The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on February 17, 1972 · Page 8
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 8

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1972
Page 8
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As a condition precedent to beine; furnished proposal forms, a prospective bidder must he on the current Iowa State Highway Commission list of qualified bidders; except that this requirement will not apply when bids are received solely ior materials, supplies or - equipment. 00.0 M-FBM Untreated, Rough. Common Plank 3'.! M-FFiM Treated, Rough, Common Plar.k 11.CO V-Frj?.: Treated, Common. Dense- ?."o. i, Structural Timbers 3.COO I..F. Treated, Timber Trestle Piling February 2, Ki72, Board of Supervisors of Sioux Count-.-. By M. .;. Var. Wyk, County Auditor. DUTCHETTES Dutchettes 4-H meeting was held Jan. The pledge of allegiance was led by Linda Doornlnk. And the 4-H Pledge was led by Christ! Scorza. Roll call was "My Favorite Outfit." There was also installation of new officers. Diane Van Peursem gave a demonstration on "Be Proud of your Nails and Hands." A delicious lunch was served by Connie Bastemeyer and Mary Koets. Reporter, Ann Doornlnk OP '-•ALE: Poland i, Duroc "all Boars i Gilts. Wendell 4 James Leafstedt.Al- restr-r. '-'. Dak. v A [ . F : Brown couch and tchir.g ^hiir ir. fair cor.- '.or.; V.TTJ.T. ar.'l i -.•<--] rock°r, ?ooci condi- r.; 2 ^nd tables and match- roffpp table in fairly d condition. Phone 7'C- - Alton. !l-27-.v-2c 44 'ANGFP K7DNEV .SIGNAL.-' Zoning Permits Th& following Zoning Permits have been issued by the . Zoning Enforcement Officer of the City of Orange City, Iowa, and any aggrieved party may determine their rights of appeal of such action at the City Clerk's office; but notice - of such appeal must be on file within 10 days after this publication. The following zoning permit has been issued by the Board of Adjustment and Appeals: Permit No. 37", zoning District R-l, John Muyskens, build house, on lot 8, block -11, Original Addition. fioard of Adjustment and Ap- y-als. O. L. Dorschner, Chairmar,. ;<-:,:\r- i;:- with BUKET.^ 't-ike- on Iv '! tabs a 'lay for 4 di;. s). f' r -;rular'' passage, ease aches :<ri'\ :,-.jr,s or your 4^0 back, NOV.' a- The VILLAGE DPUG -Tor--.. 12-7c ACTIVITIES Services -r:s]vr- to clean rugs .sfr-rv with Blue :'er.t electric sham- van De Cit-., la, 12-173-lc Punt, Notices K T F r 103.3 Dutch Hour, Sunday, 0;1 fi p.m. Cw-lfo Legals NOTIC1-. TO BIDDERS 1. Sealed bids will be- re- coivpd I)',' the Auditor of Sioux County at his office in Or- .•ingf Cit',, Iowa, until 10:00 o'clock, A.M., on February 29, 1972, lor tin; various items ill construction work listed U-lov.. 2. A certified check, made payable to the County, or a Cashier's check, made payable to either the County or to the contractor, drawn upon a solvent bank, shall be filed with each proposal in an amount as set forth in the proposal form. Cashier's check, marie payable to the contractor, shall contain an m;n\rilifti>d omlorsemont to u,' ./ .my signed by the contractor or his authorized agent. Failure to execute a contract and file an accept- JUMOP DUTCH FTTF.3 The Junior Dutchettes met in the Extension office, Jan. IS, for their4-H meeting. Carina Plender, president, called thf- club to order, after which Kristin Allen and Carina served lunch. Thf Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jana Brumols. SRC rotary Kristin took roll call which was answered by "What I'd like to learn about thf clothin? unit." Rachel Ifri tin? 4_H pledge. There. arp eleven new rs. Tlir-v are: Tammy Kim F-'knes, Jennifer Nancy Punt, Kristi r, Mai-lone De Jong, f'.-irla Kot.s, Laurie Klein- wnltr-rink, Colleen lessens, Pain i>iendt-r and Barb MUP- lr-r. Demonstrations were "RecoEcni/jiif good fit in blouses," led by Anne Kohout and Tammy Jnger, and ''Making a ribbon Itairbami, " by Karyn De Doer. Mrs. Cliff Oolman leader RBVP the presentation, "U'hat is the clothing program." The assignment for the month is "Check the goals you want to achieve" and "Practice sewing exercises on the sewing machine." The meeting was adjourned at H:30 after the members completed sewing their hairbands. FLOVD FALCON'S The Floyd Falcons held their Feb. 5 meeting at the Ho.spers Shelter House at 7:30 P.m. The meeting was called to order by Paul Van Roekel. There were in rnombers and 2 visitors present. The pledge to the U.S. Flag was led by Paul De Jong. We discussed Dad's night and planned for it to be held on March 24 at the new,indoor swimmingpooland at the Auto Dine in Sioux Center. Mark and Paul Van Roekel gave a talk on "Plant Reproduction." The 4H pledge was led by Randy Van Dyke. Hosts were Mark A., Kent and Randy Van Roekel. Reporter, Dale De Jong. CLOVER TEENS The monthly meeting of the Clover Teens <JH Club was held at the Maurice school on Feb. 5. Roll call was answered by 17 members and 2 leaders. Roll call was to name a type of fabric. The Pledge to the U.S. flag was led by Barb Van Peursem. The Pledge to the 4H flag was led by Kathy Van Peur- sem. A demonstration was given by Barb Smits on "How to Fit a Pettern." Barb Van Peursem gave a demonstration' on Laying, Cutting, and Marking. At the end of the meeting, we did three exercises for a posture activity. Lunch was then served by Shirley Feldhacker and Barb Van Peursem. Reporter, Barb Van Peursem JUNIOR COUNTRY GALS The meeting of the Junior Country Gals was held at the home of Norma and Ruth Boterhoek Feb. 12. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 by Janet Van Roekel. The Pledge to the American Hag was led by Gail Langstraat. Roll call, "Name a sewing machine" was answered by 34 members. The secretarv's Treasurer's reports we're read and approved. Old business was looking at pictures of the last meeting. New business was handing out material for next year, and looking at our Stanley party material. The party will be Feb. 28, The 4H pledge was led by Laura Van't Hof. The meeting was adjourned. Norma gave a presentation on "Knowing Your Sewing Machine." Arlys De Jong gave one on "Posture" Then we all made head bands. Our leaders showed us a stiching chart. Sandy Bloemendaal had recreation. After this lunch was served bv Norma, Ruth and their mother. Reporter, Laura Van't Hof FLOVD COUNTRY GALS The meeting of the Country Gals was held at the home of. Peggy Vande Hoef on Jan. 22 at 1:15 p.m. Our club divided into 2 groups, the Jr. Country Gals with the Jrs. through 7th grade and the Country Gals with the 8th grade on up. Our club went to Rollins in Sheldon and we toured the store. After we returned to Peggy's house we had our meeting. The new officers were installed for the year 1972. They are President, Barbara Roetman; Vice President, Debbie Vande Berg; Secretary, Allyn Korver; Treasurer, Charlene Menning; Reporter, Lu Ann Rensink; Historian, Ruth Te Brink; Camera Girl; Brenda Boterboek, Telephone Girls, Pam Boone and Julie Greving. The 4H pledge was led by Ruth and the secretary's report was read and approved. The roll call was "Our Favorite Color" and was answered by 13 meml>ers. One visitor was present. No old business so for new business the leaders passed out information sheets, and they showed us different clothes made from the same pattern. They also showed us a sewing basket that they had made and we talked about what we could bring to the fair. The U.S. Pledge to the flag was led by Barb. The meeting was adjourned and Mary then led recreation. Afterward Peggy and her mother served a delicious lunch. Reporter, Lu Ann Rensink The second grade at M-OC have fun learning math and fishing at the sanvr- time, Xlye Keithley (right) and John Scorza were trying their luck when the CAPITAL photographer was in their room. 8--THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, February 17, 1972 Mr. and Mrs. Marion Muilenburg were Sunday afternoon guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Van Meeteren in Sheldon. They went to celebrate the birthday of Roger Van Meeteren. Addtional guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Van Meeteren, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Korver and family from Charles City will be spending the weekend in Orange City, coming especially for the 60th anniversary of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vellinga. -iL Local Susan Morren, Dawn Te Brink and Jewelann Varrisr Pol were Friday overnight guests at the home of BrerrJa Sue Van Ipren, in Hospers, Mrs. Arie Kuiper, Mrs. Jake Vande Hoef and Mr. a.-.d Mrs. Bill Vande Hoef !e:t Thursday morning for Call:', where they will visit with Miss Greeta J. Vande Hoef who is stationed in San Francisco. They will also visit other points of interest there. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Woelber of Hull attended church services here Sunday evening and afterward were guests at the Kenneth Van't Hofhorr.e. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schneider of Montivedeo, Minn, were Sunday guests at the Gerrit Schneider home. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Vander Pol accompanied Mr. ar.d Mrs. Clifford Top to Rock Rapids Friday evening where they attended the wedding of Miss Sandy Van Aartseii to Mr. Lee Van Veldhuizen at the First Reformed Church in Rock Rapids. Mrs. Gerrit Schneider and Mrs. Gerald De Graaf, the latter of .Alton attended a pink and blue shower for Mrs. Ron Schneider Thursday evening at the Steve Bovendarn home at George. Sunday evening supper and evening guests at the Lloyd Van't Hoff home were Marlene, Delores, Janice, Merlin and Jerry Lode, Ken Bolkema, of Sheldon, Roger Helgerson of Rock Valley and Sheryl Alons of Hospers, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Vander Pol, Rhonda and Cara, Mr. Conley Van Heuvelen and Mrs. Robert Mouw and Gina were Sunday supper guests at the Mike Vr'jeze home in Sioux City, Loul Mr. and Mrs. John Gleysteen from Sioux City spent Saturday visiting in the home • of their mother, Mrs. J. rj. Gleysteen. They were here to help her celebrate her birthday which was Monday. Ray Haarsma from Holland, Minn, spent Monday in the home of his mother, Mrs, Dick Haarsma, as it was her birthday. Supper guests last Sunday evening in the Dr. R. J. Hassebroek home were Mrs. Edith Hassebroek from Sheldon and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hassebroek and family from Brewster, Minn. Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Swenson from Pine River, Minn Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Vogel and Mr. Bernard Vander Aarde were dinner guests last Thursday evening at the home of Mrs, Gerrit J. Raak. Later that evening Rev.Swen- son spoke and showed slides at the Dover Avenue Alliance Church. Mr. and Mrs. Marion '"Viersma and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wobbema attended the Xorman Luboff Choir Concert in Sioux City last Wednesday evening. The M-OC Pride of the Dutchmen Band traveled to Vermillion, South Dakota on Tuesday to participate in the 21st annual instrumental clinic at the University of S.D. tach year one band from Iowa is invited to this event. The band, under the direction of Mr. Gene Krueger performed before approximately 1200 students and band directors from a four state area. Mrs. Bert Lubbers accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Willard Lubbers of Paullina to Sioux City on February 7 to attend the funeral of Marie Doeksen. She was a sister of Mrs. Bert Lubbers. Services were held at Grace Methodist church in Morningside with burial in Hull. Carol Hulsart underwent surgery Monday for the removal of a kidney. Her address is room 525, St. Lukes Medical Center, Sioux City, Iowa. Rev. Harlan Roelofs of Anaheim, Calif, former pastor of Calvary Christian church of Orange City will be preaching at Calvary Sunday morning and The First Christian Church Sunday afternoon. He is on his way to a mission board meeting at Grand Rapids, Mich. Mr. Cornie Van Surksum, Alton, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bloemendaal, Mrs. Wm. Van Klompenberg of Orange City and Mrs. Sam Klein of Boyden recently spent a day with relatives at Chandler and Edgerton, Minn. They also visited at the Pioneer Home with Mrs. Henry Van Surk- sum. A dinner was held at the Dutch Mill Inn on Tuesday evening for the 40th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Arie Van Marel. Attending the dinner was Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schreur, Mr. and Mrs. Orville De Jong, Mrs. Dell Reinders and Mrs. Gertrude Fisher. After the dinner they were guests in the Ed Schreur home. A birthday dinner gathering was held on Sunday, Feb. 6th at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Ewoldt, Guests were Mrs, Lena Mealman, Mrs. Robert Mealman and Sharri of Hartley. Birthdays celebrated were that of Mr. Ewoldt of Feb. 18th and Judy Ewoldt's, whose birthday occurred on Feb. 7th. Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vertl Nelson and Kirk were Mr and Mrs. Fred De Boom of Hartley and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brahan of Sanborn in honor of Mrs. Brahan's birthday which was on Monday, Feb 14th, ' GIVE YOUR SON A HEAD START on lifelong financial security through life insurance. Get the facts on the Policy Purchase Option frcm DON VAN DER WEIDE, C.L.U. Phone 787-4500 or 737-3309 Orange City New York Life Insurance Company Life Insurance - Group Insurance - Annuities Health Insurance - Pension Plans Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pop- pema visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. John Kreykes at Orange City. The 15th annual army-get- together was held S.unday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stan Kroese and family with Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baker and family from Maurice, Mr. and Mrs. Herm Brennamen and family from Sioux Center, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rlphagen and family from Carmel and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Huizenga from Orange City attending. Guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wynard Vanden Brink Sunday afternoon for Wynard's birthday were: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Burkmanand girls from Garretson, S.D., Mr. and Mrs. Dale Klutman and family from Sioux Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Vanden Brink and family from Orange City, and Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Van'der Zwaag and family of Hull. Five year old Tony Coulander of Primghar spent a few days last week at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Coulander. Mr. and Mrs. Horton Jacobsma of Hospers will observe their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house from 2 to 4:30 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 19th at the Hospers Community Building. In charge will be their children: Mr. and Mrs. Searle Jacobsma, Mr. and Mrs. James Jacobsma, Mr. and Mrs, Arvin Jacobsma, all of Sioux City, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Golden of Nebraska City, Neb., Mr, and Mrs. Louis Estrada of Sierra Vista, Ariz, and Mrs. Hortense Nieuwenhuls of Bellflower, Cal, The couple was married Feb 22, 1922 in Newkirk. They have 17 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. No invitation will be sent out. All friends, relatives and neighbors are Invited. The couple request no gifts please. Mr. and Mrs. Every Van Veldhuizen of Hospers will observe their 50th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, Feb. 22 with an open house to be held at their home from 2 to 4:30 that afternoon. The event will be hosted by their children: Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Van Veldhuizen, Mr. and Mrs. Don Den Hartog of Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Roetman of Sioux Center, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Van Veldhuizen of Storm Lake, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Van Leeuwen of Hudsonville, Mich. The couple was married on February 22, 1922 on a farm near Alton. They have 14 grandchildren. One son,Corrle lost his life on April 28, 1945 while serving with the Navy in WWII. All friends, neighbors, and relatives are invited to attend. No invitation have been sent out and the couple requests no gifts please. Dr, and Mrs, Duane Peuse from Holsteln were weekend callers in the Ed Peuse home. They had come especially to visit with their father who had returned home on Wednesday after cataract surgery in Sioux City. MEN WANTED CATTLE AND LIVESTOCK BUYERS We want men in this area. Train to buy cattle, sheep and hogs. We will train qualified men with some livestock experience. For local interview, write today with your background. Include your full address and phone number. CATTLE BUYERS, INC. 4420 Madison Kansas Ciry, Mo. 64111 Of 0 ^ «H?U J Tuesday Peter I.' Faber Mrs. Mrs. Morp 8-Lesson „ Course bv mnil|F J| lesson, snnd /« address tn ; "Know Your | Box 300. sioux C J n-tttt PALACE THEAJRl Thurs. - Wed. - Feb. 17.23! 2 Shows Nlghly 7 ; 15-9 ; 15 M«L Hicfyres U'n ww, " ^^^P^^BBpH ^B^^^R MAITHAU Miss Marie Verdoorn from Seattle, Washington and her sister, Ann Oldenkamp from Hospers were Saturday afternoon, supper and evening guests in the Bert Verdoorn home. Mrs. G. J.Slobe entertained a few friends to dinner on Sunday in honor of the birthdays of Mrs. Ruth Vande Steeg, which was February 6 and Mrs. J. C. Gleysteen which was Feb. 14, Mrs. J.Cupido left this week for Calif, where she will visit for an indefinite time. Mr. and Mrs. John Jeltema spent last weekend visi- tin In the home of Mr. and Mrs John Pulscher and family in Minneapolis. They went n?ft C ! ally K f ° r the det »cation of their church. They also met the Ralph Bouma's there. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Aartsen and family were Sunday afternoon coffee guests in LOANS $50 to $5,000 Payments Can Be Arranged On Monthly Terms "Loans Payable On A Thirty-six Months Basis" Also larger loans available l^fti ai J CUlg of trucka «W autos at reasonable rates Household goods, autos, live-' stock accepted as securities. A-C Loan &. Finance Co,, Inc, 27 Central Ave. S.W, Le Mars, Iowa Phone 546-4103 Walter Matthau in a role only he could rrai-e so excitingly different.. .you'll start talking ' about it from the opening scene. Jack Lemmon directs. He takes his talent "behind" (he camera for the first time to add a new, • fresh dimension to his brilliant career. A"Kolch"Company Produciion • Colol* 3^* Subsidiary oliheA^e'cr :!5' ama Releasing Co'po'jiioo 'pp7.. : :~™.Ti. '••' • Business and Professk DIRECTOR! i Physicians MEDICIAL CLINIC Orange City, Iowa Phone 4938 and 4984 E.B. GROSSMANN, M.D. Phone 2261 A. BUSHMER, M.D. Phone 2284 R. HASSEBROEK, M.D. Phone 2245 P. VANDER KOOI, M.D. Phone 4104 J; Mon.-Fri., 9:00-4:30 E. B. GROSSMANN, JR., M.D. General Surgeon Hi Central Ave. SE Phone 737-4817 Optometrist DR. A. N. ALBERTSEN Optometrist 110 2nd St. NW Phone 4246 Orange City, Iowa I Veterinarians SIOUX VETERINARY CLINIC Dr. A. J. Neumann Dr. L. H. Royer Dr, David Chrlstenson Dr. M, Van Haaften VETERINARIANS Phone 4950 Orange City, Iowa DR, W. L, VERMEER DR. EARLE DOUGLAS VETERINARIANS PHONE 4122 113 3rdSt,N,W, Orange City, Iowa IS Ctiiropntctors ^ ^ ™ *^?^^NOl^X^*^^ Or, A. Krull Le Mars, Iowa Phone 546-5604 ' R, J, Meylor 1 NEW ADDRESS Highway 75 North Le Mars, Iowa Phone 546-7500 Service with A qua- Sens! lull pick m rwr ;h«ill| 731-2923 ROGGEN ELECTRON COMPL'TERSEB 113 3rdSt,K, Phone 496 Orange City, HEARING J • Audi vox C. J. STEGI Radio at KalsbeekS: Orange Cft Auction! CLIFF BOGA Auctioneer I Phone 221 Orange City,l [ REN VAN 00 Auctioneer & R esl PHONE 756-1 ' Alton, Emergei Phone FIRE ........ POLICE ..... HOSPITAL SHERIFF MAYOR — -(ROBERT DU Cornelius Phone 4684 James Woudsii Phone 4553 Gillis Haver* Phone 2566 Dale Hubers Phone 2T78 William ToW J Phone »

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