Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 17, 1960 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1960
Page 21
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FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 1980 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH m/v MISC. FOR SALE FIRBARM9 SPBCIAt — .MB Eafleid HIM. .308 spotter i. Argentine Mauser*. oarttwi. Sprmttield*, 7mm Remington roiling Block rifles, bayonets. •xrordt. Colt dtrrin««rs. Br«Mt Hardware. 712 Bant Broadway. m^_ veottTAgLBg »~Fi>utt" NOW" TAKING ORDERS for fruit: Marshall strawberries .10 ID. cans S9. M Ib. I.Q.P. itrawbemm Jfi.r.o. Michigan pie cherries 30 Ib. tins. 17.25. Pineapple 30 Ib. tidbit* or chunki $10.29. 30 Ib. crushed pineapple M.9S. Also bovsenberrles. blackberries, red and black raspberries, rhubarb, iooetberriet and peaches, will mail complete price fist on request. Photw 14/7. -' AUTOMOTIVE 91 AUTOS - PASSKNOBR CARS 1957 BUICK CENTURY 4-door Rlv- •rln hardtop. Dynaflow. radio, heater whltewalU, i-tone Older car In trade. HO 2-8894. wardsville Frozen Poods. Main. Edwardsvllle. Til, Ed- 246 N. WANTED '58 H«it(itlfur Olympic white w Ith Black nylon top. with luxurious red Inter lor. l-'ully equipped including power steering, power brakes, fl way power seat. Automatic trunk lock. Autronlc Eye, E-Z Eye glass. Factory installed air conditioning, and OH YES. this has a brand new set of Firestone tires Specially priced at .... $3«W3 LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, Inc. AUTOMOTIVE 1610 E. Bdwy. 1048 CHEVROLET HO &-3S34 .- COUPE—A. J. sellers, i ME. central. Bethal to. ^ : 5<f CHEVROLET C6NV. — Straight shift. SOS Sliver, Bast Alton. TO BUY ANflQUBS — Dolls, dishes'. clocks, lamps, furniture, copper kettles. HO 2-M4Q. toys. jewelry. SUMMER CLEANING — Cash 15r furniture, scrap iron, copper and brass. Gordon Rubenstem. HO 2-S243. ______ USED I95S CHEVROLET Bel Air V.ft 4-Deor Gold with white top. Immaculate Interior Has radio and heater, automatic transmission. A nice clean one-owner car. Specially priced ............................... SIOP5 01 AUTOS - PAMENOKH CAM fwTTHEVROLBT FortJor. Radio. heater, automatic shift. Excellent condition. No cash needed. $18 mo. E. SweeiAyj^- HO S-1M7 IMI FORD COUPE—The kind you read about. Original throughout. 49.000 actual miles. See thl* nt Mr. Gene'!«._CL 4-l«2 _ 1949 CHEVROLET 4 door. Runs and drives pood. Solid «li around. Pull price. $123. Mr. Oejie. CL 4.U22. 1957 CADILLAC "SEDAN DEVILLE Beautiful Olympic white, a lovely uray Interior equipped with power steering, automatic transmission, 6 way power seat, autronlo aye, factory installed air conditioning. Speclnllv priced WfwS LEE KLEIN CADILLAC jBin E. JMwy^ HO T9M~FdR~D^Vuify equipped. ~Goo3 condition. $425 HO 2-5986. *H™ilHQL S D P &RNt F9 ?uNf,r-i LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, Inc. HO 5-3024. 1BIO E. Bdwy Dial HO 5-3534 WEESE'S BUYS FURNITURE, dlshet. tOOl» "I try to go along with Herbie's point of view, but he just refuses to see things my way!" MISC. FOR SALE MISC. FOR SALE or anythittjgof value, one piece or houseful. CL 4-0987. 8 a.m.-10 om for free pick-up. WANTED—Yoor old 17 inch television. Hail TV sarviea. til Sinclair, south Rtntana. CL 4-6454. ____________ '^V CHEV BEL AIR-2 door hard- i°P; After S p.m. J>U_4-4M«. ____ 1959 IMPALA Convertible for sale or will trade power, like CL 4-1624. for older car. Full now Private owner. AUTOMOTIVE II AUTOS — PASSBNdER CARS n HOUSEHOLD GOODS 81 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 1955 BUICK Century 4-Door Hardtop — Good condition. CL 9-667fl._ I960 CHEVROLET hardtop," good condition. HO 2^6529. New RAMBLER TRADE-INS 57 Cadillac Coupe Devllle Beautiful Olympic white with luxurious interior to match, low mileage. Your opportunity to enjoy the famous Cadillac styling, fully equipped with all Cadillac power equipment, a luxury car we are truly proud to offer at a fraction of orl- 1958 "FORD CusTom 2-Dr. Standard A B MOTOR .1202 East JBroadwfty. HO_5-K>33 JUST THE CAR "FOR THE" 4th of July Trip I959 CHEVROLET fmpftla 2-DOOr Hardtop 1957 BUICK 2-noor Hardtop flake over payments* 1996 CADILLAC 4-Door. Power equipped. 195fi BUICK SPECIAL 2-Door Hardtop 1953 CHEVROLET 4-Door Bel Air. Powergtldc. radio and heater. 1953 CHEVROLET 210 2 Door — Straight shift. 2—1953 PLYMOUTH 4-Doors. 1952 FORD V-8 2-Door. 1952 OLDSMOB1LE 4-Door. 1951 DESOTO 2-0oor Good second AUTOMOTIVE li AtrfSf «*• 855 MERCURY ivignTerwy «-«wi hardtop. Straight shift and overdrive, whitewaii tires. Good condition. Can arrange financing. HO a-7M4. „..._ fgR' dTol"rorivr"fw sale. HO S-4M7. _ . f«B"PACKARD CllppeV"^- Oood COn dltlon. Overdrive, radio.. .he AUTOMOTIVE II AUTOS «* MSMKOlft CAM ires wij.i.TS"»niai met), MW I Ml ^ttvwflnf VT 1 ' •tAHMH* ' tV* wl \>f1BT^wJ^rllI OIHTIUII YfH\ villa for Jeep or car, hardtop, »IM \9$& RKNAUtT—20.000"miles. Otie-j owner c a .ti_5?_i""*'' .- iWO'TRIUMPH JlT^jl«d.ReiJ interior, whitewalU and top. ttmo, neater, windshield wiw«. 3.0* miles, like new. $M>5. CU 4-83W. PAtKARD CONV.-H6 1MB MERCURY wARont 3 sealer, j-—,»--* Private owner. 1980, CL 4 . V4S PLYMOUTH"*"—~Bl«Olf 4-door. Radio nnd heater. Oood pnlnt. body, motor. CL 4-»093. a door FOR SALE—19«6 hardtop. .130 h. r . power steering. Will ncr.eet in. HO S-71M. [C. I UJ u-Wf*!*""*- • - T r Falrlnne Club Sedan. 1957 ford l-'alrlnne 500 Victoria 2- door Fordomatle. power •«*$},$ \m Ford' 'i'door'.' 'straight shlft^8 19^5 "Ford' Fa'lriane 'V dotfr' 'sedan' Ford-o-matle. 8 cylinder •••;••»'?? insa Ford 4 door sedan. Straight shift, overdrive ^... -. fty;^* 1 ,™ TRAVBLMASTER -ir I9M MIDWAY TRAILER— 35x1, Ilk* ir eondltipned, cheap. W. Shape's Trailer Court, 2020 new. Air eondltipned, cheap. W. Beyer. Shape's Tra W GLIDER 4tX« TRAttBR — S Bedrooms. Godfrey Trailer Court. Rt. III. AUTOMOTIVE 1882 CtfKVftOUtT pick tig. fMM condition. 6 good tires, $300. CL M BICVCtM a MOTORCYCLE* cL * parts. N T4 Stile. HO utt. B B . lCY JOY'S »" bicycle. Good condition. Also Sunday. DU 4-WM. FOR SALB — Boy's btcyow witb traiamt wheels, JIB. HO *•&»._ II TO HARLBY DAVIDSON 74 PLH for itle. HO MOU. ACCESSORIES ™, — HO 8-49M. jrijuciti^ 606 T i ton nlekup. WOO. REBUILt BAttBRliS — OMren- teed. $4.Ao exchenfto. up; 11 11 volts. Used tires. MAUL'S utM Auto parts, lira Belie. Alien. P¥ HO a 4711. __ _ ____ «7 yard""dump "bed complete with hoist: food condl tlon. reasonable. Clyde Leonard. 811 N. Prairie St.. BetlUlto, 111. AUfOMOTIVfi JRRRY'S TIRE SALES You can save by buylrm used Tires from Jerrys, stop—See i 207 8. St. Louts Ave. East Alton. Phone CL 4MI3, 8 cylinder Hill. i AUtOMOTlVE MAPLE BEDROOM SET — Almost] USED automatic washer, $30. Used 10 ea Ol VkJ^I ITU new. less than half price. CL 4-05951 G. E. automatic washer, good con- l"5>" rLTMWUin dttlon S40. Used Phllco 21" TV $f.O 2-Door—5,000 actual miles. HARVEY ELECTRIC , Local owner, practically new CL 4-5542 CL ft-2002 $lflnr ' Sinai price ..................$2995 2 _ 19S2CHEVR01ET ^. Do ors — LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC.! Powcrgllde. radio, heater . IfilQ E. Bdwy. HO 8-3834 ll9S3_ CHEVROLET 'i'Lon plck : up. 1963 PONTIAC—Straight transmission, radio, heater, good tires and motor. HO 2-0384. 2406 Sherwood Terrace, Alby st Rond at New HO 5-9435 Beltllne BUGMASTER CRYSTALS — Fans, stainless atecl. curtains, drapes, bedspreads. Household appliances. Terras. CL 4-2306. Midwest Utilities RED MAPLE CHEST OF DRAWERS—White enamel metal utility cabinet. CL 4-9190. 1 USED WESTINGHOUSE Laundromat, good condition. S5!i. HO 2-6128 40 T '"lJNT^RSAir'OAS~~RA~NGE"~— Light across top. Window In oven. Looks like new. Payments only $6.27 a mo. EBBLER ELECTRIC to Tri-Clty PAY $359 BALANCE DUE ON 3 Complete Rooms Furniture ' 2HOB smto N Brand New ! USI6~ APPliANCES NO money down, >I8.VU MO. |io used refrigerators, 6 electric Taken out of will-call. Complete stu- 1 ranses, 1 gas range. 2 automatic dlo bed living room, bedroom, and washers. 2 glr-condltloncrs. 3 TVs kitchen outfit. Immediate delivery •"' ....... East Alton Furniture Co. 4C5 W. St. Louis Ave. At the stop lite in East Alton All In good condition. ALTON HOME FMPROVF.MENT 652 E. Broadway. HO 2-9246 Ph. CL 4-3613 WAREHOUSE FURNITURE SALE HI A _TELEV1SION SETS i NEW 2.1-INCH 1958 CHEVROLET Impala Sport Coupfi — equipped .............. 1959 RAMBLER .Super 4-Door, Cross Country Station Wagon. Radio, neater, tu-tone paint, back-up light, like new ...... $2095 1957 PONTIAC 4-Door Hardtop — Radio. heater, automatic traiiEmls- <lon. sharp .......... »12fl5 1957 PONTIAC V-8 2-Door. Radio, heater. tu-tone. Like ne.v .... SlOPS AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE 'WILL TRADE 21" console TV for! i piano or large oven gas stove SAratoga 9-7182. i iTSED 21-inch ""table "modeT ~Tv7 HO I 2^6529. • 24~" 'PHILCO •'•MISS' ""AMERICA"' l i TELEVISION — Five speakers.: S550 PER WEEK — NO DOWN! swivel base. Genuine hardwood PAYMENT ALL PIECES ARE —""" WAREHOUSE CLOSEOUTS. SOME SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT. OUTFIT TVS. $500 down.(,__, /^.i nc can HO s-205411956 OLDS Super 88 Holiday Sedan — Red and white, radio, heater, automatic, like new M195 3 ROOMS — $425 GUARANTEED! CONSISTS OF COMPLETE BEDROOM, LIVING ROOM, AND KITCHEN FURNITURE. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OR WILL mahogany console. Lighted chan- | nel selector. Push off - on. 6 mo«. i warranty on picture tube. Take! over payments of —SI0.70 a mo.! ' EBBLER ELECTRIC 2606 State, N. Alton. Next to Trl-Clty: ;HO 5-7588• 957 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-Door. V-8. Power- slide, factory alr-conditiOn- eti, radio, heater, WAV. tires, like new S'49o 1956 PLYMOUTH Sports Suburban Station Wagon Radio, heater, automatic transmission, factory air; conditioned, only — $M9o H'ol E D D '&k?o D R E plEcls Y ^Y W 'B^ I USED TV ^ hoan " Igg-kSSi 50 and U °-: 1957 CHEVROLET BOUGHT SEPARATELY. GIBSON FURNITURE, INC. 417 East Broadway Phone HO 5-5541 Alton. J82 Phone DU 4-9451 SEWING MACHINES I ' $2.00 DOWN Rent A Sewing Machine Illinois 115 per mo. Rental may apply toward 1 down payment on new machine. CENTRAL SEWING SUPPLY CO. 14 West Broadway. Phone HO 2-S214 Looking for GOOD Tires? Delivers Any Brand New • BEDROOM SUITL S LIVING ROOM SUITE KITCHEN SET IN STOCK MANY MONTHS TO PAY SCHWARTZ FURNITURE CO. U W. Ferguson Ave. WOOD RIVER CL 4-0101 USED TREADLE SEWING MACHINE — Completely overhauled. Guaranteed to sew $7.50 ! EBBLER ELECTRIC 12806 State, N. Alton. Next to Tri-Clty J HO 5-7588 82A SEWING MACU. REPAIR M MUSICAL MERCHANDISE ACORD MUSIC SHOP Gultan, band Instruments. All brands. Accessories and sheet m«slc. Wood River. CL 4-1012 "Hank" Penning, sales manager "Ossle" Acord. prop. c pianos. Phonos GOULD MUSIC CO Wurlltier. spinet ft electronic Magnavox. HI Fl Stereo Fender. Gibson. Martin. Gretsch •ultars: King. Olds. Artley bano Instruments. Sheet music, records. Repair service. 551 E. Broadway. Phone HO 5-321J. GUARANTEED REPAIRS— FREE ESTIMATES CENTRAL SEWING SUPPLY 14 Weit Broadway, Phone HO 2-8214 Expert Service. Parts. Supplies For 426 Makes of Sewing Machines. 83 SEEDS—PLANTS—FLOWERS 4-Door Sedan. Radio, heater tiutone. new tires. .. S129:> 1955 OLDS ^_ Super 88 Holiday Sport Coupe i»5 Fully equipped, only 32.000 i actual miles by local OW "|J: 1956 FORD Fairlane 4-Door Sedan. Ford- omatlc transmission, radio, heater, white walls. .. $993 1956 FORD Fairlane 2-Door. Radio, heater, automatic transmission, one owner S9R5 1955 BUICK 2-Door Sport Coupe, Radio, heater, tu-tone, one owner, like new $8951 NEW * USED * RECAPS • 18" 6 PLY COMMERCIALS • FARM WAGON TIRES ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES IN TIRES JERRY'S TIRE SALES 207 E. St. Louis Ave., East Alton CL 4-6013 BEAUTIFUL African Violets, colors, selling out. 202 Henry. All FOR SALE—Strawberry plants. Senator Dunlap. 2-OS87. Call after 12, HO PLANTS—Tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower. Alton. salvia. 613 Lampert. 1953 CHRYSLER 4-Door Sedan. Radio, heater, automatic transmission $295 TROTTER MOTOR CO. Alton-Wood River Rambler DcHiei 47 Edwardsvllle Road. Woncl River. CL 4-3811 Open___Evenlngs Tin_9_P 1 m-_ TelegraprTWantfAds "CLICK" AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE PIANO TUNING and repair: experienced, guaranteed. Keys recovered. HO 2-4082. TROMBONE for sale, good condition. CL 4-9037. | WANTED — Responsible party to j take over low monthly payments on a spinet piano. Can be seen lo-i cally. Write Credit Manager, P. O. Box 215, Shelbyville, Indiana. i * AL RENKEN Engine Service J 1100-02 EAST IROADWAY ALTON, ILL. , COMPLETE LINE AUTO PARTS * •I ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATOR—9 cu. ft. Freezer across top. Crisper, Payments $5.01 a mo. EBBLER ELECTRIC i 2606 Slate, N. Alton. Next to Trl-City! HO 5-7588 '_• FRIG ID AIR E.'s'l 00—Crosie7 electric range, $175. Leaving city. 2205 Orchard. ? Thompson Product* Hasting Piston Rings Federal Mogul Bearings • Federal-Bower Bearings • Champion Spark Plun • American Brake Blok • Soundmaster Muffler*. Pipes , « Victor Gaskets Perfect Circle: It Valve Seals + Bearing Adjusters * Plastlgage IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN A NEW CAR in the S1800-$1900 Price Range See: I MERCEDES • BENZ Models CORDES Motor Co. 2350 State St. HO 5-6651 Always Buy Certified USED CARS LATE MODEL TRADE-INS 1059 LARK Ratal «-Or. V-8. Overdrive .r... 1938 CHEVROLET '1595 Bel Air 4-Dr. V-8 "" '«' _ '996 DKW. '1096 IAS0 FORD 2-Door Hardtop. 1»3« FORD Sliitlon Wagon < 1158 MERCURY $ 1096 Monterey Hardtop.. •»""' I»S8 FORD Falrlan* 4-Door. 1055 BUICK Super Hardtop . TRUCKS 1147 CHEVROLET Utility Body 1*93 STNDEBAKER PICK-UP '795 '895 $ 875 8 39B JEEPS I»S8 WILLYS *1695 CJ.8 Universal Jeep • W » M NO DOWN PAYMENT SPECIALS 1*64 STUDEBAKER Hardtop 1M2 PACKARD 4-Dr 1*53 DODGE .2-Door 2— IMS PONTIAC I9S2 PACKARD 4-DOOr .... IB5I CHEVROLET 2-Door IA52 CHEVROLET Hnrdtop '495 '295 $ 395 '395 $225 $ 295 •375 CORDES MOTOR CO 2350 State St. HO 5-6651 MANV OTHER NATIONALLY ADVERTISED ALSO— EXCHANGE SERVICE ON: PHILCO REFRIGERATOR — 9 cu. ft. Freezer holds 40 Ibs. frozen food. Porcelain crisper. shelves in door. Payments $5.90 a mo. EBBLER ELECTRIC 2606 State, N. Alton. Next to Trl-Clty ^^^ HO 5-7588 AUTOMOTIVE it Generators * Carburetors * Fuel Pumps * Distributors * Water Pumps * Clutches * Starters. * Brnke Shnet , ITS THE TALK of UFt \ !UW. \ OPEN EVENINGS DIAL HO 2-5273 or HO 2-4130 the TOWN! RAMBLER SHATTERS SALE RECORDS for the 32nd consecutive month. SPECIAL! '60 FORD QALAXIE STARLINER Cruisamatie, Power steering, Radio, White Walls, Heater. Many other accessories. Must be sold this week, make •n offer. '56 CADILLAC COUPE DE VILLE it i as Factory air condition, full power including seats and windows plus many other extras. A beautiful powder blue with a white top. '47 PONTIAC STREAMLINER 4 DOOR,SI96 Very clean inside and OUt. An ideal 2nd car, tutone green. '54 FORD CUSTOM 4 DOOR, SMS Green and Ivory. Ford- omatic, V-8 that runs and drives like a top. Very good rubbei, radio and heater. TWITS OMLY ON€ DIRECTION fO*7H€ Tak« tbi» direction for a wid* MUctioa of good '54 FORD CUSTOM 4-DOOR, $646 A perfect driver. V-8, Fordomatic, radio, heater and real good rubber. Wry clean inside and out. '57 BUICK SPECIAL 2 DOOR HARDTOP $1595 Really a sharpie. Dyna- tlow, radio and heater, whitewalls and power steering. Beige and ivory. Low mileage. '54 CHEVROLET 4 DOOR WAGON $695 6 cylinder with standard transmission Radio & heater. Very clean inside and out. The whole family will like this on«> '58 OLD8MOBILE 88 2 DOOR HARDTOP S1895 5-olid white. Hydrama- tic, heater, white wail-. Absolutely immaculate inside and out. '55 IUIOK OINTURY 2 DOOR HARDTOP $•80 Power steering and brakes, Dynaflow, radio and heater, white walla. You'll like the snap thl? one has. Green and ivorv. SUMMER SUCCESS * ?'> f EVERY RAMBLER IN STOCK SPECIALLY PRICED ftr tbii SALE 75 NIW MOOILS IN STOCK TO CHOOSI FROM. 2 DRS., 4 DRS. AND STATION WAGONS. 30 NfW RAMILIRS WILL II SOLD BY JULY 1ST. FREE Lubrication for 1 Year During This Sals! Rambhi Tops All Cats in Quality and Economy/ HIGH TRADES...BANK FINANCING TROTTER MOTOR CO. ALTON-WOOD RIVER RAMBLER SERVICE 47 IDWAIPSVIUf IOAD—WOOD IIVII PMPNI CL 4*1811 OH" TW t P..M. OPEN fVfNIN6$ AUTOMOTIVE FELDEN NEWMAN 1959 CHKVY >4 PICKUP-41 cyllnderstd. ttnnamlnlon, Hester. This to almost new, oome In »nd save I ort this ........ . I95S CHEW Bel Air 4-Door V-8, Powerglldc. Here Is the real popular '38 model and this I* nice ............ ins OLDS. '-Door Hardtop V-8, hydraniatlo, radio, heater, whitewalls. Bring the family In and sr-p thU car ions Hl'DSON Wasp 4-Door. 8 oyl. std. transmission. This car Is exceptionally nice Inside and out, If you have been looking for t real nice car at a $, low price *ne this.. \VANTRD: Nice Chcvrolets: Any y«ar. Top wholesale price. Sec H* before yon sell. FELDEN NEWMAN I Mil , I I', i n.nlu ,i \ I'll,,11. 1111 ,i "i; Bob Bellveau FOR TODAY'S SPECIAL — 1968Rinault — DAUPHINE Radio, Niattr _ S749.WL CARTER WOOD RIVER FORD USED CAR LOT 220 W. St. Louis Ave. East Alton Ph. CL 4-3421 OPEN EVENINGS Quality "Chrysler" Dealer Plymouth Valiant International Trucks STUART Motors, Inc. 315 E. Ferguson Ave., Wood River Phone CL 4-4351 Open Evenings TAKE THE KEYS AND SELL YOURSELF! '56 CHEVROLET 4 Door Wagon. 8-8, 1'ovt erglide, rudlo mid heater, || IMJL white wall* '57 CHEVROLET 4 Door, 6 cylinder, ktundurd truiismimlon, heuter 1295 '54 DODGE V-8 4-Door l'ovvrr|(Ude, trammUhlon, Uhile wullk, radio and heater -tone maroon and Kory to 2 - 1953 CHEVROLETS One 4-Uoor, OIK- 4.Door. StundarU tranmniknion. uith radio uitU heuU»r, one witb beater only. 4 ( hoivc inc One 445 2-19S8 CHEVROLET 4 Door tcdan* « cylinder, <.iuiultird tr<*u«jnU»iui>. i;\i.'e|)tjoiMll,\ nice 1957 OLDS •• 4 Door Sedan mid ruiliu, automatic transinlMion. \ cream putf '1145 PLAN TO ATTEND THE SOAP BOX DERBY SUNDAY, JULY 10 Opin Eviningt Till 9 P,M, Mtntfty Thru Friday 2 BIO LOTS 912 Dial HO 5-7787 KHZ t. ; Dial HO 2-»7S* REILLEY BROS. TMA0BI WE GIVE TOP DOLLAR TRADE ALLOWANCE ON ANY CAR, NO MATTER WHAT SHAPE IT'S IN. '58 Dodge Coronet Hardtop, white finish, radio, heater, power* fllte, whitewalls, 9 I1QC 20,000 mllei • * W '54 Pontlac Star Chief 4-Dr., power Peering, brakes and windows, radio, heater, hydra- matlc, white walls. Exceptional car at ~'~ only '56 Olds Super 88 4-Dr. Sedan, 8- tone blue, power brakes, radio, heater, $1 I AC hydramatic II0W '55 DeSoto Sportumun 2-Dr. hardtop. SparkHiiK burgundy mist & white. All leather interior, radio, heater, powerf lite, whitewalls 1 '59 Chevrolet Bel Air V-8 Sedan. All white finish, power steering and brakes with all other equipment. Next thing to a $i new car .... 2195 '58 Dodge Royal Lancer Hardtop. Steering and brakes, jet black finish. Many other extras. 1 owner bought new here '59 Dodge Lancer 2-Door Hardtop. Gleaming fawn & bronw color, fully equipped Including power steering and brakes. 6000 actual niiles ... '59 Dodge '/i ton. L. W. B. Pickup, 13,000 miles. Practically new. Green and white finUh. SAVE— f IRAK IAVB-IAVK .. 1090 '57 Oldsmoblto 8» Holiday S-Dr. Gleaming gold finials. Hydro- nuttic, exceptional. Loaded with option* 11 al equipment .. '60 ThunderbireJ Hardtop, all white all equipment air condltlonioc and full f power , S27 E. iro«dw»y HO MOTf %»%M»»

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