Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on June 4, 1948 · Page 1
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
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Friday, June 4, 1948
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•mmi mmm Carl Justus Loses Valuable Guns, Curios As Home Burns , Carl Justus lost his Robinson creek ^ road home and all his possessions early Tuesday morning in a' fire wlilcli started from an oil stove and spread so rapidly that it was beyond control of the fire fighting facilities at hand within a few minutes. Mr. Jifctus was lalcon to San Franeispo alt 1 o'clock Wednesday morning by Iriends from Ihe cliy who had loarnfd that he was badly burned over hU back end shoulders from the intfthse heat encountered while trying to save his effects. The re (SoTt is that he is in serious condition and pneumonia is feared. 'Earl Porter of the Stambaugh ranch west of the Justus home was cnroute to Ukiah, takmg Mrs. Porter mto town to catch the bus, and discovered tl > fire. The two men made a futile attempt co salvage some of the household effects, but were unable to save anything. Mr. Porter then went to a nearby telephone and called to the Ukiah Fire Department. When the department truck arrived the crest of the fire was past and the water was used to reduce the rums to a smouldering mass. Mr. Justus lost a valuable set of machinist's tools, worth $2000, and a collection of guns said to be second to none in this section of the;state, the value of which cannot easily be computed. Among them weare tvyo fine shotguns, three rifles and 10 pistol^. There were also a large quantity of fn- dian baskets, blankets and fine handmade linens lost. . The house was of five rooms, probably built some 50 years ago, according to Mr, Justus. Originally it was Icnown as the Lucas place and a hop kiln once stood on the site. It was later sold to Mr. Stam-" baugh, and Herman Runkel had it under a 5-year lease and rented it to Mr. Justus. •Mr..'Justus is a retired San Francisco • policemen with the grade of sergeant. He was a collector of curios and recently had made several trips to the city for purchases. In the fire he lost his badge, presented to him at the time of his retirement. M«n<}oelno Counfy'l: Pioneer;Nttwspap*r;> DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT OlTFiCE: 164 Eitfist Standley St Published for 78 Years Weeffcly PIgesT ojF Meniloeino County Newt ^ . ^; ; ' 'City,'Rii(r&l and County^ News Prom'EJvery ' 1," ' , i ' Section of Mendocino Coynty - ' DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT; Phone Ukidh'Number Q—N—B VOLUME-LXXDC ' UKIAH, MENDOCINO 'COUNTY, fcAl,.IFORNlA. FRIDAY. JUNE 4. 1948 Scudder and Norgard In Congressional Finals Library To Raise Non-Resident Fee •At-a recent meeting of the Ukiah Public Library board, it was decided that effective July 1 non-resident lees will be raised fi'dtii $1 to $2. in view of the fact that the library budget is figured on a per capita basis, and that a recent survey by the American Library Association reveals that ,$2.25 per capita is necessary for adequate library service, it is felt that a $2 fee for non-S:esidant borrowers would more nearly approximate the city rate. Since the entire family of the non-resident is permitted library service for one fee, xhey are stiU not paying as n-uch as the city user. The 6-month card for non-rcsi- dents will no longer be used. There will bo only the annual card for $2. It was also decided to charge a fee of 5c for each title reserved. This IS a special service for individual patrons and entails not only tagging the book for a reserve, but also notifying the pa- tiron when to pick up the book. Incomplete Returns Shows Ukiqh Man Ahead of Kent Hubert B. Scudder, Republican; polled 16,857 votes in the First Congressional district on the basis of the returns from 816 of the diPtrict 893 precincts as tabulated Wcdne.iday night. His nearest ooponent, l(oger Kent, polk-d 13,429. Sterling Norgard of Ukiah was given 11,466 Republican votes and Holland Webb 3796, Based on the same report Norgard has a slight lead over Kent for the Democratic nomination, a lead of better than 700 votes. , On the basis of returhs, Mr. Kent held the largest popular vote in the First district, with 31,620 in both primaries. He was followed by Mr. Norgard, with 30,442, Mr. Scudder with 2S,527 and Mr. Webb with 7536. tTnited Press report to the Dispatch Democrat at 2:30 on Thursday gave these figures for 877 precincts in the First Congressional district; Republicans — Kent 13,943, Norgard 12,058, Scudder 1S;037, Webb 3924. DemocrMs — Kent 18,898, Noitrard 19,809, Scudder 9072, Webb 4143. The total Democratic vote at that time was 49,633 as against 45,492 Republican. . Be', ween them, Ncrgara and Kent had 62,000 votes in both primaries to a total of 33,000 for Scudder and Webb. In Mendocino county, with all precincts m except Blue Rock, Re- publioan voters gave Kent 1039, Norgard 1462, Scudder 1312, Webb 317. The Democrats voted Kent 1021, Norgard 2233, Scudder 866, Webb 305. Two Supervborial Races In Npviiiniier Tuesday's election returns., in this county.'s races for supervisor has set the stage for two intense conr tests in. the November 'balloting. In i District' flo. 2 the runoflE will be between Guy Bedwlne of Ukiah, mcuniibent, and Paul Poulos of Pottef, iVplley.. R^dwlne emerged tHe^higb' man 3n a 5- corneredi race, with. Poulos running a closfi secdfidr 'The unoflflcial county poll is Bvclwine 1149, Pou- losil094, Foster 863, Erickson 451, Furman 40. In District No. 4; Guido Benassini of Fort'Bragg, Incumbent, polled 1429 votes, George 'Decker 1420, Vernon Johansen 540. Mr. Benassini' was apppmted to the post • of sijpervisoE a few months ago to .succeed-W&lter'Severance, who resigned to accept the new post of county road, commissioner. Ed Haehl, chairman of the county board, coasted back into oiTice iinopposed. Haehl was ap- polijted. in' 1031 by Governor Rolplt to succeed E."L. Williams of Hoplana, Who had been elected sheriflT. • ' Health Clinic Aid For Santa Rosa For Assemblyman, District No., 1, Norman Johhson of Fort Bragg polled 2319 Republican votes. Way of Eureka 1298, French of Garberville 1674. The; Democrats gave Johnson 3204, Way J.418 and French 465. Mr. Way's big majority ;n Humboldt county put him out In front with a 2500 lead, far t'.'o big to be overcome, it was conceded by Johnson Wednesday evening, says a report from Fort Bragg. The state department of public health has announced a plan whereby one of the 52 new health centers, including laboratories and clinics, would be built in Santa Rosa, the building to be constructed with the help of federal funds under the National Hospital Building program. Con\munities are expected to match 'the state help and the two sums together will be matched by federal aid, making a $16,000,000 program possible from July, 1947, to June, 1949. ; A forthcoming report planning a statewide campaign of hospital coOstruction, the department points out that local health progarms "of varying degrees of adequacy" are in operation now in about 60% of the state's area, serving about 95% of the' state's population; but 25 counties are without health services of any kind. Delinquent List Small The delinquent tax list. for Mendocino county will be published this week and for three consecutive weeks, concernmg which there are several interesting facts. The total assessment for 1948 was $1,385,420, which is the largest assessment in the history of the county. Of that sum $1,349,126.96 have been paid, which leaves only $36,277.70 delinquent, and while the assessment is the largest the amount delinquent is a considerable smaller percentage than delinquent in 1947. The amount of the delinquencies published is as of April 20, and some have been paid since that date. Delinquencies are collected to and including June 30, after which the accounts are turned over to the county auditor and carried on the books of that department and are subject to interest and penalties when paid. Damage Suit FoUows Collision Near Willlts AMBULANCE ON CALLS The Lance & Zimmerman ambulance service was called to Old Hopland on Thursday of last week to bring Mrs. Kate Ingles to the Ukiah General Hospital. On Friday Allen Campbell, an employee of the Alex Thomas ranch, was taken to the veterans hospital at Oakland. Last week Mrs. Gillick, mother of Mrs. Sophie McPhee, was taken to Boonville where she is making her home with her daughter, A total of $10,650 is what is sought by Jack Morgan as 'damages caused by a collision between his G.M.C. truck and the automobile belonging to William Mallory on May 10, six miles north of Willits. Morgan claims that he received a permanent injury of his left knee, along with general shock and other injuries as a result oi the collision, and asks $10,000 as general damages, $425 for damage done his truck a.-id $200 for the services of a physician. Burke & Rawles are attorneys for Morgan. Judge Ben C. Jones is opposed for re-election as Superior court judge of Lake county by Attorney Ralph Devoto, AUTOTHIEFINOS WILDJP HERE Harry P.amsay .of Hamilton Field, ended a Memorial Day cr|me wave la Ukiah inthehands of jeaptain Myers of^ the highway patroli v«f tpB-ti^ppropriatlng two automobileS'WS^floma counfy. and coming to a- "dead end"' on the Shell Oil:Comp^ny parking lot at State-: and.-Wehry streets -at 4 o'clock. Tuesday morning., • Near Hatiijjton.. Field Ramsay took possession of a Lincoln' Zephyr which':he abpnddned .at Cotati when the timing gear broke, then hired a', station attendant to take him ,into, Santa Rotia where he registered' at a hotel under an assumed name. He went to - the room assigned .Ijlm, but apparently took off unmediatelj;, taking along for the rideia sPackard which the owner had obligingly left running. Ramsay got as far as Ukiah and the Shell station when a connecting rod broke.and he went into the station for.oil;and gas. The attendant believing that there' was something wrong with the car put in oil only and when Ramsay returned from eating a ^inchhe was told ^ that the crank case was cracked. Claiming that he had an emergency call td '^Btireka, Ramsay left the car and ; went to the Greyhound statioty ,iHi4'''°"eht a ticket to Eureka. There he' was recognized by Driver Bill Payton, who had been alerted by the highway patrol at Healdsbiirg. Payton called. Captain Ben Myers of the local patrol and told him of Rapisay's presence and after contacting the Sonoma county officers Captain Myers went to the bus depot and placed Ramsay under arrest and held him for Sonoma officers. NUMBBRvSS San Jose Man Dead In Holiday Accident ' One life was lost and four persons suffered injuries of Varying degrees duz'ing the Memorial bay holiday, and onfe man was arrested for drunk driving. .Clayton H. Shaver, 51, of San Jose; died in theIH&fsSii} tMemonal Hospital at Willits froiW iiijuries received ;.iSatuSr- TIPPED BOTTOM-SIDE UP ^eif'seiittering. its load b£ lumber- in B'huge windrow for more thanSlOQ'feki along.the highway was thiS; big trailer.-norlhbound inlo.Ul^sli Friday'afternoon. D. J. McMinn, Santa Rosa, Espinosa Trucking. ^oAlpAny driver, was forced to-apply, his brakes on a wet pavement l(j avoid hitting'a grey couoo that turned suddenly into his path {r<Nn a southbound,lane. Tha accident happened at.the intersection of2fhe-south highway and Talmago; road when the; passenger ca ^.i 4riven by- a-woman ,:,hesitat9d. and then turned east into Talniag? ioa^)***'* '>>9 dissel truck. Police officers, and'state patrolmen tbegan an- for the car and its driver, but were''^ locBte;them,.McMinn was successful in bringing his hu9e|^ck to a halt safely,-J}ut the trailer load shifted out of control, .bjrp ^^ng its .heavy cables wfaenit struck tHe pavemenr. V North Coast Ram Auction Four Gounfies Are < Contributing To Salife At Cloverdoie . The .North Coast 1 second annlial Tvsk . sale'; will -be held, at Clbver- dale, Saturday.,; Jung'Si I A public auction; of ,105 ; purebred rams, sheepdog • trials, a sbeeprshearing contest and a lamb barbecue are expected to draw 'sheepmen, their famiUes, and friends-from all;the Redwood Empiroi 'counties. The event was inaugurated in '1947 'by the Sonoma- Kliirin - Napa -Wool-i growers. Association for the .purpose of encouraging the production of pUrebrfed rams in the north coast counties. • , , Consignments have been re-" ceived forthe following'breeds of rams: Suffolk, Hampshire, Southdown, Corriedale, Romedale,: Columbia, Ratnbouillet and Merino, all raised in Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake and Napa counties. Elmer Brown of Jenner, chairman of the sale committe, says this sale is a good place for range sheepmen to purchase rams. An opportunity is afforded to compare the' products of local breeders, side by side. The sheepdog'trials will be conducted foUo'ivmg the sale. Wayne Foster of Cloverdale is' in charge of the trials for the ram sale committee. . Prizes will be awarded for the dog trials and for the sheep shearing contest; "Buz" Cooper of Cloverdale is in charge of-the shearing contest. 98 Children Out For Registration ,;.••;,;;••; • •^^^ • .• • .--^ ;. '- ..,'•'.;•• . . ; Nlnetyrelght.Children were registered , and received.:physical ex- -amipatioHs . .aV' tte' >..^ementary .•ichool Thursday lol'dtning, tlie registr.atipn^ he in g,, ,sponsored 'jointly "Isy'v 'lho *(fleho01v8nd)''-Parent- Teachers ;ancr serves xwo purposes.' to-, filtminat^'; congestion on- the opening-day of school and to bring to --the attention of -'parents any medical • or dental attention the child needs before entering school next fall. The sponsors .express^oppr.ecia- tion", for the response, to • the program. Apprflciation goes also- to Dr.'. Nicholas Zblthoff :.;and ' Dr. Glenn Miner, who '.gave then' time to the work,, and to Mrs. Morrison, county "nurse, for her very able assistance. Parent-Teacher members who worked. under the direction of. Mrs. Sam Ray, Jr., school nurse,; were Mesdames Al Fraga, Frank. Crane, Paul Sikora, Ernest Lauteren, Nicholas Zbitnoff, J.. T. Boyd. Nolan! Hunt and Frank Carpenter. . . TO RUIUIRPORT $ 100,000 Armory For Notional Guard To Be Considered FAIR DIRECTORS MEETING The board of directors of the Twelfth District fair have called a meeting for Sunday morning, June C, at 10 o'clock at the fair grounds to discuss the matter of' reducing tlie fair race track from the ur^sent half-niile course to a distance suggested by the state. The meeting is open to the public. SANTA ROSANS HERE John Dam, formerly of Ukiah was a visitor here Friday from his home in Santa Rosa. He v/as accompanied by hjs grandson, Manuel Lopez. • Rotarians Are Told Of Council's Aims • City officials made up the. program offered at Tuesday's ftotary meeting, with Mbyor .Forrest Hughes, Councllirnen' Jack Clarke and RiisseU Richardson, City Manager A. R. ;Spr^ckelsen and City Engineer Gtis- Wallach telling of plans for new sewers and water supply, city financial ;proi3lems, etc. Following their talks, a ques- ' tion and answer period served to enlighten those assembled on many matters. George Mark was program chairman. Visitors included state highway assistant engineer, Frank Reynolds of Sacramento, Gilbert Hay, U. S. engineer of Hilo, T.H., Oscar Brandt of Lakeport and Don Martinelli of Upper Lake. JACK GEARYS HERE Former Ukinhans, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Geary were hfere for the Memorial Day holidays. Mrs. Geary is now matron of Trlnitjt chapter of Order of Eastern Star in San Francisco and is enjoying her work very m««h, she snid, They'll Run it Off In November Administration of Ukiah munipi- pal airport, was placed in .the hands . of the Airport. .Advisory Commission by the city council Wednesday which gave unanimous approval to the. commission's written recommendalions for new mancgement policies, Harry D, Saulsberry, one commission member, will take over active management: Arthur Schil- dM. ,a::sec^^yj»f^b?r y^iu" be con-^ cern'ed; imh 'ptSmpiioA to increascT the use and prestige'pf the;.airport and Paul Poulos, the third mem-; ber wiU;£<lvise on leases, contracts and charges. , : The council hailed the new plan, which-was approved for one year's trial as a progressive step toward better management and development of the city's airport. -Its adoption also calls for'deferring application to CivjA-'Aeronautics' Authority for coristruction of a new administratidh building until a survey has been completed and concrete recommendations can be made on usage of space in the proposed building. New Armory Building ' In connection with .airport development, the council last night also took under advisement a proposal by the Slate NEtional Guard that the dly allocate by token lease some five acres of airport property for an' armory. Capt. Walter Smith and Sgt. John Ashford, hero to obtain a site for the new $100,000 building, told the council the state and federal government will eventually spend up to $1,000,000 on the site if a favorable locEtion is found. No action will be taken by the council until it has conferred With the state fair board in a special meeting on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. The fair grounds ~was the first suggested sittf for the armory and the council would not act to obtain the. buildings for the, airport if the fair board feels it has the better location, Mayor Forrest Hughes said. Capt. Smith said the establishment of Company B at full strength in Ukiah would - bring —(Continued on Page 5)—• GUY REDWINE. incumbent, who led the field of other candidates for his seat on the board of s «p9rYi »ors, PAUL POULOS bf Potter Valley and Ukiah ran a close secon4 to Supervisor Redwine and will contest for election in November for District No. 2 spot on the county bpar^. Baccalaureate Baccalaureate services for tlie Class of '48 will be held in the high school auditorium Saturday night, June 6. The Potter Valley Choral club of 55 members will provide musical selections on the program for which the Rev. J. R. Edgar will issue the call to worship and invocation. The response will be The Lord's P.rayer. Scripture will be offered by the Rev. Charles G. Lindemann, following which Trees and Rosary will be sung by the choristOTs. The Evening Prayer will Be led by the Rev. Leonard Brown and two choral numbers. Nobody Knows and Morning will follow. The Rev. Gran Bollinger will present the Message and Father Adrian Sharkey will pronounce the Benediction, Spring Roundup ~( • • : Sunday is the date of the Spring Roundup of the Ukiah Riding Club and the activities of the day will begin at 1 o'clock sharp when the big parade will leave the Memorial building for (lie fair grounds, ' The first event at the grounds will be a half-mile free-for-all footrace for hi^h school students, the awards for which liavo been donated by the Ward and Wildburger markets. William Murphy of the l/kiah high school will supervise this event. 'X'here will bo jumping exhibitions - in which local and- ou'4-of-to.wn horses will compete, and a well-rounded program of rodeo and horse show events for which suitable awards have been provided. One of tlie main attractions of the show livill be the Junior division sponsored by the recently organized Uldah Junior Riding Club. ' Parade awards will be made at the fair grounds. RHYMERS Arrangements have l>een made for an old-fashiOned basket picnic for employees of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad, their /riends and their families, in municipal park at Ukiah on Sunday, June 13. Henry Dohring of tjkiah is chairman of the day and promises that the staff; at his office wUI be genial hosts to all who attend. This will be. the .first affair of the;kind since the war, says Dohring, and indications are it will be well attended by former employes, those who have retired, and present employes, who will renew old friendships. • The park at Ukiah is at its best with a splendid green, lawn. The outdoor swimming pool will afford water sports for those who swim, and the 10-hole golf course will o|ter, inducement for those who care to play. The clubhouse will be used by the ladies', committee lor card games in the afternoon, and there will be dancing during the late hours of the afternoon. Games, races and . sports for young and old have been planned by the committee, with such headliners as a greased pig race, pie- eating .contest and a tug-of-vvar between,) the different departments. It is also planned to have an amateur hour, at which time any of the employees having talent will be given an opportunity to entertain the gathering. At 2:20 all are invited to attend the Flag Day ceremony in the park under the auspices of Ukiah lodge of Elks, Dean Maddox, one of the outstanding radio commentators of the KFRC staff, wiiroffi; ciate as-master o^ ceremonies for this event. Evenything points to a large attendance from various ranks of the employes,- their friends and families,,from Eureka to Tiburon. Invitation has been extended to the officials of the company. day aftemooti whenjhig-'car took out a guard rail approxi 'j mately two miles north- of the Longvale postoffice. 1.^, .,.,;, Patfolman Fred Hamilton's port Says that Shaver :lpr(*^ll(y , was the victim of his haste,'i<as marks' on the concrete showed 'his car had swerved sharply .'.to.^tb.e. left and crashed headon into the, i guard rail. Shaver lay in,%e for two houi-s after the accident, the report says. . V Cars driven by George>.fiem- meter of Berkeley and' Gilbert Bauer' of Santa Rosa collided 'five , and a half miles south otHoiJland Monday afternoon when,Bauer, : who- was parked at' theside^ of the road, pulled into the;''traflift- lane ahead; of; HemmeteF^.>c>M];s. : Hemmeter suffered ,minot injlnfifeS. • Patrolman ArifStultz.investigated •• the accident and arrested ^BaueDr WilliamH. Barton of Ukiah,was brought to the Geperal; hospital ; here Saturday- after his car Ijit'S bank two miles north ,6f Ukaih while he was reaching lender-the dash for wiring which h^d^ci^^ghit tire, he told PatrolmanSain Shortr ' ridge. - J Mr. and Mr^. ..teugene-.tBus'sey, Fred. Hollingsworth, Don^'-Sidenfir ; ^ and David Treese of Willits .w^re injured xn a collision ?between Bussey's car and the car, driven . by John H. Campbell of Corte ; Madera at 2:15 a.m. May 28, about four iand. a "haU mUes north .of , Willits. . , The accident was a headon c<fl-;><,) Jisioii on a curve and Pal'rolinSn Frft Hamilton arrested drrvingo'n-the'wrong side of the road, speeding and driving without a license. ; ,' ,' Earl W. Suddareth of' Santa Rosa was arrested for speeding and- driving ;on the wrong side of the road the morning of May 27 when he collided with the car of Orian Goldsbory of Willits two and a half miles north of Laytonville. Monday Rites For Mrs. Sarah Hatch Funeral services for Mrs. Sarah D. Hatch were held Monday alter- noon at 2 o'clock with Elbert .Holland and Rev. Oran Bollinger, pastor of the Christian church, officiating. Interment was m Ukiah cemetery Mrs. Hatch passed away May 28 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lotta Tinker of Park boulevard. She was an early day school teacher in this county, having taught the Sherwood Valley school and at Caspar in the latter SO's.'SKe'wtiS married on June 30, 1888, to Sylvester B. Hatch, a wheelright:and cabinet maker. She left Ukiah in 1919 and returned in 1944. She y/aa a lifelong member of the'Cfiristian church where the funeral for iier mother, Mrs. I. C. Reed, was tt^e first to be held from, Surviving members of her'filin- ily are her two daughters, Mrs. Lotta Tinker of Ukiah anc! Mrs. Edna Cotton 'of BoonvilleV SheJ Is also survived by two sisters and a brother, Mrs. Alpha Lane,and Mrs. Kate Scott of Ukiah and Fred Reed of Portola. ' " H.-,.. The Lance & Zimmermati-Ukiah Chapel was in charge. • " JULIA GARRECHT PASSES Mrs. Julia Garrecht passed away Monday, May 31, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. McPhee of Boonville, and funeral services will be at Le Grande, Oregon, in charge of the Snodgrass Mortuary. The body was prepared for burial and shipped to Oregon by Lance & Zimmerman of Ukiah. CHAMBERLAIN CREEK BRIDGE A contract for $21,933.50 for constructing a reinforced concrete bridge across Chamberlain creek 17.5. miles west of Willits on federal aid secondary route 982, was awarded to the Evans Construction Company of Berkeley. Graveside Services" '" For Lawrence Pei ^ley Graveside services for Lawrence Perley Were held Thursdsy.,after­ noon May 27, at the family cemetery on the Richey rancfj„,ffye miles northeast of Ukiah. -• Mr. Perley, an attorney 3nd native of San Francisco, passed away there on May 25. He was the husband of Mrs. Annie Pjchey Perley and the father of Charles and Richard Perley. .... The Lance & Zimmerman Ukiah Chapel was in charge of the services. .ir,. SELLS NORTH OAK HOME ; Mrs. Clara Feliz'has'sold"Her residence at 740 North Oak street to Mrs. Agnes Darby of Bo6~|vMe^ who recently disposed of part of her ranch in that section and/^iU make her home in' UIciahfilThe sale was handled through the real estate offices of L. B. Wil§pisv,..>.,

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