The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 20, 1966 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1966
Page 18
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Alflono, (lo.) Upper DM Moliwt- Twdqy, Sept. 20, 1966 iliilliniillillllllillllfll! Kossuth County Fair is over, Labor Day, too, kids back at school, a few leaves beginning to turn, so we know fall is here. We have had a few high school girls here doing a very good job as aides and now their hours have to give way to school time, but some come at four and it's a big help. They are so brimming over with vim and vitality, it's so good to see the young sort of galloping around in place of we oldsters who totter and are in our "autumn." - o Knute Mehl has had a little extension of time before getting under Uncle Sam's rule. The place just won't be the same without him. I don't know when I've met or heard of such a versatile young man — a lad I ^should say — yet at twenty- one he qualifies as a MAN. But to me he is a lad. - o I had a nice chat with Darlow Rogert when I phoned for news. We had a chat about Wisconsin and the beauties of the Mississippi and its Iowa and Illinois borders. He and his wife have been farther north than Hazel Lusby, Lizzie Post and I. We went as far as Winona but he has been way on beyond Minneapolis. I told him about our amusing experience at the Dells. We were looking for a good motel and before deciding, drove north of town. There we came upon many cabins set rather far apart. The driveway took us around an office right in the middle and around which we had to circle to drive out. The man in this little cubicle said, "Drive on. We don't want you here." Well, believe me, WE DIDN'T WANT to be there either. It looked so spooky. Hazel said we probably looked too much like W.C.T.U. members but I said we probably looked to him like three women not sporting enough to want a cabin there. I said Pd liked to have told him we weren't "on the prowl" for companionship and so far as his old joint was concerned, it could go up in flames for all we'd care. Well, we went back to town and found a lovely place— WELL LIGHTED I - o Marie Grov L er and I have been doing much the same things going over old letters, some of which I destroyed, and some too precious - but will mean nothing to anyone when I have slipped into the Great Beyond. Marie had been going through letters her mother received from soldiers during the Civil War.. She promised to send some for me to read, but at the time she wrote the note to me, she was busy making crab apple jelly. Thank you. It will be great fun reading them. - o Friends of Mrs. Ethel Col well will be glad to know she is making good recovery from recent major surgery at Rochester, Minn. Greetings to you, Mrs. Col well, and I hope I can soon see you walk in my door, You have always been so nice coining to see me. - o - Speaking of the Colwells, they have a toy terrier, 10 years old, named Cindy and weighing three pounds. She may be tiny in size, but she is worth many times her weight in love from the boys and neighbor children. - o Web Orton and wife Darlene have recently been at Des Moines. Web was willing to give Hercules, his Igwana, that green lizard-like thing I have mentioned before, to the zoo but they rejected him as they have no facilities for his care, darn itt Now what will happen to "Herk"? Darlene and I are agreed as to his finish, but as a dutiful and loving wife, she'll go along with whatever Web decides. And the little daughter will be taken into consideration. At six months "Herk" is a big nothing, but as time goes on and she walks - well, decisions will be made and PU bet "Herk" will be "sacrificed." - o Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryerson showed me a rose bowl with some lovely blossoms they were bringing to Mattie McWhorter. And the tomato they brought me was so delicious. - o- Qulte a number of years ago Olga Carlson married Rev. John Jordon and they lived in Texas. Rev. Jordon had a sickness which required rest and Olga's mother suffered a stroke and the Jordons came from Texas so that Olga could assist in her mother's care. Rev. Jordon had recovered sufficiently to occasionally act as guest minister. Their little son, John, Jr., was about nine and the John Carlsons had as neighbors the Walt Dale family, among whom was the now noted Dick. Dick was a lad in high school but little Johnnie looked up to Dick as small boys very often do. How little they knew what the future had to offer. Little Johnnie grew up and turned to the electronics field, for some time living in Milwaukee and is now at Minneapolis, associated with electronics control data. And Dick with his voice — well, both are very successful young men. - o- Singing reminds me of my beloved "Song Fellows" of radio days over WHO. Recently I saw Kieth Booth on the Mitch Miller program. What a shame that wonderful quartet and Bill Austin didn't stay together. Ifs a small world, a truth established many times. This summer while the Curtis Haahrs were on vacation at Yellowstone National Park they were approached by a man who noticed the 55 Iowa license and introduced themselves as Mr. and Mrs. John Long, Billings, Mont., formerly of Irvington area and relatives of the Ivan Longs. The men got to talking about fishing and Mr. Long volunteered to take Mr. Haahr to a place where trout were plentiful. Had it not been. for this chance meeting, the Haahrs would have come back troutless. As it was, they caught their limit in no time, big, beautiful, tasty and much-sought fish. - o - Sept. 7-1 had just awakened from a nap when nurse came in to give me my three o'clock pill and help me up before going off duty - according to > the routine. With her was a woman I didn't recognize for a moment, then it came with a BANG. Sandra Skilling, who worked here as an aide a few years ago, married Norman O*Dell and went to Texas to live on the base with him. Later they went to Germany, then came back to Texas. He is now at Viet Nam and she and the little boys, Lonnie, Ray and Dale Dean, called DD, are here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Skilling. Norman has several more years before he will be discharged and Sandrahbpesthey go back to Germ any. I didn't ask her, didn't think of it, but it is possible he is making army life a career. Anyhow, Sandra looks wonderful and it was so nice seeing her. - o How about that? "Theunhappy income tax examiner — he spends eight hours a day reading Grim Fairy Tales." - o - Men DO make passes at girls who wear glasses. It depends on their frames." - o - Here's a cute one, but grim. "Why were you hanging around so long at that steam- roller acci- 'dent? "I was just scraping up an acquaintance." At Lake Conclave Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hammer- Strom and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt of Lone Rock attended the annual Directors' Conference at Vacation Village on West Lake Okoboji held September 6-8. They were representing the Lone Rock Cooperative Elevator. Here's a toast to your new car and mine - - - may they never meet. MR. FARMER - READ THESE FACTS ABOUT FALL FERTILIZER Facts about Fertilizing in the Fall! What Are the Advantages of Fall Fertilization? • It assures you of more time next spring to get your crop planted early. Each day's delay in planting corn when soil conditions are right can cut yields by one or two bushels per acre. • Reduces soil compaction. Fields are usually drier and firmer in the fall than in the spring. If the soil is compacted in the fall, the damage will be corrected by freezing, thawing, wetting, and drying during the winter. Compaction occurring in the spring may remain through the growing season. • Fertilizer prices are lower in the fall, and your Cargill fertilizer supplier has more time to provide the good service you expect and are entitled to. • Proper fall fertilization speeds up the decomposition of crop residues. The stalks, roots/and Bubble are I turned into rich humus more rapidly. How about loss of Nutrients? . « tate ?/ " Fa " application, of phosphorous and potassium are acceptable on UN- ronmn u .u j"' 1 ^P 8 ! 1 L However - the V caution against fertilizing STEEPLY SLOPING, FROZEN GROUND where there is danger of the fertilizer being washed off by heavy rains or rapidly melting snow. Plow-Down vs. Disk-In Plowing down fertilizer is more effective than disking it into plowed ground. With plow down the nutrients Sen's. ** *'* """*"* '° *•••""""• P'-ntdu ring "periods 3 the topToTl is too What about Nitrogen? " ls . heldb * * he soi ' d -V and matter and cannot move Make arrangements now for all your fertilizer needs --- using CARGILL Fertilizer! CARGILL, INC. SOUTH PHILLIPS STREET ALGONA

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