Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on May 28, 1948 · Page 6
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 6

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1948
Page 6
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ipMTm COURT HOUSE Js^ —— • — Tenth Birthday Porty 17,?. 1 tbut *\nder5pn vs. JjesUe A., Opble. Tfled;and,.su|)fn[tted. C^orgla 'Allent^y vs.'James I^. AllwJ ?y- Plaintiff grfln,t,ecl^ final de'cree; pl dlvorcq, ' . ipfe'fly'Jane'Hairell vs. Raymona iftiS 'eJl. Same prder; ' •ttacttlc. Telephone Company vs. Vtf'Sk Vcn Druska Plaintiff nrkmd ivdgmpnt foi flSgO?; {^n(frng .s waived, LL Jtpbert H. O'Donnell vs.;,J'.; jF. VttlQj'g, et -ux. T'ned anil submit^ MA-^ 41, 1W8 . ' IT ProbBi« Ooardianshlp George Payne NicEerson, insane person. WiUinm S. "^xa Dyke appomted appraiser, to.ijfappraise e.state. Estate Matt Mankinen, deceased. j^Decroe no mhei-ilancec tax due-- _ ,,.Egt«le Ernest Lp.uis Longland, d^c^sed. i^ame order. i^jrtate Ben Moralli, deceased. Sflnjfe-QCder. . Ktta.t^ Peter A' Innocenti, de- cea^. Administrator fimUly discharged. Estate Joe" Vetro, deceased. Petition, to pay claim granted. First account approved and fees uf attorney and administrator allowed. .Ilstate Christina Taught, de- ejefts66. Accounting continued to Juije.*. Estate Ernest Louis Longland, d(5<liiased. Sale of real property' cbrijlrmed to' Frederick Wathen f9f;''|800. Sale- of re^al propertv' coniirmed to Hay Peterson and' Bli^' Asber for $150. (•EstSte . Helen Lang, deceased. Accounting, continued to June 25.' Estfite Ida C. Martindale, de- q^^siSd, Strtfe of real property con-' flriiqiejj fo'Mrs. MUdt-ed F. True- tjldga for 14500. ' ,' EiVilte Charles GallcUi, Sr., de- cea~sed., Accoimtihg continued to Jiihe Z.5. i . Estate Matide Pouisen, deceas-^ e ^r 'AcdoUriltag chtihued to Jwly , EstKie" Robiiia L, ^o'ardmah, de-^ ce^ed. jlrst and fitial account ap- Eirwed, distribution ordered. isinte Mary Elizabeth Rogefs,, debeSifed' ,'Pkltibn to sell stock' •ptbte' Fred Pra 'zibr Stevens, de- c|(iSSi|y l*etition for' nutlibrity' toS ^teiiif'deed.'i jpf trustj crop and cjj ^tteP'mpr,{|Bg^' 'arid to eoriipro-; miilt »''ihdebtedrifesB ''gr£!.ntedl ,|fi,tg.te. ,I).avid, T.„ Johnson, dfe- cejiifed'. Petftioft to tferminaite' pro-' cledinjjs! • grahted, admiriistratoi^ diih&rgfe^,;: : ••ESthii? Hiprttn ' Fernandez, de- cW |0ia ,:::V/,i.l^ adrliiltfed to probate.' M4T 'i9\C. JFfernande!; appointed ex- dfji^tjfiji Wjthotlt bond; ,C.'Ml Man-: rip 't\ ij^jpolnted, s^ile afipraiser. Eptate CHristlah Nldiblsan,,' de- c^^sed. Alfred' Nicholson appoint-' ed'adiirilniiir'atpr; W. S. Van Dyke appointed sole appraiser. 'l^^stiitjB Ed\yln BeVerly McPrpudj dgjeqsed.;, D; C.: Smitl;i appolriied 'qtpr 'r C., M . Mannon opi ijrtjptsd' ?dle. appraiser. , ' ' '•jBs'tate ".Jdsse M. 'Ginpchlo, de-. cjfeiised'..,Decree no inheritanoe tax cii'e. .D'ifecree that Jesse M. Gino- cHioMJiecl November 4, 1947. „.:•.,'•': . civil ' : ' ,' ijf , 'V^'.,, Crawford' vs., Melvin Prairier , et al. Demurrer overruled a .nd defendants given 10 d ,aj*a ^tp ans^vcf. • .^Dpn MtCorquodale ei ux vs: l^biakb iLumber Co., et al. Motion for phaiige of yenUe denied. Eir'uce Coddihg vs. 'T. J. Um^ n'fng; et al. Dehitirrers of all doT fend^nts sustained. Phtintitl' given lb days to amend if sp advised; ,_Ed\vard Miller et ux vs. 'Wal- tfe'r'Thayer, Jil Demurrer contln-' ufe'd to'MaV 23. ' ' ; ' I'lorehce Philiips vs. John Earl ?i01!lj3S. CchtWtied' to Mhy 28 for ftirth^r proteedihgs on njotion to mpdlty arid order tp .show cause. ' The Peoplb; vs. F. C. BiiU, etc, el ni. Motion reqiijrinjg plaintitt to flirnlsh' bill of particular^ and mo- tiiiii to make pleading more defi- riife; and' certain continued to Jun^ . ,J„ , Ali?p,thorp , ys. D. ci Srnifh, etc., et al. Plaintiff granted dewee- quieting title. Charles P. Zumwalt vs. Martha ZuTiiiwalt:. Piuintiff granted interlocutory decree ef divorce on ground. pf extreme, cruelty. Prpp- erty settlement confirmed. Dpn McCorquodale et ux vs. Solano Lumber Co. et al. Demur­ rer'continued to May 28. , Dannie B. Willis et ux vs Teresa Longland, etc. Plaintiffs granted decree quieting title. William. \V. Denton et al vs. B. G. Broaddus, etc., et; al. Demurrer continued'to May 28. Walter E. Murk vs. United Lymher & Construction Co.,. etc. Demurrer argued, submitted and sustained. Plaintiff given 10 days fo" amend affei' notice. Berry M. Prince vs. Dorothy May Prmce. Plainliflf granted interlocutory decree of divorce on around of extreme cvuclty. • Layra E. Russell vs. D. C. Smith, as administrator. Plaintiff gra;ited decree quieting title as prayed for. ' E. W. Dean et ux vs. Frances R. Clirk. Order to show cause continued to May 28. Criminal Application Fred Stone for wri- of habeas corpus. Writ discliarg- Petitioner remanded. People vs. James Joseph Musr grave and George Leo. Smythe. Defendants. granted conditional probation. People vs. Robert Adams. Dismissed, People vs. Fred Lantroop. De- lenaant sentenced to one year in coljniy jai! under cpunt one and one year in county jail under count two of the int.irmalion, tP run concuvrenlly. Peojilo vs. Emery A. Hunt Halo MuCowen appointed to represent defendant. Continued to May 24^ lor arraignment, People vs. Robert H. Joiinson. W. ll. Bruiiner appointed to represent defendant. Continued to May 24 lor arraignment. HOPLAND, .May 26.—Bridal showers are the' featured entertainment at. HoplanJ, tho' June, the rrionlh of'brides,'has not yet ar- rivedl A ' rriiscellaneous shower was given Saturday for Mrs. Charles Rosetti of Old Town,, when she was presented with many beautiful gifts. Hostesses v/ere Mrs. Chris Keiffer, Mrs. Frank Malone and Mrs. Pete Rosetti, Jr., in whose home the shPwer topk place, Thpse present were the, Mesdames'Besi: Zanoline, Edna Grant, Bert Shlm- mih, Bbb Shimmm, Mattip IIpp- per] Louise, Sierck, Marie Harpe, Ellia Dawe,' Mary Malpne, Mildred Metilei-, J. B. Hughes, Mal'y Rb- saSco, Frank , Harmon, Ann Lu- chestti, Julia Pro<:to'r, A'da Dbpley, Jack Lee, and Mrs. R. M. Seay of Berkeley, a sister of Mrs. Jack Lee, Misses De^la Malone and Carmen Pechetti, and ' the hpst- esses. . A shower for Miss Lois Gray of Santa Rosa was given in the home of Mrs. Frank Brennan. Mrs. Brennan Bnd 'Mrs. Pat M'ari- ning were joint hostesses. MisS' Gray's marriage will take place in June. She is a former Hoplaiid elementary school teacher whose hohie was in Covelo 'where ' her parents still-reside. ' A shower fur Mrs. Robert C. Shimmin is scheduled for June 5 in Guild hall. Sippn'v|lle tangled with Hopland Legibti" f or'a score of 14-6 in Hopland's favor, at Hopland high s(;h,pol dlarfiori'd"'Sund't\j',,' May; "23. Another' lioil'baseball game will take place,' later^ {lossibly. with Wiiiits. ^ • ;\'' ' • , , •^^ivfr-'and Mrs.' Jl'.' E. Shihimin, MK and Mrs. Robert C; Shimmin alid^Mrs. Westphalen of Willits, feter of R. E; Shimmin,'fdi-hied a'kroUb'fdr''a ptchi'c'Sund'ay'no'i'th of Willits. The Shimmlris cOUId not reach their summer home because the river was too high. The place is about 15 miles noith of •WiUits., 7 The Percy Hopjiers are preparing the ground for the foundation for their new home on Feliz creek, west of Hopland. As soon as the water tank is in place for mixing the cement the foundation will be poured. Mr. and Mrs. Bud RuOnavaara: and children of Phiio were weekend, guests of' Mrs. Leila and l^r. and Mrs. Jack Hughes' went to San Francisco on business Wednesday. ; Mrs. Marie Harpe of Lake county has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Louise Sierck of ;Hopland and £^ccompanied her td the shower at the home of Mrs. .Pete Rosett, ^r., Saturday. ; Mr. and Mrs. J, E. Bliss o .ic Sari F^'ancisco, son in l£(>v and daughT ter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rock; ,lV^ichael Rock, also of San Franr Cisco, and Ken Migge of San Bi'uno were weelTend visitors iii the C. E. Rock home. ' June,9, Op^ing^- iLorrame Hurley, Back Home, Relates , 1948 Ice Follies Story Of H Months Spent In Japan / Benish Family Returns From Vacation Journey I •,- ' -i—-—•'. ' • • . "Mr. and'Mrs. Wm. Benish an^ chil'dren, Ja'cq'uelyn' and Billy, of Calpella, returned home last weekend from a month's vacation triti by motor which took them into Minnesota and Wisconsin via Nevada. They visited relatives of Mi|. Benish's whom he had not seen in 12 years. Returning home they wont tp Kansas City to visit other relatives and saw Boulder Dam; then, endeavoring to see Yosemite park encountered the first sriow they'd seen on their'trip. It was high ip the passes and they were forced to detour by way of Rerio Over the Donner pass. WEEK END VISITORS Mr. and Mrs. A. Maladrino were here from Napa for the. weekciul. where they were housegiicsts in the home Of Mrs.' Maladrino's, daughter and son in law, Mr. and' Mrs. Err'olD. Bradford, 425 Joii«s' street. They 'also visited Mr.'bnd Mrs. Wade' 'Humphrey in" their nb*/ home on West' Oak stitjet.' Mrs. Humphrey' is Mrs. Mala-' drino's granddaughter. IN SAN, FRANCISCO Delbert Munson of Knudsen & Munson stoiq wa.s in.San Fraiicisco oil u business trip Wednesday. , The .suetitKCulnr Shiiistads and Johnson Ice Foi;ie,s of 1948 wil\ open Its annual summer engagement at'.San Francisco-on June D, it was announced today by George Campbell, general man.gger , of Wintorland, Bay Area home pf the natipnally-famod, ice-extravagana. ; Out-pf-town maH -order .rescr- vatipns .will be accepted, immedi-: aiiriy, "'"p '''"'.' ' '• .'J,.;,':^,'' 'i '.''i'; .. .The 12th Amiual/Editipn bf The Fnllies, npw completing another record-smashing toi^r of the nation's largest' citiei^, lias. betn .ac- clairned by cntios as the greatest ever. ; . .). • . Because critacs have used this same phrase ever since the Second Edition back in 19S6, they explain this year's enthusiasm is created by the spectacular , effects gained through the .use of post- • Japan is rebuilding a nation strongly influenced by American cUstpms • and'ideas, accprding . tP Lorraine Hurley who has'just re-^ turned from a, 14-months.. Red Grpss assignment: in Japan and says she wouldnt' have missed the experience for anything in tho world. Japanese women qre assorting their, independftnce cs wage earners and. human, beings,; she said. The New Look has not arraved in Japan yet but e\y, women in the cities are now ,seen m the native kimono^ stiU vJom Ijy cduntry women. - They wear American clothes- atjd styli; Iheu: hair in American fashion. » Conditions, Austere •Living conditions in Japan are austere but arp improving under the occupation and the Japanese Ea^gnfim Install^ Auxiliary Officials "Mrs; Roberta Brariscbmb •was installed, as president of the American Legion Auxiliary of Laytonville unit No. 676 at an initiation and installation cerPmony for which Mrs. Jane Isnard, district president, was installing officer. The event was held in the Laytonville grammar school auditorium on Friday, May 21. ' Other officers of the nevr auxiliary are Mrs. Patricia Neusifter, first vice president; Margaret Tilford, second vice president; Lois Erickson, Secretary-treasurer; Beth Hall, chaplain; Maxine Phillips, historian; Vivian Newland, sergeant-at-arms; Lorene Shepard,' marshal. The executive committee includes Leta Erickson and Rose. Wilson; musician, Joan Fleming. A. C. Ryan, first vice comman- 'der of district one, introduced the following speakers: Commander Ben Branscomb, Laytonville post; Commander, Quadifio, W i 11 i t s •JPpst; Commander Mulock, Leggett •Valley post; Commander M. L. DeKenp, Ukiah post. Other visitors from Ukiah post and. auxiliary were Mesdames I Ethel German, Pvudence Laviletta, Anna Moore, Theb Irene Runkel,' Myrtle Eglin, Opal Wesselfe, Charlotte King, Mipnie Sweeney, Lillian DeKeno and Mrs. Tillie Ryan of Sequoia un,it. ^ A program following the installation included, the Spanish v/altz by a ladies' sextette; Road To The Jsle, Mrs, King, and Mrs. De'Keno, Cotton-Eyed Joe. Refreshments were ice cream, pie and coffee. t ROSELYN LUCCHESI, wHA' tfebMtod'heV'^^ is shbwn at Ihe light rear. Her^guestB liiclu^^ Poma,- HarriatQranucci. Dickie Paladini, Judy Webb, Judy Bartolomei, Ronald Localelli, Judy Bingham, shown in the picture; others were siialla Mirtinelli^ JeffryFravel; Jackie Gianueci and, Giegg.Simpson... , ':•-•, • • The past two. "SVecks have been a in .Ukiah General hospital where the maternity ward ;has had more than its accustomed bassinet population. Babies born 'there since May 13 include: May 14—Mr, and Mrs. Robt: Wm. IUtH«dge, Boonville, a boy named Robert Terry, . May 14—Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Lee Goodwin, Ukiah, a girl, Robin Lea. May 14—Mr. and Mrs. Vj'ctor'H^ Jones, S25 Mill Street, a boy, Rob-^ ert Donald. May 17—Mr. and Mrs. Jack Peart, 325 E. Perkins street, a girl, Sharcn Joan. May 17—Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lawton, 618 Grove street, a igirl, Margaret Ann. : May 17—Mr. and Mrs. John P. ,Gilgimas, 436'.i North Bush street, a boy, John Peter, Jr. May 17—Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Ford, 800 North Oak street, a girl, Cynthia Lee. May 19—Mr, and Mrs. Robert H. Roberts, Ukiah, a boy, Robert Harry, Jr. May 19—^Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Johnson, Miranda, a girl, Sharol Ann. May 19—Mr. and Mrs. Louis O. Soulhwick, 813 Dora avenue, a girl, Kathleen! •May 20—Mr .and Mrs. Qtis V, Snow, Ukiah, a boy, Mark Vernon. May 21—Mr, and Mrs. Wm. L. Winter, Ukiah, a girl, Kathleen Floreneo. May 21—Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hinds, 535 Spring street, a girl, Barbara May. May :.'3—Mr. and Mrs. Marvin 11, Cole, a girl, Loretlu Ann. Mciy 24—Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Vann, Willits, a girl, Jane Elizabeth. PHILO, Mey 22.—The last'rrieet- ing of the year p£ the Anderson Valley Parent-'Teachers' Association was lieldvat the high school 'Wednesday evening. May I'D,.'at 7 o'clock v/ith a potluck 'dinner honoring the teachers. After'din- ner the retiring president, Yvonne Hess, was presented with a past- president's pin, arid in lurn, presented each member of heir executive board with a gift. Deii.nls' Willis, schopl principal, was also,given a desk pen in apprecialtion of "his help and during the past year. As a:past P.T,A ,i ,p{;esi-, dent, Mrs.' Zola Willis installed officers for the coming yeai:"Mrs. Elora Karri's, president; Mrs, H.C, Ornbaun, vice-president; Mrs'. Betty Miller, secretary; Mrs.. "5fv'onnb Hess, treasurer. Plans ar.e u.nder way for a well baby clinic to be sponsored by the P.T.A., Also ;the' P.T.A. summer roUndup-^whK;h will include a physical and dental checkup' for every child entei'ing school for the first time in SepTlerti-' ber. Both projects will have the' very able assistance,of Dr.,Wayne Powell. Phiio Ladies. Aid met at the Philo church Thursday afternoon. A contingent of Boonville ladies pf the W.S.C.S. visited, and • plans were made for the potluck dinner on the Spth, Rev. Gibson, the Baptist mifiis- terd whp has been helping nut at the Phjlo and Boonville phurch- ,es, lelt Wednesday for MarysviUe, then on to Nevada, where he will join his >vife, who is coming from Arkansas. Rev. Gibson and Rev. Bill Powell, Baptist minister pf Live Oak, have been holding. rp-, vival meetings at the Boonville church for the past week. 'The work of Rev. Gibson v^as much appreciated by the community, we have had no ref^ular pastor for several months. • The yearly meeting of stewards, trustees and district superintendent of the Methodist board will be held May 30 at 4 p.m. 'at thel .Boonville church^ Everyone is invited to attend. and hear thp reports of. the different officers ot ,the church. At 6 o'clock a potluck dinner will be served at the .church by the Boonville W.S.C.S. and the Philo Ladies Aid. The .public is cordially invited to at^ tend this meeting, and dinner. Catholic mass is being held at Grange hall every Saturday morning at 9 o'clock, with services by Father Leopold O.'Riordan oi Elk. These services are held Saturday instead of Sunday, as Father O'- Riordan conducts mass at Elk on Sundays. Albert McLemore, son of Mr. and Mrs. McLemore of Nash's mill, is here on a 10-day visit. Albert, who is a member ot the Maritime Academy and was on the Golden Bear, has visited France, Italy and Greece. A recent valley visitor was Miss Hope McPhee, daughter of Clyde McPheo of Boonville, wlio, it attending a school of beauty culture in Oakland. While hero, Hope was a guest of her sister, Mrs. Harold Hess. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Knivila of Boonville were happy to have as their guests this week Mr. and Mrs. George •'Stearns of Santa Rosa and Iheir young son. The boy was born April 30 and weighed ,soven pounds 12 ounces at birth. Mrs, Stearns ia tlic toimer Jeaii- nette Knivila of this valley. INDIANA VVJX'VOn Mildred McCarthy of Elwood, Iiidiana, W.MS n guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Isnurd last week. She is Mrs. Isnard's niece. Slio lol't on Saturday to visit an- (illior aunt, Mrs. Frank Kloinz of I'olaUinia and an uncle, E. Mc- Cartliy and family in San Leandrb before returning home. tui-bed by his son's failure to appear in the morning, vAont to wakfe him,. He had passed away m the night. • , , .' Beautiful Iloral pieces of spring war plastics, and pther^ costuming people are-hopeful of rebuilding and production .facUitieii pow a, better nation on the-American availMblo. - >. . plan. Then people imitate iind In addition; to star (,J!ngi ,s,ettings adopt American ways .iri »Bn almost and costumes, numerous new stkrs I over-eager attempt-to please their have been added to the ro,stc,r ,PJ? conquerors, and no doUbt some of such lavoiitcs Rpy, I ,t ,s simply lip service to ease tvelyi^ Cha.ndlor, Mile ,R^ their burden,.- but-: they,' are nick and Fi,ack, Phylis and„Har- getting more rice, she said. And ris Lega and .Hptty facnjil.Qv^i. JVV'W- ' she never personally saw one comois include a double (.et of mstance of bitteiness fowaid the bpcupatioft foreps. '.' , Miss Hurley was staff > welfare officer for the, Red Cross in Japan and ;while tiot Ayprking directly witii U.S. enlisted personnel pr in Japanese welfare , work,-, slie 'saw much that distressed her inhard- ships brought on by tiie war. On the other hand; she said, the Cherry Festival was lavishly twins — 17-yeari0ld ' Joyqe -and JpaniSe Scotvold and ,the'brothers Roy and Ray'&Kramm. .. . :. Ohb of tll^jlO production num-; befs^ is^ eVitUle;d,'..Dld ^niPrancisco, starring Evelyi-^ Chandler; and ,H \e cpmicsj Frlckand Frack: Praps jn- cUide a replica of a San FrancisGo cable car> and a setting at Fisherman's Wharf: r.AKEPOH'i' MOTbRBOAT RACE Final plans were completed recently • lor- .the /second annual oaU board motor boat races ta be held in Ijakeport-on Sunday, June 13. blossoms bore. testimony of his j The races .are again being, spoti-; PllILO, May 26.—Another death in the community this week was a cause of sorrow to all froii5d.'j Owens, wliich will take place many friends, who gathered Monday afternoon, at the/Bconville; church for the funeral services, Elbert Holland of Ukiah officiated. Herman Leroy Albert was born' June 5, 1903, in Ansley, Nebraska. He was the, so;i of Mr. and Mrs. Herman A. Albert, who moved to- California, in 1918, and to Boonville in 1920. At the age of .17, he, answ^ered the call .of his country, enlisting in the navy, December 2, 1920,-and,served three years. During the second World 'War; he re- sppridedtp the call, for volunteers and served in the U.'S. Merchant' .Mariiie. He' was a member, pf tlie Methpdist church of Ansley, Ne-i lii-aska, and was a rhan who called' everyone friehdl He is survived b^ his parents; two sisters, Mrs., Ihisz Tolhian and" Mrs. Rehe Wjc-' Gimsey of "Boonville; one brbthei-,; G'brwih Albert of. Enciho;, two nieces,' Beverlee McGimsey of Boonville and Mrs. .Hazel Br'uno, of Encino; ohe nepilew, Floyd ;jphnspn of Boonville, and'a grand- nelcc, Susan Bruno, of EJicinb'. •' 'Wedkeiid ' FisHeifmeh ' Mych ti'avel',throtigh'''the' yariej^^ lover the weekerid a'tte'sted "tb 'the large number ot nshe'rmeri,"taking advantage'bf the' abalbne tide pnj the coast Valley spbrtsmeii, wh'd Weiit abalbrilng,' reported they' gbf the liriiit' of abiiones .(5'^ and that; travel was so'"heavy .that' gamp Wardehswdre' posted every little way, checking returning, cars.- Pbpiilar abalohina'spnts on the coast are Sali-nori' creek, _ L'lttlq i-ive'r and beaches, north Pf ^prt', Bragg. ,, ' • '' ' • i • Mrs. Cupp, ah out-pf-town vacationer, won the first prize at the i^ebekah card party Saturdaj' night. A selection of prizes were attractively arranged in the frpn\ pf the lodge hail-where the party was held and each' winner re-: ceived his pick. Second prize was won by Mrs. Clarence Hulbsrt ot Philo, and third prize by Very! Baxter of Boonville. Other prizes were won by the next highest scorers. Consblatiori prize was claimed by Eph Turner, who also won the door prize, a box of chocoi lates. Following the card game refreshments of brick ice cream arid h&rhemade cookies weie provided by the refreshiheht cpm.mittee. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ward of Highland ra-nch had as, their guests fer Sunday breakfast their daughters and families,- Mr. and Mrs. George Burns and,sen Gregiry p| Philo, Charmian Ward and Mr. and. Mrs. Perry Austin and sori Jhnmy Lee of Fort Bragg. Mr. and Mrs. Austin returned to their home in Fort Bragg lafe Sunday evening. Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Hess thi^ week is their daughter, Mrs. Tyler iti Ontario, Oregon, who attended the card party Saturday night and enjoyed meeting liie valley people. She plans to return to her home nc.vt week. Mr. and Mrs, William Bromley ot Ukiah were valley visitors this week and while here attended the card pnny, staying at Redwood View in Philo. Everyone is invited to attend the potluck .supper Sunday night. May 30, at 6 o'clock in the BoonviUe Methodist church. The supper will follow the quarterly col-vterence mcetin.:; of the stewards, trustees and district su|icrinlondent. Rev, t sor^d by the combined Amencaii Legion posts 'bf .Lake county and are being held under the auspices of the Noi-thern California Outboard Association. They are the only races held on Clear Lake recognized by the Associatipn. tra of yki -ah, and the auditorium was decorated by the Junior class. Green and white, crepe jpaper cleverly drapPd'Ri'bVldfe'iJ'; a spring set- tihig, with' a' white fehcs and climbing rpses ma'rijing 'the ba:hd stand. 'The IpVely'jermals" pfsj)ripg' colors worn by'tl'ie girls also'pro- ,Vi,d.edta gay rainbow of cblor. ^ •. _—,—_ . — . It's almost here 'the• Spring RoUhdup ''si3onspred ''b'y ,Vtii .e,riding club on.June 6. , . ,V Boy Scouts Hold Asimial Camporee Seventyi-five'Boy, Scouts and their leaders from Ukiah, Calpella and Hopland held their.annual Garaporee.ncar Hopland last Sat- , Urday and Sunday., Scouts 'Checked ,,.in Saturday morning, with . all equipment on Ihoir'packs and hiked the last halt mile into camp. Checkrin. inspectors were Arthur Schilder, Paul Sutterley, Leonard Nix and Terry. Sandelin. The' first two hours were spent LH preparing cansp and was fol- lowed by demonstrations by Herschel Ford and the Senior Scouts, r.nd a game ot capture the flag. After dinner a treasure hunt was held under the leadership of George' Butt." Scouts presented awards at the Court oC Honoi- were Floyd Mvers and Hugh Haskell of Troop 46, Roger Stevens and Jack Thatcher^l^ of Troop 45, Bonald Simmons and' \ Lpius Barilani of Hopland. The camplire progrnpi led by Field Executive Ken Hlckenbot- tom feaiured a series f of musical— .i. numbers by R. B; Tracy of Ukiah. 7 Non-denominational services were cond'.'cled Simday morning by Rev. R. J. Edgar of Ukiah. Leonard Nix directed the camp­ oree, assisted by - John Nelson, Ben Foster, Richard Metzler, Gene Rochester, Frank Hay and William Masting. • Produces Transit Mix POLI-TICAl ADVEIiTlSC -MEHr' : beautiful and is not overrated, > ». j I Japanese flower arrangements are | TO rd torqvel (.^Ompany more subtly artful than our own. Prince Takimura, elder brother of the emperor is head of the Japanese Red Gross and Miss Hurley, with other Red Cress workers enioyod ceremonial tea in his home on several occasions. • Mel The Emperor She was introduced to Emperor Hirohito at a large gathering but did not talk to him personally She is glad to be back, she told friends, including ' Mrs. p. N. Munson, Whom she visited' Tuesday night, but her 14 months of life in the orient is sprriething of lifelong value in understanding the nation Which provoked a war with the United States.. She spent most of her time iti Red Cross headquarters in. Yokohama and it was there she accustortied herself to an oriental way of life So.different .frpjn ours she believes the cultures and; political ideologies will never completely meet. POLITICAL ADVERtiSEMENT ; A new source of transit mixed cement for Ukiah; builders, and contractprs was made available Monday when Ferd Gravel Company put into operation its two new four-and-a-half-yard mixers. The plant, located pne mile north pf Ukiah, has been owned by Miltpn FPrd and Edward Walsh fpr the past three years and was formerly pperated by the late Kirby Fprd. Sand and gravel prpd- ucts are alsp sold by the firm. HIGH SCHOOL BANI) PARADE Sale pf tickets for the high school Spring Musicaie and Operetta was gratifying Wednesday following the parade of the high schoiil. band in the' downtown disie; trict. The musicaie will be pn sented Wednesday eveningj June 2, in the high school auditorium. POLITICAL' ADVEjiTlSEtJIENT \ 1 and relative.s of Herman "Hunk" Albert, who passed aw,;i,y at his 4 p.m. 'rh(> Junior-Senior banquet was home in Boonville, Friday, May held Friday niglit at Ray'.s Resort, | 21. The ca' of death heart and w:i.s followed by dancing at faiiure, and lie was discovered, by the.hi^ih .«:clinol auditorium. Music i jliis father, H. A. Albert, who, dis-jwas furnished by Greqptt's orches-' sit e Or/. 1st Assembly District A Successful Business Elect a man who will work for your interests full time and all the time—^ NOT 2 OR THREE MONTHS OUT OF 2 YEARS Paid for by friends of A. W. Way

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