The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1896 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1896
Page 4
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, ALWll^A, IOWA, BY MILTON STARR. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One Year, in Advance. $1-50 Six Months... Three Months. The new cigaiette law makes the sale of cigarettes a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of uot less than $15 nor more than $50 for the first offense, and not less than $100 nor more than $500 for each subsequent offense. Imprisonment in the county jail is provided in case fines and costs are not paid. Holmes, the multi-murderer, who is to be hanged next month, has made a full confession of his crimes, covering twenty-seven murders. In the case of this man Ingersoll's proposition that ignorance is the only darkness, does not seem to be exemplified. Holmes is a man of very fine education and mental development. But he was not all head and brains. DOINGS OF COCNTY BOARD. Offlciar feecord of the April Meeting—Relief Contention Settled. Many Road Matters Disposed of and Committees Appointed—The Bills Allowed. Dickinson county is agitated over the circulation of a consent petition looking to the introduction of mulctsaloons. From the Beacon it is learned that "the movement fanned into llame the smouldering prohibition sentiments of a large class of good people who are positive that prohibition can be made to prohibit and have set themselves to work to accomplish that end." It is given out that Judge Lot Thomas will be a candidate for renom- ination for a third term this year. He has served eight years and is regarded as a clear headed, capable and just judge. The Pocahontas Record says the convention will probably be held in Spirit Lake late in June. The same paper says it has been intimated that Humboldt, Clay, Emmet and Palo Alto have candidates grooming. AUDITOR'S OFFICE, April 6, 1896.— At 1:30 p. m. board met in regular session with following members present, Chubb, Barton, Smith, Burton and Hollenbeclc. Minutes of last meeting were read and approved as read . Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by William Kerr be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Resolved, That the time for paying- damages on the road petitioned for by Frank Nicoulm on the west line of the southwest quarter 21-90-28 be extended until 30 days after the final termination of the case of Nicoulin vs. Schick, now in the district court of Kossuth county. Adopted. Resolved. That the tax of George Turner on lot eight, block eight, Algona, Iowa, and personal tax, be abated for the year 1895, on account of inability to pay. Adopted. Resolved, That all delinquent taxes jirlor to the taxes of 1893 be declared unavailable. Adopted. Resolved. That the auditor be instructed to request the President of the Woman's Relief Corps to return the money drawn from the auditor and that the same be turned over to The past few weeks have developed that the McKinley boom is not a local affair. Enthusiasm for the Ohio man has broken out in controlling power in states as widely separated as New Jersey and Oregon. McKinleyism is, in fact, continental. Those who have endeavored to cry it down and to repress it have been worsted so of ten that their frame of mind is desparate, and their •experience prepares them to believe that the most sanguine expectations of the McKinley men may come true, and their hero be nominated by acclamation. committee appointed by the board of supervisors to assist in looking after the county poor. And that Mrs. Lantry and Mrs. Setchell be appointed such committee. Adopted. Resolved, That the auditor continue to lease the court house hall for entertainments at $10 per night and janitor's fees. Said amount to be turned over to Mrs. Lantry and Mrs. Setchell who are hereby appointed the county relief committee. Adopted. Resolved, That the sum of $100 be appropriated to the County Agricultural Society, when a deed from the S. G. A. Reed heirs for six rods of land off the west end of lot seven is presented to the County Auditor, and It was a righteous act that the legislature performed in making restitution to ex-auditor Brown of the money, or a part of it, which he was obliged to spend in defending himself against an unjust charge. Brown was ejected from the office to which the people had elected him, under charges affecting his official integrity, not one of which could be proven before ths senate sitting as a court of impeachment. In that trial it was proven that Brown was the victim of a conspiracy. Whether the immediate agents were cognizant of that conspiracy is a question which it is needless to go into, but the opinion of the people is, no doubt that it was Brown's integrity, and his faithfulness in the administration of his office, which caused his troubles, and not any wrong doing. The board, after putting the matter off for three mouths, refused by a vote of three to two to give the north half of the county an official paper, the two members from that end voting for and the three in the south end voting against. It has been only since the last census that the board could legally make a third official paper, our population having previously been insufficient The power now exists, and the Bancroft Register modestly put forward its claim to recognition. As the REPUBLICAN regards this matter, it is not the increase of population which calls for a third official paper so much as our double territory, and the consequent distribution of local newspaper patronage. The recognition asked for will probably not be many years delayed, as it will be demanded and cannot reasonably be denied. The county can much better afford to pay the small claim of a third paper rather than see a sectional strife in the board. THE PAUPER SOLDIER. (Suggested by a Recent Happening.) They carried the man to a soldier's rest, The drum was muilied, theiifesang low; A blade of battle was on his breast. A tattered banner that knew the foe. There sprang, froom the roof of his earthy tent, \ peal of thunder and Hash of liauie; With glory's plaudits the air was rent; (lie died in the po jrhouse, all the same.) A chaplain stood by the eollin side, And preached a story of long ago; This-frozen visago would Hush with pride, If j ust but the dead could hear and know! Again with young and vigorous hand, He climbed the ladder of early lame, And pawned a life for his native land, (Aud died in a poorhouso, all the same.) O proud Columbia! well 'tis said, If ever an insult you may meet, A million heroes, victory led, Will lay their lives at your very fe'it! But strip the Hags from the shining domes, And' bow your beautiful head u shame, If wen who fought for the palace-homes Must die in a all the same! —WILL OARLETON in Every Where for April. that whatever is left after paying for said land shall be applied on improving the highway on the east and west sides of the fair grounds. Adopted. The report of Mrs. Lantry and Mrs. Setchell of moneys collected and expended for the aid of the poor was approved and placed on file. Moved and seconded that Hollenbeck bo a committee to report at the June meeting regarding bridge between sections 24 and 25 in Prairie township. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by August Woits, John W. Myers and Julius Ristoen be laid as petitioned for, and that Barton be a committee to report at June meeting regarding bridge on line between sections eighteen and nineteen Lu- A^crne township. Carried. Resolved, That the taxes of Mrs. Keeling on lot 4, block 4, and lot 1 block 0, town of Bancroft, be abated for the year 1895 on account of inability to pay. Adopted. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by J. C. Sullivan et al be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Moved and seconded that Burton be a committee to report at the June meeting regarding bridge on state line north of section nine, Springfield township. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road Greenfield et al and report af, Juwe meeting. Carried. • Moved and seconded that Chubb be a committee to-view' and report regarding grade petitioned for by T. J. Julian et al. Carried. Resolved,"That Mrs. Alta Clement be allowed $10. Adopted. Moved and seconded that C. C. Chubb be a committee to expend not to exceed $50 on grade petitioned for by J. L. Vanx et al. Carried. Moved and seconded that C. C. Chubb be a committee to build grade between sections 28 and 29, Eagle township. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by S. E. Erickson et al belaid as petitioned for and that C. C. Chubb be a committee to view and report regarding bridge on same route. Carried. Moved and seconded that Hollcn- beck be a committee to build grade as petitioned for by W. J. Hagcr et al. Carried. Moved and seconded that Burton be a committee to view and report at the June meeting regarding grade petitioned for by M. II. Smith et al between 27 and 28, 100-27. Carried. Moved and seconded that Hollen- bcck be a committee to view and report relative to building bridge on section line between 13 and 24,95-27. Carried. Moved and seconded'that Chubb be a committee to view and report as to the advisability of building grade and bridge between sections 17 and 20, 95-30. Carried. Moved and seconded that ITol!,;n- beck tee a committee to view and report in regard to grade between 22 and 27, 33 and 34, and 2G and 27, 97-27. Carried. Moved and seconded that Hollen beck be a committee to build grade between southwest 22 and southeas 21, and 21 and 28, 96-29. Carried. Moved and seconded that Chubb be a committee to build grade on road in 25-97-30. Carried. Resolved, That the taxes of Celes tine Butterfleld paid-on certificate No. 4656, be refunded on all except valuation of $125, for th3 year 1893 on account of erroneous assessment Carried. Moved and seconded that Chubb b a committee to view and report re garding the advisability of building Clerk' of Court's report'showifig fee's ollected in his'officerfrofti Jan.' 1st tb (Vpril i, ; i8d<3, to -be i2.2t.85, approved ,nd placed din fllei. .,'•', Auditor'6'-report showing fees collec* ed in Ills office frotn Jan. 1st to April st '96, $156,30, approved and placed oh file. Resolved, That the personal property ax of 1894 of II. M. Hansen of Wesley ownship, be refunded on a valuation f$40. Adopted. The following bonds were approved jy the board: oseph Cpsgrove, deputy sheriff. .$ 600 . F. Johnson, constable 1000 . I. Brayton, constable 600 Nels M. Johnson, J. P 600 Resolved, That the treasurer be intruded to redeem the north half of the lortheast quarter section 1-96-29 for'94 .axes, same being tree claim. Adopt- d. Resolved, That the County Auditor be authorized to lease the school lands for the year 1896. Adopted. Moved and seconded that Burton be i committee to view and report regard- ng grade'between sections 26 and 36 ind 26 and 35-100-28. Carried. Resolved, That the sheriff be allowed the following compensation for care ind washing of prisoners: in case there be one prisoner, 30 cents per day, two prisoners, 60 cents per day; three prisoners, 70 cents per day; four prisoners, 85 cents; five or more prisoners, $1, and in no case to exceed $1 per day. Adopted. Moved and seconded that the school loans made by the Auditor be approved. Carried. Moved and seconded that Chubb be a committee to purchase three car loads of oak plank. Carried. Moved and seconded that the members of the board be entitled to the following mileage and per diem and the auditor issue warrants for bills allowed at this meeting: C. C. Chubb, 3 days, 2 miles $12.24 L. Barton, 3 days, 14 miles 13.68 W. J. Burton, 3 days, 29 miles... 15.48 H. C. Hollenbeck, 3 days, 12 miles 13.44 B. F. Smith, 3 days, 28 miles..... 15.36 Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn until the first Monday in June. Carried. TAYLOR'S • Jr\. JL 'jL«rfV*r JL- •> **&/• < v Millinery Department... 100 Sailor Hats, at So 100 Sailor Hats, fancy braid . . , . 15c 100 Fine fancy braids trimmed hats at 5Oc, 76c and SLOO Would be called cheap at $1.50 and $2.00. By far the Best and Largest Stock in the County. JAS/ TAYLOR. 1 30 C 34 15 00 8 90 95 6 18 CO 00 8 00 31 28 31 30 petitioned for by II. C. Kisteo and Herman Hichter be laid. Carried. Moved and seconded that Matt Holtzbauer be retained as court house janitor for the ensuing year. Carried. Moved and seconded beck and Chubb be a that Hollen- committee to grade between sections 15 and 21, anc 22 and 21, "Lett's Creek township Carried. Moved and seconded that Burton be a committee to view and report regarding building bridge between section 9 and 16, 100-28. Carried. Moved and eeconded that Burton be a committee to view and report regarding building grade between southeast quarter 26 and southwest quarter 25, 100-27. Carried. Moved and seconded that Chubb be a committee to build grade between sections 27 and 28 Burt township. Carried. Moved and seconded that Barton be a committee to build grade between sections 11 and 14, Irvington township. Carried. Moved and seconded that Barton be a committee to build grade between sections 28 and 27, and 21 and 22, 94-27. Carried. Moved and seconded that Chubb be a committee to view and report at June meeting, relative to building grade and bridge between sections 28 and 33, and 29 and 32, 94-29. Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn until 9 o'clock Wednesday. Carried. Wednesday, 9 a. m.—Board met per- suant to adjournment with all mem hers present. Moved and seconded that Wilhelmena Kruger be allowed $7.00 out of pooi fund for caring for Sinn child. Carried. Resolved, That the tax of 1895 of W Scharf on lots 3 and 4 in block 90, Al CLAIMS ALLOWED. COUNTV FUND. John Wood, assessing Greenwood $ 40 00 ,1 C) llavniond, expenses in Lacy case... 60 oo J AY Tennant, boarding jurors. 1 . 3 25 Burt Monitor, publishing notices.. ... 7 CO A Venderlinden, shingling Mrs Colby's K N Weaver","mailing vault fixtures. 1 00 67 84 .\DOaIkins, expenses of office.. 27 oo U H Statte, assessing Springfield 32 00 F D Calkins, stamped envelopes yi 80 JM Brown, baillll "> °°. J W Kobinbon.hardwure » J* Wm Smith, cleaning vaults G oo A Hank, road lists W 20 j A Stieelz, supplies •> "• J K McMullen, publishing notices 7 50 I N Wheeler, trustee. 10 00 Frank A nrtorfer, trustee........... ...... 10 00 Boone Blank Book Co, blank books..... 61 00 F Butterflekl, whitewashing jail claimed Sii.oo ••••••• • * °° Jtsugeue Tellier, road commissioner i 0') W li Stoddard, assessing Burt— iu uu Sweu City Herald, publishing notices... 7 18 C A Tellier, exi»'es.s on tmnsit .......... 2 50 Frame Wlnkel. meat for poor 13 25 I I) Myers, talcing child to poor farm... 2 oo Shadle & Long, meat for poor 4 16 J 0 Cooper and J J Rink, digging graves for paupers, claimed S8.oo BOO F VV Brinkman. coffins for paupers 9 50 ,TJ Cording!y, meat for poor 1270 Boetcher & Zander, meat for poor 3 70 Langdon & Hudson, groceries lor poor. 25 57 Sehultz & Smith, groceries for poor..... Luclisinger& Harrison, merchandise for poor • H Blinkman, money. John Goeders,merchandise for poor... H McOutchin, merchandise for poor.... L Barton, committee work at poor farm J LSi''ton. coal for poor 200 W J&iudley, medicines for poor Frank Heal, medicines for Thompson... Walker Bros, merchandise for poor M Z Grove & Son, merchandise for poor Walker Bros, merchandise for poor, claimed§27l 231 W A. Wnpht, merchandise for poor 4 GO H McOutchin, merchandise for poor.... it 35 J W Robinson, hardware for poor farm. 9 83 BBIDGJS FUND. Mike Brass, work on bridge 3 00 John Kerr, hardware for bridges.... .. 1 10 Paul Zolkoske, work on bridges • 5 00 HL Ward, work on bridges,............ . 0 00 J A Hamilton & Co, lumber for bridges. 157 90 John Kerr, nails for bridges i 00 j M Farley, nails and lumber i; »•> J W Robinson, nails........ ]>• »° Bruer Bros Lumber Co, lumber 10 00 A Moore, hauling plank Mrs .1 D McDonald St Son, nails F L Thompson, repairing bridges.... Millers Robertson, nails * «" Frank Hume, lumber.. . 8 < °° John Wood, work on bridges » 00 Putor TCwin. work oti bridtics T rr 00 33 15 30 NEW SCHOOL HOUSE NEEDED The Board Say It Is a Necessity and the Question of Bonds Will be Voted on May 4. oo * 25 4 To It Will Require $7,000 to Build a Four- Room Two Story Brick and the Ground to Put it On. 1 lit fllUlflV ,t. ,,,,.', C o Samson, boarding prisoners claimed S307 43 no liolieiibeck, trustee and committee VV .1 lin'rtdn'.committeo work and township clerk • •• E K Thomas, assessing Wesley Obed Robinson, justice tees H L Ward, one. day trustee......... . •• • H L Ward,assessing liultalo claimed 5 9-1 4 Of) 30 oo 5 BO 2 00 40 00 J L Cotton, assessing Whittemoro 2400 M Z Grove & Son, oil for court house... 0 40 G H Lamson, assessing Algona 74 oo Paul Fechner, justice fees 6 00 B F Grose, state cases H 11 Spencer, expenses ..... Obed Kobinson, justice fees. M Starr, printing, etc.... Algona Courier, printing 26 02 70 14 so 101 10 eio 'J7 oo Peter Ewin, work oil bridges FS Norton, lumber •• J W Sampson, repairing bridges i A Johnson, repairing bridges........... 20 McDonald, Richardson & Nafus, lumber 15 John Paul Lumber Oo, lumber H &» INSANK FUNP. B F Crose, Insanity of A. El well ° co F. D. CALKINS, . County Auditor. NEW DBS MOINES TRAIN. New Train to be Put on the Northwestern Next Monday—Leaves Elmoreat 7 a. m.—Evening Train North. The long discussed new train is now an announced certainty.* It is to go on next Monday, and' it will be a great service to this section of Iowa. It is merely an extension to Elmore of an evening train up and a morning tram dowr which has heretofore run only ao far as Ames from Des Moines. Ihe train which leaves Des Moines at 4:35 p. m. is to run through to Elmore, a returning will leave that city at 7 a. and Das Mollies Valloy News, publishing notices — OK Link, trustee work,.. i"'"'.,;' Fred Foster, barber work on prisoners 6 25 1 oo view and report regarding advisibility of laying highway petitioned for by Nels Johnson and Nels Larson. Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn until 9 a. m. Tuesday. Carried. Tuesday, 9 a. m. board met persu- ant to adjournment, all members present. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by L. C. Barber et al be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by C. L. Murray be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by L. C. Barber, 'Gardner Cowles et al be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Moved and seconded that the contract for doctoring the poor in north part of the county be awarded to Dr. II. A. Saunders for ensuing year on same conditions as for previous year. Carried. Remainder of the forenoon spent in examiny roads, etc. Moved and seconded to adjourn until 1:30 p. m. Carried. Board met at 1:30 p. m. with all the members present. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by Fred Mosser et al be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Moved and seconded that Chubb be a committee to view the highway petitioned to be vacated by G. A. gona, be refunded on account of inability to pay. Carried. Annual report of F. M. Taylor, J. P., approved and placed on file. The following bids were received for 1896 grading in district No. 1, comprising the north half of the county: Broadwell-OM cents for side and 100 feet; 1 cent for each 100 feet thereafter. Hatch—6 and 9-10 cents for side and 100 feet; 1 cent up to 400 and 3 cents thereafter. Sampson—7 cents for 100 feet; 9 cents up to 400 feet; 3 cents thereafter. Ordway—7}-a cents for 100 feet. A Job.nsou-8 cents, for first 100 feet; 10 cents for 2nd, 13 cents for 3rd, 14 cents for 4th. Haight—6M cents; IH for 1st 100 feet; cent additional for each 100 feet up to iOOO feet. E. E. Broadwell's bid being the lowest and best for the grading in district No. 1, contract was awarded to said Broad well. Bids for grading in district No. 2 comprising the south half of the county Hai"Ut—7 cents and 1" cent additiona for each 100feet up to 1000 leet. Hatch—7 cents; 1 cent additional foi each 100 feet up to 400 feet; 1 1 A up to bCO and 3 cents thereafter. Broadwell—7H cents. A. Johnson—S cents for 1st 100 feet; 30 cents for 2nd; 12 cents for 3rd and 14 centb for 4th 100 feet. \V. W. Haight's bid being the lowes and best for grading in district No. 2 contract is awarded to said Huight The Recorder's report showing fees collected in his office from Jan. 1,1896 to March 31. 1896, to be $1202.94, wai approved and placed on file. , LJ Gingrich, trustee work..... . ...... 900 A Furbtenuerjj, board of equalization ... 4 00 Carter & Hussey, blank books. ......... . 71 45 Egbert, Fidlar & Chambers, supplies.. . 57 05 K U Olarke, justice fees. ............ . • • . •> **> olerk ol district court, Palo Alto county expenses o£ jurors In Or Lacy ease ... 06 00 Marshall Printing Co, books........ ..-•• 30 00 Matt farrott & Sous, blanks and books. Ob BO W A Patterson, state of Iowa aualnst W 'tfitane'y, cmistable't'ees cimed $5.50. Geo O Austin, justice fees. . . . . . . ........ T M Bilborougli, assessing Union ....... John I-i Brims, assessing German town- J S O llP 8eiiei'mer," damage' sustained by breaking through bridge thresher witn claimed S'200 ; not allowed. Durant Bros, merchandise ....... • ....... * ™ H Clarke, collecting delinquent tax. . . 7 50 Bnattm^a^esslng 'Burl' 'township 3 PO 4 70 13 09 34 00 53 76 49 00 ^ returning and reach Des Moines in. at noon; This arrangement is the best that could be made for this locality, giving us a leaving time in the morning not too early, and an arriving home not too late. Those who may wish to do business in the city can have four and one-half hours in which to do it, and then return home at a reasonable hour. With three trains each way daily between Elmore and Des Moines, the people along the line of the Northwestern will have nothing to ask for unless it is the money to pay for their rides. . . Agent Yesper has had no official information in regard to this impprtant addition to the roads facilities, but the new schedule to go into effect Sunday will probably reach him by Friday. The news comes through the Des Moines papers. The school board last week decided to submit to the voters of the independent district the question of issuing bonds on which to raise money to build a new school house in the third ward. The matter has been for some time un- AJ der advisement, and the unexpected ! increase of the attendance at the beginning of the spring term may have had t something to do in compelling immediate action. There are already fully 100 more pupils in the main school house than it can properly accommodate. One room had nearly 100 last week, and each had upwards of 50. The room in the basement is perhaps as good as any that can be made there, but it is not suitable, and the health of the pupils is endangered by their stay in it. The depot school has for a long time been unfit for use. These considerations have pressed upon the board the necessity for action, and' the 'directors are unanimous for a new building* The question will be submitted on Monday, May 4. If .the bond propo- ^ sition carries the house can be built, probably, and ready for occupancy by the opening of the fall term. It is proposed to build of brick, two stories high, with four rooms, and with all necessary hall room and closets. It is expected that with the grounds, the necessary cost will be in the neighborhood of $7,000, and that is the amount asked for. The location will be a matter for consideration as soon as the bonds are voted, in case they carry, but the matter has not yet been brought up. The board have employed a new teacher, Miss Myrtie Putsch. She has been given the basement room and will have a part of Miss Cramer's pupils. She began work Monday morning. V Miss Putsch taught a country school last winter and Is not without experience, "Walker Bros, now have a full line of Chase and Sanborn's tea as well as their coffees. FIREMEN ENTERTAIN. , publishing not- ofm ' 'Hamper'tV'' assessing 'Ramsey » £ Vee e d, assisting superintendent Ihos Uailoy, baliff • " W E H Morse, coroners fee . ••;.•••••• • 7 [ A Armstrong, assessing Irvingtou; .,t.,i. Yl0 ,l CKl DU UU ^GSluder, assessing Prairie ; clmd $50 45 00 GeoO Austin, justice fees ' M Trimble, justice fees W F Laldley, publishing notices S E Hart, assessing Hebron It D Grow, publishing notices S Dailey, bailiff. 45 oo 12 oo ^ "° 7 UB 12 60 9 50 6 75 11 60 720 00 28 85 n o OJttiiCi t uainn ,.... F M Trimble, justice fees.... • • • •••••••• Mice Specialty M'I'g Co, vault fixtures claimed §785.25 • A U Naudaln, coal for 9 ourt , nOU , se "';": Courier Ulauk Book Oo, books and Vilfitiks - ••• * * •*•**• Kenyon Printing Co, ink stands ....... l « O- H Lamson, baililf , • • fg gg M oGreer, court re porter ... • <• *-"y T.,u V»n*-rtivuAii nil ._ . 1 *« Jas Patterson, oil Oallagban & Co, codes Ledyard Leader, publishing notices. R Buchanan, trustee C L Lund, coal. 4 35 8 00 74 60 See that good substantial lot of working shoes for men und boys at BROWNBLT, & AI/E/RED'S, AUCTION I will sell at public sale on my_ farm I mile east of Algona, commencing at II o'clock a. m. on Thursday, April 4rf, 1896, as follows: 10 good brood-mares, 10 good work-horses, 40 good milch cows all fresh, BO sows all to farrow in May. Free lunch noon. Terms of sale: 12 months time will be given on approved notes without interest if paid when due, otherwise to draw eight per cent from date of sale. 5 Per cent off for cash. 0. L. LUNP, D. A. HAGGARD, Auctioneer. For a brand oS tea that will run _ the same the year around try any of Cnase & Sanborn's. . .......... • •• . m E G Bowyer, repairing clock ........... * "" J C Raymond, state cases. ............. 1B * u FUND. Oook Bros, merchandise for poor farm . . 14 12 Cook Bros, coal for poor farm .......... i* 65 Frank Hume, coal for poor farm ........ 31 45 The Boys in Red Make the Mayor and Alderman and their Wives Pass a Pleasant Evening, The Algona Firemen and their wives banqueted the Mayor and City Council and their wives last evening in a royal fashion at the city hall. The occasion was one of the pleasantest in the annals of city government. The supper was elegant and was fully enjoyed by the august rulers of the destiny of the city. Music and speech-making made UP the program, Chief Hamilton acting as toast-master. Short speeches were made by the mayor and members of the council which showed the good feeling existing between the company and the city officials, Guy Grove told how to act in case of a fire alarm in a few witty remarks. Miss May Joan* son gave a declamation and the Mandolin club gave musical selections tnat were appreciated. The only, members of the aldermanic body not in attendance were Dr. Sayers and Wm. K, Ferguson, and the firemen were nearly all present wlt& ftw wivea; ; • ? ' For Seeders, Harrowa and Cultivators call at the Wigwam. James Patterson, inercnandise for pooi john" 1 'G6edersi'inerchandise for poor Eawarci"Kuuz,"iiierchand'ise for poor 90 20 4C 07 30 35 00 Mrs A. E Freucu', boarding J Thompson. John Paul Lumbor Co. lumber for poor G H Lamson'. 'looking after poor. . ... .... J T OreigUtou, merchandise for Vogel J '£ Oreighto'u, ! merchandise for Hen- A A Dorwe'iieV, merchandise for poor.. Wheeler Bros, coal tor poor ............. A H N audaln , coal for py or ......... • • • • • Luchsinger & Harrison, merchandise F H Bunker, merchandise for poor ...... F W Brinkman, coffins for paupers ...... 23 25 L A Sheetz. medicines for poor .......... 24 35 Miller, medicines lot poor .... 17 25 14 71 ia oo 23 75 5 75 30 00 7 13 50 73 10 07 16 78 THE PILGRIM-EASTER NUMBER. Is now ready. Everything in it is new and original. It contains articles bv Capt. Capt. Charles King, u. b. A., Ex-Gov. Geo. W. Peck, of \Visconsm, aud other noted writers, and is an entertaining number, well »U«8jrated. The ticket agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St'Paul B'y has a limited number to dispose of at the rate of ten (10) cents each, and those desiring a copy should call on lum without delay. 28-29 Dr. Kay's Lung Balm cures every kind of cough. Pleasant aud safe for all ages. See ad. OHBAP EXOUBSIQJJB TO THE WK8T AUPBOUTB, On April 21 and May 5,1896, the North- WesterE Line will self Some feeekers' excursion tickets, w th favorable time limits, to a large number of points Jn_*e West and South at.very low rates. For tickets - full information apply to agents Ch{» & North-Western R'y. 38-31 G. A. R. ENCAMPMENT. For the Graad Army of the Republic will be sold by & St- Paul R'y round trip. one fare for the cago & North 1,0,0,?. QEWBBJ14- account pf the above occasion tbe S- Western Line will, on April 37 and 88, wll wcuwton tJctefc to Webster 0 ty and return ftt reduced rates, good rewra- fne until AprIU9, 1W. For tickets a»d &Son. umatiOA ftPP 1& Nortlj-Westeni -R' ftPPly to Chicago

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