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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, July 19, 1957
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Editorial-Good Reason to Seek Industrial Expansion Some concept of the value of Industrial payrolls to a community might be gained by a look at the whopping $62,786,556 that came into Iowa communities in U. S. Department of Defense contracts distributed among only 40 companies during the first six months of this year. These 96 contracts, as listed by the Iowa Development Commission, ranged from a total of over $30 million awarded the Collins Radio Co., at Cedar Rapids, down to one for more than $10,000 which went to a wax- paper manufacturing firm at -Fort Madison. An Ames concern was listed for a contract of close to a million Tim** Herald, Carroll, Iowa Friday, July 19, 1957 It Can't Say 'Ah!'—All It'll Say Is 'Ow!'". their operations exclusively to defense contracts. Thus it is easy to see why the industrial wealth of Iowa now equals or perhaps slightly exceeds the gross worth of its agricultural production. Looking at these contract figures leaves little to the imagination as to why numerous Iowa communities are on the alert around the clock to the possibility of industrial expansion. Industry means payrolls. Big contracts mean big payrolls and this seems to be the day of big business and big contracts. A high percentage dollars. Two contracts went to BM industrial payrolls remains glove manufacturing concern in! within the economic structure of 1 the small town ol New London, down in the southeast part of the communities in which they originate, going for food and the usual ed. state, totaling $165,480. An Onawa living, expenses. This then most company was included for $143,- certainly justifies the organization 069. There were big cities and of militant industrial development small towns among the points list- j corporations as chamber of commerce projects or civic better- These contracts, it is most ap-jment promotions in any communi- parent, make substantial contribu- j ty- lions to the economy of the communities in which the favored manufacturing concerns' operate. And the more thar $62 million de -i _ . . . „, ... . .. , 4 , 1 Because I will publish the name fense contracts represent only | of me ,Lord: ascribe ye greatness businesr for the first half of 1957.junto our God.—Deut. 32:3. It can be expected additional gov -j I« there any other seat of the ernment business will accrue to'.divinity than the earth, sea, air,, .. , . .. . the heavens, and virtuous minds? : what makes them different from these and perhaps other Iowa: Why do we seek Gf)d elsewhere? i the influenza existing in between, plants during the balance of the j He is whatever you see; He is! Nevertheless year. More than that, the concerns ; wherever you move. — involved by no means confine; Lucan. Thoughts RedShakeup: Personalities, Not Policies The following analysis of the changes in Moscow Is from one of America's oat- standing experts on Russia, Dr. Albert Parry of Colgate University. Dr. Parry Is chairman of the Department of Russian studies at Colgate and a frequent contributor to magazines and newspapers. Hard to Pin Ike Down on On Civil Rights Measure Mi WASHINGTON (ff) - Trying to I rights bill-Is not only tough, ft pin President Eisenhower down at] has been unsuccessful, his news conferences—on precise- By ALBERT PARRY Written for NEA Service NEW YORK - (NEA) - Once more an inner Kremlin fight for power is presented to the world as an ideological clash. But we mustn't be fooled. It is a struggle of personalities, not of policies. We must remember the 1920's ly what he wants or doesn't want, in his administration's civil Ft. Knox Run a Possibility— Theoretically By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK WrV -A run on Fort Knox is a bogeyman today to those who worry about the grow- when Trotsky was thought to be a ] ing amount of foreign holdings of firebrand and Stalin a dove of; dollars and American securities peace. Actually both hated the West, j citizens cannot ask gold for their and wanted its destruction. Stal- j paper dollars or hold gold except in won over Trotsky but his policy , as jewelry or for designated in- was the same: fight and ruin the j dustrial purposes. But the law per- West. be it through different j mits the central banks of other methods. Ominous Facts Now Khrushchev wins over his nations to turn their dollars in for gold at will. The U. S. Treasury admits that worldwide epidemics appear and Russians Get Secret Dixie Barbecued Chicken Recipe much more is Marcus known about flu than was known 40 years ago. At that time it was not even known that it was caused by a virus. Now we know that there are Secret Mail One of Big Delights of Growing Up' opponent and tells the world that theoretically — but only theoreti they wanted international tension, | cally—foreigners could turn Amer- whereas he wants peace. But let j ican investments into dollars and us note those ominous facts: j deposit these with foreign central 1. While Molotov is indeed an , banks. Then, still theoretically, old Stalinist war-horse, Malenkov i all these banks could demand gold is lumped with him incongruously. For Malenkov. in his period of premiership in 1953-55. stood for an emphasis of consumer goods production. This meant a certain amount of de-emphasis of heavy industries — of Russia's war industries. in exchange for dollars. Such a run on Fort Knox could bring our holdings below the 12 billion dollars worth the Treasury legally must keep to back some 47 billion dollars in Federal reserve notes and deposits. The Treasury says this cannot happen in practice because: 1. If any worldwide monetary and economic upheaval should By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK W-One of the three main kinds of virus involv- i grea t delights of growing up when ed—A, B and C. j the world was young—I keep tell- \ '"J? T i/ it__i u • ; 3Die And it was Malenkov, practical ly alone of the Soviet chiefs, who , ^ ~s Uch "" a ru " n> tne United has publicly acknowledged that states would declare a moratori- an atomic - hydrogen war would j um on gold payments and go on destroy all of humanity, not just. keeping the metal rignt there ,„ Naturally the voice came from the ca P ltah1 f , ' c P» rt ° f humanity Fort Knox; «aiuraii> me voice came trom s Knrusncnev has been say jng. , A . ,' the n K dollar a ventnloquist on the sidelines,! fc Can wp take ^ remova , of j TVe /ywhere, S just having fun. The idea of being j Khrushchev's opponent as a true to do this appealed to me I olive branch extended to us when u„,.,„.„>.. >u„,« ,„ ctrainc I inn mucolf nmu Mia* fha urnrlH ie au,c 1 «W«»=u i" < O lVe Drancn extended 10 US Wner However, there are also strains ing myself, now that the world is th ( , t tm d d , t t members of the Presidi within these main types so that j old-was getting secret mail. i , east , 2 ccnt8 in stamps investi- 1 '- fJL*. ™T..f™ ,T .T! Znl j Father to all American Indians, j it has prove d extremely difficult! Every adult is sure in his heart • « t i nH the Mice of Womine (Interior Secretary Fred Seaton j to develop an effective vaccine he did something when young! V Z m Th 7, A goes through a more or less regu- j wn j cn wou ld prevent attack by all \ that no one else ever did before or M - v By DOUGLAS LARSEN NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON - (NEA) - « «"J» l " , *V u A ,, u !, 1 l""ir a j' - '.Tu^'! ~ n,C " *° ma P reveni aiim "'* u * «*" mai "" u,,c c,ac CVCI UiU UCIU,r Ul i came to more than I could afford! the Comintern' group of Russian embassy offi- lar ritual of being made an honor- fl u . caU sing viruses. since- > , ti e bt when < u- A .I . Sis got away with a neat bit of! ary member of most of the tribes. thflt the t Asian One of the things I am surest j 51 ,™ TwoTclnyw* S 1 , 3 " Ca " our friends in the • cap- his daily transactions, •espionage" on a recent State De- j This is paricuhyly trm > when ,n- ftu , caused b Type A virus. At of » my heart » that, as a child,, fa , maUneancd J^* l ™ et live nabons of the satelhte belt * • <--«-•»--»- -' —-——., ... i i : :T must havp hppn i-pcnnntjihlp for .... _ . . view the changes with any hope- um include Kuusinen, the old Fin a j nish Communist, with his long j trade transactions, just as a busi cost j record of anti-Western intrigue in i nessman here must have a healthy sum in the bank to go on witji partment-sponsored tour of the: habitants of some reservation or | j t (hree strains have been iso ., I must have been responsible for South. | o^er * ant some new favor from ; laUjd from victims of the dis .; the fact the US. Post Office ran The Russians were at a Louisiana plantation entertained | lhe . government in Washington, and which is most of the time. But being made an ease so deeply in debt to the public. me out!" Fortunately, no pays any attention. ie. ; " . 4 . ... .. , .. Certainly it complains to this day honorary) Of course it is possible^tha the ; that the stamps „ ^ don<t b(Jy This has gone on for so many the Soviet hierarchy? one ! ful expectations when Suslov ' is ' some senators - from worrying left undistrubed at the very top of! about the increasing foreign dol- — -i i.„u om ,^ rhipi, i DUI <>eiii S maue an uuuuiaij . .- ..... . ., ,, mat me stamps n seas uon i ouy years that in my own mind 1 have i Th cannot be hopeful For! The U.S. gold situation is this: •erved. a special, barbecu«i chick- cnief business, i virus will die out by itself, since ; f h ^ , k reached the conclusion it's not a more ?Ln anyone else in ' The Treasurv has stored 22 ^ b «en which they agreed was sensa-, The ^ ^ tii^^^^^^^^^ Looking back now. I find it hard matter of ventnloouism at all: ^ Kremnn SlTtafi> worth(Vof »' ^ is r ai H th. „„„ ' "P resents " cosls around * m - The ! TJIS X It will' B the tP figure iusl wh - v 1 went over - ; Other invitations I explored by campaign against the so-called Ti- i °^, bulUl ° n m " re than needed 39 At first their host said the^uce . custom is that _ the guy who get , probable *f J^JSllll hoard for secret mail. I think that mail wpre how to-build'yourself- toist spirit of independence in the j ^^i^'^i^ 0 ^^r^lands nine billion He has been asked about that bill at nine of his 17 news conferences this year—the last time was Wednesday and he hasn't been specific once. For example, he was asked Wednesday for the benefit of his thinking on enforcement of the 14th Amendment, which promises equal protection under the laws, and tbe 15th, which protects -voting rights. It appeared, when he started out that he was going to get down to cases and answer like a lawyer. But it didn't turn out that way. He said: "Well, you are asking me to become something of a lawyer in >«:uniHis. i a very short order here but x Under our gold law. American | w jjj "As for the moment, 1 have announced time and again the objectives I am seeking in civil | rights, and the means that I want from the legislature in order that everybody will know where they stand, and it can proceed in an orderly manner Objectives Restated "I issued a little statement last evening, republishing of what the objectives are. Now, the matter is now, as you know, under debate in the Senate, and I think that for the moment the best thing to do is for most of us to let them do the debating, and we will see what comes out. I am very hopeful that a reasonable, acceptable bill will come out." The statement he issued Tuesday night was the most specific, even though limited, thing he has said in or out of his news conferences. He said he favored trial by judge, without a jury, for disobedience of a court order in a case involving voting rights. And he backed, in general terms, all of the bill's four sections. But at his news conference, the answer he gave to a question about section No. 3 angered Northern Democrats who are helping his Republicans fight for the bill. Under that section the attorney general — without request from anyone — could move in through court orders to force public school integration. Eisenhower was asked if he favored this. His first word was "no," and he added not without a request from "local authorities." But he quickly backed away from that, saying he didn't want to go further than the "little memorandum I published last evening." Sen. Douglas (D-I1D, one of the foreigners prefer to have dollars rather than gold; 3. They need to have dollars to go on with their every day world These reassurances however, don't stop some people—including lar holdings and investments. onstration on how to prepare the! thls tnougn Buffalo meat is i If this flu should suddenly strike i Got Prettv Public - ...... oionorc fire and spit. ! tough, they've found, no matter! us. it will doubtless hit the young I( so j nev er got it Mv nrivate T how-to-grovi chinchillas-: 4 . And , ook at the retnovaI of . ej *nerR If billows of savory smoke start I how long you cook it. So they de-! and healthy as well as others. mai i B0 , lo be nrettv nuhiic in our L° r •" Pro/'^n-^rnnd'atn-er s-beard- Kaganovich together with Molo- emanating from the back yard ofim an d a choice steer to roast. Add I Usually it is associated with high i neiehborhood The mere sizo of it ? * th V « nea sy- s u m m e r- tov and Malenkov: the embassy it'll be members of - i i—»* nt . in k „H n n .'" e,g rT ,:l ne ™ R L S !?^:.." mintlis, and how-to-make-quick- the party checking out Ambassador Zaroubin on how to barbecue chicken Louisiana plantation style. Syud Ahmed, Pakistan press them. Northerners fighting for the bill, k 'idual for-1 told the Senate after he heard are variously estimated at from 5Va to 7 billion. Individuals can't get gold for these dollar credits from our Treasury, $200 for that. ! fever. Immediate rest in bed un- • wa s hard to hide cn a street where monev'' - by* - "seliing ^'chTi ^mas- ! In th . e las / yea , r t Ka 8 a " ovich j any more than you can. But if None of this can be charged to j til the symptoms have gone is the a postcard from out of town parH , . t„ . th «..nPiffhhn'rs.iMqt-hp. was tne only . • at the top i they could sell these investments - 1 • • • ' tarns IU • uie-neignuura ju&i ue , nf lho fi n „j 0 » lorlHor N nU i ha inn i »_ »u«;_ ~ »i ..._..u the taxpayers as official business, either. Recognizing that even an assist best procedure. ; signed by a stranger would stire fore-Easter in previous Pandemics^ h m, mojejive^than J he influenza. _ i Dlsappolnted Mallman who followed Since nobody had ever written i of the Soviet ladder. Now he, too, is gone. And his demotion, may mean increase of war threat ant to Big Chief Eisenhower can't j more likely to recover completely to me in my lifetime, 1 decided to '•• The postman got interested in j rather than its lessening. Nasser attache, discovered that you can! afford a $350 outlay for every tribe i than those who tried to keep go- produce too many celebrities at a! in the country, the Oglalla Sioux i i n g or got out of bed too soon party. Other afternoon he h a d \ have found a way to ease the bur- 1 White House Press Secretary Jim j den Hagerty and jazz trumpeter Louis I When Secretary Seaton goes to Armstrong at a reception for visit- j South Dakota Jhis month ing Pakistan F i n a n c e Minister Syed Amjad Ali to be made a member of their tribe, _ they will put the bite on the cham- Troubiewas the guests cluster-; ber of commerce and the state SO THEY SAY write to them first. some of these situations himself.; and his berserk camp in the Mid- ed around Hagerty and Armstrong, almost ignoring Ali. But wily Syud quickly solved his problem. "See those rinestones on the tourist and travel agencies to hand over the necessary wampum to cover the ceremonial cost. Administrations may change and ! cabinet members may come and minister's vest?" he went around; go. But able, genial Nils Lennart- telling all the guests. "They're | son has staying power which defies really diamonds Pretty soon everyone was clustered around Ali, ogling his diamond • studded vest. Armstrong said he'd like a vest like that. But when Ali whispered the price to him he said, "I guess I'll settle for something cheaper, like a yacht." Incidentally, when anyone asked Armstrong for his autograph he said, "Do you want me to sign 'Satcbmo,' or Mister Louis Armstrong?" Most preferred Satchmo. As the junior grade Great White of him. the vagaries of politics and pers onalities. He has been public affairs assistant to outgoing Treasury Secretary George Humphrey and will stay on with the new boss of the coin, Bob Anderson. A "public affairs assistant" The magazines of that dav—as * remember the day I got the re-idle East are certainly pleased to some still are to this day—were P' y t0 th e aa " saying send-one-dol-^ see this last Jew depart from the full of advertisements which in- lar-and receive - 12 - different-; Kremlin, vited correspondence. Once I piotures-of-12-beautiful - girls - in- May Interpret started answering these invita-1 12-different - poses- The postman; The militant Arabs may well I knew where I was all the time, i tions I hardly knew where to quit.' °P fi n ed tha* letter himself, looked interpret the going of Kaganovich, but I was afraid of being punished j Opportunity didn't seem to «* the enclosed pictures (harmless a Jew. in the same spirit as Hitler for staying out all night and leav- knock at one's door. It merely ^ photos of old movie stars), sighed,; in May. 1939. viewed the removal ine mv horse - Kristen Siemen. 1 awaited the lick of a two-cent; disappointment, and marched ; of another Jew, Litvinov, from his 14 of Littleton. Mass., on why she j stamp. i brave, y forward on hls rounds ' ! P ost of Sov ' e \ uForue '. gn , Affai ? 1 began by deciding 1 wanted to' This whole golden age of youth • Commissar by the obligating Stal- be a ventriloquist My mind was collapsed when my mother inter- i Hitler saw 't as a step toward made up by seeing an ad which cepted the reply to an ad on how- 1 a Soviet - Nazi understanding,! others, lead? many foreigners to showed a man carrying a heavy any - girl - can-develop-bigger I which by September of that year | want to keep their money here- p «E? a ji „ J ."•'P 1, i box on his shoulder, and a muffled busts-in-the - privacy - of-her-own- ! in fact blossomed into a pact. So; just in case. — Mrs. Clifford S. White, lost for. voice SU pp 0se dly from the box home. Mama tore up that letter, i now th e removal of Kaganovich | And American investments hid in woods for 72 hours while 300 men sought her to their central banks, these would then have from 13Vi to 16 billion in dollar holdings. Either the low or the high figure would be more than we could pay out in gold on demand without dropping our currency backing below the legal amount That is the theoretical picture. Nothing Less Likely Bankers here agree with the Treasury that nothing could be less likely. They, cite the same points the treasury does, and add some more. The stability of our government, compared with that of some what Eisenhower said: "It's a very embarrassing position if the President has pulled the rug out from under us." Not Sure But Douglas said he wasn't sure what Eisenhower's position was. At the very start of his news conference he was asked if he was "aware" that this bill, by linking itself up with a post-Civil War law, would authorize him to call out the troops to back up a court order in civil rights. almost a week in national forest in Texas. startled bystanders by calling: "Let me out!" of and to this day I wonder what it'may well be a signal to_ an in- said. It was just Ice and snow the whole time. —Air Force Lt. David A. Steves, 23, lost in High Sierras means being everything from the j for 54 days after bailing out. boss' press agent to congressional j spy. Nils—who comes from Maine \ It 1 can't whip 'em (the Yan—performed these chores for three I kees>, I'll protect 'them (from the Democratic secretaries before! Russians by joining Ground Ob- Humphrey made a Republican out J server Corps). — Uncle Billy Lundy of Crestview, Fla., 109-year- • DR. JORDAN SAYS * By IDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D., Wrltttn for NiA tervio old Confederate veteran. Lauritz Melchior famous singer, was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1890. Q — What Is necessary in ON der to join the Daughters of tha American Revolution? A — Submit proof of a direct . , , . . , .. , , i ancestor • who rendered patriotic abrad far out strip those of for-k ervice dudng the American Rev . eign investments here. | O i u tion. Q—What Is a honey guide? A — It Is a small bird native to Africa and Asia and so named from its remarkable habit of leading men and animals to the nests j of bees with a view to sharing in the spoils. Q — How long have the British held the Rock ot Gibraltar? Dr. Dan Chapman Leaves Lake City crease, not a decrease, of Soviet- Arab war clouds over Israel. 5. Consider also the actual level of the influence ot the Soviet military in the Kremlin: Marshall Zhukov s promotion to full membership in the Presidium j (Tim< , „„.,„ Si „, SrrrX ^ means strengthening not lessen- 1 LARE clTy Dr Dan ch ing of the power of the military, man , optometrist who had bee „ in the Soviet hierarchy. Behind, associated with Dl , charles Ful . him stand other mighty marshals, j kerson in the u|w CJt vls , on , A _ E U9 „ force| sdzed Jt , n particularly Marshal honev. With- c t ^ j t 1957 win l704i and the Treaty of utre cht out Konev's aid. Khrushchev i „,„ U i:„u ' 4_: !«_ »- Asian Flu Spread Faced By Increased Knowledge Public health officials and virus | now sweeping parts of Asia. It is scientists are working furiously to j * complicated task. try to develop some defense against the influenza epidemic Daily Times Herald Dally Except Sundays and Holidays By Tbe Herald Publishing Company 105 West Fifth Street Carroll, Iowa JAMES W. WILSON, Publisher HOWARD B. WILSON, Editor Entered as second class matter at the post office at Carroll, Iowa, under the act of March 3, 1879. Member of the Associated Press The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for repubUcatlon of all the local news printed this newspaper as well as all AP dls- patches. Official Paper of County and City ~ Subscription Rates By Carrier Boy Delivery 'in Carroll per week BY MAIL Carroll, Adjoining Counties, per year Public health officials in Washington have great hope for a new serum developed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center there. But it is a preventive, not a cure. Whether this current outbreak of influenza will develop into another worldwide epidemic such as occurred in 1917-18 is still uncertain. So far — as is characteristic of the severe influenza epidemics oi the past — this has started out as a relatively mild disease. While it has attacked vast numbers of people, comparatively few have died from it. However, when similar epldem Remember Way Back When 4fa6cte/hmt Have You Told Your Child Obedience Isn't- a Favor? By MRS, MURIEL LAWRENCE j when Joyce was three, they found! could noThave tMveled ^wTst 'toi f. stab,lsh „ pr, if te °P tometrU ; 1713 gave official possession to After breakfast 12-year-old ! it easy to explain that she mustn't j his top position in Russia'. It is the Pleasant August 1. i Great Britain. Joyce went upstairs to get ready play with scissors lest she cut her; military who helped Khrushchev for Sunday school. When she came ; hand. They knew that she hadn't 1 i n Beria's downfall in 1953 and down she was wearing her new developed the physical controls; Malenkov's first demotion in 1955. red-and-white-check dress — and required to manage the scissors; But it was and is more than mere some of the bright scarlet lipstick safely. j help , increasingly, the Soviet mil- her aunt had recently given her.: But at 12, when she wants to: itary do order and direct the larg- Her mother said, "You'd better play with more sharp criticism! er plans and measures of the ci- wipe that red off your mouth. You I than she has the moral controls to i vilian Soviet apparatus, can 't wear lipstick to Sunday manage safely, they're not ready! The military of Russia are school." i with the truthful explanation of smart enough not to want war. "Then I won't 'go to Sunday wny sne rnostn't. But they want war appropria- school!" Joyce flashed back. She They don 't say, "You can't wear tio "s. In the present disarma- was running back upstairs when lipstick to Sunday school lest your | ment negotiations with us they Nineteen Forty-Seven— Carroll County's entrants In the "quiz derby" at Iow<* 'State Fair are Ruth Schmidt of Ewoldt No. 3, „ ... .. . . - , . ,. , ,, . , . school, Donnie Harriott of Elk Run I her father took over, ordering her ; self-respect get cut up too painful- onn t want their London envoy, No. 5, and Marlene Kennett of to wipe her lips and go out to the ! ly." .; Zonn, and Khrushchev to agree to Buck Run No. ,7. car. She obeyed, but so resentful- T he secret of teaching obedience ! ffiv^.nt St? viild Nineteen Forty'-Seven- ly that her obedience was as dis- t o older children is teaching it as '1^71.™^*. hnf The annual reunion of the Kueb- agreeable as her disobedience had ; mo ral self-protection. f" d . cut olir am ^; 1 l £ e L ler clan will be held Sunday, Aug- j been. ! To so t _ we ourselves V W VAlr ™i u « This was because Joyce believed ; J° £ J tto pr^tf ta! Smaller ^StiSZ Sg\Sem y, a^a ^TaUtrdt ^r ring m ° re hate th /r? W V ,H If an >' si " gle « roup i8 behind connect!\» ?l her own safety ^ l ° overcome ;/ 11 . ch11, ? 1re «! the latest shakeup more than any She was wrone AT 12 S CE , have experienced the pain inflict- other> it is lhe soviet military. h«t«^ S. I 7 intense ^approval. They: Xney are in a i Uance with Khru- ir.nL rZsrSS .« SL.Enrf ill appreciate obedience only when it; shchyev ,„ both domestic and for- strength required to withstand the , hown t0 be protection against! ei ER V (IPLDS sharp disapproval she'd incur by ^ p in B i e, f , n . 1 " e i2! ust 3, at the Fred Meyer farm east of Lanesboro. R. M. Kuebler is president of the family group and Mrs. Eugene Osborne, secretary. Nineteen Forty-Seven— Mr. and Mrs. Albert Beisch have sold one- of their residence properties on East Second Street to Mrs. Sophie Vonnahme of Mt. A .35 Carroll. \dJointaf CounU«s. per month .410.00 - 1.SS 12.00 Elsewhere in Iowa, year- Elsewhere In lowa, month-,*—. 1.40 Outside lowa, ywr r - • 15.01 Outside low*, month——— US ic8 of the past have spread they j Carmel who plans to move into the have also become more danger- j property later. ous. In 1917-18, for example, flu and its complications killed more people in the United States than we lost by combat in World War I. We have had a good deal of flu since that great disaster,'but not yet on the same scale. Indeed it ia uncertain why these great Nineteen Forty-Seven— Trinity Episcopal Church here is undergoing an improvement program. The exterior has been painted, tbe roof and steeple reshlngled. new windows added and a cross installed on the steeple. The church, is one of the oldest in Carroll and is « well-known landmark, wearing lipstick to Sunday school. Why wasn't she told this? Why hasn't she been taught the truth: Both they and Khrushchev want heavy industries at the expense of George Washington Carver dis- 1 consumer goods Both they and that obedience is not a favor to I covered more than 300 uses for the! Khrushchev want to lull us into a her parents but the preservation ; peanut, of her still uncertain self-assurance? Her mother and father them selves have not registered the per il of incurring too much disap false sense of security through these Soviet offers of dlsarma-f The pint contains 16 fluid ounces; ment - offers that are largely] in the United States. 20 fluid fake. .,.> . . ' [ ounces in Great Britain. The problem of decentralization lof Soviet economy, figuring so Towers of the Golden Gate largely in Khrushchev's explana- They know the peril of incur- bridge are 746 feel in height, equal, tion of the shakeup fh the lead- ring too much physical danger. So' to tbe height of a Bo-story building, i ership, is really secondary. CERTAIN SIGN . . . The rising tun, centered In the channel of this canal, li a certain sign of summer's start In Wilmington, N.C. The catfal It on the Clarendon Plantation owned by Cornelius Thomas, who says documents reveal Indians built the canal leading to the Cape Fear River so they could tell when summer' arrived. The sun is centered in the canal's channel tor three straight mornings before beginning Hi northward .drill.

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