Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 18, 1957 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1957
Page 8
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Distribution of Booklet for Jurors Halted DES MOINES tiP-Members of a petit jury who will report for trial duty in Federal Court here Monday will not recpive copies of a "Handbook for Jurors" that has been in use for many years. The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago Wednesday in setting aside the second criminal conviction of a Chicago man, said that the 14-page pamphlet is so full of errors that it prejudices the rights of defendants. The appellate court said that one passage in the handbook amounts to a "plain invitation to the jury to return a verdict of guilty and leave the consequences to the court." Clerk E. E. Poston of the southern Iowa federal district, said that because of the finding distribution trf the booklets will be halted at once and jurors reporting here Monday will not get copies. He said: Navy Explores Escape Route Via Long-Sought N. W. Sea Passage By JERRY RENNETT NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON - <NEA) - The United States Navy Is ready to, challenge the secrel of the historic Northwest Passa^ this summer. As a matter 01 fact, it may be forced to. Vice Admiral John M. Will believes he has finally found the' long - hidden Arctic Waterway j through which heavy cargo ships! can plough from the Pacific to the! Atlantic. The Nav\ hopes the commander of its Military Sea Transportation Service is right. Ships supplying our northernmost radar sites since 1955 have needed an escaDe route in case swiftly moving Polar ice packs should block their Pacific exit. This year charts show the heaviest build-up of Arctic ice in history. Cnuld Be Trapped Unless conditions change, the ships stand a good chance of get 8 Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa Thursday, July 18, 1957 ting trapped. That's why a lot of official eyes are focusing with Interest on 12-mile-long Bellott Strait. This narrow channel divides Somerset Island from Boothia Peninsula in North Central Canada. Ad-, mipal Will has high expectations 1 ! this is the way out. | Similar hopes have claimed the; imaginations and lives of explorers since the 16th century. Pas-j sages have been fotfnd But nonej suitable for large ships. i Bellot Strait aroused Adm. Will's! interest when he learned a small. Royal Mounted Police boat had; gone through it several years before. There's a lot of difference between a police launch and a cargo steamer. But. he had a hunch the strait offered possibilities. So last year the untiring admiral, whose judgment is held in the highest esteem by Navy and commercial seamen alike, studied the passage from the air. Before severe weather caused It to turn back, the Canadian icebreaker "Labrador" also probed several mi}es into the channel. The tests indicated a heavy cargo ship could get through without any trouble. This year the Labrador, along with three United States Coast Guard vessels will.set out to complete the examination. If successful, thousands of crewmen will start breathing easier. Made up of 96 ships and 18.000 men, this year's supply operation will work like the last two. One fleet of 50 ships will enter the Polar waters from the Atlantic. These crews have the easiest job since their area doesn't freeze over until late. Not As Lucky However, the Pacific ships, most of which will teave Seattle July 15. have not been ap lucky, Within six weeks they have had to unload tons of supplies along 1,500 miles of treacherous Arctic coast and then rac hart* to th' 1 <">,-ir.;r;^ CHALLENGE TO FIND A NORTHWEST water- Vice Adm. John M. Will (Inset) and 12-mile Bellot way passage (map) through Arctic ice rests with Strait. Together, they may end'400-year search. before the ice packs locked them. has really found the passage, the | If necessary, the Navy could sit out. ! crews won't have to worry any j out a Polar winter without any During the last two years they more about spending a shivering! danger to the men But it would iw. n w. t.-.nHo " \HIT ). 'Vill ••••"tpr vacation <n the Arctic. ' rost thousands of dollar? Drivers Are Women in 1 Of 4 Crashes DES MOINES (AV-Reports'were in Thursday on Iowa's experience, with' traffic accidents July 9 when the state observed'Women's Safe Driving Day. The State Public Safety Department said that 225 drivers were, involved in 127 traffic mishaps on that date and 55 of the drivers; were women. The department said four of the women were nqn-Iowans, four women hit parked cars and seven accidents were two-car, collisions in which both drivers were women. The day was proclaimed by Gov. Herschel Lovejless , in connection with the Iowa Women's 'Traffic Safety Conference here. SURGICAL PATIENT (Time* Herald Newi Service) MANNING - Clarence Hunter is a surgical patient in the Man- "rr TTnrrital. INKY DINK? SIRLOIN STEAK 8K DID CTTC A IX U.S.D.A. Choice KID 3 I CAlY Corn-Ftd, i.V.T. MINUTE STEAKS $1.00 Special I.V.T. Boneless. FRESHLY 6ROUN0 GROUND BEEF 3 Lb , SKINLESS WIENERS "» 89c WILSON'S CORN KINS THICK SLICID* BACON ft $1.19 TO? FROST REEF, TURKEY OR CHICKEN PIES VARIETY PACK—« VARIETIES LUNCHEON MEAT % 49c Lb, 59c Lb. 59c SUMMER SAUSAOE THURINGER SUMMER SAUSAOE CERVELAT IS 25c WILSON'S CERTIFIED TENDER MADE HAM ROLLS Lb $1.37 Bonad and Fatted — silca and Sarva CATSUP FANCY FRESH FRYING CHICKEN PARTS Breasts, lb 79c Legs & Thighs, lb 69c Wings, lb 35c Chicken Hearts and Gizzards, 5-lb. box 89c Del Monte or Food Club Fane 14-ox Bottles 2.29 PEACHES Del Monte or Food Club Yellow Cling Sliced or Halves. Large No. 2Vj Can 25 c GRAPE JELLY 3-51 "••1 Cfcfk OoJieJIoo! Swoot MM Strips 3*- 51 Pobtt Uswk Cherry, Cok, Okforok, Lemon or Root Boor Rotj. Com CHEWt-TREAT 2£49c lie Off POWDERED 5?c CANNED POP Hy Crack's K.P. Forty Loaf LUNCHEON MEAT .va-u.. Como White or Colored ,».«*" TOILET TISSUE 4,-. 25c 59c TOMATOES Va Prfeo Sole—York Irand ftubbktf ALC«K)L , ,2te^:...2«-'38c Food Club Fancy, Whole Red, 17-ox, Cans Orange Drink, 46-ox. d Cans EJB 79 PLUPFO Shortening 3 ofn '*>C MM Tiihri ftolden KARO SYRUP Quart Bottle 45e tasaUne HYDROX COOKIES 7-os. CeUs . 25e WATERMELON Delicious Sweet Red, Ripe Every Melon Guaranteed Whole, Half or Quarter GOOCH'S MACARONI 24« Fairmont's ICE CREAM H #Jf>e^oJt 10c Off Sok WISHBONE ^UaiQjja CdBBflSSBBtsl ^o^Me^Lui WlffW eVVJHwVJi sVlWPaJflFejp 39* TOP VALUES PLUS TOP VALUE STAMPS Top Frost Fresh Froien Pink or Regular LEMONADE c« 10c i &oo 19c Freeh Frozen PINEAPPLE JUICE 2 f. 39c Tellow, White or Spice DROMEDARY ZTS* 29c W44-100* Pure i IVORY SOAP «k *». 2 f« 19e •914-100% Pure IVORY FLAKES Large Pkf. ... 34e Does everything DUZ Large Pkf. 34e Liquid Detergent JOY Giant Bottle , ....75c Cleanser , COMET Keg. Cans 2f«31c\ HardwaterCastillo Soap KIRK'S B^. ......... 2 fc.l*e toilet Tissue CHARMIN Banded Togetker......... •« •«. 4 h.37e California Vine B»pe»ei tt* W*w Pink Meat, Large Stoe CANTALOUPE .......15e Finest for Canning or Freeling U.S. No. 1 Washington Moorpark APRICOTS Lb. ie«.....Luf 1.59 IOA , Jny, mi. w« 'mmim Juhr •S^ffc. PrE ^nsOS): BJEJdJ I^E^Bt'

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