Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on May 7, 1948 · Page 7
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1948
Page 7
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•S^^Xi-m-Y 7, 1946 1- ^(rv^ay 'A— Vi?it&g, : the ^y ,.ta ?.ps^ Bebek^ lodge Friday iilglit^iW<?Fg- Mr. aad Mrs. George lMatlJpst)n (t "^J-, and Mrs. tiarl C^rlsiJpijiandJMeBdaipes.Phll ClarS:] Very! Baxter, 'C^cU Gownn 'and iame? Hptell. f hey reported an Jnte^stipg .-meeting, aii initiation wWiSh •jvas.fonnal. • ".'Miv andi Mrs,! John Pinoli and f amUratid-. Miss Thelma Solatino wfe*e>.Ulsiah>visttors last weeki. ,: . -OJrButv flying opened ini the VfilleS^ Mfiy^l'with many fiftherineh ffont "bXit fef^thia area here to-try thBir' Iti'dk.v'The weather; was. so unsdttleii-- and streams so. high that the >luck was not as good as It. Will be in a few we^eks. Krty's fesort-•Opened May i with 31 gafegts,''sbme of them to try their lUck 'flt" fishing. Mr. and Mrs. Ray drebein^ assisted this summer by Mai -gareF Albrecht and Joyfce Wihn, ^ "• M^. .'and -Mrs. ferry Atistin- fchd goh,: Jlteimy Lee were valley vis- HdTi feufadajr. ^ •Hel% for'the ftineral services of ySr *pddlpli liton were his nieces and ^itfamilies. Mr. and Mrs. Witherell of Vallejo, Mr. and Mrs. Halph Withetbll of Sebasto ^iol and Mr. and Mrst < Sd '^ckman of Santa •4- 'TMr-and "Mrs. George Gowan Kad as their guests Sunday Mr. and Sirs: W. W. Champlain of Vallejo, the Cliamplains were enroute tq itussiaif GUIbh'for d vacation stria then to Merced where they \^^iil visit. / !,^undajr Mrs. George Gowan and son- George motored to .Point Arena to visit her sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Took and Mrs. Ha:man Tock,of Gualala. While there she'-'Vislted Mrs. Leonard Craig of P6iiat Arena; ' iJOKv'Van Zaddt came honle f^oitr the hospital Motiday. He I)as been in the Mare Island hospital having a sewes of typhoid shots anS 'a general check up, and cveryoiie was glad to see him. ;-,Fr*ends a<i4.:reiatives gatherea, Sunday, to .ivish^^^h^ to' OliA ^erk 'Morre'; and Cla^^hc^ tilatther of thd Indian Creek ihiil at Philo. A potluck dinner w*^^ »^ed':aifa games and visiting ^aySa. ' Gifts of handkerchiefs: ^erejipehed the tWo feuests; of hohd^. t'hti hdstesS was Mrsi Cl0i encefilattner. , -A tegular nleeting of the Orahg«! will be Saturday night. May. 6}!A 9 d'oloek; ThSlater hour Has bfeh as daylight"^ saving tune hiaices 'b'clock-very,early for.therarichJ. tb atttind. , r< WdMn^ Irf m Mild the trnity Club will iioid ita mcnfiily .ttieerting" Saturday - after-' noOHj May 8, at the clubhouse. • There -will- be a p6tluok dlhner and plant. Exchange. Members and ; giieits aVe rehilnded thrit they are to i bring a plant to,, exchange with some oth^r member^ The buslhess: meeting, will be. followed by a , tout., of Mi;s. Louise'Edwards'.feat-1 den, which is noted for its spring J flowers.|.Hostesses> for..the garden ' party are Louise .Edwards, Alice Gowan, Lala Hulbert. and.'Elysse : ffirkms. Hostesses for the afterr • noon are, Elinor Clow, ,, Erma ! Turner, MattieWallach, Elizabeth , Gowan, Mary Rigden, Thelma i . GoUina' and Velma Farrer. Rudplph Jefferson Eton . Services were held .Sunday morning at 11 o'clock for Rudolph Jefferson/Eton, who passed; away at his home on April 29. The. Eversole Mortuary was m. charge with Rev. Gibson of Boonville as pastor. Beautiful floral pieces and spring flowers bore, testimony of the estimony in which Rudolph Eton , was held. The. Boonville church was packed with friends who .came;,to ;pay.;theiE,;:last ;je-j spects. Following, cre- mtaiqn took ^lace at,-the Chapel, of the. Chimes in Santa 'Rosa. Rudoiph Jeiierson' Eton.' ^vas born .m Sacramento,,. December 29, .1877. He Was uie oldest or a. fanjUy oi six children, Born to J(IUT dolfih and Agatjia Eton, In' 1^87 the family .moved to . And ^rKJi!, valley which has been ftuj}'olp |i 's home ever since. His; piarents: and;, two brothers, Albert and SteVeV liad gone on before. Kliii.' Ii|ein-{ bers of his immediate family lejtt to mourn his loss are His three sisters, Mrs. Louise Peterson, Mrs. Olive Dutro and.Mrs: Ella Farter, all ,of Philo; fwb nephews, three hieces, t^o grandniecfei and three grandnephews.. Rudblph's arflve life was spent ul selfrsacnfiting service to others; From the age of 12 he filled a man's place in' his world, as Woodsman, mine: worker, ,furveyor a?id fdimer .-fte wbn thfe tiflii lie •valiled:. tha^ of a good worker and :.m hdiiest mani Later he added that of.;a triie'Christian'and for^ many yeal-s" hfiid sui a^^ fiart ih the chiirdh^j'At'; the' iliiie of ,_his passing he.was a trustee• on 'the church hoard. . ' It wdshls wish that • only the truth be spoken of him at • hii passiiig. 'Therefoife may it be said 0^ him that he followeil closely m the steps, of his Master;- in spite 5t ait'&bstafcles 'heiteiight a .good ifi'ght = ahd^wdh'*'d' glorious victory. Instruinenfe JBecorded APRIL 32/1948 DEEDS B R 4 £ _ - Wilson 'et.rux. to James ^atltlhs et „ux,.. land, in; ,TJL8N. RJ7W. , Either Evans : et ux to. GeOrge TUfrtlJUy.,Mand IH T18N R17W«- ;Edward ux to James HdlloWay, iand*in* Wlllits; ' !Waltra* Collins et-ux to Samuel Wasem et al, larid irt TlSN.Rl^W; • Joseph Barrmger et ux .to Qeorge Schroter et/UX,.land in lot 43, Yokayo fancho; .vera Raffety et al to William Higgihson et ux; land in Ukaih. • E«nald Nabsie et ux to Tony Marshall et ux, land in Ukiah; , Donald Nassie et ux to LaWr- enoe Dal Pazzo et ux, land in Ukiah. - -.-i. .Albert Rossiter et ux to BP Me'aid et UJC, land m Luce subdn, Ukiah. • •BP Mead et ux US Geol^e Ijeam et ux, land ii^Llic^ subdh, Ufciah, ' ' John Bogner to Masonite Corp, Yokayo ranchoi: vElsie Tipping to Calif Pac Titie Co, land in sec 24 T22N R17W. . Harry Wright et al to Harry Wright et al, joint tenants, land In T17N R17W. - Ski ward Lbosleyfet ux lb Berdie ,ybfa. land irt'T2m R15W. Jt,A F Dane et ux to Johh Zbit- ndfl et ux, land in Hastings Add toJUkiah. . IfazeX Coe to.'Hazel CtK et al; land m Govelo., - , Theodore Williams et ux to Le- -ehBet- Siltapen et ux, land in Harden siibdn. " William Dieisch et ux to Joseph L^SjSj land in sec 3 T12N .R16W. Alfred An torn et, ux to Mason­ ite ,Gorp, ^oiliions of l^nd m <3al- pella Bl^i^ Lahd Tract; ' Robert Cox et ux to Earl Proctor, land in asSN R17W. DEEDS .OP'TRUST Robert St John Orr et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee for Svgs Bk Mendo Co, land in T18N R14W. George Learn et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee for Svgs Bk Mc'ndp Cp, laiid in Chas Luce BulS'dn, ' ' MORTGAGES , . VirgU Thomas et lix to Rdwd Emp Prod Cr Assn, covers crops, ete,;oh ranch iii Potter Val. Jack iSr- Holtnes Lnibr Co to MtteH6Piaa-6f Calif, tnicits. ABSTRACtri OF JUDGMENT rJ.qiui. IJaltoni labor fconimisSloher Y,s/?gf,uson Gardner et al, dba Edward LOosley et Ux to Sthan W^*?"" ux, land in sec 14 T21N 5RELEASE • Andrew Hoefer to John Bogner etux,,releases mortgage. RSCONVEYANCES ,|iMaiao 'C6-¥itIe Co to JVtax Serm et ux, deed of trust. ' Mendo Co Title Co to Jolrn fBogner et ux,.deed of trlist. -^AugUstd Osman to Alfted Antoni et ux, portion of lands in aeed' of trust, . Mehdo Co Title Co to Albert RosEiter bt;Ux, portion of deed of trust. ; Corp: Am to Donald Nassie et ux,;: portion - of .lands in deed of trust.,. , .V , . ,;, Corp, Am to Joseph, 3amnger et ux, portion of lands in deed of trust. PARTI AL jBELEASB-> , R A Bullock et all,-, portion of contract completed, erection' of sawmill on land in a '5S H2E, POWfiR OF ATTORNEY. ^ ElSie Tipping to Wm Nicholson. blSCHARtJE OF TAX LIENS • Joe Lipary. NOTICES OP tAX LIENS . ' Fred- Rdy, Ralph ' RSiris and Grace Rams. « .. APRIL 23. 1948 DEBJDS . . Edward Mertle ot ux to Charles Garrett et ux, land m lots 16-17, South AtMto'FOrt Bragg. Edwatd Mertle et ux to Harry Bacheloi- et Uk, land iii-lot 15, South Add to Fort Bragg, Carl Heinrici- to F- B Barhum, Inq, land m T6S'^R2E. • Thelma Mazzanti et John Vides et ux; land in Ukiah. A L Hatti^ et 1j3t to ft W COfch- rane et xix, land ift TlfeK R12W. A L Harris et ux to H M Coch- rrine et uxv-land In Ti5N fll2W.' A L Hams et tix to H M Coch^ raneiet uxyland in Ti6N Riaw, _.Th^ma ..McCarty to, Peter Mccarty, all real property now standing,of record m the office of .Xi^oun- ty Recorder qf ; Mghdo Co in the names- 'Of Peter or Paul McCarty or iSi the jOlht^nahies of same. Peter McCarty to Thelma McCarty, land in Finnish Colony portion Of lot 85 of Yokayo rancho, Thelma McOaifty to O I* Elphick et ux, land in Ufciah. Walther Ungelenk -to Malcolm Fredrick et ux, land ^dhto. Fred Olson et ux to beorge Patterson et ux, land in T18N R13W. Gtiorge Patterson et wx to Maude Ev^rS; land in TIBN RIBW. Frted' Olsonet ux to Lewis Patterson, land in T18N R1.3W. W A Ford et al to Maosnite Corp, land iii lots 15, 18, Yokayo rancho, W A Ford et al to Masonite Corp, land in lot 5, Yokayo rancbo. • MlltOh Ford et al to M&soriite Corjs.'land ih lots IS, 18 Yokayo rahchOi • Masoriite Corp to Milton FOrd et al, land in portion of lot 15, Vbkayb rahdhb. ' ' Walter Eai-p et? ux to , Glenn Weichert et ux, land in T18N Vernon Rice et ux to Manuel Tavares et ux, land in lot 9, South Add to Fort Bragg. 'Ada Hagans to Brigid Reid' et al, land in Ukiah. „ , Carl Tapper et ux to R U Sigler '•MUDDY AND DISPIRITED, this'i* one of the inmStet'of thri ^tf' dbg Which Uil) Ukiah «Huniane .Society seeks .to impute bjr cBlUh^&tlentioil f^o titajilee«(sar^ hcgleci; oi stray animals imttoUhd^ b^iiie,iity. • ^' r ' ' • Conditioiis Of City Dog Pound Calle/l. Disgi^ef By llHiah Humane Societj^i (:This is fKindness: 3:0 Animals' Week-end out Jit, the;,clty pound, thferb ;are live jwretclied, mongrels, who can use some kmdness.Adr vlifed by J«rs. twui^ft A,j Bernhaird, secretary of the Ukiah Huihane Society, r that lier . • organizetion.,^ is atteihpUniJ to have conditions at the pouiid improVedj a Sed wood Journal reporter, ahd, photographer visited the pound Fridayi <>; ^. ; The city, they were told; pror vides MO, food I for the stray dogs shut into .SBiaU, pens .foiil ryrith mud , and. refuse. The dogs gnaw the; Wooden;, slats i of .their, enclosure. The , owner of , the tallow, works on Low. Gap, road-' wishes sortielhhigi cohld be done about It Sometimes .he, butchers .anir malse for -tallow and. feeds them the refuse, -hesaid. Sonietimes.;Mre^ Bemhard. brings ;out dog; biscuits provided by the Humane Society; At other times they go hungry and lie is riot •• permitted to destroy them without a written, order, from the city poundmastcr,' Meredith. Duncan. It's pretty bad,' he saidi,., •..,.' ', •; ,'Peti Go,Th«Te • Ohe , dog, a.4:ringlng, emaciated, creature' whom .no one wants, has been there for two months. The othfers from three to six days. The cherished, pet of any taxpayer, picked up by the poundmaster for idehfificatidn wOlild have to Share their revolting quarters. • The Humane Society has.afia peered befoye the :city coBncilYln- the past and attempted .to .havft; C0n4itions. ipiprovedf, but • i^pifhin'^. has. come .of tHeir .efforts, ,G?o^^^ Vevoda, .president,, said- todays, Duncan occasionally - takes: oi)t food for th^-animals but it is n^rt:. done regularly and the pens |ire not kept clean, ..he said. With the ^i^jp,port ...of ij^terested. citizens he beUeves^the .c'pur^cil can ^be.TOUsed; to,improve the situaTlpn...... , , .i^.^.' While the local .Kindness ^..'J^B' Animals ca,;np;pgn. centers around thp c»ty .poivid* thp ,obser-vatlon' Of the .wepk 'natioi?ally is directed toward .Animals m the'Sepic^.,q( Mankind.-iiumapo Sqqiety'^pojtef^' piit o'ut" by the.jhdtiOnal! sociiety;' emphasize this .theme. , „..' .. t}i^d.erp^ivileg«<i\Dnesi. ^'j/. "Once a ye^," Mrs, ^er^h^'il said, ^'sicn ,,..woiX[e ;i and jchildre^ throughout the v^orJd,whq.are '^i mal-.loverst hesitate ^in;'.ihe; mad scramble to live, and take thuughl' for the welfare of all living duirib animals. The strays', the unwanted pets and ;those. left behind wh^n theirvowners move awayj. are.the underptivMeged membersfcoif BMT maWOm.. • • . 1 "While their suffering may: feeem trivial compared;to the' wretahedv- ness of hungry .people in foreign countries, it is not. trivial to 'demand the end of needless cruelty and neglect." POTTER -VALLEY, May 5.— i!Saturday >..eveningj^a .:group of (11$ home,\iha oceaslon helng his birthday.^ Iij the group were > Messrs'and Mesdcimes Scott: Clark, .-Edmund :Sack,'.|^. Prank Gibson, ': jlbward«Brooks,,' Roy Ch^se,'. Otto Ijiighes, RalphHughes, Jack, Up' ton, tocolm MoLedd and Mr. and : Mrs.; Hopper„ i Mr., and. Mrs. Ray, ii Stainbrook'.. were, imable ^ to • be present. 1 , :-::'^st. Tuesday night, a group of yoUng. pebple dro^e out to the ;;hOme Of Mr.j and Mrs. CahUl to •attend a birthday party arranged for "Skippfer" Van Osten. A birthday cake, ice'cream and punch •yvere ser'ved .when the young people had .flnished-wlth their games. Those driving;, out were Patsy Vidas, Elaine- AnniS, Betty Potts, :Zeta Stambrook, Joann Norman, Olarine Gainer Rodney Farnsworth, .Bert Whittaker, Clifford Simpson, lyances Reynolds, Kenneth Bur- tOn and Don Jimmerson. f The Oct-Ydur-Husband-Out »i01tn >m^t last Wednesday at the 'ihittnH ef V Mi». f and Mrs. Thomas ,Fox with-Mr; and Mrs, Marvin HolJrian as hostSi Members attend- ihg, Were Messrs, and Mesdamos Wllburrt Brown, 'Erwm Wipf, J*cnk Fox, Srriest Moody, Virgil Nohnan and ^the hofets. Mr. and Mm. Dytoh Bonham were guests of the clut. . , , •Mr. and Mrs. Herbert:;PJckle, Harold and'Bert;Whittaker, DeU Prager, Mr, .and Mrs.-.William Mc- Ctebry; Mti and • Mrs, Marion Kltbhel and iDOrene Bonham were aijiong Potter ipeople attend ing the HeHBud Ifestivafc at. Nice. Svhiday. Some of, .thpmv^gited, With Mrs. Perry; Nell and Miss Geneva Ueil, fonpfer Patter residents now living in,iirpper„Lak«.; ' .!>.<Followlpg' the, business : session of. .the Potter Progress Club Mrsi Taylor -Eddie entertamed those presentwithahistoryof the club (and its aptivities'from' the time it 'wa^'orgahiKed to, the .preaehti-,Re- ifrepfiments were then served, by lMr6af[ain ^s tL tl. Ingels, Floyd Meyer, Joe Harlan ,Ray Dunham antl'taylor Eddie. The members ot;the Riding Club «Sn]oy^ a ride Sunday to Tomlti ;fiiMdwed,by;&; luncheon. A lar^. percentage,of the member' shi{j^ toolc -advantage of the beau-- tUbl^'Wfeather. , 'Shlftan.-and; Jan. Williams of fUklSh spent' last, week with their graadmother, Mts..- J. ^ J. Thornton. et ux, land in T15N R14W. Dante Del Florentine to Ida Del Ploreritino, land in Fort Bragg. ESTAPJ^ISH FACT OF DEATH Fact of death of John Bednar, deed, said decddied Mar 18, 1948. TERMINATE JOINT TENANCY •Petition, of Harry Hopkins to terminate jdint tenancy Lois Hopkins, deed; said deed died Mar 22, 1948. . POWERS. OF ATTORNEY Emil Solevaag to Gladys Sole- vaag, jjoweir of attorney. Masonite Corp to Marshall Midi- son et al, powdr of attorney. DEEDS OF TRUST Paul McCarty et al to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Svgs Bk Mendo Co, land m Ukiah. Malcolm Fredrick et upc to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Walther Ungelenk, land in T21N R15W. E W Markham et ux to Corp Am; trustee and Bk Am, land in fWUlits. Raymond Shaw et;ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Bk Wilhts, land in T18N R13W. R R Sigler. et ux to Contra Costa Co Title Co, trustee and Carl Tapjjer et uX, land in Ti5N R14W. • • RECONVEYANCES P O Albensdn et al to Joel Lilley et uxj deed of trust. Mendo Co Title Co to Edith Kronkj-deed of trust. Mendo Co Title Co to W A Fdrd et al, deed of trust. P O Alberlson et al to Vernon Rice at uxj deed of trust. PARTIAL .'RteCONVEY ANCB Maido -Co: TitleV Co to Fred OlSon 6tU3t; deed- of trust, pbrtlbn of Ifindin TIBNRISW. ' - ' MbHTGAGteS ' Frank- Joluison et al, dba Mitchell's Creamery to Bk Am^ equipment used m creamery. Indep Rdwd Co, Bk Am, lumbfer carrier and resaW. •E IW -Markham et- ux to Rose Mem Pk Assn; Inc, land-m lot 1, blk 16 of NW Add to Willits. C M TyrreU to Bk Am,, bulldozer and equipment, tractor, etc. RELEASE OF MTQES Bk Willits to Ernest Pence et al, mortgage, Bk Willits to Ernest Pence et al, jtlot-tgage. Rose 'Mem Pk' Assn, Inc -to Ernest Markham et lix:, m.ortgdge. - Svgs Bk Mendo Co to W A E'ord et al, mortgage. PROPERTY SETTLEMENT Theliria McCarty to Peter Mc- Caiiy, property settlement and personal property. AGREEMENT OF SALE Ole Hervilla et uk to Clarence Newgari? et ux, land in T17N R1.7-19W. LEASE Anna Brndford to G E Dutton, property, knowu »s Vaa J>fftder Mother's Day Tea'Will . Be Given Satufdcry A tea will be given for -ibe Women of the . Christian , church on Saturday afternoon.from two until four o'clock by, the Crusade'):s class m the church anne;x. Young women of the . high school age class will serve under - the chairmanship of Mrs. Oran .Bollinger. Mrs. H. L. tWitherow Is in .charge of decorations. The tea "Will honqr the mothers of the church. Seyen-Thirty Club to... Compliment Mr ^s. LxihcS . Mrs. Stanley . Lance. will be complimented at a storjc 5hp>ver given by the Seven-Thirty club'ol the Presbyterian church on . foi- day night. May 7, when members will gather in the home of Mrs. A. S, Praga of Oak Park. Hostess committee tor the party will be Mrs. Ralph Wright, Mrs. MUdred OxIor4 and Mrs. lierbert Thatcher. ' MOVE TO »BW-H0«E ..-Mr. and Mrsi.Geno: Leaniard and their.daughter Sharon moved Saturday to the home they purchased from Mrs. Frank Comino at 705 South Oalft'street,jChey have been, living m -the. rear of |heir Hobby .Shop on,, Standley street while they remodelled their new home. rthchy 1/5 Of all hots m bale; to be d^ivered to lessor, " - SimRENDER OP LEASE. Le^is Wilson to Jackson Reed, tilLlJ bP EiALE 8 B Mitchell et ux to Pi-ank Johhsoh et al, equipment, to6B, supplies, etc of Mitchell's Creamery, Ukiah. • NOTICE INTENDED SALE Alice Watkins to WUliam Nichols, personal property used in business khown as Call Cab Co, tlkiah. Sael to takfe place iit Bk AiA, Ukiah. • ' APRIL 24, 1948 DEED • , ',..,)• Northern Univ to Robert Gutten' land 3 miles north of Gualala known as the Van Heusden place. DEED 05* TRUST Harold Wilson et ux ot Thomas Cieland et al, trustee and E L AlbertsOrt et al, I'ahd'in blk D, Ufciah North Add". RELEASE OF MORTGAGE Bk Am to C M Tyrrell. MrSi Necil Arrives By Plane To yisjt Here • :lPractlcally com:ng in, on a snowflake last Friday durmg the stormj M13.- William- C. Neal and her small children; Billy,and Bob firrived by plane to vLsit Uikah relatives. She will be remembered by her many friends here as Margaret^ Dan t. _ ;T ^iR ;,week shu a visiting: in the hoit.e of her aunt, Mrs.< Elsie D. ffrost oa Church street, Aftei'wavds ^ho-(ViU go to visit Mr. and Mrs. 3eorgB ;;Daut-at Cold Creek ranch jnd other members of the family ncludmg her sister, Mrs. W. D. Bassett. : ' Aftfcr her visit here she will go by plane to Oregon before returning to her home in LaJolla. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ganter and Nancy were up Sunday visiting at the home ofTMrSi Ganter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. G; Newman. Miss Evelyn Whitcomb of San •rranclsco spent the weekend with ler parents,' Mr. and Mrs. Percy Whitconib, Mr. and Mrs, Gregory Harrison jame Up' from San Frhncisco and wete at their Potter ranch over the weekend. • ' • Mt, and'Mrs, Cedric Thornton, Mrs. E, A. Spotswood and Mrs. Pi B. WesterVnan attended the harp concert in Ukiah Sunday. Judith LynnClark arrived . ^t the i Gfeneral hospital in Ukiah April;28; to 1, live: with; Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Clark of Potter. The new. arrival, has a .brother, Kenneth. The new rural free delivery route became effective m Potter May 1. .:Floyd > Myers, of Ukiah brihgs . the.:^mall up, m the „ mo-rn- mg and James Nichols is. the, carrier,for Potter. . Jim Whitman .5,pent the weekend •with, his paiynts, Mr. and Mrs, George Bijatein. .\ Mrs. E.^_Ai Spotswood was elected president and Mrs. Virgil Norman: secretary of the Mendo-Seta section of the C.T.R. at a recent meeting held m Ukiah. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Whittaker of. Ukiah visited Potter relatives Saturday night. Mr .and Mrs. Harold Hopper ot Woodland were visiting relatives over the weekend. . , ; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hunter and children Vere. guests of relatives Sunday. (Preparing to Feed Sisiting MoMm$ "With model airplane contestants invited from 50 northern California qpmmunities and local entrants of considerable numbers, Ukiah Lions Club which IS sponsoriog the May 23 competition in the ball park, IS givmg thought to hunger and thirst. George A. Butt has been named chairman of the committee which will provide soft drinks, hot dogs and other lunch edibles for the Modeleers and hundreds who arc expected to watch (them launch their small Craft m the second annual competition. Butt will bo assisted in a refreshment booth provided for the-'ijur- pose, by Al Antoni, Louis Loosley, Elmer Presson and Peter Prey. The booth will be ready to sell refreshments when the contest opens at 0 a.m. and will keep open all day until the events are over about 4 to 6 in the afternoon. YOU CAN'T BEAT- THE FAST ACTION OF THE WANT ADSt Southwest Airways Tell Big Increases March traffic over . Southwest Airways' 25-city Paclftc coast system showed increases over totals of the same month last year. . : Gains over last March Wer^ 54%, and 449i in passfenger, air mail and air express, respectively. Air freight reached a total of 67,'780 pounds. This service was instituted last August. Karl Stitcher, Ukiah station manager, reports the station was up 22% m passenger trafltie over the Same month last year. OampFii^ R.E,A. EXECUTIVE BODY MEET The next meeting Of the executive committee of; the..Redwood Empire Association wl^l. be held at the Maple , Cafe, Ukiah, May 20; preceding the seinl'-annual convention of May 21> The board members are President Al Beecher, Lake'port, Paul Poulos and Art Schilder, Ukiah, and C. W. Reinking, Dan Gallagher, ,H.S. Graham, E. J. McKenzIe, Florence Workman,. Fred. Anderson, Clem BUtler, C. A. Veale, Harold Ebkiirt and Richard Fleisher. ...The roadpfrom Westportvto Dft'^. vilbisSj .'is included in-^the F.A.S, system by a -Tpsolution of the su- pervifiors of-May:^. •; Wacanklr* We held; our regular, JtusiAfMi'' meeting at,the clubhouse «n th« ' aftethooii of ;Miiy 6thi; .' •,„;.; K'*';."" We collfittea th« ttWh*^ ftMh t!t«i ~ tickets Which We feold tOf ta« Black: Fata Rfeviiai wa: art -yjif?' tileisfedXhat m Wete' feBl*. to ittll -. so many tickets. Two new girls wet (iwel6oni«^''/ Into our gt'oup. Thfey Ate Ifli kad " Mildted Bullta. " We practiced our |)fogiP^m' t»" ' the P.-T.A. dnt^rfalhWeht ;«'**. held on May iSth. - , / ^. Invitations were cxtebded. ' our group pnd to Our mothers-io attend the Mother's liay Omf^J'* services at the ClirislianL churcik We apprpclatp this. thougti|ul^«df„' of Rev. Bollinger. • " , Mrs.-Frohni Rresljlent-of PivTtAji, asked oUr.^group .to usher:,at.tntf ..> Black FaSe.Havuft on MtiyJiVa.Wi^ gladly offered our. serviced. iWe ,.. enjoy dOhig things (!or the P^s-TtA, and . othet , community ortan^i., •ions, J . . ., I ,. - Wlhtta ltAng,«eHbei:<:4V*-' Mrs. James Frassi{ri«l|(|i,\ ^efs Bir^^ticiay Siii'pftit' .Mrs, J dines Fressinellb. abpuf to ,thaiik!,Kei'!.4fcft' for, birthday. driVe ?ariy Tu evening .vvhen btK?^ t6.|irf, home on Stdndl9y aV^iiufe, ,Then her/th'toe gi&n^hMf^ MSg iii :, Happy Birthday dnnbdhiifed'd iinj? ' prise party hdd drrlVed While fits was abs'fiht. • . '.'•'•^^V Host^ssps .wore thi ^'^WivM W h<^' four sons. w|tp^ha^,deoorat «4 'tltfl hou^e . with;V]>|ns|es ;and',sjprj|ig flowers and broiSght a oand^. decked cake lettered Happy MrHia^ Say. Sandwiches, pot^toj;.salad} coffee and PVincli wpre;sery«a ond" gifts were generous, ^'••'^•••^••ii^' . Preseht ..were. her ft)^uf^'Vsaaf|^• John, Bin, Joe and Fi'adJf.ianavtM! three grandchildrenr^jLindd' -JeSny Bobby and Proviann, Mr. andTrfWl,' Robert. Mattern;. MJ•.•;,^afid.-J'Mtfc- George Locatelll,;ahd Btftiftiisi tfe hostesses and* honoree.. .tlte. UAa Mrs. Tino.Ventun ;who;«ha»i'',iJl««,f ned to he:'th6ra>.were'mftablo'-:^.j'' come. . •>'.;; • • , bok who |ete squeezed I Unmnleailei-l representing less th^n one-tenth of railroad employes rM r «Gqninien (fation$ of President's Emergency board—refuse to nejitmte excilpten the r own terms—threaten to paralyze nation by strike! IT PAYS TO TitAPS IH VKIAH TIlK .i ,EADGR8o( three railroad Unions, representing Ie «5 .thiin>ant-ten(h of bll t&llroad ' yeeSj have called^ a railroad' stlrtke that "'"-—"i the nation, - ,, 3 refuse to . accept: i 15% debts ge in«rdase t^troacnve tp .,Noyem'j Thfe increase-^as refsomiherided 'Uiil'.iEraei'geticy B6ar|S appointed ; .Truman. .^v ; " " 1 of 15^ cents ah^eaiiyhlif beefi : Id other railroad HmionS. But 1 pf Lodomotlve' Engineersi of Locomotive Kiremen and Enginemen, and the SvHtfchmen's ynion of NotlHt^Anierlea won 't accept what hioife thart Sd^J^'.Uf all rfttlroaa .entployeghafe abcepted. Th^; have called a strike to get ifiotel %iiiott8 refuse ftiles <diS(iussion Ce |^bt ~iiiiie$ ehaiiges, diiinahilcd by these uiflim leaden-^which WtitilA itici 'ease wages stilt;.iuHher^were retKimmeiided by the B(qM!?Bnt the union leaders want mote— tfaey[ idemand that the railroads put into effect A£li: the changes they asked for, including ma-pt^ B6at >d fett should be denied. C%itbp ofihis, (hey insist titat tertain rules cblwcf nrO^S^d. by the railroads bo witii- dra %:ttH -lA stiite Of (he fact that (fae Board rdeltniiiireilded tbevnt ; These union leaders haVe .'Mfiised. to hegotiate excetit upon these Ster wa ^e increase not ju .^tiiied - -w J'lil-ijffien are aihbng the high- Jst^J &tfxif 'all ^hlf loyes in Ameri(*a, aa figures Id a» bbjf ishow. This strike threat doesn 't jatttft-i givlnrf a'greater increase tlian otiier railroad warkers-riKeived. Einetgency Boards are a means provided by the Railway Labor Act in the public inter- ggt ^ff iiiYoj [4 »trikea. yhe President'g Board^ after hearing evidence for 33 days, made recSommendauons based on all the- faeL4 in Qie case.'The railroads have accepted (hcse lecomittendatlons:- Who's to Usimc^ Although they deplored so large an. extra cost burden, the railroads accepted the report of the Board becailso they felt it was in the public interest to uphold the spirit and intent of the Railway Labor Afct. 1 Ih coritrast, this small-group of rallMad union leaders ai -e- atftnkptlng- 1». -flout (he intent and spidt of ^ SiaUway Labor AH, and-dictate (heir awn ;termR. ^ '•^•L- ' <;They have dictated a rparalyzhigt rallmKJ strike. . • - i \ V . •< < . ' You wm be thfe vidtimh . • i-; How long.wiu 'ihft Awi ^Hdiii Jiiii >ne ~ita^ for (he undemociniSd, akUirary, and ahustva mot (he right to JMkriratiil'ilie.db ol .{he obligndon to ^(hrlde transpor How long can Hhe Ain£rlcan people permit a few didatorfal «R)O« itttiun W Wtf;^ processes provided fat' peaceful justlteini^t of diJipu(cs? ' • ; "'Porce seldom iirodnee8ise(|leRieint* ,tjhkt either fair or lasijng. Jqoreover, K ,iM (nrJa ojHen reached when p&rsonal inteViteQ(. Mitllt be held Eubordinaie to (he greatw miVnc welfare. Tha( k why ihi railrpads |U«rif '4i«<^ cbptcd (he Enicrettnty'Board - recoilifAffUUI^ (ions. That is ftIso•^^!hy the lendett itf^JielMl three unloiis should reenhsider their dJ;dUinl (0 call a paralyzing Strike,' ,••^.•^^'^7 Compare these wages with what you make! Here is D comparison of average annual earnings' of' engineers and artman for '1939 tore-'war) and 1947. Alsoshown is what 1917 earnings would have been if the 15'/4 ceh-ls per hour increase, offered by the railroads and rejected by the union loaders, had been in effoot throughout tliG entire year Tjpl »( Emplo|t> ENGINEERS Road Frclgllt $3,968 (Local and Way) Road Passenger 3,838 Road Freiglit (TlirougU) 3,147 Yard 2,7-l9 FIREMEN Iload FreiHht J2,738 (Local and Way) Boad P-dSscngcr 2,732 Road Freight Z.Otia Yard i.ao2 tl» «ilri|i 194T Atintt Aoiiail Eiitlnd toniiil Earaliii 6,3St 4,882 4,078 $4,721 4?44 3 -<tao 3.1 SS ttIT Jliiiii >.|tiMaJ C(tplii«i.>IM Kill - Intrtiiti HtcoamNd bf frntditrt Jtinl ' •9,788 6,t»i» 0,167 4,74« »B,310 B,17e 3,914 3 ,840 Railroad wages computed Irorn Interstate Cominc-rfe CarnmlEsioh faiafemont M-30d 10 5 WEST ADAMS S T H • c: III c A c: o I LLlNoiis We are publishing this and otlier advertisements to talk with you at pist hand abcut matters which are important to everybody.

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