcliins, Vice-l'res. Wm.K. Ferguson, Cashier. C. D. Smith, Ass't. RST NATIONAL 6ANK, ALGCXNA, IOWA. CAPITAL, ,$50,000. CASH CAPITAL-$50,000.00. < OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. D. Clarke, Pros., «.C. Chubb, Vice Pres., Thos. H. Liintry. Cashier, • Geo. L Galbraith, Fred M. Miller, Myron Schenck, Thos. F.Cooke. Algonn, Iowa. ' GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety. Deposit Vaults. Interest Paid for Time Deposits. W. H. Iiigliam, President. Tlieo. CUrischilles, Vice President. Lewis H. Smith, Cashier Kossuth County State Bank. J 000. AL Incorporated under 'general laws of Towa. domestic exchangP.bough A and sold. n,,,, fi nnnn aess transacted. CAPITAL $50,000 received, money loaned, foreign and and a general banking busl- W. Wadsworth. Barnet Uevtne. on Time Be On Money Left for Three Months or Over. Money always on hand to Loan on First Mortgages, Second Mortangesand BANCROFT, April 14.—The people of Bancroft, irrespective of creed or party affililitions, vied with each other in paying a tribute of respect and confidence to the Hon. Samuel Mayne, our distinguished representative, on his return from the legislature last Monday. Ho was mot at the train by an enthusiastic company of his friends and after he was cordially greeted he was conveyed to his home by the finest turnout in the city. In the evening the people, irrespective of politics or religion, gathered at Jefferson Hall, where Mayor Callanan.ina very appropriate speech, welcomed his home coming. Mr. Mayne was so overcome by this testimonial of the good will and friendship of his neighbors that he could hardly speak, but in a feeling way ho thanked the people for their kind reception. Then the banquet was spread and it was as fine as one would sen in a city, gotten up by O. F. Hohn, and after the banquet the speech making again began. It would indeed bo hard to say who made the best speech, but they wore all good. The speakers wore W. V. Laidley, Rev. W. W. Cook, Father Schemmel, Rev. D. Williams, P. M. Barslou and J. B. Can 1 . Mr. Mayne was also called upon for a second speech and when he arose he said ho had again found his voice, and ho related his experience as a legislator briefly and in a very concise and eloquent manner. About sixty couple were present and everyone went home feeling that ho had had a splendid good time in paying honor to a fellow citizen. We have carefully watched Mr. Mayne's career in the legislature and were we to prophesy we would say that politics had a much higher place for Mr. Mayne in the near future than that of representative from Kossuth county. BANCROFT LOCALS. Mr. George Olson and Miss Carrie Sorensen are to bo married to-day at the residence of the bride's parents, on the bank of the Union Slough in Ramsay township. Mr. Olson was formerly an inhabitant of this county, but went to Utah several years ago to seek his fortune, and he has been successful. /The bride he has won. Miss Sorenson, is one of Supt. Reed's best school teachers and the daughter of Hans Sorensen. a well known Ramsay township farmer. We rather object to these fellows coming in from other states to take away Kossuth's best girls, but the character of the groom will compensate some for the taking away this time. Tho couple will make a tour of a few weeks visiting relatives and will then go to Utah., their futuro home, where they will have the good wishes of many friends in this vicinity, including the writer. A law suit was tried before Mayor Callanan and a jury on a change of venue from Squire Barge's court last Monday. It Suspected Case of Double oning Explained. Bunt, April 15.—Friday last Mrs. Burg, wife of the Burt section man, went to the house of Mr. and Mrs. John Hunt, ah old couple upwards of 80 years of age, and found both of them on the floor in an unconscious condition. Mr. Hunt was lying on the floor close to the bed, with his clothes on. One of the quilts was lying partially on the bed, and the other end was under and over him, as though ho had fallen out of bed. When found he was pur- pie and cold as though he had been dead for a month. Mrs. Hunt was found on the floor Inside the outer door, which had not been opened. Dr. Peters was summoned and has since done all possible for the old couple. Mrs. Hunt did not gain consciousness, however, until next morning at 4 o'clock, and is still In a precarious condl- ALBERT BRIR'S AWFUL END Pull Particulars from Pomona Bring Pfesh Grief to Sorrowing Relatives, A Frightened ttdrse Thtowa Otto's Gun Out of Mis Hand and Its VVhole Can* tents are Discharged Through Albert's Body, tion. Tho fact of both being found in .the condition they were caused the suspicion of poisoning, but Dr. Peters says there is nothing in that. Mrs. Hunt had an attack of cerebral hemorrhage, possibly induced by excitement at finding her husband on the floor apparently dead. The latter has been sleepless and had been unwell for several days. Ho had boon in the habit of sitting up part of-the night, owing to sleeplessness. Ho fell out of bed in his sleep. This couple were married but a short time ago, the bride being old lady Carpenter. BANCROFT, April 14. By Telephone.—. The particulars of the death of Young Albert Bruer, the bare announcement of which was all that could be given in this correspondence last week, have just come to hand, through the Pomono Daily Budget, and the relatives and friends here are shocked at the horrible nature of the event. From the lengthy account given it appears that Otto and Albert Brtior and good Collateral. Notes purchased. ALGONA, IOWA. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. S u,e you get what you pay for and take. »o chances. ISTREAL TCSTATB POANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDb. HAY & RICE Algona, Io\v<a. was between Mrs. II. J. Tallman and Mr. Opera House Block. I Posts! Posts! Posts! We have lust received a car of very nice FENCE week is going fast but we still have some lett and are able to supply any or all your wants m our line, at any time. R g> NQ RTON '.$. ^IffliHJoc.-y .-v*. ' ;{& i f t V f AT- otcei and iron. The Seed S^B^££!& t SSS£j. oJe-edpIXts doeiit. ^T'^iiik Itower simple e.nd faw parts. iias a IJ:rill too. Wire dropped or Drill ungeared automatically at end of each row. Marker movable from sids to side v/ithout driver leaving his seat. _ Machine adjustable^ width. Very neat in de-sign and finish. Strong and does excellent work. An excellent fertilizer distributor can also be furnished with it. Call and see its many nice features and place am early order. Sold by The Wigwam, Algona, Iowa. How to Plant CORN. f f f f t f i f E. Morris over tho possession a sign board. Mrs. Morris was plaintiff and Mrs. Tallman defendant. The jury decided in favor of plaintiff. C. C. Thompson appeared for plaintiff and P. M. Barslou for defendant. We understand that tho case will be appealed. The question, Resolved, That tho drug store is worse than tho saloon, was do- bated at the Good Templar's hall last Saturday evening and tho judges decided in favor of tho affirmative. It was a long and well contested debate. That was a correct decision. Rov.D. Williams, of Bancroft, will exchange pulpits next Sunday, April 19, with Rov. C. E. Bixlor of Armstrong. Mr. Bixlor will preach at 10:30 a. in. at Lono Rock and at3 p. m. and evening at Seneca church. Geo. Bliss and Axel Sundstrom will open a gem ral repair shop at Sundstrom's old stand for the repairing of clocks, watches, bicycles, guns, umbrellas, and in fact everything tlxablc. They expect to begin in a week. . Bruer Bros. Lumber Company have added much to the appearance of their lumber office by having a couple of coats of paint by put on Smith & Schutter. There are many other buildings here that .eed the same dose. Dr. Paul has rented the front rooms over Sarchott &. Leonard's store and they are being cleaned and repaired preparatory to being used as his office. It will make a good location and a good office for him. Rev. E. P. Bartlot, of Dos Moines, secretary of tho Iowa Baptist State convention, preached two of tho best sermons we have hoard for some time at the Baptist church last Sunday. G. F. Halloway has had the partition taken out of his office and has had a fine counter put in which adds much to its appearance and convenience. F. F. Witzig, who has been working for M. H. Haan as tinner, moved to Renwiok last Monday, where he will work at the same trade. S. P. Hartshorn has the Harper Pictorial History of the Civil War for sale on very reasonable terms. Glen Brunson, Sid Blossom and F. W. Dingley of Algona were Bancroft visitors yesterday. C. L. Ostrander is starting a general store at the old Ramsay postofflce. Success to him. See J. A. Freeh and have thai fire insurance fixed up before it is too late. Miss Minnie Sorenseu returned from her visit at Emmetsburg yesterday. The Sous of Veterans have a meeting next Friday evening. We don't need rain for two mouths now. OOUNTY AND NEIGHBOKEOOD. Eagle township is being overrun with harness thieves. Tho Swea City Herald has kept track and reports an even dozen sots stolen within its knowledge. Three sets were stolen on a recent night. A great deal of thieving has been going on in the school houses of northern Kossuth. Supt. Reed Reports upwards of two domn Webster's dictionaries stolen in that section. A wide awako vigilance committee ought to be able to get a clue to tho gang. The first ball game of the season was between the Bancroft and Swea City nines at the latter place, a week ago Monday, and was attended by serious consequences to Nols Benson, a Swea City player, who was struck square in the eye by a ball which broke his nose and cheek-bone and knocked his eye out onto his check. Benson fainted, says the Herald, and had to be carried home, where Drs. Saunders and Fry attended to his injuries. Dr. Beano of Burt was afterwards jent for and tho young man's right eye was taken out. Tho Bancroft Register says that tho Swea City team has a now pitcher this year who is a whirlwind, and it was. one of his balls that did the mischief. Burt is agitating the question of protection against the ravages of fire. The council has investigated the question of fire engines and finds that a good hand engine can be got for §1,000, for which amount it is proposed to bond tho town. Several reservoirs have boon decided on. Geo. E. Boyle, of Whittemorc, has bought the Henry Goctsch fine residence property in that town. Jas. H. Warburton and Miss Hattie Noble, formerly of Algona, were married last Wednesday at Germania. The groom is one of Lincoln township's successful farmers. The Ruthvon Appeal tells as follows of a runaway which a former resident of Kossuth was in: J. L. Blunt and C. E. Mills a traveling man, had a lively time for a few minutes Monday with Archor's team. They started out into Clay....county and had gotten about 80 rods west of town when the team became frightened and started to run, both men were thrown out and Mr. Mills was brnised up considerably while Mr. Blunt is none the worse for the wear. A broken buggy tongue and neck- yoke is tho extent of the damage. The Armstrong Journal confirms tho impression obtained by tho REPUBLICAN editor during a thunder storm recently that the telephone is a good lightningu-od. Tho Journal says: Tom Doughty had quite an experience while talking with Mr. Breen over the telephone on tho iwest line, during the electric storm Tuesday evening. Ho was listening very attentively to what Mr. Breen had to say when lightning struc.k the wire somewhere and make a tremendous crack. Tom jumped sideways through tho door without stopping to open it, knocked a row of bottles off the shelf in the drug store, and came down tho street at 2:40 gait yelling "fire!" like a Camancho Indian. He says he is through monkeying with tho "blooming thing" while there is any lightning going on. The Buffalo Center Tribune says that Thursday night during the storm lightning struck tho Tribune building and burned the telephone apparatus in the postoilico below. It was impossible to have telephone communication with the outer world until Bro. Wilson fixed up the machinery. No serious damage done to the building. » Eagle Grove begins the season by opening the Arcade hotel, a new brick, heated by steam and lighted by electricity and supplied with hot and cold water. Two hundred guests celebrated the opening. About twenty new residences are in process of erection. The sou of Rev. Jackson, of Emmetsburg, who was married last fall to a daughter of the late J. J. Robbins, died recently in California. He was the man who set on foot the agitation of a shoe factory for Algona. The West Bend Advance says that Mrs. J. S. Williams ran a spike through her foot Wednesday afternoon, inflicting a painful, if not dangerous, wound. She was upstairs and saw a spike stickin through a board and stepped on it to ben it over so that the children would ••"* * likely to get hurt by it. a young friend were out some distance from Pomona hunting. They wore driving in a one horse wagon, and both of tho boys had guns. Albert raised his gun to shoot at a bird, but seemed to hesitate, and his brother Otto, fearing he would lose tho shot, raised his own gun to shoot. The horse at once became frightened and backed suddenly throwing Otto's gun out of his hands, and discharging it. The contents entered Albert's body in tho region of the heart, shooting a largo hole clear through his body. He had in a full charge of number eight shot. The horse was driven as rapidly as possible to the Stoffla home. Albert in all the awful drive never uttered a word of complaint. When the boys reached home Albert was weltering in blood. Four doctors were hastily called, and every expedient that medical skill could suggest was resorted to, but in vain. The poor boy died early in the evening. His brother Otto was well nigh frantic with grief, though in no wise to blame. Tho funeral was from tho Stcffa home on Sunday, the services being conducted by Rev. R. II. Tracy. The deceased was a bright boy of twelve years, very studious, and well advanced in his studies. He was a great favorite here in Bancroft, and many are they who mourn with the stricken relatives. Otto and Albert left hero only a few weeks ago, with their uncle R. J. Bruer, who left them in tho home of their aunt, Mrs.Stef- fa. He arrived home only two days he- fore the tragedy. Albert's uncles here are R. J., J. P., I. J. and II. O. Bruer, J. P. Bruer being his guardian. Otto, tho brother of the deceased, is about 15 years old. A sister who is a student in Pillsbury Academy at Owatonna, Minnesota, is the only other member, of the family. The father, Wm. Bruer, died in Germany of consumption a few years since, and the mother died earlier. He Passed Away tftst day, Aftetfa tettef Illness* PfctfM CnteEK, April ll.-^S. G. Maine, a _ resident of Plum Creek township for tho " past fifteen years, died suddenly last Wednesday* Aprils, at 4:30 p. m. Hewastak- ' en Sunday night with a light attack of bowel trouble, and Monday afternoon ho grew worse, and Dr. Ketiefick was summoned. Ho was relieved for a time, but Tuesday evening he grew worse again, and the doctor was sent for. When he arrived next morning he said his patient had burst a blood vessel in the brain. Mr. Maine had suffered from attacks of the same nature once or twice a year, and for that reason no anxiety was felt, but he was taken with a dread that he would die and told his folks that he was dying. He suffered untold agonies for two days. He was conscious to the last. The funeral was held at the houso Friday at 10 o'slock. Services were conducted by Rev. Greenshield, of Burt, who took for his text the 30th chapter of Psalms, 4th verso. Tho funeral was in charge of Peter Ferguson, and the pall bearers were Jacob Altwegg, Harrison Warner, E. P. Keith, J. E» McWhorter, C. W. Hopkins and Gco. Holman. The singing wa's conducted by E. P. Keith, and Miss Anna Altwegg played the organ. Samuel G. Maine was born In Herkimer county, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1834. He was . therefore 03 years of age at his death. He was an ex-soldior, having enlisted in the Sixth Minnesota, Company C,. on August 12,1802. He was mustered out August 19, 1805, and so was in the army upwards of throe years. Ho came to Kossuth county in 1881 and settled on the Jay Duhton farm in Plum Creek township, where he resided until his death. The writer has been acquainted with him all that time, and knows that Mr. Maine was not away from his home one night during his sojourn hero. Will Hopkins'barn will be 40x38, with 10-foot posts. A 14-foot lean : to shed on one side will add materially to the capacity of the barn. The estimated cost is S425. The Rice school opens on Monday, the 13th, with Miss Cornie Ingham as teacher. Henry liamoreux Shot. The Bancroft Register says that Friday Henry Lamoreaux, living south of German Valley was out hunting, hi company with his cousin, when a shot gun in the hands of the latter was accidentally discharged, the full charge of shot striking him in the hip, ranging downward. The bone was shattered, making amputation necessary. Dr. C, M. Walters of Buffalo Center was called, and came for his broth - er Dr. Or. A. toassistin the operation. The unfortunate man never recovered from the operation, dying Monday. not be Instead of bend- ing","hdwever, the nail went through the sole of her shoe and foot. Although Mrs. Williams has beeu. sick for a long time, she did uot faint, hut pluckily pulled nail out without calling for assistance. It took ninety-three ballots to elect a school principal at Estherville recently. There were sixty applicants, ami Prof. Chas. C. Stiver, of Iowa City, was finally chosen. WESLEY. WESLEY, April 13.—The snow and rain the past week make's the farmers feel good, as they are now assured of at least an oat crop. Francis McMulltn was arrested Friday afternoon for releasing impounded stock and taken before his Honor E. Sanford, mayor, and fined $10 and costs. -Mr. McMullan is a man with a largo family and this is his first offense, so the mayor agreed to allow him to work the fine out on the street. This is the new mayor's second experience sinco ho was inducted into office. Before two plain drunks were brought into his court and discharged. Those men had no families, and one of them, at least, was an old offender, and wo don't quite understand by what justice those individuals should be discharged and a poor, plain citizen with a largo family to support be fined 510 and costs and be compelled to work It out on the streets. Wo believe the mayor will see this matter in a different light and remit Mr. McMullan's fine, which would bo nothing .more than right under the circumstances. Obed Robinson, our justice of the peace, is occupying the same rooms with Attorney H. H. Fellow; Ed. Byrns was arrested last week for keeping a nuisance. He waived preliminary examination and was bound over to thogrand jury in the sum of WOO. The entertainment given by the Sacred Heart school Friday evening was a grand success in every respect. Father Nagle, of Garner, was in our city Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Scholes are enjoying a visit from Mr. Scholes' mother and brother of Nashua. John S. Gallagher will build an implement houso about tho first of May, on the ground whre the old one stood before the fire. Football will be the principal game played in Wesley this season. The team has issued a challenge to play anything in the county, Algona preferred, to play either Rugby or tho Association game. Trot out your men. Corey & Nevill will move their 'entire stock of goods into the Gray building now occupied by the L. A. Corey stock. Frank Heal has repainted his drugstore on the inside. O A- H. Anderson has commenced the erection of a new house in Way & Barrett s college addition. Rev. Eastman, of Vincent, spent Sunday visiting his many friends at this place. Ed. Kunz, Fred Amesburg, Will Presnell and A. J. Person spent last week hunting in Minnesota, returning Sunday. Mr. Anderson, father of Mrs. J. b. Gallagher and Mrs. Hugh McCutchen, who has been visiting in Wesley fur some time, returned to his home in Wisconsin last Monday. He was accompanied by Mr. McCutchen. Work will soon commence on the addition to the Sherman house. Balsmger& Wisegraver, the proprietors of this hotel, are meeting with good favor and securing a large patronage. The people of Wesley have never made much of an effort to boom the town; believing it better to have a steady growth and one that will be lasting, out if a stranger should drop in here some time and see the business that is done at this place, be would think we were in the «"!",.' " Caught Much People. Emmetsburg Reporter: Monday tho correspondent .of the Marshalltown Times-Republican in this city received a telegram asking him to send the latest development in the "Adam Goodsell" murder case. Tho reader can imagine the feelings of tho Times-Republican man when he received the answer that it was an April fool gag. Brother Rcardon caught a good grist of our editorial brethern on the Goodsell case. SWEA CITY. 1 will rent the southeast quarter of section 16, Grant township, for one, two or three years, for hay or farming purposes. Apply at once to A. Hutchinson, Algona. 29 -WEST UNION. WEST UNION, April 13.—Last Monday Mrs. Palmer celebrated her 51st birthday by giving a party to her unmarried friends. This may have been a gentle re^ minder to follow the ex-president's example. Wo will not say. A good time is reported. Miss Lillian Kundert begins her school in the Scotch district today, and Miss Nellie Salisbury has beeu engaged as teacher in the Herman district. Hugh Herman has erected a wind-mill on his place. Farmers are getting impartial for the weather to assume a more favorable condition for finishing seeding. Mr. and Mrs. John Herman are to bo congratulated over tho arrival of a little daughter at their home. W. W. Anuis has added a wind-mlll to the other improvements on his half section farm in the Herman district, Kumor says that a certain bachelor these parts is about to become a benedict, J FENTON, FENTON, April 14.—Lots of rain nowa ' days, just what the farmers want. Wm. Weisbrod has just finished his new barn which makes his farm look like a farm. J, Bollinger is going to build a large barn also. Dehnert Bros, have the job. John Weisbrod has started to build his new house. P. Weisbrod has moved his old bouses and will soon build a new one. J, M. Moore has hauled the lumber for a new barn. The Fen ton Co-operative Creamery are having their engine fixed, which wilj make it a good deal safer. Notice of Special Election of Independent District of Algona, the 4tU ofthfi 3by given that on . D., 189,0, an slectiou < midst of a gigantic boom. „ - ,_. northern Tow* has done better or wade improvements accordingly thau has av. At oreseut there are openings Wesley. At present there for nearly all l.lne» of business. ..Sow Is tto time to Invest in town Jo'teja this place as t-tey are bound to increase in value io the ne^r future. Notice is hereb day of May, A. ., ... ,,,.-- qualitied electors of the independent district of Algona will be held at the .Sheriff's office between the hours of 13 ni., and. 7 p. m., at which time the following proposjU, tlon shall be submitted to a vote.. Shall the independent district issue bonds in the sum or seven thousand uol lars (*7,QQO) for the purpose of building' i it.|<*9 \wt »vyv/ *v* v**** new school bouse? The question of disposing of the 4 e PJ$, school property will also be submitted at tbesatne time. Witness our hands. tbl|J 13th day of April, A. p., im ' C.M.DOXBJBB, E. B. BUTJ.BS, Secretary. (

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