Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on June 18, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1948
Page 4
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WOMEN'S SOCIAL AND CLUB NEWS Bride In Monday NuptiflU LOIS EUGENIA BALYEAT, photographed juit before she ioined Robert Lee Raymond alt the altar on Jmf i» the daughter oi Mr. and ^tirs. Ernest I). BB|yeai of SBI North Bush street. The groom' is i ehUdbo<^ friend, tit^ son oi ^fT. and Mrs. A. H. Raypioti^ bjE Grieat I 'alis.^ctntana. ill Formal Chpr^h ftite$ On Jwne 14 In an heirloom wedding dress of ivory satin that gleamed softly in the'candlelight,' Lois Eugenia Bhiyeat exchanged vows with Robert Lee Raymond in the iVfethodist-church on Monday evening. Tapgrs in candelabrfi glowed pii the aUqr lighting tjie brjdsl iipentj \yiiBre (J^sjcet;? of gjQdiolp, stpcks gn4 spapdragons (ieporatpd th?'churph. . Tali candles gleamed from the -VyindQiSfS snd mariced tlie ribboned Bath pf the weddihg party whicii .advinc'gd down the aisle to a baclt-: --•ground of organ miisic played by Mrs. If3{jjerjpa BurHe.; Tlis |?r!,'''2 's sister, Mrs. R. A. Feichtmeiev (Rachel Balyeat) led tine ttfWql Pfocessjop as mqtrflR of . honor. Lois, radiant in the wedding gown worn by her older sis- tef, JlqJJflwefi on tijp am of hpr father, ^rnesj; H. fiajyeat. At the altar' they met the ffroqm and his best- man, IDiclt Petterson, a former schpolmate in Great Falls, IVIont., who came for the wedding from University of Washington. Rev. Brooke OHiclated Thr> marriage service fur the double ring ceremony was read by the Rev. Herbert -JSrpplce Oultiand, former pastor here, jvjio officiated at the marriage pf Rq- chel three years ago. The invota- tion was pronounced hyr the Rev. Charles G. Lindemann. The bride carried a muff ot e ^r- (denias with streamers > ,qf boHr vardia. Her veil was of white net in formal length. Her sister .wpre an evening-length gown of pink organza and her bouquet was of gardenjqs ^nfl 4elEhini!.ira. Mrs. • Balyeat, mother. of the -. bride wore an ankle length frock of crefie in Ijght grey with grey accessories and a rose-trimmed hat. Mrs, A. H, Raymond, mothpf of the.' groom, wqs in l/ght blue silk crepe with gold accessories and a pink carnation corsage. The Raymond and Balyeat families are friends of long standing. Mr, Raymond senior is the publisher of an oil magazine in Great Falls where the Balyeats lived before .coming to California. * Ushers—Delta Taw fatprnity brothers of the groom who is a law student in Stapfpr^ ifniversi- ty—wore Tom Smit(i, Ron Stewart, an'd George, Dickinson apd James Balyeat, blother of the bride who graduated from grammar school this June;' Both the Balyeat- sisters gratJu- atcd frqfrj tite 'Pniversily ot C:ili- fornia |ast week and so did Rachel's husband, Richard Feichl- meir. The bride received a bachelor of arts degree and was a member of,the honor pqciety, Pl|l Beta Kappa. The sisters were born in Great Fiijls which is a)sq t|)e birthplace of the^roppi. The .young couple left immedi- ctely after the receptipij in the Saturday afternoon club which followed the wedding, There the bride and groom cut the three- tiered wedding cake and refreshments v /ete served to 200. Wedding gifls \yere exhibited in the clubroom and included handson)e silver and china, glassware, llh- ens and household articles. i i Catohes Boucpiei ' Miss ^felcyae Smith and Mcs. Charles Fravel of Napa poured and were assisted in serving.the guests Jay Mr. and Mrs. Arthur gphildpr, Mr.; and Mrs. Pete Rich- argsqn and: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nelmss S^T ^ith. Nelcyne' caught the t )ride '5 bpHSuet thrown , front the steps of • th «i- clubhouse when the new Mrs. Raymond went to p^ange to her tailored travelUng Pflstume p^bl^e and white stripei with nayy blue accessories. . , Among the qut-of-tpwn. guests in'addition to the Raymonds, who witji their daughter Bptty. stayed in the Palace hotel, were Mr, and Mrs. Wr A. Qopser £ind son, Tom of 'perkeley. Qftyipcr is , i^Jrg. palyeat'tf sisfer. 'jV)th thp FeicbtT inpfrS) whose home is in Bppkeleji, was thieir cjatighter Su^an. Mr. qnd Mrs. Ear} Balyeat,- i^f^cig and aiitit of ll )B bride, and their sqp yyere here frqin WHipv/s and Mrs. Jlpmer Tqi-y^ a friend of long standing from Long Jslan^, New York, riirs. Nettie l,ease, iVlrs, Er? nest Balyeat's mother was ill and unable to come from her home in Great Falls to see her grand- (laMpjhtev marvied. The, parpfits, of the bride, -^hq wpnt to Berkeley to see theip daughters graduate on Saturday, were hosts on Sunday ijigjit to nine niem^efs pf the wed^Jn^'party at" a dinn(?r in Soiith\yorth's |r)». pp. the .North Hi^fiway. The groom's parents and sister left fqr lyrpntaqa Tupg^ay. . Eighth Gra^e ^jfady^tes , Honored At Hecepiion Family Holds Rpunjon After Six Years There was a family reunion for the Luther Beans and their children and grandchildren when the David Lockwoods arrived from Oak Harbor, Ohio. Mrs. Lockwood is their daughter and the family ippludes two grandsons, Skippy an4 Ppnnie. Mr. and Mrs. Bean met them in Santa Rosa Saturday at the home pt thpir s .on, pdvvin Bickford, and lii§ -wifp and fouv boys. It was the first cqmplete gathering of tije family in six yeprs, although Mr. apd IVfrs. Beap had visited the Lpckwqpds (n Ohio last July. J^ftet dinner .in the Biqkford home, the Locliwoods came on to Ukiah where they are staying with tl}S Beans at 432 North Dora street. Thy will occupy one of the Beans' apartnnents on Clara street when their furniture comos. Meanwhile, Mr. Lockwood has taken a position in the mechanical departr ment of the Republican Press. THATCHERS HAVE GUESTS Mr. and IVJrs. Lynn McGlure ot Bepch who arrjvec^ June 9 to visit Mrs. McCIurp's sister, Mrs. Herbert Thatcher aind family, left Wednesday. Thejr look tt)e Thatcher's daughter Linda with tlicm for a visit in Hawthorne with her Rrnndmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Thatcher, in about thi;ee weeks Linda and fier grandmother will come by plane to Ukiah y.'here the senior Mrs. Thatcher will visit in her son's home. madp memdrnWe for %n}. by gram, follovre4 %y' » receptioi^ municipal clubhouse. Students, teachers sind parents nttmber- ed more than 26o: ' ' Parents arid tfe^thers sji^red rfo effort in making the) post-gradu- atvon 'party a festive occaaioti Idore impartanpe was attach^ to the eygnti>vtieji ?a<i' escort of city police officers accompanied them frqpi tl)e grammar schoo} to; the olubhpuse and then stayed prptpc- tjvely npar tp prpvent any invasion by socially-minded high schoolers. The graduation ceremony featured a wpll-prepared prpgram of inusic by > the senior bai>d, the girls' chorus qnd vocal and instrumental nnmbers) Ayith an excellent address by John E, Nelton, deputy district attorney, and the award of diplomas. , Gilts For Teachers The graduates expressed their appreciation to t|ieir teachers with gifts. Jack Simpson's eighth grade room gave him a pen apd pencil set; Mrs. Iva M. Melhs receivpd an prchid corsage and a gold bracelet; Mrs. lyfargaret Singjey was given a gardenia corsage. Both teachers wpre their flowers to,the Pfirty. Cl}arlps Flores made the presentation of gifts on behalf of the students. ' Two 5timu|atmg l?and^ numbers opened the program ip the grammar schppi auditorium Boy Scouts an,d Campflfe Girls presented thp colors and the graduates marp'hed in to take their - places on the stage. Rev. Oran Bollinger gave "the invqcation- 4"he girls', chprus sang^Dpsert Song and Gypsy Love Song', whjcfi was followed by a trumpet trio composed of David LaHa, Carol May Mitchell and Jack Thatcjier. Anita Fanucchi, with her accor- .,^r(imm^r ^^the eyening, q|}9 >irJ ?^^P * 'pleasing tfenflitfOn of Bcgip 'th'e :^egliine and Always, the flil'ls' *el(ol?js was espettaliy effee- Uve* In 'Iwo- Italian s^ngs/ Santa Lucia and Neopolltan "Nights. flavid f'dffa play«!d ^tac Dust an«ivTj8 JSaoh Ifas Own, which was fpUowed by •fUno.- Tilton an<i Martha Kinzlei" in a duet, Old Fashioned Garden. Ji clarinet tiio, Eula^Imore, Virginia Bardiniand Harold Peri'y.playpd'I'll-Take ,You Home, Again, Kathleen.- :,... Nelton Talks To Class Nelson turned from the audience -and-' spoke directly-to the graduates on -the thertie of • devel- tfping thp mmd ;<0 meet social and; econonuc firoblpros'in adult life ^ Hp compared the mental faculties; to phy.<;)cal<n)qsclps,< which may be; deyelftped by training apd use to tjie* highest mental effieienoy,: an individual- )s capable of attaining. Frank F. Zeek, pilncipal, pre- spptpfl the pjass and diplomas were^ aw«jded by, MiS- Singley and Mrs.! Melfis-: Graduates sang Now Is The Hour ,and the -band struck up .a flnal. -.march. signiflcjint - of their, passage from granlmar , to high school status.- When they arrived at the clubhouse they found it beautifully decorated in the pastel shades of their own class colois There were many flowers ana colored streamers,, fable garoes were a-part of the entertainment and refreshments; served when; dancing endpfi were; ice cream,! cake and beverages. , • ,• .1. ; • . ... •The- CPmnuttee in charge in- (!ludo4 lytesdames Frank Alien, Ewart Mitchell, Singley and T. A. Webb, as^istpd by Mrs. i?rnest jBaJyeat and Mrs. George Hovey. Mr. an4 Mrs. I,^ on^rd Bwen^on Pledge Troth, I^^ye For Carmel Honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Swenson are honiaymoohing iri Carmel fo}- lowing their wedding Sunday m the Methodist church in the presence of about 15 relatives and friends, ajhe bride, tbe forfjiprt Adrienne North, went tqthe.altar on the arm of her fat'hef, Jojjn North of San Francisco. Sli^ was attended - by Lois Schuhnap of Burbank. The Rev. Charles G. Wndpmann officiated. Mr. SWenson's best man yrps his brother, Bert Swenspn, who accompanied their parents and other membiers of the grpqm's iaiti\}y to Ukiah for the wedjJIn^'. T!lB tar was banked'with'wljiit^.fjp.iyr ers, with gladiql.p5 pre^oiifilnatlpg and bowls 5iE all-white'sweet ppa?. The bride was lovely iiji.,a'"jiandr some tailored, suit ^f "royal .plvip gabardine with "xyhjite, acgessor}|| an4, a' white orchid. VSiUss -Schijl; man, wlio is;a brunette,-was a striking contrast to the bride's blonde beauty, iii a dusty pinic gat>ar4ine suit with • white accessories. Her bouquet was of bl^e delphinium around a cluster of pink carnations. Mrs. Burke Organist With Mrs. Katherine Burke at the.organ, Mrs. Margaret Byrnes sang At Dawining, and Always, and the wedding party advanced down the aisle to the strains of the wedding' m§|;cf).. Tljffs... Letta S^l^jnerman with wl}om • the brfdp ligg made her hoipe in Uifiah,. was her hostess for tlipijrpception-which foUowecl i{} the Zironiernitn. Iiome at 734: Nqrth BRshV s'treeti The bride cut the wecjding cgke on a table decorated (n •wj}(t,e wi^h tall taperis in. holders. ,fashioned of living Esther -jipid .(iajsips.; P^jnch and other bevprages.werp spry^"^ wi^'^ tlie wetjijin^ and firi.^e's ca^fS. ,. 7'he yp.iing people .}eft (minedi- ately lay motor for Carmel P"'! will go irrqni there to Lqs Angeles where Mr. Svyenson will attend sunimer sessions of University of California in Los Angples. Hp has recently resigned his pqfiiion us audio-visual pdiicatipn dfreotor foi iVIendocino and, L^ke coijnties. Mrs. Swenson has b^n a popular member of the high schppi faculty, as physical education {ind drpma instructor. Both havp niadg many friends in Uklali and thpy took with them it\at}y sinpere (Jjfpres- sions of regret thaj they )yill not return here. '' - TQ CHPRCH CONFERENCE Rev. and Mrs Charles A. Lindemann will lea'»e Tuesday, June 15 to attend the annual Methodist conference at the College of the Pacific in Stockton. Mrs. Ed Dorman will accompany them to rep- rpsent the wqnipn's prganizations of the church. W. K. Jamison, now in Sat) Jpse but planning to return to live jn Ukian, will be Lay deltgate. MARRIAGE LICENSES i ISSUED At. Ukiah, June 10, Leonard E. Swenson and Adrienne p. North of. Ukiah. June 11, Frank L. Boomer and Ijzzie Irlene Dukes of WiUits. Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth-Lmdsley qnd sons, Kenneth, Arlen and W^fiet .«te^l*»clc ap Uklfih frofn La Jpr'§nde, Ore., enfoying a visit PS wuseguests ''with"^5tr.-'jina .jM /s. WiWiatn l^IcGuir^ of^ Nortpp sir .eBt .-,apd §ee))}B. manyjflf th.«ir ffipp^S. Mr. liindsley ,w^s pian- Pger, o^^MontgpmpKy yf&d Cotn- pany before leaving foi" Oregon nearly, twp years.ago. They, will attend the Balyeat-R'aymdnd wedding tonight before leaying for their honie, Gn Sunday. they enjoyed the Flag Day ceremonies in the park as. they:-picnicked with; a \gfoup Which included, Ilfr. andMrs. McGuire, Mr; and Mrs. George Hovey; iBill Hovey -and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Borecky and thieir baby son, George; Mr. and Mrs. Verne Boijly^fp, li ^ri anji ^rs, Gporge Poftlbck, Bobby qnd Ropnie Port- loefc; Mfs. Hiith \yilTis arid' her ciii ^drpn, .Beveripy and Paul... Thpy .lilfp Lja GrgndP, the LindSr leys safd, but npt quite ps well ps Ukiah pnd it has been a «rpat pfpasure to - bp back and repeiy ffiepdsliiB? here- Rovera Home Wag Scene Of Shower , i^ar^ai-q. flavKies y^s ^gpip ;»n; hoiidree ati a bri'lPl^'Showpr'. in Redwood ValleyijTUe^&y night wherfe \Lucni6 4ni* dftjEI4 "i!!p#eira. ..were the hostesses. 'The tvyo girls htve been" close felends lOf the I brIde-to-l?c w^io will marry James McCulloch nesnt Silhdpy, T>iB hOtAe qi Hie 'GhtirlfS-"Ro- b^aUtifiilly.'-'deeOifated^ Mtti-'fr- rai)gements of roses, pansitis, sweetpeiis and: snapdragon^'-atid baHoons floating ^about the roomi Bsfreshments were ^served 5;by candlelight ata table'whete'a fap- <likp-&rrapgement of :roses was centered Jjetween \t(ll tapers. ^ It tras after irefreshmentsfa»4 games -hud been pnjoyed, including one m which Marjoiie Neese sat on a balloon tor. three minutes, - and • won' a prize,• vthat ^Barbara--opened her gifts. Many .were rpcelved• from In-opening-and exammin^ the-gifts wiiOishared.the hpnoree's pleasure friends unable to, be- there. Those were the hostesses, Lorraine and ^^arjqne Hietala, Tafty :Fernback. , Jane- Goudge; Margie Neese,' Linda fjrassinelloi i Emma./Venturl, Lena !FrRssineilo,:and Mrs. Charles Ro- veia Miss Teles Leaving On Summer Vacation Visjt Miss Grace Tolas of 303 Scott street, member :0f the English staff, will leaV6 on Bton- day, June; 21, to spend, a portion of the summer with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. S,' W.' McCracken in - Walnut Creek. During her absence Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Moulton, friends of Riverside, will pccupy her honip. She expects Barbara Allen of San Francisco, former social editor of the Journal, on Satijrday fpr a weekend visit which vvill precede her journey with her ifamiiy to B^rance in July. Miss Toles will (Jrive back -with; her on - Monday to tlie city. ,;Ali (Mx Tqles, her hrptlier, spent Monday to Wednesday at her horhe this -week. Miss Mary Oliver, journalisitprEnglish instructor on the high schoqi staff, who has ipade her'home with Miss Toles this winter, .wjlj Jea-ve Friday to spend her vacation jri San Francisco -with her family. Commandep NiNpetlh To Teach gt £><?! Mpnfp Keutenant Commander James B. Hildreth has notified his parents, Mr; and Mrs. Ifluis M. Hildreth bf Ukiah, of his arrival at Peari HarbOr and of recent orders which will send him to Del Monte where he will be instructor in strategy and tdctics at the General Line School for the next two years. - : , ; •...,;, Commander :fiildreth returned to the islands from the recent A- bomb tests. He ii commander of U.S.S, George, destroyer escort. Observes Eightieth Birthday Class Of *48 ^as Plans Ahead For College, Wedding Bells And Careers WILL VISIT LONG BlBACH Mr. and Mrs. William Schmidt will leave next Tuesday for Long Beach where be wUl attend ,the Eagles lodge convention and Mrs. Schmidt will do some biiyinglfor her nursery ;and gift shop during- their 2-week vacation, thir first iri live years. Married Here Sunday Mrs. -Vernon Boulware of 809 West Smith streei, who has; ben ill for sveral weeks, is now improving and able to be up. She is receiving only family visitors and' is not yet able to come to the telephone. • MR. A|*p MHS. DONALP POHTLOCK cut their wedding cake at a reception which followed their ycedding in the home of the groom's parents. Mr. and Mrs. lAayd Portlock, on June 13. The bride is *he • former La Vada Belle Seroggins, daughter of Mrs. M. Louk of Long Beach, and a pradv^tf m ^ah pi|fh >cho9i Ifttt V9elF> By Jacqueie Douglass When Ukiah high school graduated its largest senior class in history last Friday night, J'une 11, two of Its members received sonie- thing besides their dipidmas. Eve^ lyn: Mattem: of South Highway and Jonet Philpot of Talmage road received engagement rings and revealed they'll be making wedding plans in the not so far away future. Carol Brown of Redwood Valley was wearing her diamond received from Marston Gillette at Christmas time-and may soon reveal the wedding date.: " Each member of the Class had more Dr' less made Up his or.'her mind as to future plans. La Vada Scrpggirts of Calpella was ready for an altar-date on Sunday with Donald PorUock, Jane Ford, Joan Gilbert, Ardith Phillips, Joyce Porter already were members of the ypupg married set, each having taken vqws during the past year. Plans For College By asking questions we discov- pred many seniors are planning to contmue their schooling in college this fall. At nearby Santa Rosa Junior college will be Tommy Addpr, Donald Hair, Bptty Harper, jTacgueie Douglass and Ronnie -Vyard. Thpsp who have chosen •Unjyersity of Caiifomia to be their aiina mater are GIpnna Barass, iipy p', .George McQimsey, Charles Sassenrath, and possibly Richard Hall and Bob York. For Hank De I<otty and Corky 1-ower it will be the College of the Pacific in Stockton. . Lloyd Books, Audrey and Patty Brown, Carpi Cohen, Nancy Ford, Beverley Morby, Don Millard, Earl Thurston and Dave Porter plan to be classmates at San .Tose State. For Jules Legier it is art school. Marie Janes and Dorothy Guntley will study dental nursing. Bob Roumas will attend University of San Francisco. Also choosing to Join the college-bound are George Wildberger, Darrel Salisbury, Bert Hoover, Pat" de Lotty and Bill Scagliotti. Careers Ahead - Joan Moore will be the new office girl at Ukiah Hi. The armed forces have claimed Gene Coleman and Gale Brumba'ck. Nev/ telephone operators are Lois and Ruth Schamber, and Gloria Martinelli is voicing an opinion in the same direction. Joan Cates and Mildred Ross are already career girls, working in the Savings Bank and Jeannie Babcock and Norma Dockins have similar ambitions. Bill Ornbaun is worldng in the J. C. Pennpy store. . Ending our survey it was discovered that jobs or school await each of the following: Peggy Tilton, Pat'Tierney, Romayne Squier, Ted Simmons, Donna MyerS, Yvorine Lynn, De Vonna Jones, Elaine Hiatt, Jaines Hamilton, Marguerite Garzini,. Kathleen Gar- Fo re MRS. MARTfIA PAY, cenle of Potter -Valley, was honori at a dinner party in Garner ch June 6, TWhich was followed I • jr open house in the home of M ga and Mrs. Knowles Emerso! • i^ .seated, op her right. Sealed i hpr left-are 'her daughter an Su son in law, Mr. aind Mrs. Halj 'wl 'I?qy,>qfPetal-umB. Others amor ; sp the guests to honor her SOi ;.. ; birtbdar were Mr. and Mt{ iSaiti Pickle of Potter V^" jtii^, Eflria' Smitl^, 'Mit. and^ :ViUiii^'"'L»wtori, Ukiah. La-virton is another daugli|et. at MBS; W. M. SMITH'S PAREN| HERE FROM SACRAME Mr. and; Mrs. J/'P.- Moor4 Sacramento virere here over weekend with their (Jaughter her family, Mr. and Mrs. V Nelmes Srhith'df 4!26 West Chu street.. They attended the Balyd Raymond wedding Monday ni' and returned home 'Tuesday. Ri ard M. Smith, son of the Nelr Smitlis,- returned Monday fi the University of California wl he .has completed his freshn year;-'• • ^ ' • < Si4pervisor RedWine has bi appointed to make application federal aid for coiarity hosp| construction. • ner, Betty Dye, Bfcrbara Duij and' Don •Crprn-well. It. Iqoks like the members Ukiah Senior Class of '48 are their way to bet'oming busy useful citizens, eyp'n before tlj can vote!," ; • ' , How skilled make dynamite behdve . .^shaping M- and ^tunnels ve ^8 Clt in .sb da Fa Ju COJ of; be go tin nii Vi! St; by ...... .'v,|;-^:-' • • • - . - , ..,-'< • SJ:' . 1 li|V «yJ »|||W(W«iriMl ^f|ra . horsei^ower. With a drilling platform; blast tiumelsiih^^ pin-point accuracy? Here briefly; is hovf temofholes ,12ft .deep,intowhichcharge8 it'B bein^ "i®^ ^' ^' °^ dy^^ite are packed. Drilling tisually ]^iimil6| on iflie sooh takes 4 houre, preparing charges anoth^ 'li^help turn hoiir...ffien.tiiey're ready to jplast. Hif«'« » «a|ri^of e-Jspicalpat- farn. Experienced engiiieers i»^9redl <^9linMt «^<4y7hat wiV. happen. All the dynamite (Uses not explode at once. Actually, there are 10 separate ezplo- Biooa in a fraction of a second. ThefirstbUttrenioveBthecore... the others shape the sides, top and bottom. It's exciting Vfork, going full speed ahead as P. G. audE. rashes America'sbiggest power-building program... to meet California's needs. I ^^^op the neiJord This'inucWmi machina rem/m ' brokeij aratil* at a rai of Blowers suck blgsf; siBoke. from fhe •tunnel. Miners usually can be baikar viiork in 30 minutes , s=-constriirfion | • which mm a nearly z millteo Work never atpps on our power-building program IP*0'^<^* ''^^"'•^ ANP CLECTKiC COMPANY an m jei .?r- U 14 Ka ar; Tl BE Cc in lai Ju to pil J; ed do •4, nil hii th, ini •>ie Di to Lc .afl in of Li M: ow da Pc a to ch Ci as ce at hii M re 33 Ju Ki St. • Y<

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