Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 18, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 18, 1960
Page 10
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PAOETEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Ann Lander8 •She's Not 'Witty' So Her j V BS Program fTrfend Speaks for Her At Hartford 150 Attend ! Upper Alton News Events tJBAR AM: My girl Wend 1 work In the same office, prettier than sfw Is, (not just stating a fact) >and she is bet- her at witty con- fversation. A certain fel- w who works in the office has I shown an Interest in me. He buys me peanuts, winks I when he passes - -Am Landers, my desk and we've been exchanging cute little notes. My witty girl frfend has been writing the notes for me, and I admit she comes up with lines I could never think of. Now the fellow has asked me for a date and I'm scared. My girl friend has offered to be at my house when he arrives, and set the stage by making him comfortable. She has also written down some Clever phrases that can be used to liven up a conversation. When I told her I didn't think it would work she said. "There are very few original thinkers in this world." What do you think? BOOLA DEAR BOOLA: Cut out the Ventriloquist act. Develop your own personality and don't try to graft your girl friend's ' wit on to your pretty face. It won't work. You may not be able to produce any conversational gems but the one thing you can do better than anyone else in the world is be yourself. # » * • DEAR ANN: My wife and I are in a difficult spot. We were married secretly last summer. No one knows about this, Our parents are expecting us to get married this fall. It would hurt them deeply if they knew we had run off and married without them. They are talking about big plans for a church wedding and we feel like common criminals. Is it against the law to get married a second time in a church after having been married once secretly? We do want a church wedding and we hate to tell our parents about last summer. Please advise us. MR AND MRS. DEAR MR. AND MRS: There Is nothing illegal about a church ceremony even though you've been married before—^provided, of course you marry the same person. * * * * DEAR ANN: My next door neighbor has two dogs. I think they are starving. Both dogs are very thin, and their bones actually stick out. Several times in the past few weeks I have seen these SHOULD YOUR TELEGRAPH CARRIER FORGET YOU... pathetic creatures in the back yard and have given them some left-over meat. They now wag their tail? whenever they see me. Jump around and bark and greet me as a friend, I hatr not to give them food because they seem to expect it My husband says I should mind my own business or I will ge> in bad with the neighbor. He says the dogs are not my responsibility. Please tell me what to do. DO-GOODER DEAR DO-GOODER: Tell your neighbor you like her dogs and you enjoy tossing them a piece of left-over meat "occasionally." Ask her If she has any objections. Chances are she will appreciate your interest and give you the okay. There Is more than one way to skin a cat— or feed a dorr. * » * • Confidential to WRONOED HARTFORD - Approximately 150 parents and friends attended the Hosing program and open house of the vacation Bi- hlo school at the Methodist i Church Friday. The program consisted of songs hy all the stu-; i clouts and music by the Kiddie! Hand under tho direction of thf?j music director. Mrs. William! Flack, and the VBS director, Mrs. John Snlir. Willie Flack jnnd Louis Milhalich were ush- iers. '•• The visitors made H tour ol | the 11 classrooms to view the j children's work and projects. I Average attendance for the (two weeks of Bible school was 1190 and all 11 classes had per- i feet attendance records for which the students received certificates and small white Bibles. Leanna Walston and San Tomerlin of the third Junior Class and James Michael Fox | of the first Junior Class receivWOMAN: If you must cry over ,,, d nu , irrts for encouraging the spilled milk, please condense , most hoys ond gj ,., s to a tten-li Bible school and for bringing 'Exceptional ChM Course Set Up for SIV EDtfARDSVILLE — More attention IK being paid to the education of the exceptional child. Dr. Cameron Meredith of Southern Illinois University said SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 1960 2 Collisions Reported at County Seat it. Forty-seven pages Is a lot land for attentiveness in class j Mrs. Nelson Cook served as ' secretary and treasurer of the announced that the of: foring taken during the two | weeks will he sent to the Children's Home in Mt. Vernon. Mrs. Jack Phillips was recreation director for the school and she and the other directors and teachers were assisted by 13 of reading. Please try it again j and s i u d v j ng their Bibles daily —and so will 1 . * « K • To learn how to keep your boy friend in line without losing him, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "Necking and Petting—And How Far to Go/ 1 enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope. (Ann Landers will be glad to help ydu with your problems. Send them to her in care of the Alton Telegraph and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope.) (© I960. Field Enterprises. Inc.) State Hospital Volunteers to Have Luncheon WOOD RIVER — The Volun- high school students of the church and five mothers. The Woman's Society of Christian Service furnished refreshments each day which was served by Mrs. Claude Turner and Mrs. vvilliam Turner. The treat for the i^.st day of vacation Bible school was furnished by the Methodist Men's Club. 4 H Club Meets 10 Divorces Granted in Circuit Court EDWARDSV1LLE - Ten uncontested divorces were granted Thursday and Friday in Circuit Court. In one of the decrees, after hearing of testimony, Wanda M. Williamson obtained a divorce from Louis E. Williamson. The court approved a property settlement, including provision whereby Mrs. Williamson receives title to real estate at 33 Albers PI.. Bethalto. The divorce was granted on grounds of cruelty. NEW ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT j.££ ^EcC? Workmen from Union Electric Com- installed at Alton Memorial Hospital to jwaid, from Margery Baenvald, pany are shown here unloading one of provide increased service to the hos- ; desertion, and the plaintiff the new transformers that are being pital and the new wing. awarded custody of two children; Hazel A. Farhat, from Ali today in announcing a new summer course at the Southwestern Illinois Campus. The 400.1evel course for grad-, EDWARDSVILLE - TVrO W- uates and undergraduates, call-itomoblle accidents involving mln- ed "The Exceptional Child". | 0 r injuries and a Jhlrd. a hit-run will be taught by Dr. John O.j case of damage to a parked Rockwell, professor of psycho- machine were reported to Edwardsville police Friday night logy at New York University , prior to coming to SIU In Alton {last school year. Rockwell win:and early this morning, also teach a 500.level course in, Anna M. Felty. 57, of Edwards- educational research methods. jvMe Rt. 3, suffered slight in- Other upper division summerjjuries in a collision about 7:30 offerings in education adminls-ip'.m. Friday in the 400 block of tratlon at Alton will Include a'East Vandalia street. Police 400-level course in school administration, of community resources, conducted by Dr. David Bear and Dr. Mary Brady. Courses and workshops will also be available In elementary and secondary education, business, English, guidance, mathematics, music, science and social studies. CHt'RCH CONFERENCE AT . can claim four. UPPER ALTON BAPTIST There will be an all church planning conference Sunday, 2:30 p.m. at the Upper Alton Baptist Church. The Rev. Robert Cochran urges the wide participation of the entire membership in planning the year's program. At 6:30 p.m. the junior fellowship will meet in Peck Hall. The BYF groups will meet in the basement of the sanctuary. There will be no evening service Sunday due to the afternoon conference. Mrs. Pyott's brother, Henry Rob- Mrs. Pyott's daughter, Mrs. Henrietta Cook, of Keysport. was born on March 2, 1930. The crowning achievement of the family, however, came when Mrs. | Cook's twins, Sandy and Randy j were born. The date was March 2, : 1956. 3 YEAR OLD BITTEN BY DOG Rose Best, 3, 2712 North St., was bitten on the face by a dog Friday. Police contacted the owner of the animal and instructed him to keep On Monday there will be an Ountoga scout meeting at 7 p.m., followed at 8:00 by the Men's SPECIAL SPEAKER AT j Federation meeting at the Fos- M | LTON ASSEMBLY OF GOD . The scripture will be read by; Gary Bogart. and the talk will be given by Dennis Milford on th< ject of "Outstanding Christian Men." Gifts will be presented to the oldest and youngest fathers and the youngest grandfather. At the 8:30 a.m. service Sunday, Harlan Hall will be the soloist. The choir will sing at the 10:30 service. On Monday morning at 9 a.m. a group of young people will leave for McKendree College for an institute. The institute will end on June 25. Farewells for 2 Alton Priest Sundiiy Night street, when a collision occurred with an auto operated by Arthur Morris of Nokomis. Raymond F. McTaggert ol Decatur suffered a laceration over the right eye. according to the police report, when his automobile went out of control on By- Pass U.S. 66 at the west city limits below Tanyard Hill and ov- All 'three occupants of the machine had crawled from the wrecked car when police arrived, and were examined by a local physician. ^ statutory charges, with! Formal farewell will be ex-i David Monroe. 37, of 305 Pine "'the plaintiff's maiden name oppressed to two Alton priests, atist., reported his parked auto" : . -. . . . ;p ara t e programs, Sunday|mobile was struck by a hit-run ight. 'machine about 1:10 a.m. today At Old Cathedral parish hall.;in the 1100 block of North Main gifts will be presented to Ihelstreet Monroe said he was pre- Mauck restored; Richard A. Denson. from Lois C. Denson, desertion, with the court awarding custody of a son to the plaintiff and three other children to the defendant; Bessie Adams, from Francis Paul Adams, on her counter-claim charging desertion, and her former name ot McGuire restored; Virgil Lee Bowman Jr., from Mary Lee Bowman, desertion, with the mother retaining custody of a child; 1 Ursula Lake, from Wesley Lake, i cruelty, and the plaintiff given Rev. who Father will and Roger Simpson,! Paring to enter the car Monday for! Jumped aside to avoid being w,,,, „„, , c Quinc,y.wher e hewmb e comeas.|st.'uck His car was damaged ! Darlene Force on her counter- HARTFORD - Gayla Olberi | t(?rburg Baptjst chupch> Tnere ; HoilSe for Off ice | n]aim chai< g in S cruelty, from teer Service Department of Al-|by Mrs Grover, * , A!A~* «M WirttIF »rt M ton State Hospital Is sponsoring a luncheon meeting at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Airport Cafe. Members of all organizations of the area who participate In volunteer service work at the hospital, may attend. The meeting will be devoted to "getting acquainted," exchang- entertciined members of the Busy Beavers 4-H C!ub at, her home Friday evening. After the sewing session instructions on baking were given a demonstration on how to measure liquids was given by Marilyn Milligan, and a demonstration on measuring dry ingredients for baking was given by Carolyn Milligan. Following the meeting games were played and refreshments served by the hostess, assisted by her mother. Suzanne Hard will be host for the next 4-II ing ideas and discussing the volunteer program. 'Club meeting. Further details may be obtain-: VBS Program Sunday ed and reservations may bel HERTFORD - A film made by contacting Mrs. Werner Burk or Mrs. Carl Legate. In coordination with the volunteer program, the Township Council of United Church Women entertained 50 patients at the hospital Friday afternoon. The birthdays ol 11 patients were observed during the social hour, which included games, contests, group singing and refreshments. New songs sheets of popular old favorites, prepared by Mrs. entitled "Working Together With God" will be shown at the General Baptist Church Sunday evening at 7:30 in conjunction with their vacation Bible school program. The last session of school was held Friday with Mrs. Estel Click as the director. It was reported that an average of 63 children attended the dally sessions. Today the children were treated to a picnic at Wilson Park in Granite City by the ! Francis Wimberly and Mrs. JJ teachers and helpers. JC. Barnett of East Alton, werei rlsh ^ ... jused for the first lime at the: HARTFORD The Auxiliary UO(~U l\Jt HH- » 11 Jl 1111 IV, til m...., ** I f (party, which was hosted by the!Police are sponsoring a fish fry JEust Alton First General Bap-i at tho Civic- League building on will also be a junipr W.M.S.; meeting at 8:00 in Peck Hall. On Tuesday the Pastor's class will meet at 4 p.m. The Ethel Hussey class picnic will be held at 6:00, and scout troop 13 will meet at 7:00. Sewing circle No. 1 will meet at 7:30. On Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. there will be a meeting of the executive council in Peck Hall, following the mid-week worship. Sanctuary Choir rehearsal will be at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. This is the final week of vacation Bible school. SCOUTS HOLD PAPER DRIVE Cub Scout Pack 17 conducted a paper drive today in the North Rodgers and College Crest areas. The drive began at 9 a.m. 4-H CLUB HOLDS COOKOUT Seven members of the Milton Heights 4-H club held a cookout meeting Friday at Rock Spring Park. Plans were made for the September meeting of the club. There will be no meetings during July and August. The Rev. W. R. Williamson, re-j ! tiring district superintendent of thej Illinois Council of Assembly ofj God, will speak at the morning service Sunday at Milton Assembly of God Church. The Rev. Williamson has held the post of superintendent for the past 18 years, ancLbefore that; lit spent 20 years aff a missionary, to China. The second week of vacation Bible school will open Monday evening from 6:45 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. The commencement program for the school will be held on June 26. CLAIMS GIRL MOLESTED AT BROWN AND SPAULDING , A mother complained to police Friday that her 13-year-old daughter had been molested at Brown and Spaulding streets. Police said that the mother reported that a youth had twice seized her daughter's arm. The second time, the girl screamed. At the scream, an auto stopped and the driver yelled at the youth, who fled. FATHER'S DAY PROGRAM AT MAIN ST. METHODIST There will be a special Father's Day program at 7 p.m. Sunday at .Ronald James Force, and the .mother awarded custody of two sisfant pastor of St. Mary's Church. A program will be pre-| sented. ' At Old Cathedral, the Rev., Father Medard Ixibocki will become acting pastor. Coming to the parish is the Rev. Father Peter Bertoldo. Also (here is the Rev. Father Donald Meeh-i ling. At St. Mary's Hall, at 7:30 p.i m.. Sunday, a farewell will be; bid to the Rev. Father Joseph' Schmertmann. who has been; on the left side by the fleeing machine, described as a 1957 model turquoise station wagon. • s~< *f , morner awaraea custody 01 two cn-uuiciiiiianii, »nu na^ "=•.•• IfltrOtttrey ! children; Edward William transferred to St. Cabrini parish; tist Church s - Dolmar today and until 'J j assisted by Mrs. Wanda Sche Assisting as hostesses were L'Sip.m. Plates will be sold for Sljualo and Mrs. Oliver Clark. ' w o m e n representing eight I for adults and 50 cents for ch.l- 1 churches; First Presbyterian, i dren. Fish sandwich*; will be FOIH BORN ON 'First Methodist. First Baptist, 'sold separately for 3.) cents. SVMK I>VM Mrs. William Bridges was in'the Main Street Methodist Church, chnrpe of the meeting, and was : The prelude will be by Ida Faye Brecht. and mere will be a trumpet solo by Marshall Fowler. Jeffrey Harris will present a trombone solo. The congregation, led by George Pruitt, from Kathleen Virginia Dr. Michael M. Mitchell has pur-jpruitt, desertion, with the plain- chased the residence at Elm street |tiff retaining custody of a child; Adele E. Gracevich, from Frank A. Gracevich, cruelty, and custody of two children awarded to the mother. . . In a decree entered by the court Thursday, Mrs. Clara Wreath obtained separate maintenance from George Wreath and custody of a minor child. Enters Hospital EDWARDSVILLE — Mrs. Jo- and Rt. 67-111 in Godfrey, from T. W. Pershall. Dr. Mitchell has had some first- floor rooms remodeled into professional offices. Beginning Monday, he will keep part-time morning office hours there. Dr. Mitchell, a physician and surgeon, will continue his offices in the Clinic building at 10 E. Broadwav. in Springfield. Members of parish societies will present a! program based on the "this isj your life" theme. The Rev. j Father Vincent Worland, recently ordained, will come to St. Mary's. The pastor of St. Mary's is the Rev. B'ather James A. Suddes and his first assistant is the Rev. Father Thomas Gal- lenhach. VACATION AND HOLIDAY SILVER DOLLAR DRY GLEANING SPECIAL NEXT WEEK 909 E. Broadway 2012 State St. 226 E. Elm 436 N. Wood River Ave. The Godfrey house formerly was ; sephine Browning, 205 Graemer. i the Hanes residence. It has been j was admitted Friday to St. Jo-j a tourist home for several years,jseph's Hospital. Highland. No! most recently by lessees from Per- j Edwardsville patients were dis- shall, who is manager of Nilo Ken- ' charged. nels of John M. Olin. i The house is one of the old resi-; dences of Godfrey Township. The abstract bears the name of Benjamin Godfrey and the date 1838. Capt. Godfrey founded Monticello College, and the township is named for him. The house is on a large, corner lot, with beautiful trees, and is Fire Auxiliary to Meet at Godfrey GODFREY — The Godfivy Fire Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the No. 1 firehouse. Monday's meeting will be the across the highway from the north! final deadline for the return of entrance of the Monticello College I tickets and money from the card' campus. party. NOTTOLI SUPER MARKET Highland & Gold Sts CHOICE MEATS AVAILABLE PEN SUNDAY 8 A. M. I 12 NOON United Church of Christ E. and R. of Wood River: East Alton 1 VBS Opens Monday HARTFORD -Evangelist Her- ; Mrs. O. R. Pyott. 14()b Filth St..! Brooks and Arthur Hughes, will '•! vnrt-st Hiimps. has won recoeni- sine "favorite songs of Dad." Mrs. First Baptist, Rosewood Heights, jshel Ottwell will conduct the one Methodist, South Rox- week vacation Bible school be- jSt. Paul's ana Methodist church. and the PHONE FOR DELIVERY DIAL NO S-6MI BEFORE 6 P.H. DAILY I P.M. SATURDAY • CIRCULATION DEFT. ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH • \ Chapman Quartet At Rosewood Heights host 8in"i"g Monday at the local '. Church of Christ. The sessions ' Monday through Friday will be- igin at 9:30 a.m. and end at 1 noon. Other teachers and helpers uill assist with the training. j j,- 0 ,. est Homes, has won recogni tion now in the race for the largest number of persons in the family born on the same date. Mrs. Pyott Sterling LaMarsh will read selected poetry for Father's Day. Joan Kaiser will present a piano ROSKWOOD HEIGHTS Home from Vacation ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS The John Chupman Quartet! Misses Nancy and Anita Naugiv from CollitiM-ilh' will sing at a'ton. daughters of Mr. and Mrs. program at Rosewood Heiyhts : C. L. Naughton, 432 Sullivan Assembly .if God Church at Ave.. have returned home after 7:30 p.m. Unlay. The Rev. Roy," l u -da.v vacation in Colorado Hanner i> paMui of the church, in company with their grand- Anti-frirki't fanatics \\cre blamed for setting fire to « pavilion at parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. ot Alton. They visited Pikes Peak. Estes Park, Garthe Uipal Week-end Club, at Hales- ] den of the Gods and other points owen, England. Thetv had been i of interest during the 2,400-mile "incidents" for six years. itrip. 9 A. M. to 10:00 P. M. Doily 9 A. M. to 1:00 P. M. \ Sundoys ond 4 P. M. to 10:00 P. M. f Holidoys NOW! LOW COST HOSPITAL INSURANCE FOR CATHOLICS ONLY For only $1.85 a month Catholic men under 60 can now receive $50 each week while hospitalized for any accident or sickness covered by our non-profit policy. Payments can continue for as long as 2 years — totaling up to $5,200. You are paid in addition to any other insurance, including Workmen'* Compensation. You spend the money as you wish — for hospital bills, doctor bills or expenses at home. Use your own Doctor and any lawfully operated hospital. Your insurance begins the first day you're in the hospital*. You need this policy now. For inflation has increased hospital rates 375% since 1940. As a result, people who used Insurance last year found it paid an average of only 3lc of every dollar spent for accident and sickness bills. You can help prevent this from happening to you by adding our non-profit insurance to your protection. If you will give the extra cost you need to pay skyrocketing medical expenses. The Catholic Knights of St. George, a 79 year old Catholic fraternal society, offers you this insurance. Many other excellent policies are available to protect both you and your family. Get all the facts on our low cost protection. Mail the coupon today for free information. No obligation, of course. One person in every three families will be in the hospital this year. 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