Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 17, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1960
Page 18
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PAGE CIOHTIHBN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH STATS OF ILLINOIS) )8S. County of Madison ) Town of Foster. "SSUHBT Thi following la a statement Thomas Harris, Supervisor _. ttw-Town of Poster In the County and State aforesaid, of tttt «mount of public funds r«- CtJwd and expended by him dttrlng the fiscal year Just fitared, ending on the 31st day Of March, 1960, showing the •mount of public funds on hand at the commencement of said flical year, the amount of pub- lie funds received and from Whftt sources received, Jne 'Hftbunt of public funds expend- el and for what purposes expended, during fiscal year, end- Ing as aforesaid. 4 Fred Stuttwetn, 5 Ed Huck, labor .... 6 Henry Schaefer, It- 7 Saale Bros., Lumber .............. her it culverts .. 8 Navy Brand Go., bridge paint ..... 9 Ed Muck, labor .... 10 Fred Sauerwein, labor ................. 274.00 338.00 196.00 120.00 500.00 183.45 192.00 11 J. & A. Springman, nail* 12 Saale Bros., lumber 13 till Fund, transfer 4.00 189.77 875.00 Total Expense $4304.22 Balance March 31. 1959, 2088.89 Apr. 20, Co. Treas. .. July 31, Co. Trees. .. The said Thomas Harris, be-|Dec 1. Co. Trees ing duly sworn doth depose and say that the following statement by him subscribed is a Oorreet statement of the amount of public funds on hand at the commencement of the fiscal year above slated, the amount of public funds received, and the sources from which received, and the amount expended, and purpose for which expended, as set forth In said Total Income . Total Expense 251.13 1729.97 241.55 4311.54 4304.22 7.32 i ^ Subscribed and sworn to" before me, this 5th day of April, 1960. EARL D. WAGGONER, Justice of the Peace Amount of public funds on hand at the fiscal year, commencing the 1st day of April, 1959 ...... $ 8,733.30 Received from other income ............ 29,888.15 Bal., Mar. 31, 1960 $ BOND ft INTEREST 1 First National Bank, ' Interest 388.22 2 First National Bank, i Bonds & Interest . 4390.281 Total Expense ... $4778.50 Bal. Mar. 31, 1959 .... 1722.35 Co. Treas 4427.78 1371.63 Transferred 1350.00 Balance March 31, 1960 $ 21.63 Total Income $38,621.45 Total Expenses 35,676.31 Total Balance March 31, 1960 * 2,945.14 TOWN FUND 1 Lee Werts, election 20.00 2 Mildred Kolesa, election 20.00 3 E d i t h Hausman, election 20.00 4 Freda Cord, election 20.00 5 Lola Harris, election 20.00 6 Matt Horn, moder^ ator 5.0ft 7 Byers Printing, Supplies * 3 ' 8 Donald -Golike, salary 35.00 9 Union Electric, hall 9.10 10 Union Electric, hall 6.87 11 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 122-00 12 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 56.00 13 Roy Bierbaum, Hall Insurance 63.60 14 Lester Welling, labor hall 4.50 15 Union Electric, electric hall 6-35 16 Mrs. Mary Gabriel, bond & expense.. 158.80 17 Roy Bierbaum, salary & expense .. • 750.01 18 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 162.00 19 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 120.00 6.35 276.0C 6.35 38.3i 144.0 light Total Income $6150.13 4778.50 ANNOUNCEMENTS NOTtCfe Of CLAIM OATH Notlc« It htrtby ilvtn to all Mr- tons that the ftrit Monday in Aug- uit, imo. is the CUiim D«te in th« •lUte of THERESA C. WIEDMAN. DecemwJ. .otoding m the Protate court of Madison county. Illinois, and that clam* may M filed aialntt the Mid ettat* on or before said date without Issuance of summon* Dated this 8th day of June. 1080. WALTER ANTHONY WIEDMAN. LOUIS CHARLES WIEDMAN. ANTHONY FRANCIS V'lEDMAN. Executors Attest: DALE HILT. Probate Clerk. FRED P. SCHUMAN, Attorney (KENNETH F. KELLY) June 10. 17. 24 EMPLOYMENT II HELP FRIDAY., JUNE RENTALS WANtED-tWuitrial witmeer, «-*> with, degree, medical technician m- 1 . Adult*. 2-3968. Henry. Alton. >. SITUATIONS Wm-MALE MAN wishes lawn cutting. Phone .. GRASS CUTTING and yard work W middltattdjniiari^HO 2-8875. WHITE LADY w*nt« retnlar Iron- Ing In her home. Call HO 2-7968. rw M SITUATIONS WTO.—FEMALE WANTED—Ironing* in my Experienced. HO 5-3050. home. 3-ROOM APT. — . blinds, automatic •«» net»•_,--•. couple 148 10th St., Wood Wtr«r CL_4j493._ ^j^- 3~NiCE CLEAN ROOMS — JfWJ" entrance, heat, water furnished. Adults. 844 Washington^ 3"ROOMS, 128-2 room*. «H «mties $.33. ceo. Forgting. Hartford, nl. . 3 ROOM unfurnished apt. 2708 C6> _-- . WHITE LADY—Experienced, house-' leqe. Hg_2-5gj3_foj|_aPpoH>tffleni. NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all per- tone that the first Monday In August. I960, is the Claim Date Ih the estate of .TAMES .1 0 NEILL. Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against vork, cooklnj?. 5K day'i,. 8 '?'.?,..!: 1 •! 3 ROOM APT.—Utllltle* included. area preferred. Phone H_o_J-<aij^ • vvired for electric stove. R«i*on- WILL CARE for" one small Blrl. 2-6 j able. 302 S. Main at Korreck. Wood years old in mv home Reasonable.! River __ C'L 4-771B. !.Ti ROOMS— Blinds, stove, rtirlscr: ator.jjlimies. 875. HO 5-7823. ,1 "ROOM MODERN 2nd floor apt. 1 Cabinets, range, refrigerator, heat, water furnished. Adults only. HO FINANCIAL 23 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES "fully.. 5-3452 after 7 p.m. Administratrix HILT. Probate Clerk JACOBY, PATTON & MANNS (H. W PATTON). Attorney. June 17, 24. July 1 or TRADE Inquire 1216 W. 9th. 5-9 p.m. CARD OF THANKS. LEGION AWARD WINNERS HONORED Final recognition of the junior high and eighth Davey and Sheron Stormer of St. Mary's; grade school recipients of the American legion Fellln and Carl Hamberg, St. Matthew s; V* Q - *^ __* A • « > * ^ * * .*t__ V^_l _ —- — •_ J Vk — A. ^_ U mt ««*^I*< AU Bw *Jn* f*w» St Linda MICHAEL McOEE — We wish to thank all our friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy shown during our recent bereavement and we especially wish to thank Rev. Kohlbakcr. Mrs. At- HO years. Nice" for couple. Owner re- fl-2393. tiring. Will sacrifice. After S p.m..| 3 RO QM UNFURNISHED 317 Spring street. ment. All utilities "paid. Private FOR SALE O'R"RENT — Restaur-j bath and entrance. CL 4-2003. ant. 'NOW doing business. Avail- 3 ROOM APT.—Utilities furnished. aril. .xuw uwtio "-• _..„— *" a <> I\wwi\i f\r i .—wMiim-a i «a »,»»»•*,,•. able July 1st. HO 2-5S13: after e p irst floor. 3819 Coronado Dr. HO p.m. HO_2-082«._ . 2-8078. Lease building U-R O O M UPSTAIRS — Private en- inventory ci. i trance blinds, stove, refrigerator FOR SALE—Tavern and fixtures. Low 9-288S. Walter Collins,' the organist, Mlssj p rancn i 5 "(,pepperedue Farm. Eak- a. | i i "utilities furnished! Good lo"catlon. the singer. RELIEF 1 John Snyder, Roy Brake, rent Jan. Feb 2 Union Electric, Roy Brake, electric ... 3'stahl's Store, Roy Brake, groc 4 Langen Oil Co., Roy Brake, fuel oil .. 5 gtahl's Store, Roy Brake, groc 6 Werts' Groc., Mrs. B. Gray, groc. ... 7 Stahl's Store, Roy Brake, gro 8 Werts' Gro., Mrs. B. Gray, gro 9 John Snyder, Roy Brake, rent Mar, April 10 Worts' Gro., Mrs. B. 55.00 18.70 60.00 Award was givc-n Thursday night at the Legion home at Sixth and Mechanic streets. A dinner In their honor was attended by parents and guests. At left, rear, chairman Ray Keren, and right, Edward R. Cox, commander. From left are Carolyn Churchich and Kenneth Van Buren, St. Patrick's; Pauline Daley and Donald Morrison, SS Peter & Paul's; Rosemary Hancock, Catholic Children's Home, and Daniel Gantz, East Junior; Alice Milnor and Robert Jones, West Junior. Absent were Randy Baker, St. Mary's; Patricia Young, East Junior, and Daniel Freeman, Western Military Academy.—Staff Photo. Harriet Kruse. Funeral Home, those who sent flowers, cards and all who assisted Mr and Mrs. Mike McOce rient ieVv Route Tor sale Good oppor 1 tunltv for man with small capital Call Mr. Borton. HArrlson <M444 evenings and Sunday. HO 2-2451 after 5 p.m. IN MEMORIAM African Stabilizer ROMK i/P) — African respect 8.70jfor family life will be the means for laying a foundation Gray, groc. . 11 Stahl's Store, Brake, groc. Roy 400.35 6.65 121.35 29.42 84.00 5.00 20 Union Electric, hall 21 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 22 Union Electric, hall 23 State Farm Ins., truck ins 24 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor .-. 124.01 25 Union Electric, hall 6.62 26 A11 o n Telegraph, printing 111.4E 27 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 28 Stahl's Store, bulbs 29 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 30 Alton, N. O. Nelson Co., furnace hall 31 Union Electric, hall 32 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 33 Lampert Ins. Co., Compensation Ins. 34 Dewey Wagenfeldt, tabor 35 Lampert Ins. Co., insurance 59.00 36 Matt Horn, moderator April 19 .... 37 Mike's Electric, furnace supplies ... 38 Union Electric, hall 39 Byers Printing, supplies 40 Stahl's Store, furnace hall 41 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 42 Thomeczek Oil Co., fuel oil 43 City Fuel & Supply. cement hall chimney 44 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 45 Bond and Interest, transfer 46 Union Electric, hall 47 Trentsch & Gubser, supervisor's bond. 48 Don Golike, salary 49 Oscar Vonbugen, salary 50 Earl Waggoner, salary 51 Thomas Harris, salary 5&3.20 52 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 53 Union Electric, hall 54 Thomeczek Oil Co., fuel oil 55 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 56 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 57 Byers Printing, sup- 12 Werts' Gro. Hiram Turner, groc 13 St. Joseph's Hospital, Hiram Turner ... 14 Werts' Groc., Hiram Turner, groc 15 Stahl's Store, William Sinks, groc. 20.00; Lester Layton, groc. 20.00 .. 16 Werts Gro. Hiram Turner, groc. ... 17 Stahl's Store, William Sinks, groc., 20.00; Lester Layton, groc. 10.00 .. 18 Stahl's Store, Joyce Ceppenati, groc. 19 Ramey Coal Sendee, Hiram Turner, coal 20 Stahl's Store, Joyce Ceppenati, groc., 30.00; Mrs. William Torrence, groc., 10.00 21 Dewey Wagenfeldt, H i r am Turner, eggs 22 Alton Memorial Hos. Mrs. Blanche Gray 2.00!23 Union Electric, Hir' am Turner, elec- 144 fid 1 trie 124 Great Plains Gas., Hiram Turner, gas 40.00 10.00 60.00 30.00 50.00 10.00 20.00 20.00 675.42 10.00 40.00 10.00 30.00 20.00 8.75 40.00 4.00 216.25 8.87 10.00 for an ordered society on that continent, Bishop Laurian Ru- gambwa, recently named the first Nogro cardinal for Africa, told a news conference here. pair 25 Frank Schmidt Jr., truck repair 26 Helmkamp Bros., grader teeth 27 T h e Climax Grader oil Co., 28 Stobbs Tire Co., tire repair 29 G. Helmkamp, deliv- 45.25 30.00 38.06 7.19 er Seaman Tiler 77.00 30 Bardale Equip. Co., 900.00 142.50 8.75 2.20 9.25 3.3:'j 20.31i 25 Ramey Coal Service, Hiram Turner, coal 26 Stahl's Store, Hiram Turner, $60, Joyce Ceppenati 540, Mrs William Torrence $50 160.00 27 Dr. Donnelly, H. Turner, 3 operations 527.00 28 Ramey Coal Service, Hiram Turner, coal 8.75 29 Stahl's Store. Hiram truck spreader 31 M. C. Gabriel, labor 32 L. Rosenbe r g e r, truck repairs 33 Standard Oil Co., gas 153.27 34 Frank Schmidt Jr., Seaman Tiler repairs 35 Stobbs Tire Co., tire repairs 36 Helmkamp Bros., grader teeth 37 Alton Oil Co., gas 38 A. L. Edsall, labor 39 Kutter Bros., supplies 40 Frank Schmidt Jr., repairs 41 Standard O i 1 Co.. gasoline 42 Dewey Wage"nfeldt, cutting weeds 13 J. Fabick Co.,'grader repairs 178.49 44 Frank Schmidt Jr., truck repairs ... 45 Slobbs Tire Co., tire repairs 46 Rathgeb Bros., truck inspection 47 Alton Oil Co., gasoline 48 C. M, Lohr, rock .. 49 Mississippi Lime Co., rook 50 Dewey Wagenfeldt, tractor work. ... 51 Ed Huck, labor ... 52 Fred Sauerwein, labor 53 State Farm Mutual, Truck insurance 54 M. C. Gabriel, moving snow 165.00 55 Go^ike Sales and Turner 40. Mrs. Joyce Ceppenati, 40, James Carter, 30 110.00 Total Expense ... $2278.19 68 -°°lRal. Mar. 31, Co. Treas 3557! $ 116.07 $2364.74 5.50 91.37 15.27 15.00 . 5.90 38.30 7.20 3.19 57.31 $488.00 6.75 48.59 10.23 10.64 116.30 300.00 66.00 180.00 200.00 38.30 IN MEMORY—Of James Edward Walters, who passed away 3 years , ago June 17th, 1957: — ' Oh say not that our little boy Is dead; Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily} Believe' instead, ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES STATE OF ILLINOIS 1 COUNTY OF MADISON ) IN THE COUNTY COURT Elmer O. Lewis, ST.. and > I ) ! Loretta E. Lewis ) | Petitioners ) i Vs. ) Angela Marie Bradshaw and > all whom It man concern > Defendants ) No. 1780 Petition for Adoption of a Child Named ANGELA MARIE BRADSHAW PUBLICATION — ADOPTION NOTICE That he has left his little trundle bed To climb the hills of morning, And to share the joy that fills God's pleasant land of dreams. Sadly missed by Parents. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. B. Walters. Brothers, Sister and Grandparents. PERSONALS ATCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS - Help for the problem drinker P. 0. Box 185, East Alton, or CL 4-9278 or CL 4-8305. Service, chains . grader 73.20 Total Expensp $10.311.42 Balance Miir. 31, 1959 1-101.99 Co. Tivas. 575-1.22 Gas Tax 836.35 Road Commissioner Truck Insurance ... ' Total Income $2480.81 2.51; 178.00 650.00 11.30 150.00 132.50 90.00 90.00 98.00 12.88 70.98 122.00 14400 Total Inrnmp .... $2480.81 TotBl Expense ... $2278.19 Bal. Mar. 31. 1060 $202.62 ROAD AND BRIDGE 1 Dewey* Wagenfeldt, labor 36.00 2 Ed Huck. labor .... 111.00 3 Fred Sauerwein, labor 70.00 4 Saale 6ros., culvert* 89.14 5 M. r. Gabriel, lumber 16.60 6 Standard OH Co., gasoline 94.19 7 Frank Schmidt Jr., Truck repairs ... 8.62 8 Dewey Wagenfeldt, labor 131.00 9 Rathgeb Bros., truck insp 5.00 10 Navy Brand Mfg. Co., weed killer .. 492.89 11 Fred Sauerwein. la- 111.30 450.00 $8553.86 Transferred from Bond and Interest 2000.00 Total income $10.553.86 10.553.S6 $10.311.J2 Balance March 31. 1960 $242.44 OIL 1 C. M. I.ohr, Rock .. 77.88 2 Mississippi Lime Co., Rock 3 C. M. Lohr, Rock .. 125.74 4 Mississippi Lime Co., Rock 172.9.1 5 Walter Strohbeck, Oil 450.97 b Walter Strohbeck, Oil 1668.81 7 Mississippi Lime Co., • Rook 229.20 8 Standard Oil Co., JA ALTON OFFICERS Adult leaders of the Alton area teen-age business people were named in a recent meeting of the board. John Dipple, lower right, is to be president; W. H. Bryan, left, is vice president, and John Paul, top, secretary.—Staff Photo. LESTER'S HEALTH STUDIO - 16 E Broadway. Bath and Massage. ; 10 a m. - 5 p.m. Evening by ap- i polntment. HO 5-1623 J ! SINUS SUFFERERS try Plopper's I E Z X for relief. E Z X Is for sale at local drug counters. 8 RUMMAGE * PASTRY SALES LOST—Red male pig. Small. Harold Cathorall. HO 2-8096. 11 Ttie requisite affidavit for publication having been filed, notice is hereby given to you and each or you and to whom It may concern, that on the 8th day of June, A. D. 1960. Elmer O. Lewis. Sr.. and --,,__._,.,Loretta E. Lewis filed a petition BULK WEDDING in the office of the Clerk of the County Court of Madison County. Illinois, for the adoption of a child named Angela Marie Bradshaw. RUMMAGE SALE — Friday, June 17 9 p.m. 517 Belle street. Olven by Willing Workers of Model Chapel Methodist Church. SOCIETIES and LODGES 4 ROOM upstairs. Private entrance, hem and water furnished. Wired for electric stove. Adults only. HO _____ _ _____ ~~- ^T^'.'.Tm 'l«^nVrT>*V ' * ROOM UNFURNISHED down- PERSONAL SERVICE! stairs apt. Gas heat. CL. 4-4931. 14 ROOM MODERN, MS Mo. 2 chll- i dren welcome. Close to schools. 10 DRESSMAKING- TAILORING CUSTOM MADE SLIP COVERS — i shopping center. After 4 p.m., CL Work guaranteed. Mrs. Homer 4.8,359 **£J!!L±?*Q—- ! s "Rob'STTpf^t" LADIES * .CHILDREN'S^dressM. | vate entrance*. Alton. Prt- utllfttM fur- drapes, double breasted suits madc| nlslied; some furnishings. Adults single CL 4-3876. only. Reference required. $110 mo. CUSTOKTUPHOtSTERtNG - Slip-j.HOJ5-6939. covers, drapes. HO 2-8984^ iALBY ST. — 4-room duplex; Utllltle* furnished. HO 2-1262 - c '• EAST ALTON—3 roomi on ground IRONINGS DONE In my home., f| 00r W | tn large sun porch. CL Also men's laundry. Work guaran-! 4.4756 or CL 4-4942. teed. HO 2-1173. __ ! T422VTT~4TH i Close to Glass Works — Just redecorated. 3-room 2nd floor un- MEN'S BUNDLE WASHING Ironing. CL 4-4820. : ;—r~^;rr;:—iao aecoraiea. j-room ino rioor un- IRONINGS and men's bundles rea- furnished apt complete bath, hot sonable. experienced. HO 5-5259. .•-.... BUSINESS SERVICE $2 BUS. ANNOUNCEMEN18 iOTTLE GAS HOOKUP - bottlegas equipment and also bulk "" HO 2-2765. and rold water furnished Immediate possession. $40 month. HEMPHILL AGENCY Dial HO 5-3584 — Evenings HO 2-8833 FOR RENT — 4-room apartment. • furn - - - Centrally located. HO aTso'buTk Skeigas. JIM JONES.! Heat « nd water furnished. Private CARPET entrance. 2-8970. •MILTON AREA—Newly decorated. Quality Plus low price. 301 Nylon, i •') rooms and bath. Private en all wool Wilton acrllan. Free e»tl-' «™"«- ""»»> «frto.,. A .1 mates. Madison County Carpet Co Route 4 Lou Juan Hill*. Edward*- vllle. 111. ATlantlc 8-737^ CUNNINGHAM —Painting. Interior, H. P. IB LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN. LOST — Female" Boston Terrier: child's pet. Wood River vicinity. CL 4-9807. NOTICES PAPER PLATES Hearing on Race Track Under Way EDWARDSVTLLE—A hearing on the injunction suit of four couples residing in the vicinity of Meadowbrook, who seek a temporary restraining order to close the motorcycle race track in that area, wont into its second day this morn- Wilson J. Cardwell Sr., being, called to the stand by Attorney; EULALIA HOTZ. Clerk of the County Court, Madison County. Illinois. WASH, $1.00—Saturday 9-5 p. m. St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Wood River. —White cups, plastic forks and spoons, punch bowl rental: imprint napkins. named Angela Marie uraasnaw. ( ^'JIF* , -•that summons was duly Issued, re-1554 E. Broadway^ turnable according to law. and that! said petition is still pending. Now. unless you. the said defendant, flic your answer, or otherwise make your appearance In said cause, held In the Courthouse In the City of Edwardsvllle. County of Madison. Illinois, on or before the llth day of July. A. D. 1960, default may be entered against you at any time thereafter and a decree of adoption entered in accordance (with the prayer of said petition. Spouting. Furnace Rep*!";*!?* 5n tlmates WHITE'S TIN SHOP. HO 2-1424. DON'T DOUBT—FIND OUT UNITED DETECTIVE AGENCY Shadowing, investigations, legal evidence obtained. Call collect Ex- pre»» 7-3180. Licensed. Bonded. Ex- pertenced. Expert. I JOHN D. MORRISEY. Jr. !S\van. Testimony was halted at i Attorney for Petitioners. i ; June 10, 17. 24 p.m. by Judge Monroe, who, — --- • NOTICE OF SALE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF MADISON COUNTY. ILLINOIS WILMA DAVIS, as Executor of the Estate of ADOLPH H. YOUNGBLOOD. A/K/A ADOLPH YOUNGBLOOD, Deceased. Vs. ROSE YOUNGBLOOD, ET AL, Defendants. SALE OF REAL ESTATE TO PAY DEBTS Public Notice Is hereby slven that. by virtue of a decretal order made id entered of record by said Court, the above i entitled cause.^on the wil i, a ' t the hour of continued the hearing until 9:30 a.m. today. Crfrdwell, 57, said he lives about 600 feet from the west edge of the racetrack and that on the day of the first race, Sunday, May 15, automobiles and motorcycles were going "in and out" of the road before the races began at 3 p.m. hv jl 1 " 1 Ho also said there was a cloud I in .. ing in thr court of Circuit Judge: of dust ov.-r thr track "so thick Jamos O. Monroe Jr. 'vim couldn't soo" and there was NOTICE—Moro dog owners, and in nearby communities. Dr. Frarler will be In Moro at Lowensteln's Store Friday evening June 17 from 6:30 to 8:00 to vaccinate your dog. WANT TO RENT MOVIE CARTOONS for the children's birthday party? See Foster's for brand new stock of Walt Disney's cartoons. Foster's Drug Store. " Alton s Camera Headquarters." 230 E. Broadway. HO 9-2585. EDUCATIONAL I2A INSTRUCTIONS AIR CAREER STUDENTS WANTED — Fly — meet people. Graduates over 18. under 35—rush facts and photo to Airline Training, Lambert Airport Class. St. Louis. Mo. EMPLOYMENT 17 HELP WANTED — MALE CARRIER BOYS WANTED -For Alton Telegraph Routes. Middletown area. Vine News Agency. E. Broadway.(upstalrs). 11:00 o'clock A. M. (DST) on the Thf hp-irine which brcan Thill's- llu nuuing. \\nic. norj,.m i nuts and day afternoon, was recessed today ! snootin «" lVom for lunch until 1 p.m. Four residents of the area were : , , „ H 7th dny of JULY. A. D IflliO. at the popping «• n f premises being sold, known as 317 the backfire of Dry St., Alton. Madison County. , . , .. , , 'Illinois, offer for sale and sell iit the motorcycles so loud that ne|p ubllc yendue. to the highest and had to raise his voice so his wife;' '"' """ '"' '"" questioned by their attorney, Dave Swan of Alton, on alleged noise, I dust and exhaust fumes raised by| the races held at the track lasti :IOen , j could understand him when hei a down payment on day of sale, the ne r balance to be paid within thirty | ' I days from date of sale, all or so 1 Sounded Like Power Slower \ much thereof as may be necessary .converse attprr " lU rt to '•°™ trse MALE. 25-45"YEARS OLD—To work in well established accounting firm. Must be well acquainted with bookkeeping methods. Give schooling and past experience Right ambitious person can make top salary. Box 900, care_JTelegra_ph_ MAN—Sales amf Service Representative. Salary and commission Liberal insurance and retirement benefits Apply between 8 and n a.m Singer Sewing Machine Co. 212 State. Alton repairs. Reasonable pr sured. HO 2-5429. trance. Stove, refrigerator and all utilities furnished. $65 mo. Work- Ing couple preferred. 3448 Mere- dosla. HO 2-1896. NICE 6 and 3-RM. APARTMENTS— Newly decorated. Utilities furnished. HO 5-2274. NORTH ALTON—3 room unfurntsh- HARRIS TREE SERVICE — Power, ed apt. Phone HO 6-2712 afttr 6. spraying by state licensed operat- — = work HOMMt HO NORTH ALTON—Very attractive 3 or. Tree work. HO 2-oau. HU room upstairs apt." Private en- 5-8587. —I trance, full bath. $65 'mo. Adults. HAVE YOUR FURNACE CLEANED Must see to appreciate. HO 2-6477. now. Special June rates. HO 2-3292 N Q RTH ALTON—3 room apartment. Rooms are very modern and large. Lots of closet space. Front and back entrance. This is newly decorated and first class all the way. Heat & water furnished. Adults LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED — 617 Spring GUTTERING JOHNSTON'S mobile welding and cutting. Evenings and Saturdays. HO 2-3588. POWER LAWN MOWER REPAIRS All Makes. Guaranteed Work Registered Service Dealer Pick Up And Delivery MESTERS AUTO REPAIR 215 Niagara. East Alton Ph. CL 4-5921 POWER LAWN MOWERS REPAIRED—SHARPENED ALL MAKES Complete stock Toro Kut Kwlck mowers, garden tillers. Used mowers. STOBBS TIRE SALES 3525 College. HO 2-7326 only. $80. Dial HO 2-0055 or 2-0315. HO 2132 STATE—Small apartment, upstairs, $30. HO 5-5916. TWO 2-room unfurnished apts, heat furnished. $35 month. 635 E. 5th. HO 5-9209. UNFURNISHED 2-ROOM APT. — Utilities paid. HO 2-3684. WANTED-iady to share apt. with lady: share expenses. 422 Belle St. WOOD RIVER—886 Haller. 4 rooms newly decorated. $45 month. 46 FURNISHED APARTMENTS 33 BUILDING — CONTRACTING Alert Home Owners Insist On LoMac HOME IMPROVEMENTS 5 yrs. to pay—Free Estimate* NO MONEY DOWN-CL 4-0731 2 CLEAN furnished rooms. Utilities i furnished. 224 Lorena, Wood River. 12 ROOM furnished apt. 1 small child ( welcome. $9 week. HO 2-5264. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS — Utilities j Paid. Adults. 405 Serlng. HO 2-1173. ' 2 ROOM furnished apt. with air eon- ditloner. CL 4-6524. 2~FURNISHED ROOMS—Newly decorated. Lady or couple. 217 E. 6th. _AJton. 2 FtJRNfSHED APTS—3 room *~2 room efficiency, both private. Utilities paid. Close In. 2823 Viewland Ave. HO 2-7857. BLOCK and CONCRETE WORK Repair work. Free estimates. Ph. HO 5-6132. CARPENTER WORK — Large or small. Free estimates. CL 4-5718. CARPENTER — Roofing repair, block and concrete work; experienced. Free estimates. HO 2-4110. 2 ROOM MODERN — Utilities furnished. 5-5967. Adults. 2616 Yager. HO NICE 2 ROOM furnished apt. All utilities. 204 Henry. HO 3-7331. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS — Clean utilities furnished, reasonable WnlkiiiK distance to S.I.U. 1409 Wll- COLUNS CABINET SHOP. Custom J.". rd ._ tIO _t: 8 5 95 made cabinets. Work guaranteed. 12 ROOM furnished apartment. Apply Freer estimates. Terrv Drive. Alton, i 632 East 5th or phone HO 2-6617 H0_ 5-H07. 2-ROOM" CONCRETE BLOCK WORK, 18f j APT BLOCK 4-S'Jll. Water and lights. Con- ED HENDERSON. CL, venient location Apply Broadway. Apt. No. 4. 530 E. TV.O .^..rmri The second Mr« Fit to P a y tne debts now due from said «""• *•"* ' - an d the costs of administra- due and to accrue, the the races held at the track last 7.7 , estate ana tne costs 01 uamimsira- me jmife m in <ti me mim ulsl | Eenc SeHier w lio lives on Rt. • tion now due and to accrue, the Mav 15. Cross examination of the , tt . .HP riant. t \n e . interest and estate ...u' „ K., v M i..,,«hv. »0 about 900 feel away fiom the. wn|oh the said ADOL PH H. Deceased, had at witnesses was by V. M. Jaeoby, • , oh algfl tes , m ' cd to the, YOUNOBLOOD. Alton, counsel for defendants,,, the ^ from ^ motol ,., des .; th. "^Sg^SSTrea.'.M' suit She said it sounded as though a situate In the City of Alton. Madl Jacoby told the Telegraph at er mower wpre bt , ing oper noon today that he was uncertain , |tpd rjght outside her win dow. whether or not he would call any James y ppei . ti wno | ives on! son County, Illinois, to-wit: witnesses afternoon. for the defense this A lot of land commencing on Dry Street. 40 Feet from the Northwest Corner of the Northerly portion of Tract No. 3 In Danforth Purchase. In the City of Alton, as the same was conveyed by James Newman and wife, and DeWltt C. Martin to Maple Drive in Meadowbrook, | and who is not a party in the] Flnen Tesllflet. injunction suit, testified he is WJIE aim uomllv _ Still testifying when court was i p ,. es j_ en t O f the Ft. Russell -| vfilTi'am"" Atkinson w an'd" Henry recessed this morning was Earl M eadowbn>ok Improvement A*| jg^J 0 ", "#,.?"«. r Ait°o r n e< C!ty 1 Fines, called to the stand by Swan. S0 ciation and had offered hisi Registers Office. Uience^ Eatt Fines, who said he is assistant serv ices as an individual to plain- j business representative of Labor- i t j/f s j n the injunction, ers Local 338 in Wood River, con- j yppert said that on the Sun- finned that he had purchased U|day in question, the sounds of tract of land in the Meadowbrook j th«> motorcycles could be heard area and constructed a race i over a television set tuned to a tract on it, hut that he had nothing | baseball game at his home When along the South line of Dry Street. 40 Feet, thence South 100 Feet: thence West parallel with Dry St., 40 Feet; thence North. 100 Feet to the place of beginning; situate in the City of Alton. Madison County. Illinois; known as 317 Dry Street. Alton. Illinois The above described premise* will bor plies 10.36 j 12 Fd Huck labor 58 I'nion Electric hall 59 Dewey Wagenfeldt, 11.02113 J Fahiok Tractor Co.. filters, grader <la" .. ......'.... 144.161 to do witn the niotowycle races, 9 Mississippi Lime Co.. i which he said were conducted by the noise became louder, he tes-|^ d _ tifieci. he and his brother went i dower, etc sold free of of the all encumbrances labor 176.00114 Frank Si-hmidt Jr., 60 Union Elec, hall.... 16.14i truck repairs .... -- .-. IS Saale Bros., culverts Total Expense $ 5845.07 Balance March 31, 1959 $2039.89 County Treas. $6212.52 Inf. Refund ... $ 9.50 16 Pouev Waeenfeldt, tractor work 17 Marion Lohhig, labor 18 HHmkamp Bros.. 164 no 174.00 ?1.20 i 400.00! 40.00 37.50' 30.00 Rock ............ 147 T' I the National Motorcycle Assoeia- 1 nearer to the racetrack and saw| No deed or deeds wil , be ,, ellv . Total Income $8261.91 19 J * A Springman, Total Income $826191: naUs Total Expense ... $5815.OT'M J F*'.i.-k Co.. grarl- — - PI H.'irlr Balance March 31. 1960. $2416.J>4 j?1 R-"-rl <i.. Fonin Co. j Seaman Tiler . .. spmAL BRiPtie: FI/ND •>'-' nnn-ican > store. 1 Saale Bros., lumber 1000.00' en- 2 Ed Huck, labor .... 260.00|''3 Alton on TO ea- .. 3 Fred .Saueruein. la- r?4 A I FrNali truck bar 264.00' & Seaman tiler re- 1742J i 4800 nr>; 10 Waller Strohbeck. Oil 3000.00 11 Mid-West Black Top. Oil 111.60 12 Walter Strohbeck. Oil 1997.00 Total Kxpense .. $8.158.91 Bal. March 31, 1959 $1.381.58 Couni.v Treasurer $0,61:?.44 Commissioner ... 34-U8 Transferred from special Bridge 87500 Total Income W.L'13.20 Total Income ....$8.213.20 ' Hun (the ha/.- like smoke from dust ered to the purchaser or ' until said *al« h«s been reported to Dated this Stb day of JUNE, A. D IM0. I j , ., , • i r? .«,* ' UUtU »•!» »«IV M»a u^vi, >c^/u(w«w iw Kirn's said the track "went great- ; raised by the vehicles home- < an( j approved by said Probate Court. l> in the hole" on races held May i times, he said, motorcycles were; i;>. He said he saw a portion of the i completely hidden by dust, races then, but could not describe 1 He could also hear a loud the sound oi the cycles as a 'loud! speaker echoing from the track, roar" or that the dust raised was'Lippert said He WILMA DAVIS. Executor Adolph H. Younjblood Estate June 10. 17, 24 like b> NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE testified that a "cloud" as testified earlier'the only thing he had ever jihc. witness^, -heard that was louder than the lii'iie Sellier who lives on Rt motoiv.\cles was "a six-motor 1 Notice Is hereby given to all per HU u,,h (us par,n«s, ucar ti*l*» n ber down at Lackland Field_" ..on. *« If^^-^teVaSi truck said earlier that he had .*-.,.._ ^. i.. ku __. .estate of SARAH worked Siiturday infill. Mav 11, \seiil to bed about 9:30 18 HELP WANTED — FEMALE E 4 B CONSTRUCTION - Brick. 12 CLEAN furnished room apt~PrT- block and concrete work: simllat-; vtitr bath, entrance All utilities building of furnished. HO 2-4862. cd brick, all kinds. plastering. CL 4-8211. DECORATING ALTERATION WOMAN WANTED— Downtown department store. Very good working conditions. Air conditioned. 40-hour week. Experienced In men's and ladles wear. Reply Box 910, care Telegraph. EXPERIENCED general office Btrl. EMPLOYMENT 303 Commercial Bldg. 205 West 3rd HOUSEKEEPER and baby sitter. Stay. HO 2-6965 between S-7 p.m. LADY—For bachelor's home Must be honeit, iober. have references. HO 5-5178. LEGAL SECRETARY - Experience desirable but not necetsary. Write Box 1010 care Telegraph OLDER WOMAN to share my home and care for 5 year old daughter while mother worlw. Write Box B80. care Teleiraph. PART TIME OFFICE WORK-Experience necessary. Write B« »ou. care Alton Evening Telegraph :i CLEAN FURNISHED ROOMS™ Upstairs. Heat, water, window fan • kiniM/- • fllrn >. h !i d 1824 Kennedy. FLOOR SANDING ; 3 "FURNISHED raoderfTroomr~p7i- And Reflnlshlns. For free estimates vate yard, washing privileges. 2 call E. Wetsteln. HO 5-1934. I small babies welcome. CL 9-2533. 3 ROOMS and private bath. Utilities furnished. On bus line. Will con- slder two men. HO 2-8719. 3 ROOM APT.—Garage. HO 2-35J8. INTERIOR and exterior painting. 25 years' experience. Pankey, CL 4-9098. Joseph PAUL MCOUIGGAN—Paper hanging Save money. HO 5-8784. 40 STORAGE — MOVING ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE NATION H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE LOCAL t LONG DISTANCE 1828 Washington Av«. Dial HO 1-08JP AFRO MAYFLOWER Sloan's Moving'* Storage Co. Bxciutlw Agent Local & Long DUtanc* Moving Warehouse and Fenced Lot Storage Free Estimates - No Obligation Phone HO 8-6«l7 - M9 B - — 30 • 85. Excellent: cill AVON.^HO_j^78. RENTALS 41 SLEEPING ROOMS WANTED T. All around wool and | ____—^—--g-- sllk presier. also truck driver. CL 4 ' 862 ?: ____—_—- — — -——— WHITE BABY StTTER-Carj for 3 FURNISHED ROOMS — Modern. Private bath and utilities paid. $12.50 per week. HO 2-6143. .1 ROOMS FURNISHED — Private bath. S85. 1824 Annex. FRontier 2-3145. 2 ROOM furnished apt. Air condl- tloned. CL 4-2014. 188 Aetoa. Wood River after 5 p.m. 2 ROOM APT.-MUton Area. Utlll- ties furnished. $12 per week. Phone 3 ROOM furnished apt. Utilities, private bath, entrance. Couple. 820 E. 6tit. 4 f ROOM APT.-FurnlshedrutaftJei H02-8078 room 300 E. llth. Alton Call HOj only 3433 GUI 2 "3579. MODERN TRAILER" "?. al '?/. *?.*«»« couple. Adult. S ^ B ]h,,^.n ^ex^; ^..--a-LrSc for home and wages. HO 2-7gK : _ reliable baby 4-1694. Gentleman, i C J* EAN 2 room efficiency. Private - - bath, entraace Heat, water, k' fhen_furnisbed. 844 Washington. f°R RENT—2 furnished rooms: shift work. and housework. CL 4-8934 jj HEU» WTP. «9M* •"? AIR CAREERS SEE OUR AD UNDER CLASS UA STRAWBERRY PICKERS-Must be 15 or older. Work every morning at Sam Apply In person Brands strawberry field, one mile east of MODERN SLEEPING ROOM—For! trie*. HO 5-3310. MODERN—Newly decorated, telephone fc living room privilege*. Close in 123 E. 5th. j ROOM—2 blocks from downtown I u . rir . r> _-..,_ s -7-——— Wood River. Private entrance. CL W J?°P U a J VE A-; ** We » l Nicely furnished efficiency apt. 9.?JZ to downtown and bus. All FOR RENT for two month*. 4 room K r H6 xir2 .im ndltloned - W004 SLEEPING ROOMS—$8 50 week U- dudes use of physical YMCA. 2 W Third St facilities- > following morning and was a\vak- emxi at 1 p.m. by the sound of the motorcycles which he said sounded like "iojuebodj had stirred up a Ifjiw i Total Ex^e !!' li'lSS^l mess ol hornots uader the awni »8 " Balance March 31. The hearing began at 3:15 p.m._ liitk) $r>4 J9 Thursday uith the first witness,' 'Year Of Jubilee' i Deceased. MINNKAPOL.1S i.l'i Forma-1 Court of Tne tion of the American Lutheran'fn\ said pending in the Madison County. « -1 p m. _ _ _ E VOORHEES'lfECHNICIAN—For "medical labor* b'elween, SLEEPING ROOM-For genUeman Nexl to b«th and phone 3018 Col lege Ave. HO 5-3774 Probate Illinois. tory in hospital Wood River Township Hospital. Wood River. 111. CL ROOM AND BOARD cool utilities furnished. K5 month To Inspect dial CL 4-8384 or CL 4-3893 WOOD RIVER AIR-CONDITIONED—One room efficiency With kitchenette & tile bath Completely furnished, includ- ,ng washer. dry er 4 M u u )lt i es . i CaM CI_ «.9004 or CL 4-3831 'WOOD Church, through a merger of! three Lutheran branches at a convent ion here, marked the 1 start of a "Year oi Jubilee" for.Atteu. J DIXON VOORHEES. Executor i TO [ ROOM & BOARD for men Close to 1 oil refineries and bus Itne Good meals Modern home CL 4-2080 the new church, extending into Jhe spring o/ 1961. It's therms: GRIFFITH * * * *=• | A ft/NVMBlVJC •'Oo the Way Rejoicing." iDALE HILT. Pro*«te Clerk. Attorneys HOEFERT. 4UM I* IT .24 t YOUR AD DIAL HO 5-4441 t • • • PENSIONERS and Social Security. Good meal*. State and city licence. Mary Staal 1414 Milton. Alton HO 25675 I PATIENTS—Private. Social Security and pensioners. HO 2-9065. rf!™. dinette, Ligbu. water Dial CL 4-3*83

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