The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on March 2, 1972 · Page 4
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 4

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1972
Page 4
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HHRITAGE HOUSE Orange City, Iowa NEWS ******* Creative Writing students in Mrs. Mantel's class from M-OC High School were all trying to entertain Mrs. Mulder's 2nd grade class by reading to them from children'sbooks that they had written and illustrated. It seems that instead of reading the books to the second graders, the second graders read them to the authors! IMAOIHATIOH Vera De Boer engaged to Norbert Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Edward De Boer of Orange City are happy to announce the engagement of their daughter, Vera, to Norbert Bradley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Bradley of Lennox, Iowa. Vera, a junior at Northwestern College, Is attaining a double major in English and library science. Norbert, also a junior at Northwestern, Is majoring In mathematics. No date has been set for the wedding. Mr. Howard Jelgerhuls' visitors for the week were Mrs, Elizabeth Rodenburgh and jane Eve Boeylnk from Sioux Center, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Muilenburg, Meg and Tammy from Slbley, Mr. Buzz De Mats from Los Angeles, Cal., and Kris and Chad Else from Pipestone, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Max N. Aalbers and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Koenen from Latlmer,la. called on Mr. and Mrs. John Brouwer on Wednesday. Mrs. Florence R. Mouw made several lap robes for the residents which they appreciate very much. Dan De Vrles from Maurice called on Mr. PeteZwart on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. George Hent- ees from Iowa City and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kettler from Alton, also Mrs. Pete Kaiser and Mrs. Beatrice Sordrager from Alton. ADMISSIONS ORANGE CITY Dennis Vander Schaaf, Feb. 22' Mrs. C-errit Van Es, Feb. 23; Sandy Hinders, NW College, Feb. 24; Marion Muilenburg, Feb. 24; Mrs. Charles Sterrenburg, Feb. 26; Alton Knight, Feb. 27; Helen De Jager, Feb. 28 RE MS EN Mrs. Ben Heuertz, Feb. 22; Mrs. Wilber, Feb. 22; Mrs. William Blatt, Feb. 24 TRETON Jennie De Jong, Feb. 23 LE MARS Al Gengler, Feb. 25; Mrs. Leslie Bowen, Feb. 28 GRANVILLE Mrs. Al Schwarz, Feb. 2T DISMISSALS ORANGE CITY Mrs. Henrietta Brouwer, Feb. 22; Dennis Vander Schaaf, Feb. 26; Sandy Hinders NW College, Feb. 28 LE MARS Mrs. Donald Mohnlng, Feb. 23 REMSEN Mrs. Elmer Schroeder and son, Feb. 23; Mrs. Ben Heuertz, Feb. 25; Mrs. Wilbur Heuertz, Feb. 26 ALTON Mrs. Tony Pottebaum Jr. and daughter, Feb. 25; John Ult De Flesch, Feb. 26 Shower held for Rhonda Vander Pol Miss Rhonda Vander Pol was honored at a bridal shower Saturday afternoon, Feb. 19 at the Marion Andringa home in Orange City. Hostesses v;ere Miss Avis Andringa, Mrs. Clarence De Groot of Boyden and Mrs. DelmarNet- ten of Vermillion, South Dakota. Guests were Mrs. Harvey Vander Pol and Cara, Mrs. Benard Van Heuvelen, Rosy and Deanne, Mrs. Robert Mouw, Mrs. Harry Vander Pol, Carol Ann and Jana De Groot, Debbie, Gena, and La Rae Netten. Unable to attend were Mrs. Sip Sipma, Mrs. Dick Andringa, Mrs. C. Van Heuvelen, Mrs. Harvey D. Vander Pol and Mrs. Mike Vrieze. Showers held for Carol De Leeuw Miss Carol De Leeuw was surprised with a miscellaneous shower Saturday afternoon, Jan. 29 at the home of Mrs, Roger Koster. Hosting the shower were Deb Brunsting, Shirley Boersma, Yvonne De Vrles and Peg Hofmeyer. Attending were friends and classmates of the bride. Saturday afternoon, Feb. 5 another shower was held at the home of the bride. Host- Ing this 'shower were Carol's sisters; Mrs. Jim Wynja.Mrs. Pete Vonk, Mrs. Marv Faber, her mother, Mrs. W. De Leeuw and her aunts, Mrs. Bemle Wolfswinkle, Mrs. Willis Ten Haken, Mrs. John Ten Haken, Mrs. Art Ten Haken, Mrs. Jake De Leeuw, and Mrs. Paul De Leeuw. Attending all these showers were Mrs. Don Adkins, and Mrs Ellis De Bruin attended the latter. Mrs. W. H, Adkins of Sheldon was unable to , attend. Miss De Leeuw and Mr. Paul Adkins were united In marriage on Saturday, Feb. 19, After the Maurice-Orange City third graders read about some new Inventions, they wrote stories about an experience they might have using or trying one of them. A Freezing Orange Tree A freezing orange tree is a new experience in Florida. It protects the trees during bad weather. They have to be careful because the branches might break off and so they will die. They would have to plant them all over again. When it is a very cold day they spray the trees. The ice can be too heavy. The ice Is a coat for the tree and now the tree will not die. --Craig If I had some shoe that would float. I would put an engine on both of them and zoom across the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean and visit lands that are not even heard of. I would make friends with all the fish in the four oceans and get the biggest diamonds that you ever saw. I would be a Jacque Costeau the second or third. I don't know which, one, but I would learn all about the under sea world. The end. —Kevin My First Picture Telephone Call skates if we worked as much as we could. We live across from the •fire station. There was a ringing sound from the fire station. The fire engines came roaring out. THERE WAS A FIRE! We followed the fire trucks as long as we could. When we were coming back home. Rodney went past a car and CRASH. Rodney lay motionless on the street. I was glad I still had the speedy skates. I put them on and moved Rodney's smashed up bike. Then I picked up Rodney and hurried to the hospital. About three months later Rodney was in a wheelchair with a couple of broken bones. We told the story to a lot of people and they • believed it. And all Rodney could day was "You saved my life, Deane. Thanks a lot." What a happy year! The next year was almost the same, except Itwas another boy who fell off his motorcycle. Rodney was the one who saved him. The next year was a bad one. Our house caught on fire. We had to get out fast. We forgot to take the speedy skates out, they burned but still It was fun to watch our new house go up. Now we have another pair of skates. They are just as much fun. --Deane On Monday morning I made my very first picture telephone call. My mother and father had just got enough money for one. It took them three months to get $275. Thats how much they cost. I'm going to call my friends and ask them if they can come to my birthday party. First I'll call Cheryl. "Cheryl can you come to my birthday party tomorrow?" We just got $275 for a' picture telephone. I'll see you again at 3:30 tomorrow. Now I'll call Jo Ann, Patricia, Betsy and Kristy. That will be six girls coming to the party, Including me. Four more girls to talk to and see! The Big Water Shoes Farewell party for Donna Schlesser Miss Karen Koehn, daughter of Dr. and Mrs.. Paul Koehn, entertained a group of friends at a slumber party on Friday evening. The guest of honor was Miss Donna Schlesser of Maurice who is moving from the MOC school district. A feature of the evening was a beautifully decorated cake baked- by Jill Spradllng. Donna received many lovely gifts from the group which included Patty Overeem, Myra Oolman, Lori Dykstra, Anita Drost, Pam De Beer, Jolene" Slmonson and Jill Spradling. less than ever before to call someone In another state!" to dial direct means, to dial the number you want to reach instead of dialing the operator. --Jana Floating Shoes and I It was a day in May. I was at the lake, sun tanning myself when a big wave came;' I knew a storm was coming up. I was too late. It started to blow up a big storm. I could not get to the house. Then a BIG wave, drove me way out to the ocean. I saw a ship It said "Floating Shoes." They threw out a box. The box said: Floating Shoes. Then I could walk on water. --Amy Four students from the Mission Club of Dordt College gave a program for the residents on Wed. evening. Mrs. Frieda Hill's visitors for the week were Mr. and Mrs Bruce Houlton from Charier Oak, la., "id Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Van Es from Iowa City. Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne Relnke from Ashton and Mrs. James Kool from Boyden called on Mr. Evert Roelfson on Sunday. Mrs. Florence Fox became a resident on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Reln- ders from LeMars called on Mrs. John Van't Hull on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Harme- llnk of Alton and Mr. and Mrs. John Wlersma of Newklrk visited Mrs. Gertrude Siemon- sma this past week. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kool of Sioux City and Mrs. James Kool from Boyden called on Mr. Every Roelfson on Sunday. none Krueger, left, director of the Maurlce-Orang- ritv Communltf School "Pride of the Dutchmen" Band! accept a Sue from Ray DeVllblss, director Bands at the University of South Dakota. The "DutchJ men'' were one of two bands to perform as a part, £e reclnt USD High School Instrumental Clinic. Pioneer Home ne\ The Mission group from Bethel Christian Reformed Church of Sioux Center gave a program on Friday evening and also visited with theresi- BEDDING LICENSES dents. --By Brenda When I was a young boy about three years old, my dad bought me some four foot water shoes for my birthday. I was going to have my party at the lakes. When It came to the time to open my presents, oh boy, what a surprise. I grabbed my water shoes before I even got my swimming suit, took off to the lake, jumped Into the water, and walked a little ways. Then I got brave and started to run. Boy did I go!!UntilBLOP down on. the water I went, so I was stuck in the middle of the lake. I couldn't swim, but I could dog paddle a little. I got real close to one of the four foot water shoes and paddled to shore-sopped. --Daniel Whoever said "practice makes nerfect " didn't have Tny of mTso-called skills in mind I Speedy Roller Skates One Tuesday afternoon I Invented some speedy roller skates. An on Wednesday I put them on. I roller skated down the street very fast. The people all wanted to try them. So I let them ride them. Then a little boy named Billy wanted to try them but the roller skates were too big, and he started to walk away very sadly. So then I shouted, "Hey Billy, come back here. I will give you some skates that I invented but they where to small for me," So he ran back and I went into the garage and I took them out and I let him ride them and keep them. He was so happy that he ran to his house, and showed his mother and father. After that they came out and thanked me. Then they asked me "How did you do It?" But I said, "It was just an invention. The end. —Becky The Speedy Skates One a warm sunny day, my little brother and I were walking past a store. All of a sudden I said "Look at those skates! Aren't they nice?" We went in and bought the skates. Oh! I forgot to tell you our names. My little brothers name is Rodney, and iny name Is Deane. Well we bought the skates and went on our way home. When we got home our mother said that we could keep the The Speedy Skates Once I was going to make something out of my skates. And I used a rod and I bent it. Then I got a minibike motor and I hitched the rod to the motor and put the rod in the skates. I found out that I made Speedy Skates. I told my family and my friends to come to the tool shop. They said, "What is it?" I said, "I call it The speedy skates. Then I tried'it out and it worked fine. The other day I went to school with them. --Todd My Shoes My Funny Feet One day I found these funny shoes. When I asked Mother she said that, that was a new invention. "These shoes a man invented," said Mother. They can stay up on water. "Why don't you go down to the lake and try them out" said Mother. "OK," said Tim. Then he did. When he came back he cried, "Mother! Mother! It works!" I told you it would. That man invented the telephone. --Jane A Funny Day One day I decided to buy some roller skates that had a motor. When I got back I put them on and down the road I skated. I skated down main street. All at too soon the road ended and there was a store right in front of me. Then all of a sudden my engine ran out of gas and I stopped. Just in time! Then I got off and went home. —Mike Picture Phones I'd like to have a phone that I could see who I'm talking too. I could see my friends house in the background, I could see If they have company, Best of all they could see me. But it cost $275-300! --Steve Mr. Al Honken, student at NW College had charge of the service on Sunday. Dale and Sheryl Honken sang several special songs. Mrs. Honken was the pianist. Mr. Gerrlt Van Beek, 85, passed away Sunday. Mrs. Heemstra's callers were Mr. Pete Haarsma of Maurice, Mr. and Mrs. Harry De Jong and Mr. Nelson De Jong. Mrs. Dale Taylor from Marcus and Mrs Mabel Tons- felt, Mr. and Mrs. ErwlnNeu- enschwender andMr. and Mrs. Elmer Neuenschwander from Remsen visited Mrs. Lizzie Neuenschwander on Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schie- bout of Maurice called on Mr. Fred Van Schepen on Tuesday -morning. Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Van Peursem from Woodstock, Minn., visited Mr. Martin Van Peursem on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Vander Maten from Leota, Minn.,called on their mother, Mrs. Lillian Noteboom this past week. Mrs. Pete Kaiser, Mrs. Bea Sordrager of Alton, and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kool from Sioux City called on Mr. Ed Sordrager. Wayne Edward De Jong, 22, Chicago, 111., and VicW Lynn Bonnema,22, Ireton, Iowa. Wallace Eugene Boogerd, 21, Hull, Iowa, and Beverly Gale De Groot, 19, Hull, Iowa. Warren Glenn Boon, _ 21, ' Rock Valley, Iowa, and Mar- shonn Van Ginkel, 18, Rock Valley, Iowa. Conley Bruce Van Heuvelen, 21, Hospers, Iowa, and Rhonda Vander Pol, 18, Alton, Iowa. Editor's Note: The following items were scheduled for last week's Capital but regretably had to be omitted because of lack of space. Marriage Licenses issued this week in Sioux County were: Joseph Anthony Gacke, 24, Hudson, So. Dak, and Linda Mae Van Oort, 21, Rock Valley, Iowa. Henry Maiinus Brlnkman, 19, Rock Valley, and Brenda Kay Vander Vliet, 19, Sioux Center. Wayne Lester Miller, -22, Rock Valley and Joyce Arlene Breuer, 16, Hull. Paul Ellison Adkins, 19, Hospers, and Carol Faye De Leeuw, 18, Boyden. Newt Mr. and Mrs. Chas J. Van Citters returned Tuesdayeve- ning from Seattle, Washington where Mr. Van Citters underwent surgery. The Afternoon Bridge club met last Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. C. Moret. Mrs. John Melles and Mrs. Stella Houtsma entertained on Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Houtsma In honor of the birthdays of Mr. John Melles and Mrs. Stella Houtsma. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Arie . Van Kley from Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van Kley from Alton, Mrs. Ralph De Jong and Mrs. Bert Manning. Mrs. Dave Meylink and Ka^n Meylink spent last weekend at Bellevue, Nebr. visiting in the Barry Meylink home. Mr. and Mrs.^Alllon Jan- . sen of Worthington, Minn, visited with their aunt Mrs. Al Giesen Thurs. afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dehner from Wichita, Kansas visited their ^grandmother, Mrs. Gertie Grifharst, Thurs. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Berens from Marshall, Minn, and Darla Van Zee from Hospers called on Mrs. Sarah Van Zee Sat. Mrs. J. Vander Schaaf and Mrs. Gary Vande Zwaag from the Middleburg Church also called on her. Miss Dora Dykstra and Mrs. Wm. Westra accompanied Mrs. Henry Vande Weide to visit In Mrs. Henry Lammers home In Sioux Center. Mr. Gerrit De Vries visited the M. Remes family at Cleghorn Saturday. He was a dinner guest in the Alfred De Vries home at Maurice Sun., and called on Mr. Otto De Jong at Maurice in the afternoon. Monday, Mr. George Hoekstra and Mr. Arnold Langeraak from Maurice visited him. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown from Salix took their father Mr. Wm. Moir out for coffee Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Bert De Jong and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smits from Sheldon visited their father, ;Mr. Frank De; Jong. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bleyenberg from EdgertonandMr. and Mrs. Clarence Tuininga from Grittenger called on Mrs. Bertha Tuinenga Mon. evening. Mrs.-Tuinenga became a resident of the home last week Wednesday. Miss Martha Meyer spent a couple days in the hospital last week. She wishes to thank those who sent her cards and visited her. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Meyer from George visited her Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold K| attended a birthday partyal Bob Utech home in Le f? in honor of Miss MabelKrl Friday evening. SPECIAL NOTICE On Wednesday afterno March 8 and 15, from! to 3:00 p.m;, Mrs. Ethel( aker, Extension Home Ed omist will present, "Hell Your Young Child," to alM terested parents of pi'e-sc| children in the Orange Public Library. Mrs. Marcella Groteri ' librarian, is planning pre-school reading hour] the pre-school children i ing the time the lessons being presented. On March 8, Mrs. Old! will discuss the "GrowthJ velopment and Behavlo the Preschool Child" an library will have book: parents on display. The March 15th me is entitled, " Preparing! Child for Learning," and cover "Adventures With! Child Series." The Lilj will display children's with this second lesson. ] All mothers of pre-sq children are Invited to: these meetings. "Certainly, Iknow read a compass.,. follow the needle (inn come to the north HOW.. WHAT DID I COME IN HERE FOI Once I was walking on the water, because I was going home. When all of a sudden a big speed boat came and flipped me over. Then I had to swim all the way home. I was going to put patches in my shoes. I was going to get that speed boat right back. In the morning I could not find my shoes. I went out to the lake. My shoes were out there. A big shark was out there. It flipped me over and ate me. The End, —David Message on Wheel I'd like to ride on a telephone very much. And send messages to places all over. I could tell everyone that they could dial direct. "Just think!" I could watch that big record, that says "It cost Floating Shoes I wish I had some floating shoes. They would be fun. They would be useful if you were on a boat. It is stopped running, you could walk to land. That would be fun. It would be just like walking over a bridge across a lake. If you have some you are —Jeff "Since von inherited lltat money yottr conduct lias been disi;raci'lul!" Dry Cleaning offer 20% Discount Save 20% on dry cleaning orders of $3.00 or more, V Jjk Pillows are beautifully cleaned and put In new tick 9 --20% off. Carpet and furniture cleaning — 20% " discount. Stop our routeman or leave at Frank's Shoe Store - Orange City Bert's Barber Shop - Alton Ed's Barber Shop - Hospers \ Coffee guests In the home of Mrs. Hans Faber in Sioux Center on Tuesday morning were Mrs. John Reinders> Mrs, Dick Van Gelder, Mrs. Arie Noteboom, Mrs. Peter I. Noteboom and Mrs. Glen Oolman, Cleaners & Launderers «—|f ~ LeMars, lOaCcjntral Ave, NJB,, 546-4W OUR PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT rejj sents q large investment for your fu*j health. But, prescriptions alone will not r port us in business. We appreciate your; chase of all your drug store items here that we can continue to maintain as fir prescription service as possible for you. See our baby ads weekly in this newspaper Dutch Mill Pharma< DIAL 737-4844 ORANGE CITY, 4-THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, March 2, 1972

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