Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on May 14, 1948 · Page 6
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 6

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1948
Page 6
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WtHh^^tat all ages—child fen, fltW tnd adults: ' '^if-' jTib iiW'S^ssl6ri> of our fOrOmy Wmih^is (ionwitfid m the. cba ^el atV :4iy'&.lH, got 6ft id a finfe start laW" Sunday.' 'ManJ- new adults WOTB' present,. Tlie general • theme bgfJiil afecussiea Is, What-fs VirtottS: OV m'$h\,t With • Modern Marriflge? PSTJBifla'bre uj?ged to bring their; cftfldyeh- to the-school and partici- pate^ia /'the-fofum discussions. , Morning worship at 11. 'Wfe w>U ^ave as our guest speaker- Will P. Ralph, lay leader of the California Conference of the Mfethodist church. His subject will b6f the 'Stewardship of Necessity. A'spddial invitation is extended to tfti^'rilen' of the city to hear this bdtitanding Christian layman, 'Special music by thfe vested .At 8:30, Intermediate Youth i'ellOiWs)^?p in the educational unit, fiioytntfi-and pi'^ grade age chil- dr(^"ihvited. :. At "JtSO) Senior Ybuth Fellowship in dii^rch parlor. AU high sckobl age, yoiith, or pver, are in- ' • \^atbet tluatitti KBanti >-'PexkiBf -And; Bush :Si>.' -- eac'h"'S \5flddy, fat 8:30 and 10 a m. , St.', Albert's - Convent Ghapel, WMt^:(rhmtcH stfefet,' Mass each: Sunday at 7 ani. ' • St.'Firancis; Hppland. Mass first Sunday- at 9 B .m, Other Sundays, mass fit il0:l5„ St Brigid's, CalpeUa. Mass first Sunday'BtlO:15'.vNo mass second Sunday. Other Sundays at -9 &im. Slate Sdspital, Talmage. Third Stmday, m&ss ai 9 ajh. IndiSn Rancherias Si. Joseph's, First Sunday, mass at 9 a .m. St. Dominic 's. Second Sunday, mass at 8 a.m. • m. UTancis. mass at 9 a.m. St. Patrick's, mass at 9 a.m. .Ciiojr rehearsal Wednesday ?,ve- iilng; at "TiSO , at the -cliurcli. / ' ..UStift Jliaintain a nuysevy vvHere srrtfliiqliildren*aybe left in cpip- lietffli^J care while their parents atjtend'ibe,morning worship, ' (ilie "Church of the Chimes" invites, ybu. THE ;i»REBBV'rERlAN CHURCH fti 'pfawd Van der X<ai. D. D. ^" MinislM (.Siuiday school at 9;45.' • ^ri^'. choir rehearsal at the mfiiiSe at 10:45. NWfifcry f or smell children during ixs^niing service at the manse. .'Heyi,L.yhn T. White, D.D., of Sdn'Anselmo will be tiie guest nirfitstei: at the Pre'sbytfrlaiv church oh- ^i^ay. May IB, 'at the 11 o'^Soeli; service," in the absence of thft-rriinifiter, Di'.i R. AV ^Vender lias; Bf^.. White's many friends will •w ^lcbmV the opportunity at bear- iiig .bdnnagain. • • >. \.:A.:ii^I^ipl' invitation - to- dir to Wp;psl}ip^ 'iyith us. Stranger;? are ttiquestbd'to leave thefr niimesin oUjT: i^|l>lt Ijpolt., ClilitS'ritAM SCIENCE CHlfRCH Morals 'a'n(l- Imftortals is iM stlbjfefcf"d!'^'the Gliristiah Science lessoh-Sermdh -for Sunday, May 13, VWlhv^tb^ gbldert'^t^jrt-frbm I Cbr- Iniial^tii?;', '.'As - we have. borne the lijifige of the earthy, W;e.shall-also besii; the image of the heaVenly" asiis). • • - • •'Iheluaed'in the' sermon are the fojlCj.Vi'ing citatlo?is: Psalms:'! ''As f6V,'me,'l •ttriVi beliold thy face in riihiebusness: I shall be satisded, Whfeii! I-6wake; with^ -thy' likeness" (^tmrM-. ^ ;-Seiehcp,and Health With Key to ;th*i;;Scilptuxes, by, Miry. Bakpr Edd^jvAs-mortals give lijj thelfle- luBibnth^t there is more-than one FAITH LUtHEBAN CHURCH (Musoari Synod) (Services held te^nporarily in Episcopal Guild hall) Mofhing vcorship each Sunday at 11 a.m. Sunday school following the service. 'Vouth instruction Tuesdays and Fridays at 4 p.m I j OUIS ^C. Marting, pastor, 302 Observatory, avenue. Plione S26-M CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST or LATTER DAY SAINTS SteJert P«U' Sunday school, 10 a.m: Sairament meeting; 11 a.m., conducted by C: A. Call; branch president. . . Eiresidechat at 7:30 p.m.*. Primary, TllUrsday ftt 3:30 R.m Heliel society, Thursday at 2;30 p.m. ASSEMBLY OF GOD—BoonvilU ' . M. Q. Laneatter .Sunday services: Sunday school at 10 ^.m.; morning^ worship at ill o clock; evening evangelistic at 7:45; Wednesday Bible study at 7:4Sp.m. BOOJJYXtliE METponiST Wbrsffl^-ierWce; 7:80 pMn/-- •Morning service at Philo At 11. , W.S.C;»-meets -the second and fourth .^TJfosdpys. of, each .month. FRIDAYr MAY 14, 194^ Second Sunday, Fourth Sunday, .rr . ...1-.. T, «44 . ^tl ihat'likeness no materiarelemenf." • Eddatcd - Oak and' Church striBets ;VBead{ng ro6m Open 2 to-4 •p,n):.,-> Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sattiidays. Sunday -school,. 8:30 a.m. , , . THip REORGANISED CHURC|1 OF JESUS CMSIST O f .: LATTER DA-^ SAlNTS Win meet at 744 South Oak streset fpr church,school, followed by pWaching by Marvi?! Romer. His subject will be: ' aod ''seti up pis kingdom," but •not by the Swoj ^d,— Da'n.2:H His "marvelous ' woric and a • wortdeir'' adored;—Isi. 28:12-14 All nations are quaking; "The .Go?pei restored.'—Rev. 14 ' By"the angel from Heaven, sent k).i> the Loi :d.— Rev. 18:1. . SEVEKTH-.OAY ADVipMTIST. Corner Blish &'Henry Sif^bath (Saturday) services: 9:30 ain.—Sabbath School; 11 a.m. —Ihsplring, eijiightenJng Bible sertttM; • - • ••• .The Wednesday night prayer, service-hour "will be given over to! a Bible lecture by .the pastor. . TirtE CHURCH OF CHRIST •Meets 'every ' Lord 's Dajr in GfarJgi hall with Bible school at 10 o '-Clbck, morning wrship at ll, evening worship at 7:30. Warren Ehsler ,and Lyle Carpenter bring the. messages. The public is in- vywir' • . .'•—XHRISTIAN CHUpCH fR' Oirati Bohlii^er: Miniitet )<• 210 North Schobl Si'. • Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.—Mrs. L. H.^Foster, superintendent, . M^brning woirshipat 11, SubjiBct, The Reality of God's Pi'fesfence. <••'••- r Ghristian Endeavor at 7. Sep- ara ;tfe meetings for adults, young p^plaand juniors.- .Evening worship at 8. Subject* Above the .World. 'Prayer Meeting .Wednesday evening at 8, Choif prpcticq Thursday evening at,8v-' -• • uklAH GOSPEL TABERNACLE 7 ASSEMBLY OF GOD Sm'lh wd Barpcw Sl». ' 'J. R. P^jar- Pastor ^Sunday SchooS—9:45 a.m, MoriiitiK Services— a' a.m. •ChiJdf /S 'R lEj!y(,ch—-(5;30 p.m. Young l ?e .(?al «'s.Mwtijig — 6:30 p.rp.., i, . ... . • Revival hour—7:45. 1ST CHURCH Smith Stf. LBoH4?d "O. Brown, Pastor 9:43 kmT'GfhUl'ch school <5f over 200, We. haV&.a class for-every age group, and. att interfestmg program each week; . • 11:00 a.m. .Morning Worship hour. : 7 p.m.-rrYoung Peoples Society. . 8 p.m.—Evening Service of Wor- sWp. •• -• • • 8 p.m. Wednesday — Prayer Hearing aids, a nursery for; children unjler six, and a Cordial Welcome to All! PHILO METHODIST CHURCH Mrs. A. H, Brown, Suporinlendtnl Sunday school at 10 a.m. Worship service at 11 a;m. Ladies'.. Aid, thp first und-third •Thiusdays. . . H0ME^MISB1QNARY- CHURCH ' Oppoaita Atrpott - ' Paitor, H. M. Blsiy Sunday school; ItS a.m; Morning.worship, M a.m..' i. •;. Eyiipstelistic-service. ';:45 p.m. Tuesday worship, ^:45 p.m, ffridsy. \yprship, 7:43 p.m Every" • wdrshlji church-with a hearty Welcome. CELEBRATING HEP 18th birthdar)l«*;SApir4«H J&ig>ti>jl(^ dancing party in the Saturday AflerpoonJ^labhoiU*' ^•]cl^^9f- ' d9ught<»i of Hti and Misi Wm. Nelmes Smith, is ihoWnheM -JoUB of J»ar gu89fi. Beading let* to right, lhay Br«: Patiipia Yaugtuis Roberta Andairton,NeIcin«and B«tt/.Arlene :az «eotJ ... 'APRIL 26, 1948 PATENTS ^i 'v-- ( .y. .USA tp David Lindsay, land in t-rsN R15W VB'A to Irving'Reeves, land in T15NR14W. • - , . "USA''to Samuel' Knowlps, land in TSlN'RlsW. • DEEDS-" • • '• • • - - •, I John Webb to George Bowdin' et! MX, land in .TISN ,B17W. ; -Leslie Collins et ux to O O Bar- Hov, land in T5S R2E. Standish Sc Hlckey, Inc to Carl Nelson, land in T24N R17W. , Co Mendo to W E Berry et u;c, T13N R14W. Bbbert Camp to E B Ryan et ux, land in Willits. ' H H , Gi;a£f et ux to Hatold Crothers, li^nd inTl8N R13W, ' Florence Preston et al to St Calif,-land in T16N R14W. J W Bert et uxtO' William Wil- Jiams et ux, land in Uklah. , Daisy MacCallUm to LJtiyd Kel- 'Jey et alrJand in T17N RJ7W. Daisy MacCallum to Uoyd Ker- Hey et als, land m M^ndo. Anna Jyiai-sh to, WaJtp.n et ux, land in Ukiah.' Glenn Halsted etux to Robert Camp, land m Willits. DEEDS OF TRUST . : .Harry Cromwell et ux to Mendo Co.Title Co, trustee and Svgs Bk iMepdo Co; iai)d in'lot 102, Yokayp ranpho. Donal Eddy et ux to Mendo Co Title -Co,' trustee and• Svgs "Bk Mendo Co, land in lot 33, Yokayo rancho, ., Charles Nicolas et al to.Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Svgs Bk Mendo Co, land jn Hopland, .Harold Crothers et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trust'je and Bk mi- lit?, land ip T.mi \i{13W. ' 1 WiUiara Wlllijims et ux to Metido Co Tvtle Go, trustee and SvgsBk Mendo Go, land in Ukiah. 1 William-Williams . et . ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee .and W Bert et ux; land in Ukiah. Arthur Poma^to Mendo Co Title ESCROW AND SALE, , • •' John Maxwell et'al to Elviia V^ntufi et fil, Ijquor licenses used in business known a? - Club Cal- liellk, lopated Ih Calpella. AGREEMENT-FOR SALE •' - Ethel Bonnineld to LS'wrenoe Paicini et Ux;'land in Ukiah, •- N6TICES OF INTENDED' SALE John Maxwell et al to IVJ^dtf ,'VeBtUri ef al, "liiropepty known as Club CalpeUa;- sale to- take place at offices of Burke ^& '•Ra^vles, Ukiah. .John Maxwell et-al to Mario V«nturi et al, liquor' licenses) m business'-known as Club Calpella; sale to.take place at offices of Burke & RawleS, Ukiah. CERTIFICATE OF AMOUNT 1 St dalif to Joseph Curran etfil, tdba Green Shutters Alito Pourt; !awxiui;it, $340,51: ' . APRIL 28. 194S DEEDS ,Paul Certstti to Anna Cerutti, land in T23N B13W, ' Crellin ux to EG&E Go,.land in T13N RUW. E H Maize et ux to Delia Har<J-' isty et al, Idnd in Willits, an urf- divided V6 int. " • -,• i . EH Maize et -ux to- Perny -Williams etal, an-undivided Vi intji land in. Willits. I . .- --,.v> Ada HagaBs to Yvoime Herbert, land in Ukia^^. .• >••. . . Elpise Gannon to.Richfield jOtl Goip. land ui lot 47, "ifokayS rancho, • A E Nernof et ux'to Jame?; Hayden et Ux, land in T22N R17W. Alexander Dyer et ux to -Robert. Sohenck et ux, land in T18N R14W Manannji Haarby to Mary. Newman, land in T16N R17W. : I/pandei: Siltan^p pt tt^-to :M^1- vin Evenson et iix, land m Hai^v: dell subdn, ' : -Terrell Abshireet'UJt to Charles Henry ;6tux,. land in T211S: H15W.; Viiicent. Gibrrto et al- to Ffiith fendant. . , Lawfrence'fe Undet:hi|l ?t ust -<?8' William L '^eitbl: 4t ulK,- Srf fiir tilaiauB^B' , . . ,4 P , •to; i. Jordan, et al .vs. H, A.« Rey4oidi(iSt '^i: Seffbr xiifil^M^ 'Maude'.-^^Vil'^ Taylor vsv-. B l tista Johh":6alestflBrt Sfet fdr tr' , Jun^ 28. 4nFy to be df^VKn'June Marian Woodrufif. vf Prlin Woddnifl S^UWtrfal Junei^: John Lcland Alameda vs: LovenJ boWpini hi al Sft for Wal 'Jilne,! 7, iiotifi ana Jury waived, "> ' ESward-Jf. •^arideVbosBh VS. H* Dlen Vanderbosch et al. Demurrer continued to'May. 14; - H. A: Jenny vs. Charles al. Demurrer argued, subrAltted- land ov<lrt'ijl^'d;"'i ]p day'si'to fliiivf^p after notice,, ' ' ^. Floyd Dr McKmhney et - Ux vs,; Ray L. Shor«r et" ux; t)^urrpr- withdrawn; IS days to answer by consent,-. . Dorothy . Newhdll vs,' George. A,.Newhall, Ordltix- to .sjipw cftusb and temporary restraining -itd^rij dropped. J&net Wl^ippW v6 AJlen F I Whipple, Spt for trial May 14. primlnal ' ^ People vs, toward L, Reading', •Terms of probaiioh amendSd 'tq fix term at three y^ars.- • People vs. .Joe Dante. Toninl, Motion to he relieved. of - defaillt made,- arglied,;, submitted'' tind granted. •• . Qf eppStapity ,ea1r AmeHcan Yofitli I "••». ciub Entry World Frontiers , tlklPB CO ijibi-'- in ;r^"^®' Co?\m \e7and ^"svgs'BVM ;i;d5 ^^-^ church, lanl'lnViah Co, land m Ukiah „ , TeUUon of J B Toumy. eXectitor Chooses AdaieaRfomer Junior Cljnstian .Endeavor. ,gpr ciety of the' Chrfsliin' churyhas elected Adalea ilomer 'pr^deP|t; Lgrene paroer v/aV;cUo?9n. ^Ice- president;,. Jeapn^ttf :Rust, seci -er: tar}^-tr9a$Urer an'd ^\ch- wine/social'cM ^iirtpan. On- I^djiy evehing, Mdy t, & yppig perale a p^t^f ^arty with 2\ 'Menilm-' G^e9 '^i^: retreshments: cpWtefigd -^fif puna .tjie- circusi tjierae. 'Agd^ of -'ifiis ^rpiip range fVbtri it to 14 afid tt>^ mpet eacH S^dpy |Veiilng lol ^Ibh stutiy wttli 'Mrs. ^df/liiik as their adult -T&der,- ' l^e SouUietn li^i ^h' spo^ors the * ^(nup j them t^e Jiey 'v^liite phL . and' satiA-tlfei th^y; wore! for. scrv- 'ie^ on E ^I ^V^nd to)^^r r D^y i'Mr& Elmer Adamd LiB:.'in iSan Francisco Where -she rspeht Moth- jtm&mm, itip V There: do " nbt >'s 'esri5- -to- 6'e fi'drds adequate ite-de ^erib^'wHat •)Ve"'fuUjr>e^r Ipy "pppfJrtflniti^.V ..•^.•mvfsn^'Xirvfetii^Vw^^ lieit .jii- tSnf Jf. '^htt •jw'er*; the'ir^^^^ lif pptiprtarii^y? As ill aiiy tiRw cdutite: therS ebumtes^ opiicir- had the foresight t)nd nihbitibn to HfericSnf thefti; MaHy-yeat's aigb Ainwtca ' virfs • itife -tt!' wlideiri^sfi, 1!he'l&nd was cleated, homes werfe built, ^nd the nuclppus of govem- jneni "was f&ympd. But this was j5(q^i gnpughf There w^re m^n of Visibtf:wfi (r kaSiy:")WWe ^^^^ "they saw rich leHile fields," nfe"w ,t¥rpl toirfei, a,stronfeer goverhment, Snd gre&t opportunities for com- [Aerce and ti'ade abroad. These tnen ^{led endlesrity and unseWshr jy^ Railroads were built, tftrritprles were'expfanded, commerce was in- crea'sed',^and science piogr ^^sed. .ilrne AmMca was molded injp* the 'mighty halioh we knosy; today. Thes* men cdh never be fpj-gotten (or; iKeji- weiffe AWteflc^; ^ut wH 'at if'today.? afh^t are yPuth's chance? opdartufiity?, J3p, tliey gtifl «xist a'r aVe Amei'ica's.^great; fybntief^' •if opBOrtUnyy vdftfshing? " • '• W« itw^t %k coijSiaer iilat'fee: ,)nej4dQti5 ;f%p ^fet nave^ ii;i -Aiineti^ in tiie past f^w <Jec- oui; p ^qsQphy and tnmWng —•our politicar,' 'sp'plaf'I 'nd eic '6tio*ni<! irjffws .^^ucn .chaiiges 'flre to be-'ex- -p,f«ted irofn a n'a^ion, aS; it prO- •Irepaesi ^brpu'gh the ye,ar,:.Just as 3i' nktion. eh ^ing^s it^ i^eas and -pbl 'icieS,' sb ido'irbiitierS o*f "oippbr- :tun |tx djaMe.'' •:' pne fatlor which had aninstru- menial "•, etfeet • lipon - opportunity ijras .Woiild: Itfsr > ir;- During this g/eat period of crisis, m^ny bfour men'^^>Bre in the service. War fac- 4pr |es apd tleferisf pjants- we're •jst^iohshtidl, 'These Slgh-paylrig ilbbS-p¥oVed altfacli -tre f d boJrs,&(id girtii. AS p i-pswlfV &oys and girls •iuif'Eohd^, edlieatlop Vas neglect- '.Therife. is: onft.ffield th'6t;hW i^ti mtich .ineanihg -aiid implic>itibtit that • I: felt .it shbuld. be: treated sfcpaiMely and that is: tKe .,ftM&- i^^^ od,ucjitlon. There is nbthiiii^ mbrfe vital, in this age • of. piir's' thin edu- ca-tioh, ."Tombhrow's ediicatbrs will be faced with rifew and;, Vai^ied pwblems. Th6rs''is; a hugis" job aha Upon them will. re'fet -^ebt rer sponsibUity, for they mtiit iriold the minds ol youth, i Great changefe "afe ciomlhg ;in our ^educational' feystttrh; T&ihov- row;* curriculum,; I feel,' Will,; ih- v*3ji{{gi elude much-more than thfe .tl-adl- mv^inyMf'' ^"^^ readbig, Wrtting and arith- ! CMncfe "^-Sow-^ yotitK niust be educated •-• •* against ..fear,. It seems our nation is enclosed -in a cloud ,of periietu'al fear. There is fear of the atoihib bomb, fear of wflr, and fear, of world destruction. Such feat' tends tci Weaken us andlovfev us in the eyes of other natipns. How can any nation be sirpjig wheh its. people are constantly in tetii:? Youth,must be taii^ht to live and act freely, unafraid, yet not aggressively or domi'neeririg." Youth must be educated, against pcejii- dice. Prejudice mi^ht basfiy be termed the "root of al5 ei'll'- sinrt so many evil cohSequencea'ciSn come from it, K^judice' has,;^ LINO KIVbLO it Aedwopd' tey; wlib represented the UlcUh Lions Club in the recent public •pe^kixig cofctest, , • >r5 <;lH\) al |-pV4 Everybody>e^come; Come apdHp„^S?j.,^*S.^V'"* ^L."^^^ of last will of Emma Wolf, deod.ier's Day tvitli'iheij.daiight-ef -and SfthW Sod' -togptii*>- Thp I -iiSi^rt" r„ TIkiah 1° establish death qf Carl Wolf,-j family: She will be aWay until the end of next week,'. HOLY, TRINITY EPISCOPAL ., , fl»y. a, ft, Witt, Vicar .Sunday, servipes: Holy pommu- nipn, 3 a.m,; Sunciay schopl, 9:45 a.m,; niormng pi'dyfer, 11 ^.m: CALPELLA COMMUNITY . 'CHURCH 10 a.m.T^unday schools Mrs. aenback, superintendent. REDWOOD VALLEY SERVICE Sunday school every Sunday mornlrig at 10 o'clock. Warren Enzler, supermtendsnt. Classes for all: ages, . , Cj|iui;ch services each third Sunday moi-nlng. Elfc|ert Holland* will preach at U o'clock. Vop will be welcSrned, Mendo Co, land in Ukiah Walton Rea et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee "and Svgs Bk Mendo .Co, land in Ukiah. ME Boesel et al to TbOmas Cleland 'et al, trustee and H Q Cleland, land in Yokayo Heights ?ubdn, Ukiah;. RECONVEYANpE Mendo Co Title Co to Anna Marsh, deed of tfast. TIMSteR: CUTTING CONTRACT : E A Cox et al to Diamantlne Bros Transp, Inc, remove and right lahd -in Willits to cut'timber from property known Warren . Dightman as Mountain Vi^w ranch, redwood, flr. and pine timber. Can Wdlf died oil May 15, 1946, land in T21N R15W. LIS PENDENS Frank Hymaa et al vs Isabelle al, land inTigN" R17W. DEEDS OF-TRUST . Mplvin Eyensen et ux to F O AXbex:tspn ,pt al, trustee and Robr ert Hinkson et ux, land in Hardell subdp. - Domestic -aiT mail rbufps haVe jumped -frdm :218- nflles ip" "1918 to 125,000 -in 1948. APRIL 27, 1848 DEEDS • - ,.- " ' Henry' Bpnhltield et ux' to Ethel l»Bpnnifield, land in Ukiah. • Union Lmbi- Go to William Nar- varien et ux, land m Fort Bragg. "•r\'thii',r^ ' 1 F A-Frasierto Grover Hunter, Jo Willits t^eremony ,land in potter Valley.: • . ,^ ,\ Alva Ogle to Ray Morgan et ux, Job's Daughtjers of Ukiah bethel \^^^ in T13N R14W- 10,6 jp.urneygf! to WiUits Thursday, NOTICE QF, PENDENCY iVJay 6, fonn^ection by the grand • "= '^^or.f, Jpb's Daughters Go T2iN .|iisw. ;,•'jt"-:;- "Vekiori'MeGiillough "et ux to 3 ^„.,..^^. . , A, Kelly;-lan-d-ln-NW' Add-t« E H Maize et ux to Mendp Cp WUiits, '' ' ' ' • TiUe-Go, ti-ustee-^nd'Bk Willits;:: .Same to same, pame, , -r I ^^^^^ BiricacelU et iw .to M?;> _ et ux to spnijie Gbrp.-landtalSj 14 ,.Vo^yo Mejido Co Title Go, ..trUsteef- and f^iiChp. FiiBt Nat Bk of Cloverdale, land Baker Mej:itt-et ux;-tQ E3irl Lpng, ip T13N R14W, lank liv tS 2N RlS-W.'^^ ^ ' Dolphy Gain et ux to F R, M-t- DfeCBBBSr tiiv pi^Tl^lEajTlON'-..\ bertson et al, trustee and^ Coast '"fist of Hans Christiansen,* deed; guardian, I^rs. Alice Swepson Also pavlieipating m' the ceremony wfere members of • the .Willits bethel Durtpg the evening a prespnta- tiort of rpses was • held for the gl-and guardian. Others present to witness the impressive ceremonies Jackson Reed vs Frances Wallace, executi>ix of estate of Seren? Wilson, deed, et al, land in T23N R<7.W,. 'r- • ••• DEEDS OF-TfeUST - ' . Homer Haughs;^t, ux.,lo . Corp Am, trustee and Bk Am, land in T17N R17W. . Will jam Alfaro §t ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Coast Mrs. Stella Jensen, deputy'Nat Bk m Fort Bragg, land in grand guardian and Mattrys Jen- sci^, associate ,<!uprcme guardian, Accompanying -Ukaih bethel members were their guardian, Mrs, Pearl Barker and associate guardian, Torrence Swindell, Bridge-Club Meeting Is preceded By Dinr^er • : Twelve meml^ers of the Masonic wives' bridge club which meets on lodg'e nights, "enjoyed dinner in House of Garner on May 7 before they'went t'o the Carl Daubeneclc home on -Perlcins and Spring' uKiah, streets tp set up three t^blps of.^RpL|iASE OF MTGE Iji'ldge. . - , Winners were Mrs. Frank Bi-an] son, Mrs. Torra.nce ' Swindell and Kelly Tract, Fort Byagg.. Benjamin McLintock et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Charles Guntly, land m lot 105, Yokayo rancho, Chas Tollini et ux to Fed Land Bk of Berkeley, trustee and Fed Lpnd Bk of Berkeley, land in lot 104 of Yokayo ranclio. Ray Moi'gan et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Russell Tolman et ux, land in T13N R14W; Russell Tolrnan et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and George Johnson, land in T13N RJ4W. MORTGAGE . Junior Davis to Dorothea Lutz, saws, motors, sander, located in John Pappas fo C H Campbell et al. " •- •' • •" ' SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT Nat Bk to Fort Bragg,; land In Fort -Bragg: • -' • • Charles Bond etux tc Meitdo Co Title Co, trustee • and L'B' Ci-a^ford, land in •'WaganseUers Add to Ulciah... . ASSGNMT OE DEED .OF .TRUSiX | Herbert Scptt etux to Charles Clancio et al, deed of trust . RECONVEYANCE ' ; Mendo Co Title Co to George Seward etux. deed of trust. . MORTGAGES ' -• - ' Joe Rossi to Bk Am, truck, tractors. d Everett Dutton et ux to Rdwd Emp.lProd Or Assn, cropS for 1848- 48'-S0-51 .and pump and pipes' Ib- c:iced on property known as G iSverett Dutton ranch, 6 miles SE from Ukiah; also 16 acres of hops on Lbs Morby property 5 milps SE- of Ukiah, ' RELEASE OF LIEN Edgar >Jash et ai'to Henry Nash et al, land in T15N R15W. distributed toXenore ^ddrlaild Iji Ti.4N-iH7W,ptt*onal property; Estof vPwiny Siudht, deed, land in TJ9N IJHW:., personal,. propi*.ty distributf ^ io t^on Bri«l»V ESTABLISH JDEN,T1TY Est of D&vid Lb£ap, dead, B ^i^ MeS -itt ai ^'Daiijr'Wood ^rg'heii;s qf said'decd and-o 'Wners-'of land iH> T23N Blaw DEEDS OF -v TRUST- < Francis; Bhy^ie et; tuc^.'ta.-iUed Land Bk of Berkeley;, trustee and Fed Imd Wf^op ^erjsejley, lai»d in T22N'I^12W. ; . . > Prances .McGlauflin,.-tQ'" Corp Am..trustee and Bk A-m^Hwid In T14N RUW ' ' ' Russell Jones et ux to Mendo Co Title- Co,' trustee'"atfd UamSff Gray, land in. OiBway tfacK-r ' BECO;fIVEyANCE Mendp Co Title Co to E B Sl^ustef et. ux, dee ^-of trust,. - v , PARTIAi;> RECONVEYANCE . Mppdo" C q .Title Co to Arthur MtPher^on et ujf,. deed of trust, portion of land in T21N R17W. NOTICE OF I^fTEr^DED^ SAL? Ray Millard et al to • Joseph Harlan et al-, property kno-wn-'fts ;*Ti^'M Wa '-S ^ViS 's'bf i^len't'slilSws spoiisdr'ed ;'b J^vtbe •' Pep feiWimittee wasStiri^i.-oh'i-Mfiy -^ii^^^^ sfch (3Pl ,-ai^diton -^litli, Jisn'Cole- , . . -. , m?in as ma'ster,of ceremonies,., marked effect upon the individual. I .^^^^ ^l^nt^^ memWi pf !he It is comparable to some evil mto- student \jody were presented and ster tUgghig at one's heart telling r .a« M'r „»,«io *t, one to hate one's fellow men. Prejudice is .deep rooted and once established is hard to eradicate, bbt if-cai^ be ei'adiCated, "Sfouth must be taught to live and work ih kindness and brotherhood toward fellow man. Youth must be the Winner was- Girio . Wflcheletti playing a clarinet sulo, Carnival In Venice. The runner-up' was Barbara Richardson, who sang My Future Just Passed By, The fourth talent show will have Theresa Daniels, Don Loosley and educated spiritually-World War II Gmo Micheletti cpmpeting for the Showed uS the value bf religion,, grand prize. Men' 6f all races and creeds lived, TVbrked, foUght, and dieJ together. Willits. high school, band pre- They^aisPpFayed together -Wiili ns i sensed. a program to Ukiah . higl. disfiriminatiOn. Thfe'need, f pr all, schppl on JPriday, May i, with a educational leader]^ is so great that It efannot be overlooked, : For school, teachers, and education are the very foundation of America, The frontiers of ppportunity are open tp U8, but will We upe them wisely? We must enrich our minds Vfith Useful knowledge. We must thinly; in tenns of benefltiiig humanity by our bppprtunities, never using them for selftsh gam or as p. menace to mankmd, for only then will we be showing our true apprecaitioQ of these opportunities given us. .We must prepare oprselyeg for tl-ie world pf ;tPmorrow, We must adjust biir tHinking and attions so as to influence those about us. We 'will lie judged b"v our ability to est a good example for others. We ;are not 'infallible, We^ will make mistakes, that is true, but wfc hope that we will benefit bj^ Wide selection qt numbers being played. The program' included jome of the fihest compositions of Sigmund llomberg. Also on the agenda was a special band including some Ukiah high students who played several fine numbers. The whole program was enioyed by all the student Uody. •»»'•» , C,S.F, Society which is the.hon­ or society of UJkiah high school held its initiation of new members on Friday, Vay 7, The, new-initiates were required to wear dunce caps during the afternboh. At the last perioa, in the school cafeteria, a program was held''for - all C.S.F, members. Refreshments were served. Miss,Mary Oliver is advisor of G.S .Fi An enjoyable time was had by all r n^gl^asd cHildreri^ and dljHhduency tloUWgfiedl Oiir inoral •^t^ndaJds''satik to & loW depth Sbi{dittohs- •Were dejilorable, arid yet sbttie people'Classed this period i^'ohfe'-bf-^opportunity. This ^-^s TOportunity, yes, but only m the jtifctest sense of the w6rd. For ^^^^ ^ affy fepiioitunity available at the_^ honeptly and try to brmg rabrififce- of education and W.junr. ^-^-^ harmony, • and unity ta - oUr'mistakes and not repeat them. Hovev Family Gathered r'The>responsibility of American p XAr^±UA,'J LJ yduthMs'great We wui pipy anirpr Mother s Day Here inipbrtant -part in. the worl*,of tbfriorrow. We must think clearly aiid be able to make, wise and sure decisions. Tomorrow's world will be a huge challenge to, us, liut'we will try to fape it. squarely : Mr. and Mrs, George 'W, HoVey bad all their family -with them on Mpther 's Day for a family dinner in. their home at 204 South Dora street, ,i . . , Their son Richard and his wife 'ivere there from Saii Brimb; Mary Bllen, their daughterj who ,,is at^ -,.,«,.tK,v ni inei —-^5, - ' „i„t„;oc tkv "Ask and 'tending Humboldt State,college in ihg -en.^s not ;wortny ,q. ^f ^S |^Jhs ^^i^^.?a^^_ {Areata w^^ d?btandihg betvreesi parent? and Pf^^^bied wprld ' ichildren. is not -worthy oj. tngj-Vth^-^cripture? -namiSi,:: y- - , , - , Ivoii shaU receive; .^e^k,, .and you {Areata was home, and brought two ?-^1*his iSthe age .of science..This ghall find; knock, and it shaU be student houseguests, John and is Ih^Jag^. Of-. at^ic;energy aiid .^^^j^g^i^jj.iQ-yjjuM America'syoiitb ^Joseph Newton; The occasion cele- finding hftw f.p pvercpme th.e, Ukiah, were there f^ef:of ^ranp^, -preju^V* arid ^y^^ g ^ ^ ' tSigottfy. wHyii'c^ii^o retard the! ".'^^.r /y^M'Sffi,.. ., p"rogress of a nation and America's EMPLOVME»T DEMAND SLOW youth, is knocking at the golderi , With a tptal of 692 -applicahts Bale of ppportunity, hoping that ^for'jobs^ on file during March, the the ^oo/C to success, happiness and a' ''bet'tSr .wo'rid "in which "to liv6 •wili bp opeh'ed unto them. •' history. In thi^ pcieptiflc age, our ^outh a ?e ipqui ^itYe. Thfy 5w feager to know the truth and .bpt W live In darkness and ignorafrcte. iPor Ignprftpce^ breads fpntpmpt, Contempt br?e^$ hatred, hatred Sis^ miavnderstaPding, a^^ tpi^s- ^ihdetstai?dhig apd prejudipe *bge,thfcr- these factor? breed W^r. ^ Kropf th|t to<Ja;5r's youtli wajit W 6e educated (;an b? ex^iPpUfted M the gr#ai'inpTe,?se m att^ejid- ce Wour cplieg^ and, HP'""'" ppfcnl£les^l >0fisn 't Ihi^ t?nd'to 8^ that iiranliferfe^pf op^^brfunity t^t us Cohsici?t this vast field Of opportunity, 'oiir first topic for consfdWatiop is atomic? energy Here ife a'^ld ?o huge, so powerful, h ^igpiflcApt, that it staggers tge imagijiMon There are unlim- l^g'd "amount? of-research and op- New Delicatessen Opens This Week Tjie huiried housewife now has an ally ;5inc;§,'Dorothy's Food -Shop f 'nd''Deli,CfltesSeti opened at 209 piith 'Oak - street this weelt' with hot'ioodg iotafe^ out! saiadS, b6k- er.-if '•pr'oduc'tii.atici cold, hieaf's. •'The'hew enterprise, operated bv Mrs.' Dorotliy 'fidwards' ivho is ij™ .w .vw...-, — assisted in cooking by Bernice portuiiity 'in' this field. We have Estep and fbi- 'whom Mrs.- Ina aSeX Wltnes ed tiieHernblfe de-JLuoma does the baking, is a suc- &XenS ^f thirpower Let us j cesser to lylrS William?' food shop out'Mientiate will uncover APRIL 29. 194^ DEEDS •• • A S Supan et al to Elwood Johnston, land in T21N B.16-W. i^j^g gpprt Center," Uklah;••sale tO J H Penntr et ux to John Gustafsson el ux, Ijnd in lot on .Hellen _ „.„ . ^"^^ "^H?," ^""^"•Z r. r. 'Strom', withholding, totW 'amount ^-^^ ecbn'bihics politics, etc., all sjtrucl^Vjffpei? hppe put •'sCiemi5iB wm I 'fbiistfui^fi-vf"> -value''— valiie to aid ""ih inan'V lifelbng struggle jinst ^lekness an'd disease, value w film the'ftuge-wfhe^s of industry, an^ VS'-H? to benefit, not de.- sJroy,'mapkm'd. ' ,- '•"'j^nbtl-iey 'la ^rge'"field is that of p^';^chisYiy and - psychology. The 'de^ior'^^l^ -condition's" of'but meii- tar''•institutions and the urgent need for trained psychologicts and p|^c^\ifitnsts more &an illustrates tijie pppbrtunities in t).iis field, Psy- chblbgir-prays an irhpbrtant part ip the world'of today.'The psycho- Ip^igal eflCect of atomic energy iipoh' the human mind aiid similar suhjecis is' of vital interest to all. Tremendous strides in th^ field of upei^cjnp ajnd new cures f pr dreaded di^eiaseg, as infantile paralysis at the same location Meat pips, pastries, including cakes; pies and coffee cakes, are part of tht^ service they are oifer- ing to the public. The shop is equipped With a steam table and hot foods will go out ready to serve from the catton. The own^s invite the public to can and get acquainted. Ukiah office of the California Department of Employment placed 48 in jobs during the month, according to the monthly employment service report. Throughout .'th« state, the department had 342,933 persons seeking jobs during tlie month, arid placed 32,995, or less than 10 per cent, m employment. VISITORS HERE FROM SOUTH . Mr. and Mrs. W, H, Hutchmgs of Santa Cruz are visiting here in the home of Mr, and Mrs. A. L; Ford, 118 Norton street, and will remain indefinitely. Mr Hutohins, wjio owns a ranch near Santa Cruz, was iii Ukiah 30 years ago. i ROY LOGSDON BETUHNS FROM NAVY SERVICE YOU CAN'T \CTION OP BEAT THE FAST THE WAI*T ADS! Roy Logsdon who was discharged from the navy April 29 and returned fb Ukiah, likes the navy but he'd rather you didn't mention Guam wherp he spent two. years. He is sin aviation mathinist's mate tliird-tilass, now in the re- sei-ve, and is the son o^ Mr, and Mrs. Miltoi;! A. Logsdon of 510 Low Gap road, Befpre entering the ser\)ice he was femploj^ed in the Western Stores; . Wilda Holland to James Holland; land in Yokayo Heights,' .Elio May Mji'spu to Wade Olsen land in TJON mm. Bevival nour—7:43. (;;•• ,• '„rv„.^ - - ; • Rockport Rdwd Cp and Hollpw et ux Tuesday Bible Study^7'15 p.m- '^"^P"" W.iUiams, Mrs. James I Trae Lmbr Co, 'fember and salvage ' Kenneth Lovell et ux to Franpis Friday Cottage Prayer Meeting Busch and Mrs. H. W. Brown were forest products on property ,in Rhyne et ux, land in T23N —7:45 PJV" ' co-ho5tesses with Mrs. Daubeneck. T22N RIVW: I Ruby Martin to P.G&iE, land ih oppbr- stated oppbr- USA vs Mendo'Devlpjnpt Co, tiiiii'ty, but'this list Vby no means withholding, $627:70." ' '' cbm'piGte'-^h^ It can never be, for -• --Ji——v-*-::-!- ' npw frontier? are constantly opets- IT -PAYS ^ta-THADE U||IAH 'Irig,-'' ''; ' '••-•''' Elect HUBERT B. AN EXPERIENCED LEGISLATOR— 16 years in the State Le^s- la\ure, elected at, the;Primary In,seven of eight eletUons by the comijined Vote of IJIeptJbllCah .^nd pemocratic supporters. '; riiij advnujemMi jponjofed |> t ioc«l lupporteri ot Scudder lor ConKrett

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