Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 8, 1973 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1973
Page 5
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Armstrong ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, MON., JAN. 8, 1973 Pag* S Break the chain or break the law By Abigail Van Buren • Client TrtMM-N. T. Km Iprt.. IM. DEAR ABBY: In regard to that lady who felt guilty if she didn't continue to circulate "chain letters," please tell her she should feel guilty if she DOES. They are against the law and should be turned over to the local postmaster. Only last week I received a "prayer" chain letter in the mail. It said: "Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart and always acknowledge Him and He will light your way. This prayer has been sent to you to bring you luck. The original copy came from the Holy Land and has been sent around the world 23 times. Make four copies and send them to your friends. You must do this within four days or you will suffer dire consequences. One man. in Hawaii broke the chain and on the sixth day he died. On the seventh day he won $50,000, which he was unable to collect." Such rot! I am a Presbyterian minister, over 80 years of age. I still preach every Sunday and I believe in prayer, but I broke the chain, and my "four days" are long past and I still feel great! I shall surely tell my congregation to forward any chain letters to their postmaster and feel repaid for having beaded off at least one more piece of superstitious junk. HAROLD A. SMITH, ATLANTIC, IA. DEAR REV. SMITH: Thanks. And I'll tell my readers the same. DEAR ABBY: You have said many times in your column that it is not considered good etiquet to put "No children, please" on wedding reception invitations. Well, I don't care what you say. If you had to pay a caterer $15 a person you would make sure Mom and Pop didn't bring their sue kids along to get a free meal. Some people have to be told in plain English to leave their kids at home, and I say, "TELL 'EM!" PLAIN TALKER IN PHILADELPHIA DEAR PLAIN: For another point of view, let's hear it from a reader in Coon Rapids, Minn. DEAR ABBY: So often you hear from people who want to exclude children from a wedding reception. I find this distressing. Such occasions are ideal for families to be together. The father has to work away from his home all day, and in many cases the mother also works. The kids are involved in their various school activities, or just left to bum around with their peers while the parents run off and leave them. Children should be included with their parents at weddings so they will see the beauty and sacredness of the marriage ceremony. And at the reception, if the refreshments were limited to cookies and punch, children could be included without running the cost up. Who cares what is served? After all, people are supposed to be celebrating the union of two people in love—not food and drink! The family unit is held together by love and togetherness. It is the only thing that will keep our country strong and save mankind from destroying itself. Where else but with his parents should a child learn how adults should conduct themselves? MARY K. BERG Problems? You'll feel better if yon get it off you- chest. For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. M7M, L. A., Calif. M*SS. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. For Abby's new booklet. "What Teen-Agen Want to Know." send $1 to Abby. Bex «7M. Los Angeles. Cat. i LEAGUE BOWLING 4£ JUNIOR BANTAM LEAGUE SATURDAY Lane Tamers 19 9 Blowouts 18 10 King Pins 16 12 The V.LP.s 16 12 Born Losers 13 15 Iowa Fats 12 16 Pocketeers 12 16 Greasy Gutters 12 16 Bummers 11 17 Strikers 11 17 High Team 3 Games Iowa Fats 1744 Pocketeers 1739 Bummers 1710 High Team 1 Game Lane Tamers 654 Iowa Fats 647 Bummers 600 High Individual 3 Games Glenn Rauhauser 508 Terry Whitacre 489 Mike Steil 444 High Individual 1 Game Paul Moland 181 Glenn Rauhauser 180 Mike Steil 179 ODD COUPLES MIXED LEAGUE FRIDAY Larry Evans 481 High Men's 1 Game Herb Ruden 208 Randy Cody 200 Herb Ruden 193 High Women's 3 Games Carol Cody 419 Marie Evans 416 Dixie Iverson 368 High Women's 1 Game Dixie Iverson 187 Marie Evans 161 Carol Cody 158 MIXED LEAGUE SUNDAY Jokers 43 13 Foxy Burds 32 24 Four Ups 30 26 L S. & Co. 30 26 13th St. Bombers 29 27 Pumpkin Rollers 26 30 Jinxes 24 32 Hillbillies 10 46 High Team 3 Games Jokers 1660 Hillbillies 1656 Four Ups 1637 High Team 1 Game Jokers 655 Pumpkin Rollers 590 L S. & Co. 583 High Men's 3 Games Herb Ruden 534 Randy Cody 504 Lucky Strikes 48% 15'/2 Born Losers 44 20 Go-Getters 36 28 Tailfeathers 32 32 Roundabouts 32 32 The Spirits 31 33 Petersburg 4 31 33 Invaders 23 41 Strikes 22l/ 2 41>/ 2 K's & B's 20 44 High Team 3 Games Lucky Strikes 1881 Go-Getters 1771 Tailfeathers 1702 High Team 1 Game Lucky Strikes 640 Lucky Strikes 630 Lucky Strikes 611 High Men's 3 Games Bill Turtle 539 Kermit Graber 510 Norb Moritz 496 High Men's 1 Game Kermit Graber 204 Randy Beaver 195 Bill Turtle 194 High Women's 3 Games Donna Turtle 467 Marlys Williams 466 Norma Beaver 417 High Women' s 1 Game Marlys Williams 176 Donna Turtle 164 Donna Turtle 159 Max Quastad Family Concludes Mesa, Ariz., Visit Mr. and Mrs. Max Quastad, Scott and LaKaye and Mrs. Ervin Sabin have concluded a visit in Mesa, Ariz., with the Adolph Quastads and other relatives in that area. Other guests in the Quastad home included their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dreyer, Cindy, Sandy, and Troy Ringsted of Battle Lake, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Petersen, Carrie, Beth, Ann and Katy visited recently with the latter's mother, Mrs. Norma Fenske and with her aunt, Miss Irene Nelson at Blue Earth, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neill and family of Burlington, were re­ cent visitors in the James and Jean O'Neill homes. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Haisman of Richfield, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swartz of Mankato, Minn, spent several days at the parental August Haisman home. Connie Helgason, a student at the Iowa State University of Ames spent the holidays at the Eugene Helgason home. Sheila and Elizabeth Madden are spending several days with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Madden at Lake Okocho- bee, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. James Kennedy and family were recent guests Card Party Honors Dave Ingvall Dave Ingvall was honored at a "500" card party at the home of his daughter, Mrs. William J. Hansen, recently. He had observed his 91st birthday. Those present were Mrs. Alice Weber, Mrs. Mabel Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hurst and family and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Ingvall and family, all of Estherville; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Tangeman, Dolliver; Mr. and Mrs. Steven Johnson and Scott, Fairmont; and Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Jensen. Mrs. Herbert Hansen of Port Angeles, Wash., telephoned her father. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Merrill and Mark of Fort Dodge were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ranold Nelson and Stanley Nelson of Brookings, S.D., home for the holidays. Morris Jorgensen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Jorgensen, left for basic training in the U.S. Army at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., on Thursday. Mrs. Irene Petersen was a recent visitor of Mrs. Marie Berven of Estherville on her 90th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Theesfield C. V. Nelson FORT DODGE, Iowa (AP)Funeral services for C.V. Nelson, 73, of Fort Dodge, a for- merNorthwestern Bell Telephone Co. engineer who was state director for the American Association of Retired Persons were to be held here Monday afternoon. Nelson died Friday following surgery. The Red Oak native served in the U.S. Army, and was a graduate of Simpson College and Iowa State University. Scaleless skin, small eyes and barbels — long feelers resembling feline whiskers — identify the catfish. Professional Directory ****** l »*»*v*m*l*m4 Dr. D. E. Devall VETERINARIAN 16 North 7th Street t<*»*>l*XI***0*»*f Dr. J. B. Osher DENTIST 619 Second Avenue North Phone 362-4127 <** § VETERINARIAN § Large and Small & Animal Practice I 1020 Central Avenue / Phone 362-5758 H&**m *>»*H+»l*«*»*»** l Dr. Paul G. Larsen j DENTIST W. 314 Central Ave. Phone 362-4464 Dr. S. B. Rose OPTOMETRIST GAARDE BUILDING 7 South 7th Street Phone 362-5868 [Dr. R. E. Lester Dr. Paul Read head DENTISTS 214 North 6th Phone 362-4747 and family of Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Christiansen, Melvin Nelson and Mrs. Carrie Mouritsen were recent guests of Mrs. Dagmar Christiansen. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Thackery and family, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Paulson and family and Mr. and Mrs. Marl in Paulson and family gathered at the parental Gunder Paulson home at Armstrong. The Archie Daileys entertained family members recently. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Naig and family, Emmetsburg; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Dailey and family, Armstrong; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dailey and daughter, Faribault, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Corless Jennings, Fairmont. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Barnhard of Clay City, Ind. are house- guests of Harlan Plagge. Recent guests at the Russell Dominy home were Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dominy, Ida Grove; Mr. and Mrs. David Dominy and Pat, Mason City; James Dominy, Iowa City; Rose Mary Dominy, Ames; Mrs. H. L. Dominy, Estherville; Mrs. Eugene McCarville, Moorland. Bertha Olson recently entertained Mrs. Lillie Hoien, Ringsted, and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hoien, Brian and Becky, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Danielson and Mrs. Janice Sorensen and children, Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nicoson and family entertained Mrs. Lillie Hoien, Ringsted, and Mr. and Mrs. Dean Nicoson and daughter of Armstrong for dinner. Mark Nicoson left Wednesday to report back to the navy at Gulfport, Miss. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hutchinson left to return to Omaha after visiting several days at the parental Paul Hutchinson and Dale E. Anderson homes. Sarah Schnittger was honored on her birthday at dinner party at the parental Wayne Schnittger home in Fairmont. Guests included Mrs. Ella Schnittger, Fairmont, Mrs. Esther Watts, Armstrong, and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Madison, Ringsted. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kruse, Ringsted and their daughter, Colleen of Council Bluffs visited recently at the Russell Dominy home. Mr. and Mrs. Eldo Harder and family of Fort Dodge were recent guests of Mrs. Norman R. Nelsen and family. in the Joe Madden home to help Joey Madden celebrate his 10th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Strong of Pasadena, Calif, have been recent guests in the parental Allen Strong home. Mr. and Mrs. Cy Welp and family of Mars hall town visited several days at the parental Oscar Solberg home. Miss Margery Duffey of Kansas City, Kan. visited several days at the home of her sister, Mrs. Jean O'Neill. Mr. and Mrs. Norbert O'Neill and Joseph and Peg O'Neill of Rockford, and Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neill Jr., and family of Burlington were recent guests in the John O'Neill Sr. home. Mrs. William Small, Mrs. Gerald Moore and Mrs. Robert Duffy, all of Fairmont, and Margery Duffy of Kansas City, Kan., were recent visitors at the Jean O'Neill home. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Larson left for their winter home in Apache Junction, Ariz. Recent visitors in the Richard Krumm home were Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Askeland of Mesa, Ariz., Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Black of Norman, Okla., Mr. David Krumm and two sons of Brunsville, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Otis Opsal of Algona and Mr. and Mrs. Elward Picht and family of Burt. Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neill left Friday via plane from Sioux Falls, S.D., for the winter in Phoenix, Ariz. Their address will be 1111 Turney Ave., Ali Baba Apt 5, Phoenix, Ariz. Melanie Guinn, a freshman at Waldorf CoJ.'.-ge at Forest City will be home until Jan. 9 at the parental Clifton Guinn home. Jim Morrall, a student at West- mar College at LeMars, and Mrs. Nancy Morrall of Algona have been visiting in the Bernard Morrall home. Mike and Scott Hibben, students at Iowa State University at Ames, have been staying at the parental Marvin Hibben home. Mr.' and Mrs. Stephen Sabolchick of Chesterton, Ind., will spend several days this week at the parental Hibben home. Mr. and Mrs. George Hypes Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schreiber, Bobby, Lynnette and Laurie of San Diego, Calif, have concluded a two-week visit at the parental George Hypes Sr. home and at the Dr. Jerry Crouch and Mrs. Joleen Gibson homes. Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Ullrich of Jackson, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Simms of Fairmont, Minn., were recent visitors at the Elmer Schaefer home. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Weringa of Elmore, Minn., spent several days at the parental Vernon E. Johnson home. They and the Johnsons were recent guests of Marlene Johnson in Fairmont. "YOUR HAIR LOOKS LOVELY, BETH.' "IT OUGHT TO, MARGE. I SPEND HOURS ON \T." "YOU SHOULD SPEND 10 MINUTES GETTING A PAP TEST, YOU KNOW." Uterine cancer should be as much a concern to every woman as how she looks. It's the leading cause of cancer deaths among women 20 to 34 years of age. 44,000 women develop it each year. 14,000 of them die when they have everything to live for. That's tragic, but what is more tragic is that if every woman took ten minutes a year for a Pap test, this kind of killer cancer could virtually be halted. Part of good looks is good health. And a big part of good health is finding things like uterine cancer early...before it gets serious...while it's curable. BLUE CROSS and BLUE SHIELD DES MOINES / SIOUX CITY WE CARE MORE THAN A MILLION I0WANS STRONG

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