Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 16, 1960 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1960
Page 30
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rs,, ALTON EVENINQ TELEGRAPH Since 1900 WASH1MCJTON, (By SclflWf ••HNfflMM-fttr «*««• of W* toUtineflttl UftRH States has frown warmw Unee tht twgln* ning of flti 20th wntury • Weather Bureau mtteorologttt confirmed here. Dr. H. ft Landsberg com* pared the monthly waaonal and tnnual temperature means at 48 location! for the two 26-year periods from 1906 to 1WO and 1931 to 1955. HU preliminary analysis Is based on temperature records from rural stations, since those from cities are not as reliable for this purpose due to the heat they generate. The temperatures In most places show "significant rises," Dr. Landsberg reported In the current Journal of Geophysical Research (May) here. Annual rises Of one and a half degrees Fahrenheit were found over the Great Lakes region and In the Rocky Mountain states. The average of 48 stations showed an annual rise of eight- tenths of a degree between the two time Intervals. Forty of the 48 stations showed an increase in temperature, which Dr. Landsberg calls "overwhelming evidence of a tendency toward warming." When the values of annual temperature change are averaged by zones, Dr. Landsberg found that the higher latitudes have the larger change. This agrees with previous findings In other regions of the Northern Hemisphere that HIP climactic warming has been most pronounced-in the higher latitudes. Dr. Landsberg also compared precipitation totals from the 48 stations for the two 25-year periods. For the most part, he found, precipitation changes are probably not significant. However, there was a tendency toward lower totals over the Rocky Mountain states, parts of the Great Plains and in an area west of the Appalachian Mountains. On the basis of present knowledge, Dr. Landsberg concluded, there is no indication of a major trend in the rainfall patterns of the contiguous 48 states. Mars, Venus Surveys Seen In 10 Years By SCIENCE SERVICE "DALLAS, Tex.,—Space craft with eight men aboard could make short survey flights to Mars and Venus by 1970 or 1971, Krafft Ehricke, program director for Convair Astronautics in San Diego, Calif., said here today (June 8). The flights depend on the U. S. developing nuclear heat exchanger engines by 1965 and using them for trips to the moon from 1965 to 1970, Mr. Ehricke said. i He outlined a Venus night plan in which men would travel 295 days, survey from their ship for 24 days and return In 223 days. Travel time to Mars would be less; 138 dayb to reach the planet and 175 days to return, he told the semiannual meeting and aviation conference of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Mr. Ehricke predicted that the first surveyors would not land on the planets unless they had political reasons to do so. A landing, he said, would take extra personnel and would require rockets with double the payload capacity of those needed for surveys. Artificial Brain Predicted Others in a predicting mood saw the possibility, far in the, future, of programing an electronic computer to simulate a human brain. Ralph W. Stacy and Norman A. Coulter Jr., associate and assistant professors respectively at Ohio State University, reported here that electrical impulses have recently been used to simulate the behavior of artery pulses, They said a doctor can feed data on a patient's arterial system into a computer and compare it with the normal artery data already fed the electronic machine. The doctor thui , learns If his patient's system is. normal "The ultimate step In the process of simulation would be the design of an artificial brain." The professors said this was far beyond present knowledge but not really far fetched: "We already have artificial organs which can take over the function of one port of the brain, the respiratory center. Can we someday, when we understand the brain better, achieve what would amount to artificial metempsychosis — a tr«jD#l«t of human personality tap • natural te as artificial PAPIOA 4 Os. ft** sr FORSCS BARBECUE SAUCE 2*0i. BRACH CIRCUS PEANUTS Spie V Span JOYFUL IRAND PLUMP AND MIALY M-Oi. BRACH ORANGE SLICES 25° Lb. Pkq. RICELAND RICE 2 C 29' STARCH NIAGARA 2401 39 c LARGE BAR IVORY SOAP 2 - 33° FOR DISHES LIQUID JOY '£* 69° HOUSEHOLD CLEANER •I. CLEM 39- PORK & BEANS •ACKIR LAIIL SWEET PEAS 9~ S 1 AYWON IRAND CUT GREEN BEANS 10-'1 KITCHIN QUIEN BRAND SLICED BEETS 9- '1 Botfl* Tom-Boy WHITE BREAD Big 20 Oi. Loovas M ' Suaiudown Lemon Chip, White or Strawberry ANGEL CAKE MIX $£00 2 19-Os. Pkq». 4 Joyful Red and Ripe TOMATOES $100 No. 2Vi Cans Packer Label—Freestone Irregular PEACH HALVES 4 "*£ $100 Joyful Whole Kernel GOLD CORN LB. CAN •.,vi»!v,.,< .,;«•: Sil-iii; PEARL MKT. 835 Central Alton Open TUI 7 Friday Mta JZZZMBEIZ: DAUER t MORRIS Fint and Central Roxana Formerly Hiwhk*'» Mlrt. Open r riday TUI « PJ4. -^"IIBBIW"^"" i^HM*JRBRHBMMBB>H> I. C. HAMER 1904 Stat* Alton Open TUI • Friday Nlta Roitdali Market 521 E. Airlln* Rosawood H»Ight» Open TU1 • FrW»y Wit* SCHUTZ MKT. 300 N. Sixth St. Wood Rivar Open TUI • Friday Nlto RAIN ft RAIN Statt and Elm North Alton Open Till a Friday Nit* Silver-Ridge Mkt, 636 Broadway East Alton Opan Till 7 Friday Ntta Rild't Mirktt Highway 140 Maadowbrook Open Daily • A.M. to atu Fancy Well Meatod SPARERIBS LB. Hunter-Krey or American Fully Cooked Ham — Full SHANK HALF o o Cut From 16 to 18 Lb. H»nu LB. 49' If FLAV.R.PAC FROZEN ORANGE JUICE 3 '£ FLAV-R.PAC FROZEN SLICED STRAWBERRIES.. * AUNT JEMIMA FROZEN WAFFLES 3'^ $ 1 N BOOTH FROZEN JUMBO BREADED SHRIMP I -•'& FINI QUALITY HOMI OROWN CABBAGE Fully Cooked—Hunt«r, Krey or AnwrlcoR U to II Ub. Avtr«9« WHOLE HAMS Htod U.S. NO. I «fef KM (4 Gib***, Jerau'i MkL •It D«W 0. WALTERS 3400 trow* AHt* Tom-Boy Cany Spreait MARGARINE . . Joyful Brand CHEESE SPREAD PUUbury Butterflaka DINNER ROLLS 5 n£M M L^ 49o « «-0». f|M a*u» 1 Fully Cooked, B»U>. BUH PORTION HAM . -45o I'.S. Oradad Ctotae Cojaplateiy Bonelaat OORNID BEEF BRISKET " 7»e Hortaaior* BRIAKFAST BAOON , . -3S« CAULIFLOWER . . . H^ 25o u.t. No. I MftalMi YELLOW ONIONS . . 3-19c YOU RATE MORE AT A t»« SMALL BOLOINA . . . V~f...$~ 1 STORE

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