Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 18, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 18, 1960
Page 11
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Sect ton 2 Pages 11-1& ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Established January 15. 1836 ALTON, ILL., SATURDAY. JUNE 18. 1960. 5c Ptr Copy Hosts Worn Member of The Associated GolfM extremely proud of the course and its majestic setting. The 6.450-yard course, par ?6 'for women is nestled at the hot- B.v JACK BARBAN Telegtaph Sports Editor Putting may be the deciding factor in the 27th annual Illinois, Women's State Amateur Invi-|tom of 300-foot high timestonr lutional golf Tournament Lou'bluffs in a rolling area that over- Miller said after an hour and!looks the nearby Mississippi a half jeep tour around tin-'River. luaiitiliil is-hole course at Lock haven Country Club. Miller, veteran Loekhaven pro. had completed a whirl-wind tour N of the site of this year's Women State Amateur tourney where play gets underway Monday morning and winds up Friday with a 36-hole final for the title. "The course is in good condition," Miller says. "It leans a little toward the tough side, but; take into consideration that iti will improve later on when the: trees develop." ; Miller, who started out as a pro at Rock Spring Country: club 25 years ago and moved to! Lockhaven with the Club when the new site was developed, isj •crtbo each hole. Number t, par 4, 810 yards— Tee off from an elevated green down a sloping fairway with traps to the right and left front of the green. There's a water hazard to the left and right of the green which places a prem- In Area ivim on the second shot. The course is the newest in Number 2. |mr 5. 300 yards— the St. txniis area and also one 1 One of the longer holes. The tee of the most scenic with an es-'shot must be made over a water (limited S800.000 layout vvhirh in-'ha/awl which stretches about dudes besides the course, a'100 yards in front of the lee. beautiful new clubhouse, swim-'There is a trap In the center of ming poo 1 , and tennis courts. : the fairway about halfway to Miller thinks the constant'the green and along the left side wind which blows across the 1 there is an out of bounds and course between 5-10 miles peri also behind the green which is hour may be a factor to some tightly trapped. Again place- of the ladies, but the recentjment of second shot very im- rains have helped the ground iportant. and Lock haven is ready for its Number 3. ftar 4, 34» yards — first major tournament to start!This is a difficult par.4 hole due to the fact that the green is completely trapped with a small Monday. Now for a tour around the .w,,,,,**.™.*^ ....„.-_ — course In *fi strokes with opening and an'out of bounds Miller nl the controls of the on the left. A good drive will jeep using Ills words to de- help on this hole. Number 4, par 8. IM yards— ! Short hole with water hazard In middle. Green trapped all thej way around with a small open-* :ing. • , j Number 3. par. 410 yards—j This hole is a dog leg to t h o j left with a lateral water hazard to the left. The most difficult; par 4 hole on the course Is for! men. This green is one of (He larger ones we have with 8.500! square feet. j No. 6 Tough j Number o, par 6, 480 yards— I This could be a difficult hole. [The fairway makes a dogleg to the right then starts rolling. I There is an out of bounds to the left and again the green is well trapped making it a tough hole to pitch around. The green !slants making It tough to hold: | a ball. I Number T, par 4, 330 yards—Tee elevated and fairway' has; jdogfefc to right to elevated! green. The green is trapped, the! terrain is rolling. Number 8, pnr 9, lii.") yards- Shoot from an elevated tee to a kidney shaped green. The hole Is well trapped on both sides. (Mere's where the golfers Jump aboard our cable car and ride up a steep hill to the ninth tee. The ear was donated by Illinois Terminal Railroad and ran carry . eight golfers.) Number 9, par 5. 480 yards—i There's an out of bounds to the, left of the fainvay. The fairway! is fairly straight but wind cani be a big factor here. With a| high wind blowing straight into! the it can be tough to get maximum on a shot. The green is elevated and trapped to the right and left. High Tee Number 10, par 5, 430 yards- Elevated tee with a rolling fairway in front. About 200 yards out from the tee, the fairway starts sloping into the green. The green is large and has only! one trap which is on the right.; This is a fairly easy hole, could' be a birdie hole. ! Number II, pnr o. 500 yards— This has a dog leg to the right with the fainvay climbing toward the green. The tec shot is made from below. The green is well protected. There is an out of bounds to the right only on the tee shot. Green located on small plateau. ' Number 12, par I. 460 yards—| Straight shot from tee to green, not too tough. also one of the most scenic. Al-portant. The green is guarded though the hole Is long, it has In front by traps but the hole is gentle rolls with the green open. open. Club selection important a most beautiful view from this ion this hole. hole. Thus completes a thumbnail Number 16, par 8, 180 yards— description of the Lockhaven This is n long par 3 which Is all'course on which more than 80 carry onto an elevated green, j ~~~~ The hole is trapped left and ( right. The green is large enough 1 (o be fairly accessible. The hole| top notch the state will b* win the title next As Miller says, it ful course, well will give a golfer workout. TOURNEY SCHEDULE Number 13, par 8. IM yards—; could be tougher than it looks Start from an elevated tee to a >-,imbpr 17. par 4, 880 yards— tight green-which is well trap-'This is a nice hole and not too; ped in front. j hard. There Is a dog leg to thej Number 14, par 4. 380 yards— left and also en out of bounds j This could be another birdie j on the left which is a practice i hole, but it is hard to Judge by, area. The green is surrounded j looking at the contour of the ' by three traps, land. Shoot from an elevated Number 18, par 8, 400 yards- tee to a green with a tight open- Ing, well guarded by traps. The This hole lias a severe dog leg to the left which goes around green is small to compensate for the practice area. The fainvay the short distance of the hole.| is a ] mO st U-shaped. There are This is a well laid out hole t\ vo san d traps on the left near which requires an excellent sec-!, nc f|,. sl bend to keep the gamb- ond shot. ; lers from cutting corners. A Long Hole | straight long drive will also be Number 13, pnr 5. 550 yards—lout of bounds in the tennis longest hole on the course and courts. Accurate drive most im- MONDAY QUALIFYING ROUND - 8:15 a.m. 18 holes stroke play. Scores used to determine nights for tournament. JEROME AISHULER TROPHY —Awarded to team having low net score in qualifying round. Any club having two members may enter as team. TUESDAY FIRST ROUND MATCH PLAY- 8:30 a.m. All flights. DRIVING C 0 N T E S T - All flights. TALENT NIGHT - 8:30 p.m. Contestants only. WEDNESDAY SECOND ROUND MATCH PLAY — 18 holes. CONSOLATION - All flight*. THURSDAY CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT—8:30 a.m. Quarter-finals in morning. CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT — 1 p.m. Semi-finals in afternoon. CHAMPIONSHIP C O N S 0 L A- TION — Played in morning. FRIDAY CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT-8:30 a.m. 36-hole final match. AWARDING OF PRIZES. LOCKHAVEN PIONEERS This was the scene on May 10,1954, when the groundbreaking ceremonies were held at Lockhaven Country Club. Pictured above are some of the "pioneers" who helped form Lockhaven. They were formerly members of the old Rock Spring Country-Club-from--which Lockhaven is an outgrowth. From left to right, Frank Pereboom, Gil Helm- kamp (contractor), Herb Wickenhauser, Harvey Reilley, John J. Springman, Rolla W. Griffith, Frank Wohnlich, Frank Halite, Ken Hunter, Matt Gallaway, Dr. Gordon Moore, Lou Miller, unidentified member, Joseph J. Sharkey, H. M. Williams, E. E. Campbell, Tom Butler, B. E. Bassett and James M. Duncan. TheLockhave nStory: Shambles to Success I way was completed another mile golf shop until the fall when the clubhouse and golf shop were By DON PLARSKI Assistant Sports Editor jancl Loi'khavcn members rid What was only a shambles j themselves ol roadway worries, i completed. six years ago is now one of this I Opening Delayed : gj nce the beginning of Lock- area's most scenic golf courses.! Grading and seeding of grass:haven Lou Miller, club pro, and That's the story of Lockhaven began early in the spring of:Cliff Schumacher, greenskeep- Country Club, which will act as; 1954 tor the expected opening ; er . have supervised constant re- host to the I960 Women's Ama- that summer. But. a severe 1 pairing and improving of the teur State Golf Tournament drought that summer hampered I club Monday through Friday. construction. Winds hindered Beautiful Course Despite the beauty and com-!growth and in the spring. of 1955 without a doubt Lockhaven pleteness of the present course;not much iairway planting had |las more sceni( , advantages than at Lockhaven, the club has not taken <' 001 and Sheens were al- iany ,. oursc in the Alton and g( been without its many head-i mosl destroyed. J^uis area. The 18 hole course aches. As all country clubs will! The rest of 1955 was spent m; js spmuj ovep 643Q yards _ bu( attest, Lockhaven also had its;repaint damage and by fal.j cnn he j eng , hened ano ther 300 tinancial ups and downs before j washouts had been reseeded and; vm . ds depending on the lace . becoming one of the best in the refilled despite another dry sum-j m(?m of tees Fainvays are wkle> Meanwhile, members eon-i hu , t .. m be narrowed for cham . Aerial View of Lockhaven Country Club. area. When the Rock Spring Country Club was formed in 1913, planners of that day failed to see In April of 1956 the course was iii shape to permit playing were purchased to provide for I «"""*» '"»">' P' ai> e s were still Rock i' n I 1001 ' condition. The shelter tar into the future. As a result. only about 40 acres of ground mcr. tinuod u country Hub on operating : Lockhaven as , s the golfers of the area at Spring Park. Another -10 acres; were leased Still, as the years! progressed the population of the Alton area became too much ot a burden on the country club. , Thorough Study After 40 years of using Rock; Spring about 30 members in| 1953 began a thorough study of the surrounding area for a site for a new country club. Many locations were investigated before the Lock farm was selected I The land was then owned by! for as .pionship play. Tees are large a partial bas-; arc Kl , ecm And tne courge well trapped. From 15 of the 18 holes golfers t-an see the Mississippi River, or the Alton Lake as it is sometimes called. From number 9 tee the fairways of holes 1, 7, 8. 10. 11, 12, 13. Milwaukee Stops Cards' Bid, 3-2 swimmers was the clubhouse em- and WLiNG SI LOUIS i APi—The Milwaii- the third of lour Redbird pitchers kee Braves stopped the St. Louis A good seven-inning stint by start- third place Pr Ron Kline and a brilliant score- of. a mis 14 and 6 are Cardinals' drive for course in the but needed the help visible. No other cumae in me DUI neeueu me urip uj. n uua- j egg j flur j mi j n g s (j,, area can boast such advantages., judged triple to squeeze by in an Danje) went down ; The women's state meet will!extra inning heartbreajter at Milbe the first major golfing eventf waukee * Me Tom Harris, a reputable automo- BOWL INN Friday Mixed League ! 200 Bowlers: J. Yates 208; 'Corfiatib 215; D. Laster 208. onrushing Redblrds-for this ser- :tor y a three-game edge over the Cards. whe " ies, at least. Milwaukee now has | Javier's single a passed ball, ^ P'^J^ ** Beyers lacn- ifice fly tied it 2-2. Al Spangler got a leadoff triple, , ..... in the 12th on a drive which Curt BUI White seighth homer a BOWL HAVEN Friday Me High Game: Wallace -'27 cilfton 212. H Lul> 2U3. -'Oft, Chun-hill 210. Gallup 20ti, L). L 'I'liurm -.'10 Tin tie 2.'45. G. Fuller 205. Oiiut-ti Mixed High Game: P Wagnei |J. Amon 199. IbH, bile agent in Alton. Since the treasury ot the Rock Spring club was in a healthy londition, m aeri>». or half ot i he tarm. were purchased from Harris The center ol the tarm -,ite was bought with Harris retaining the outer perimeter. In the fall of 1953 Robert Harris. golf architect from Chicago, made up plans for the course while funds were being raised through interested people buying stock in the property. More than $400.000 was raised through membership of 400 members. In 1954 there was one access Law is the first major league to the newly acquired site. The pitcher to win 10 games this year entrance wa> over the old Bel and he';- at least moderately op- nees Road. But. in 19.T) tht- old timistic .<bout winning twice that Illinois Terminal Railruad ahan- many lielore thi season is over. duiied its right-of-way aluny the Tli< :^0-,v ear-old right - hander i.anks of the Mis»i>>-i|i|ji and bagged No. 10 F r i d a > night. uembers of the j'ul> Imught out throwing a .six-hitter and nar- 1T for what now »er\es a 1 - the rowl.v ini.»iiig hit third shutout •entrance to Lotkha\en. Shortly as the firsi-plact Pittsburgh Pi- the MfAdams hieh-'ratPs riffpatfd Lns Anzeles M. "i Laiv Reaches 10 Win Mark LOS ANGELES (APi — Vernon Lindy drain. St. Louis' first extra in ever held at Lockhaven. Only The Braves' 3-2 victory in 12,""* *""* a11 8ea f° n- . ,. . i other notable meet hosted by innings Friday night kept their; Milwaukee rookie lefthander I Lockhaven is the St. Louis Sen- tui -- 1 -'•""> ~»i««« "«° »~"« »^i George Brunei had a two-hit vic- iors Golf Association, which is played every two years at thtf Alton course. Though Lockhaven is now easily accessible by road, boating „. „„. ~... -.. , , . , . ., enthusiasts also have access to 1 Flood misjudged in center and let sol ° shot m the fourtn ' ^ as " IK the club. Alton Motorboat Olublgo off his glove while on the run. ^ olhw Cardinal run. Joe Adon Piasa Creek, which has a After a pair of intentional walks. l ' ol ' k hlt hl! ; sixth homer for the yacht basin near the course, ha^ Felix Mantilla hit a fly to the left «r;nvs. Bob Buhl was, tJie Mil- facilities lor people who wish to field eyiiiT. Joe C'unninghani let « auk *' 1 ' winner in ivliet come to the tourney by boat, i it drop toi .1 gunie winning single. Commodore John Olrnstead Joe hud i-aught the ball, the club extends a welcome to!the winning run uould have all who wish to come by boat, i scored easily *I'he tournament is scheduled Bob IJuliba a lucky winner on ;lor five days, Monday throughjtwo other occasions, was the un-j Friday. 1 lucky winner in relief. He was DO YOU KNOW! PIASA FIRST FEDERAL ANTICIPATES A 4i% PER ANNUM DIVIDEND FOR THE SIX MONTHS ENDING JUNE 30, 1960. Plasa First Federal 4 WALL (»'f!*. HO VACATION AND HOLIDAY SILVER DOLLAR DRV OLEANIN8 SPEOIAL NEXT WEEK 909 i. Broadway 2012 Stot* St. 22* f. fl» 4lo N. Wood Rivor Av*. TOMMY IVO DAYS JUNE 18-19 World's Record Holder in Qas Twin Engine Buick at 173 MPH! OALIF. STAR OF TV and MOVIES HAS APPEARED IN: • Uive II To Beaver • Oobie Sillii • Donna Reed Show • Danny Thomas Show •) Jim Bowie • June Allyion Show 0 I Remember Mama ADMISSION $1.50 ALTON DRAGWAY On* Mil* North of Alton on tatorfcurf Ittaj ALL GAS MEET TROPHIES AWARDED IN ALL CLASSES GATES OPEN 2 P.M. SATURDAY, JUNE ||. All STOCK CLASSES AND All STOCK SPORT CLASSES ELIMINATION SATURDAY NIGHT UNDER THE UGHTS STARTING 7 P.M. GATES OPEN 7 A.M. SUNDAY, JUNE 19, MAGSTER AND MODIFIED CUSSES ONLY. ELIMINATIONS U. GIN I P.M. DRAGSTER ELIMINATIONS IEGIN } P.M. CLASSIFICATIONS CLOSE SUNDAY 12:30 SMAftP,

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