Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on May 14, 1948 · Page 7
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1948
Page 7
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ijixlm .^.U, 1948 DISPATCH T^ESMOC^ATrUmiiH? eM-ii^R^ -•ar Willfts News Notes loi*^ Margaret' 'Nail, .-Theilma WoUf, jter ^afa Wolflf ajid Ju^alta Goub^, "WILLITS, May41.--The Araerir jjn,',Legion v-Auyiliary, held the jfegUJsif husiness pneeting iBst Frir day «t th6 Vetprans ijuilding, Out- staiidlng decisiOQS included the' ap^ jij^tment; of committee ohainrien forth* variqus-booths at^the com- Ingbpzaw'' Mrs.. Barbara Stead- mjin will have charge of novelties; d0lli?«!n Snrfth, fancy •Work; Paul- iije gartbrd, food/'and Jean Zanel- 1»; publicity. Poppy Day volunteers were' drganized and a pic- torisl publicity campaign outlined. Thff ladie*'Will: be selling poppies ori May 21..2ai This benefits the disabled •veteran, giving him the sMise of. usefulness. With election of officers'looming, President Barbara Steadman: appointed her nominating committee who will meet and study, prospective • officers' records.:. Designated, too,, was a coimnittee,ol 5ix t6 help dean up altei\^tHe' iJtafe.Lee KNBC.break- fMtsofc'^the'iiiaoriiing of May 28. HoBtes'se*. at-ftlie next social will be'A&sdJiineffi Colleen Smith and Jean Zanella, . Ipqrti • fShs saw the youth • of llli(3; aJidiLaytonville really, slug it out last Friday. They did, it against, af background- of ,cheers ^ndbobs' Ofltered.-by the capacity fccrtwd. The boys competing in the Tsokihg .tind • Wrestling matches' were wetl matched and well disciplined. A special card of thank,s to Murry Pritsmack, adviser of the Kpy of -Courtesy Club, the'spon­ soring club, and to the merchants who donated prizes for winners and losers. Thanks, too,: to the rooting sections of.,both schools and -to, Ae parents, who realized *hsf. although junior may have left the Ping/ looking quite differerit, he fought fairly, either winning wi^'a clear-conscience or losing gracefully. The fair-minded judges ?may; also take a bow: Dolph Camilli and Gunder S. Rlnset of LaytonviUe ancl3iU^M^lEbary and BUi Petersen'of",Willits, ">,,., - Attend 40/8 MMting Wiilfts members of the Mendo.. cino County Voiture 40/8 who journeyed over and survived the Fort -Bragg road to attend a^meet-. ing.- Mst.: Saturday: were. Lelan.* CuretMj;.- Ch^irles 'Zanella, Robert L«wis,-JE., Robert Lewis, Sr., and Otto-Hedtkamp. While there these and other members of 40/8 heard Voyageur William Johnson, chef de gare: passe, Voiture Wo. 113-, Baltimore, and past department i^ernbership chairman for the de- 'satment of Maryland, American :ion. Prior to speaking, all gorged themselves, on baked salmon, topped^ofl-'wlth pie a la mode. !|'he meetlBg?ttiistvliave Been iritarest-1 ing, as those attending considered Me trip .Worth their while, despite the road. geles, made uo the v/eU-wishmg group of 28. Oh a table set'with appropriate cloth and decorated witji pansies and fir boughs, stood the large birthday cake; 'topped with a single candle, perhaps signifying that 83 full years constitute one life time^. The birthday dinner was varied and de- lidbus; as each attending - group contributed a potltfck dish. 'It> was' as enjoyable as the fact that- pr. Allingham at 83 is woods superintendent for the Howard Mill at Elk Mountain. Congratulaitions. ' Congratulations to Doug He^i'- derson of Willlts, who last Sunday in the Boonviile rodeo rode off with second prize in bronc riding. Others from WiHits for the event included the C. A. Whitta-. kers, Harold Tobey, Edgar James,Lou James, both of whom entered in the calf tying and steer stopping, but were defeated. Entering the same events were Louis Zanella and Ned Wilburn, who were down' with their wives. Up to Areata for Mother's Day was Royal Rose. • ' , The Vem lies' journeyed about in Lake county last Sunday, stop-' ping-in Calpella for Mother's ,;Pay dinner. • In, Willlts was Bill Bergsen an(3: family, to pick up the Duane ttun- dersons and continue up Sherwood road to see Mom on that all-im- portaht day. Afterwards, Bill, a foriner Willits policeman, initiated his motor-on-a boat m^CIear Lake. Berkeley will seem-hot' arid; crowded after-that outing; ^ Doctor Stork DeIiT«rs ' The twins bom May 4 to Mr. and'iyirs. Robert•Fesmirei'of Ijong- vale; were- christened '^Mary Kay and Carne Gay. The Gilbert Holmes of WUUts were recipients of s son, Clarence Ray, on May 4. -..,<-> ! The next trip recorded >by the feathered doc was on May TWhen he returned with an 8-pound, 5- ounce bundle of Joy for the-Hayward Totos Of WiUits. She is named Kathleen May;- ; •-. To unbalance th? population, on May 10 he left'another feinmine bundle for the- Robert Withrows, also of Willlts.This 7-pound, 14- ounce bit, of humamty. is now known by the name Valerie.. ; The city cou.ncli burrjsfj". the' midnight oil agam. • As 'a 'result, Ernest IJemper, kttepfcf of the sbaeks, has been given 30 days-In which to move all'tenants inhis' shacks on the road behind the High school that leadis-Ward the; stock' eorr'ars;' These ibuildihgs have been j-opndfejhned. by ^' ^e state hou^mg aUtiorlty; l^ii4er^fur'», ther diScttssWw^s'the airport con. tract. ConsB^tiently' ftoM" COrbptt i$_ to be requested to 'kpseur at the-meeting itff the council op May Report ot the progress '.of the ;impj;ovenient being .^ade ijEi Com-' injereial 'street waS': made "4pd sounded good., Grading, will help. Anita Swope Is stlU confined to bed, although her little gh-ls, Judy and Janle, are again romping around, despite scratches and bruises. The ear howeve;r, is,still a total wreck. Th»ee other. auto misbapst dot the news. Ope wis.. the Bates truck driven by Henry paddle- ford of Uikah that tore the. wheels out.from under the trailer just below Holland's auto,-court.; This Js- the daipe -Paddleford; who - baA.a iiarjowi escape from death..nepr; Will Rock about two months' ago. 1 J3iU Malory will jtnost .eniphat- ically tell you, •"don'fTlnnk if you,' A comiaetitive examination foi; are to drive." QffliSeif. Frsd Bam- tlie-purpose o£ selecting capdidatM tlton found tliaton the bridge near ^gyi a^^acancy at the X/; S. Naval the Wpp ranch," Walory cJrosBed Academy and. ond at the tl. S, the'white line and hit the:.iiruck Military Academy, in '1949'fW the teaves NWP student GI«>I^ July E)(dmi For Novfll^ti;?iT^'^t^»^^ Mflitory ;Ac,qaer)[»ie%f,>^ in the JwtBiitpho»o above are Tiwn B^TOUi. D M liRins Md up lheVuRpIi^,o»'l<)gfi:th^ »j.irop: cip«a*« of Ibi'planHs expo««d:io1>« tlim cant of plywood ^per week. ^^^L ^^i^«,""y California, wiU- bo held Monday, > sprung the daors of -Uie Wftloty July 12,'at locations to be an- c^r open,and BUI landed on the nounced later. This examination ii^ew iook Here to ^t^lTBiit The Men ^iJ^r^^l-^^^^^^^ JSrto^^^"*r, 'Still Don't'Like It Much„tAhd Say So ' down to tl^ ditch at,tlje right sidftliegal residents of the Fitst'Distnct. ' . u.t - — of tJie road. Jack Morgan was mr Candidates securing i the Miighest f While-women rare buying their ' -W.*' . , The School bond committee was at the post Saturday, registering all they came,in. contact with and urging-those unregistered to either stop in atithe city office and register or^ look for the 1 adies :next Saturday.- •' i- • ... The Little'Lake Grange held an old-time dapce Saturday night at the Farm Bureati olubroom.; Not only were there 35 members of the Wililts club present, but-35 came up from Ukiah, The dance was hel^,jointly as the local organization, recently, purchased ;a phonograph - and ampUfiej- which was put to good use when 'the Ukiah dance club took over the ja- struction of square and folk dances. During the dance it was reported that the group's cake, sale; was a success. • • . , Allingham Celebrates, The W.I.C. hall •was the scene of welcoming smiles and hearty handshakes Sunday afternoon. The occasion was the 83rd birthday of L. E. Allingham, in celebration of which his five daughters from different I cities gathered at Willits with their families and wished the ^ntleman luck. Mesdames Veva Butterfield, Geyserville; Rosa Steele, Upper Lake; Ada Evans, Garberville; Myrtle Prothero, Eureka, and Dori^Purdy, Willitg, -^re the daughters present, while il grandchildren and 4 great­ grandchildren, plus Mrs. Jessie Weaver, his niece frotnLOs Aii-^' Bad news was reported w,^th the passing, of .Fred H.'^Kirkbridej, 74 years Old. Although a WSlUts resii- dent for ortly two- years, he ft|i4 Mrs. Kirkbride are well known in the vicinity .of Bell Springs, where they resided''for.-a long period -of''time. Funeral services were held Wednesday- at- the Anker Mortuary with Rev. Hag- gerity presiding. Besides his. wife, May, Mr-. - Kurkbride leave? a brother, R. W. Kitkbnde, to mourn his passing. He was boirn in Vermont, Illinois, and served in the Spanish-American war. Interment was in the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Members of the Willits Rotary Club met Monday noon at^the Carson; Inn. Guest speaker was- -Hi. C. Grarwford of Lakeport, who.spoke on the old haunt,,Income Tax. It was also announced.that -May-22 will be Charter night and-«b«ng up time is anticipated. . . i t Jackie Gpuber was three-years old- May (ll.^'snd :his tmother, -Mrs. Juanits : GoHber,- ."arranged .ipr:- a group of bis friends to :Come 'V>ver and' .celebrate.^-The i>ai?ty, was a great isuccess.v^ronj.;the »taadpoJnt of;the guest,-iist,',tiie-gifts,:aria the fttod., Kie lattei-! includedv.catldy jured; while the rider! nn -Maloryis Car was- mer^y shaken, up, Both icar& were ,-wrecIj;«d.>i But iuoklly, it all 'happened at -the trafficless hour, of 7:50 a.m..on May 10.>.-,v '; Somebody ',js -going, to -have: to talk •' ^xt^a; fast. - That •!. gentlemsm is the trucker. whose;-Jtogs scraped the side of -iva bus load tot-''school children > from Sherwood valley. Val Petersen, b«s driver,; claims he saw the truck coming,.and ipialled off to the Side of the road. Unlortonatelyi-- tliere wasn't room enough and»tiie truck scraped the side of the vehicle, breakmg a -couple ot logs.: T^uckily, no: children were hurt. The city police npw ; ha-ye -a. men's hposegow and a women's )aili.NQ:<V it will need one for live- stocit.'-M'the party that owns the Iteifer-that ran loose .on the old highway, wants the cow returned, he may contact ithe :Willits police depdirtmtot. On '.May, 9 .Robert,-JB. Monroe, WilUtt, caifie to trial for-being dnmk and disorderly. Having paid his fine of $15 he is again free. • • Arthur" .tames Pizer, 5Ji, was booked'aifoute out of town on charges,of vagrancy. . The police picked.up Peter,A. Pacque, 16, of Lind, Washington, for sleeping. After, questioning the. youtbr charges were dropped and Pacque -went hi» way. If you are mterested In oW-tune dancing,' may . we-'-again nemlnd yoU'ithat-Gn'.May-22, the Willits Horseirien's Association- ,is ..sponsoring .i an old-time ball.; at,' the Farm-.'Bureau hall, at.low en- trantcCi -fee. *nd t rWreshmenta at midnigbt .i ^The piiibUc is dordially invitad,-.; .^-v.-, ••, This-'week'ftVneetmg of ths teon- tier , Days,'itjomniittee iyasulfed. in RHbUel?ihig'.the-.Tfi(ct.'rthat the' Lions Cliib will iidefiaitely sj^onsOT an amateur ='shovK-at the WiBits f ark Pavilion;bn'.June 29,- SOcIf you 1949., rUToung" men interested ia these: lappoirttmehts should immediately ^iwrite^ to-Congressman Clarence F. li^a, 447 House Office budding, Washington 25, D.Ci,. tor .iurthsr information. ratings m this examination wiU be «>rins Wardrobes it seemed a good nonunated by Congiressman ^Le^ ^"^„** ° whether OrhOt :f05,'admission to the-Acadiemies da COMES WEST, FOR SUMMER r Mrs. Grace Woodford of Detr'olt arrived m -Ukiah, Tuesday to^ spend the jBuipmer m the:home of |lher brother and.slater-inrlaw, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Carpenter: of South Main street. A daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Grant Carr penter, J!^rs. Woodford was schooled m Ukiah end went east about ,40 years ago., office are George Sir,izzott! and A., A;. Walson, postmaster. Leaving the, sick list i? Mrs. Grace SchneijiM. . Mrs. Ann Rock and Mrs.. Margaret, Lawson are recovering. ,1 Although, not officially ,Ladies Night,. Willits Lions - - BiU Riley, Harry Kister, Vale E; Sp6cht, Art J. Russell and .George ;Peterson took the'ir wives- with, them to -the Eprmg.-conference at Hoberg's. Although they missed Out on some activities, such as the turtle • race and water pageant, they did attend the cocktail party "atjd dance. Sunday the men voted and attend- Oie-first shotked-reaction- to: long alklrts, Gibson^ girl, sleeves and the iay nineties .outline has isubsided^< 'We're afraid it hasn't and that women are flying • in the face of stein masouhne disapproval-when ilhey .rustle around in the new 4<iffles and long hemlmes.'- , i It might also be well to note that- some .stalwart members of thS? so-called weaker sex «re -hold- ilng'out for' the- Oldaook.'To- the duestion Are You Reconciled To •phe New Look? we rcce'ived the toliowing answers (those from tb<> l ^meyj .are notable for their brevity); "i A;, H. Spreckelsen. city clerk: 'fNo." E. A. Perry, photo shop: "Yeis, but 1 don't like it and you can' quote me." Mrs; Herbert Thatcher, florist shop; "Deflnitely V- I hope it stays m." Paul Sut- ierly>' secretary, chahiber of <iom- mje^ce: "Well —(ong pause) — I!ll call', you back." He did, • and made th^j following careful statement: ','AiJytJi'ing is all right with me as long as it pleases the ladieA." Frank Haradar, executive secretary, county tubei'culosis associ-! ation. didn't reproach - us^ but his answer .indicated he thought we were up to small business: ?'X haven't had time to notice it yet." Mrs. , Joseph P. Weber, homemaker:'-"I- like rit if it's not too ^Jctreme."^-Harry W. Falk, Jr., attorney: ''No!!!" i< Mrs. Robert R. Horri», homemaker, didn't have to be recon- : ^aite;t- Sicksr? an 'j employe at the ' N(*tlvwei(em > * Plaoiflo ' since 1892 and foHner;. station ageiit :at UktaH'l'ahd Hoplfind,.'. teUtea'. on-' Maof" 1 jafteta soiVice of 39 yfears wiflt conipac^i 9ia4 a< co'tinec*; tloii witK railroading that fext^nds jack to 1892. . ' iHicks wcis station J - ngpnt " at Heald[g(iui'g :'when' lie' retlredj in the':; to^y*i;,t-whtere,' tte 'started to learn thfj' business with,: wfciat, wa.s then the S; n- rt-ahiiiseo' Northern Pacific. He workedVthen: undiir the ;iate Pete TrainOr.. : •'His prellmitiary trr.ining'-fovo- ,'lfckd Was transferred to 'Wlnd- su'i- as, agent and then' to Saniu liofea as v/arehoOaeirian and relief agent for the area. He cartie to Ukiah iri 1804 and his Outstanding Qohievemenl, it ''eems, v/ai to get lumSettifircd f<)r'-refusing io'lssuc a pass. President: A- W.; Foster jietsonally fired Hicks, so the story 4oek, and it was the pi-esiderit's, 'DiorasiM ai tJM.M« CMiwUa jiequfest-for a pass .for.'a personal .B^sR«fi,,u UM>,n«;R„vwua , ^^.^^^ ^^^^ mckt had' turned dp»?ni; '-ii': • '^•:-,* • ' • ''-}/•' j ; Leaylhg Ukiah, Hicks' ispent' a I time -railnpading in; the''-'feast,' tuthed hltf hAhd'tO; l(jggihg,> ther. returned • • t«> :the e^jlloy of . thei I Northwiisfeiti • Pacific • iii i90i as agent-at:CSej^sairvlllei" , 'A,fier height ,i^'ears he. ri^ti|rned t0'Hfeait}sburg and twCo'years later was:'tr&nSferr'ed to'PetalumSi Two yeafs after entering the Ptftaluma oliice . hie , came . to HopJarid for eight yosirs, then back to iHealds- tiurg,' to j;errifein until .,:^J8 retirement. ' J ed.Closing exercises. After all was I <='1'='1= ."I think it makes woman done the ladies let down-their :l°<?''ft"'r,e.conservativeT-of course it's just k: matter of individual preference;" E. Lindlay. P.G.&E. done tfie ladies let down' their h&i;',shuckedi' their sho^s,' ignored their nylons and played ball. Afterward; the ,^y hole party stopped in Santa iibsa for anltalllin din- ?tii:ks,^candy -place :sups, , ,lce |havB any;talettt,lor. just Want to cream, punch and traditional birthday- : cake. .The-'colop scheme- - was pink: and->yeliow, throughout, even the cake, the piiik birds that'doubled as candle holders. Helping Jackie celebrate, .take down the balloons used in the.dec- oratitfe scheme arid posing with him for their plcturesi In color were .Christian Zanoni, - Wayne Lusbyj Diane, Madeline and George Neitz, Jimmy vaisd Jeffory Goodin, Ijcslie Nailsj Danhle end Barbara Shearlor, Miss Beverley Gouber and Master Raymond Andrews. Unable to help or, attend were John Griffith and Joseph Valloni. Grown folk attending were Mesdames Helen - Baldwin, 'aEt'co-ihostess, Zanoni, Neitz, SKear- Adviriiimini From t. r I: Jeb ndd m Ibiks in StifchfesI At the Friday Night Social. Jeb Crowell hadthe audience iii stitches—doipg a take-off on the blustering character who belittles everybody and everything that isiv't from his own home town. Well, we can laugh at that sort of character because' from where I sit, Americans are just the opposite. We like to boast f bit perr haps, about the paint job. on the . new barn, or the missus' style of • cooking—but we aren't intolerant of people who don't think or act exactly the same way we do. In our town,^or jhut«iiM;,8oma fo.i;ks, like band concerts, otherB ^on'tr- ^9«ji^.ianilies serve beer with .diiuier, otherg, buttennUk-> jind ab f oif twUti^. iiiere's ^e,^'4§ he«Uhy diaagceement. I J' But wjien it, conies tQ ,d«^qK folksjtha.rijftt to.think o!r„a*fcm they choose .. no, .we^ iike yoo —we don't believe in it, whether it £ces for serving beef, or ^eaHngr one's mind oii public affairs. Copyright, 1948, United Stales Brewers Foundatien make-a spectacle of'yourself, contact ::.Ward jYoiing.':-The-- B.P.W.C. reported satisfactoiy ?progress in connection - - -with • 'the , floats - and comedy acts in the parade. The 20-30 . Club -rejports.reWiness to drag out the old stage coaches and the Boot^Hi^iSpeci^and get them decpf ated-:ior- the .big show- Strictly PwMaal Mrs,- LuciHe-Smith of Dr. Smalley's staff wasin San Francisco on business last Weekend. Berdie Lyon is proudly sporting her Mother's Day: gift—a diamond, and. platiiium pin. -Mr. and Mrs.iH.-Hazelhurst were weekend .vjaitors in Willits recent- ly<'Whiie-,hete from their home in SaiJta Cruz they visited Mr. Hazel- htirst's father, Vi vMfc'.'and Mrs. O. i-otllng plan to btiild atiCTOB.tta the near future' on their;ilot: in the Reynolds exteftWoni-i-:';;!' t* - . " Building a-lioiii? for his family, too, ls;Joei',CaJitre}l(-,.'to whom a btiUdin^ permit Uti tiie amount of $14500 Was Kecgritiy/^lssiued. Patients will be glad when the Howard 'Memorial Hospital gets its new eating facilities and new wing. Miffi- RUby--FtiiAaBks and Le- nttreFaitbaolrtwere'ln Santa Rosa OB business;;thte'Weic. • AHce WitJieran had a scare, as did her daught^, when the small fry drank lighter'fluid last Wednesday. Bart •DUcker is recuperating from iihe stroke he suffered recently. A. G. Lyon and A. L. Lawson left for Riverside Saturday on a biisi- ness trip. ,.:,.,., Bwrinfiss ;,A /^flnJop., Meet>. ,-At. theirf regular .-mefiiting, the Willits B.PiW, discussed the ad- Visability' of having .on.-illeta record, of a medical examination-of each member. A committee,.was appointed' to assemble and publish a year book ,for,48-49.,Their annual prO-Fourth dance'committees Were also chosen with Doris Elliott, decorations -chairmimv Alma Albee, publicity; Foit Worth coni- mittee, cloak room, and Jean Zanella, tickets and door. The date is June i9 and since in past years capacity crowds hdve attended,,tlie ladies-feel certain this year it -wiil be even bigger and better, especially with Gi;eeott's orchestra -to furnish.the music' Under discussion, too, was the idea of serving coffee and doughunts to all.assist-' irig in the actual decorating. This would boost the Camp Fire Girls sales quite a bit, as decorations night, bas always, been a/ fain with most members 'of the B.P.W. and the fire, department, out to heijp; Perhaps the firemen's auxiliary will be added to.tie.list. Regardless of Wh6" decorates, it proinl$es to surpass prevlo^i^ .tr ^7 miipiis, so ring Jimd I'S C)ii„y,QMr calendar and COME. President Pat Brewer reported on the presidents' tea she attended in-'Sebastopol on May 9.: A pleasant -surprise to Pat'was ithat'iit was held at the-hcane:af Mrsj K, D. Reynolds, wiio is' well''.known lo- ,callyj While there Pat met members from as iar south, as San Jose. The. next meeting of the ehib Will be !a social under the supor- ivision of education-chairman, Cynthia Frey, who requests all-mem- representative:. "I think so. Might as well,-be." Rev.. .R.-.G,' Witt, Trinity; Episcopal church: "Yes, but I.don't like that.wiute.petfe coat i-uSfle 'showing.'^ Paul Poulos, cafe owner (and Rural F^ire District Mijetirii^ M Residents, of-the valley whoare interesting themselves in the for'- mation ofa rural tire district will meet Friday night at 8 o'clock at the Ukiah lire house to hear the recommendations of. the committee- appointed two weeks ago to investigate the different setups under \ which the, district can .be organizedi of which there, are three. , , . . A large attendance-is desirable as the "Friday meeting will determine the type of organization and whether.-the: formation will be unddrtakeh now'Or deferred. Shrlners To Enter +Qin Their Grand Potentate Local Shrine club members were hotifled this week that ,Potehtati6 Robert F. McDonald will make hts official visit through the Redwood Empire and will be in Ukiah when the club celebrates - ladies' night on: June 17. • Plans' are being, made by Al Fraga and his. committee to receive the official and Herman L. Engelhardt, past potentate and chairman of the out-of-town activities committee who will accompany him. Friends Make. May Day Happy For Mrs. Ryder 1 Mrs. Sarah F. Ryder of'133 Clara A-venue; did -not- spend' a'-' lonely May day although she is conflhfed to her home since an injury :tliree years agO; Her, neighbors, Virginia May Beohtol and Darlene Ellen cafe owner, (and canadate V for : j^orp brought her bouquets- of supen^r,.-Second district):^-;'I'd, lupin ^nd California poppies, much rather not answer tlvat.'' - ' i „, . , , , . , A. L. ;Romer, Romer Vista il .^^^ ^^'^ Jb^^ Daily: "I think its unnecessary.-j ^^'t ° Miss Grace Sterrett of San Women lead an active life these ' ^^""'f^"; ^° ""^^^"^^ jo"*- days andlong skirts are not con- : P"'*«' ^^"^ a telephone call from venieht."' Richard :MaMoni,, auto supplies store: ,"It loojts good on h^r daughter, Mary Frances, who Is Mrs. Elizabeth R. try and lives some people - it's more graceful Venecia. Her daughter also sent ** ' hef a bpx of honjOrmade fvdge fpr which She Is faihdui.. ' Mothei^'sPayT^^A Mr. and Mrs, George Ellis of powney were houseguests of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Shaw. On tlie sjck list fio,m Uie post- bers to attend garbed as little boys or girls as • the theme will be "School Days." i Brtng an attrac- tlVely decorated' box limch, but 'ddh't concentrate all your efforts 'on- the boJc, remember to put food inside. Tlieh raid your hu/sband's wallet and come to bid on the boxes and thereby contribute to the "On to Fort Worth" fund. for ipature woinen.- Most of us look, • though, whether its old: or new." - . ;.,.,„ Mrs. A. E. Fox, Hopland: "I'm not -wearing-it, anyhow." Mrs. I « -i » i /~k • The social rooms in the fchris- tian church annex w^re lovely with wistaria, lilies and tulips when the ladies o the church gave their Mothers' Day tea last Saturday^ May 8 from 2 to 4 p.m. In the center of each folding.table;a bud vase was filled ' in a variety of colors. ' Palace liiiirney In Semi-Finals Ernest Banker, Dr,^ J. B; Mas- scngiU, Bunt Cox and Jack Clarke are the semit-Anallsts in the Palace Hotel Tournamfent after Mnerging winners m second round play Bun- dayi The pairings for,.Uie semi- Anals asiannounced today by Bob Clark, irrjupicipal, gplf .pro, -are Banker'vs. Dr« Massengill and Cox vs. Clarke, : Scoring ln> the second round matchusB was -as- folJo-wa: ^i. ' 'Upper jBtacktts- Banker vs. Walden, Banker won, 1-up: lOth hole. Dr. Massengill vs. Mathews,. Mas^ Sengill won, 3 and 1.: ' , -liowwiBrackol! Bunt Cox vs. Dr; Taylor, Cooc-won; 4 and 1 Jack Clarke 'vs .i W.-W. Seelyi^'Glarke -ivon, & and.4. • •'•i--.' ;,-, ' Match'iwinfiers in'the consolation' • round were fl. D. Roberts, Pat - McGuire, •. Ira i Whitton - and Craiff Bosworfh. RobertSiand McGuire won by default wlien their Opposition' failed to sitow for^tbe Sunday round. :" '"-" • :CoiMolation scorings Was tis foN lowsTB. D Roberta vs. Joe Weber, Roberts by default.AFBt -McGuire vs.'Df. Barr?-McGuire by default. Ira>Whitton vs. Irv Brazier, Whitton :won, v6 and' 4. Graiff Bosworth vs: 'Ed'Jones, Bosworth won, "4 and 3.'"" - . Pairings m' the consolation semi­ finals''arc*. Roberts vs. McGuIre 'ind Whiltdn-vi. BoswortH. -" First 'round' ladles" pairings for the 'RlehllcM- toumsmeiit-. were listed uycnark today as foUovcsr- I -tipper- Bracket:' ElloWese:iBeam- er V B. Veliiia Gibaoii; Aiidrgy' Ne:well, bye;.iHfelen Manning vs."-Charlotte Bransoni ••-JtiMa'-Weber, bye. A nevy, club, 'known a$. the -O^r • crptqi'ifl' -Club, .'has been orianlzeiiy at, thd Ukiah Elementary, schooi. The purpose is to instruct a grOii^.' of boys to operate the audio*' visual r inatructlonal equipment at tho school;- i •These boys-Are receiving ap in-' tensiv^, training course, UAder fiu- gone Gorbettj teacher and. audio-', visual coordinator, with the asSistr,, ance ot the county audio-visuaV director, Leonard Svensen.The. mehibers are David LnHa;- Lester Sacchi, Don Maschetti, George Ve- Voda, Dennis Oxford, Donald^ Schleck, Eddie Burke, Kent Foster," Bobby Oden. Eddie Burke is see-: rotary. The;members have.been divided into two teains 'with LaHa and Sacchi'their elected captains. When members of tiie faculty wish to ' use- any of the equipment,;! they win contact one of the captalnniThe.ciptain: will schedule the ma*/ chine for - that day and .appoint-• one of his team to set it. up and •opsrate-rti - !;..< When this course is flnishetti the. boys Will b«'qualified to.operate and care for. any of the c<iUipmifVt at the school or county oflicfe This . will be a fereat aid to the faculty, P.T.A., or any group using, the tfiaohines, as well as allowing clulft meihfberft'to gain mechanical BkiJls. Plumbing Sh(^ to' 6l}en pn May Id ^ Among the new business •enterprises which are being opened, in Ukiah 'is the. Modern Plurilbiftg. :> and Heating'company at"274 E^t, Smith street; The owners who will be ready)for sales and service,next weeli 'are ; t«e. Richardson - AnA Henty-Moh-is, • .v , Thpy havtj set Sunday; Maya*. ' as their 1 opening date and Invito: . the public to cone In.and see tJ«f,\l' ne\v store where they have a coW.* ple^ line: of plumbing fixtures, materiaU and heatmg supplies.' t, ; :!:••'' ^-^^^y-j^y ,,' Church Society Honors Two Members' Birthdays llwo birthdays were honored When the itoyal Womens' SoclsJy, of the Christian church met in the ohvu-?h-pariiors on May 4, with j^^j, ^ ^.ft^cGerthy, president in thft',',' ' chair., : .: , ,'.', T w 0 liandsbmeiy decorated bii-thaAy cakes were on the tables; one for Mrs. Anna PorterfiUd who celebrated her 84th "birthday ftnd the other for Mrs. L. H. Fostei*; peeptdtions included a lovely eeh* tei-plece'oi roscbiids. Mothers .;day w^s honored by verses atid-a too:? of'dlothjjfg" was pfejSa'red tb '^be sent tO'Cftina. "• • -' -,-•'' -.v. PROCLAMATION ' The- U. S. Postal Department has set aside the week of May IS- 21, 1948, as a period of observai-ice of the 30th armiversnry :of- the United Slates Air Mail 'Service, and the growth and development Of air lrahsp,6rt. arid the; ayiiifion industry has and 'will eqntinue to be'^fostered and sponsoiied ,:by: the Post Oflfici; Departmerit^ftlirtJu^h • ' its:Air Mail Service, ai7d'':'»:'''\ -f'^'' believe, that the citizens'''of I , :lii>W8r BracketjVGladys Sti'ckney ! Ukiah Sr(3, Vitally IritepiSstdd lylij', , vs.' Mabel/ Albert^on; Ramonafth^ eontliaued develophient','ari<^, F&hrhey, bye; 'Billy Whitton, bye;' growth of aviation as it' benejfits , ;• Barbara Cox, bye. • ' the people, the nation, the postal All first-round matches must be I service, arid our rel^tioiiS • with played by May f6,?eiark enlt>ha- jthe peoples and nations- of fh?i sized. ivoria. • " :',• ' Now, therefore, I, Fbrreit Hughes, mayor of the City -oi^ Ukiah, do herey designate -the week of "May 16-21 as a period to , .observe the 30th anniversary of W.: lJutton of the United States Air Maif'Ser>- 710,West Perkins street recently vice; and do call upon our pebpl? Duttom Visit mw Mountain Property 'I've ialways had ; i have id change.' : . Fred Orr. automotive business: '•No, I'in not." Harold Ivey, with Galpelia plywood company: "These longiisltirte.look 'likfef they're- going to fall'Oa .1-'. might be.all right Wtierjw^'get used to them."'Don Hulbertii-.Potter Valley raticher:^'! nevetsi-did- like it and my wife hasn't \aa(«tted'-it." We -regret being uniible to get- Mrs.- Hulberl's reaction to; that.-'•' ' ' lT«ir«U¥Hawles, attoimey:'"yes, fn -soiiniK-xaBrs Stsf'er.k.v-btrt' In -tlie majority, lio... Ill tell you — I'm reconciled to it because -we're going to have it." Williani HUdreth. auto supplies: "Yes, looks all .right to me.'!_, Mrs. Jack Beckert, iino^ type operator: "I like them moderately long." Mrs. Ralph Wrighj', hohiem'aker: ?'Oh, yes. I've got three an^'-my husband thinlts the skirts are too long." So— the womcii fg^erierally) like them —the inen are going to get used to'thern. And now We are waiting for the inevitable masculine shrieks and caustic criticism When they Suddenly "get "shbrt again. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED At inciah. May 5, Leland .Everett o^Ukiah and Ethel Lawrence of Lincoln, Nebr. May 7, Gerald H. Mahan and Bonnie Lee Center of Ukiah. ; >. :The tea party inoltided a i>ro- gram; of music, and honors - were grveh' ito the fOUowihg:; Mrs..> Al- phtf 'Lane; ' oldest,'mother; - iMrs. Ore an - Ramsey, youngest .mother and Mrs, MarvineMcffelll, mother of the largest family. Presentations were marde by Patricia BolUnger. Programs were daintly decorated! with pastel flbwer cut-outs; A piano 861*. Song Without Words, by'-'Mendelssbhn was played by AdaiRomer. Lorcna Ford - sang You're A Wonderful Mother;'Joyce Enzler gav« the tribute toTnbthcrs and Elsie Banks gave the re^onse. ' Refreshments were frozen dessert, cookies and tea served by Dona Harper, Janet Lowe, Nancy Richwiiie and Joyce Enzler who >vpre pastel formals. , Committees which made the afternoon a genuine success were; Esther Withrow ,and Lottie Tinker, tlecorations; Lorena Ford and Anna Moore, refreshments. Patricia Bollinger was in charge of the program. bought a hunting retreat on Horse Mountain above Bartlett Springs. They spent the weekend there Mav to take cognizance of tttis •vr^fc' ' by taking >pari in events and activities c6mmemorating this his- 8, 8,and Mrs. Dwttcm saw the 160 torlc eveht, and by patronizing acres with a log cabin for the first, th? air mail service, time. ' ^ ' They alsoi saw snow 1 ftnd the roads .were fnOt too good. Accomi i>anying;them for the vi^it'and a Done'at the City of Ukiah this 12th dayof jMay, 1948. , — • ' •' •FORRiS'* H\JG^teS, Jiiyor. SaSS^S^f iMi^ Smitti Weds • S^^o^kg S^i^ IW^^ Allen lilaf ton's tjiece, Ellen Lan^ey and her friend,: r Robert -.Alexander- from feeritSeley. , • ' '^ • -/' r Surprise Birthday Porty Honors Mrs. Daubeneck A dinner party in the House of Gamer last Saturday night turned Out to be a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Carl Daubeneck. Her husband was liost atid when they arrived at the restaurant with local and out-of-town friends she found a huge . chocolate birthday cake made and beautifully decorated by Mrs. Elbert CasseU. The guests sang Happy Birthday. Following dinner the evening | established a home in PotQ'valfw^. ! AnhOUiieement« are going odt thi» w^elc-from Mr. and Mr?. R; Ci Sniiiai of Totter Valley to tell of tha marriage May 8 at high 'ntfffllt in Reno of their daughter, ^rortces Sara to'Wesley Allen Blair. ;''"''J^ "The yoiiiig couple will mstlSe their home in the Los Angeled area where the groom is stationed, with the United States marines. He' is the son of Mr. and Mrs. AIb«tt G. Blair of Chehalis, Washington. The bride's father has bceis 8!i«to- ciated with the Ukiah theater'a*' assistant manager since his dis' charge'from army service when tie was stationed at Fort McDowell in San Francisco, and they hgye was spent in dancing. Those present i|i addition to the host and honoree were Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mankina, parents of Mrs. Daubeneck, from Santa.,Rt»a; Mr. and Mrs. CasseU, Ukiah; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mustard; and Mr. and Mrs. I.4eroy Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. {Robert Boale^rota Metilo Parle. FRANCIS BABY BORK Mr. and Mis. Lawrence Pranpis of Ukiah are parents of a baby girl born in Santa Rosa General Hospital on May 8. Dr. Elmer T. Noall was attending physician. • i£T PAYS TO TRADE IH UKIAH

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