Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 2, 1973 · Page 8
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 8

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1973
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

June Reports 'Later Than You Think^ Last Speaker's Subject BV JIM STEKBORN Extension Home F^anoini?; Reofintii ] toid yOL a r the four d&ys and rwr evening* 5 span; at Ames atwndinf £ Preretir*- mero anc Afrinp Worfcshnr- After that Jrmf & titm n:" sirxine, i; tool, B ver.% br«w maT wpresen; this \"ERY LAST sr«eerr. ar Friday afre»mr*m. Sort t mar. wa* Dor Biwirar,. Hirfrrnr nf the Draw Pre.retirenwwu Pi&tminp Tf tnr i: nfJ. Dor was ar. e*- reiient snsaker. we al. eiyoyed him IT the utmost. Hi^presemre- tior was ' 'Tnmnrriw Comet for ThiiPf Whc Prepare." Tirec a* we were., he eauph: our inw-res: riph; off the ha: witr. hi? introduptinn. ft if this introductiQr. be was kind enntarr. tc- senc m*.. upon request, sr. you pouic erjiov J ; W*o. YOURSELF -TT'< l.tTET. THA* VOL THIN!*. £ver.'ttiinp if farther that i; usee ir be.. I: if twit* EJ far froir rn.\ hnuse tx the busiine w». and they've addsc e hii: tns: Tvc TUS: nntir-ec. The buses oor.': star for a; J nop either, tun ?vt £->ver ur for their hecausf the? tret BWEJ faster that, the.' usee u,. Seemf u me znev art ma trine stairs steeper than the.* used la The risers are hipher. or else there are wore of there or something. Maybe that is because i; is sr- much farther from the first Door tii the second Door. I've noticed also that i; is pettinf harder ti< make two steps a; a time. Have yew noticed the smaU type they're using today? Newspapers are pertinc farther and farther Bwai wher. I hoic them, and i have w squint w make out the news No. i: is rid!minus tc sugpes; tha; a persnr. apt needs trlasses.. hu; i: is the on ;i w£i ! car, fine ou; what if poinf or, witnou; someone readinf trine., and the: isr,': murt heir because everyone seetnf-tc spsat, in suet e iiw "oi.-e I car srarr-e- 1} hear then - .. Anc is> rinthes. times are sure chancinp the materia, it; my clothes " notice the.' shrink it certair, piacef — yot Know. like around the WE is: and ir. the sea;. And garters are sr- short or pirdies auj more., the? are nevr. t» impossible v faster, the haci. one* £ inner* didn't used r.e he be sr hare n- yank ur* ir, the back, bu; now. ; have u> pul: n par: WE* . and ther, srrugcie the res: of the way frorr, ttu to;— 3 IUS: dor'; toow what's happerr inc 0-. this eJectronir apt-.. 'Evf.r the weather ;f chaniring. The «> inffrf are per:inf coidter and the summer* hotter. Have VOL noticed th; r £ir is Tnoct. wetter and one has tf • wear boots ? And windows-tne we* the* make their, Today the drafts are muct. more seTere:. T*eop)f are chanpinc too. For one the.* are youncer ihw the.* usee tf- be whet 1 wtf ths ir api Or the othf-r hand, penpx mo a« art sr- mii.-r older inaT ; arr.. : realize peon)* a rr.} peneraDor art apnroEirhinc rr,ic- die ape. bin thers is n: ret SOT for my friends tc toner tmc. o)c ape.. I rati mtr * friend the other mph; a; t party. anc sm hat rhanpec hi mucr she didr': know me. ••VOL have pu: or some weigh!.' she said. 'It's this moberr food.. 7 ' I saic I po: tr- thmkmf abou; her tms mommp wwJe j waf dre-ssmf 1 Jooket a; my refiectinr. ir. the mirror. Yot toow whai n Seems the* don't ever, use the same kmc of piass ir mirrors am-more. Personal Mention E8THEHVIU.K DAILY WWfi, TUBS,, JAW, 2, im Pag* 8 Returns from Albuquerque Visit THAW-; vol.. DON - naie to admi: i: bu: ] son of thtni. we nave one of those mirrors at our house WTKME ANN MATKWIE To BP Married In February Mr. and Mrs.. Waiter Mathine, ruraj Estherriiie.. announce in? engageitien; anc: approachinp marriape of their daughter, Wynne Ann. t/ .lame* DeVos of Sheidon, sior. of Xir. and MTE. VCiiliam DeVos of Bioomfieid. Miss Mathine-.. 3?7(i graduate of £.?".. 5.. and of the C-oiiepe of St. Mary of Omaha, is presently env pjoyec" as t Hesgistered Nurse ai the Sheidnr. Community Hospital. James, £ 1PT(- grad of Marion F..i>.. is attending the vocational school a: Sheldor.. lipor gradua- tior ir, May. he wfi. ne- t power 1 inemar.. The weddinr will take piace Pet.. : a: St. Patrick's Catholic Churci a' tsther\ - il)f.. Harold C. Sorensen returned Thursda? from visits with his daughrers and grandchildren. He had driver to Minneapolis to be with his daughter, Mrs. Audrey Allot and family and his daughter accompanied him by plane tr> Albuquerque for a visit with hii daughter, Mrs. ArJene Palmer, and family. MR. AND MRS. Kevin Clark af Ames have been spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cervera. Friday Mrs. Cervera. rtobbie and Gloria and Mrs. C liirt went tii Fairmont to visit Mr. anc Mrs. Mike Cervera and th(:ir nev batr>-. Women/': W/vM Carol Hiaaim, EdHor THE REV. AND MRS. FRED Sawyer and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Johnson and Harry Jones returned from Gowrie where they attended the SOtfa wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Anderson in a celebration at the Methodist Church. Only Blood Faked on Med Center By TOOK KLETN'ER HOLLYWOOD — NEA — It's surpnsinr. how tete^lsior, is stil: aE out for realism anc authe.ntirjri knowinc vhai n know? about iiov unnbsen- an; tne home audience is CBf Medirai Center prides itse!: nr. havin|: e*'e.r*thin|: jus: SC .. using onij the real thin£ ir. words and eqmr- ment aL sc true u< life that the nnJy zhmc fake on the show is the bfood Ye: the show's two prt>- durers. Frank Glicksman and. AI Ward, taiom from rSOj- flpf stTt \T; PW—or ma.vbf doesri 1 ! care—about authentit;jrv They used tc p r t> c u c e Tv'eh't O'Clock Hjfrh Mar.y timef duriii£ the rut: of tha: World War II actinr, show they used the wronc planes because they rnufcta": pe: inotaee of the righ' planes. ' We used tr- use s t c- c k shots o: F-24s. ' Giic.fcsmar. says 'wheE the scrip; called for E-i~s. And maybe we'd eet three letters compiainint about it " Nei'ertheless here they are turruni; out Medical Center I T'S afi sr real yoi car aj- roosn srneL the ether Perhaps its because the public is inore knowiedep-eabie about surgery tharj borribfi-s They have £ doctor wht works witt the writers or, the scripts. Durin£ ever> surrica; scene there is i. real anesthetis* or. the premises .And constantly i. r t- v v. c is Chris Budsor. a reriiiuc nurse, wht tret k s ever} - thine "Hey. Cnris..' eirff: o: .•iaci: Coffey calls. And she runs over tr wtiere they're shnfitirif t scene witr. £ err: patien: tiemc wheelec mtr the operatinE room "I'Ofis sne have SI head tr-sr: 1 ' Coffey asks her Nt, she should si iee: firs: ' Chris says. ?vnyt the chances are tha: if sw d beet filmed romt heac first these same three Knots whe wrote ir. about the r--24s w fiiic write ir agair. That s all Bin everything has it. be perisc: this tnne s; trie} swin£ the gurney arnunc and shon: ne: heinc wheeled iee: firs: Chris Hudsnr fays tha: trios: o: trie eLaffimes. 1 inr autnentii'it} tieirins win. the star Chac Everett She says he's thrown himself mti the par: sr deep: y tha: she thinks he is armos: read.', in: his firs: appendertomy 'rle does little thinss m the operating room scenet ' she says '-that are really very good—things reouirin^ a to of dexterity and knnwi- edge ' She says he gives her the third degree to make sure he has everything down pat He cheeks and double checks the pronunciation of medical terms in the script He browses through roeriiraj cat a logs, she says, and orders instruments he wants to use He s gotten so smart thai he can now coach other actors in surgical scenes And he car tell actors who are Chad Everen Rea&i -tor at. cmicndeciomv' supposedOy victims of certain diseases how they should behave. The show is going tr> dc- mnre surgical shows. Glicks- mar and Ward say that a: first CBS told them to play down the operations., but did £ turnabout anc now wan: more "We're going «• use ail the £ t e s : equipment " Ward says. -'The z< u b i i c loves gadgetry -And the medical supph houses io^'e i: wher we snow new stuff One show las: yea* we used t new 1: i T: d D : thermomeier—in­ stantaneous, with digital figures—and the c i, m p any that cave it tc- use wrote tha: because o: its usf- on tlie show they sole a bunch o: them " The producers o: Medical Center know tha: xhev have £ v t: g h :} responsibility. The.-- deal si. lire and death su'rjects tna; trie public may ideri:.::.• witr. .And the public is ~>i and y i '»i: and we are ai: incipient hypochondriacs. This was brought home tc Glicksmar. and Ware when a secretary nr. the MGM lot. where the series if filmed, watcnec a snow, recognized be* own symptoms and went u see her oortor Ke confirmed her poo't-tube-diag- nosis that she had multiple scierosis She says the show savec her life because she caugn: n iz time. They do not. of course, recommend their shew as a j: \- i n g room diagnostician. But they recognise tha: lots o: neotiie use ;t as such This worries them Ths: 's another reason—probably the rr.air. one—wr.-> trie;, are siicr. fanatics inr iactualism. ~<\ t vf nac int.- n: letters saying the show nas helped rect'le ' Gbcksman sa.v*,. Anc we vi n-i've: had one sa*"ti£ it bar; We re proud Because n: trus awesome T -f'snnnsiriiHty an: the ever- present danger tna: some nut wiL see thf show and come tc the wrong diagnosis on rus PWT healtr." they" have decided tc; play down terminal diseases.. "We're no: going to hi: terminal diseases very hard ir scripts any more.' Ward says ''It's to: risky .' POLLY'S POLVTERS 50th Anniversary Gold Money Tree Bj POLLY CRAMER DEAR POLLY—I am answering Mrs. L. B. who wanted ideas for a 50th wedding anniversary party. My Suggestion is tc have a gold money tree, i was in a quandary abou: bow to do this but came up with a very pretty one after talking to several neople. I sprayed a large plastic rubber tree" with gold paint "that was not too shiny. After the first coat was dry another was applied. Repeated un- tL w -2s all weL covered with the gold. Silver money was wrapped in gold foil and attached to the tree with florist's tape"' clear cellophane tape came loose, i I alsc sprayed some white candles I had on hand with the gold. -Do not do this too far ahead as it does not hold for a long period. They. too. were sprayed several times. Trie plan: was in a nice redwood bucket that I did not want'tc paint. It was. covered with gold wrapping paper and a gold ribbon was tied around it with a big fancy new ir. front. When our florist made the table centerpiece ne droned the edges of some of the flowers in gold paint and trier inserted among the flowers a cute heart with '5.'- or. it Several people suggested I make my tree with rea. branches, but ). could not find any sturdy enough to nnid that much money and this plant'had been given to me ty a friend whe was discarding it and it worked just MRS, ANNA IJAHI.KJ'l recently vuslled Mr. and Mrs. Art Oaiilte at Ceylwi. MAli'J'/N 1UMI.MK1.AN/J lias been visiting with th<: Kverutt Shaw family in Forest Ciiy and the Alan FJthon family in Fertile. RECENT VIS/TORS <jf lite Everett Rake /K were Mr. and Mr«. Keith IJaker, J.inda and Mike of llarley and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Query of Fulda, Minn. MR. A.ND MiiS. L>an Koeneche, Rosemont, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Don Mitchell, iJebbie and lMwn of Hopkins, Minn., visited recently at the Ix ;ster Bergesun home. MRS. AMANDA Braband returned homeThursda> after a vital with relatives and friends at Lakefield, Minn. MRS. CLARENCE EC-ELAND has returned from a visit in Storm Lake with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fitzgerald and with Mr. and Mrs. Jeff .Nichols and Joshua, visiting from Nemaha. ME. AND MRS. George Green returned from a trip to Indianapolis, fad., where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Don Swisher and family and also Chicago where they saw Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Green. MRS. ROBERT K. MILLER returned this weekend from Galesburg, El., where she had been with her father, Fred Balmer, who had undergone surgery. He is now recuperating at home. MR, AND MKS. MAX CLARK entertained L5 relatives from the Emmets fxtrg and Omaha areas over the holidays. RILL CLARK and his sister, Margaret Clark, have returned from IsxxgaxxA, Colo., where they visited his M»-i»-iaw and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. EWie Mustard, and Jennifer and Christian. Couple Will Mark 50th Open house will be held Jan. 7, for the golden wedding arr niversary of Mr. and Mrs. George Brix from 2-4 p.m. at Huntingaoc Methodist Church. Hosts will be their children, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brix, Bradley, 111.; Mr. and Mrs. Nicr. BarkuJis, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Winter, Spirit Lake; Mr. and Mrs. Deibert Brix, Beno, Neb.; and Mr. and Mrs. Warren Mortimore Jr., Estherville. Married Jan. C, 1923, Mr. anc Mrs. George Brix have farmec in the area throughout their married life. Dr. K. L. Johnson Dr. 4. J. Bobertfi OPTOMETRISTS Contact Lenses 362-4213 123 North Sirth Street Diagonal from the Post Office fine —K G. R. THE 10CKH0RNS "LDRFTTA. 15 THE K1NP OP PERSON WHO WEEPS TO B>B £OM5TAWTLY f?EMI#iP£P THAT J LOVE H5R. SO I HAP A TAPE MAPE." "WB HAVE OOR OWN LITTLE COLP WAR. HE RAISES THE THERMOSTAT AMP I LOWER. (T« GRAND THEATER - ESTHERVIL L E TUES._« WED. ONLY! _JAN, 2-3 ACADEMY AWA«C WINNER! JANE FONDA • 6IC YOUNG • THM &HOOI DOST IHfVC THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY JANUARY ^-5-6 2 TOP STARS — 2 BIG HfTS! SHOWS WMrrr * SUNDAY—MONDAY—TUESDAY JAN. 7-&-9 tin norsnwn sptrador .-TV most m^iificrM pwnnr nerll 0LRl \6ca \\TLLWD USUI HOWARD Aaitemy .Warn.- Q "GONE WITH THE WIND" ONE NIGHT ONLY Fashion for thf Sttrk Set Looi: cnarmnif whiii VOL wait, BBC etticn itsxa^ ar- iivs., ir. our nnniinrtaiilE., attractive, i ^^CHXas xtcb- iernit« lasluimi. S4--rr_£ ^ £.";oi ;S£i » Shorts * foundotions • CoDrrji notes Downstairs Store Christen sen** •'Where Northwest Iowa Shops Witt Confidence" iran &0L •KAKOCACHWWOVBtTHE "MBSAGf f€M AMBHCA" mm nc/nra nun TIME: 7:30 P.M. DATE: JANUARY 4 PLACE: ROOSEVELT AUDITORIUM, ESTHERVILLI

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