Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on May 7, 1948 · Page 3
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1948
Page 3
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i JPRlDAy, MAY 7, 1048 ~ MSPATCH DEMOCRAT, tJKIAH, CAUPORmA 10, 20; 80, 40, Jo YEARS AGO WME-: nt&¥l^ ilie first >tiM6siticS di&sFJfrihtiflry that tm&htmm •^Sha^gi -fckman -*as electfed pY<p»a«ni plthe Ukiah'Cbrtimunil^ duB psA 4 bodrd of 6ixiMfee^ •*"!r wias, chosen including M^i^ JacJc .Clarke,. fiiSy, He**!^,' jSiiflkn^y,, LfewiS; geafi ^k e ; .*tttfe wesiflehl; arjd '-s^iitd- ;v^e'in^'irilckdy oi Potter ilTallejr ^ii»;!t)6f6S!e -tiie boaM of jVsiiiJeW *fi^«(rs, thisvweek ..witli 4he! pro^siT flbh^b iorin, a tire disti;icfc;ior im cointtunity. Attorney H^fy SlJltatr appeared for the district. ->Five(iSaii iFrancisco whcilesale d^tilen!* filed an, inj nnction, against "tei flshennen's unions this week 'tvT: r><chnrglng:tfiat the coast fishing m- 0 dustry-has been crippled by un- b lawtul picketing uf their plants, t , .A.jury fdund the lieggett hroth- erS'Of Laytonville guilty of fight- .»-»\>ing on the sti'e^'s of Willits and ii ' p resisting Police OMcer Bill White wh,en 'he arrested theni.< i^Tliffee generations of one family visited at the home of Mrs. M,. J. I'ry. of • tlopnville on Motjiers' Efay: ,H. A, Sutton of Santa druz, :^Bi--, Leslie Smith of Etali Mooii d&y and Mrs. David Luce of Berkel^,. being j niecef,: grandniece^! and 'eairgrandniece, respeclivelj'; di J?s- Fry. total .eclipse, of the .moon is iciieduled for this sebtion on i&Iay 14th. Charles .. Shimmin and Marie DooTey have . set iheir wedding date for.,May 15 at the home of iSt^. Dorpthea tJooley in Sopland. ^-^JlJrs; Louise Sierck of Sopland ^as rsold her Feliz creek rahcji to Mr;-,and']rfrs. Lee Schumacher of Sflnnyyale. ,Stdiie i Implements used by; hii^ mah 'beings.-perhaps 13,000 .years Bi&iore^.Chnsf,, according to" M,' R. fljarringfojh,. curator of the'Sputfi- y^e^t^ 'R^useum-. of Los Angeles, ha .v5l be^T unearthed in LaKe Minfy,' "Glues .to' several';'tfioii-- ^hjCv.year^.: of lihwritfen Ameri- ^ffir :hjsforjr,; long before the .wbi'tfe nSlH cwne." ;<^v^eiidpc)no coasi won its first rtiundvin- its fight for federal aid ^ Jj ^^^k-the -development of Noyo h&r- •i 1 *^^e^ it was. announced' tlhat _ siirvpy 61 the proposed work Hfa'd , Been autliorized by • Wash- W, tWENTY YEARS AGO ' May 12, 182B , -..The, fjoisibility has been revealed at-WUlits that: a change" of ownership "df the; twd banks dt that -place, may take, place and thdt. .Amy Rpqu.'bongihas secured cjptfcfiSfe-to. purchase, the .coHt'foll- llJ ^toteAsts in the First National Bank; and' the iBank, of Willitsv at Bf trtice'iSBid td aggregate $98i488, arid- -ill: consumt^iatfed tJie putchase sjrpuldr. give Mrs: Long; dn additional-; investment Of :$i,0Oj000 in the.'.Willits Vicinity.; Hef .i-aScfi at the head of Redwood valley; fei- tends almost to Little Lake val-^ l|y and.recently she purchased the pWappel ranch few ihiles i'ciuth of Willits'and she owns the Willits Watfo ;Pd'wer' coiiipiny." Wallace W. Button, one of TJKidE' valley's most promiheht i'^HSh^fs; died May 8 at his Home toth-ca Uklah Sfter a'short fi'l- rie^S; from pneumonia. •Thei^ank of ItalS^ is reported to );9Ve oilered a long terpi le^Se on thev lower,: floor of the building which; the Boonville Odd Fel' lows lodge, iS; preF »aKlng to build. I{6V; ;A.,'A. DOak, pastor of the UWSh ^Christian church for the V past five'years has re.signed and i W 'i""^^^ ^° ^° Eureka. He declined a i' Igplendid Salt Lake City offer in order to remain in nortiiern California. i A daughter, W M borii May lO to Judge and Mrs. Jbhn Hoffman. Jr • V -A- picture 6f four 6'f the girl W members of the-W^iilitsliigfi school band appeared in the' rotogravure, sectfoiir. of ;tHe..Suhdsiy San Francisto .Chrohicle. • <• ' ThdoHore Erickson and.. Edna Shields;-were married May; 9 in the Ukiafr .chiireH parsonage by^Rey. A. A., Doak and' left •; ftir Sah ' Francisco for their: honeyihiwn. :' "The Progressive Italian Band' will give ;q''tpncerf on the court house plaza Sunday morning at 10 o'clock and then go to the Lucchesi place iri DOdlin conyon for a picnic. Dufliig'the past week marriage! license applications were filed by Theodore. . Ericlcsen and Edna SKields.ol tJfeiali, ^riiahuel Jeske • anav-SJatgarei Hahh of Willits, .lamei Mahhing arid Eleanor Sny- d# W ifo^iaria; GKdrleS DSollttle ' of Ukiah arid Caf61ii:e Plummei: of San Francisco. Poiflt Arena Odd Fellows will i constihiCt a building td replace ' V the dhe lost by fire.- They will bi^Jld- of concrete'. ' '^Mi Price Glory is playing at the State Theatre. An opM^miMmisSi'ink Weeft by th6 Supreme court reverses th6 verdict in the ceiet)i^ated civil aciioh, df,,Robert Linh and wHe tigsiihst r)f.- Piersdl ;pt Mendd" cino, in which the Linns sued, te recover damages fdr iillaged earfc'- lessness in the treatment of Mrs, Linii, in which ihe ti.^al jUrj> gaVe judgment for ^$1500, and yfbtcti judgment waS, siistaiiied vChen the matter Wa's taken t^ the 'Appellate court. The decision of th^ supreme court nPw.: nullifies; thp verdict. . Cupid has been having a bad week of it m the SUperier cdurt, three divorce suits ^ havihg ,bee)(i filed, all under seal.. _. Work is expected to star't soon to hydraulic the immense slide on the; • grade : between Juan and Hardy creeks above Westport. A •6-inch suctjdiypump wall be used •to bring ocean water to the top of the mountain a distance of more than 300 feet to rerhove the thousands of y&rds of earth to restore tfie grcTde. A quantity of dynamite . was found.near,the flume which supplies water to the Caspar mill. The supposition is that the dynamite was plated there last fall.when the mill was threatened with destruction by I.W.Wi agitators after it 'became known that the mill Was getting . dut government or^ ders. The'explosive,, with fuse and caps, showed signs of being exr posed to the weather. Uklah'S propbsed sewor bonds eiAergM . triumphantly - from the Mdnday. election^ such oppositioh asdeveldped was individual and sporadic: ; Marriage licenses have been issued .to Samuel E. Chase and Glance Lillian Lauerason of .Willits,!; and Christ Luke and Minnie Clark of Sherwood. The . proposed > railroad from Hopland to Lakeport has been definitely poMponed after several months of promises;:. A idh was bom to Mr. arid Mrs. Hiram Qowan of Potter Valley on May. 2f. .. The creamery and cheese factory at Manchester IS receiving more than 7000 pfounds ot milk daily which is being turned out in butter dnd chee&ei -Newt Ornbaun of Ornhaun has announced himself a candidate lo; supervisor from the First dlei^ rict. . FORTY-YEARS AGO • May 19. 1S08 Jimmy Cure, formerly of Windy Hollow on the coast, was found wading in Rancheria creek m Anderson, valley last week by John Main and son who were out for a fishing, trip. When they calle^ to Cure; he i became frightened and attempted to~run awayj but was top weak from lack of fdod and was easily captured; Neither Main ?UL^'L^°'!!JT1. S!":.,!'n*^'^cV^'=""^°'nB ."^nW "the nrxy YEAW AGO . M>r 13, last As a result df the continued earthijuakes in the Christine district a soda spring has appeared at BeSr Wallow o mile east of North Fork, says our Christine correspondent, . Soda water has also appeared in, several other springs, coming thrdugh as much as six Inches of fresh water arfl still retaining a streng flavor of soda. The Bear Wallow is a swamp and It is curious to see mineral water coming through the mud.: Hdrtry Ward and Maud Foss of Gualala were married on May 7. Fred. Chalfant Of Ukiah has started' for O^oet Japan; where he has accepted a position with a large wholesale flrmj having resigned a good' Job in Sail Fran­ cisco'to takethe one in the i"lowery Kingdom. Fred is the only son df the. late' Jesse ChalfantJ who was a former sheriff of this county. His mother is a daughter of the W. W. Cunninghams. . Private advices from San Francisco-tells of the wedding there Of Fred Handy, secretary of the Meridocmo; State Hospital at Talmage,' and Mrs, Amy Cleveland Committeemen and leaders of the' Populist party held a meeting iri XJkiah Saturday afternoon M, the I ifurpose of reorganizing and preparing for a vigt/Tdus fall cam-^ paign, Charles Trtibody, former teacher of the Round Valley Reservation school, v/as in Ukiah Tuesday en- route to Plumas county where he IS to take charge of an Indian schddl. Lcland Higgins and Annie Hoag df. Point Arena were marfied last week with Rev. W6odwdrd oflldi- atmg. -The correspohdent at Christine says It is reported' that the feud between ' the Feachlahders arid Carl Marshal, bettef knowh as the BeeMan; resulted m much shooting last week in Vrhich no one Was killed,: because of the- long' raiifee at which the battle was fought. Sopie, 50 of 60 shots were fired, the report says. TVoG€>ii^rSitioii^To Work OnPoppy Day ..^ r-i- > ' • Motherd, wfves, sister's and dau^tprs-,pf,the ^leit:whofdefend ed! America' in;:two world *ars will be among the volunteers who Will distribute poppies to beworn ih hondr of the war dead here on Poppy Day, Saturday, May 22, Mrd. Elsie Figone, pop^ chairman 6f Lewis White' Uhit N6, 7d of the^ Arfierican Legion Auxiliary, has rep'oi-ted an- enthusiastic response Id hfer call for Poppy day volunteers from; the families of Vetferans of both Wars. All Will serve without pay or reward of any kind, the contributions they NEW Or'FICEHS Ot V.F.V^. XusdUary UuikiUA reemtly are picf- lurml, wUh ih« excepliop of JMtnv Eliie ThO^IIl; liresideiii; #bo is away and will be insiW«d cnhkt return. Left to right, fint row: Macdamec Winifred,Buchanaib ,l)istOTian; Matid Claxk< cKapIain; Martial Tniekar, pattioUc inli£ruHor: Vtflnia Rvtddick. lahlior vice pvaridanti G M ^ GilMoibJunior;vice president; Helen Stambaugh, Mcretaryt Opel Wectd*/ miiiiicidn.. Top row; left to risht: MeMamee Emily Parker, color bMifertHaMl .WhitDWre. trusted: AInta GUldi; color batter,' MarY Jam*<, iiUftalliiia officer, LakepoH; Eda BbrdAn, color bearer; Melbtit^Horainff, color bearer: Fern Von Schrilii, con< dudresc, Marie Lufx, ireaeurer; EUen L«»o, guard.— Journal phdtd ^' they brought him to BoonviUe and turned him over to Constable Hobinscrn, as he was evidently unbalanced. He was .identified by James Curley of Point Ai-ena as a .former Windy Hollow laborer. Jessfe' Hen'coek of Caspar is Under arrest and is being held for further investigation into the death of Fred Stemhardt, who died Tuesday mornmg from injuries received wheri he, fell downstairs at the Heacock hohie where he Was rbomlng. Steinhardt was an old resident of-Caspar, industrious and was supposed to have considerable money accumulated. Ac- Cording to the first story, tdld by HeaeoCk, Steinhardt had been drinking and that his intdxicated condition was the cause of his fall. It is now reported that Mrs. Heacock has confessed that her husband and Steinhardt had an argument and that Steinhardt was struck by Heacock and knocked down tlie stairs, falling across a sofp, breaking his back., It is reported that 'Len Barbard will soon begin running stages from Fort Bragg td' Willits direct, eliminating the hard trip from Alpine, Mrs. Mary J. Tutt died May 12 at,her home in Ukiah where, she had lived, since 1881; Kellen,& Gpwen have been busy this weelc putting a steel partitipn through. ,the main room of the cpnrity jail. . • , It is reported that Laurel Dell rpsort ,has been sold for $35,000 and that the new • o\vner will change the name. Census Taker Murray found 2,13 school children in the Big Hiver district.; • Excelient sport is being fur- riisKed Iffsherriieii at the Snow Md'.mtairi Company dam where they afe catching theiri \^rith hook and line. William Dunn, w e 11 k n o w h throtfghouit the county ibt the past 20 years ds Judge Diinn, died at his heriife iri WeStpPrt dri April 21. ,Col. Abe Marks and Dr. G. W. Stout left Wednesday for Long Beach where they will represeat Ukiah at the Knights of Pythia^ state Convention.. aUrfilidry'S work fdr disabled veterans and needy children of veterans. "Many of dur pdppy wdrkers this year will be young women distributing pbppies for the ilrsl time," said Mrs. Figone. "Tliey will .be largely wives df 'Wdrld War ir veterans Who have recently ceme inid dur auxiliary and are taking up their share' df our work for the disabled and . dependent families. "Side by side with the younger women will be our older members; women of World War I families. They have been Poppy Day volunteers for many years and have seen the poppy funds bring aid to veterans and their families year in and year out. "Our junier members, tdo< will have a part in Poppy day. The^ are daughters and young sisters of veterans and they are learning early to serve for the -w^elfare of their corrilTiuriitj' arid CdUntry. dlub Pi -6Sid6ht$ Asked Td Fedefotlon Luncheon AUcliib presidents of tlie Cali- i'drhla Federation ef Wdmen's clubs are especially invited'td the CFWC luncheon, in Sm Francisco in the Army and Navy club Monday,-May 17. Mrs. Paul Alexander,, president/ calls attentipn td the fact presidents now have a vote on the district board. , "Reports of the state convention will be heard and,a parliamentary class led by Mrs. E. L. Jtilbourne .will be held at 9:1.5 a.m. preceding the luncheon. "There is to be a Isoard meeting at 10 a.m. / ' j.^ • ', " / V SUNffiAY GAM£ At -TAtMAGfe Ottpsen's gluggeri^ will riieiel the Sariia .Rb^a Veterans of ' Fdreigri Warj li»a&i al '^almBge Suri'dat • aiiernoou, iiii game ba- girinlrig at 1:^0 o'clock, l/nde- feated this season,, the VOeriiuis . aii» eii^f«d iid'gii^» ib# siug- - gers the workout which former oppOridnts this season have failed Id Jiro 'trldB. ^ News From Hopland liOlfl^ND, May; 5.--A ijjro- gr'arii to • be , held; in c'oiriiriehiora-; tlon of Mother?s Day in the- jHop.- land Community church on Sunday morning frorii 10 - to 12,' entitled Mother's Life is - Like A Patchwork Qullt^ If anyone^, has a quilt, or quilts of any special sig^' nificance, they are requested to bring them and be prepared to give a f brief history, o* them, Sonie, rio didubt, Will Have efiiiltg m6de Uy their gran^otfaers and great-grandmdthers, as as tHosg' \(rhi6h have ^eh> indd<>'by ihh preiierif geriefatldm .t%t1ia{tt we' shall firid thut'tae art ofquiit makirig is not idst, after all, , Mrs.- Fried; who lives on thti Barber farich about two ihlldil ndfth of Hd^Iaricl, ^tertaihed fit a luncHeon knS card pshHy Friday^ afteriiodn in hei- home/ t'Hiifldii ffdrii SHiiik fto&fi attd' Hb ^iattcT were presiiht. Robert-Claire Muckman of Hopi land has gone ia Areata to ; work Wlththe surveyprs. At iireserit it is not known w'here he Will fa* pe*ina 'rieritiy;*tatiPned, • - itt. 'and; Mr»,iRay Benson 6i Sabta Rosa,'tirotHer of Mr#. Rubj^ liiSfastus, were ;visitors" in' the LaMa^us Mpme- \Su«day,' ' Mr, and/Mrs.'J,- C,;Par !Krtis ..of. Vallejo. spent a recent weekend' with Mrs. Frances* Bucicman.v Mr; -arid' MM. EhieSt^ M &i &s Ot Uluah took Mrs., Bariks' mother/ Mrs. Fi'arices • BucKman, to- the •Redbua Festival Tat;NicB; it is- re- pprtea that, .there .•was &• large fti*owd.. •'. > * ;• 'Erven Vassar, .sort. ofMrs.' He!-- eha Vissar-'of Hoplartd^has. sold his ranch property near Woodland and bought another on& rifear Dixoh arid fljs now moving his family to Dixon Where they will reside. Mr.' and Mrs. Glen Field are riidving iriid the tiarvey house recently vacated fay the Oat Giood^ mans. The house has been undergoing some sbght changes. Mr. and Mrs. it. B. Shimmin wer^ shoppers in Santa Rosa Tues-; day. • ^ The committee on fire prevention for" Hopland district met in the supervisor's chamber^ on ISas 5 to discuss the county 's plans tor fire prevention m the Copland section. The committee of six was ^pointed to attehd, two of whom could not be present. Those pres- erit Were Robert Shimmin, J. C. Crawford, Lee Castiaux and Richard Metzler. Mrs. H; Nichols gave a birthday party on May S for Mrs. Paul Hicks, who was 80 years ypung. The ones attendmg w«ra Mrs. Betty Yocum,; Mrs. Edna (^rant and Mr. and Mrs. Haitian Nichols in their horiie in the rear of her delightful little iioWa-shop, "John 'VViliiariis of 'San Rafael, sori of Mr, and ivtrs. E. L. Williahis of Hopland, and Miss Arifle KeUj> of Sari Ffaiicisco wfi:e weekend guests, in the E.ti. WlllianiS home, John and Miss Kelly are to ma^•ry on June' 2tf • ii^ -^ri •^'I'ranciidoj after which they will, take a short hon'eymddri trip. • Mrs. Elvah "Viviari|i riiother of Mrs; Ddfofhy Abeh, is mpvlng irit'd Betty Yocuiri 's cdttage", •which 'was started fcy Harry itpward "be- jEpj;e he i^f i Here and is'h'eirig c 'eiri- pieied by Mrs, Yoeum, fpr A4rs. Vivian 's use. M«rt I^rtz, formerly of the Pdijzid ranch in Sast Sianei valley, ^nd. for the past year a resideht of .Lake courity, is very ill iri a La^ce cpurity hospital. H. Nichols df Hdpland was recently appeinted by a jdint odm- mittee .df, cdurity ' sperfemeri and fish arid game representatives as rescue riiari" for Menddcind county. 'The positiori' is uriiq'Ue in that Mr.'lfichdls is to rescue unfortunate fish .and game.'He ex-j pects to te busy mostly in th^ rescue of the little fish when ttie streams begin to 6ty up fttid leave them stranded. Mr. Nichols Started work on his new job «iay 4. Bob Prinselaar is expected home on May 8 on a two weeks leave from the navy. .--Mrs. Whitiaker's fathei*, Mr. McGregor of Siskiyou, ife,visiting with the Whittakers. i :. The Mendocino Odpnty, 4 TH iSouricil riiet at PMlo -VtrddrtBsday^ With a potluck supper, served by Anderson valley, members,, as- ^iWted by 4iik i^ris. t*oiht Artnal Mehdoelno, BedWood Valley arid iidpland w'er^ represented., MeS* diSines Mary Buclwnan, -Rebert Buokman, Jack Lee and Dorothy Abert represented Hopland 4-H Club. Mr, Taylor of the farm advisor's dftice .represented Covelb 4'-H Club. Covelo is too far away tO{ atten council meetings, but ^ey have^^a very fine club. .-Mr. and Mrs^ Charles Smith took delivery Monday of a beau- tifjMl new Chrysler town and country ^edan, Robert Buckman, Ronnie Buckman, Hdward -jHanison, Robert Oibson and Bud A'bert spent Sunder fishing at Soda Bay,, without mpch suceeiiS. ' < V V llelenasVatfSttr made a busihess hjltjto Riehmottd.Mdnday,.. Moiiday evenip^ Mr; • and Mrs. PiW -TaylOr.JdhnOake^ and Mrs, Dorothy Abert met with.the 4-M council members : of.Sonoma and Mann counties' to discuss plans for ,4rH.c^mp.activities m June; There will be about 190 4-H members in atteiiddnde. Many interesting hobbies were pliinned, such as leather work;- shell craft, rope mbldng; Work in plastic, field trips and nature study, Mr. bhd Mrs. Hetzel went to Santa Rosa last week to visit -the Snyders in Lopus Sanatarium. The Snyders have beeri there for some time. Mr, and Mrs. William Kaenster of San Francisco spent Sunday With the J. S. Crawford family. Mr. arid Mrs, Box Reams of Napa, formerly of the 'Hopland high school faculty. Were also visitors of the J. Si Grawfords. Mnand MrsiH; G. Grant came Up Iroiri Gloverdale to bid the J. S. CriSWfords adieu before going to Soiith America. They expect to leave Monday rtiorning by train for New York and from there they uiU continue by Ship to South America to attend the Rotary convention. They expect to be gone SIX weeks or two months. Mr. Grant IS an uncle of Mrs. Crawford. ; Pete Hopper ot the U. S. Air Corps came home for the weekend' to be with his mother. Hopper is stationed temporarily at Hamilton Field; HEALTH P Mts^ Lcirry Pacini, Jr., Writes Frdm Texas Mrs. Latry Pacini, Jr., who. was a brldd iri Italy last October, writes that she Working in an exclusive dress sl>op in El Pdso where she joiried her husband at his army post late' in March. She Is the daughter-ih-laW of Mr. and Mtt; Lawrferice Pacini of 3S1 North Mairi street. She is enthusi-s astic'ifetlui the fexas city arid delighted with hef work there, she wrote th'eSi recently. Grange Wlil Be Host To Pufalic Card Party The Ukiah Grange will be hosts to thfr, public on Saturday night, May. i'5,, at a cari party in the Grange hall on South State street where guests may choose their favorite; game among bridge, pinoehie, king pedro and whist. Admission cpst is low and refreshments will be served to con­ clude'the evenihg df entertain- riiient M#, D. Vf. Burgess is in ChargA' 61 the comhsittee Which is riiakinj krfJirigeinents, State V/elfare Head Expounds Progrort To Mc'eting The_ long-awaited county health program seemed near reality today v/hen ..a $60,000 annual health project was outlined'to the cdUriiy, boaiitl of ;:iUpervisors, trustees of Cities witiiin the. county, i'epreseri- tatives of schools, the grand jury and Civid • a!id' official drganiza- tions, .; ,' ' Dr, Ellis 5 SOX, chief of the local health ;;Se]rvicefe of the State of California, revealed an intimate kridiyiedge dfv BJeridocihe cdurity's needs 4f he proposed the program to* which • tiie;' state; would colitrib­ ute $23,864; ledei*ai funds of $4000 wdUId be. SVdilable and the couri- ty'S ^hkre Would be $27*864, He believes: the program shPuld be courity wide With cities contracting fdr health services from the dtfurity set-^iip.-He recOrtiniends empldymerit di a trained county health directdr, a director ot pub- HiS health nursing, four public health nurses and at least one sanitary' iriSpettoi'.. W«U Attended The meeting dverfldwed the supervisors' chambers arid • was moved into' Superior, covixt chambers to accommodate all who were hitei*ested;.,~ ,-. .'->:-. Corisiderahle discussion was, lyid ori a ]di)it ,'pr,ogram' with • L?ike county, which has 9000 population Cdmparedwith IVtendoclnb county/s 38,600 (state estimate). This revealed the supervisors, accdrding td Chairman Ed Haehl, Wduld approach that angle with some caution due to Lake county's swollen suriimer population and the resulting prdbleriis of sanitatidn disease and water supply. On Menddcino county's assessed valiiatiori of $30,000,000 the health prograih would mean a maximum B-cent increase ih the tax rate which coUld be lowered to flvd at six dents increase if the schools elect to contract with the cdunty for soirie nursing and inspection services. This, toOj Was fourid to have cornplications due to the nurses' retireriierit act provisions wliich Would make school riupses reluctant to come under county employment. Cdmmilte* To M6 *t With the noon recess, Chairrriari Haehl said his committee WoUld confer at lunchtime and report"! their opinions when the meeting | reconvened at 2 P'Clock. Dr. Sox is an excellent speaker and his material, well organiiSed, pictured a complete cdUnty health seryice which is advisory rather than competitive With private medicine and hospitals; The Cdiinty health department is an extremely elfettive arm df ethical advertising and public eduCatiOii to Sid private medicine, he said. Besides the prevention arid Control df disease, imiinunizatidn, pblicihg, sanitation, rodent cOritrol and wdrkirig with enforbeirierit agencies, ah Importarif phage ' df the program is public edUcatiPn, iricluding a thorough course of ih- structidn for food handlers. Diagnostic LabPiatwr He recommends a statistical department and a diagnostic li?ib6ra- tory and advisory services for .better rural sewage disposal, septic tank ahd cesspool coristructlon and Idcatidn, industrial wast& control. Also, child health conferences .on nutrition, disease prevention, meh- tal and eiriotional health. Alio, venereal disease and tul>ercUlosis case finding clihicsi rehabilitatiPn of tuberculosis patients and home accident control. His budget of approximately $60,bOb for the first years— $58,- OOO Was the actual estimate , — would provide a public health officer trahied by the state for $7500 a year — director of public health nursing fully trained at $3900 to $4200 a year; four public health nurses $250 to $275 per mdrith; 1 sanitary inspector,' salary, not named, and two clerics at $2100 per year each. He estimated annual salaries at $36,300 a year; $15,000 for mainte- Scicnee Monitor Gives ' B, dfiris 'terisen, fotifrier coach at Ukiah high schpol and now- district supejintendent and principal ,oI Heaidiburg high, was given prominent mention- In the Chris- Utth M&iee' Umutir magasilrie is&ctloh of Saturdaljr, M^rch 27, by Robert ^. fiturifli ifpeclal writer fdr {h'e'MdtSltol-, iri fits article on the air-age instruction prdgram df daiifornia school^, titled. Students T^ake to Air, • In company with W; Earl Sams, chief of California's Bureau of Aviation Education, Brunn visited the Sealdsburg school where 14 members of the faculty hav4 wings. Sams and Brunn had been discussing "the only statewide program in the .nation desigi^ed to qualify future voters for dealing intc)|jii- gently with the impact of the airplane upon our society," and the trip to tiealdsburg resulted from Sams' desire to show the Monitor man what was being done. Brunn visited one of the Healdsburg classes in general aviation arid talked with James G. Vogt, the teacher. For two' years, Brunn says, Cali- forriia has been coridUcting a pro- grani that will provide high school istuderits with' an oppOrtiinity to understand and appreciate the significance, and obligations, brdught td the surface by the air age. Home From Lay tonville Home, CQntents Burned Fire at Laytonville last week destroyed the home of the,Elmer Sanders family with all the household furnishings. Said to have been started by an exploding heating stove, the flames spread through the entire' building With such speed that the Laytoriville fire department was miable to check it until all was lost; Mrs, Sanders had just returned to the' house from town when the expldsidn took place and vas unable to save anything. Sanders is employed by Everett Branscomb in logging operations, Modern Mai'riages to (^rovide Forurh Topic A Series of discussions on •the general topic, 'What's -Wrong Witii Mpderri Marriage? will be held at a fdriitn Which Will be conducted by tiie adOlt departrtient of the Methodist Church every Suriday morning at 9:45; Tills foi-urii has been set up at th6 spkiiBl request of adUlt grdUps iri thb .cdniriiuAity, The public IS Ui^ited to attehd arid participafe iri the discussions. •The forurii will be under the direction of Dr. L. K. Van Allen arid Donald K. Musser. ST, HELENA MAN INJURED Louis Stralia of St. Helena was inju.ved and taken to the Ukiah (3eneriil Hospital by a passing motorist on 'Thursday of last weelc when the car driven by Fontane Cdrriero Stralia hit a slick spot on the Redwddd highway four miles sduih of Ukiah arid skidded into the bank. The accident was investigated by Captain T. B. Myer.s of the highway patrol. nance and operatidh, including travel fuUds; $4000 for office ex^ p'ense and approximately $2500 for office equipirient the first year. Laboratory service either Within or outside the proposed hospital is esSeiitlal, he said, and could be set up to do private Wdrk Oh a f<3e basis but WdUld hOt Cdnflict with ridr invade the .fidld df private laboratbry Wdrk. DEMCXTRAT ENQRAVINO • •'' ROBERT J. SAUK6£H8. eerlttl photographer, ttAJSTi, who r*.-, lurned AprU 1 front his MedttSj, trip to the mysterious wUftfs^af- the south pole where enly Ihk penguin and seal are Aaidr , enough; to endure its Icr rigors. Four months in the vast, • lin- charted regions of the south pole is one df the never-to-be-forgotten adventures of a lifetime,, rind yet-, it gives a man a deeper appr^ci-- ation of home, accdrdirig,to Robert J. Saunders of .Ukiah,; aerikl " ,3hdtdgrapher's mate, 2rid • cla|^,'' U.S.N., whd returned April 1 frorri the Antarctic and visit^ his herij^: at 1108 west Staridlejr street. . .. He is ndw'fri Camp Miramar near Sari Diegd Whei'e he vnibtt; of his trip, the secdrid he has Made to the south polar regions. He Wtfs with the Adriiiral Richard B'Sftd expeditidi-S twd year's agd. • •( - "A name 1 heard-sdriledlrie riieri'^ tidn would fit that iiart of' {fie^world," Saunders Wrote iri a letter tP his mother, "it IS;'White drirki riess,' it is beautiful arid IrisjpiirlhK and yet you can see nothing bi^it utter desolation of vast expariiie* of ice, brokeri only by the rippling snow. Some areas are bfiAen by rugged, forbidding mouhtainir. Only penguins and seals can .lri«. habit such a larid," >•! ' Of the trip he aaid, "On th« whole, the morale of the crew was very high. Dye to tiid strenuous duties we encountered on such an expeditiori as this, the best oil food was provided. Movies •wer* sheWw every night and other means oi recreation provided the. rnen •: in their free tiriie. Of toiirse,'th* thing that hurt the ,most was that there was no mail/. On the return trip our S^ihi)^ ' expedition pulled iritdl^lriiti,'Pe^, for six days. Mail •Wai WaitlHg'ft* us on the dock, 'the Aiheflpari sailors enjoyfed their, liberty vfe^ much, "They say the best part of gp'> ing away on a trip is • coming; • home again. This case is no differr erit and I can hPnestty say'itiJSj wonderful to be back in the good old U.S.A." The trip waS thfe riavy's Antarctic Development Project aitd Bob Saunders travelled aboard the U.S.S. Burton Island, flagship Of Task Force 39. •" ' The Saunders fariiily has lived in Ukiah or many years. Bob's mother, Mrs. Naomi SaundeW, '' widow, was born here. Her husband was a well known postal employee. Two other sorts, both . married, live and work in Ukiah. John, who is^employed by the P.G.&E. company has a son, Craig, seven months old, LaWrence, alSo married ahd working in the'Men- decino State Hospital, has a sori, Lawrence KLelth who is three weeks old. Dr. Paul Chase was elected by the city ccuncil as mayor of C}p- verdale Mi Yes, go Greyhound and take it easy! No traffic Woities, no driving problems...jttstBteipaboitfd and relax. Frequent, dependable service eOerytuhertil Thera Ar» gsi f.ow»r fares I SAN FRANCISCO $I.BS EUREKA 2.60 SACRAMENTO 2.69 PORTLAND RENO lOS ANGELES ASiDUiOHAl SAVINGS dN ROUND 1RIP fARES T. W, POULOS MAPLE CAFE PitONE 86

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