Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 20, 1957 · Page 4
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1957
Page 4
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Women's City 1 Golf Tourney Next Tuesday The women's city golf tournament will be held at the Carroll Country Club Tuesday, July 23, beginning at 8 a.m. Luncheon will be served at noon. A trophy will be awarded to the '• winner of each flight, with a prize' to the runner-up The city championship is now held by Mrs. W. L. McConkie, winner in 1956. Mrs. George D Walden is chairman and Teresa Brandl, co-chairman, of the tournament committee which includes Mrs. Roy Eastlund, Mrs. H. L. Silsby. Mrs. E.A. Vaatveit and Thelma Winnike. Bridal Shower At Remsen for Miss Langenfeld (Time» Herald New* Service) BREDA — Sandra Langenfeld of [ Carroll, bride-elect of Jim Ulveling i of Breda, was honored at a prenuptial shower at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kosse, uncle and aunt of Mr. Ulveling. at Remsen, Thursday evening. Fifteen guests were present. The evening was spent at five hundred. Mrs. Falke won the high score prize, and Mrs. Pratt, low. The winners presented their prizes to the honored guest. * * * After the games, a two-course lunch was served. Floral decorations were two large bouquets of gladioli and bells of Ireland. Centerpieces were miniature dolls, dressed as the bride and bridesmaids, in the colors of the bride- elect. Later in the evening, Miss Langenfeld opened her gifts. Relatives from this vicinity who were guests were: Mrs. Felix Langenfeld, Carroll; Mrs. F. B. Ulveling and Jim, Mrs. Walter Fee, and Mrs. J. A. Bohnenkamp, Breda. Announces Committees Of Legion Auxiliary Mrs. J. Lawrence Cochran, president of the Carroll unit, American Legion Auxiliary, announces "committee appointments for each month of the coming year, beginning with August. August Publicity and Radio — Mrs. Ed Kruse, chairman; Mrs. Laura Finegan, co-chairman; Mrs. John Backes, Mrs. A. A. Henning, Mazie Daley, Mrs. Walter Baumhover, Mrs. E. A. Schiltz, Mrs. 0. M. O'Connor, Agnes Kerwin, Mrs. F P. Collison, Mrs. L. R. Chapman, Mrs. 0. W. Kelly and Mrs. •August Warnke. September E. J. Kratoska and Mrs. D. W. Quinn. 1 November Education. Blue -Book Quiz — Mrs. Fred A. Julich, chairman; Mrs. Abel Schiorholtz, co-chairman; Mrs. A. N. Neu, Mrs. S. Sv Kudsk, Mrs. S. Ryan, Mrs. Earl B. Thompson, Mrs. H. J. Traner, Mrs. Henry Goodman, Mrs. Paul Pudenz and Elvena Conway. Veterans Day Nov. It Mrs. W. J. Leur, chairman; Mrs. Agnes Wiedemeyer, co-chairman; Mrs. Andy G. Ley, Mrs. Carl Koepke, Mrs. A. R. Anneberg, Mrs. A. J. Carlson, Mrs. Felix Langenfeld, Mrs. R.M. Moehn, 4 Times Herald, Carroll, fewi Saturday, July 20, 19S7 Constitution, By-laws, Music, Mrs. M. L. Collison, Mrs. W. E. Gold Star — Mrs. T. J. Kerwin, i chairman; Mrs. Virgil Thelen, cochairman; Mrs. R. F. Barels, Mrs. J. W. Hills, Mrs. W. L. McConkie, Mrs, R. D. McCord, Mrs. Roland B Morrison, Mrs. Louis Macke, Mrs. Josef R. Martin, Mrs, D. W. Hanssen, Mrs. Albert Bruch, Mrs. J. C. Arts and Mrs. Clarence McGrane. October -Membership — Mrs. John E. Martin, chairman; Mrs. Vincent Stangl, co-chairman; Mrs. F. L. Sharp, Mrs. Paul Bachman, Mrs. J. E. Gatens, Mrs. Herschel Tryon, Mrs. Frank Kloser, Mrs. Andy Krapfl, Mrs. Sherman Page, Mrs. Filet Bouquet Ladies Aid at Carnarvon Honors Mrs. Anna Janssen (Times Herald New* Service) CARNARVON — Emmanuel Ladies Aid of Carnarvon gave a party for Mrs. Anna Janssen at her home Friday, celebrating her birthday. The visitors brought lunch and presented Mrs. Janssen with a grocery shower. The afternoon was spent socially., Mrs. Edna Eckhoff and son, Alan, accompanied by Mardelle Vogt, returned Friday night after being in Califorrua since the ftfst of July. They visited Mrs. Eckhoff's sons-in-law and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kennedy, at Conago Park and Mr. and Mrs. Don Mark Ashbrook at Barstow. Mrs. Ashbrook is the former Marilyn Eckhoff. AIR CONDITIONED COOL COMFORT CARROIS < nrtnoiu i<\. Wm • Starts Sunday • ONE DEADLY DAY IN TOMBSTONE The Strangest Alliance This Side of Heaven or Hell Was Put to The Test! A BURT LANCASTER KIRK DOUGLAS HALWAUIS GUNFIGHTmi: UK CORRAL •J* RHONDA JO JOHN FLEMING-VAN FLEET-IRELAND •nlnnlMMMhtM.IMa ^^TECHNICOLOR* 4:00 Continuous Show Sunday , . .Open at V.00 p. m. Shows at 1:30 • 6:30 snd 9:00 p. m. Regular Prkeil Showing Now Through Saturday "This Could Be the Night" In Cln#ma*eon« A lovely old - fashioned flower bouquet of filet crochet—with an edging of crocheted lace. This chair-set Is an heirloom you'll treasure throughout the years! Pattern 7251: Charts, directions for chalrback 14x16 inches, armrest 7>*xl3, in No. 50 cotton. Send THUtTI-FIVE CENTS In coins -for-thls pattern—add -5 cents for each pattern for lst-class mailing. Sendf to Daily Times Herald, 235 Household Arts Dept., P. O. Box 168, Old Chelsea Station. New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME. ADDRESS, ZONE, AND • PATTERN NUMBER. A bonus for our readers—two FREE .patterns, printed in our new Alice Brooks Needlecraft Book for 1957! Plus a wonderful variety of design to order—crochet, knitting, embroidery, huck weaving, toys, dolls, others. Send 25 cents for your copy of this exciting NEW needle book—now! Bates, Sadie Stevens, Mrs. F. J. Buchheit and Louise Florencourt. December Rehabilitation — Mrs. Lewis Voyles, chairman; Mrs. Carl Conway, co-chairman; Mrs.' A 1 v i n Batie, Mrs: H. L. Bell, Mrs. Alvin Bruning. Mrs. Christine Lauridsen, Mrs. 0. H. Brahm, Mrs. Josephine Reiling, Mrs. William C. Frank, Mrs. Mable Winsor, Millie Ellerbrock and Elizabeth Fischer. January Legislation, National Security, Civil Defense — Mrs. Cecil Huff, chairman; Mrs. 0. R. Andrews, co-chairman; Mrs. A. F. Wltte, Mrs. Frank Fister, Mrs. George Friday, Mrs. Archie Gietz, Mrs. William Gross, Mrs. F. J. Halbig, Mrs. Bryce Henning and Eliza- •beth Willeke. February Americanism — Mrs. Louis E. Anderson, chairman; Mrs. Cyril Wessling, co-chairman; Mrs. Harold Hcrmsen, Mrs. Ben Holstein, Mrs. James Jackley, Mrs. Leo Kuker, Mrs. John Ludwig, Mrs. C M. Maddy, Mrs. J. F. Maher, Mrs. George Marget, Mrs. A. H. Manemann and Mrs. Gus Vasos. March Service — Mrs. George Lucey, chairman; Mrs. Miles Hedges, cochairman; Mary Ellen Mitchell, Mrs. G. A. Minnich Jr., Mrs. Leigh Morrison, Mrs. Earl Neu, Mrs. C. W. Nicoll, Mrs. Max Reed, Mrs. J. J. Meyers, Mrs. N. Schleisnan, Mrs. Maurice Prenger, Mrs. Ido Pollastrini and Mrs. E. J. Riley. March 15-17 American Legion Birthday — Mrs. C. H. Clark, chairman; Mrs. Clarence Thomas, co - chairman; Mrs. L. M. Gnam, Mrs. Glenn Weeks, Mrs. Don Hillyer, Mrs. C A. White, Mrs. Paul Pascoe, Mrs. S. L. Sherman, Mrs. T. G. Ralph and Mrs. T. F. Quinlen. April Child Welfare, Pan-American — Mrs. Harry Kunecke, chairman; Mrs. F. A. Stamp, co-chairman; Mrs. F. C. Beverley, Mrs. E. J. Ries, Mrs. Dolly Sawyer, Mrs. Leo Schueller, Winifred Wille, Mrs. Carl Wille, Mrs. J. E. Tucker, Mrs. Martin Vust and Mrs. Lester Wilke. May Popples and Memorial — Mrs. J. B. Hermsen, chairman; Mrs. Kenneth Schwarzenbach, cochairman; Mrs. J.W. Wilson, Mrs BETROTHED ... Mr. and Mrs. Henry EngeVen of Carroll announce the engagement and forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Janice, to Dennis Boeg of Ca ?roll, son of Mr. and Mrsr William Boes of Breda. The wedding has been set for Saturday, September 21, at St. Joseph's Church here. Social Calendar Saturday— Bridge-mixer, 8 p.m., Carroll Country Club. Tuesday- Women's city golf tournament, Carroll Country Club. Wednesday— Toastmistress Club, Hotel Burke. Methodist Young Adult class picnic, Graham Park shelterhouse. Action Day at Fort Dodge On Aug. 18th FT. DODGE - Catholic families within a 60-mile radius of Ft. Dodge are expected to take part in a public demonstration of faith at Catholic Action Day Holy Hour to be celebrated in the Dodger Stadium here Sunday, August 18. The event is the successor to five highly successful religious spectacles which have been held in Carroll with as many as 15,000 people attending. A prominent clergyman, probably a bishop, will give the. address of the evening. More than 100 clergymen from 50 parishes in the eastern half of the Sioux City Diocese are expected. Ceremonies will be held on an altar to be erected on .the football field of Dodger Stadium. The Blessed Sacrament will be brought to the altar in nn impressive processional which will open the Holy Hour. A massed choir will lead in the singing of patriotic and religious songs, and the rosary will be recited in unison. Benediction will close the program. , » Lay committees arranging the event are headed by Thomas X, Kelley of Ft. Dodge as general chairman. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. E. L. McEvoy, dean of the Ft. Dodge Deanery, i<* In charge of the clergy's participation. Visiting clergymen will be guests at a late afternoon dinner in the Wakkonsa Hotel preceding the Holy Hour. Deposed Beauty Queen Will Cash in on Offers LONG BEACH. Calif. MP! —- A beauty queen toppled from her Miss U.S.A. throne by her own deception flew back to Maryland Saturday with the prospect of cashing in on the sensation she Ydung Play Stars! Printed Pattern Birthday Party For Mrs. Anson Mrs. Telford Anson, owner of the West End Cafr», was honored at a surprise birthday party given by the employes at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon at the cafe. After Mrs. Anson had opened her gifts, ice cream and cake were served. Employes and guests attending were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sharp, Mrs. Anson's daughter, Virginia Sharp, Mrs. Harry Kunecke, Mrs. District Meet, VFW Auxiliary at Manning in. Fall (Times Herald New* Servlee) MANNING — Veterans of For eign Wars Auxiliary No. 3517 held its regular meeting at the VFW Hall Thursday evening, preceded by a 6:45 potluck supper. The committee in cnarge of the pot luck included Elsie Siem, Milda Peters, Edna Peters, Helen Petersen, Verna Wegner and Alma Schroeder. Twenty-two attended the meeting, conducted by the president, Mrs. Wade Mohr. Mrs. Leonard Frahm gave the auditing report tor April through July. * * * f There was a discussion of the 6th district meeting to be held in Miller Plans To Appeal; Fined $500 Ends Saturday . . at CARROLL OUTDOOR THEATRE Sun. • Mon. • Tues. IN TECHNICOLOR and VISTAVISION BOB HOPE in "The Iron Petticoat" with (CATHERINE HEPBURN Open at 7:15 p. m. Come Early . , . Free Playground for the Childrtn! Visit Our Conceuion Stand for Thoie 'Cold Drink.I Lore Owl Show Saturday Night! VieiprjOIYVANNOOIIAH CHAIlOm AUITIN holtz, Mrs. J. Egan, Mrs. Sophie Schmitz, Mrs. Amelia Gute, Mrs. E. A. Wissler, Mrs. Florence Wagner, Mrs. A. Reas Anneberg and Mrs. Lloyd Booth. June Junior Activities (unit officers election) — Mrs. James Phillips, chairman; Mrs. Arnold Witt, cochairman; Mrs. Byron Russell, Mrs. Al Boss, Mrs. R. W. Humphrey, Mrs. W. L. Kline, Mrs. Maurice Nurse, Mrs. W. C. Reynolds and Mrs. Leo Saul. July Unit Activities - Mrs. A. C. Reinowski, chairman; Mrs. Theodore Happe, co-chairman: Mrs. F H. Arts, Mrs. Mary Meyers, Mrs. J. W. Willenburg, Mrs. Frank Balk, Mrs. Andy Balk, Mrs. Harold E. Deur, Mrs. Winifred Schaefer, Mrs. E. W. Martin and Mrs. L. Risselman. Clarence Sharp. Mrs. Al Lehrter, Mrs. Alvera Irlbeck. Mrs. V i c 1 September at Manning. The Aux Sapp, Mrs. George Friday. Mrs. iliary will serve lunch and dinner Louis Wisktis, Mrs. Mabel Bor- to convention delegates. Mrs. Wilkowski, Evelyn West and Betty ham Petersen and Mrs. George Fuchs. Peters will be general chairmen; Mrs. Hugo Dammann and Mrs. Grover Bartels, kitchen chairmen; and Mrs Leonard Frahm, Mcs. Ken Fogelman, dining room chairmen. The auxiliary will serve a class reunion dinner Aug. 11, with Eileen Enehbach as chairman. One dollar per member was contributed to the department's health and happiness fund. 4 15 Members at Meeting, of Arcadia Community Ace Club (Times Herald Newn Servlee) ARCADIA—Mrs. Clifford Bruggeman entertained the Arcadia Community Extension Ace Club at her home Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Roy Kruse, president, opened the meeting. Fifteen mem bers answered roil call with their He"nry"p*fiester,' Mrs! Henry M Bern-T^ ost embarrassing moments.--As a special feature, each one gave a cool recipe for 3 hot day. Lunch was served by the hostess. A family picnic dinner Sunday, August 18, at Graham Park in Carroll will take the place of the regular August meeting. Mrs. Leonard Bruggeman will be the hostess. Fellowship Groups At Manning Join For a Picnic Supper (Time* Herald News Service) MANNING - Junior and Senior Westminster Fellowship groups of the First Presbyterian Church held a picnic in the Manning City Park Thursday evening. Mrs. Ramon Wycoff, youth leader, and the Rev. and Mrs. C. G. Sinning, were also present. The name ''Buenos Aires "|63 Attend Picnic means 'good airs" and settlers' gave the city this name because they believed the location was healthful. * ALL IN THE EAR! Barely visible In this girl's ear is Sonotone's new hearing aid — complete. IT'S WORN ENTIRELY IN THE EAR—no cord, no "button" showing. Weighs only half an ounce. COME IN FOR FREE DEMONSTRATION AT HEARING CENTER BURKE HOTEL Carroll, Iowa Wednesday, July 24 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. SOHOTONE OF DIS MOINIS Pru Crest, Coniuiunt M4 Omnd Ave. — DM Melnu, Is, Of the Rohe Family The annual picnic of the Rohe family was held July 14 at Graham Park here, with 63 attending. The picnic dinner at noon was followed by cards and visiting. Lunch was served later. Relatives honored were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kock and Jas. Gank- ler of Davenport, who were guests of Mrs. Lillian Trecker. Others attending were; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rohe, Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Rohe and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schneider and son and Mrs. Ann Rohe, Templeton; Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Rohe and family, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rohe and family and Mr. and Mrs. LaVern Trecker and son, Manning; Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schroer and family. Manilla; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Korwes and family, Coon Rapids; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Rohe and family and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Rohe and family, Gray; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nagl and Mr. . and Mrs. Leonard Riesberg. > Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keefe and their son-in-law* and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Thelen, and sons, Gary and Brian, returned, Friday night from a week's visit with Mr. Keefe's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. William O'Meara, and families at uerver, Colo., They were also in Colorado Springs, Estes Park and the surrounding area. Highway Accident Fatal to Farmer, 59 MARSHALLTQWN W — Ben C. Stewart, 59, a farmer of near Conrad, was killrd late Friday in a highway accident while he was pulling a wagon load of oats with a tractor. Officials said his vehicle was struck from the rear on Highway 14 about 12 miles north of here by a truck driven by Ronald listing of Cedar Falls. Risting, a driver for the Larsen Construction Co. of Cedar Falls, suffered only minor injuries. * The accident occurred about a half mile from Stewart's farm home. He is survived by his wife anf two sons. 9184 Printed Pattern magic! See how many pretty outfits you'll make for daughter, with these easy-sew styles! Cool top, shorts, pedal pushers, and sleeveless Jacket mix-match so many different ways! Printed Pattern 9184: Girls' Sizes 6. 8, 10. 12, 14. Size 10 top and shorts take 1% yards 3S-lnch fabric; Jacket, 1H yards.. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, faster, accurate. Send FIFTY CENTS In coins for this pattern—add 5 cents for each pattern for lst-class mailing. Send to Marian Martin, care of Dallv Times Herald, 25 Pattern Dept.. 232 West 18th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plalnlv XAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. San Francisco's Mayor Confident NEW YORK I* — Mayor George Christopher of San Francisco arrived Saturday confidentally waving a briefcase which he said contained "papers for the transaction" to shift the New York Giants baseball team to his city. Christopher said he expected to confer with the Giants' president, Horace Stoneham. Talk of the move to San Francisco has been prevalent for some time, along with discussion of the possibility that the Brooklyn Dodgers might transfer operations to Los Angeles. Stoneham already has said this will be the Giants,' last year at the Polo Grounds, and that he sees no possibility of moving to another local ball park. As Christopher and his wife stepped off a plane he held his briefcase aloft. Asked if it contained "papers for the transaction," the mayor smilingly replied in the affirmative. created in the Miss Universe contest. •. . The girl who won the American title over 43 other homegrown contestants, only to be disqualified because she is married/wasn't even present Friday night at the finish of the 10<day pageant. Mrs. Mary Leona Gage Ennis, 18, was boarding Her plane at Los Angeles International A ir p o r t wheri the judges selected Miss Paru, Gladys Zender, 18, of Lima, as Miss Universe. ' Mrs. Ennis entered the contest and twent through to" the U.S.A. title as 2t-year-old Leona Gage, because married girls are not eligible for the event. Hotel Engagement, When she left she took along a contract for a $200-a-week engagement at the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev. She said she plans to accept it. A spokesman for American International Picturts said the studio is offering Leona a featured role in a film called "Motorcycle Gang" to start shooting in Hollywood Aug. 12. Entertainer Spike Jones sent an offer for her to appear on his television show. She was deluged in her hotel room Friday, by offers from TV shows and night clubs. She said that among the offers was one to appear on the Ed Sullivan show. But what Leona k had wrought was not without its heartaches. She fainted once, simply, from tension, a doctor said, and she fainted again Friday night when a reporter told her her father is alive. She had said he was dead. It developed that her father, F. D. Gage, 56, is a palsied patient in * Wichita Falls, Tex., hospital. Her mother, divorced from her! father, now is Mrs. Walter Biggs I of Dallas. Mrs. Biggs told newsmen in Dallas that she had written the girl, telling her that her father was dead. Leona's husband. Air Force Sgt. Gene Norris Ennis, 28, said he will have a < leave to go to Las Vegas with her for a vacation before her hotel show starts Sept. 4. Leona said their two boys, Gene, 3, and David, 2,'will go with them. Ennis said in a Baltimore TV interview: "She feels great about it and I'm as proud of her as I can be." Mother-in-Law Critical ^ But her mothor-in - law, Mrs! WASHINGTON MVPlaywright Arthur Miller, says he U confident he can successfully appeal his contempt of congress conviction. The lanky, 41-year-old Miller, husband of actress Marilyn Monroe, announced plans to appeal after a Federal District, judge Friday handed him a $500 fine anfl a one-month suspended sentence on the May 31 conviction. Judge Charles McLaughlin in imposing sentence said he had taken into account the fact that Miller answered all but two questions put to him by a House subcommittee on unAmerlcan activities in 1956. B e f o r l e pronouncing sentence McLaughlin denied a motion by Miller to have the conviction set aside, The two questions Miller refused to -answer for the subcommittee dealt with the identity of persons with whom Miller said he attended meetings of communist writers in New York in 1947. Miller, in his testimony before the subcommittee, admitted he had supported communist causes but said he had never been under party discipline. Pruss Named Erbe Assistant DES MOINES (ffi — Francis J. Pruss, 34, of Central City, has been appointed an assistant to Atty. Gen. Norman A. Erbe and assigned to the Iowa Tax Commission. Erbe announced the appointment of Pruss Friday to succeed Marvin A. Iverson of Des Moines, who resigned last week to resume private practice. Pruss practiced law in Cedar Rapids and Central City from 1952 until Feb. 1 of this year when he became assistant counsel to the State Highway Commission at Ames. Bill Adds More Of Highway 71 to North-South Route WASHINGTON (*» — Rep. Overton Brooks (D-La) proposed Friday that a route from New Orleans to Duluth be designated a part of the interstate and defense highway system under the new federal highway program. _ _ He introduced a bill to include Clarence"Long"of Crisffeld, W±,\\ n the interstate system a route told a reporter: "That's an awful i from New Orleans to Baton Rouge DEMONS IN CELLAR By The Associated Press Only one game was played In the Western League Friday night and that resulted in a shift in the standings. Pueblo defeated Colorado Springs 7-8 and climbed out of the cellar. Des Moiner fell back into last place, after just one day in seventh. Colorado Springs twice blew leads and stranded 14 men on the bases. It's a thing a person is always going to do that brings on a shaky reputation. Form Boy, 12, Is Killed by Tractor INDIANOLA (Al — A 12-year-old farm boy was killed Friday when a tractor he was. driving overturned on a county road a half mile south of Lacona. He was Dennis Culbertson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyne Culbertson who farms near Lacona. The boy was pulling a hay baler down a hill. It swayed and caused the tractor to overturn. Even though most young men pick out an engagement ring by themselves, the girl is sure to have a finges in it. The housefly, one of the most prevalent Insect disease 'carriers, may migrate as much as 30 miles, Personal Paragraphs Rev. and Mrs. Harold S. Reitz and children of Chicago were overnight guests of Rev. Reitz' brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert L. Reitz. They were returning to Chicago where he is pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church after a vacation trip. Louise Anderson of New York City arrived Saturday to spend the weekend with Mrs John Clements and Mr. and Mrs. George Holland. She is on her waj back to New York after a western trip. Mrs. Earl Wooten and children, Peggy and Tom, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. James Ganoe and children, Ricky and Linda, of Des Moines, returned Friday morning from a three-week western trip during which they visited Las Vegas, Nev., Pomona, Calif., and went sight-seeing at Disneyland. The Ganoe family left lor Des Moines Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Alvan Cox are spending today in Belle Plaine. Accompanying, them are. Mrs, Fred Schaefer and" granddaughter, Cindy Fuller, who ar^ going to the home of Cindy's parents, Mr. and Mrs, Robert Fuller, at Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Schaefer will spend a week with the Fuller family. Cindy has been visiting the Schaefers. Misses Lillian and M. Geraldlne O'Boyle of Sioux City visited Misses Rose and Agnes Finnegan overnight Friday, They came here from Vail, where they attended funeral services for their uncle, Frank O'Boyle, Friday morning. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Conway, daughter, Charlene, and son. Michael, of Davenport arrived Thursday to visit Mrs. Conway's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G e » e Booth. They are leaving Sunday tb spend a week at Crescent Beach, Lake Okoboji, and then returning here for a few days. way to have to live, by lying. Any- j thing you get by cheating is not 1 worth having." Leona'S mother said in Dallas: "I can't figure but why she did this—to tell these stories." The probable answer was supplied by Leona's friend, Mrs. Barbara Mewshaw, 24, Glen Burnie, Md., who posed as Leona's cousin, but isn't. Barbara, who is flying back with Leona, said she talked the deposed Mis! U.S.A. into entering the Maryland contest in the first place. » "1 realized she was a beautiful girl and could become a very good model, but she just couldn't get jobs without experience and without becoming known, getting some publicity," said Mrs. Mewshaw s . . She and Leona said they told the Maryland sponsor, after she won there, that Leona was married and would withdraw if he wanted her to. However, William J. Adams, the Miss Maryland sponsor, asserted, "I did not know she was married.'' "Our only plan was to get here, to Hollywood, where beautiful girls can make some good money," Barbara said. "We had no hope of winning. Our plans didn't go that far." Willey 4-H Club Holds Local Show (Timet Herald Newi Service) WILLEY — Mothers of 4-H girls and other women of the Willey community were guests at the local achievement Show of the Willey Merry Maids 4-H Club, • Friday night, in the basement of St. Mary's Church at Willey/ All seven club . members were represented with exhibits from which selections were made for the Four-County Fair. Judges were Mrs. W. H. Browjj and Mrs. W. J. Heires of Carroll. A short business meeting was followed by a .program of music and.readings in which all members participated^ Laurel Jean Broich and Julia Wendl of the junior demonstration team gave their demonstration of "Making a Bed" which is to be presented at the Four- County Fair. At the close of the program refreshments were served by cjub members. CLUB PLANS PICNIC Toastmasters 'and .their wives will hold a picnic in the Graham Park shelterhouse at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Refreshments will be furnished by Hotel Burke. All Toastmasters and,wives are invited..' : * ' Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Patrick are home after vacationing in Minnesota for 3 tew' days. They visited Mr.' and Mrs, LaVerne 1 Eich at Austin and spent a day in Minneapolis, while the Patricks were away, their sons, David and Dennis, stayed with ,the, boys' uncle, and aunt, Mr. end Mrs. Merle Gilroy, at Jefferson, over U.S. 61 and from Baton Rouge to Duluth over Highway 71 which goes through Iowa. The route then would extend northward from Duluth to Canada. Brooks said that actually all that would be added to the interstate system would be the mileage from New Orleans to Kansas City since Highway 71 from Kansas City to Duluth already is part of the system. Dorothy Schulxe Leaves on Vacation Jaunt to Florida <Tlme» Herald New« Servlre) PLEASANT RIDGE - Dorothy Schulze with three other teacher friends of Cherokee, left on a three-week trip to Florida Monday. They take a long trip each year. Mrs. Viola'Morris of New Providence was a visitor Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hagan. Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Hagan are cousins. They attended the Scranton quarterly meeting sessions of the three Friends churches at Scranton. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Parrish and son, Tom, of Kansas City, Kan., were visitors from Thursday to Monday of Mrs. Parrish's brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rains, Bob, John and Jerry. A Rains picnic was held at the park in Guthrie Center Sunday. The visitors left Monday morning for their home. The Richland 4-H Hotshots met at the Roy Rains home with John and Bob Monday evening. The Sunday school class of the Kendrick Friends Church at Scranton, of which* Bob Fey is teacher, invited a Sunday school class from Maple Grove, Glidden and Pleasant Ridge to a wiener roast and hayrack ride v ; Friday evening.' Rev. Stanley took LaVonne and Lola Kidney and Paul Stanley from Pleasant Ridge. Mrs. Archer of Glidden took Sharol and Carol Reever. From Maple Grove were Geraldine, Joan, Duane and Romayne Bundt. Nineteen young people enjoyed t h e ride. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Knight and Mr. and Mrc, Lincoln Thomas, Tom and Tim of Bayard were dinner guests Sunday of the Knight's daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Pevestorf, Laura Lee, Russell and Ronal Raj', at Nevada. ATTEND BAPTISM (Times Herald Newt Service) LAKE CITY - Mr. and Mrs. Harold DeSart and family were in Corwith Sunday, where Mr. and Mrs. DeSart officiated as godparents for * their niece, Patricia Kathryn Schaller, who was • baptized at St. Mary's Church there. She is the daughter of Mrs. De§art's brother 'and sister-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Rene Schaller. A girl won an oratorical contest in a western college. and that doesn 't sound no good for tha maa she marries.

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