The Recorder from Greenfield, Massachusetts on March 29, 1973 · 14
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The Recorder from Greenfield, Massachusetts · 14

Greenfield, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1973
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IrCTtrtr V ' - V f i : 0 e: ' : s v t Vv' II CrecrilltM (Maas) Recorder THaiGang Leader Communist BANGKOK Thailand (AP) -IfarjfUHtt-fcedar-of the gang that hijacked a bus Wednesday in a fatile attempt to get a plane to Moscow or Peking is a “hardcore Gommu-nist” a high-ranking police official uid today LL Gen Prachuab Suntrang-koon told newsmen Tampong Sangchompu told him during houi of interrogation that he has more than 300 comrades working for “the cause of Communism” in northeast Thailand The general uid Tampong -was carrying a classified Thai government handbook a stick of dynamite and a timing device when he was captured Tampong led an armed group that commandeered a bus SO miles from Bangkok ordered it tkiven to the airport then de- manded to be flown to Moacow or Peking along with the S3 hue pemingcn The hijackers were persuaded to release the S3 for 13 Thai' colonels but when Tampong stepped off the bus he was seized sung with four accomplices and five others who tried to escape The five were released today but the tour accomplices were still being questioned - Wiretap— (Continued from Page One) answer the Question on grounds tost a reply might tendtobh criminate me” After the immunity was punted Hunt spent the afternoon with the grand jwy emerging only a few times to consult with his attorney Had he refused to answer questions he would have been taken before Judge Sirica and cited tor contempt McCord who gained a delay in his own sentencing with duugeb that there was political measure and perjury in die January trial-end diet others were going scot free— spent hours behind the guarded doors of the Senate wnmittee Sea Howard H Baker Jr Hr Tenn speaking tor the committee aid torther questioning of McCord waa put off far a McCord former eecurity chief for President Nixon's re-etocthm committee stood briefly before television cameras outride the-hearing room and through his attorney refused to 1 any question Meat Boycott- (Conttnued from Page One) have agreed to sell mussels for about $5 e bushel The Rev Robert j McEwen fanner chairman of the Mat-— rfy— h Oonsumen Council described the developing protest ae toe greatest development in the consumer action field in more than 20 yean “Pve never experienced anythin like it” Father McEwen saitC announcing that housewives students and heads of households from all areas of Massachusetts would partiri- £te in a demonstration at noon turday outride the John F Kennedy federal builcfing in the Government Center MMiiwfaile the South Shore Chamber of Commerce which represents 700 businesses in 14 isnmnmniiif of the MaiHiarhn-aetts South Share Hid it would support the boycott Boston Bourne Inc e seafood processing firm located near the Boston Fish Pier said it was freezing price on frozen foods sold to supermarkets institutions and distributors for (he monm of April FRIDAY NITE S hoppers Special Seafood Platter Shrimp I HwMtdt $3’5 Special Served S pjn-l pj Scotch Misf- ToL 774-2139 Foster’s Supermarket 307 Silver Street — Greenfield PORK-O-RAMA Whole Pork Loins ?? lb 8W Country Style Spare Ribs — lb 79 Loin End Roast lb- HN Coffer Cut Pork Chops lb $119 25 lb average Whole Choke Rounds lb $139 uaasey’s Brisket Corned Beef lb $109 I to average Roasting Chickens lb aw Geisha Brand Sliced means) v' Pineapple 3 for $1 jtarfine (303 cans) sntnKIMiwi riouiniiw mat Cocktail 3 for $1 bch 49 PiwfaW’aOiifrfasaArOwiiaJawJOpaWaJfiipanitaa Tharoday March 29 1172 Vo-Ed Budget— (Continued from Page One) finance committee but I must this time because id the great need tor Wait referred to the mandate of voters who voted 4-1 the district He also In nine towns of the 17-town district the effect on local tax rates would be greeter than the effect on Greenfield's He reminded members that becoming a part of a regional school district also would provide the town with an additional 15 per cent advantage of state reimbursement on Its entire school budget something every other town In the district enjoys now but Greenfield does not because of not being In a regional district The extra 15 per - cent comes after the bonding of the school Fln-Com Chr Morten J Barrie began the committee’s reasoning for negative recommendations -saying he was surprised at the moderator’s format “I thought we’d get to make otir recommendations before the proa and cons Moderator Burton Winer interrupted Mm to cite the procedure the meeting follows “I suggest you make your recommendation now” Harris Case and " Syihey Chaffee added their thoughts to the meeting each asking that the S33J50be turned down But 1 “ Mrs Case presented the most M mnW nhtarMm complete objection She Indicated she wu “going out on a limb” as an educator and “probably will get fired tomorrow” She apologized to her Prec 5 constituents tor not having read the committee's agreement closely and charged she feared that many hadn’t She touched on the fact the school committee members are appointed by the moderator rather than elected - by the populace She claimed the tows ia already "locked ia” because the agreement provides many specifics the town must live with She stressed the fact that future decisions are not ap to the town alone but up to everybody to the ifistrlct “If everybody rise wants something you don’t want you have to go along with it This is particularly true if a Iowa wants to get out I know If I were In a small town and the largest member wanted out I would any ’ You must pay You can’t come here and argue about it” She called the agreement "very nstnunital” hanier to change than the -'138 Constitution AnyR amendment to it mtttfifiFtgiWTFqFhii the towns by vote” She arid she is not against vocational education bat that legislation already has been introduced hi Boctoa to break down the traditional ppwer structure and to let districts develop schools tad curriculum that win fit the needs of the students and the area “I suggest we scrap this agreement to build another complete school and examine other facilities” Mrs Cate added She said new legislation will extend funding to cover not only new buildings but additions and renovations to older ones Proponents of the school also Included - Greenfield School Committee Chr Gilbert D Knapp who read an analysis from Supt William R Wright who could not attend Wright’s comments rebuked a claim that the cost to educate a student la a vocational school cornea to about S3J00 per TOWN & COUNTRY TV 10th BIRTHDAY SAIE When you compare - our prices and our sarvkd you'll see why everybody is buying thoir Zenith products from W alley the Trader at Town A Country TV MUBiMrl4MSM ' XtfrmkmmUMmrdDttrPriMm Town & Country TV S Meta SI Fish Fish Fish Fish Ready as usual Thursatlpin Extra-fresh haddock sole Boston scrod Boston pollock cod cheeks little neck and cherrystone clams lobsters (all sizes) halibut and salmon - FISH SPECIALS - 1 lb Chkken Lobsters lb $199 Maine Steamers lb 49 PRODUCE Pink or White Seedless Grapefruit 8 for $1 ' or Valencia Oranges Your Choice 45 bu $525 Asparagus lb Alt New Maple Syrup ' ' I Fresh Peas and Fresh Pea Pods ' - i 5 student per yeai: and that was as much as a Grade-A college Wright's comments compared cost per student with thoae WSmJSl Blue Hills vocational school now Harris said - his committee had been tor the school until it began investigating the cost of the school and its operation In talking to other school administrators Harris noted he wu warned "Be sure you have the right -to dictate what Present this picture to you We M Ilk t tb A Mm months to shortcomings Investigate and made Wm nr sourirommus uu mwe sure hat were getting toto- County Commissioner Thomaa w Merrigan added a short plea for a “yes” vote He state ’JMa provides no vnvn aS curriculum Jut asking an appropriation so the committee cm develop specifications and programs so It Cm come to a bond lane so liMtm hiftimiMl Kw we caa become Informed by going to the meetings The thing you must consider la Do we seed a vocational school?' ” - Knapp added Ms sentiments utter reading Wright’s letter: "I agree We need this school sad we need It now” - Former committee member William B Hayes added to the arguments getting a picture of the committee structure bringing ' out how Supreme Court decision demands one man one vote which meant a 278-member committee if it were elected £ence the appointed committee He also got Seward to review the selection policy noting it Is the committee’s talent to let the member towns elect which students are to attend James Fotopolus made the Jibe about the Academy Awards presentation wu remonstrated- by Winer to “keep personalities out of this” and added ”1 am concerned we are bearing from varied Interests We appointed reputable people to make the agreement I have confidence ta them” Hogs Cattle:- (Continued from Page One) effects of the threatened boycott' At the Bronx Terminal Meat Market wholeulers reported cutting their work forces by m much as 50 per cent Groups claiming' to represent the housewife were forging ahead with their boycott puns today In New York City 300 civic and consumer group have been invited to a boycott meeting called by State Rep Beqjamin S Bosenthal one of the unofficial organizers of the nationwide boycott Persons wishing to Join the boycott have been given a bit of advice Dr Joseph Kristen town health officer in Vernon Conn He suggested that persons planning to eliminate meat V hospital Among the 17 men leaving an Friday wifi be LL Cmh Phillip Kientzlery 32 of Poway Calif the last American pilot shot down before the cease-fire His jet was downed a few hours be-tore the Mica agreement was tag powers in Cambodia end riSeHaotf in Paris with the pullout of the remain- Those leaving Saturday will ini UK servicemen in South inrimto ta nine American Vietnam That withdrawal captured in Laos and 40 airmen reaches completion today ie££d with them in Hanoi on ""foe UMted States Wednesday Lloyd D Onpd 20 should take vitamin B12 tablets 7““ bombing to Cambotfia a Canadian missionary fined by a protein supplement A Br the final Vietnam with- ta Pathet Leo on Wednesday - - : ikwul Richardson replied: is Mao expected to have then Do the Mine basis wen- despite a mild one of malaria fially that we have jiutified t& 37 servicemen released the effort to bring about by the Viet Cot Tuesday CMseffre in other parts of hi- toured an elementary school docnina the bau today and were eere- The defenu secretary said mded by the youngriers who gave them handicraft gifts In Sandusky Ohio a statewide chain of 35 restaurants said it would remove all meat dishes from its -menus on Fri- stitutidn day as it did last Friday power to The Maine House of Representatives voted Wednesday 108 to 37 to recognize the boycott FOR SALE lw— 100 It a ISO ft Jaap date N irinaft daarlal era hi CM Iff 771-4745 SUGAR SUPPER Montague Cgngo Church Saturday March 31 Settings at S: 15 and 6:30 Adults $950 Children $1 25 For Reservations Call 367-2295 or 367-2484 TURKEYS OrderOnt ForThe Wtektnd FRANKUN TURKEY FARM Reekie U OB TeL 943-3774 Two Burned To Death In PoliceChase s CRANSTON RI (AP) — nrcre tain n notice — Wednee- iff ifffl i mtSS - w -V- tadlytoat&rpotare not-yet been able to positively ' nJiiH - mat one of the vie urns nan at ready been killed before being bunted A home I Arrewfldd Hoad 5?? wTSJKf0Si? bout- 7 ta-Wednesday lugnt C2?n!L?S5?ee‘ caped from the blazing bouse the fWv Ast - mice under me meorymat - non of me auto driven by me araodM drove up to the doum rixirtly before midright and Pa- tmlmi WW ihrfy pve chase He Mid he saw only one r Cr ' ' While the puiwied or waa apeeding tlong Scitunte Ave- nue Busby reported that he aaw the driver shake what look- ed like ar bag up and down in- Mde the car Busfy said it ap- peared fhe driver was mg a - liquid around inside the car Then too car veered off the road went across a Arid and kill A tk rmxmA iqi a MO As the car raced across the fields it- burst into flames Busby reported The blazing car smashed uainri a tree the officer laid The heat was so intense police said that cartridges in a rifle in the car exploded When flames subsided police went up to the car and found two bodies -inside the vehicle v The 1 second body was slumped down in the ptssen- E’s sett Folks said they be-e the second person wss a woman The car- is registered to a ’Warwick woman and a purse wu found in the car The home wu firebombbd by he howed 8 of gasoline an the lawn as a fuse anligrited it Mrs Shirley M Thompson occu pant of the house was one of the- three wtareKhped un-tajwed The other two persons who escaped were Mrs Thompson’s daughter Katherine and Katherine’s boy: friend David Carlson 19 Police said that following the firebombing they had penned warrants far the arrest of Mrs ' Thompson’s jestranged htnband £b ThomK charging -Mmwith'nttomBtoii jmra poaszssion of a rifle end arson A Cranston fireman Peter Guyones suffered - smoke inhalation fighting the Maze-end was admitted to SL Joseph's Hospital for observation - ' Deputy Fire Chief William Maine said the attacker apper- ently threw a plastic five-pBon still in the room u firemen Bed ““P1-fought the Maze he said Nixon’s eul the bombing any specific line except make £c2 the general and the power of the president as commander-in-chief” WATCH REPAIRING All Work Done On' The Premises B'rtzer's Jnwnlry Store 7 Undee Ave-OreariUd Dr Charles Belford Veterinoripn Deerfield Office Open Office Hours by Appointment Plan your noxf private party at the Black Stallion Cad after 4 pm Mma33M3M DAFFY DAYS This Weekend Featuring: A Free Flower For Everyone! Everyone's Invited To Have Funl ' 1 i ’ YETTER-S KissingerrCuba-" f (Coetlnued (ran Page One) ! ’ : ' Wifi' 1 The latest survey shows that Cuba to try to improve our Sl-per cent of US citizens relations with that country?' would like to vistt Cuba If Heavy support tor travel reatrictiou with that Kissinger to Cuba la found la country were lifted TMi per- all - major groups but is a - The proportion who -would lfte to visit Cuba is highest among key tourist groups — the S uppeV-Ucome nmole Seven in ten AmeAani(71 Percent)1vor Ktetagergolng Havana to help imnrovs TJ-- country Support tor a thaw' of u-Oiba ridatkons exista even V1 “ P“Mte fwwMy jdtsooced- toward Qte’schlef of state Premier cssXrn ' ' urve7 w“ tn mid-February) the 5? ££L SSSl mutual antl-hiiacUng pact -n wldrad fteSeau “ AMnC“ people to improving relations — and the Interest on the part of suns tiiv uiiacst ms iiiw pwi w many in visiting Cuba — would to a m Duhilc's thlnklna reennHne rsK rviv in SmWm mw is P d invLto?ri thewl u Cutre 'UA -- ta 19fil '"lHS President Kennedy ordered an foreign policy alternatives in embargo of all American goods going to Cuba an action that earlier had been approved by majority (63 per cent) of the public Premier Castro has not been highly' regarded by Americans-during the last decade and a' hatt- Only seven months after Cairo’s rebel -army forced dictator Fulgeocio Batista into exile ta Portugal ta January 1959 more than twice as many Americans held unfavorable as held favorable opinions of Castro following year 10 Americans with unfavorable viewi of the Cuban leader The 1 survey wu conducted at a time iff the nationalization of Cuba’ industry iff which $1 billion worth wu UK-owned Juri lari fafi ta October nearly 9 out of 10 Americans gave Castro u unfavorafiie rating This was the question asked ta the current survey: “As you know President to to - 8nprave our relations with those countries Would - you favor or oppose President Nlzxta sending Hairy Kissinger io LastPOW’s- (Continued from Page One) and administrative ZS&nET MOTORCYCLES 1-Hour Service for Insurance : Ryggcri-Maniotty Jnsurancft eiSadaraHt 77VZ444 Spaghetti Supper Mehawk Cafeteria FRI MAR 30 Strung from 4:30-7:30 All You Cm fg Mfti UJO Hnwieteqf I ilnri jftnltnti 510ft Nhfcleriwd 1 TRADE-IN SALE ' WEIL GIVE YOU $000 ‘ " MU FOR YOUR OID SHOB TOWARD THE PURCHASE PRICE OF jrOUR NEXT RjUR OF NEW SHOES AT) Rooney's Shoes 159 Ave A - Turners ftdb INrrimMirarhato" and the prafassloH and among Republicans Thore persona interviewed who express - ai interest ‘in visiting Cuba are far more likefy to favor improving relations than are those who indicate no Interest to going to mat country Following are the national results and by key groups: SEND KISSINGER TO CUBA? This question wu also asked: ‘If travel restrictions with u iirth iesukiwsh wiui Cuba were lifted would you like to not?' mteri visit that country or Interest ta visiting Cuba la highest among men persons with a college background younger persons and those ta the prafetstans and business The national results and by groups: LIKE TO VBIT CUBA IF TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS LUTED? - The findings reputed today are based on Interviews with a total of L517 adults 18 ud older interviewed ta perron ta more than 300 scientifically selected localities across the nation during the period Feb 16-19 US Crime- (Continued from Page One) Si 11 urdi per cent for toe year turders increased by 4 per cent and aggravated assault fay 6 per cent But a 4 per cent decraau wu recorded for robberies which make up the largest number of Crimea ta the violent category ' The report released by FBI Acting Director L Patrick Grey HI uid that crimes of violence increased by per cut- down from a 9 per cent increase toe previous year Decreases ta the number of serious crimes were reported by 94 major cite ta 1973 This compared with 53 cite ta 1971 21 ta 1979 and 17 ta 1969 An average decrease of 7 per cut was routed for dte with more ten 100000 population Suburban area however showed an increase of 3 per cent but' this wu leu than u ll per cent increase ta 1971 In rural area crime rote fay 4 per cent compered to a per cent increase the previous year Crimes against property were down 3 per cent compered with a 9 per cent -increase in 1971 Auto theft dropped by 7 per cut larceny of 150 and ova: declined 3 par cut and burglary showed a 2 per cent (fcon The FBI’s Uniform Crime Beporta ere a compilation of police statistics that are supplied by face! county ud state law enforcement agencies - CARD OF THANKS I would like to express my sincere appreciation tar the many cards Bowers and gifts which I received during my stay at the FCPH Also special thanks to Dr Flo Dr Fallla Dr NiednsM Rev Joseph Styles and aU nurses on 4-A Also Rev Paul Ferrin and to all my nice friends at the First Baptist Church Hizobeth Sutluewkx CRISP-AIRE UTILITY MACS 20 lbs SI 50 NOWAVAAJUU Mr I - APPLES CMSP-AIRE -MdNTOSH CORTLAND U REPoaicious- 'NEW MAPLE SYRUP ' FRESH EGGS ) - iojnlo4c90Mkr 13 Nm Is 4:00 Sunday ' " Tel 625-2174 r S-- S S' ’ r j ManNatibed At Funeral ’ OfFriendS BOSTON tAPK— Ralph Di-Masi 36 of South Boston and Oanston RI was arrested Iqjperent' gangland ambush last week 4-i r '?’ ' 1 Detective $gL' Frank Walsh of the Boston Police Organized Crime Unit uid DiMaski wu armed with a Jftcnliber revolver when arreited during the fa- - neral of William O'Brien 32 of Services for Mrs Anne T South Boston ” Ivers Frost VaaTusell 82 of Welsh Uid DiMaski was W Federal St wUlbe FrMay charged originally with pemle Me Toomey-0 Brleu viMatkb but an adffitknalcixn- Home Wait nrlng- nlainf wgiild b SOUght in South K Dtoict COM charging M- VanTujeU whiffled "flleEaHweseedoeofe fireenn— Sunday nt the Springfield OKnenwaikilled and Di- Hoqfftel MefflcM Center wu Marid wounded Friday in ®e widow of Dr William C Boston's Dorchester section VanTusell who died ip years Polke uid occupants of an tu- a rerideut of tamoMle pulled!akngside a cw Greenfield in which ODrien and DiMasi charter member at the Wert were Bitting and opened fire Loyalty Circle with a mad&ne gun ud a 45- caliber automatk weapon st- Thonu the DiMasi wu taken to Boston Oty Hospital with chest arm Ste ftu Mru ta Springfield and shoulder wdunds He “Nov 2 189ft signed Mmadf out of the hoqd- She to urvlved by two tuTthe next dav rtsters Mrt Joeph E Lynch of Qffkfak sakf O'Brien's slay- Holyoke ftnd Mrs Frank tag apparently wu the result of 0Ctalre of Wert Springfield a? SfawoHd feud to which JJe endce Friday wlli three nereans have been killed Mdiide a Liturgy of Christian and fireoterp wounded ta Boa- Bmtal atSt Thomasthe tan ta the last three weeks AP0 Church Bdrial win be On March ft Michael Milian to SL Mlchul’e Cemetery 30 of Brighton a bartender Springfield wu killed and two companions wounded ta a similar incident Investigators said they believe Milano wu mistaken for an underwork! figure reportedly ordered "hit" Milano fitted the intended victim's description and drove a foreign car similar to one the man owned police laid In another machine gun GE88ING VUNEBAL MILLERS FALLS - Services for Peter M Cessing 19 who died Monday were at the Ko- staaskl Funeral Home Tuners Falls today A Liturgy of Christian Burial was uncelebrated at St John’s Church with Rev Thomas Courtnhy as principal rtmnring from a passing vehicle celebrant assisted by Rev Hu- on March 1ft Albert Plummer ry McKeon of St Term's! 4ft of Andover wu killed and Church South Hadley Rev two of hie passengers were in- Thomas Sampson Blessed Sac- -jured ramut Oraroh Gzfftnfleld and? Rev John Kooaz Burial wu hi Highland Cem- eteiy Bearers- were Robert -Jarvis Pauf Gibson Alvin Cut- for Robert Cross Robert Camp- bell and Richard Woodard Committal prayers were read by Fr Koonz FT Sampson and Fr McKeon Through use of slides Chorny ak described the school bulling It will have a two-station gym divided by a curtain folding stage and bleachers to seat 500 people a full-sized contest court for basketball locker areas shower facilities a storage area and a boiler room There will be wood floors and a durable wallJtaish ta the gym and shower areas Of interest wai a 10-year service guarantee for the roof a guarantee renewable at toe end of 10 yean One storage area would have -an asphalt shingle roof "No landscaping plans were presented but the land will be left graded ud seeded Vote oo the bond Issue will be April 14 at the annual meeting of the Winchester School District Polls will be opu from 1 to 4 pm The district meeting wm start at 2 pm A vote of a two-thirds majority will be necessary to pass toe band issue School administrators many town officials hand- to Wednesday and TAG SALE Sot Match 3 1st at 106 Chapman St from 9 am-6 pm ' M mi S tan OM DU tam to Dai faafa MaS CrtfastataicttMcto' Togo Mr RogIkob Smew AiiNqoGB Everything Must Ge! SAVE TIME SAVE MONEY SAVE STAMPS SUPCR —D00! STAMPS AU PAY WEDNESDAY SWfSKatSSSBSS'SSl"' MEAT SAVINGS Canned Ham Sale lbl29 sara - Bettsvllle Turkeys lfa 59 SSnnnroa i Steaks ib 99 i Lamb Chops to 89 DmMSIUtyPaUa j SmriU to 59: HMVEai ' i FUiCaku lb 49 nwiWimrr— OceuPmb lb 89 raOrraiartla ' Rock Cornish Hens lb 59 fmalaStwa Sliced Bacw lb 99 & We Redu ce The Price Never The Quality © STATIStiCS Deaths i VaaTASSELL — At ring-field Hospital Medical Center KIMBALL FUNERAL ORANGE — Services for Alfred W Kimball 62 of 110 Mill St who died Sunday were Wednesday at the Witty Funeral Home Rev Karl C Blttenbender iff Bethany Lutheran Church officiated Burial wu ta South Cemetery Bearere were Wayne and Dtouls Kimball Richard and Arthur Suit Ellsworth Songer end Robert Desrotien BBOTEEB DIES ' TURNERS FALLS— Services for former orchestra vlotonlrt Norman N Granger 7ft of Wert Groton were conducted Thursday ta the Bodger Funeral Home West Groton Granger wu the brother of Mrs Kid Koch of Turners Falls He had played with the Boston Syipphpoy the Nashua N H Symphony sad Manchester N H Philharmonic Or cheitra ta addition to his sister he team Ms widow Mrs Sylvia (Sedley) Barrows Granger Chock Your Supermarket Then Como Seo Us Fresh Asparagus Big Boy Tomatoes Fresh Strawberries Rod Whitt A Yellow Onion Sots VegetaMo Sends in Bulk MUbfona House forms SwtfcMaiaSt It 47 iimdohrt iloi Has 7Dy( AWaak 9AJNH4PAL - Talaphaiw 441 221 SHOPPING ' AT CARROLL'S MARKET SAVEON GROCERIES Gsidhrjvi Ptaeappta Juice 3Ig98 — I'traa Swan 1 lfa Facial Tissue 5for$l SOU Pat Briar White Tuns 59 MHhHrta Cranberry Sauce 4 cans $1 SpriasIWe Asparagus Cuu 3 cans $1 SS3ST mu 4ibn ItoaEroiaaSrmriM Snow’s CtamChowder 3for$l nunita1 409 - SMtLHrJaa Paper Towels Kauri Rada ArartH Cat Food CWrriMA&aaakm : Crispy - lippln : rrw4 HiHMri - ‘ Spinach 69 3for$l Tforji 3 lbs 49 s 4 Pkg 29 0 os i a 0 a 1-a : v M' 'f v f"- ’ ' t H e ( -J t ‘E ' M ? V j - I w -i' v' ts ' V 5

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