The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on March 23, 1972 · Page 4
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 4

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1972
Page 4
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Advertisement aladabe for special showings. \ mnvie based on an 1m pnrtant event In The Netherlands recent history, the 19- r ,3 hurricane and flood, can l.o seen by area residents in the near future. THe movie, THE LITTLE \RK will be shown at the Palace Theatre in Alton on the evenings of April G, 7 and 8. II will quite likely be showing at other times as it will |,e .ivnilable for special showings. The show is based on the book THF. LITTLE ARK by tli» famous Dutch author Jan •le Harto?. nut here is more about the movie itself. In (lie rase of THE LITTI K AHK. the story is more important than the stars. In : ,rt witli the exception of rhpnrlore Rlkel. who plays the Muff captain of Trawler L'.K. HI'.'., there are no stars. Neither ' Genevieve Arnbas, -.vim plnvs the part of "Adi,,-!:i " or Philip Frame, who plius "Jan," have ever been in a movie before. They were chosen for the roles because as producer Robert Rarlnit? savs, they are "two verv special individuals." One of the "special" things about the characters of Jan and Adinda is that they are orphans. When the story opens, they are living with their toster parents, theGrtj- :>mas. in the village of Nie- v.-erlaii'l. The Grijpmas are elderly, the other village children not too friendly. Here is a paragraph from de Hartog's novel, THE I.ITTI.F AP.K, the source for this film. It will show you the -luality of each character which the film must "•el across with a minimum of dialogue and a maximum of imaffe: "The children were the wards of old Parson Grijpma, who adopted the boy when his parents were killed by a bomb during the war. Afterthewar, he agreed to adopt another little orphan, a girl from In- ilonisia, whose name had led hint to believe that she was of a noble Huguenot family, r/iilv when he arrived did lie find out his mistake; she was a spindly half-caste with almond eves, a flat nose, and two little Mack plaits stick- in t' out behind Ms ears." Compare de Hartog's description with this opening of the film: MRVERI.AND, A SMALL VII I AGE IN HOLLAND. SE- Ul'FNCF 01 SHOTS-ALL TITLES AND CREDITS OVER. A small sclioolhousR stands in bright afternoon sunshine. In background can be seen the reii roofs and windmills of a Dutch village. Door of srhoolhouso opens and children rush out. CLOSE IN ON TWO PARTICULAR CHILDREN ADINDA DE LA MAISON AND JAN BRINK. He is a blond, blueeyed Dutch boy of ten, she a dark, half-caste child of eleven. FOLLUW THEM AS THEY GO. Some boys behind them begin to chant: Adinda Is an ape! Adinda is an ape! Jan takes off a wooden shoe and hurls it at the boys, who run off laughingly. ™ e V? re two against the world. When they play, it is not with the village children, but in a private world they have created in the church belfry. There they keep their pets (a dog a rabbit, a cat, and a rooster) in a "little ark" they have built out of packing cases. When the great hurricane and flood of 1953 overwhelm the Netherlands, Jan and Ad- inda are sent to the belfry for safety. There they huddle with their pets until the water rises so high that only the tops of the tallest houses can be seen. A deserted houseboat drifts nearby, and the children decide to abandon the belfry and board her. They are running away from the discovery of their foster-mother's drowned body as well as the rising waters. It is not the first time the adults who cared for them have been killed. It Is not the first time they have had to face danger alone. On the houseboat their mood changes. The horrors outside are forgotten. There is food aboard, and clothes (belonging to the absent owners) to dress up in. For the moment they are safe with their pets, and they don't panic as adults might. Instead, they shut out the horrors outside by thinking of the adventure they are having. Jan decides to write a book entitled A Naval Hero of 10 Years Old. Adinda writes notes to her foster father and drops them overboard in bottles. She begins to imagine an escape from her schoolmates who call her an "ape." When a helicopter flies overhead, she hides with Jan who says: "Don't wave, we want to stay here! This is our boat now, and we'll sail it to Java." Later that night, a trawler, patrolling the floodwaters on a rescue mission, pulls alongside the houseboat. To the children, the trawler's captain appears as a pirate. Joking, the captain offers to put Ad- inda's rabbit in a stew. "He's not for eating! He can think!" cries Adinda. The captain reminds the children that the world outside is full of tragedy by saying, "Ah, if thinking could keep you out of the pot, a lot more people would be high and dry right now." Although the captain tries to tell them about his trawler's rescue mission, Jan and Adinda find what Is really happening too frightening to think about. Jan imagines sailing by flooded villages and "picking them clean" of all their "gold and silver and china dishes. Pirates love treasures. Waifll we> tell Father Grijpma about this! With the mention of Father Grijpma, the real world comes back with a bang. Both children beg the captain to help them find the old man. Now they are all attention as the captain brings his boat into the waters around submerged villages to rescue survivors perched on rooftops. What if they never find Father Gripjma? This is no adventure tale, but grim reality. A child needs parents, someone who cares. When the trawler gets ready to transfer its passengers to a hospital ship at Amsterdam, Jan panics. "I love the captain. I want him to be our father, he tells Adinda. But Adinda is growing up. She is learning that you can t escape problems by hiding in a world of make-believe. On the hospital ship, she comes up with a daring plan that may give her and Jan back a place to which they can truly belong. NOTICE Keithley's New Dutch M1U Restaurant, Pantry Cafe and The Hay-Loft will participate in "Coffee on the House Today" on Friday, March 24. Donations will be taken for the mentally retarded children through the Iowa Association for retarded children. This day is sponsored by the Iowa Restaurant Association. Central Phone (Continued from page 1) ward with our service improvement and expansion programs, " Rogosch stated. In addition to Its telephone operations in 10 states. Central Telephone & Utilities Corporation provides natural gas utilities In South Dakota and Nebraska and electric utilities in Colorado and Kansas. National operating headquarters of the Company is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Central Telephone & Utilities is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CTU. 25th anniversary for Ben Koele's Mr. and Mrs. Ben Koele celebrated their Silver Anniversary on Tuesday evening, March 14 by entertaining about 75 relatives and friends at dinner at the Holland House In Sioux Center. A short program followed the dinner. Mr. Gerrit Schneider was master of ceremonies.Mrs.Koele's brother-in-law, Mr. Leonard Off Stlgter from Sioux Center sang "Oh Perfect Love" duringthe program. He had also sang this at the Koele's wedding. Dining room hostess was Mrs. Marvin Vander Wei. The Koele's are the parents of two sons, Darwin of Sioux Falls and Ronald at home. Darwin and his fiancee, Miss Marie Bickner welcomed the guests as they arrived and Ronald and Miss Diane Van Voorst served the punch. A beautiful anniversary cake was the center of attraction on the buffet table. The cake was cut and served by Mrs. Ken Van't Hof and Mrs. Jim Kleis. HERITAGE HOUSE Orange City, Iowa Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Van Reulder from Minneapolis, called on Mrs. Florence Fox on Friday afternoon. Mr and Mrs. Art Kluter from Ireton called on George Twlllman and 'on Mrs. Frieda Hill on Saturday. Howard Jelgerhuls returned from the hospital on Friday. Mrs. Leo Eason showed slide pictures on Friday afternoon which was enjoyed very much by the residents. Mrs Edward Bouw from Edgerton visited Mr. and Mrs. John Brower on Saturday. Mr. Pete Zwart observed his birthday on Monday, March 10. The American Legion Auxiliary presented a short program on Tuesday afternoon and later played games with the residents. ******* NEWS ******* Mr. and Mrs. Ben Van Dyke from Sioux Falls visited the^r grandfather, Mr. Martin van Peursem on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Oldenkamp and 2 sons from St. Services held for Mrs. Richard Oordt Mrs. Richard Oordt, the former Elizabeth Dykstra, age 59 of Orange City, passed away at her home on March 19. She had been ill for about a year. She was born February 12, 1912 at Le Mars, Iowa to Martin Dykstra and the former Gertrude Porter. She married Richard Oordt Sept 19, 1940. Came to the Orange City area in 1952. Funeral services were held Wednesday, March 22 at the Calvary Christian Reformed Church with Rev. Blankespoor officiating. Burial was in West Lawn Cemetery under the direction of the Van Etten Funeral Home. Gene Mulder was the soloist, the pallbearers were Steve Kroeze, Marlon Vander Zwaag, Frank Vander Maaten, Marvin De Jong, Al Dekker and Larry De Groot. Survivors include her husband, Richard, and two sons, Leeland of Le Mars and Stan- Icy at home. Locil Newt Mrs. Arabella Sipma entertained at a 6:00 p.m. dinner party in her home on Tuesday evening. Her guests were Mrs. Henrietta Reinders, Mrs. FlorenceR.Mouw, Mrs. Gertrude Van Maanen, Mrs. Winifred De Vries, Mrs. Elizabeth Raak, Mrs. Jennie Jansma, Mrs. Mildred Blumeyer, Mrs. Edith Kraai, Mrs. Effie Smeenk, Mrs. Ella Tlllema and Mrs. Kathryn Grooters. After dinner, the evening was spent playing cards. Robert Mouw left from Omaha Wednesday morning for Korea after spending a 30-day furlough here at the parental Bernard Mouw home. Special music at the Sunday evening service was a vocal solo by Miss Jo Lynn Vander Zwaag. On Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. Miss Judy Vande Berg will be united in marriage to Mr. Robert G. Plunkett at the Newkirk Reformed church. Marvin Menning has received his discharge from the United States army and will be arriving home from Alaska sometime next week. Pastor Van Heukelom was dismissed from the hospital, on Friday .and Is much improved. On the morning of March 31 a White Breakfast will be held for all women of the church. That evening at 7:30 p.m. the Reverend Eeiss will be in charge of our Good Friday services. Next Sunday the sacrament of Holy Communion will be observed. The Reverend Kots will be the guest minister. on Sunday. Father M. J. Hood from St. Marys church at Alton had charge of the service Sunday afternoon. He was assisted by Diane, Kathy and Theresa Hansen, John Alesch, and by Sr. Margaret Hansen and Valerie Even. On Sunday evening a^group of young people from the 1st Christian Reformed Church eave a program of singing, icripture and prayer. Their sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Forest Hubers, and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kroeze, who accompanied them. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Slemons- ma from Inwood, called on Mrs. Gertrude Siemonsma on Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Siemonsma called on her on Sunday, on Friday she visited in the Jake Slemons- ma home at Alton. Mrs. MaryHentges visitors for the week were Mrs. Jim Krogman and 2 sons, John and Max, Mr. and Mrs. George Hansen and Mrs. Mary Bowers. Dr and Mrs. Leon schl- mniand son, Michaelfrom Rochmond.Va,, spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arle Schlmmel. The baby stayed with his grandparents for a week, whilei ur. and Mrs. Schlmmel went to XJareunlon of class mates in medical school, held at Aspen, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Voortman have returned home from Chlno, Calif., where they had gone to attend funeral services held for his sister, Mrs. Jake DeBoom.whopassedawaydue to cancer of the throat. Mrs . Grace Westra, who has been ailing for a long time, is now a patient In the hospital In Rochester, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Art Kamerman, Mr. and Mrs. Art Schuiteman, Mr. aria Mrs. Marvin Mouw, Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Rozeboom and Mr. ana ' Mrs. Arnle Kaemlngk drove to Ames Monday to attend the annual Animal Science banquet held at Iowa State University, where all have sons attending school. Gerrit Van Putten very critically m ^ cat hospital, having suite a heart attack last wi nesday. Harvey, son of Mrs. RJ Punt re-entered the SiouxV ley hospital, sioux Fa S.D., Tuesday and had surgery there on Thura He was seriously inj ur , a farm accident severalv ago. Mr, and Mrs. JanSctv man from Ames spsi weekend here with her ents, Mr, and Mrs. BII Vermeer. They came to his grandmother.Mrs.Joh Schuiteman celebrate birthday. A family supper held for her at the local hall on Friday evening, Mrs. Arle Schlmmel patient In St. Lukes med' center, Sioux City, having dergone major surgery l on Wednesday morning, Mr. and Mrs. Johnb laar returned home Mot evening from a months \ with children and relative Denver, Colo., and in Arle Calif. Coming home wlthtl, were Mr. and Mrs. BenKn yenbrlnk who spent the llHal I with their children In L Ten bed to F (Sneller Mr. and Mrs. John Wesselink were week end guests of Rev. and Mrs. Knight Wells In Valley Neb. Sun. afternoon, all drove to Omaha, to attend the concert presented at the Reformed Church by the Central college choir. Joan Wesselink is a member of the choir. Mr. and Mrs. Jan Wassll arrived Saturday from Collins, Colo., to spenj week with his parents, and Mrs. Arend T. Was ..Mr. and Mrs. John v| man from Raymond, M[ spent the weekend here i their daughter and hus 1 Mr. and Mrs. Billy l. They were enroute home L Ing spent the winter in Ml Arizona. Saturday morning visitors In the Peter Ravenstein home were Mr. and Mrs.SamFeen- stra, Sherry and Steven from Harrison, S.D. Guests in the home of Mrs. Marion Mouw last Tuesday afternoon were Mrs. Charles Kleinhesselink, Mrs. Hessel Van Eizenga and Mrs. Charles De Vries. Something for everyone in the great Beauty Mist panty hose sale of 72. Beauty Mist styling and quality at terrific once-a-year sale prices. Save 20% on panty hose and hosiery. But the sale lasts for one week only. So hurry in now, and stock up on all your favorite styles and colors. It's the time to buy. new gas rai (with self cleaning oven) Smarter because it can turn itself on, program its own cooking, turn itself off and keep everything warm until you're ready to eat. And that's not all the . ... , new gas range carvdo. It can clean its own oven. Regulate its flames automatically to cook at any temperature you desire. And it's loaded with work- saving features like smokeless infra-red broilers and burners-with-brains. The new gas range with self-cleaning oven. Smarter because it cooks better. Smarter because it looks better. Smarter because it comes in your choice of bold, beautiful colors and styles tailored to fit any kitchen. "It's smarter,' When it's time to replace your old gas range, you'll be smarter if you replace it with a new gas range with self-cleaning oven, YeAKsoFsemice jtnvict nan* PUBLIC LECTURE A distinctively Reformed Lecture Series We cordially invite the community to share in the opportunity to hear these lectures on these timely subjects. THEME: THE CHRISTIAN WITNESS Wednesday, March 29, 8 p.m. Lecture 111: "The Activity of Witness" panty hose/hosiery Reg. $1.00 Now $ .79 Reg. 1.75 Now 1.39 Reg. 2.00 Now 1.59 Reg. 2.50 Now 1.99 Reg. 3.95 Now 3.19 STARTS SAT. March 25-April 3 Weekend SPECIAL ^^•^•••••^^•••••^••^^^^^•••••••••i fresh Ground Beef 2 ,*.'! Little Sinters pkg. center cut method" proper? All at Hull Protestant Reformed Church Vm^iVW** >S ^?!MM*' Beef Roasts Rib Steak BanquetPotPies Banquet Winners 55 „ 791 „ 98 5/97 45 ea. LADIES' APPAREL ORANGE CITY, IOWA Phone 737-2212 WOUOSTRA Jim, Al & Lee Woudstra Orange City, Iowa l ""'^^~*"*~"~"~'*^^~^^~^~" i ~^~ 4--THE SIOUX C9UNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, March 23, 1972

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