Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 19, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1957
Page 7
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-Junior Editors Quiz on- FISH MAKE f RIENDS Time* Herald, Carroll, lewa Friday, July 19, 1957 / A bride should write her thank- you notes for wedding gifts as soon as possible after the gifts are received. This will ease the burden of letter writing, by keeping it LITTLE LIT Enthusiasm Is a state of mind brought about when a person has his own way. from piling up all at one time. And it will keep those who sent gifts from wondering If they ar rived safely. TIZZY By Koto Oiann OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS it*rr^\ I «E& sou've. , ' APDEP SOME MEW ' MACHIWERV/WE<50T ALONG OKAY WITH THE OLP STUFF WHEN) I WAS HERE-EVERY- A THIWd WAS IW FIME \V SHAPE/I'VE 6BEM V SOME. NEVA/ FACES, TOO/ LtSTBUAf HIM/ HE NEVER. KMEW NOTHIM' ABOUT WOTHIN'"WA& JUST A MISFIT WHEW HE WORKEP FOR THE BULL." STUPID, WE USED TO CALL HIM.' YEAH"AMD WOW ^THAT A RELATIVE HAS. GIVEN HIM A SOFT JOBGOlM' SOMETHIN' ELSE HE KNOWS NOTHIM'ABOLT HE COMES BACK HERE TO STRUT AUP SHOOT OPF HIS 0!<2> MOUTH/ QUESTION: Do fish climb stairs? ANSWER: Tha salmon and a number of other fish do if thay have to. The salmon Is born in fresh water streams far from tha ocean. Whan a year old or so, it swims downstream to tha sea. A couple of years later, having grown up to be a big fish, it comes in from tha sea and starts back upstream to lay its eggs in the shallow waters. Across Its path, however, in many of tha streams of the northwest Onlted States, there are huge dams. Though the salmon can leap out of the water to clear water* falls six to eight feet high, the dams are barriers. But the engineers have helped him out. They have built steps around these dams, covered with streams of water, so that the fish can bypass the dams and continue their journey upstream. The salmon accepts the steps as part of the business of his journey, leaping from one step to an other. FOR YOU TO DO: You can get an idea of how hard a job it is for the salmon to jump upstream when you swim this summer. Try to jump out of the water without pushing yourself off the bottom. Also be sure to observe all the rules of water safety, and make sure that there is an adult who is a good swimmer near where you swim. Judy Hall, Jarratt, Va., is the $10 winner today. Send your idea to this newspaper. Tomorrow: Why did a haircut once cause disaster? Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures. t CARNIVAL By Dick Tumor SWEETIE PIE At m <P IWT *t %*"«»• Iwr T M, Slt| U.l. fit. Oft, mm THE IRRITATION) JTRWILLIAMS. OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLI yOU BI6GEE., "THAtt LIF£/ REALLY WAS ^CVALTV IM A RA6SED 'DlS6UlSS/> 4 •SIGNS' [jft tMTtr WA HrrtM.W, T -M U4 Pit. 0441 ffilNINNlTED <5l3EST6 AT Wf v ' THE PICNIC* BUGS BUNNY Short Delay LET ME FIX MV MAKE-UP* ^ BEFORE YOU TAKE THE J MIRROR AWAY! 1 PRISCILLA'S POP His Kind of Girl BY AL VERMEER "Father won't mind at all. He loves to tinker with the carl" By Nodino Seltzer [ *1 never play his records any more — It was that or have Daddy cut off my allowance!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroirh r.M. ft*. U.S. CI. Off. • €LMV***1Q*+ .„ , FL IMT >» f(t* t»"iw. Int. ' ' WHEN I'M RICH WE LL SO TO A FANCY RESORT.. WITH MAID SERVICE...DINING AND DANCING-... YOU MEAN I'LL HAVE TO GIVE UP CAMPING?? \J NO WONDER LOVE YOU ALLEY OOP Missed 'Em BY V. T. HAMLIN rm. «•* «*. f«. off, C 1M? ky NEA SOTIM, hM. WHY, MY STARS, DOCTOR,! GUESS THEY'RE STILL BACK IN MORTY MEEKLE Game Called "Thirteen at table is bed luckl Now if I joined you .1" What's tht Word? Answer to "The old boy Is having e bad day—you didn't laugh at that fishing gag he tells us after every vacation!" ACROSS 1 drawer secret • Wrong of the bed 8 Existed 12 "Honest " Lincoln IS Ledger entry 14 Imitated 15 Like father, like IS Abating 18 Zoo employes 20 Lure 21 "Have , Will Travel" 22 Sacred bull 24 Rich soil 26 Song for two 27 Elders (ab.) SO Expunger 32 Raid 34 Indian tribe 35 Baltimore 36 High 87 and , Andy 39 Prayers 40 Ages 41 What Eve did to the apple 42 Concerning 45 Cocktails and 48 Trading 51 Eisenhower 52 Persian prince 53 —— meridiem 54 peeve 55 Refute 50 Son and —— 57 Worm DOWN I force S Musical instrument 8 Sharp 4 Coffee maker 5 Passage in the brain 6 Anhalt's capital 7 Measures of type 8 Declines 9 Heroic poetry 10 , Nevada II Irritable 17 and publisher 10 Throb Previous Puzzle [7 mm 23. j Mexican coins 247Jetwork 25 Region 26 Play 27 Kind of hat 28 Annoy 29 Observes 31 Card gam* } 3 Lasso 8 Kind of bird 40 Hallway 41 Ire 42 Retired 43 What's in a ——? 44 go bragh 46 Opposed 47 Pieces out 48 r the table SO College cheer- FT •OOTS AND HER BUDDIES Yep, jt's Bootsl BY EDGAR MARTIN f WILL MANAGER > PIB0SH GO FOR I A PINCH-HITTER? S WE'LL KNOW IN 1 A MOMENT// .FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ATTENTION ^ PLEASE. BONUS BABY FINCH NOW GOING IN SLUMPING REGULAR MEEKLE/ OkVAtlt BY DICK CAVALLI PONT FEEL BAP, FINCH. YOOfcE MORE VALUABLE TO ME ON THE BENCH r \b 1SW »» *t» SrVtet, W T^l. V)C US. Hf> frft|l He Got It BY MERRILL BLOSSER I KNOW SILENCE IS GOLDEN , BUT I WAS HOPIN' FOR SOME SfARKUNG , CONVERSATION/ AW, C'AAON~6/fAM£ SOME ACTION—-I'M A REAL HEP CAT' y THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE CAPTAIN EASY Homeward Bound MEANWHILE BY WILSON SCRUGGf Turned Away BY LESLIE TURNER, ) , IBf'* 9f\Y t POM'T va »X ANYONE! SOU VVWP B6TTBR 001 VVL KBBP. THB MEM S0Uy --r? ICTURB AND IETTBR ...J1 THINK I'P ' >' "- 1 BLACKMAIL y NO »HY*tBR 19 <SO|N0 TCU5B/VOU CAN'T SB| •m TO PUT TUB" BITB ON AAB!/ MV NO HBP LOSS, BUT I DON'T UK* MAN COULD DO THAT KIND OP PUBUClTyLfVTHI^TOHISvWN "TVI

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