Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on June 4, 1948 · Page 6
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 6

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1948
Page 6
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't»AGE SIX piSPATCHDEMOgRAT, PKIAH,:CALIFpRNIA 4 •• i ' f' FRIDAY,' JUNE 4, 194^ Supervisors Advise Des Rios Couple To Sue County For Property Damage "About six months ago the county did a bit of road straightening on the Covelo road one miie east of Dos Bios bridge. The road passes the store and home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dellamore who sold to the county a right of way for $200.00. Russell W. Cummins, county engineer, estimated the bank fronting the Dellamor6 property would be cut back,to leave about a four-foot drop, according to Dellamore. The drop from his front yard to the road surface is actually 12 feet, the road was cut in deeper than planned and his house is fcraClically,teetering on the brink, Dellamore and his v;ife have complained in some seven or eight appearances before the board of supervisors. ' Yesterday the affaire Dellamore boiled to a climax in the supervisors chambers. Cummins, according to the complaints heard at several past meetmgs, came to the property and volunteered the opinion that the cut made by a contractor was a disappointment to him and that the county sff^s obligated to move the house back or otherwise repair the damages. Cummins agreed, i)ellamore said, that his business has been left high and dry; that the county r^oad work has washed out bis fences and left him liable for dam- a'ges in case ^is livestock is struck by passing traffic. He promised something would be done, DeUa- mbre stated. •^'The board, carefully considering the case each time the Delia- mores have appeared, has con- fei'red with the engineer and the coimty attcrney. An offer of $500 Vi(as made to them two weeks ago and refused. .A house mover's bid to pull the house back from tbe road was $1500 and consid- eted too high. The Dellamores had grown tired of telling their story. Chairman Ed Haehl proposed further delay. It Was then that Supervisor Guy Sedwine lost patience and cut the discussion short. . "I believe the Dellamores have been damaged and the county has an obligation," he said. Supervisor Safford questioned the legality of further payment. James Busch, county attorney was sent for. He advised that the county can- hot legally pay damages without a 'court order. Supervisor Haehl advised (the Dellamores to bring a damage suit. Driven Raiioh Sold To Upper Lake lllan . The 136-acre ranch belonging to John Driven on the north highway has been purchased by Ed Sailor of Upper Lake, who will take full possession as soon as the Driven family gets settled in their new home in Ukiiah. This ranch was purchased by Mr. Driven about five years ago and is devoted to pears, prunes and grapes. The improvements include a tine 10-room house, excellent outbuildings and an irrigation system. At the present Stanley Duncan, son-in-law of Mr. Sailor, has taken charge of the ranch and with Mrs. Duncan, and their daughter will move into the ranch home when vacated. This transaction was handled by Younfce & Sqhamber and involves one of the "Highest prices paid for a ranch in this section in many months. • Mr. Sailor not so long ago sold ^jiis Lake county ranch of about the same size which he planted to pears 38 years ago. .Mr. Drivell's plans include a trip to Europe and Alaska and flnally to settle in their home in Ukiah. Mr. Drivell's property interests now include large apartment and store buildings in San Francisco. County Property Worth $2,744,000 SACRAMENTO, May 29, (WNS) T -The value of property owned by the County of Mendocino totals $2,744,000, according to a report issued today by Thomas H. Kuchel, state controller. The report was made on all county-owned property in the state which indicated the total value was $333,<}32,133.27. : Broken down into various classifications, the values in Mendocino county are as follows: Courthouse, $260,000; hall of records, $15,000; county jail, $11,000; county hospitals, $175,000; other buildings and grounds, $80,- Q00;other equipment, $3000; school buildings, $2,200,000. State Short Ag. Workers Report Indicates 200,000 laborers Are Now Needled California is approximately 200, • OOg workers short of anticipated needs for this year's agricultural season, James G. Bryant, dtrectoj of the state department of employ raent, said this week. ' However, he expects most of this total to be made up by the arrival of migrant workers into the state, work performed by students during school vacation, and residents of communities in agricultural sections, who nonnally engage in agricultural work dur- itig the harvest seasons. The employment of temporary farm workers, Bryant said, has increased rapidly during the past two months, with approximately 40 per cent of the anticipated peak of 350,000 farm workers on the job at the present tirhe. "The upswing since the end of March," the director stated, "has added 60,000 temporary farm workers to the payrolls. We now have about. 135,000 men and women working on seasonal jobs. "About two-thirds of these are residents of the area in which they' are working, and the rest are migrant workers, many of whom came to California from other states during the spring. "Although we are more than 200,000 workers short of our anticipated peak needs, there were only about 22,000,^persons seeking farm employment^ last week, and crop activities scheduled to start immediately will absorb some 13,000, leaving the state only 9,000 available farm workers." MAY 24, 1948 Wilbur Ancjerson vs. Leslie A. Goble. Case reopened, further testimony taken and submitted. James A. Moore et al vs. Fred Ray. Further trial; argued and submitted. People.vs. Claude L. Hubbard, Dismissed. , E.' J. Bradley et ux vs. Paul Pittman et al. Tried and submitted. , SAN BRUNO VISITORS Memorial weekend guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tracy of Smith and Dora streets were their son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Tracy of San Bruno. They also visited Mrs. Nelson Tracy's sister, Mrs. Walter O. Bucholz, 508 West Mill street and her family, and' went Ashing in Snake Creek near Tan Oak Park. IT PAYS TO THADE IN UKIAH MAY 28, 1948 , Probate Establishment fact of death K. L. Pmith. W. S. Van Dyke appointed sole appraiser. Estate Ben Moralli, deceased. Decree of due notice to creditors. Guardianship Frank A. Faught, incompetent person. Eleventh annual account and report approved. Estate Edward J. James, deceased. Accounting continued to December 17. Estate J. A. Redemeyer, deceased. Petition for distribution granted. Guardianship Avon Ray, minor. First account approved, bond reduced to $600, petition to substitute bbnd granted. ' Estate Anna Belle Johnson, deceased. Final account approved, distribution ordered. Estate Florence May Hunter, deceased. Final account, report and petition for distribution continued to Jhne 11. Estate Serene Wilson, deceased. Accounting continued to June 25. Estate Mike Andrianoff, deceased. First and final account approved, distribution ordered, executrix discharged. Estate Clyde Curtis, deceased. Final account approved, residue of estate applieii to plaim of department of mental hygiene. Estate Arthur Cole, deceased. Report of inheritance tax appraiser approved. Guardianship Rush R. Smith, incompetent person. Petition to invest funds granted. Application Lennart Ernest Svenson for change of name. Name" changed to Leonard Ernest Swenson. Estate Kathleen Agnes Mero, deceased. Will admitted to probate. Margaret Hazel Shafsky appointed executrix without bond, C. M. Mannon appointed sole appraiser. Estate Wilda Holland, deceased. Will admitted to probate. James A. Holland appointed executor without bond, W. S.' Van Dyke appointed sole appraiser. Estate Lizzie Miller, deceased. Edith Mulock appointed admini­ stratrix. Bond set at $800. C. M. Mannon appointed sole appraiser. Estate H. C, Pfahlert, deceased. D. C. Smith appointed administrator without bond. W. S. Van Dyke appointed sole appraiser. Guardianship Larry Dal Pozzo, minor, Pellegrmo Giovanetti and Virginia Giovanetti appointed guardians. Civil Robert H. O'Donnell vs. J. F. Young et ux. Plaintiff granted judgment for foreclosure and or^ der of sale, attorney fee of $50 allowed, $12.95 for taxes and $60 interest allowed. J. R, Thomas, Ready To Pour Concrete «tt TheaMr^ THIS WAS the scene at the South State slteet ^te ol the new theeie* buhdjng ae caught Tuecdajr by the Dispatch cameraman. PxeipaxBtldnsweie about complete for concrete trauxlng. Charles Haun <>l £ureka i« the contractor and the building is expecied to be open about September 1. court cdipiiiissioner, appointed to sell •property, , ykiali Pine Lumber Co. vs. Joseph Van Antwerp. Order of sub- niission! set aside and case reopened for purpose of _ taking testimony on .j)rice' of No. 3. common lumber.- Placed on calendar for June 4. ' I ,Wilbur Anclerson vs. Leslie. A. Goble. Plalntiflf granted judgment for restitution of jsremises. Plaih- tifC to prepare fin(jlings. James A. Moore et al vs. Fred Ray. Judgm.ent for defendant, and defendant will prepare findings. " W. E. Gllb«!rt vs. Northern Woods Products Co. Plaintiff granted judgment for $4253.59. Edward Miller et ux vs. Walter Thayer, Jr. Demurrer withdrawn, 10 d^ys to answer, notice waived. Alma M. Gooch vs. Frank M. Gooch. Continued to June 4 for trial. Florence Phillips vs. John Earl Phillips, I'urthfer proceedings on order to show'cause and motion to modify continued to June 4. ' Velma G. Phillips, etc. Vs. .William G. Philips, etc. Plaintiff granted interlocutory decree of divorce on ground of extreme cruelty. Minprechild awarded to plaintiff, property settlenient confirmed. Hattia Fait vs. George A: Fait. Set for trial June 4. yernaLuiian Bennett vs. George Rppald Bennett; Set for trial June 4, 2 p,m.- Don McCorquodale et ux vs. Solano Lumber Co., a corp et al. Demurrer overruled, 10 days after notice to ans-wer. David H. Perry vs. Ruth Piper Pardo Peery. Plaintiff grant- of fraud. i Wiliiafe W. Deritonet al vs; ^. G. Brbaddus, etc., et al. Demurrer withdrawn, 10 days to answei:, notice waived. Ray L. Shorey et ux vs. Joseph Selby. Demurrer continued to June 4. Prudence fuso vs. Domenico Tuso. 'festimony taken and matter suhmitted. Zelma Vassar vs. Harry Vassar. Motion for support and maintenance continued to June 11. WUliam Cotner, vs. Edrl H. Craft et al. Plaintiff granted judgment for restitution of premises and $500 damages. J. Clyde Anderson et ux vs. Clyde E. Price et al. Pursuant to stipulation preliminary injunction issued restraining defendants ^from interfering with road, or placing debris upon the road and plaintiffs agree to dose gates on road. Criminal , Petition Fred Stone for writ of habeas corpus. Write discharged, petitioner remanded. People vs. RiisseU Kenneth Oliver. Tom Cleland appointed to represent defendant. Continued to June 11, to be reset'for trial. People vs. Emery E. Hunt. Continued to June 4 for entry of plea. People vs. Robert H. Johnson. Same order. Application Jacob Levy for writ of habeas corpus. Continued to July 30 for hearing on petition. Party Pays Visiji To Coyote Damsite Members of the state watef. re-, sources board, the state, engineer's office and Vepresentat^ves of the corps of army engineers, bureau of reclamation, and California; State Chamber of Commerce held a 9 o'clock meeting at the Palace Hotel Thursday morning to discuss the Russian river flood control as one of the projects under investigation this month. • Following the meeting here the party .left for a trip through .Coyote -valley, which is the proposed site for the reservoir, after listening- to first-hand information from County Surveyor Russell Gummings, E. P. Sailor of Upper 1/ake, who represented Lake county interests in control of Cleer .lake ivaters, Leon Hopper of Coyote Valley, who spoke for the farmers of that-locality who will be displaced, if and wfcen the project gets undeir way, and Paul Sutterley, secretary of the Uklah Chamber of Commerce, who assured the meeting of the chamber's cooperation. ... The local men were introduced by Edgar,Dutton of Ukiah,'chairman of the state chamber's natural resources committee,'and hy V. TA. Moir, North Coast Council manager, state chamber of. commerce. Escorted by Mr. Dutton, the party left San Francisco Wednes' day and visited the Sonoma board of supervisors at Santa Rosa and were luncheon guests of the Heta- luma Chamber of Commerce, i . Prqni Coyote valley theyjr.went along the Eel river, lundfted* at Hartiook Inn and proceeded to Eureka; The trip ends Saturday after visiting all the counties from Marin to Del Norte. • ; Cafe Owners Sued By Former Tenant E. W. Dean and' wife, former operators of a restaurant and pool hall at Laytonville, haVe brought suit against Frances Clark, owner of the building and fixtures, to recover possession, of certain personal property in use in the business on February 3, 1947, when Clark terminated the lease and evicted the Deans. The property listed includes an exhaust fan, neon sign, two pool tables, billiard table, dishes, silverware, etc., estimated worth $875. The complaint says that on May 10, 1048, Clark brought suit in Justice court against the Deans for $60 balance due on rent. The Deans claim that their cause of action arose out of the same transactions alleged in the case in Justice' court and that Clark should be enjoined from further proceedings there until the action by the Deans is heard. Spurr & Brunner are attorneys for the Deans . Thirty-one graduates will re-, ceive diplomas at the exercises ""of the Wiiyts high school Thursday night. Pre-Nuptial Shower Fetes Bride-Eleet Mildred^ Prather washoriopee at a bridal shower in, the home • of Mrs. Bert Hinds Thursday night. May 2l, on North highway. Miss Pratiier, who announced her engagement in April to Glenn Roush, will be married June 19 in a garden ceremony at 6 p.m. performed by Dr. Richard A. Van der Las in the grove of the Reynolds Redwood camp operated by her parsnts,-Mr. and Mrs. Hale Prather, 65 miles north of Ukiah. The nuptials will be infprmal and the newly weds will leave for a 2-day trip to the Oregon Caves before going to Rockport to make their home where the grooni, son of Frank Roush of Yuba City, is employed in ^he lumber industry. Mrs, Prather, mother of the bride- elect, was down for the day of the shower and with Mrs. Katherine Burke was a dinner giiest before the shower guests' arrived with their gifts. Mrs. Prather's gift caused much amusement. She followed the "something old, something new" routine and presented her daughter with a cream and sugar set v/hich was one of her own wedding gifts, for the old. "New was four pieces of lingerie; "borrowed" was an old flower basket, and "blue" was ai' lovely slip. Mrs. Arden Gibson and Mrs. Herscliel Ford assisted the hostess. Games Were played in which Mrs. Carl Hinds and Mrs. T. J. Goudge were winners. Other guests were Mesdames Clair Holiday, L. B. Wilson, Charles N. Forbes, Janies Davis, Joe Elledge, Roy Riohey, Leonard Nix, Travis Simpson, Will Van Dyke and Virginia Searway, Invited and sending gifts but unable to attend were Mesdames Lilbum Gibson, Harold Holliday, L. T. Floerchinger, A. Towne, C. W. Dahlstrom, William and Bud Prather, Mamie Parker and Bert Hinds. Grammar Sebooi to Hernia SJl^Modi Way For Astemblymdn Thursday .evening,.,June '10,.th6 iWtiah. grammar school •will- •iradu'- ate theJorgest class in its. history when '90 pupils #re handed their diplomas. ' .'Ac-graduation, day lirogram is schsduled to begin at 8 o'cIocI«^ and will consist of of an Overture- l>y the senior band; presentation of the colors by Camp Fire Gins antl Boy, Scouts; invocation by Rev; Oran Bollinger. 'The girls' chorus will sing Des-f ert'Song and Gypsy Love Song; Oafol Mitchell; David LaHa- and Jack Thatcher will give a trumpet trio; two {iccordion solos will be played by Anita Fanucchl, Begin the • Beguine, and Tico Tico;. the girls' chorus, with accordion accompaniment will sing Santa Lucia and Neapolitan Nights; David LaHa will play Stardust, and To Each His Own, as trumpet solos. • ' . Old Fashioned Garden, duet, by June Tilton and Martha Kunzler; clarinet trio, I'll Take You Home . Agafn, Kathleen, by Eula Elmoije, Virginia Pardini and- Harold Perry. Deputy/- District Attorney. John fi. Jfelson wUl- deliver the address, wliich will be followed kiy presentation of the el-ass by Principal Frank F. Zeek; awarding diplomas by Margaret Singley and Iva M. Mellis, Bth'grade teachers. Jack Simpson, music teacher, will conduct the band, •• Following is the list of graduates for 1948. Richard Allenby, Dennis Bartlomei, Donald Butler, Harold Britton, Dolores Catenacci, Pat Duffey, Dolores Dunbar, Wynona Early, Eula Elmore, Marcene Evans. , Chai-les Flores, Merdis Freeman, Elsie Hair, Billy Hampton, Shirley Hampton, Hugh Haskell, Charles Hjcks, Richard Hooper, Ada Holmes, James Hunter. 'James Kruse, Martha Kunzler, Thomas Kurt, Agnes Lewis, Donald liockart, Evelyn Martin, Margie McGee, Kenneth Nystrom, Patricia O'Day. Doreen^Pacini, Virginia Pardini. Lee Patterson, Jack Philpot, George Potter, Jr., Evelyn Rmg- strom, David Rupe, Roger-Stevens, LieRoy Ruddock, Msry • Stewart. Jack Sturges, Ethel Thompson, Jpne Tilton, Aria Tisdcle, Artemis iTsarnas, Wanda • Webb, Mabel Wong, Robert Wood. Eveljai Abel, Herman Allen, Diane Archibald, James, Bnlyeat, Clark Beck, Wesley Boesel, Flora Call, Vivian Cates^Beverly Caya, Patricia Churilla, Lynette Coleman, Sandra Cox, Dickie Grain, Lu Juana < Cyphers, Joann de Lotty, Barbara ' Drivell, Rex Erlckson, Anita Fanucchi., Janet GUlette. George Ginocchio, Marilyn Hair, Garrie Heryford, Jerry Hickey, Leola Hobbs, Billy Hovey, Shirley Jenkins, Linda John, George JoneS, Dale Kirk. David LaHa,-Richard Mattern, Jack'McCoy, John McDonald, Le,^y; McGrew, Carol Mitchell, Don^ aid Moschetti, Ardell Myers, Robert Penny, Harold Perry. Joan Roberts, Lester Sacchi; James Shupe, Dawd Stirewalt, Betty Swintori, Edna Taylor. Jack Thatcher; James Trucker, Beverly Ward, Grace White, Leonard Wlmmer; Lucille Yaple. STERLING NOROARD of Ukiph. who on the f«ce of present re-, turns leads Roger Kent lor the Demoetatie nomination tot. Firtt District Congressman. Lions Sponsoring 2 All-Star Games . A pair of baseball, games, of. particular notp have been lingd.up for June 19, 20, tfce prlhcippls to be the Ukiah-Talmage AlljStiirs Pitted against Ben's, Qal^en^low Of San Francisco, 19^'7's'tate cham- Pipns. These games are being sponsored by the Ukiah Lions Club with Al Antoi}'4n charge of arrangements. Profits realized from the games wi^r^^l^^o the Lions' fund . Thexflrsti^game^will be played o\\ the iraliihage diamond on Saturday ;|fWln»fenit/June 19. The following day the play will be moved to Ukiah and-the game played at the South State street ball park. V The Talmage game wUl begin 9t 1:30 q'clock, and tl[ie Sunday game in Ukiah will start promtply. qt 2:30 p.m. Sibutin RAISE MUNICIPAL SWIM Because of the increased costs of operation and maintenance of the municipal plunge the city council last week decided to raise the price of admission for adults and students. Effective May 31 adults will be charged 42 cents and students 32 cents. The admission price for children under J 2. years is reduced to 9 centc. Cub Pack 45 of Ukiah held its monthly meeting at the Methodist social hall Friday evening. May 28. Cubmaster Robert Archibald led the program beginning -with presentation of. the flags by all cubs. Salute to the flag followed and the Cub promise, the law of the pack and the Cub motto were given. • Den 1 won the girls' clothes relay game, Robert Denny of Troop 45 received his den chief cord. Boys receiving achievement awards were Dickie Towne, bear; Bobbie Hills, Wolf and bear;. Bobbie Matthews, Rupert Witt, Bobbie Archibald, Channing Cornell, Howard Cornell, lion. '. In an (impressive candlelight ceremony conducted by Rev. R. G. Witt three boys were inducted into cubbing and received their bobcat pins; They were Henry Corner, Herbert Lauteren and Ronald Ford. ' ^ • • Rev. Charles G. Lindemann conducted the graduation of George Goodwin into scouting. He was welcomed into Troop 45 by Scoutmaster D. Nassie. Al Towne projected an interesting film of our nations capitol. Den 3 closed the program by presenting a tableau with a Memorial Day theme. Den Mothers are Mrs. E. C, Larson, Den 3;/Mrs, Channing Cornell, Den 1, MRS. COLLINS VISITING IN SAN FRANCISCO Mrs. Chariotte Collins of 101 South Hortense street left by plane this week for San Francisco. She is visiting her daughter, Mrs. R. A. Vayssie, who has just returned from a six-weeks cruise in the Carribbean sea and will attend the graduation of her grandson. Gene Vayssie from Menlo Junior college, All-Day Barbecue Initiates New Pit More than 100 reservations were made, for the all-day Memorial Day barbecite in the .grounds, o» the Baptist church 'at which the new , barbecue pit' was initiated Monday on Henry street. Two barbecued lambs supplemented the planned poUuck menu which con-' t'ributed a sumptuous bill of fare for boys, girls and adults who were ^pending the day in outdoor games and athletic events. - Pony rides were provided for the'.youngsters, and croquet. Others enjoyed the ping-pong table and ^ome pldyed volley .ball. 1 Before the barbecue was planned by Rev. and Mrs. Leonard Brown and^ their committees, the Young Adiiits group had arranged a picnic and swimming (if weather permits) in Lake county, so the young married couples of the church were not here for the festivities. ARTHURsW, WAY of Eureka polled a clear majority over his opponents for assenjblyman from the First Assembly district. British Consul Will, Visit Mayor Hughes The Honorable Forrest Hughes, mayor of Ukiah, will be formally visited on or about June 9 by His Majesly's Consul Gensral of: San Francisco. Word,.of the impending visit came in a formal letter.on engraved stationery addressed to Mayor Forrest Hughes in which / E. W. Moiklerei^. H.B.M. con; sular general announced he would make a short official call to Ukiah as part of his consular district and would visit the mayor. Asked if any plans have been made to receive the British official. Mayor Hughes said he hat . had no former experience in oiii- . eial consular visits and that he has no statement to make. Rep ,iibKean9* Cheie HUBERT SCUDQER of Sebas- lopol is'the choice of the. Republicans of the First, Congressional .district for the post,being vacated by Congressman Lea. Lakes Picnic Enioyed By J, A. Froeman Family Mrrand Mrs. J. A; Freeman of 811. North Oak street spent the Monday holiday ^ with their son, aiid iiis w.lfe, Mr,'arid Mrs, Harley Freeman,'at the lakes. They enjoyed a picnic with the young people wlio brought their typewriters from Veterans Village in Richmond, • where he is preparing to be'a teacher, and spent a work- ii)g vacation. •! Mrs. Harley Freem'an's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.i W. Thornton of Santa Rosa, were also metnhers of tihe pifcnic party and so wag. her grandfathBr, Frank Wilson of Ukiah. ' ' Norman Williamson Will Morry U.-C. Coed Soon Norman Daniel Williamson of San Francisco, son of Mrs. Michael Hendrickson of Ukiah, will marry. Margaret Bradshaw Fay of Berkeley. The news was announced in the Kappa Alpha Theta house in Berkeley last weeek. 'The bride- elect is the daughter of Prof, and Mrs. Percival B. Fay of.the French department of the University of California. -Mr; Williamson graduated from the University of California In 1944 and is now in business in San Francisco. State highway commissioner, Walter Sandelin of Ulciah, -and highway assistant engineer, Frank Reynolds of Sacramento, left Tuesday for Humboldt and Del Norte counties to confer regarding highway problems in that section. Mr. and Mrs. Cox Have Holiday Housegues+s Mr; and Mrs. George Moore and their daughters Karen an4 Mary Frances w.ere; weekend guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Cox, 341 West, .Tones Strefet. Mrs. Moore is Mrg. Cox's sister. They spent Friday and Sat- u;rday here. On Sunday, another sister and her h'qsband, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Peryam of Santa Rosa and their daughter, Mrs. E. O. Sierens and lier son David came for the day. Mrs. Sierens' husband is stationed in the Hawaiian islands with his naval unit. , VISIT MRS. FOSGATE Visitors from Oakland over the Memorial weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Fosgate and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd O'Brien, who came to visit Mrs...Minnie Fosgate who resides with her sister, Mrs. Rose Clyma of 140 Clara avenue. Edmund Fosgate is her son and Mrs. O'Brien is her granddaughter. Golden State Hotel SAN FRANCISCO'S PoweU Street at EUU In the Hub — But Out of the Hub-bub Choice of Outside-Inside Rooms —! WITH BATH !— Single $2.50 up: Double $3.50 up —8 WITHOUT BATH :— Single $2.00 — Double $2.50 Lem Shibley Marvin McCleery Flics Home On Surprise Visit Marvin McCleery, serving his first year as a hospital apprentice 1/c in the medical corps of the TJ. S. Navy, flew home last weekend and surprised his mother, Mrs. Robert C, WiHiamsof 306 South Pine street, Mr, and Mrs, Williams and Mar- Vin went to Cummings for the weekend to visit Mrs. William's father, E, L, Shuster and other relatives, Marvin will return to his post in San Diego at the end of the week, , Local People Seen At Santa Rosa D.A.R. Meet A visit to Washington b, C. was related to. the D. A. R. meeting in Santa Rosa last "Tuesday afternoon which Mrs. 3/ S. BUinken- ship of Ukiah attended and saw Mrs. Francis Henley and Mrs. E. Foster formerly of Ukiah. The speaker was High Point winner. Miss Jeanette Black who told of being shown the sights of Washington by Congressman Lea. Mrs. Tom (Myrtle) Rice returned to Ukiah on Wednesday morning with Mrs. Blankenship. Hal Brunner Head Of Pomb Shrinei| Harold Brunner Will, take the chair in Porno,Shrine club as new| .Guardian of the ;.Green Goose, •will, succeed -DicH- Maazoni a' installation barbepue^ and evenli meeting at the summer home Noble Dr. John H; Hansen on Blu^ Lakes, June 24. other new officers nominated andeleoted at a meeting last week are Carl Daubeneck,.'Camel Milker; Superior Judge, Lilbum Gibson, Camel Driver and Dick Mazr zoni, Keeper of. The, Quill. Plans;, were made, for ladies' night on June 17 when ladies and knights of Ahmes Temple, Oakland, will come here with a prO' gram of professional entertainment to follow ,a dinner at' Blue Lakes' lodge, ! .. •' ',. • . . ..^•.',;'f • All nobles and their wives in this territory are invited whetherl or not they are associated with Ahmps Temple, Al Praga is chairman for the event.. Mrs. Gheieyer's Brother Assigned Tb:Palestine Long distance from Philadelphia to Mrs. Howard Cheever Monday night brought the, news that her )3rother, Maurice F.: X. Donohue was flying, to .Palestine Tuesday pn a .tw§-months assignment... as foreign covrespondent for • to newspaper, , the , Philadelphia - 'A: ciuirer. ,„.•.• I In air corps, .intelligence /work during the war^ I)ononue fipent three , years overseas and gait)e^ a background for his on-the-sf^l observations of. developments Tn (he. Holy Land, Mrs; Ch«iever,-who lives at. 706 Walnut street Is, the ^ife of the director of social • wel­ fare'' for Mendocino : county and I wgs a member of the Marine Corps j (reserve during the.wdrj.'IJer'for­ mer home was inNew Jersey. Washington BPW Club Wins Safety Contest i Winner in the Highway Safety dontest sponsored, hy' the National federation of Business and Professional Women's, clubs in cooperation with the . Automotive Safety Foundation is the Longview, Washington; Business and r^-ofes- ^ional Women's Club, according to Dr. Irma Gene Nevihs of Washington, : b.C., national health and ^afety chairman. , :; A club >yith 126 members,, the iongview club • conducted a Cour- liesy Drive project, held si Pedes- (jriari Day, conducted • a traffic jjrigle safety contest,- p^ornoted the organization of a local safety counciland interested the schools ii\ incorporating traific safety in iis school program. • ; The award for. the contest, ial ail trip to Fort Worth, to the natlo^l' federation's biennial , convention, July 4-9, v/itli all • expenses paid for a member of the winning club. BUY - SELL - TRXDE THROUfllfe THE CLASSIFiED.COLUMNff THANKYOU! To My Friends and Supporters v I desire to thank you for the many courtesies and favors ypii have shown me during my primary campaign for Congress. I will appreciate your continued support in the General Election. If elected, you can be assured I will give my honest and conscientious service to my country, my state and my district. .HUBERT B. SCUDDER Candidate for Congress

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