Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 3, 1973 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1973
Page 5
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Dear Abby ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, WED., JAN. 3, 1973 Page S Telephone Caller Should Be Proud to Give Name By Abigail Van Buren » 1*73 tty Chicifo Trlbune-N. Y. Hm Srn(., Inc. DEAR ABBY: This is for "Offended in Houston" who doesn't like to give a secretary his name on the phone. I am a secretary and could not follow my bosses' instructions without asking names: "Don't interrupt my conference unless Mr. X calls from New York. Don't accept any calls from Mr. Y in Seattle. He expects quotes on a contract for which I don't have the figures, and I don't want him to waste a call. If Mr. Z calls from Kansas City, tell him I'm in Europe. I'm tired of fooling with that character. If Mr. B calls from Chicago, tell him it's a deal." My grandfather, who came over from Scotland, always said, "Never trust a man who will not proudly tell you his name." ANOTHER SECRETARY DEAR ABBY: "Offended in Houston" would be less offended if his secretary knew how to place a telephone call. She should say, "Mr. Draykaup of Draykaup Nuts and Bolts would like to speak to Mr. Yourboss, please." That way Mr. Yourboss' secretary wouldn't have to ask who was calling. But what really burns me is when Mr. Bigshot's secre­ tary telephones and asks me to get my boss on the line, and then my boss has to wait forever until Mr. Bigshot finally gets on the line. I now have a sure cure for that. When a secretary who makes a practice of doing this calls and says, "Mr. Bigshot wants to talk to Mr. Yourboss," I say, "Then please have Mr. Bigshot call him!" and I hang up. ST. LOUIS SECRETARY DEAR ABBY: Doesn't that idiot signed "Offended in Houston" realize that a busy executive doesn't have time to talk to everybody who calls him? When I'm in a meeting or on another telephone call, I don't want to be disturbed, so I ask my secretary to find out who's calling so I can return the calls when I am free. Some calls I don't return at all because the caller is a pest and a time waster. People who solicit funds on the telephone are a pain in the neck. I rarely return their calls, but I do give consideration to those who write letters. BUSY EXECUTIVE DEAR ABBY: I don't mind being asked by a secretary, "May I tell him who is calling?" But what really bugs me is having a child answer the telephone, and in a whining voice ask, "Who is this?" NO PATIENCE IN MILWAUKEE DEAR ABBY: When I make a telephone call, I say, "Hello, my name is Nicky Thompson." This establishes every thing from the start. And when I pronounce my name, I say it clearly. I am so annoyed when a person mumbles his name as tho he were ashamed of it. I don't mean to sound smug, but it is so simple to identify oneself and thus relieve the other party of asking who you are. MRS. NICKY THOMPSON DEAR ABBY: I am concerned about the relationship between my sister and her 8 -year-old son. To be frank, I wonder if it could cause homosexual tendencies in the boy. Altho she dresses him in male clothing, she selects such babyish styles—minus zippers. His favorite pastime is "playing house." And he doesn't appear to be at ease with boys. There seems to be an unusual physical attraction between the mother and son. He is not allowed to use the men's restrooms. She always takes him into the ladies' restrooms. He doesn't seem to be embarrassed by it either. My sister is an intelligent, educated person. And her husband is no dummy. I cannot understand why he doesn't put his foot down. Is it normal for the boy to accept his mother's way of training him without protesting? We don't feel that we can discuss this with her, but she is an avid reader of your column, so perhaps she will see this and recognize herself, and do something about a potential problem. CONCERNED DEAR CONCERNED: Your sister's behavior toward her son is not normal, but his responses are indeed what one could expect. Yes, she could be sowing the seeds of homosexuality. Don't wait for her to "recognize" herself. TELL her what is obvious to you and others. DEAR ABBY: Why is it that when people are trying to watch their calories, their friends say: "Oh, come on . .. have a piece of candy, or another helping. It can't hurt you." I always end up eating it just to shut them up or to get on with the bridge game or what ever the case may be. When I quit smoking, I didn't have people telling me that one cigaret wouldn't hurt me. And if a person has joined A. A., nobody would tell him that one little drink wouldn't hurt him. People who are dieting should be given the same help as those who have given up smoking or alcohol. After all, a weight problem is harmful to one's health, too. ON A DIET DEAR ON: I agree. Dieters need all the help they can get, but don't blame those who tempt you if you can't resist temptation. 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